I whipped up some French toast to help regain our strength. All that furious fucking abates the libido, but it wreaks merry hell with my hunger. Once I was done we sat down to dig in. The wooden chairs felt cool on my bare butt. We talked more about my dream and some of Mel’s fantasies. Soon enough, the scent of food and naked women lured my dogs in to greet us.

They sniffed around hunting for missing crumbs of our breakfast. The sound of their tongues lapping at the floor elicited little thrills at the thought of what else those wondrous organs could accomplish. I could hear their constant snuffling for scraps as Mel and I continued our conversation and feeding. I watched as one dog followed the other under the table.

It wasn't long before I felt the caress of fur against my skin. Someone was shoving his snout into me spreading my legs apart. I could feel the air swirl about my pubes as whoever it was licked at the some forgotten morsel on my chair. I kept chatting with Mel as I waited for that tongue to inch nearer and nearer to my hot box.

From our prior conversation and my own anticipation, I knew I was plenty wet enough to entice my pup into tasting my flesh. The only question was how long he could resist with his nose stuffed in my crotch.

My breath caught as I sensed that long licking tongue come ever closer to my snatch. Judging by Mel’s half closed eyes I guessed she already had a customer for what she offered. Fighting through the spine tingling tonguing she continued on her side of the conversation eliciting a smile from me every time her words trapped in her throat on the way out. But I soon felt the same as a warm tongue split my lips wide.

Based on the width of the assaulting organ I guessed that Brutus had found his way to my dripping orifice. I was validated when I tried to stretch my feet up to wrap around his back. His furred back was brushing against the top of the table so close I couldn’t even wedge in my feet to pet him. Instead I slid them down his sides and scratched his belly with my toenails.

The feel of his hair between my toes gave me a delicious idea. I slid my ass a little lower in my seat. This allowed my legs to stretch down to his groin. It had the added benefit of forcing his muzzle tighter against my cunt. While unexpected this was not an unwelcome outcome.

But focusing on my lover, I used my feet to play with his hanging sheath and balls. I plucked gently at them using my toes like small fingers. I soon felt his bone filled boner slide out between my arched appendages. I pulled his cock back and forth trapped between my soft feet. Which required more and more concentration as his fervent licking threatened my focus. When suddenly Mel's breathy voice disrupted my rhythm.

"You ready for your present?" she asked between gasps.

"You bet," I murmured.

"Then get your pert behind up to your bed. I'll be along shortly. And no pups, this is just for you and me."

Forgetting instantly what I was doing, I slid back from the table and dashed to my room giddy with anticipation. I felt briefly guilty about leaving Brutus unfinished, but I knew that I would make it up to him at the first opportunity.

I closed the door behind me to prevent any animal intrusions and flopped onto the bed. I waited on Mel as various flights of fantasy flitted through my mind. I wondered what could be in her bag that was just for the two of us. The door opened bringing me out of my fancies as Mel entered with her hands behind her back.

"All right my dear. Now lay back, spread your legs, and close your eyes; and you will get a great surprise."

Smiling at the perversion of a childhood rhyme I did as I was ordered. In the darkness I listened intently for any clue as to what Mel was doing. I felt the bed dip as she crawled in after me. Then her warm hands grasped my knees and pulled them up so my feet were flat on the bed with my ready vagina displayed for her. Suddenly I felt Mel's searing mouth lock onto my cunt.

I squirmed into her face as her tongue reached out to tickle my love button.

"That wasn’t your surprise," she explained pulling back from my crotch, "but I just couldn't help myself"

Listening intently once more I heard the familiar soft squelch of a wet pussy being infiltrated. Knowing mine wasn’t the source of the sound, I assumed Mel had just jammed whatever she had brought into herself. Mel's warm leg hooked around mine. I sensed the familiar presence of a phallus tickling the outer lips of my labia. Mel flexed her leg and the tingling manifestation of an erect cock become real as it slowly slid into my saturated box. Further and deeper it went until it hit bottom and I felt warm flesh grace my ass.

Just when I thought she was done, I sensed Mel’s thin fingers playing near my hole. She brushed against my clit sending shocks through me. But the contact was only incidental. Her real goal was apparent when I both felt and heard a loud buzzing rip through my pussy. Whatever was inside me shook and undulated like a live wire. The constant movement coursed through me like an electric bolt driving my eyes open.

I was greeted with the most beautiful sight I had ever witnessed. Mel's beautiful naked body was opposite mine with her legs twined through me. Her breath was coming hard and fast forcing her breasts to heave uncontrollably. Her soaked snatch was pressed so tightly against mine I couldn’t even see what she had used to penetrate me. As I watched, she twisted her body gently scraping our clits against each other and mingling the new sensations with the vibrating pleasure already enveloping my body.

Then, she grasped my leg tightly and slid her body slowly free of mine. I saw a bright purple dildo expose itself as our distance increased. Admiring fake phallus glimmering with our juices, I wondered how long it was. It clearly was buried a good distance into each of our bodies. My thoughts were cut short by Mel who gripped my thigh tightly and used that leverage to slam her body back into mine.

She continued for several beats while I reveled in the new sensations of having a giant vibrator humped into me by this gorgeous woman. Then I decided two needed to play at this game. I grabbed her leg in the exact same way she was grabbing mine and pulled my ass back. I mimicked her expert movements, sliding myself back, exposing more and more of the majestic purple dick, before crashing back together in the middle and rubbing our clits together.

We quickly got into a working rhythm to the point where it felt like we were one body doing unimaginably stunning things to ourselves. Needless to say the constant stimulation, vibration, and friction brought my orgasm bubbling to the surface like molten magma. I pulled Mel tight against my body and mashed our nubs together one last time as I went off like Mt. Vesuvius. My pussy sprayed fresh honey all over her supple body.

Mel reached between us and searched along the trapped toy until the buzzing in my ears and body suddenly stopped. My ears rang from the sudden silence and my lingering orgasm.

"Did I make a good purchase?" Mel asked knowing full well the answer.

Before I could reply, I noticed the door swinging open out of the corner of my eye. Mel must not have shut it tightly because my two dogs entered and swiftly jumped onto the bed to join us. Damien went straight to the junction of our bodies and started to lap up the mixture of our spilled honey. Brutus on the other hand stalked over to my face and started licking me.

I could almost hear his silent begging for me to finish what I started. In consolation I opened my mouth to his exploring organ and licked him back. His tongue sank into me filling my mouth. I could see his erect member hanging beneath his body though and knew that a little French kissing wouldn’t make up for the slight I gave my baby.

I eyed Mel and we silently agreed on the proper course of action. Through some acrobatic miracle and sheer force of will we managed to untangle our legs and turn over onto our hands and knees without letting the dildo slip from either of our cunts. Ass to ass with Mel, I grabbed Brutus’s haunches and guided him over my body. My mouth drooled as his red cock inched towards my face. I tilted my head so I wouldn't bounce against his belly and drew it down into my waiting cavity.

I sucked him in and didn't stop until I felt his balls nudge my jaw. For a moment I savored having his erect cock buried in my face. His bestial aroma permeated my nostrils and drove me mad with lust. I gripped his rear firmly and pulled his dick free before jabbing it back deep into my throat. The motion of my blowjob had the added benefit of pulling me away from Mel only to slam my ass back into her with the penetration of Brutus.

I squealed with delight and started moving in earnest. I soon felt Mel moving as well, but we addition of the two dogs made a cohesive rhythm impossible. We were both slaves to our animal desires and nothing mattered beyond pleasing our dogs and pleasuring ourselves.

After a minute of furious pumping, Brutus started humping my face with a passion. I let my hands fall to the comforter no longer needing that leverage to give him a proper blowjob and let him take the lead. I did my best to push into his body at every opportunity so that his muscular thrusts drove my body back into Mel.

Subsequently, I felt his bulbous knot inflating in my mouth. Testing a theory I opened wide and felt it slip from between my teeth as he jabbed furiously into me. I figured that his knot, while substantial, was not as large as an engorged horse's cockhead. Pleased to be correct, I also found out one more useful tidbit. Unlike my pussy which required effort to trap his distended pole, all I needed to do now was relax and let my mouth encase it.

I could feel his mighty cock rattle my teeth with every thrust, but the pleasure was immeasurable. His thrusts blurred together as again and again his rod slipped into the back of my mouth and down my neck. But all good things must cum to an end. He unleashed his load in long heavy spurts shooting deep into my stomach. I gulped deeply allowing my tongue and esophagus to milk every last drop from his hanging testicles.

When he finally finished he licked my face as if to clean me, but I had already swallowed every glob he threw at me. So he ambled off the bed to lick himself clean in the corner. I turned to watch Mel and saw her pairing had required a little more effort. Damien being a little smaller had braced his forepaws on her back and was driving his erect mast into her open mouth.

But he was just about done before I got the chance to enjoy the scene and as I watched he slowed his thrusts and let himself slip from Mel's grasp. I watched her take one last gulp of dog semen before we both collapsed forward in fatigue.

The overused toy finally slipped free from our bodies and we both laughed as it slapped against our entwined legs spreading our fluids around.

I turned and crawled back to Mel so I could spoon up next to her. As I cuddled up to her cozy ass I heard her comment, "I think I’ll leave this one here. I have plenty of toys to play with at the stables as you’ve seen."

"Well if you do that then you'll definitely have to come over often to make sure it goes to good use."

"If that’s an invitation I'm game."

I curled my arm around her hugging her close. I let my hand drift down to play with her slick pubic hair. "But tonight I think it's time to get back on the horse, pun intended. I definitely need to resume training if I'm ever going to get the chance at Zeus and Eros."

"Sounds good to me. I'll meet you there tonight at the usual time, but you're not getting rid of me that easily."

With that she spun in my arms and locked her lips to mine. I could still taste traces of Damien on her tongue as it snaked into me. I could tell that day was going to be one for the record books.

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