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We arranged for Sara to come over for the weekend. That way we’d have plenty of time for fucking, sucking, and trying anal. We picked her up from school Friday afternoon. Morgan drove her new Mustang, top down, of course. Sara gave Morgan a sisterly peck on the cheek, but fed me a tongue sandwich right in front of a large group of her classmates. She jumped into the back seat and off we went, first to the mobile home for her things and then to our place. It really was our place now. Unknown to Morgan, I had seen my lawyer earlier in the week, made her my principal heir and deeded her half the house. I’d tell her all about it one of these days. I just had to find the right moment.

Once home Morgan and Sara ran into the house. I got Sara’s bags and followed. By the time I had entered they greeted me totally naked, eager for the fun to begin. They each took one of my hands and led me to the bedroom. While Sara kissed me Morgan removed my shorts and boxers. I kicked off my sandals and removed my shirt. I could have taken the lead but I decided to leave that to them. They pushed me back onto the bed, my legs hanging down to the floor. Each approached one side of my cock which had, not surprisingly, grown long and hard. Morgan took the right side, Sara, the left. They licked their way up, starting at the base moving all the way to the tip. Sara got there first so she circled the tip and licked the hole lovingly. Morgan moved down to my balls, taking one into her mouth, licking and gently sucking while massaging the other. They were having a lot of fun, but I was getting really, really hot. I craved release. I pulled Sara up to me and lowered her onto my erection. She was incredibly tight but she was dripping wet so there was little resistance from her cunt. Of course, there was no resistance from her, either. She started to rock slowly at first. I pulled Morgan up so her pussy was just over my face. She straddled my head facing Sara. I licked her clit and tongue fucked her while putting two fingers into her butt. Morgan leaned forward to kiss her sister. It was a scene straight from a porn flick. Morgan shifted into high gear when I stuck my tongue into her ass. We were all getting close. Sara came first, her orgasm signaled by several “UNGGHH’”s and “OOOOHHHH’”s. Morgan was next. They fell together exhausted. I was next. “I’m almost there,” I gasped. Sara pulled off me and they moved their mouths over my cock. My hips bucked as my first stream of hot semen coursed through my body into Sara’s mouth. Morgan took the next thread; they alternated until I was dry. Then they sucked my tip and licked the rest of my cock until clean. My computer, Marti, was shut off; I had tired of hearing her comments about our sex lives.

We lay together in a heap until I asked, “Anyone for Chinese?”

I managed to dress and call for takeout. Fifteen minutes later I went for the food. We ate in the living room around the coffee table, watching the TV and discussing our plans for the rest of the weekend. There were going to be some sore vaginas and assholes by the time we were finished, that is if my cock didn’t fall off in the process. We cleaned our mess and walked to the shower. We washed each other and were almost done when Morgan instituted a change in plans. Showing off for her sister, she soaped her ass and bent over, holding her ankles. She turned back to me, inviting me with her eyes. I stepped forward, soaped my cock until it was really foamy. Then I slid slowly but firmly into her ass. The tightness of her anus is beyond deion. It was as close to Heaven as I’ve ever been. She backed up, pushing me into the wall, forcing me to stand there while she fucked her own ass with my dick. I reached down to rub her clit. It didn’t take much; she came hard-really, really hard, just as she usually did from anal. She collapsed on the shower floor, my still hard dick slipping from her ass as she sank. Sara moved in to suck the remains of Morgan’s ass from my throbbing dick. We stepped from the shower and I toweled Morgan dry as she sat on a stool while she recovered. Sara had been drying parts of me and I joined her to finish the job. Once dry we headed to the bed. Morgan had recovered so she led the way. This was to be Sara’s initiation to anal; Morgan was there for moral and physical support. Sara knelt at the edge of the bed, her ass sticking out over the floor. I got the lube, which I now kept on the top of the night stand so it would be readily available when needed. I lubed her ass and my finger. Slowly I pushed it into her sphincter. There was so much lube that it slipped in with little problem. I wiggled it in, out, and all around, spreading the lube throughout. Now, I thought, would be a good time to mount her doggie style. I slid my hips forward, rubbed my dick up and down her dripping slit. I lined up and plunged into her. Now I rubbed the thin membrane between her ass and pussy with my fingers, exactly as I had with Morgan so many weeks earlier. She reacted with several moans indicating how hot she was becoming. This was the time to try two fingers so I removed the one, much to Sara’s disappointment. Then I pushed the two fingers back into her hole. She was really surprised and if it hurt, she didn’t show it. Morgan rubbed Sara’s back and leaned down to kiss her. She moved up on the bed and, lying back, directed Sara’s mouth to her hot cunt.
Sara was occupied at both ends—eating Morgan’s tasty pussy while I was stuffing her other two holes, one with my stiff cock, the other with my strong fingers. “How are you, Sara?”

“Fantastic. I can see now why Morgan loves it so much. When are you going to put your cock in? I really want to try it.”

“Keep eating Morgan’s pussy. I’m going to do it soon. If you can handle my fingers so easily you shouldn’t have any problems with my cock, except that it’s a lot more rigid—stiffer.” I returned to my fucking and fingering, encouraging Sara to relax. She was giving Morgan an exciting time, kissing and licking her pussy. I checked her butt—there was a definite gape so I figured she might be ready. I lubed my cock, pressing the tip against her virgin hole. I pushed forward while pulling her hips back. Slowly…surely… I progressed, listening for the telltale pop. When it came I congratulated Sara. “Gee, I was so occupied with Morgan’s pussy I never even noticed if there was any pain. Now it feel like my ass is really full, but an enjoyable full, not a painful full. Know what I mean?”

“I’m going to fuck your ass now. All you have to do is enjoy.” I started moving in and out. She was really tight—even tighter than Morgan. Gradually I increased my pace until I was in full-blown fuck mode. I could hear Morgan cumming from Sara’s insistent tongue. Now it was Sara’s turn. I moved my hand lower, my thumb in her cunt, my fingers rubbing her clit. Suddenly, she came—with a long guttural howl I wouldn’t have thought possible or human had I not been there to witness it. She collapsed in a tangled pile of arms, legs, and hair, My cock still in her ass. I slowly removed it and crawled between them. They cuddled close and I thought we might sleep, but—NO!

“Sara,” asked Morgan, “did you cum?”

“Fucking yeah,” she replied.

“OK, you had a great orgasm. I had a great orgasm. What’s missing? Ryan has taken good care of us, don’t you think we need to take care of him?”

Sara nodded and they both rose to a sitting position—so much for my rest! They joined hands around my dick, stroking up and down. I was hard again in an instant. They sped up their jerking. I was losing control—my breathing became rapid and shallow. I closed my eyes and exploded soaking them with my cum. Stream after thick stream of hot cum spurted almost two feet into the air before settling in their hair and on their bodies. Morgan licked the last of my ejaculate from my dick while Sara licked and sucked cum from Morgan’s body. Then it was Morgan’s turn to clean her sister. Eventually they were clean so we lay back for a good night’s sleep. Once again we would have had plenty of room in a twin bed.

I took them out for breakfast Saturday morning. We needed to have some regular food in us to sustain ourselves through everything that was to come. When we got home we decided to go out in the boat. Morgan was ecstatic; Sara was confused. After loading our lunch, drinks, sunscreen and towels aboard we set course for our favorite island. En route Morgan and Sara suddenly lost their bikinis. This was getting to be a dangerous habit-one that was going to get me in big trouble with the marine cops if we got caught. Luckily we reached the island without being seen by the cops. However, several jet skiers tagged along most of the way cutting and weaving behind us. Once we anchored it was fun time! I turned my helm seat around. Morgan climbed up with her feet on the chair arms and held onto the frame of the T-top. She was in perfect position to receive some great oral. It looked spontaneous but it was something we had done several times before. As I licked her from clit to ass I motioned Sara to kneel between my legs. Taking the hint, she removed my hardened dick from my shorts. She stroked it tenderly before she began a very hot blowjob. She must have been taking lessons from Morgan because she deep throated me with ease. Morgan was gyrating as I fucked her cunt with my eager tongue. I put a finger into my mouth and then slid it into her ass. This was more than enough to send her into a spectacular orgasm. She spurted all over my mouth and face. Her cum dripped down onto my chest and stomach, so intense was her orgasm. She lost her grip and started to fall. Fortunately, I was able to catch her and sit her in my lap where she had a bird’s eye view of Sara bobbing up and down on my cock as I blew my load all over her face. We all laughed as my cum dripped onto her chest. Sara jumped up and slipped over the side. Morgan followed and I was about to follow when I remembered how good Morgan’s cum tasted. I licked up what I could find before joining them in the water.

We fucked and sucked all day Saturday—in the water, on the beach, anyplace we could find to couple; I penetrated Sara’s butt several times as she learned to love a hard cock in her ass-- and Sunday until Sara had to return home. Her pussy and ass had been used (and abused) so often she was lucky she could walk. She hobbled in to her home and passed Mom on the way to her room. If Mom knew anything she kept it to herself. Morgan invited her to visit us but she declined for at least the tenth time. She still wasn’t comfortable with our relationship. At least Morgan had convinces her to accept the money I sent her each month.

Morgan and I continued to expand our knowledge of each other. She was down about her mother but I knew that eventually her mom would come around. Morgan continued to walk around the house naked and it looked to me that she was gaining a little weight. Her breasts seemed a trifle bigger and she was developing a little tummy. I attributed it to eating a better diet than she had been able to afford while she lived at home. She was still hotter than hell.

We were eating breakfast one morning in our usual style. We were on the deck naked; she was on my lap and my cock resided where it belonged—in her pussy. We fed each other strips of bacon and sausage links between forks full of omelet. “I need to talk with you,” I said. She looked at me. “You talk with me every day.”

‘I know, but this is important.” She stopped eating, moved back a few inches and looked straight into my eyes, just as she had always done when she was serious. “I went to see my lawyer a couple of weeks ago. I did it because I love you—more than anything, even though I know I don’t tell you enough. I had you written into my will.”

“Ewww, I don’t want to think about that. I don’t want you to die.”

“I know, but listen. If something happened to me, what would happen to you? You’d be right back where you were. You’d get nothing. I want to know that you will be taken care of if anything happens to me. You know that I am worth millions, but do you have any idea how much I’m actually worth?

“I don’t know—ten million—twenty? Who cares?”

“Morgan, I had a very successful company that I sold for $300 million. I gave $80 million to my employees and ten million to each of the universities I attended. That left me with $200 million, but I already had more than $50 million. After taxes I wound up with almost $170 million. I invested it well and over the last three years I’ve earned more than another $80 million. My net worth is over $250 million. That’s why I have to be careful where it goes. My will gives you half of everything I own. My investment banker has instructions to help you manage the money. A quarter goes to my parents-you’ll meet them one of these days—and the other quarter goes to my sisters. Also, this house is now half yours—actually ‘ours’ officially. The change in the deed should come within the next few days according to my lawyer.”

“I’m kind of scared about all this,” she whispered.

I hugged her. “I love you, Morgan. We may have started lusting for each other—hell, I still lust for you—but that lust has turned into love. I’m a lot older than you. Odds are I’m going to die long before you, but, hopefully, not for a very long time.”

Morgan buried her head in my shoulder. Then she rose from my lap, pulling my cock out from within her. She extended her hand to me and led me back into the house. She led me right to the bedroom, climbed onto the bed and pulled me with her. As we lay down she came in for a long passionate kiss. Her tongue intertwined with mine, her lips pressed hard against me. The kiss went on and on. We groped each other—backs, shoulders, hips, but surprisingly no genital contact. She broke the kiss. “I love you so much, Ryan. I never thought I would fall in love with a nerd, but I did and I’m really, really glad.” She pushed me onto my back and climbed atop me. Grabbing my dick, she very slowly impaled herself on my erection. She moved so slowly savoring every sensation of our union. This was no lustful coupling intended to get one or the other of us off; this was loving sex—the physical expression of our love for each other. We held each other, occasionally kissing, always smiling as I moved within her. We kept it up for almost an hour without cumming. Neither of us wanted it to end. Eventually we stopped moving and just lay there, my dick deep within her.

Over the months we had been together I figured I must have deposited gallons of semen into Morgan’s womb. Now I wanted, more than anything else, to impregnate her--to have a symbol of our love for each other.

“Morgan… I think… it’s time you went off the pill.”

“I’m glad you said that. I already have. For a genius nerd you’re not very observant. You’re going to be a dad.”

When I had recovered from the shock I rose and left the room. When I returned I knelt on the floor, opened a small box, and showed her the biggest fucking diamond ring I had ever seen. I whispered into her ear, ”Morgan, will you marry me?”


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to the person underneath me, he did do the math right, did you not see the words " after taxes"?

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2014-09-08 18:42:13
Nope, you're definitely not a nerd genius because you have no reading comprehension. Let me break it down for you. He had 300 million, he gave his employees 80 million. There was no mention of how many employees shared the 80 million. That leaves 220 million. Then he gave each of his schools 10 million. He said in earlier chapters that we went to 2 different schools so that is 20 million. 220 million minus 20 million equals 200 million.

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I love this story but I think u need to work on your math he has 300 million and he give 10 employees 80 million and still has 200 million im no nerd genious but that just don't add up right

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This is one great story Great fucking and great loving!


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I ended it because I was havnig trouble coming up with ideas to continue. HOWEVER, there will be one more chapter in which the Nerd gets more than he planned for.

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