This is my first story so please go easy on me. Also it's sort of long, sorry about that. I just love to explain things in detail. Anyways I hope you like it.
My name is Crystal, that’s a good name. Isn’t it? I’m 17. I have long brown hair. A slender figure. C-cup breasts. I’m pretty. No. More then pretty. So why am I so nervous about the party tonight? I mean yeah, Andrew will be there, and as soon as I see him I’m gonna want to throw up. And yeah, as soon as I see Karen all over him I’m gonna want to scream. But I’m over him. I was over him a long time ago… Right?

“Shit!” I yelled as my thought ramblings were interrupted by my little brother opening my door. “Get out of my room, you little brat!” I screamed as I grabbed a towel from the floor to cover myself because I had been staring at myself naked in the mirror for God knows how long. His eyes went wide and he ran back down the hallway. I stomped over and slammed the door behind him. “Fuckin little nerd…” I muttered as I made my way over to my dresser where I had my favorite pare of bra and panties sitting. I stared at them for a second. “I mean I don’t plan on anyone seeing them tonight, but better safe then sorry.” I sighed to myself. Then I slipped them both on and walked over to my closet. This was always the hardest part for me. And the reason I never really went to parties much…

“What the hell am I going to wear?” I growled at the huge walk in closet. You’d think with so many choices it would make life easier. No. Not for a 17 year old girl who’s reluctantly going to a party just so she can hopefully see the asshole that blew her off and make him wish he hadn’t. Not easy at all.

After ten minutes of frustratingly throwing clothes around the room I decided what I was going to wear. I picked out a tight pare of black skinny jeans that made my ass look wonderful if I do say so myself. A gray tank top slash blouse type of thing that I only chose because it effectively helped with the up and togetherness of my boobs. Then some strappy black high heals. And they were very high indeed. I would have to make sure I didn’t kill myself in them tonight.

Once I was dressed I went into my bathroom to curl my long shiny brown hair. Once that was done I decided to add a little blush and mascara. I’ve never really needed a ton of make up. My ivory complexion has luckily always behaved for me. No pimples here. Then I went back into my room for one last look in the mirror and… “Fuck. What am I thinking? I’m not go-“ I was cut off by my phone ringing. I ran to grab it, “Hello?” A fake raspy voice said from the other line, “Hey sexy.” “What do you want Anne?” She laughed to herself, “Oh nothing. Just wondering if you’re going to get your lazy ass over here so we can pre-start this party.” I could hear people coughing in the background. “I told you I’m not smoking pot anymore Anne.” I said exasperated. “What? No more Buda you say? He doesn’t seem to agree with you.” Now she was really laughing. She was no doubt high as fuck. Then I looked at my watch.

Shit, Anne. I’m late. I’ll just meet you at the party okay?” I said to her.
“Ya mean I’ve been waiting here for you for no damn reason?” She growled threw the phone. “Goodbye Anne.” I hung up. I didn’t want to deal with her shit right now, even if she was my best friend. I grabbed my black purse and headed towards the front door. “Okay I’m leaving mom!” I called over my shoulder. “Okay honey, don’t stay out too late. And keep your phone at all times okay?” She yelled back. I sighed, “Yeah mom. I will. Bye!” Then I went out into the cold night air. “Shit, I should have grabbed a jacket.” I said quietly to myself. I unlocked the door to my crappy old car and hopped in. I put the keys in the ignition, backed out of the drive way, and started down my long street out to the main highway.

After driving around for fifteen minutes trying to find this place in the hills I finally saw the address I was looking for. I slowed down and pulled into the long winding drive way to Ian Melton’s house. His parents were away for the weekend. Oh and did I mention they were crazy rich? I got out my car and locked the door. I just stopped and stared at the flowery path that lead to their front door.
“I don’t want to be here…” I whined to myself. Then I started up the path to the front door. I knocked on it a couple times and some drunk guy opened it up for me. “Hey there sssexyy.” He slurred at me. “Hi.” I said sarcastically and pushed passed him. Once inside I knew that I was just going to get as drunk as possible and forget my problems for one night.

I pushed and shoved threw the crowd to get to the kitchen where there was a huge tub of beer and wine coolers. I grabbed a beer and a bottle cap opener from the counter. I cracked it open and that sweet fizz filled my ears. “Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to forget tonight.” I said and then tipped the bottle over my head and started chugging. That’s how Anne found me. “Whoaaa there girly. Don’t start without me!” She laughed jokingly at me. I choked and almost spilt it all over myself. But her smile was literally contagious. Anne could always make me happy. I smiled at her and reached in for a hug. She gladly accepted.
I grabbed a beer out of the tub and turned to here, “Here’s to forgetting our problems and just having a great time.” She smiled and snatched it of my hand and we walked into the living room where people were taking shots.

One hour later, Anne and I are standing on a coffee table screaming to Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me. Hey he might be gay, but that boy can sing. And then the next thing I knew we were flying threw the air and heading for the ground fast. We hit the ground hard, but I didn’t feel a thing. I was a officially shit faced. When I looked down and just started cracking up. Anne had landed on top of me and her face was square between my tits and she was giggling into my cleavage. Then he walked up. He was so tall he cast a shadow over the two of us. I looked up and immediately stopped laughing. Anne noticed this and looked up fast. Her eyes got wide, and mine just squinted in annoyance. She got up off me and walked away. “Where the fuck are you going!?” I yelled at her. How dare she leave me alone at a time like this. She turned at laughed at me, “They’re taking-umm- jello shots over here I think!” Yeah right, she just wanted to leave this situation.

Then he stuck his hand out to me. I just sat there stupidly on the ground staring at it. He laughed, “Do you need help?” “Uhmm. Maybe. Yeaa-Sure?” He laughed at me again in his silky delicious sexy asshole voice. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up easily. I looked at him in the eyes and almost got lost in his baby blue gaze. But I wasn’t so stupid to fall for that again. I turned and walked away from him. He grabbed me by the elbow, “Where do you think you’re going?” He pulled me into him and I slammed into his chest. Now he had both his arms around me and mine were stuck to his chest immobile. All I could do was stare. Then he did something so shockingly stupid I laughed right in his face. He tried to bend his down to kiss me. I jerked away from him and glared straight in his face. “What?” He laughed silkily. “You’re such an ass!” I said as I ran away. Away from him, away from everything.

I needed to find Anne. I needed her comforting smile. I came to a door down the long hallway and stopped. There were moans coming from the other side. I swung the door open and sure enough there she was. In between Ian Melton’s legs, his cock in her mouth. She turned away from him fast, embarrassed. I was appalled. How could she be sucking cock at a time like this. Then she saw that I was crying. “Crystal?!” “No, I’m fine. Go back to what you were doing, you slut!” I spit the words at her and ran further down the hallway. She didn’t deserve that. But I couldn’t worry about that right now.

I came to the last door down the hallway and swung it open. It hit the wall behind it, and I’m sure it left a hole. I didn’t care. I ran to the huge king sized bed and threw myself on it. Then I started really sobbing. What the fuck is wrong with me? I thought I was over him, and what he had done to me. I thought I didn’t care that he just fucked me and stopped talking to me. And a week later started dating Karen. Andrew was nothing to me. So why am I crying like a weak pathetic little girl? I sobbed even more. Then I heard the door shut, and the lock clicked into place. I whirled around. Sure enough, there he was, with two drinks in his hands.

“What the hell do you want? Get the hell out of here!” I screamed at him. He just stood there. Fine if he wouldn’t leave I would. I hopped off the bed and started towards the door. He stopped me easily, pushing me back. “Crystal please, let me talk to you.” He said smoothly. “What do you want Andrew?” He paused. Looking for the bullshit words he was intending to say to me, no doubt.
I took the time to take in his tall 6’2 frame. His skin was a golden tan. His chest was as hard as a rock. Then I looked up, up, into his blue eyes. His face was beautiful. And why the fucks do I care? Damn it. He’s 20. I’m 17. I shouldn’t have had anything to do with him anyways.

He moved closer to me, and handed me the drink in his right hand. “Please, let’s just talk. And be civil, for once?” I stared at him long and hard. Then I took the drink out of his hand roughly and went back to sit on the edge of the bed. He had his hands up like was going to be arrested or something. “Whoa, calm down okay? I come in peace.” He laughed to himself. I didn’t. He got very serious then and went to sit beside me on the bed. It dipped down with his weight and I fell over sideways towards him on accident. I mean shit, I was drunk. My balance was defiantly not top notch right now. But he caught me with his left arm and steadied me. “Thanks…” I muttered at him. “No problem.” Then he started to sip his drink. So I did the same. It was strong. Vodka and… Red Bull? But something else too. What was it? I took another sip. And another. Then I before I knew I it, it was gone. I felt weird. He laughed again. Except this time it was different. It was dark. “What did you do to me?” My world was spinning. “Nothing. I don’t know what you mean.” He smiled at me again. But it was different too. It scared me. I tried to stand up and I fell over on the ground. Everything was blurry. The last thing I remember was seeing his tall figure standing over me. Then I blacked out.

When I woke up it was morning. My head hurt like hell. But that was the least of my worries. I was on the ground, staring up at a concrete ceiling. Why couldn’t I move? I lifted my head from the ground and looked around at myself. My arms were chained to two rings in the floor. My legs were able to move freely though. But that’s not what caught my attention. I was Butt. Ass. Naked. I knew he had done something. He put something in my drink, that asshole.

“Andrew! Where the fuck are you?” I heard a sinister laugh come from behind me. I tried to tip my head back to look backwards at where it came from. He was standing there leaning against a concrete slab that had been made into a table. He was just watching me struggle against the chains and kicking my legs to try to get free. He was enjoying it. “Oh Crystal, you just don’t get it, do you?” “No I fucking don’t! Just let me go! What do you want?” I screamed at him. “What do I want? That’s simple… You. That’s all I want. And I will have you Crystal. Whether you like it or not.” He laughed darkly to himself. I was terrified and trembling on the cold floor.

He walked over to where I lay on the ground. I wanted to cover myself. But I wouldn’t be able to anyways so it was no use. I just stayed perfectly still and turned my head away from him. I didn’t want to look him in the eyes. So he stood directly over me. One foot on each side of my body and he crouched down over me and just stared at my face. I couldn’t look at him. I was too embarrassed. “Come one Crystal. You know you love me.” He laughed in my face. I wasn’t having that. So I brought my left knee all the way up until I hit him the groin hard. It was the biggest mistake of my life. He grunted and fell forward but he caught himself with his hands. Then he was really close to my face and he was glaring partly in pain but mostly because he was fucking pissed. I could see it in his eyes. I Screamed as I watched his fist rise back behind his head. And then he slammed it down hard on my jaw.

I groaned in pain and it first I was scared, but then I got angry. There was blood pooling in my mouth so I spit it in his face. He made a disgusted look and wiped it away. Then he slapped me hard. I gave up. I didn’t want to piss him off anymore than I already had. I just looked away as he reached above and took the chains on my wrists. For second I was happy. I thought he was letting me go. But when I turned and looked at his face, I knew it wasn’t his plans at all. He picked me up like I was a feather and threw me over his shoulder. I hit him on his back with my fists and kicked my legs out. “Let go of me! What the fuck did I ever do to you? Andrew, why are you doing this!?” I was screaming in his ear as loud as I could.

He walked over to the concrete table and slammed me down on it on my back. The air was pushed out of my lungs from the force. I just stared up at him. He looked massive; his chest was all puffed out because he was so pissed off. I didn’t even fight him as he reached above me and tied my wrists together with some old rope. The rope was old and rough against my skin. Then he looped the rope threw a ring above my head that was in the concrete table. He tightened it till I couldn’t move my arms or get off the table if I wanted to.

When he was done he looked at me, and I just squeezed my eyes shut. I didn’t want to look at this man. I hated him for what he was doing to me. Then I heard something that immediately made my eyes snap open. He was messing with his belt buckle. “NO! You asshole!” I kicked my legs out at him. Aiming for his stomach, his chest, anything. He grabbed my ankle in one quick movement and slammed it down. Then he place himself between my legs so I couldn’t attack him anymore. He continued to undue his pants. I heard them hit the floor and watched him step out of them. Then he pulled his t-shirt over his head and let it hit the floor as well. I started to cry. I knew what he was planning. It was obvious.

“Shhh, shhh. Crystal, don’t cry. I didn’t want to hurt you. But I had to. I’m sorry baby.” As if he fuckin cared! I lifted my head from the table, my mascara running down my cheeks. “You fucking prick. Let me GO!” He looked sadly down at me. “I can’t. Not now.” I was horrified. I started to struggle again and he bent down between my legs. I couldn’t see him anymore. That scared me more then anything. “What are you do-Ohh my fucking God!”

It felt amazing. He was licking my pussy. And I couldn’t help but moan. Shit, what’s wrong with me? I struggled against him and he dug his nails into my thighs to hold me still. It hurt, but the pleasure mixed with the pain was turning me on even more. Now I really started crying. He started to suck and nibble at my clit. “Ohhhh, shit, shit, shit!” He just laughed and kept on licking. He licked all around my lips and down to my ass and back up again. It was so erotic. I couldn’t help myself. I started to buck against his mouth. I was moaning like crazy. I felt like I was a bitch in heat. Then that tingling feeling started in my groin and I was enveloped in this feeling of pure ecstasy. I arched my back and squeezed my thighs against his head. I kept on moaning louder and louder, and then it was over.

I was completely ashamed of myself. How could my body betray me like that? I hated myself, I hated him. I wanted to hurt him. When he stood up and was wiping his face I just glared. He smiled at sexy annoying smile at me and climbed up on the table over me. He positioned himself between my legs and let his weight sit on my body. I loved feeling the warmth of him against me. But I wanted nothing more to be back at my house. In my bed passed out. I just kept on staring at him. And he kept on staring back. Then something changed in his eyes. He bent cautiously to kiss me. No. This wasn’t happening. I shed too many tears over this fucker. I started bucking against him trying to get him off of me. But then I could feel his dick rubbing against my lips so I stopped. He just smiled at me darkly and said one word. “Fine.”

I saw the change in his eyes. There was compassion at first. I should have just let him kiss me. I’m so stupid. Maybe he would have at least been gentle. But it was too late now. He reached down and grabbed his dick positioning it at my hole never looking away from my eyes. I was scared now. I tried to plead with him,” No, please Andr-Ohhh FUCK!” He wasn’t going to listen to me any long. He slammed his cock inside me as hard as he could. It was so fucking big! It had to be 3 inches wide and 10 inches long. It slammed against my cervix. I didn’t think that was possible. I screamed at him and struggled but he just kept pumping. Harder, faster, it was no use. I just gave up and stayed as still as I could.

But then something started to stir inside me. I started liking it. The feeling of his strong hands gripping tightly to my hips, and his body moving against mine was intoxicating. We were both sweating like crazy and I started moan as I actually started enjoying the feeling. A smile spread across his face as he realized I was succumbing to him. I started to move in time with his movement and I just kept bucking against him. Then that feeling started again. The tingling was stronger though this time, and strangely I almost felt like I had to pee. And then the most intense orgasm of my life washed over me. I was fucking squirting! I had heard about girls be able to do that but I didn’t think it would ever happen to me. He started pumping faster and harder then before, by back and my ass cheeks were being scraped across the concrete table. It hurt but I barely noticed it.

And then he came deep inside me. He grabbed underneath my ass cheeks and pushed our groins together so he could get even deeper. Thank God I’m on birth control I thought to myself, as dark spots filled my vision. I started losing consciousness, but not before I heard him say, “Crystal, I love you.”

So what do you think? Should I keep writing?

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