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teen bully takes some ass
Billy and My Pants

By Jimmy

(t/t auth rape anal spank)


His name was Billy Ross, but I thought of him as Bully Ross. I had learned
to hate him years before. I guess he started picking on me the first time he
ever saw me. I had learned to avoid him as much as I could. No matter how
much I tried to steer clear of him, he always seemed to pop up.

I was at the creek once, fishing. Billy appeared out of nowhere and threw me
in the creek. When I tried to get out, he'd just push me back in. Sometimes,
it would be a spitball. Other times, he'd do something like trip me, or
shove me. That's why I started thinking of him as Bully Ross.

I'd picture myself growing bigger, getting stronger. I'd picture myself
kicking his ass in front of a crowd. I'd picture things like that, but it
just never seemed to happen. So, I just did my best to avoid him. That never
seemed to happen, either.

I lived over three miles from school, but I walked home. I didn't want to
ride on the bus with Billy. Billy would give me hell on the bus, and the bus
driver would look the other way.

I don't know why Billy had it in for me. I never could figure it out. He was
a year older then me, but other than that, we actually had a lot in common.
We were both pretty poor. Neither one of us had a father. Both of us were
unpopular, almost invisible to the kid's that were better off.

But Billy seemed to live just to give me hell. And he sure was good at
making my life miserable. Billy got worse every year.

It was August 17th, there was a heat wave going on. It was so hot, I even
thought about riding the bus home. I thought about Billy. Billy would be on
that bus! I decided to bear the heat, and walk home. I left the school, and
looked around. I watched some of the kids getting into their parents nice
air-conditioned cars. I guess we all can't be lucky.

I started my walk home, taking the short cuts. My Mom was working the
afternoon shift at the 7-11. I decided to go by there and see if she would
give me a free Slurpy. I thought about Billy as I cut through the alley on
Second Street. Billy lived on Second Street, so I kept low and walked in the

I could see his house. My Mom and me may be poor, but at least we took care
of our yard. I looked at how bad their place needed work. Somehow, I was
feeling better! I may be poor, but at least I wasn't white trash like Billy!

That's when the rock hit me! It hit me in the spot where males aren't
supposed to get hit! The rock hit me right between my legs, and I grabbed my
balls, and stopped moving! I heard Billy's laughter!

I figured I needed to ignore the ache from my balls and start running! About
then, Billy's body hit me and knocked me down! I was mad! I was still
hurting, but I was mad! He was on top on me, for a few seconds. I twisted
out from underneath him, and rolled away!

As I started to get up, Billy tackled me again! He rolled me over on my
back, and sat on my belly. He then pinned my arms to the ground. I bucked
and squirmed, but Billy didn't budge this time. He looked at me in triumph.

"I'm gonna kick your ass now!" Billy said. "You're gonna get it!"

I couldn't shift his weight off of me. I couldn't get loose. Billy was
bigger, he was stronger, and he had me good. I hadn't given up, though. I
figured I was smarter, and brains over brawn came to mind. I got an idea,
and I let out a moaning noise, and closed my eyes. I wasn't playing dead,
but trying to make him think I passed out.

I breathed slow, and hoped he couldn't feel my heart pounding. I felt him
shift a little, but I stayed still.

"I know your faking, Johnny, I can tell you're faking!" Billy said, but I
could sense almost a question in his voice.

Now, he let loose of one of my arms. He shook my head, "Stop faking!" he
yelled. I didn't make a movement.

Billy let loose of my other arm, but his weight still held me. I heard him
laugh, and felt a cold chill run through me. It still wasn't the time for me
to try and break free. I almost opened my eyes when I felt his hands pulling
my mouth open.

I still played passed out and let him open my mouth. I shouldn't have done
that! Billy hacked a big wad of his spit, right in my mouth! His nasty spit
was thick and awful! My eyes opened in shock as I started gagging!

He got off of me, laughing. "Play dead again, dog boy!"

I should have been trying to run, but all I could do is try to get his spit
out of my mouth! I knelt in the dirt, spitting and gagging. I had forgotten
about Billy, all I wanted was to get my mouth clean again.

Billy used that opportunity; he was behind me, yanking my pants down! I felt
them slip over my hips, and tried to stop them from being pulled off! My
movement just helped Billy get my pants all the way down! I knew I was
loosing when I felt them catch on my shoes!

Billy gave a real hard pull, my pants came free! He held them high, waving
them, laughing! I was frustrated, and mad, but I just stared. He swung my
pants over his head, and let them fly. Both of us watched as the pants
landed on the roof on a garage. I suddenly realized that was Billy's garage.
I was behind Billy's house in the alley!

I stayed kneeling on the ground; my shirt wasn't long enough to cover my
gray briefs. Slowly, I rose up, keeping my hands over my fly. I was so mad,
I wanted to cry, but Billy Ross wasn't going to see me cry!

"Whatcha hiding there," Billy taunted, pointing at my fly. "A peanut?"

I ignored him, and yelled, "Give me back my pants!"

"Take them back, girly boy! Climb up there and get them!" he laughed.

"Fuck you! Go to hell!" I couldn't keep the quiver at of my voice. I was
pretty close to tears.

Billy walked up close to me, laughing, and still pointing at my fly. His
foot suddenly kicked out, hitting my hands, and hitting my nuts. I bent over
in pain, holding my stomach.

Billy moved behind me and reached between my legs, and found my nuts. He
held them in a tight squeeze. "I'm gonna rack you up good, sissy!" he said
as he clasp his fist tighter around my jewels.

"Stop!" I gasped. "Fucking stop!"

Billy's other hand moved in front of me, he grabbed my dick through my
briefs. He twisted and pinched it, making me yell.

"Keep yelling, Johnny!" Billy taunted, "Maybe someone will hear you, and see
you depantsed!"

I sure didn't want anyone seeing me like this, it was embarrassing and
humiliating. I muttered another 'Fuck you!" and wondered how I could get
free and get my pants.

Billy laughed, and said, "No, fuck you!"

He used his hold on my dick and balls and began steering me towards a
trashcan. Every time I tried to keep him from moving me, he squeezed and
twisted. He got me to the trashcan, and with a hard tug on my nuts, he said,
"Bend over, Billy!"

I bent over, so humiliated, I felt like I had a fever. I looked around the
alley, thankful no one was around. "I'll get you some day, Bully Ross!" It
was more then a threat, it was a promise.

"Oh, the little sissy is gonna get me? I'm real scared! I'm shaking!" Billy
taunted. "Right now, I got you! I got you with your pants down!" Billy
laughed at his own play on words.

I didn't say anything; I just kept hoping that no one would see me like
this. I heard a sound, a familiar sound. I looked behind me; it was the
sound of a belt being unbuckled. Billy pulled his belt out of the loops of
his jeans. He folded it in half, grinning at me.

"Now, you little mama's boy, I'm gonna give you a spanking for being such a
brat!" Billy drew the belt back! It whooshed through the air I felt a sharp
sting as it hit my butt! Again, it landed, almost of the same spot! I
cringed in pain, but I wasn't going to let Billy have the pleasure of
hearing me yell.

Billy yelled, "Three!" and the belt sounded again. Billy had just yelled out
"Ten" when I said, "Stop!"

I prepared myself for the next stinging blow, but to my surprise Billy
stopped. "Does the baby's bottom hurt? Does baby hurt?" Billy said in a mock
baby voice. "Did the big, bad man spank baby too hard?"

I forgot my sore butt, I got so mad. I looked at him, and told him, "You
ain't a man, Bully Ross!"

"Oh, I'm a man all right!" Billy said in a strange voice. He closed the
distance between my butt and his body. He bent over me, and moved his crotch
against my butt. Through my cotton briefs, even through his thick denim
jeans, I felt him against me! He had a boner! He was pressing it against me!

I looked back at him, not believing this! I saw a face that sent shivers
through me! His mouth was partially open; I could see the tip of his tongue
resting on a lower lip. His eyes had a look, a strange, dangerous look. A
real old and faded memory popped into my mind.

I was real small, and I remembered screaming, yelling, and my Mom crying. I
saw a face; a face I knew was my father's from pictures. I saw him hitting
my Mom, and I remembered sounds from their bedroom. My father's eyes looked
like Billy's eyes did now!

Billy was gently thrusting his boner against my butt. I could see him
licking his lips; I could see the look in his eyes! I couldn't move, I
couldn't speak! Something about the old memory, something just kept me from
doing anything. I felt fear, I felt helpless!

Billy backed up a few inches. His hands touched the back of my briefs. His
touch wasn't a mean, hurting touch. His hands were gentle. His hands brushed
over my butt. His voice was husky as he told me, "I'm gonna make it better!"

His hands moved softly over my butt. I couldn't take my eyes off his face, I
was so afraid, I was unable to move, speak, or do anything. It was like I
was having a nightmare.

I felt him pulling down the back of my briefs. I felt the warmth and the
roughness of his fingers against my bare butt. His voice was still husky and
strange, "You got a pretty ass, Johnny White! Soft, it feels nice, so good!"

I still couldn't move, couldn't speak, I couldn't make my body work!

"Johnny, reach back and pull your pretty ass cheeks apart for me, pull them
apart for Daddy!" Billy said. "Do it for Daddy!" Billy had that tone, that
husky voice. It was hypnotic, it had control.

Even as I obeyed him and reached back to my butt, and pulled my cheeks
apart, I said, "No." My voice didn't sound like my voice. I heard it again.
"No?". This time it was like a question, a plea. I don't know what it really

"I'm going to touch you." Billy told me.

I heard him spit again. I looked away from him, I closed my eyes. I didn't
want him to touch me! Somehow, I knew I couldn't stop it. I felt a fingertip
against my butt hole. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run, but I couldn't

The fingertip pressed hard, my face tightened in pain! I opened my mouth to
let the scream out, but I was soundless! His finger moved inside my body!

"So tight, so good!" Billy said. "You feel so nice inside!"

The finger moved in me, pain made spots appear before my eyes, but something
kept me from moving, from screaming. The finger hurt me; it seemed to tear
me into pieces. It was so rough, so big.

Billy voice had sunk even to a deeper level, "I got to have you, Johnny
White." I felt him lifting me, guiding me. He seemed to support me, and
control me. I found myself in his backyard. I stood still as Billy removed
my shirt. I steeped out of my briefs as he pulled them down.

He led me to a wooden bench. He gently pushed me down to it. My heart was
beating so fast, I could hear and feel it. Fear, dread, and Billy now were
the only things in my mind. My body wouldn't work; I was in some kind of
weird shock.

Billy said, "I'm gonna fuck you now. Take a hold of your dick, Johnny."

I didn't want to, but I did. "Jack it, get it hard!" Billy told me.

I moved my hand over the special places on my dick. Me and Billy stared at
my dick as it stiffened. I felt so ashamed, but something made me do what he
said. I looked at Billy, and managed to shake my head in a 'no' way.

Billy smiled at me, "You got a nice dick, Johnny. Look at mine." I didn't
want to see it, but for some reason I looked. It was huge, scary, and ugly!

Billy displayed it proudly. He held it in both hands; it didn't belong on
his body. It was too big, too thick. I felt an awful feeling, the feeling
you get when you're sick at your stomach. But I looked.

Billy smiled at me, and ran his fingers through my hair. "It's time,

My voice was a squeak, "Please don't, please?"

Billy sighed, "I got to Johnny. Raise your legs up! Put them on my

"No, I can't," I got out, as my legs seemed to move on their own. My legs
rested on his shoulders. "No?"

"I got to, I just gotta!" he told me. "Hold your dick while I do it!"

I felt his dick as it touched my butt hole. I begged, "Please, don't! I
can't! Don't!"

He laughed, "Let me in, Johnny White, let me inside you!"

He pressed harder against my butt hole, I screamed, I heard my scream, and
it was awful! Billy laughed, "Scream loud, sissy boy, scream loud so someone
can see what I'm doing to you!"

Billy shoved harder; he shoved more of his body part inside of me! "Scream,
Johnny! Scream! I want people to see me fucking your faggot pussy!"

I looked at him, I saw his pride, his need, and I hated him more then I ever
had! His huge dick tore into me, it hurt me, but I refused to scream again.

I pushed the pain away, "I hate you, Bully Ross!"

Billy laughed, "You got a good pussy, girly boy!"

He shoved his dick all the way in. The pain I felt was huge, but I held back
the scream, I held it all inside. He wanted to hear me scream, he wanted me
to hurt.

"I'm hurting you, my big dick is hurting you!" Billy laughed. He made a
fist, and said, "If you don't jack off while I am fucking your ass, I am
gonna beat your nuts into pulp!"

He pushed into my over and over again, I rubbed my cock, and kept it hard.
The pain lessened, and my hate increased. He was fucking me so hard, I
wanted to scream and cry, but I kept my face blank. I knew what he wanted to
see, and I wouldn't give it to him. For some reason he kept laughing.
Laughing and fucking me as hard as he could.

He asked me, "Is that your thumb or your dick?"

I responded, "It's my thumb."

He laughed, "You like my man dick in your ass, don't you, mama's boy?"

Even though his dick was ripping in and out of me, I said, "Huh?"

Billy fucked me harder and deeper, and told me, "Say, huh again, punk!"

I said, "Huh, huh," and even though I was being raped, I decided to be more
defiant. "That little thing you are attempting to rape me with doesn't make
you a man!"

Billy laughed again, "You maybe smart in school, but you are a stupid fuck!"

I said nothing as he continued to slam his dick in and out of me. Billy
continued moving his dick in and out of my body, in and out.

"It doesn't even hurt you no more," Billy laughed. "You are so fucking
stupid, you don't even know you're a faggot!"

Billy's dick started jabbing into places that I didn't knew I had. Billy
laughed again, "Watch me make you cum! I'm going to make you cum, stupid
assed girly boy!"

I knew I wasn't going to cum. I started thinking about things like telling
the police about Billy. I couldn't do that, then everyone would know. Drugs?
I could get some drugs and put them in his locker, and get him arrested!
That way someone would maybe rape him in jail! That was it!

Right about that time, I felt Billy move inside me, a different way, and a
strange way! I felt a weird feeling inside, and felt something in my balls.

Billy dripped spit on my face, "I am about to make you a real faggot!"

A few more of his dick strokes, the weird feeling seemed to explode inside
me, I watched in shock as my dick began to pump out cum!

I felt my asshole pulse, and I felt Billy began to cum inside of me! I was
cumming! He was cumming!

A few seconds later, Billy pulled his dick out of me. He laughed, "You're
just another faggot."

Real tears poured from my eyes as I watched him clean his dick with my shirt
and briefs. He had made me cum. Suddenly; I knew that was all he wanted.

"Climb your nasty ass up there and get your pants and get the fuck away from
here!" Billy laughed. He threw my shirt and underwear at me. I was in shock
again as I watched him walk naked, into his house!

As he opened up the back door, I yelled, "Billy?"

He turned to face me, "I only do faggots the first time, you're used up now,
girlie boy!"

Tears of anger, hurt, and something else had me half blind as I began to
retrieve my pants. I knew Billy was finished with me, and I wasn't sure I
wanted him to be.
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Thanks for such a good story

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Momy that was sooooooooo good beside the ugly dick part I just ignored that but the rest is pure gold

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That was awesome! Write some more!

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