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He turned around and didn’t see his best friend. He saw something completely different. I couldn’t blame him nor could I understand quite how he was feeling. I’m sure part of him thought it was a joke, I would’ve had our roles been swapped. My first reaction would’ve been to laugh had my best friend stood before me in his sister’s clothes, wearing a wig which had been used as part of a cross-dressing day at school for charity. He didn’t, perhaps I should’ve given him more credit.

“What are you doing?” It was a reasonable question given the situation; however, I was unable to give a proper answer straight away.

“I don’t know, this was stupid.” I turned away to walk back up the stairs but was stopped by Mark shouting at me.

“Yeah, damn right it was. What the fuck were you thinking? Were you taking the piss out of me? You’re such a dick.”

“That’s the last thing I was trying to do. Honestly. I was just trying to show you that I care.”

“You have a funny way of doing it.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just thought that you needed someone else to care for. You and me we’ve- we’ve fallen apart. We barely know each other anymore.”

“Damn right we do. The Tommy I grew up with would never have done this. Prick.”

“The Timmy you grew up with would’ve done anything to help his best friend. That’s what I’m doing now. You need someone who you can love, someone to put your dreams into. Why can’t that person be me?”

“Because you’re a dude. A dude in a miniskirt and high heels.”

“But I love you.” I didn’t understand what was happening, sure I’d said I loved him loads of times, it was a running joke at school that we were in a bromance but this, this really meant something. I saw him about to say something and panicked. I managed to shut him up, but only by kissing him on the lips and not letting go. I braced myself for a punch, but nothing came. I latched on to his face and held my body as tightly to his as I could. I was out of control of both the situation and myself, I was watching my body doing things I couldn’t comprehend. Suddenly I was shot back into the driver’s seat, not by something I did, but by something that Mark did. He opened his mouth so that my hung already pinned against his face shot straight into him. His arms wrapped around my waist. His tongue met mine and they flickered about briefly, but passionately. Stupidly all I could think was “Oh I guess my plan worked.” Probably because I was unable to grasp what was happening.

We stayed like that for god knows how long, entwined I suppose would be the right word. I pulled back and looked into his eyes. They weren’t eyes I recognised. Well, maybe they were and it was just my perspective that had changed. They were Mark’s eyes, but with a fire in them that I had only seen him use with other people. They were eyes of lust and desire. Once I had gotten over the alien aspect of them I saw their appeal. I saw what girls saw in Mark, what I now saw. Just like that, I was his.

“What do we do now?” My voice sounded timid but I meant what I said. I had no idea.

He kissed me again and then picked me up in his arms. He had never picked me up like this before, if he did so it would usually be to piledrive me. This time it was to show me that he was going to take care of me. He scooped me up supporting my legs with one arm and my upper body with his other. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and was able to still lean in and kiss him. He began to move up the stairs slowly. I pulled away again as I looked into his eyes for a second time and realised where this was leading, to his bedroom. It only just dawned on me that I was about to have sex with my best friend, but it didn’t faze me in the slightest. Everything seemed so out of place and weird, but so naturally that I began to doubt everything I knew beforehand. Was this the way it should’ve been all along?
He kicked open the bedroom door and dropped me on the bed so that my legs landed either side of him. I knew he had done this plenty of times before with dozens of girls but I was new to this, and I doubted Mark had done anything exactly like this before. He pulled his shirt off, displaying an abdomen that I had seen plenty of times before but never admired. He removed his jeans so that he stood in just his boxers. He seemed to be waiting for me so I took my pink top off and threw it on the floor. He climbed on top of me and resumed the passionate kissing. He pulled my bare leg up and around his body so that I was pulling him into me. I could feel our solid cocks rubbing against each other and it felt great. His precum seeped through his boxers and smeared my legs.

I was worried that he’d had a change of heart when he broke away from me but it turned out that he was just changing position: he kneeled in between my legs and lifted up my skirt. He inched my panties across to the side and I saw a flicker across his face as he saw my ‘pussy’. He stuck his fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them, flicking them about with my tongue. I’m sure I heard him groaned. Then it was my turn to groan as he pushed his salivated fingers into my pussy, one at a time, each one stretching it out further. It started very uncomfortably but as he had 3 fingers in the massaging feeling overtook me and my body arched, all my muscles clenched.

“You ready?” He whispered softly into my ear. I nodded and he pecked me on the cheek, before kneeling upright once again and moving his hips closer to mine. I felt him guiding his penis and rubbing it against my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him signalling that I couldn’t wait any longer. He pried my ass cheeks apart and plunged his cock into my ass. It hurt like shit and I literally screamed out. He gave me a minute to recuperate before inching it in a little further. Every thrust bought the two of us closer together and the friendship which had defined my life was now consuming me. After an age had passed he leaned in and kissed me again, gently rocking his hips back and forth. This picked up until he was pulling his cock out and putting it all the way back in again. My insides were being ripped up and I was trembling under the pressure. I had ejaculated long ago but he kept pushing as cum dribbled down my legs. Suddenly, he stopped and started panting heavily. Then my ass lit on fire as he filled me.

We lay there gasping for air for some time afterwards, sweaty and covered in each other’s juices. Eventually I spoke.

“So are we still friends?” He smiled and winked at me.

“Best friends.”


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Great story keep the series going.

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wish I could find a tranny

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