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Sarah Palin was in a quandary. She knew that God wanted her to run for the governor's office, but Todd wasn't hearing any of it. That night she had gotten so upset with him for not supporting her that she challenged him to a race. He on his snowmachine and her with her father's sled dogs would compete across the Alaskan tundra.

But once the long Alaskan night set in she grew unsettled. She knew in her heart that God had chosen her to be the next Alaskan Governor. And she was far too humble to defy God’s plan. She just had to win that race.

So, plucking up her bulldog spirit, she threw on her parka and tromped through the snow to pray with her puppies. She knew that if she prayed hard enough over her family pets, they would outrun her husband's machine. And luckily they had their own shed away from the main house so Todd couldn't accuse her of cheating by enlisting Yahweh's help.

Once she reached the door, she could hear the faint barks of the dogs over the howling wind. But as soon as the door opened the barking enveloped her with the enthusiasm of the team of twelve enormous huskies. She inherited them from her father, and for decades her family has bred the largest and strongest huskies in all of Alaska.

And as the first pair saw her enter, they lick her face affectionately without lifting their paws from the ground. She smiled affectionately at the loveable mutts. She scratched behind their ears and waded into the writhing mass of fur. The collection of purebred dogs happily jumps and licks at their beloved Master. And she in turn soaked in the adoration like a sponge.

Just like every other time she visited her stable of sled dogs the mass of warm furry animals inside quickly overheats the young aspiring governor. Now that she made it through the bitter wind and snow outside, she stripped out of her parka and hung it up by the door.

The constant pressing of animal flesh as the dogs crowded around her in the small room widens the smile on her lips. But the consistent brush of fur also added to the oppressive heat of the confines. She pulled at the neck of her sweater as the sweat dripped down her brow. She knew that the excessive heat would not be conducive to a long night’s prayer vigil.

She waded over to the solitary window and made sure the curtains were pulled tight. With a barrier to any prying eyes in place, she pulled the thick wool sweater over her head and hangs it with the parka. Her large breasts bounced free of the thick sweater and she took them in hand for just a moment admiring the goods that helped her win the runner up position in 1984 Miss Alaska competition.

For good measure, she pulled her tight jeans down off of her bare legs. They were already damp from the late night trudge through the snow and she hung them up by the rest of her clothes to dry. She didn't even notice that her panties had come free with the pants until one of her pup’s tails slipped between her legs and tickled her shaved crotch.

She watched as the hairy tail slid between her legs and brought a small thrill through her loins. But she quickly pushed such lascivious thoughts out of her mind. She ignored the heat of the blood rushing to her cheeks as the undulating bulk of dog flesh caresses her bare skin.

She strode through the waves of canines until she reached the dead center of the room. She did her best to gauge what was at her feet beyond the omnipresent fur, but eventually she just had to take a leap of faith. She knelt down into the writhing waves of fur until her face sank below the crests of the happy pups.

She bowed her head underneath the mess of huskies and began to pray to God to see fit in granting her this victory so she can do His will and become the best darn governor Alaska had ever seen. But her earnest prayers were taken by the assorted puppies as an invitation to play.

With her head below theirs, they took turns licking her face and neck. The others surrounded her body brushing her bare skin with their fluffy fur. The blush in Palin's cheeks was burning fiercely as the overt canine affection gave her wicked ideas. But she shoved any growing desires out of her mind and fervently prayed for future success.

But the dogs quickly became a greater and greater distraction as they collectively coiled around her naked form. Sarah still maintained her composure as best she could kneeling on the family rug and praying to God. Suddenly one of the powerful pups pounced on her back. His large paws drove her shoulder blades over and she was forced to break her penitive clasping of hands in order to break her fall.

She tried to push herself back up onto her knees to continue her prayer, but the overwhelming presence of the dozen huskies continuously moving over her slight frame prevented her from rising. But then she had a different reason for being unable to rise. Because the same team leader that had knocked her sprawling had moved on to a different type of play.

Despite pushing her lewd thoughts out of her mind her body had betrayed her. Her vaginal nectar had continually dripped down her naked thighs as she prayed amidst the animals. And this fluid drew the attention of her hound like a miraculous magnet.

And with a firm tongue he lapped up the leaking liquid until his lolling lovely muscle leaped into her lips. With one strong swipe he separated the separate sides of her sleeping sex and sparked it into life. Palin cooed under the careful cunt-licking of her champion canine. Her mind fleetingly fought the frightfully fantastical feelings focusing on her fissure.

But the quintessential quaking sensations quickly quelled any resistance. The future governor felt the glory of God in the gouging tongue in the same way she sensed the precious Power of her Lord while praying in a pew.

And so she realized that she received a rare opportunity to embody God's will. The tremors of tantric titillations were truly the thoughts of the Almighty. And so Sarah surmised what the Supreme Creator wanted. If she motivated her mounts with mouth and muscles they would mush much faster than her main man’s machine.

Luckily she came to this conclusion just in time. Because no sooner had this thought crossed her mind than the team leader jumped onto her plump ass and pierced her precious pussy with his tapered cock. With her Godly mission in mind, rather than buck the massive mutt off of her she drives her ass back onto the giant prick.

The two animals rutted like hogs beneath the writhing mass of puppies. Palin's bouncing butt brought the beast's blood to his beautiful beam. The huge husky hooked his legs around her waist and hauled her body onto his humping hips. Each successive thrust made his shaft surge within her until with a sudden staggering slam; his knot swelled up and stuck his pole in her pussy.

The added length of the erect cock presses deep into her womb eliciting a cry of delight that is torn away with the wind. But her wide open mouth provides a perfect target for another purebred pooch to pummel Palin. The other dogs listened to the mounting cries of animal lust bursting from the coupled pair in their midst. And eleven scarlet shafts slowly slip from separate sheaths.

The lucky lad to land in front of the lusty lady latches onto her loose lips and levers his long rod into her mouth. Palin moans around the shaft as it shifts deeper into her gullet. But just as her throat accommodates the bulbous insertion, she feels the lead dog release his first jet of semen into her womb.

The scalding sperm set off her own building orgasm and she screamed around the shaft stuck in her gullet. Her primed pussy pulsated along the penetrating prick pulling the precious juice from his testicles. The twitching dick filled her womb with its offering and Sarah responds by shaking out her firs orgasm.

The satiated hound drops off the would-be-governor's ass leaving her back bare but for the paws of his packmate happily humping her mouth. Thankfully, her skin does not remain uncovered for long. Another horny dog quickly jumped over her bare back and started grinding his cock against the side of her hips.

The leader twists his frame around in the writhing mass until his tail arched over their bodies. With a rough tug of her ass, Palin pops the pumped up penis out of her pussy. The freed dog wanders off to lick himself clean. But the dog already eagerly humping the horny female dances around until his dick fills the hole left by his comrade.

Sarah is once again pummeled between the two giant beasts filling her orifices. But her sucking mouth is having the desired effect on her canine companion. His bulge inflates behind her teeth and he quickly rams his pole down her throat. Her tongue licked around the pulsing shaft as it pushes deeper into her maw.

After several pleasure producing poundings, the trapped cock releases its cum into her waiting stomach. Her warm mouth sucks every last drop from the tapered dick, but as soon as he is empty, she opens her mouth wide releasing the canine member.

For a few thrusts of the other dog’s exuberant humping, Palin has the opportunity to drive her ass onto his shaft. She ground her ass against the husky’s furry sheath and reveled in the feel of his hairy sack slapping her clit. But she could not focus on one dog for long. Just as his knot inflated within her soaking vagina, a new player stepped up to her mouth and plunged his red rocket into her face.

And so it went for the next several hours. Every time one of her studs finished filling her holes with their sperm, a new challenger appeared. After the fourth orgasm, she lost count of the orgasms ripping through her body. Eventually, the sated and clean dogs returned to lick her quivering clit and bouncing breasts until the rapturous woman's shivering body was filled with a continual sexual frenzy.

Her constant screams of delight were either muffled by the cock in her mouth or the prevailing wind blowing across the tundra. But after a long night of bliss, the full complement of huge huskies finally collapsed one by one into joyful slumber. Palin rested temporarily as she felt the semen drip from her crevice. It pooled on the family rug beneath her and dribbled from her mouth onto her perky tits.

With a satisfied smile, she thanked God for His guidance and put her warm clothes on over the drying mess. She trudged back to their home and washed of the remaining traces of dog sperm from her body. Thoroughly exhausted, she collapsed into bed with her hubby and fell asleep dreaming of her big win the next day.

The day of the race, her prized pups were ready and raring to go. It was set up to be only a mile long track and both husband and wife were eager to get on the trail. The snowmachine and the sled dogs both pulled up to the starting line. The appointed referee lifted his hunting rifle and let loose the starting shot.

The dogs took off running like the hounds of hell. But they were no match for the raw horsepower of a snowmachine. Todd quickly pulled out in front of the canine powered transport. He glanced back to see where his wife was in the short race. Unfortunately he turned just in time to miss a small hill. Unprepared, he bounced off the trail and slammed into a tree.

He was unhurt, but the trashed machine was no match for the living dogs as they blazed the trail down to the finish line. The dozen dogs soon bore their master to the finish line and she happily cheered for her puppies. She silently thanked God for granting her victory over her husband before rushing over to make sure he was all right.

And the rest as they say is history. With the win under her belt, Sarah ran for Governorship, and was soon tapped to run for Vice-President. But that night she snuck back out to see her dogs and celebrate with a little victory orgy. And whenever the campaign trail gets her down, the lamestream media picks on her, or some evil liberal points out to complete absurdity of her last statement, she consoles herself with a little puppy party and she feels the grace of God fill her soul.

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2014-12-01 05:38:07
I love dog fucking stories, and yours was funny and hot at the same time. Who wouldn't pay big money to see that!

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2011-12-24 09:57:00
the story was grate THE MESSAGE WAS BADDDDD

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2011-10-29 14:04:57
What a laff riot! I live in Alaska and this explains everything - lol. And Mr. 7/11/2011 - get a sense of humor - sheesh. This perv party is no place for political punditry.

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2011-07-11 05:22:16
Fucking Liberal Socialists have taken over our country by putting 46 percent of the population on the 'free lunch' tab to get their votes. The Stupid Fucks are too dumb to realize that Liberty surrendered is forever lost.... but they WILL. It's already almost too late to save us. They've succeeded without firing a shot by putting taking advantage of ignorance and greed.
Now the Teacher's Unions have methodically stopped teaching history so our kids won't know how we got what we used to have.

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Your Political Putsch Perfectly Proves the Pride Portrayed in being a
Private Pussy for the Democrat Pricks.

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