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straight dude's first time
]Banged by Benny

By Jimmy

(m/m oral anal 1st)[/b]===========================================================================

"Are ya tripping dude?" I asked not quite believing what I heard. I laughed
and reached for the bag of weed.

Benny jerked the weed away. "I ain't tripping. Fuck, if anyone's tripping
it's gotta be you. I mean it Kev, no more weed, no more X, no more nothing.
You're cut off man!" Benny snapped his fingers to emphasize his point.

"Come off it! Ya fucking know I ain't gay Benny!" I looked at the bag of
weed almost desperately. "Hey dude, ya know I'm a fucking stud!"

Benny had a blank look on his face. He didn't look angry, he didn't look
disappointed. "Kev, I've sucked your dick 11 times. 11 times you got a nut
from it. I think that makes you gay dude."

Now that pissed me off! He was the cocksucker! Just cause I let him suck my
dick didn't make me one! I half fucking thought about just grabbing his
stash and taking the shit. Trouble with that idea was the cocksucker knew
how to fight, he could fucking hold his own!

I stood up, grabbed my jacket, and headed towards the door. Benny didn't try
to stop me.

"All fucking summer Kev, you've been letting me suck your dick just so you
could party with me. The party is over man!"

I stormed out of the house, slamming his door so hard it bounced back open.
I couldn't believe what the fucking faggot had wanted! Sure, he'd sucked my
cock, big fucking deal! Letting a fag slurp on my piece was one thing, what
ever gave him the idea I'd do anything else?

Fuck it! I didn't need to be around his shit! I'd only hung around the fag
cause he had plenty of weed and plenty of booze. He was fucking lucky he'd
got to suck my cock!

I had other friends, real buddies, and they were straight not nasty little
cocksuckers! But as I was too learn those buddies didn't wanna hang with me
no more. I ran into a couple of 'em and I knew Jess had some weed.

"Come on Jess, fire one up!" I asked.

"Dude! I ain't sharing no smoke with you!" Jess snickered.

"Yeah man!" Terry piped in, "We don't know what's been in your mouth

Jess shook his head, "Yeah, why don't you go smoke one with your little gay

I'd gotten pretty good at slamming doors as I stormed out of Jess's house.
Fuck them! Fuck them all!

It was a few days later that I saw Benny and this other dude. I knew the
deal, Benny done found a new dick to suck. Or maybe that dude was sucking
Benny's. Both of 'em were probably doing each other! It was kinda at that
point where I figured out what Jess and Terry had been thinking about me.
Cause I had been hanging with Benny they figured more was going on. Then I
thought about the way people spread talk around. Lot of dudes I knew had
seen me and Benny together. Lot of 'em were probably thinking some pretty
wild shit.

I saw Benny and his new buddy a few more times over the next week. I didn't
know the dude but it hit me that we looked a lot alike. It was like Benny
had found another dude that looked like me. Another dude to drink up his
booze and smoke up his weed.

That pissed me off! I had let the fag suck my cock! I should be getting the
weed! Benny swallowed enough of my spunk! He owed me big time!

Two weeks had passed, two long weeks. I hadn't even had a fucking beer! I
hadn't even so much as smelt some weed burning! I was bored out of my mind!

I found myself ringing Benny's doorbell. I waited a few seconds almost
walking away when the door opened. My hands felt wet, my mouth felt dry
wondering what Benny was gonna say or do.

Benny kinda surprised me, he just said, "Hey man. You wanna come in?" I
nodded and followed him this time closing the door not slamming it.

As he sat down, he told me "Have a seat."

I saw a bag of weed on the coffee table. My hands felt wetter but I sat down
right next to Benny. Seeing the weed had made up my mind. I was gonna sell
myself out just to party, just to get high. At least Benny wasn't gross, he
wasn't ugly or nothing. Least he was clean. Except for his yellow ass hair,
'cept for the fact his mouth been round my dick, he was pretty much a
regular dude.

I don't know how I made myself do it but I scooted over so that there was no
space left between us, no comfort zone. Our legs were touching.

Benny wasn't judgmental, he wasn't laughing, he just asked, "You sure Kev?"

'Yeah," I kinda croaked, wondering what it was that I was agreeing too.

Benny bent his face to mine, as his lips touched mine, I closed my eyes. He
was kissing me, I wasn't kissing back. His mouth that had sucked cock was on
mine. But I kept my eyes closed, I parted my lips when his tongue started
probing them. I had made myself do it, I was kissing another dude. It really
wasn't that much different then kissing a chic, 'cept it wasn't turning me
on, it wasn't making me hard and horned up.

But we kissed for awhile, his hands were around me, he was touching my chest
and back. Our spit mixed from tongue swapping. I felt something hard brush
against me and I knew he was bone stiff. He was lifting my shirt, his hands
touching my chest, rubbing my nipple. My shirt was pulled over my head, it
was tossed to the side.

Benny's mouth touched my pec. He licked my nipples, kissing them, sucking
them, hands massaging at my back. His mouth trailed around. I was hoping
he'd go lower, I was hoping that he'd suck my cock and be happy. I was
almost praying that it would end with me cumming in his face and that would
make him happy.

But he stopped, he pulled his shirt over his head and stuck out his chest.
He touched his own nipples and I knew what he wanted. I saw the weed, and I
made my head move. I licked at his chest, tasting the salty twang on another
dude for the first time. I sucked at his nipples.

"Harder," he moaned, so I sucked harder, nibbling, as they stiffened.
"Harder!" I tugged at them with my teeth. I heard the sound of a zipper, I
knew he was taking off his shorts but I didn't wanna see. I kept my face
buried in his chest, biting and tugging at his nips.

"You got me all hot, dude. So hot!" he moaned. I wanted to run, to escape
when I felt him taking off my shorts. He pulled them down, taking my boxers
with them. He lifted my head and kissed me. I was naked, he was almost
naked. I could still leave, I could get up, get dressed, and tear my ass!

But I didn't, I made myself stay where I was. I even kept still when his
dick, his hard dick brushed against me. Even when he stood up, in front of
me, naked, hard, his dick pointing at my face. Even then I stayed.

I knew what he wanted. I knew exactly what he wanted. I looked at his dick.
Bout the size of my own, a bit different, but a lot the same. His dick had
that red color like mine gets when I'm super horned.

First I touched it. I touched it with my fingers and it jerked, it flexed
reminding me that it was alive, that this was real. The skin was soft but
covering something so hard. It wasn't like touching my own cock. It felt
different. I gave it a couple of jerks watching a thick drop of fuck goo
appear. The weed, the weed, I told myself. I stuck my tongue to it, just a
quick touch and my tongue was back in my mouth.

Yeah, my tongue was back in my mouth, but so was his taste. It was a strong
taste of almost bitterness. I wondered if I could force myself to do this.
It was like Benny knew, he just stood watching me. He stood there, almost
naked, just waiting. His dick was all boned up, it was leaking. I didn't
have to look to know my own dick was soft and shriveled like on a winter
day. I didn't have to know that big bag of weed sat on the coffee table.

I made my head move, as I wrapped my lips around his cock, I shut my eyes.
His dick seemed huge inside my mouth but I knew it really wasn't. A dude
doesn't have to learn how to suck dick. A dude knows what feels good and
knows what to do. As I started sucking, I wondered about that.

Other than a few chokes, a few gags, his moans told me I was doing a good
job. Just like that, just so I could party and get high, I had become a dick
sucker. I had reduced myself to a cocksucker!

I kept wondering if he was ever gonna cum. My mouth was getting tired, my
jaw was sore, my neck was even bothering me from all the head bobbing. But
when he came, when he nutted, what was I gonna do? I could spit it out, he
couldn't get pissed, he probably wouldn't care. I'd just go in the bathroom
and spit it out.

But when his dick starting shooting, it wasn't like that, it wasn't that
easy. Between his cock and the first wad, my mouth was full. I had to
swallow the first wad just to make room for the second. There 6 wads, 6 wads
of him that I swallowed.
I felt tired, I felt worn out, I felt kind of like I had just done the worst
thing in my life. He stepped back a little, pulling his dick free. It was
half hard, half soft. I looked at it, still not quite believing I had sucked
it, sucked it off! I would never want sex again in my life, I decided. What
I had just done would be a bad memory forever!

He sat beside me. I watched as he rolled a joint. As we passed it back and
forth I kept thinking what Terry and Jess had said that day bout not sharing
a joint with a cock sucker. At first it was almost like part of my life had
ended. But I started getting a buzz, I started realizing I was the same, I
had just done something different.

Benny rolled a second joint, he lit it and gave it to me. I took a deep
toke. Benny's hands were on the side of my ass. I smoked and he shifted me
around. We weren't talking, he was running his hands over my ass, and I was
taking hits. I almost giggled as he kissed my left butt cheek. I had a good
buzz, a good high, he licked and kissed at my butt. I knew where it was
leading even before his tongue touched deep down in my ass crack.

It was different, it was strange as Benny ate out my ass. I felt good, my
ass tingled. His tongue was inside of me. But I didn't get hard, I didn't
get horned up. It was not sexual to me. It was a way to party, a way to get
high. He rimmed me until I had finished the joint. My dick was still
shriveled, it was still soft. It didn't feel like it would ever be hard

As he rolled the third joint, he took one hit and handed it to me. His
tongue had been in my ass. Even as I hit the joint, I knew what the mouth it
had just been in had done to me. It didn't matter. None of this really
mattered. My stud days were over. They had ended when I had sucked a dick.

His hands guided me, he was bending me over the coffee table. I took a deep
hit. Benny was gonna fuck me in my ass. A dick was gonna be inside my ass.
It didn't matter, I was high. I figured having a cock shoved in my ass was
better than sucking one.

I was surprised at how bad it hurt. I was doing everything I could not to
scream, not to pull away. He was fucking me, fucking me deep as he could
get, and it was hurting! His dick was jabbing but at least some of the pain
was leaving. He fucked and fucked, now it was just a hard thing moving in
and out of my ass, a hard uncomfortable object. I kept hoping he would hurry
up and cum, that he would finish so we could smoke another joint.

He was cumming in my ass, another dude was shooting seed up inside my ass! I
was almost thankful, part of it was because it was over for now, part of it
was because it was party time.

It hurt as Benny pulled out of me. I was too sore to sit down so I stood
watching him roll another.

"You wanna get dressed Kev?" He asked as he rolled the joint. I was sore but
glad to get my clothes back on. Glad to be dressed and covered!

He stood up and handed me the joint but his hands were guiding me again.
Guiding me towards the door.

He slapped me on the back and said, "Thanks dude, I really needed that."

I didn't know what to do or say! He was throwing me out! "Man,! You just
fucked me!"

Benny shrugged, "Yeah, I got what I wanted, you got your weed. Ain't nothing
else happening dude. I ain't your buddy Kevin. I ain't your friend. The one
thing you had to offer I've had now. Dudes like you are all around, Kev. It
takes a little time, a little partying, but there's hundreds of dudes just
like you Kev."

I walked out, holding the joint. This time it was Benny that slammed the
door behind me.

The End


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I love SUCKING COCK and taking a load in my ASS-PUSSY!!

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Just Toot It And Boot It xDDD

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