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this is my first story, about a good time I had with my sister one night she came home drunk
This is my first story, so be gentle.

This story happened a few years ago, the summer I graduated from high school. My sister was home from college on her summer break, and she was in quite the partying phase. My sister wasn't a super model, but she was still pretty. She was about 5 feet 4 inches tall, and very curvy, but in a good way. She has long brown hair and usually wears it up, when she's going out. She also has a rack to die for.

I knew she was planning on getting laid that night as I was watching TV in the living room. She came down in her club outfit, she was wearing a plunging v-cut shirt that left little to the imagination. Also she had on her “fuck me” boots as I liked to call them. These were killer boots, knee high, 5 inch heels, made her legs and ass look great. I got hard every time I saw my sister wearing them. I didn't expect her home that night in that out fit.

I was quite surprised later that night, I had been flipping through the skin flicks on TV trying to remember how great Erin's boots were and thinking about playing with myself when I heard the front door slam open and closed. I quickly turned off the TV, and in stumbles my sister, very drunk, but very alone, she struck out somehow, which she doesn't do when she tries.

She flopped down on the couch next to me. “Hey... hey, help me take these boots off. I can't work the zipper,” she slurred at me.

I was more than happy to oblige, I slowly unzipped those great leather boots, and peeled them down off her feet, she had clearly been dancing and working up a sweat that night, because as soon as the boot popped off her foot, the smell came off in waves, it was fantastic. I took her first shoe off, she let that foot linger in my lap, almost touching my growing cock. She had painted her nails a great light purple, I tried not to stare at her foot. After getting her boots off, she mumbled a thanks and made her way to bed, she had left me with her boots, I couldn't believe my luck.

I didn't even wait to make sure Erin had gone to her room, I ripped my pants to my ankles and brought her shoe up to my face and inhaled as deeply and slowly as I could, I was in heaven with the smells of her feet. I began to beat off furiously. I could feel myself getting close, so I took her other boot, and stuffed my cock inside of it and started to slide back and forth inside, it was great. I didn't last more than five pumps inside her shoe, before I blasted a huge load of cum into it. I didn't even bother cleaning it, it would be dry by the time she woke up and she wouldn't remember me having her boots anyways, not that she would expect her brother to have done something like that anyways.

I pulled my pants back up and decided to head to bed, on my way upstairs I noticed Erin's door was still open. So I peeked in to see what kind of state she was in. from what I could see, she had just face planted on her bed, and barely pulled the covers over her, her great feet were still hanging off the end of the bed. Staring at them I started to get hard again.

I crept into her room, just in case she wasn't passed out completely, but once I got close to the bed I knew there was no hope for her hearing me. I took my pants off all the way and knelt down in front of her feet. I put my face up against her size eight soles and inhaled, the smell was more fantastic from the source. I began pulling on my cock while rubbing my face on her feet, she didn't move at all. Getting more bold, I repositioned myself so that I could rub my dick on her feet, I had never gotten a foot job before, but had fantasized about them all the time. Her smooth soles were perfect, and I could feel an orgasm getting close. I want to see her feet covered in my cum so badly, I started wanking myself off onto her feet, I let go 4 great big ropes of cum onto her soles, it slowly rolled down her feet and dripped from her toes, it was amazing.
When I started to get up I put my hand on her bed which shifted her blanket off of her, as I went to fix it, so she wouldn't know what happened, I saw something else that made my cock spring back into action. Erin had her pants unbuckled, and had both hands stuffed down her pants, she must have been so drunk that she passed out in the middle of getting off. I had to see this, so I tested my luck, I started pulling her pants off, since they were undone already I got them down to her knees with no trouble. She hadn't bothered wearing panties that night and immediately I saw her bare pussy, she must have shaved it to get ready for a night of fun. I leaned down and took a whiff of her crotch, it was one of the best smells I've come across. With my face that close I could still see how wet she was, I didn't even think twice, I grabbed my dick and guided it to her pussy, I slid in with ease and almost came again instantly with how warm and tight she felt. I held still feeling her warm wetness on my cock until I felt like I could go again, this time I slowly started to fuck my sister. She didn't even move she was so drunk, so I knew I would get away with it. This made me more at ease and I stared pounding her faster and faster. As I felt my third orgasm approaching I knew I couldn't cum inside of my sister. I pulled out and rounded the bed to her face. I stroked my shaft that was practically dripping with my sisters pussy juice. I unleashed a blast of cum that his my sister right in the face, landing mostly on her cheek, but dribbling down towards and mouth. I wished I had a camera.

I didn't bother cleaning her up, I wanted to keep that mental image as long as I could. I took her blanket and tossed it back over her, with her pants around her ankles she'd probably think she was just taking care of business when she passed out, and that the crust on her face was just drool. It was a great night, one I’ll never forget.

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2017-01-02 19:11:38
You could have cummed inside that warm tight pussy

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2013-09-24 09:23:58
I would of shot my load over her tits.

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2011-07-22 15:22:38
You got hard three times and shot out a load each time. That alone makes me wet. Some disjointed sections and the flow is a bit jerky . . . take your time, enjoy it, don't rush through it like many guys do.

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2011-05-25 08:38:49
AWESOME!!!!! love the feet :-)

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2011-05-25 08:38:23
AWESOME!!!!! love the feet :-)

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