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Cindy's twin teenage boys dedicate themselves to seducing their gorgeous mother, her breathtaking sister and her luciously ripe bodied cousin with randy results
Verry Incestuous Relations


Mother Gets It All Three Ways



Cindy was lying on her back on the floorboard of her van, right behind the bucket seats, with her son Larry’s cock in her mouth, and his large scrotum lying on her forehead.

She was naked except for her red fringed, calf high, red suede boots, with their 5 inch heels, and her untied and open silky red blouse.

The boys had removed and left at home the first bench seat behind the bucket seats so she had plenty of space to lie in.

Her skin tight jeans were lying three feet away from her lushly curved body, right next to where son Jerry had tossed her red bikini panties, after he had stripped them off of her, earlier.

She had just finished giving Larry an oral blow and swallow job, and her tongue was still busy continuing her cock pleasuring task, when she heard Larry’s twin brother, Jerry, who was driving their van, bark, “We are here at the LA Airport area, Bro. It’s time to stop at one of these raunchy motels that are scattered all along the highway, get a room, then take Sweet Cheeks in, and get us our first pieces of her superb ass, ASAP.”

Her drooling mouth completely filled with her son’s thick cockmeat, and with cum sloshing around in her belly, Cindy was hopelessly hot.

Gulping down each of her twin boy’s voluminous ejaculations, had put her right over the sexual edge into virtual trampdom.

But, even as helplessly horny as she was, it was still a shock to be laying there with one of her son’s cocks in her mouth, listening to them talk about her like she was a nameless hooker, as they rode along deciding where they were going to take her to get laid.

She was shocked by the situation she was in, but was in no condition or mood to object. She hadn’t been this hot in years, and all her thoughts of resisting her son’s incestuous advances had been completely eliminated, and she was now just a sexual vessel available for them to use and fill at their pleasure.

She had no idea what had come over her and caused her to very willingly give her two boys oral sex, let them deep throat her, and then choke down their thick, milky sperm.

But for some reason she had done it, and now it was obvious that she was going to follow up the two cocksucking sessions, by letting them give her two lower orifices a thorough, deep, juicy fucking.

Larry, while forcefully keeping his cock stuffed down into her mouth, leaned forward over her spectacular body and put one hand beside her naked hip, then put the palm of his other hand on her shaved pubic mound.

A few moments later, she moaned around the thick shaft, as he proceeded to sink two fingers into her wet pussy, penetrating her as far as they would go.

With a firm grip, he started finger fucking her while he gazed out through the windshield of the van and helped his brother look for a good place to stop.

Suddenly Jerry pointed to a sign up ahead and said, “That looks like a perfect spot, Bro. The Ecstasy Motel, “rooms rented by the hour.”

“Shit, Jerry, go ahead and pull in there and let’s not waste any more time looking, it’s time to fuck the hell out of our hot new private whore,” Larry encouraged his three minute older brother, as he went on finger fucking his mother’s pretty, and very hot pussy, his stiff fingers producing a wet and noisy churning sound, as brought it to a froth.

Given her position, she had no other inclination but to suck on his long, thick prick while, with knees up and boot heels dug hard into the floorboard carpet, she eagerly humped her hips in response to his invading fingers.

Meanwhile Jerry wheeled the van into the motel parking lot and pulled it right up in front of the dingy looking office door.

He jumped out and ran inside, where he found a grizzled old man sitting behind the counter, smoking a cigarette and sucking warm, flat beer out of a dark brown bottle.

The skinny, scarecrow looking motel clerk glanced up and rasped, “What can I do for you, sonny?”

“My brother and I need to rent a room for about three hours,” Jerry responded.

The crotchety old crow grumbled, “Hey kid, we don’t rent our rooms out to no god damn homos. There’s a place right down the street where you fags can go and get your kicks.”

“Hey man, we ain’t no queers. We have a gorgeous babe out in the van, who we need to fuck real bad,” Jerry responded, anxiously, wanting nothing more than to get his mother into the motel room and then try and fuck himself brain dead, with her luscious body.

“Well you are going to have to prove that to me, sonny boy, by showing me the woman that you claim you’ve got out there. Go out and have her stick her head up where I can get a good look at her,” the cranky old buzzard ordered.

Jerry, frustrated by this delay, but, anxious to get the fucking started, ran out to the van and said to Larry, “In order for us to get a room, the old asshole desk clerk wants to see mother to prove that we aren’t queers, and are here to fuck a bodaciously built babe. So get her up on her knees so she can show herself to the old fart through the van window.”

Larry pulled his cock out of her mouth, got off of her face, rolled her over onto her stomach, got her up onto her hands and knees, then grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her face and tits up against the van’s side glass window, so that she could be clearly seen from inside the office.

With her in place, Jerry ran back inside and said, “Okay, pops, there she is, now how much for the room?”

Peering out through the office window the old clerk exclaimed, “God damn boy, you weren’t kidding. You guys really do have a babe out there and, shit, she is one hell of a looker from what I can see from here,” he responded in awe.

He pressed his homely face against the dirty office window to get a better look, then whistled and said, “Damn, what lucky young bastards you two are, to have found something to fuck that looks like a god damned movie star. Shit, that is one really spectacular set of knockers she’s got on her.”

“After having seen that beauty queen, I’ll accept the fact that you guys ain’t no queers but, in this area, the cops have a strict rule that one of the renters of our rooms has got to be of legal age.”

“Now, you two boys damn sure ain’t over 21, so the broad you have with you in the van has got to prove to me that she meets the age requirement.”

“She is going to have to come in here and give me some kind of proof that she is over 21, before I can rent you a room,” the leathered old fart explained.

“Well shit,” Jerry exclaimed in frustration, kicking the base of the counter in anger.

The old guy waived his arms and said, “Hey buddy, I don’t make the rules, but let me assure you that you are going to have the same problem at any other place that you try to check in to on this side of town. So you might as well save yourself some time and bring your bitch in here and get it all done right now.”

“Well, okay, goddammit,” Jerry exclaimed, pissed beyond belief, but sweating bullets because he wanted to put his boner in his mother’s cunt so bad.

He raced back out to the van and said, “Okay mother, you have got to come inside and show the desk clerk your driver’s license, and prove to him that you are over 21. That’s the only way we can get a room, so get yourself dressed and come on inside with me right quick.”

Larry interjected, “Shit, Bro, do you realize how long it will take to get those damn tight jeans of hers back on her?”

Jerry responded, “Yeah, you’re right, there sure ain’t no time for that. Mother, you just put your panties back on, grab your wallet and come inside with me. It will only take a minute.”

Cindy started to object, but before she could say anything, Jerry grabbed her by the arm and said, “God damn it mother, just do what I’m telling you to do. We don’t want to waste any more time waiting to fuck you.”

She was too sexually high to resist, or be concerned about modesty, so she did what she was told. She stepped out of the van, tied the tails of her silky red blouse back up under her jutting boobs, then stepped into her red bikini panties, grabbed her purse and let her two sons march her inside, strutting sexily in her red suede, fringed boots, tits jiggling and with her magnificently formed, totally toned bare thighs flashing boldly in the warm LA sun.

When they got inside, the haggard old-timer took a look at her and exclaimed, “Good god almighty, what a fuckin’ fox you guys have got for yourselves. Crap, she looks like a god damned, over endowed, beauty queen.

He stood up to get a better view of Cindy’s body, then said, “Man, when I was young, I was a porn star and I never got to fuck anything that looked this damned good, and I fucked all of the big stars of my time.”

He pointed up to the wall behind him, at some faded old photos of a young guy and a trio of very sexy looking babes, and explained, “That was me in the good old days when I was forking porn stars for pay.”

“They gave me good money to stoke those hot, slutty broads, but I would have done it for nothing if I had ever got to fuck something that looked as good as this hot looking tart of yours does, boys.”

Shaking his head, he asked in wonder, “How in the hell did you two kids ever come up with this gorgeous bitch? Is she your fuckin’ school teacher, or something?”

“Or something,” Jerry responded.

“Shit boys’, forget about having her show me her driver’s license, you two qualify for a room just based on the quality of the action you have brought here to fuck.”

“Hell you not only qualify for a room, you deserve a fuckin’ medal for landing this fine lookin’ super fox to stick your dicks in.”

“Jesus, what an unbelievable body,” the scraggly looking old turd said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“But, I digress,” the bug-eyed clerk said, half dazed from looking at all of Cindy’s magnificent, curve piled on curve assets.

Then he straightened up and blurted, “By the way, guys, my name is Bob. And, honey, you sure do fill out those red panties of yours, real good. Man you really are built like a brick shit house.”

“Now boys, let me warn you, right up front that you are here before our maids come in and start cleaning up the rooms. So you are going to be using a room that has had a whole lot of traffic through it since it was cleaned yesterday. We have cheating housewives start coming in here from 11AM on, and whores all afternoon and night.”

“So the room is no doubt a real mess, what else can I say? But as good as your beauty prize winner here looks, I’m guessing that you won’t even notice the mess. Shit, if I had a chance to fuck that super prime stuff you’ve brought with you, I’d never be able to take my eyes off of her body.”

“Besides, from the sexy look on her face and the hot gleam in her eyes, I don’t think your Cunt is going to much care where she gets fucked. She looks like she is hot and just wants to get herself nailed real good.”

“Now, because it’s Tuesday morning and the room is in such crappy condition, and because your girlfriend here is so god damned good lookin’, I am going to let you have the room for three hours for the bottom dollar whore’s morning rate of $10.”

“Giving you that daytime bargain rate, which is normally reserved just for our most regular high volume prostitutes, is my reward to you two horny young bastards for finding such a fine lookin’ piece of ass to fuck,” Bob said, with his eyes hurting from looking her spectacular body over, one more time.

“So boys, my hats off to you, you have landed yourselves the best looking god damned piece of ass you’ll ever have in your lives. So go and have yourselves some fun with her while she wears your young asses out,” he urged with a chuckle.

They had Cindy get $10 out of her purse and give it to Bob. He handed them the key and said, “Damn, what a deal you guys have got. Your slut wants it so bad that you even make her pay for the room you are going to screw her in. I like you guys style.”

They told him thanks, then hustled their half-naked mother back out the office door, as they heard the oogling scarecrow say, “Jesus, what a fuckin’ ass she’s got on her. Oh heart be still, I think I’m in love.”


They got into the van and drove back and found room 13, parked right outside of the door, and all got out.

Jerry locked the van doors and the boys grabbed their buxom, glassy eyed, round-heeled, incestuous, hot date by the arms and rushed her to the room door, bringing her tight jeans with them.

Larry unlocked the door and they hurriedly pushed her into the room ahead of them.

They all immediately found out that Bob hadn’t been kidding when he told them that there had been a lot of traffic through the room since it was last cleaned.

Not only was the room totally trashed, the stench of stale beer, booze of all kinds, cigarettes, sweaty sex and cum permeated the air.

The tiny bathroom was overflowing with empty bottles, used condoms, dirty towels and cigarette butts.

The bed’s old mattress sagged and was covered with two soiled, rumpled sheets. There were two grimy pillows lying on the dirty, worn carpet.

Cindy shook her head in disbelief and said, with a shudder, “My god, guys, this is the worst place I have ever been in.”

Jerry replied, sternly, “Well hell, mother, we are here, and the room’s paid for, so you are just going to have to put up with the, this one time, cause Larry and I aren’t going to waste any more time looking for another place to fuck you in.”

“The total screwing that we are fixing to give you comes from years of watching you, dressed like a hooker, prancing around the house like a prick teasing hottie. So we are not going to put off sticking our dicks in you a minute longer. It’s time for you to pay for all the prick teasing made us watch.”

“So you are going to get it, right here and right now, with no if, ands or buts. You might as well relax and enjoy yourself, cause Larry and me are going to give you a royal fucking.”

Although she would certainly have picked a different place than this to get screwed in, Bob the motel clerk had been right, she wanted them to fuck her, right now, just as badly as they wanted to nail her ass.

So she quickly resigned herself to the rauch of the room and was more than ready to give it up to them in this pit of squalor, like all the other cheap whores who fuck here.

After all, it wasn’t that she hadn’t had wild, dirty sex in a cheap motel room before. It had just been a long time since she had done it. Since she enjoyed it so much them, she certainly expected to enjoy it even more this time.

Jerry stepped back and looked her over, from head to foot, as he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, then let them and his shorts drop to his ankles, unveiling his almost 10 inches of rock hard cock, again, before he stepped out of the cloth around his shoes.

While Cindy stared wide eyed at the length and girth of the monster dick that she had already sucked off once this morning, Jerry explained to her, “We are both so hot to fuck you, that we have agreed that the only thing that makes sense for us to do is double team you, so that neither one of us will have to stand idly by watching and waiting, while the other one is nailing your pussy and ass for the first time.”

He then grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her head down until her upper body was parallel with the floor, and she was looking straight down at the worn, threadbare carpet.

“Pull her panties off and kick her feet apart, Larry,” Jerry ordered, and it was no sooner said than done, with Larry sniffing the fragrant cloth before he tossed her wet, red panties on the floor.

Jerry looked at his brother and asked, “Got a coin on you, Bro?” “Yeah I do,” Larry said, fishing out a quarter.

“Alright you flip it and I’ll call it in the air. The winner gets the honor of sticking his cock in mother’s pussy first, and also gets to shoot his wad in it first,” Jerry told his anxious and agreeable brother.

Cindy, totally sexually drunk, and boiling hot, was still mortified. There she stood in the middle of the cruddy room, bent over at the waist, with her head being held down by one son, while the other son was flipping a coin to see which one of them was going to win the right to put his cock in her already oozing snatch, first.

“My god,” she thought, “a little more than an hour ago I was a normal, sexually starved, suburban housewife and mother, and now here I am in a pigsty room in a pay-by-the-hour, whore’s motel, listening my two sons flip a coin to see which one gets to fuck me first. I just can’t believe this is happening to me.”

Then she looked at the nearly 10 inch long mesmerizer that was waiving right in front of her face, swallowed hard, and wanted them to hurry up and flip the coin and start putting the meat to her.

She heard Larry’s quarter go up in the air and then heard Jerry call heads. The metallic currency hit the shabby floor, bounced, and then she heard Larry yell, “Oh mother fucker, its tails. Sorry buddy, but I get to put the bone to her first.”

She immediately heard a zipper go down behind her, followed by the sound of pants falling to the floor, then immediately felt the coin flip victor grab her by the hips with two strong hands, soon followed by the touch of a very large cockhead being pressed against her warm, wet, hungrily waiting pussy slit.

Then her eyes widened, and her mouth popped open as, suddenly, she felt her cuntal channel being violently invaded by her son’s massive, steely log.

The stout thrust of part of the thick shaft into her womanhood, brought a pleased “ooooww” from her parted lips as, simultaneously, Larry let out a very loud groan of gratification.

Her pleased son then left the first 4 inches of his prick, that being the portion he’d been able to force into her cunt on the first plunge, buried there for a few seconds, as he enjoyed letting it cook in the hot juices of her extremely tight and very wet pussy.

While Larry was letting his cock bake in her microwave twat, she watched Jerry push his prick head up against her lips, and say, “Open it up, baby, it’s time to suck cock again.”

Cindy, with 4 inches of a very thick meat shaft already stuck in her pulsating snatch, automatically ovaled her mouth, too stunned by events, and in too deep of a sexual haze to do otherwise, and watched, very close up, Jerry’s big cock slide right under her nose, as it went between her teeth and into her hot, wet, oral pleasure port, passing easily across her wet tongue, until its head banged against her tonsils.

Both boys then began to use their hips to move their cocks in and out of her wet hot openings, and it wasn’t long before her helplessly responsive body, and its two pleasurably violated orifices, let the boys pricks all of the way in, and she soon found herself completely impaled between their nearly 20 inches of thick, rigid cockmeat.

The two horny youngsters began to pick up the pace and soon had her marvelously toned body flesh rippling, and her tits jumping, as they pounded her from both ends, harder and harder, while her snapping cunt and cocksucking mouth did all they could to help the twin pricks fully enjoy themselves each time they made the slippery trip inside of her two cooperative sexual openings.

All the while she was getting dually plowed, she was being subjected to listening to her sons discuss the relative merits of the parts of her body that they were using, and how much better a fuck she was that all the whores and teen tarts they had been practicing on for the last couple of years.

Incestual concerns had completely disappeared, as the two cocks had their way with her. She stood, with feet parted, bent forward at the waist, hands on Jerry’s hips, rocking back and forth in her high heeled boots, as she was being deeply forked by her two sons, and used her like she was a common streetwalker.

But, God, she was so damned hot, hotter than she could ever remember being in her whole life. There was something about being put between two males equipped with thick, almost ten inch pricks, that really got a girl’s attention and brought out the very worst in her, for the very much appreciated benefit of both she and her very horny users.

While in this sexual ecstasy, in The Ecstasy Motel, she heard Jerry say, “Okay, Bro, now it’s my turn in her pussy, let’s switch ends for a while.”

She felt the twin’s cocks pull out of her grasping sex providers and then, in a few seconds, saw Larry’s cuntal juice dripping pecker come around to her head and quickly get plugged into her waiting, open mouth, just as she felt Jerry’s matching cock take her fully from behind.

As she was getting a dripping, flavorful taste of her own cunt, she heard Larry say, “Now remember, Bro, when I am ready to shoot my load, if you’re in her pussy, get out of the way, cause I am going to come around their and shoot my wad into her hot snatch, and really hose the slut good.”

“Same here, Bro,” Jerry responded, I don’t want this load of my joy juice to go anywhere but in this sweet fucking vagina of hers, so be quick about it because I’ll be following in right behind you, to empty my balls into the prick teasers snatch.”

Then she heard, “Oh, god damn, you were right, Larry, this is one fantastic pussy she’s got. Shit, those whores and porn stars didn’t have anything that felt as good as this. Hell, I feel like I’ve got my cock in a juice filled toaster oven.”

“Damn she is unbelievably hot. I can only imagine how great it’s going to be to shove my prick up her super tight ass. How sweet that damn channel is goanna be. And remember, Bro, you won the right to the first shot at her pussy, so her ass is mine to break in,” Jerry told him.

Jerry slapped Cindy on her ass cheeks, hard, and said, “Damn mother, we always knew that you would be one hell of a great piece of ass, but shit, we underestimated you. You are god damned fabulous.”

“No wonder that prick teasing of yours always looked so damned good. Hell you actually are exactly what you have always been advertising. You are one hot, round-heeled Cunt.”

A couple of minutes later Larry said, “Okay, Jerry, you’ve been in her snatch long enough, let’s switch out again.”

Cindy felt the withdrawal and re-insertion process happen all over again, and was soon getting another taste of her cuntal channel, as she sucked her thick juices off of Jerry’s major-league pussy plower.

As she savored the bulk and flavor of her son’s orifice stretcher, she found herself trying to imagine what size the twin’s tools would be when they were full grown. Somehow she knew that the two boys were going to make sure that she found that out, first hand, in spite of what else she might try to tell herself.

Three or four switches later, she heard Larry groan, “Oh shit, Jerry, I’m ready to blow, she’s squeezing my cock with her cunt and I can’t hold it back any longer. God damn, those whores we practiced on were amateurs compared to this man-eater. Mother fucker, here it goes.”

Cindy felt like someone had stuck a fire hose up her vagina, Larry’s cum shots were so powerful. As he flooded her womanhood, some of the creamy white spunk rebounded out of her gash, escaping from around Larry’s massive cock shaft, and then began running down the insides of her thighs, into the tops of her fringed, high heeled, red suede boots.

Larry’s eyes were rolled back in his head, as he emptied his gun into her boiling hot snatch, and she next heard Jerry yell, “Oh shit Larry, her tongue sliding under my prick has got me ready to unload, so you’ve got to get out of her cunt, so I can pussy shoot her, myself.”

As she watched Jerry’s long, thick penis pull out of her still hungrily sucking mouth, she felt Larry ram his huge poker into her channel, one last time, completely emptying himself into her very pleased, overflowing twat, before he jumped back out of the way.

Then she saw Jerry and his cock disappear from view and quickly found out where it had gone, as her palpitating snatch was quickly filled with rigid male meat. Then her overflowing pussy condition grew even worse, as her son wildly blew his load into her happily stretched cunt, causing more cum to begin flowing out of her slit, and stream down her legs, into her boots, where it ran past her ankles and pooled around her toes, almost filling up the tips of her boots.


When his brother had finished spilling his seed into Cindy’s plundered vagina, Larry grabbed her by the back of her mane of thick black hair, and pulled her up until she was standing fully upright.

As he watched her lick her cuntal juice and cum covered lips, like a cheap tramp, he said, “God damned, I have spent my the last few years dreaming about doing you, mother, and baby, fucking you has exceeded every dream I ever had. You are one bitchin’ hot, oversexed, MILF, and a MILF that all of our friends would like to fuck, for sure.”

Just then she felt Jerry press his body up against hers, from behind, and begin kissing and biting her neck, while he pressed his glistening cock between her ass cheeks and dry humped her spectacular ass.

While he was grinding away, he reached around and filled his hands with her taut double D boobs, then said, “Let me second that motion, baby. I was hoping for the best and you exceeded it, by far. I can’t imagine ever having a better piece of ass than yours, anywhere, anytime, ever.”

“So, you gorgeous prick teasing temptress, you are now stuck with having a lust affair with the two of us, whether you like it or not. You are at the very top of the “fucking” food chain, so you have to understand that Larry and me, as horny assed males, have no choice but to continue fucking ourselves blind with your outrageously stacked and talented body, as long as we possibly can.”

Jerry then stepped back and slapped her hard on her perfect ass cheeks, and said, “Its ass fucking time, Bro, so what do you think is the best way to do it to her?”

“Well, I think we will get the most pleasure and satisfaction from reaming out that tight anus of hers by putting her on her knees, face down on the bed, and then squat fucking her anal passage from behind,” Larry opined, relishing his lewd recommendation.

“Shit, I agree,” said a smiling Jerry, as he saw his brother start sucking on their mother’s very erect nipples and finger her clit.

Jerry, in turn, ran his hands all over her amazingly tight ass cheeks, again, squeezing them and then slapping them hard, this time leaving a deep red hand print on each full, firm, exquisitely curved cheek.

Their anal attack plan having been agreed on, without asking for any input from her, Larry went over and laid down on his back on the rumpled, sagging bed, with the back of his head leaning up against the headboard.

He then looked at his mother’s lush, statuesque body and ordered, “Alright Cindy, climb between my thighs, ass in the air, then go down on my pecker and deep throat it.”

On a total sexual high, and more than ready to be further exploited by her very experienced, assertive boys, she eagerly climbed into place and, with her knees slightly parted, leaned down on her elbows and put her son’s big dong in her mouth, then hungrily forced it down her throat, bringing a very pleased groan from her watching son.

With her mouth and throat full of cockmeat, and with Larry’s balls now pressing up against her chin, she felt Jerry climb up onto the foot of the bed and stand over her, straddling her hips and upturned ass.

She heard her considerate son say to his brother, “I am going to stick my cock in her pussy a few times and get it all lubed up, so that it will be a lot easier to shove up her ass.”

She then felt Jerry squat and place the head of his cock against her oozing, ravished, puffy lipped slit, then easily stuff it all the way home, with a single thrust.

She drooled as she again got to savor the unbelievably lustful pleasure of having two huge boners crammed into each end of her body, ball deep.

Jerry quickly began sliding his swollen member in and out of her soaking wet, cum oozing pussy, while Larry clamped his hands on each side of her head, pulled it up until only the head of his prick was still between her teeth, then forced her head back towards his crotch, making her go down on his cock until her face was buried in his pubic hair.

When all of the big tool was fully crammed in, he pulled her head back up and repeated the crude and lewd face fucking, with gusto, as her drool leaked down onto his balls.

It only took a couple of minutes of this raunchy dual fucking to send her to a completely higher level of nastily hot sexual intoxication.

In a sensual fog, she heard Jerry say, “Okay, baby, now it’s time to shove this juiced up tool in your ass, and give you some anal sex that you’ll never forget.”

He then proceeded to prove that he hadn’t been making an idle boast, as he quickly rammed three inches of thick prickmeat into her ultra-tight anal passage, causing her to gasp around the mouthful of male sausage that was callously ravaging her tonsils.

Her son Jerry didn’t spare her a thing as he squatted over her lushly curved ass and plunged inch after inch of his pussy juice slick boner, deeper and deeper into her cooperatively coping back channel.

When he finally got the very last inch of his assault weapon stuffed up her rear end, she climaxed.

Larry shouted out, “God damn, Bro, would you look at that. Our hot assed mother really got off when you rammed that last part home. Look at her body quiver. Damn, it looks like a volcano going off.”

“Man what a total hot assed slut she is. We sure as hell have got us a keeper, buddy. She’s so hot it’s beyond belief, and while her body’s quivering like that. she’s cocksucking me like a well paid prostitute.”

Jerry said, “Let’s switch positions, right quick, so you can get a sample of her back door. You’re going to love it. It’s so tight, it’s incredible.”

Larry lifted her head off of his cock, then the two boys scrambled to change positions.

Jerry grabbed her head and guided her mouth down onto the cockhead he had just pulled out of her ass, shoved it deep and gave her a very fragrant taste of herself.

While Jerry deep throated her, she felt Larry’s enormous prick enter her now slippery anal passage, and quickly force its way in to full depth, each vicious thrust bringing a gasp from her.

She began to moan with pleasure as the dick in her ass slammed deep inside of her, over and over, with youthful vigor, and soon made her climax again, this one even more violent than the first.

It had been a long time since she had anal sex, and it was even better than she remembered, especially since the cock that was doing her anus was so very, very large. If her mouth hadn’t been so full and busy, the two boys would have seen her smiling broadly.

After a couple of minutes of this double team banging, the boys switched positions again, and Jerry started pounding her rear orifice, driving her to a third, then a fourth body shaking climax. By now she was so out of control, sexually, that she was almost embarrassed.

On Larry’s next turn in her rear plumbing, he got climax number five out of her, before he heard his brother say, “We have got to switch ends, Bro. I have to empty my balls again, and this load has got to go up her ass.”

They quickly changed out and Jerry had no sooner sunk his tool fully into her well stretched rear chute, than it went off several times. There was a sloshing, suctioning sound when he finally pulled out of her oozing anal opening, climbed off and turned it over to his brother to finish.

Larry jumped in and gave her well gaped anal passage another series of heavy duty, cunt flooding, cumshot volleys.

When Larry had squeezed off his last shot, Cindy fell over on her side, dragging him with her, and they all lay on the rumpled, reeking bed, temporarily exhausted, a dick still inserted into each of her freshly and deeply plowed orifices.


She lay between the twins in a state of sexual euphoria. Her three pleasuring receptacles had been wonderfully ravaged, making her sex starved housewife days an already distant memory.

She was glad to get this moment of rest, but knew that it was only going to take a short respite to get her ready for a lot more invigorating, delightfully dirty sex with her two well endowed and very naughty boys.

After a short period of time, Jerry, his semi-flaccid cock still in her mouth, said, “Mother, I want to explain this situation to you. So far, everything that has happened between us on this trip evolved from a plan Larry and I created, for the sole purpose of enabling us to get incestually laid by you, your sister Mona, and your niece Margie, in no particular order.”

“Our plan was initiated by our accidental discovery that our cum is an aphrodisiac to the female members of your side of the family. Swallowing our jism turns all three of you gorgeous prick teasers into virtual nymphomaniacs.”

“We made this discovery the last time cousin Margie visited you. The two of you were out lounging by the pool, when we brought each of you a chocolate drink that we had concocted.”

“We had put a few shots of our cum into Margie’s drink and, after she had drunk it all down, she immediately became hot as hell and came upstairs ready to let us fuck her. But you came back home and interrupted us before we could bang her.”

“Then, two nights ago, we tried a similar experiment on you, by spiking your yogurt with plenty of our jism. After you had eaten the yogurt/cum mix, you really got turned on and wanted us to fuck you bad but, before we could nail your gorgeous ass, Dad came home and he got to use your primed up body instead of us.”

“After the test worked on you, we knew that our aphrodisiac theory was correct.”

“At that time your plan was to have Aunt Mona come over and house sit us while you and Dad were away at the wedding. We planned to give her a real heavy duty cum drink, and then screw her brains out the whole time you and Dad were going to be away at the wedding.”

“Then, suddenly, Dad had to fly to Japan, and that forced change in everyone’s plans caused us to luck into this opportunity to go to Santa Barbara with you.”

“On the drive up here we primed those Starbuck’s cappuccinos we gave you with several shots of our cum and ever since then you have been all hot and whorish, letting us fuck you over real good and proving, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our cum/aphrodisiac theory was absolutely correct.”

The cock she was chewing on was getting larger as she listened intently to her son’s cum/aphrodisiac revelations, with dribbling precum flavoring her tongue.

She was both startled and skeptical about what Jerry had just told her. But, on reflection, she had to admit that what he had been saying certainly answered the question she had been asking herself all morning about why she had been so easily turned into a round-heeled slut for the two of them.

Given her sex drunk condition, she had no inclination other than to accept that Jerry’s conclusions were true.

Accepting that he was right meant that any time they wanted her, all they had to do was slip her some of their cum and she would be theirs to be used any way they wanted too. And there would be nothing she could do but cooperate and let them have their way with her.

Digesting her new found sexual circumstance while she sucked even harder on the fully erect monster prick she had in her mouth, she realized that she was ensnared in her own sexual weakness, and that all she could do was wait to see what they were planning to do to her next, and hope for the best.

Switching to bobbing her head on the cock, she was truthful with herself, admitting that, as hot as they had gotten her, right now she didn’t much care what they wanted her to do, just as long as it involved her getting their two orifice pleasing, jumbo sized cocks inside of her eager sexual receptacles.

Through those dizzying thoughts she heard Jerry say, “Larry, it looks like our Cunt mother has accepted her whoredom fate, completely, so let’s get her up then tell her what we have in mind for her from now on.”

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and got up, then grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her off of the bed and onto her feet. He stood in front of her while Larry got up, went behind her and began caressing her mouth-watering ass cheeks and fingering her two lower orifices.

Jerry took a ripe, double D melon in each hand and began biting and sucking on the nipples as he said, “Now, that you realize what our cum does to you, we want you to know that, from now on, you are going to be our in-house whore.”

“Now, right this minute, we’ve got you so damned hot from all of the cum and sexual activity, that you will, no doubt, readily agree to be our sex slave/whore but, later on, after our cum wears off and you sober up, sexually, you might begin to feel very guilty about this incestuous sexual activity, and want to change your mind.”

“So, in order to make sure that you are never tempted to try to end our sexual arrangement, we are going to shoot a dirty little homemade porn movie, right here in this dingy dump of a motel room, with you as the star of the show.”

“We will then use this XXX-rated, dirty movie as blackmail insurance to make sure that you will always be our on-call whore for fear that the wrong people might see you in action if they ever saw our skin flick.”

“So now, before we proceed with your sexual future, we want to make sure that you are never confused about exactly what we expect from you.”

“For sure we don’t want you to be our lover/girlfriend. We want you to function purely as our mistress/whore. Lust is the only sensation that we want to gratify by using you and your splendid body for lewd, callous, dirty sex.”

Squirming hotly between them, as they played with her assets, she took in everything Jerry had to say. The twins plan to totally debauchee her was diabolically wicked, but she really had no problem with it.

Based on what they had done to her, so far, she thought that being their whore could be exciting and, of course, would be very sexually gratifying.

Being a very typically practical and adaptable female, for the privilege of getting these two monster cocks stuffed in her orifices, as often as possible, she was very willing to humor them along and play the role as their completely uninhibited, round-heeled, free prostitute.

Of course, when it came to their making her star in their porn movie, she could defuse its impact on anyone who might see it, by making it look like she was the helpless victim.

The problem was that, playing the easy part of being their victim, would require some self control on her part. With the way their cum was driving her completely out of control, she was going to have a hard time looking like a victim, to a closely watching audience.

To further compliment matters, she had been filmed having sex, before, by two different boyfriends and knew, first hand, that performing in front of a camera made her as crazy hot as their cum was now doing.

Performing while a camera recorded every dirty thing she did, had been a total turn on for her, in both cases, and had brought out the absolute worst in her.

Based on the nasty things she had willingly let each of those boyfriends do to her, while performing in front of the camera got her super hot, she could only imagine how over the top she would get performing with her two big dicked sons, while drunk on both their cum and the camera.

Under the circumstances, looking the innocent victim on film was going to be impossible. No matter what they did to her, she was going to look like she was enjoying it.

Obviously, there was no way out for her, she was going to have to be their permanent whore, and the boys were going to get everything they wanted from her.

Jerry snapped her out of her thoughts by grasping her by the chin and saying, “Do you understand and agree with our plan, mother?” “Yes,” she nodded, helplessly.

“Great, now are you ready to be a porn star for us?” She nodded, “Yes, I am (and was she ever).”


Hearing her total surrender, the boys let out a shout of triumph and high fived each other.

They grabbed their pants and pulled them back on, then went out to the van and got the camera bag and the suitcase full of toys, and brought it back in the room, and were ready for some hot, X-rated action.

“Okay, Bro, let’s set up the stuff and figure out how to do this,” Jerry told his brother.

Larry suggested, “We can set the two camera’s up on tripods, one at the side of the bed and the other at the end of the bed. Then we can let them run while we fuck her over real good on the bed.”

Jerry replied, skeptically, “Yeah but that is going to make the movie real stiff, and awkward as hell, and it won’t be as smooth and dirty as it needs to be.”

“Using the cameras that way is going to take away the effectiveness of the facials, the double penetration, and the other really dirty stuff that need close-up camera shots.”

“What we really need an experienced camera man to move around and shoot the action, close up and personal, and make everything mother is doing all look filthier that hell.”

While Jerry was puzzling over what to do, Larry said, “Hey, what about old Bob, the motel clerk? He told us he was a porn star once and he had the photos to prove it. With his experience do you suppose he could man the camera for us, and help us make it a real hot and nasty porn movie?

“Shit,” Jerry responded, “that’s a great idea. Even if he didn’t have any camera experience, he would do it better than the tripods would do. Let’s call the old fart and find out if he can help us out.”

“We know one thing for sure, as good as he thinks mother looks, he sure as hell would love the chance to film her in action with us.”

He picked up the room phone and dialed zero.

In a moment he said, “Bob, buddy, it’s the guys in room 13. Say, when you were doing porn, did you ever man the cameras and shoot some of the action?”

After a few seconds, Jerry said, “Well that is just fuckin’ fantastic. We want to shoot a porn flick of our hot assed chick doing it with us, and we need some help planning it out and shooting it. Hell, you could be both the director and cameraman, so how about getting your sorry old ass down here and lending us some of your expertise and time.”

After a pause, Jerry said, “Great, you nasty old bastard, see you in a minute.”

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