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man goes to jail and gets raped by 2 teens
Bitches Don't Wear Boxers

By Jimmy

(t/t/m oral anal rape prison)


I was on some fucked up back road, hitching my way towards I 20, when some
cops pulled up. After being told how Dalton Georgia didn't take to law
breaking white trash hitch hikers, I found myself cuffed in the back of a
cruiser on my way to jail.

Fuck it, I thought, wasn't the first trip to jail, wouldn't be the last one.
I was hungry, tired, and a few days in jail for a fucked up hitching charge
wasn't about shit. I was hungry enough where even jail food sounded good.

Of course, it was a small fucked up red brick jail, like all red neck towns
seem to have. It was the usual booking, prints, photo, and the strip search.

Strip searches shouldn't bother me by now, but bending over and spreading my
ass cheeks for another man to look up, it ain't right. The shit ain't ever

I was lead to your typical hick ass jail cell. A steel door with a small
safety window, and a trap door for food was the entrance to my temporary
home. Seen it all before. I walked inside, and saw more familiar sights.

Four steel bunks with thin mattresses bolted to the walls. The two bottom
bunks were occupied by sleeping guys, looked to be some young hoods,
probably in for drugs or something. The shower and shitter were on the back

I threw my sheets and blanket on a top bunk, and since I was feeling a bit
ripe, I headed for the shower. I stripped and got in the small metal stall.
I was surprised to find the water hot. It had been about a week since I had
gotten more then a washing up from a gas station sink. That shower sure felt
good, real good.

Finally, I felt clean again. I reached for my towel and dried off. As I
stepped out, I noticed two things, my two roomies had waken, and my fucking
clothes were gone.

They sat at the table, smirking at me. Like my first impression, they were
two young punks, dressed in boxers. They were smaller then me, younger then
me, and if they thought they were gonna hog me, they were about to find out

"Where's my fucking shit?" I said. "Where's my jeans, shirt, my fucking

The hood with the dark hair looked me in the eyes, "Bitches don't wear

That was all it took for me to lose it! No fucking teen wanna be convicts,
not even two of them, were gonna take shit from me!

I'm 6'2", around 200 pounds of natural muscle. I'm fucking 30 years old, and
got more hair on my chest, then these punks have on the entire bodies!

I jumped across the cell and grabbed the one that spoke by the throat. Next
thing I know, the other one has a shank up to my neck!

I slowly released the skinny neck my hands were around. I felt the tip of
the shank draw nick my skin.

The hood spoke again, "I told you, bitches don't wear boxers." He had his
face right up in mine. "Bitches don't have balls, either, big man. You sure
act like you got balls, though."

I felt his hand close around my jewels. I closed my eyes tight as he
tightened down.

"Now, I don't know what I'm squeezing here, but it can't be balls. What
you're gonna do is put your hands behind your back. My buddy's gonna tie
your wrist together. I'm gonna hold onto whatever I'm squeezing, and if you
move, I'll rip them off. You got it?"

I nodded in pain and slowly moved my arms in back of me, looking for any
opportunity. As my hands were being tied, I felt helpless. I tried to

My voice sounded scared, he had slightly relaxed the death grip he had on my
nuts. "Look," I said, "I ain't looking for no trouble. I'm just in here for
hitching. We're all men, just let me alone, okay?"

The grip tightened, "You ain't no man in here, your a bitch. A big, hairy,

The other one spoke, "He's tied good, Mike."

Mike released my nuts.

"Throw a mattress on the floor, TJ."

I tested my hands, strips of army blankets held my wrist tight together. I
heard the slam of the mattress hitting the floor, Mike shoved me towards it.

Mike said, "Get down on it, face down, bitch."

I didn't move. Mike walked up to me. He reached up and grabbed my face. I
groaned as his knee flew up into my balls hard.

For a little, young punk, Mike was strong. He pulled me down, forcing me on
the mattress. "Face down, bitch, face fucking down! Spread them hairy legs!"

Mike maneuvered me down, him and TJ pulled my legs opened. Mike reached up
between my legs and found my ball sack. He tugged on it.

"Okay, big bitch, this is how it goes. I'm fucking you, TJ's fucking you.
You can scream for help, if you wanna, bitch, but I will rupture you before
the fat lazy guards ever come to save your ass! You got it? I mean rupture,
ruined! Forever, bitch! This ain't the first time I did this, it ain't gonna
help for you to resist. You just hit the wrong jail, big bitch, it's time to
pay! Now, remember, I will pop these if I need to."

He gave a hard, twisting tug, pain filled my torso!

I had my head to the side, I watched as he stepped out of his boxers. He
already had an erection, I stared at what he planned on raping me with. I
had never seen another male's boner in real life, and I was just grateful it
wasn't like the porn actors I had seen. As I looked at it, I couldn't
believe this was about to happen to me. I had to be having a nightmare, I
kept thinking I would wake up.

I felt Mike climbing on my back. He reached and pried my mouth opened, he
stuffed his boxers inside my mouth.

He repeated, "Bitches don't wear boxers, they suck on em."

His smaller body felt strange on mine. It reminded me that I was loosing my
manhood to some young punks. I could feel his erection against my ass
cheeks. It was sticky, wet, warm, and real stiff.

Even as I felt his fingers digging into my ass cheeks, I couldn't understand
why this was happening. Yeah, I had heard stories, and even been hit on a
few times, but nothing had prepared me for this. I was about to get fucked
up my shit hole.

I knew instinctively that it would hurt. My ass was made to let things out
of, it wasn't made to fuck. I tensed my whole body as Mike pulled my ass
cheeks opened. I felt the sticky head of his cock and steeled my body for
the invasion.

The boxers had dried up my mouth, but I bit into them as I felt the cock
touching my hole. It pressed against me, and I tightened my ass to keep it
out. I fought against the pressure, then felt more pressure.

My ass yielded to the hard prick... I felt tears coming to my eyes as the
pain ripped through my gut! I could feel the hard thing opening my body!

Mike muttered, "Bitches don't wear boxers" and slowly his cock invaded my
body. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. I couldn't believe there was
another man's dick entering the inside of my body!

The tears flowed from my eyes as I helplessly felt my ass being stretched
wider and wider as the punk entered me.


It felt like Mike was doing some permanent damage. There was a razor sharp
pain filling my body and mind. I could feel his dick as it moved deeper
inside me, I could feel him forcing his prick deeper and deeper.

Mike had his arms on either side of my shoulders, he was slowly lowering
himself down. He was using his body's weight to penetrate me. I couldn't
even move because of the hurt he was causing.

"Please, stop... please man, it just fucking hurts so bad!" I mouthed into
the boxer shorts. I could taste Mike's dick scent.

"Does it hurt, bitch? My little boner causing your big bitch ass some
hurting? I like to hurt, it's a big turn on, I got my hard dick in your ass,
bitch! You thought you were some big stud, but you're a bitch! A fucking
cunt! You got my meat up your ass! My 19 year old cock! I've entered you,
your big twat! I've taken your manhood!"

Mike gave a hard thrust, "Take a man's cock! I can last, too, you bitch! I
can fuck your tight ass until it's a loose, cum hole! I can fuck the man out
of you!"

More pain as Mike got it all in!

"My cock's up your cunt, you fucking pervert! You feel my pubes? You feel my
full nuts? I'm gonna fuck you silly!"

Mike pulled the boxers from my dry mouth.

"Get ready, and remember don't scream, but a few groans are okay, you
fucking hairy bitch!"

I felt his dick pulling out, my guts were tender and stretched. His cock
left me, only to plunge back inside, all the way. I groaned as his dick tore
into me.

"That's it, now, you're getting fucked! A real fucking!"

Mike's voice broke as he begin to move, he hunched in and out, I grunted and

"Moan for me, let me know it's hurting! Let me hear your pain!" He said.

I held it in, no way was I giving into this homo rapist! Mike reached
underneath me, his fingers dug into my nut sack, stretching the delicate
skin like he was stretching my guts!

"Now, bitch, you're gonna let me hear your pain!" he laughed.

I gave into the double pain of my ass being violated and my ball sack being

"Please, I can't take it, its to big!" I sobbed.

"But you are taking it, you ain't got no choice! I'm fucking you, bitch!"

Mike began to just jab the head of his cock into my raw ass lips.

"Feel it, it's hurting! I'm making your ass a cunt! I got power, bitch, and
you're feeling just part of it!"

Mike plunged all the way back in. I groaned. As he fucked, I could never
guess what he was going to do next. I moaned and groaned, my ass felt like
it was on fire. I could feel my ass lips as they swelled around his moving

Mike kept fucking, he talked all the time. He used my nuts to pull me back
to meet his thrusts. He was doing his best to do damage. He was destroying
more than my ass, he was reminding me how his 19 year old cock had taken my

I can't tell you how long his cock fucked me. The final humiliation was when
he begin to jism. I could feel his hot sperm as he sprayed it inside my sore

"You got my seed in your cunt, bitch, your body is absorbing my nut! My cum!
You fucking bitch!" he laughed as he yanked his still hard cock out of me.

He grabbed my bound wrist and pulled my heavier body off the mattress. He
pulled my face up to his cock.

"Clean it!" he ordered.

There was now way, no fucking way! I closed my eyes, and my mouth in total

"Oh, fuck," I groaned as his foot stepped onto my ball sack.

I opened my eyes in pain, he ground his foot harder into my nuts.

"Clean it!"

I could smell it before I tasted it. I gagged and retched as I cleaned his

The hood boy grinned down, "You fucking bitch!"

He shoved me back, face down on the mattress.

"Fuck our bitch, TJ." he said.

TJ grabbed the tent in his boxers and grinned, "I'll be glad to, Mike!"

I watched as he pulled the boxers down. I shook my head, "Please, don't?! as
a long, thick curved dick came into view.

I was sobbing and begging even as I felt him climb onto my back.


TJ grinned from ear to ear as he displayed himself. He aimed his dick in my
direction, and kept the grin going. He held his fuck stick proudly.

"What do ya think, bitch? You like?" TJ asked.

He walked closer to me, "Look at what I got for you! Bitch, I bet this will
make your eyes water! Look at it, look at what I'm gonna stick it up your
cunt! See the nice curve? I'm gonna throw you a fuck that only a curved cock
can make you feel! You know you're gonna moan... I got all this meat for
your cunt! Look at it, it's almost 8 inches, bitch, and look at how big
around it is! Fuck yeah, you'll feel this!"

"Please," I moaned, "I can't, I think Mike messed something up! I hurt real
bad, real bad man! I think I'm bleeding!" I begged.

"Bleeding?" TJ laughed. "You on the rag, bitch? Let me see!" TJ knelt behind

I winced as his hands pulled my ass cheeks apart. "Dude, that ain't blood,
it's just cum dripping out of your twat! You, stupid bitch!"

TJ and Mike roared in laughter, then I felt TJ climb over me. I screwed my
eyes shut tight, trying to figure out anything. Oh, fuck, it was like a
baseball bat!

"No, I can't take this, your splitting me open!" I cried.

TJ's hands locked around my nuts.

"Open that cunt, bitch! Let me in there or I will fuck you up!" TJ snarled.

My whole body shook as the thick cock head tore into me. I grunted, groaned,
and begged. TJ just kept forcing his cock inside, deeper.

"Oh, fuck," I came close to screaming as the curve started entering me.
"Please, no... oh, please stop!"

"Shut up, cunt, it's only halfway in! Shut your cock sucking mouth and take
my cock! I told you!" TJ's hands twisted my nut sack, but that pain wasn't
even registering.

TJ continued deeper into me, "Shit, this cunt is tight! When I twist his
nuts, I can feel his ass get even tighter! This is some good ass, here! Aw,
shit, I'm in, all the way up this bitche's shit hole! Now, baby, TJ's about
to tear your ass up!"

He snarled, pulling the large cock out, then slamming back in!

"Yeah, baby, some great ass! How old are you, bitch? You 29, 30? You like
young dicks up your cunt, huh? Answer me, bitch!" His hands were pressing my
nuts flat.

"Yes, yes!" I said, defeated.

TJ laughed as he rammed the thick, curved cock in and out of my body. I
cried as I felt it inside, it rippled through my body. I was being bitch
fucked for the second time by a kid 10 or more years younger then me. His
big dick sloshed through cum recently deposited in my body. He fucked me and
laughed about it, squeezing my nuts and laughing even louder.

"I'm gonna nut, bitch, then you get another surprise... aw shit... I'm
nutting in this faggot's ass! I'm nutting up his shit hole! Fuck... fuck...
" TJ cried out as more hot cum pumped inside me.

TJ collapsed on my back after a few more painful thrusts. I felt his dick
slowly shrinking inside my guts.

"Now, for your surprise bitch!" TJ laughed.

My guts started burning, the pain got worse! I felt something hot flowing
inside of me. TJ was fucking taking a piss in my ass! He was pissing inside
my body!

More of his piss flowed in me as tears flowed out of me. I wept, in defeat,
shame, and in pain.


TJ's softening cock was plugging my ass, he had recently got a nut by
dicking me, and now my ass was filled with not only his cum, but his piss
too. It was burning and stinging. Mike and TJ were having a good laugh.

Me, I was crying, fucking crying! I had walked in this jail a man, and now
had been fucked! My bullies were younger dudes, and one of them still had
his dick in my ass, and he had pissed inside my body!

Some dudes would think 2 against one is unfair odds... put yourself in my
fucking place... I am a man, 2 younger dudes taking what I don't want taken?
They fucked my ass, man, fucked me like I was some bitch!

TJ grabbed my wrist, "Now, bitch, I'm gonna untie you. Then I'm gonna pull
my piece out of your cunt. Your gonna high tail it to the can and dump my
piss and our cum out of your twat. Ya get it, puss? You try anything, and
you know the routine!" TJ untied my wrist.

As he pulled his cock out of my ass, more pain erupted... I ran to the
toilet, and cringed as piss and sperm poured out of me.

Mike laughed, "We got us a real ho, the bitch is sitting down to piss!"

TJ said, "Yeah, dude, but it's my piss the cunt is leaking out! I pissed in
the bitche's pussy!"

Rage filled me, I got up, ready to try and kill these two thugs! The shank
flashed in Mike's hand.

"Come on with it, cunt!" Mike yelled. "Come on, big bitch! I'll cut your
fucking nuts out!"

I stopped, shaking from being so mad. These fucking punk teens!

TJ laughed, "The bitch ain't gonna try nothing! She sure is ugly, though!
Looks like a fucking quarterback, dude!"

"She got some good pussy, though, bro, damn fucking good cunt!" Mike

"It's too hairy though, dude! I like my bitches smooth!" TJ said.

Mike said, "Well, make the bitch shave, man!"

"Yeah, you hear that bitch? Your gonna shave for us. You wanna be all smooth
for your men, don't cha?" TJ said.

"She can shave in a few, dude, first, I need some head!" Mike growled.

"Go to hell, faggots!" I said. "No way, there's no way! Cut me, if you want,
but no dick is going in my mouth!"

"Oh, yeah? You studding up, again?" Mike said, stroking his stiffening dick.
"It turns me on, bitch, I told you what to do, you gonna do it?"

I stood my ground and back up against the wall.

TJ and Mike approached me slow, each one had a shank in their hands.


I looked at TJ and Mike slowly approaching, their shanks held out, ready.
There was nothing to fight with, nothing to use to defend myself. I did the
only thing I could think of, I yelled for help!

I could hear footsteps in the hall, all I could think of was help was coming
and the embarrassing situation I was in.

"What in the fuck is going on in there," the guard growled.

TJ snorted, "This faggot done let us fuck, and now she don't wanna give

The guard turned to me, "Is that true, boy? You a fag?"

I held my head down in shame, "They forced me, officer."

The officer shook his head in disgust, "Fucking perverts! Disgusting!" The
guard opened the door, "Well come on out, pervert!"

I couldn't even bring myself to look up as I walked out of the door. I just
felt deep shame, and I wanted to disappear.

The guard slammed the door to the tank, I could hear TJ and Mike snickering.

The guard yelled at me, "Raise your arms above your head! Okay, run your
fingers through your hair!"

I complied, even stark naked, this guard was putting me through the routine.

"Lift them fucking balls! Turn around, bend over and spread 'em!"

In shame, I was forced to show the guard my recently fucked ass hole.

The guard said, "You fucking perv, you did let them boys fuck you! Now, you
want to cry about it? A man deals with his own mess!"

The guard cuffed my hands behind my back, he opened the tank door and shoved
me back in.

"She's all yours," the guard spit out. "I ain't dealing with all this faggy

He slammed the door, locking me in with them.

Mike was grinning, "Now, how bout that blow job?"

He walked as close as he could get to me, I was backed into the door. He ran
his shank over my lips. He shoved me to the floor and begin to rub his boner
against my mouth.

"Open up, open up!"

TJ was on my side, he touched his cock to my ear.

"If the bitch tries and bite, I'm cutting him up!"

Mike grabbed my lips and begin to pry my mouth open. He forced my jaws
apart, and placed his dick on my tongue.


I tasted the twang of his cock as he grabbed my ears, twisting them, "Suck
me, punk ass fag!"

He used my ears to pull my head up and down on his dick, twisting whenever I
gagged or failed to suck. Within minutes, I was being made to swallow his
cream. As I retched and gagged, they laughed.

TJ said, "Okay, my turn, the bitch is gonna learn to deep throat, ain't you,

TJ's monster dick was all the way hard, he forced it into my mouth, deeper
and deeper.

I choked and gagged as he entered my throat, I couldn't breath, my throat
was blocked by this oversized, curved dick!

He began to thrust in and out, each time, entering my throat! Snot and tears
leaked from me, spit dribbled out of my mouth as I fought to breath. He held
the back of my head, and begin to pull my face on and off his pole.

"Take my cock... faggot... you're gonna get my sperm babies... my sperm is
gonna swim in your belly, you fucking bitch!"

He began to unload, some of it, I didn't have to taste, he shot directly
into my throat, some he let pump inside my mouth, his nasty seed coating my
tongue, mouth, and leaking from my lips.

He finally begin to pull his dick out, stroking it, releasing the last drops
of his cum in my mouth. He shoved me to the floor and complained, "The
fucking guard done cuffed the punk, how's he gonna shave that hair off?"

Mike said, "We got plenty of Bics, guess we just gonna have to shave him

TJ laughed, "Yeah, my dick's boning up thinking about taking this punks body
hair, fucking weak bitch needs to be smooth!"

They rolled me over, I closed my eyes as they took razors to my chest. They
weren't even using shaving cream, the razors begin to remove my chest hair


Mike laughed, "This is one hairy bitch, dude! This punk's gonna take all day
to shave!"

TJ looked around the cell, "Well, it ain't like we got nothing else to do."

The razors half shaved, half yanked away at my chest. When my chest and
stomach were smooth, they twisted my cuffed arms around to get out my pits.
I stayed motionless, afraid of being sliced.
It was just hair, it would grow back. I tried to think about my situation,
it was hard to think on, nothing in life had prepared me for this. Even as
they shaved my body, I could still taste the spunk in my mouth, I could feel
the soreness of my recently fucked ass hole.

There was nothing I could do against these two. The guard was on their side,
they had shanks, and now I had handcuffs on.

My thoughts were broken by them joking about who had to shave my dick and

TJ said, "I don't wanna touch it, dude!"

Mike said "We got to shave it, man, you do his balls and I'll do his dick."

I could feel my pubes being removed, next they shaved my legs. I was turned
over and didn't even resist as they begin to shave my butt crack.

TJ laughed, "This bitch has a real hairy cunt!"

Mike said, "Hurry up, dude, I wanna fuck again! Looking at that hole done
bone me up!"

After a while, the shaving stopped. I felt Mike lowering himself onto my
back. I groaned as he stuck his dick against my raw hole, pushing hard into
me. I gasped in pain as he entered my body.

"Shit, this stuff feels even better, since you stretched her out, dude!
Fucking is awesome! Dude, I can fuck this all day!" Mike bragged.

Mike humped and pumped in and out of me. I felt every movement of his
intrusion inside my body. His dick poked and prodded in my guts. I could
feel his pubes against my freshly shaved ass, I could feel his balls bounce
against me.

TJ watched for awhile and then raised my face up. He sat down and pulled my
head towards his naked lap.

"Eat, bitch!" TJ commanded as he stuck his dick against my lips. He twisted
my ears to remind me who was in charge and sighed as I opened my mouth and
took his erection inside.

I was getting fucked at both ends, fucked in the mouth and the ass... by two
guys younger than me. Two guys that had total control of me.

Mike said, "Say, you wanna switch ends, man?

TJ answered, "Cool," as his long, thick dick was pulled from my mouth.

They traded places, pain filled me as TJ's dick did more damage. Mike stuck
the cock that had just been in my ass into my mouth. I gagged and choked as
I tasted a mixture of piss, cum, and my ass juices.

The two pumped in and out, I just wanted them to cum and get it over with.
Even the thought of two more disgusting loads in me was better than the hard
dicks humping my face and ass.

Finally, I got my wish, TJ came first... shooting sperm somewhere deep
inside me. Mike followed, he made sure every drop hit my mouth, forcing me
to once again taste juice from another man's nuts.

I manage to crawl into a corner and curl up. I listened to them talking.
Everyday, normal guy talk, talk like I would have had with another dude
before this ...

The End
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