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My life is messed up.
I got up as Kelly went to the bathroom. I put on some underwear and went to my phone which I left on a counter so I could spy on what they would say when I left. I played the recording.
“I thought you told him after you told me.” Kelly said
“Why should I he wasn’t supposed to be born.” Mom said
“Why would you say that.” Kelly said
“Because I never wanted another kid, he was a freak of nature.” Mom said
“Now you need to stop him now.” Mom added
“Why I love him.” Kelly said
“Cause he will hold you back, if you stay with him you will ruin your life.” Mom said
“Well I don’t care I’m staying with him.” She said as she started to cry and walked off.
That was the end of the recording. I walked into my room and got some clothes for school. I couldn’t react, to what I just heard. I walked into the bathroom and got in the shower with Kelly. She greeted me with a kiss but could tell something was wrong.
“What’s wrong?” She said
“I heard everything.” I said
“What are you talking about?” she said
“Last night I heard everything.” I said
“Im so sorry.” She said as she started to cry.
“It’s ok it’s not your fault.” I said and gave her kiss on her forehead
“I really thought you knew.” She said
“It’s okay, but she was right about one thing.” I said
“Don’t you say it because you have just as much potential as me?” She said
“No I don’t.” I replied
“You are the best running back the school has ever had.” She said trying to cheer me up.
“How do you do that?” I asked
“Do what?” she asked
“Know just what to say when I’m hurting.” I said
“I guess I just know you really well.” She said
“Then I guess you do.” I said
“Well we better get ready for school.” She said
“I guess we do.” I said as I kissed her.
We finished our very sensual shower. I we got dressed and walked to school, today we had gym together in the first period, we started off running laps, then stretching, and the coach picked two captains me and some other kid. I got first pick, so I went with Kelly as my first pick, then since I picked a girl he had to then I picked John the quarterback on my team. So we kept picking and then we played dodge ball. I was surprised because I wasn’t soar at all anymore. I was running and throwing my hardest. I playfully stood behind Kelly using her as a human shield, but I never let her get hit. Class went by really fast, but I guess it’s true what they say time flies when you are having fun. I went back to the locker room and got changed. I went through the afternoon until lunch then meet up with Kelly. I sat down next her like yesterday.
“So are you going to freak out again?” Christy said
“Hey chris you have no idea what was going on so you might just wanna be quiet.” I said
“Calm down Hulk, no one like you when you’re angry.” She said with a laugh
“Yeah and no one likes you period.” I said with a laugh that turned into a straight face.
“Very funny, ass.” She said
“Love you to Chris.” I said with a sarcastic tone
She stuck her tong out.
“So Chris who’s the luck guy taking you to homecoming?” I said
“I’m not going.” She said as Kelly nudged me.
“Why don’t you come with us?” I said
“Stop being an ass.” She said
“Im serious you can come with me and Kelly, you’ll have a great time.” I said
“If this is some messed up joke it’s not funny.” She said
“No really come on it will be fun.” Kelly said trying to influence her to come with us.
“Fine.” she said with a halfhearted smile.
“Oh come on, I promise you the best dance of your life.” I said trying to cheer her up
“Why are you doing this.” She said
“Because you are Kelly’s best friend, and that means we are going to be friends.” I said
“the why are you such an asshole to me.” She said
“Look I’m just teasing you, I really think you’re a nice girl, so if that make me a bad person then ok I’ll take it.” I said with a smile
“If your serious then I will.” She said
“Yeah im am very serious.” I said
“Then its settled.” She said
We talked for a little bit more then went back to class. The rest of the day went by smoothly. The last bell finally rang and I headed down towards the locker room, I got changed for practice, and ran down to the field. I had to make up for yesterday so before the coach came down I was already running laps around the track.
“Huddle up.” The coach yelled.
“We have a tough game Saturday and we need everyone a peek condition.” He said
“That means you Dave.” He said
“You got it coach.” I said with enthusiasm.
“Since you Friday off we are going to be training twice as hard, so let’s get out there and work our asses off.” He said with passion.
The guys started to run the track to warm up.
“Coach don’t worry I’ll be fine for Saturday.” I said knowing we didn’t have a good enough backup.
“You better or we will loss, now get your ass back with the group.” He said
I sprinted to catch up and over take them. I was definitely one of the fastest guys on the team. I ran ahead and motivated them to run faster. We ran the track twice and then formed our lines. We stretched, and started drills, eventually finishing with a mini scrimmage. As we were walking back towards the locker room I saw Kelly in the stands watching I walked over to the fence.
“Meet me at the main entrance, I need to get changed.” I said as I gave her a kiss.
“Okay 10 minutes.” She replied
“Yeah.” I said as I ran to the locker room.
I changed rather quickly, and ran to the front as soon as I could. I saw two girls talking to Kelly. Kelly looked like she was upset.
“What the hell are you doing.” I yelled as I got closer.
They ran off as I moved in.
“What happened?” I said
“They were just making fun of me.” She said
“What were they saying.” I said
“Just like four eyes and childish stuff.” She said (I forgot to tell you she wore the sexiest glasses anyone could ever have.)
“Who were they?” I asked
“It’s ok” she said
“Its fine now, they won’t bother you again.” I said
“Well let’s go then. I need to get a shower.” I added
“don’t you look sexy.” She said
“I love when a man I sweating.” She added
“OH do you.” I said as I moved in and kissed her.
“Yeah, so we should go home and get sweaty.” She said with a seductive smile.
“Oh god how I would love to, but I have to work tonight.” I said
She said “well I’ll wait up.”, as she nibbled on my ear lobe.
“Oh god I love you.” I said
“And I love you.” She responded
We walked back to the apartment and I got a quick shower, before heading to the theater. I stood at the concession stand for an hour before Wendy walked up.
“So what’s up you look chipper?” she asked
“Well Kelly and I made up, and I found out why she didn’t tell me.” I replied
“So does that mean you aren’t taking me to the dance?” she asked
“Oh god im sorry, if forgot to tell you. Forgive me?” I asked
“You’re forgiven but if anything happens between you two give me a call and I’ll be right there.” She said with a smile as she slapped my butt and walked away.
It was about 10:30 when I finally got off work. I ran home, and saw Kelly and mom watching TV. I lifted Kelly’s legs and sat down she put her legs over mine. I started to give her a foot massage.
“Shouldn’t I be doing that for you?” she said “Your feet must be killing you.” She added
“They are a little tired but nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix.” I said
“So I have off tomorrow I think we should go out shopping for Homecoming don’t you think.” I added
“Your saying you want to go out shopping with me, but you hate shopping.” She said
“Well getting to see you in all that sexy clothing I think I can handle it.” I said
She shoot up and gave me a big hug, and a little kiss on the cheek.
“Maybe I could come.” Mom said
“That would be great.” Kelly said
“Well then maybe you to should just go then.” I said
“What you don’t want to go anywhere with your old mom.” She said
“That’s not it at all, I just don’t want to go anywhere with someone that doesn’t even want me alive.” I said
“What the hell are you talking about?” She said
I pulled out my phone and replayed the message.
(“I thought you told him after you told me.” Kelly said
“Why should I he wasn’t supposed to be born.” Mom said
“Why would you say that?” Kelly said
“Because I never wanted another kid, he was a freak of nature.” Mom said
“Now you need to stop him now.” Mom added
“Why I love him.” Kelly said
“Cause he will hold you back, if you stay with him you will ruin your life.” Mom said
“Well I don’t care I’m staying with him.” She said as she started to cry and walked off.)
“I think that says it all.” I said as I got up
“Oh and don’t worry cause when I graduate you’ll never see me again.” I said as I got up and left.
My mother was shocked. But I did not care anymore. It was only 4 more months till graduation. Kelly walked in right behind me.
“Did you really mean that?” Kelly said
“Mean what?” I asked
“That we will never see you again.” She said
“I only meant her not you, never you.” I said
“Good cause you are not getting rid of me that easily.” She said hugging me tightly
“I never planned on it.” I said giving her a kiss
I fell on her bed pulling her down on top of me. I let her hand wander around my body, groping my muscles.
“I love you.” I said
“Prove it.” She said seductively
“Oh I will.” I said as I rolled her over, and kissed her deeply.
I began kissing her with as much passion as I could. I slowly went down her body until I reached her beautiful pussy, I didn’t waist anytime, and I licked her beautiful clit. I could feel her tumescent clit rubbing up against my tongue. It didn’t take long before she shook violently from her deep orgasm.
“That was amazing.” She said
“I could tell.” I said as I lay next to her.
“So are you going to come to every practice?” I asked
“If you don’t want me to I won’t.” She said
“No that’s not It I want you to come.” I said “But promise to come to all my games.” I added
“I am definitely going to come to the rest of your games.” She said as she gave me a kiss.
We talked a little while longer then she got on top of me and rode me till we both came. Then she collapsed on top of me we fell asleep with me still inside her and her still on top of me.

The next couple of days went by smoothly we went out Wednesday and bought her a dress, Thursday I worked and had little dinner with Kelly at the theater. We made glorious love both nights. Then Friday came along, I awoke to Kelly getting out of bed. She went straight for the bathroom.

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2014-01-08 12:39:15
(Sigh) Hay assholes! Stop with all the stuiped grammar and spelling bull. This is not school and the writer is not being graded on his story I personally loved the story and can't wait for part 3.

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2012-03-09 00:54:34
Well great story however grammar was little weak but never mind.
one thing i liked most in both of the parts is that you had focused less on sex explanation, this makes your story a perfect combination of emotions. love and sex.
i'll be waiting 4 the next part, keep writting.

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2012-02-12 01:28:44
O9RHXk Interesting, but still I would like to know more about it. Liked the article:D

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2012-01-02 13:25:18
i think the story was good.. the gramer was a little off but i got the gist of it ...ill give it 3 stars.. so with that said please write a 3d story ok

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