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This is an ongoing story of love, romance, and now marriage and sex between a billionaire business man and his young Japanese intern and college student.
My young bride seemed as eager as I was to consummate our marriage, now that her hymen was only a memory. I so hoped she wouldn't be sore later from losing it. I resumed her introduction to sex, making long gentle strokes in and out of her snug silky sheath as I held her close.

The head of my cock felt so fine as I probed against her rubbery cervix. "Is that comfortable, Baby?" I asked. "I hope I'm not hurting you?"

Miki shifted her hips upwards and looked down between her small breasts and watched as my cock slid in and out of her beautiful pussy. "Paul," she moaned, "it feels so good to be filled by you. Now I know what I've been missing all this time!"

Miki's vagina constricted even tighter around my cock and I gasped in surprise and nearly lost all control! She giggled and asked me, "Did you like that? Mom taught me about Kegel exercises when I was little. She says they keep a woman's female organs toned and healthy."

I hoarsely gasped out, "Thank you, Reiko! Miki, will you marry me, Darling?"

She laughed in delight, and said, "You don't remember, Dear? We were married only about three hours ago!"

"Oh, yes, I remember that now." I told her. "That was before your hot pussy began snapping on my prick! Precious, I'm having a religious experience up here. I think I'm getting close, you feel so incredibly erotic, Mrs. DuPre!"

"Do it then, my husband." Miki moaned. "I want to feel millions of your baby making sperm swimming in my no longer virgin vagina. Cum in me, my Love, I'm ready, too!"

Hearing my darling say those words triggered my spasms, then they were intensified by the milking action of her vaginal walls. Her strong fingers gripped the tensed muscles of my ass as she screamed and fought to further impale herself on me. The mind wrenching passion expressed on my Darling's exquisite face increased the intensity of my own climax exponentially!

I tried to calm myself for several minutes while kissing her as we both came down from our orgasms, but there were still tremors and spasms happening to my body.

Miki had learned so much about kissing in the last several weeks her talented mouth had nearly caused me to have a number of spontaneous emissions. She was using that new talent on me now with great effect. I told her, "Oh, you make me so crazy about you, Miki!"

I saw tears in her exotic eyes, and I hugged her to me. I asked, "What is it, my darling? Is something troubling you?"

"I've been so afraid I wouldn't please you, Paul." Miki sobbed. "I worship the ground you walk on, but I am so ignorant about sex and it terrifies me to think you might prefer more sophisticated women!"

I would have laughed at the idea, but I knew that might hurt my sensitive Miki. "My dear," I confided, "there are many criteria I used when I chose you as my wife. Your virginity and sexual naivete were always a positive, never a negative factor. Trust me, my Darling, I will always choose you, over any woman in this world!"

I moved off Miki to hold her and she told me, "I think you put a pint of your stuff in me. I'd better go drain some. Could we have a drink to celebrate my becoming a woman?"

"Most certainly, my Precious!" I assured her. "I'll be back with our drinks in a few minutes."

I went to our kitchen and washed my hands then took one of the blender containers of Pina Coladas from the freezer. I added a shot of rum and a good splash of coconut milk to compensate for any condensation accumulated in the freezer.

I sat it on the nearest of several blender bases and gave it a couple of quick swirls to break up any clusters of ice that may have been forming, then poured her a glass. A quick stir of that with a finger and a suck, and I pronounced her drink perfect.

I added a slice of fresh pineapple as a garnish, two cherries as she'd requested earlier, another tiny umbrella, and a straw, then mixed my own drink.

Knowing women, no, let me rephrase that. No man can ever truly 'know women', but I did expect to see those little umbrellas pop up later in my Love's possessions as treasured memories of our Honeymoon.

Placing our drinks on a serving tray, I folded a bar towel across my forearm in waiter fashion. Miki was back in our bed and propped up with pillows when I entered our room. I bowed as gracefully and respectfully as a nude man can, then extended the tray, and asked. "Your drink, Madame DuPre. I hope you will find it satisfactory?"

Miki's youthful face had lit up the room as I entered. She was smiling from ear to ear, but was doing her best to suppress her giggling and play the role I'd just cast her in. Madame DuPre elegantly took her drink from the tray as I watched her with adoring eyes. She grasped the stem of one of the cherries and dangled it at her perfect lips, she kissed it, then sucked it in. If I hadn't cum just moments before I would have then!

The other cherry followed the first, except she opened her mouth to show it to me between her teeth before she closed her eyes and sensuously bit it in half! She chewed and swallowed, then moaned, "Yes, Paul. Madame DuPre is satisfied for the moment, though her insatiable wild man husband may not be!"

I drank half my double whiskey and soda in a gulp, as she hurriedly slurped on hers. Taking her drink from her hand, I sat them on the headboard. I attacked my cherry flavored bride for thirty minutes of the most intense kissing and love- making I've enjoyed in my life!

Miki's snapping pussy proved to be my downfall once again. I had been complacent in knowing throughout my adult life, I could control any woman I was in bed with and give her multiple orgasms by prolonging my own to ensure she'd come back for more.

Sweet Miki's strong vaginal contractions may have been a natural result of DNA, or her mom's coaching her on the Kegel exercises since she was a baby. Either way they threw me off my normal stroke in my plan, my plan to at least maintain some control of my life with the women who have power over me.

My bride was still naïve. I could go to Plan B and only enter that mind blowing snapping pussy of hers after I'd given her several orgasms of her own to divert her. After all, she was a newcomer to this game, wasn't she?

Miki went back to enjoying her drink, and thanked me for the ripe pineapple garnish I'd put on it. "You have relaxed me enough for me to feel hungry, Paul." Miki shared. "Do you want to raid the kitchen with me?"

We exchanged smiles, then raced for the kitchen! I took both our drink glasses and began to refresh them as Miki plundered the refrigerator. "Mm!" She said, "Here's some of Ozawa's sushi! Would you like some?"

"Oh, yeah, Baby!" I told my wife. 'My wife' those are two of my favorite words in the English language! "Are any of the rollups in there? The salmon and cream cheese ones with fresh spinach leaves were delicious, and I had one that was Cajun roast beef with cream cheese and a sliver of jalapeno."

My darling found some of those, as well as the sushi. We took our drinks and goodies back to our bedroom and enjoyed a wedding feast and our drinks in our bed.

My darling confided in me, "There are thousands of reasons why I adore you, Paul. One of them is because Ozawa's main passion in life is cooking for you. I'm serious." She added, "I heard that from Ozawa himself!" We both laughed and reached for more sushi.

I ate my fill, then asked Miki, "Did you have anything planned for the next hour?"

"Nothing much except hanging out with my husband, why?" She asked.

"Oh." I said. "I'd like to spend at least an hour suckling those delectable boobs you are so modest about."

"Good." She said, "Maybe the attention will stimulate these little suckers to grow."

"Are you going to feed me some milk, Miki?" I latched onto a beautiful nipple and suckled it up against the roof of my mouth.

Tears rolled from her incomparable eyes and down Miki's smooth cheeks. She sobbed as she held me, "If I could control my body to lactate I would do it for you now, Paul, I love you so much!"

My lips released their prize long enough to express my own love. "You are my treasure, Miki! Maybe it will happen if we have children. I know your Mom and Dad would love our having little ones, too."

I took my time enjoying my petite bride's body. While I amused myself licking and suckling her breasts my hands were busy between her thighs. I was determined to get her off with my hands this time. It took only a few moments of the breast play, combined with finding her G-spot with two fingers, while massaging her clit with my thumb.

Miki began moaning and humping up at my hand. I was watching her reactions closely and her eyes closed as her face and chest flushed pink with desire. Her tongue licked her sensuous lips and she pleaded, "Please, kiss me, Lover. I'm about to cum!"

I covered her mouth with mine and we tongue fucked as my free hand replaced my mouth at her breast, massaging it and rolling her wet nipple between my fingers.

Miki came for me then, only her head, shoulders, and feet were touching the bed. Her beautiful face had a look on it of intense concentration. It was a thrill for me to give her that sort of pleasure.

"Paul," Miki sighed and relaxed. "That was incredible, but you have worn your little girl out. Would you mind terribly if I rested for a while?"

"Of course not, Dear." I told her. "You've been working on the wedding preparations for weeks, and I know you must be exhausted." I kissed her, then tucked a comforter around her, so the humidity and air conditioning wouldn't chill her.

I went out onto the back deck and checked the hot tub and our pool. Our pool was one of a kind in that the exposed surfaces of the walkways around it had been constructed entirely of smooth stone and river rocks and it's on the site of an artesian spring. It looked very inviting and I hoped we'd be spending some time relaxing in it soon.

I went back inside to look at our computer setup. The satellite connection was working even with the "DuPre" away from the island. I messaged Cheryl to please invite a written proposal and bid from the company who'd done the cleanup on our island for a year round contract. We'd want them to do similar rotating cleanups on public beaches and shorelines within reasonable traveling distance of their home island.

I planned Miki and I would meet them with the "DuPre" and physically help in some cleanups, which would be superb photo ops and promotions for the news agencies. I wanted to keep the momentum we'd generated with the Giggling Girl and Geisha campaign going. Miki was the best thing that had happened to our corporation and me in years!

I sent Cheryl my thoughts on a couple of other business decisions, and had full confidence she could handle them. She is my second in command in everything but title and I know she knows it.

I had made certain Cheryl's yearly salary and benefits were very generous, and I've never questioned any decision she has made in my absence. Our other executives seem to have recognized that, too. I resolved to put that in writing in a few months when the second in charge position opened up.

Come to think of it, the employee who held the title would take early retirement, if I asked for it. Cheryl deserves everything she's gotten from our company and more. I idly wondered at what sort of reaction she'd give me when I named her to our vice-president's post? Hell, I had to facilitate it now and find out!

Cheryl answered me saying she had all the pertinent information on file, and thought the beach cleanups an excellent idea, rather than spending our millions on lame publicity firms. I thanked her profusely for her loyalty and promised her a pleasant surprise and reward in the near future.

I knew that would keep her on pins and needles. From long association with her, I also knew her active mind would savor every moment of the suspense like sips of fine wine!

I found myself yawning and immediately decided I'd better rejoin my bride and rest. I didn't want to fail her by becoming exhausted later. Slipping quietly under the covers I snuggled up and held my warm little doll and dozed off.

I woke feeling amazing warmth surrounding my prick. I opened my eyes, and smiled up at my sweetheart. "I see you've intuited the woman-on-top, or astride position, Darling." I was gratified she was developing the confidence to initiate our sex acts. "If I were religious I might have thought I woke in heaven."

She bent to kiss me feverishly, and I responded with as much enthusiasm. I told her, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, my dear. If this is a dream I don't want to wake up!"

"It's not a dream, Paul." My darling snickered. "I pinched myself a few moments ago to be sure when I woke with your erection poking me in my butt!"

That interesting bit of news conjured some erotic thoughts in my head! We hadn't yet discussed the more kinky aspects of heterosexuality. I was turned on by that sort of thing, but knew I'd still be more than happy with her if she weren't.

"So," I asked out of curiousity, "Did you like it?"

My sweetheart never slowed her bouncing atop me. Her face got thoughtful, then she said. "The sensations were interesting, but would you mind teaching me the more normal things first?"

"Of course, Miki," I told her as I reached for her breasts, "if you will continue to indulge my crazed fetish for your fantastic boobs?"

She laughed hysterically, "I'm so happy you appreciate the little things in life, Paul, like my boobs. I'll work on the lactation thing for you every day until I get it right!"

"Thank you, Baby. Oh, that sweet pussy of yours nearly set me off again!" I told her. "Here, Sweetheart, if you want to you can play with your clit while we make love, just like you were jilling off. There's nothing you have to be embarassed about doing when in bed with me."

She put one hand to her clit, and reached around behind her with the other to gently cup and massage my scrotum and testicles. I stuck with massaging both of her small breasts while rolling and tugging on those perfect puffy nipples. It was only moments later we both were seeing fireworks displays!

My darling collapsed in my arms as she panted. I showered kisses all over her, then she showed me she was becoming more relaxed in our relationship. "Would you spit in my mouth please, Paul?" She begged. "I'm dying of thirst!" I laughed in delight, as she gave me a wicked grin.

"I can do better than that, Doll." I told her, "I'll mix us some fresh drinks." She followed me to the kitchen and helped with the mixology. I grabbed an extra cherry, popped it into my mouth, and pulled off the stem. I reached for Miki and kissed her passionately, while passing her the sweet cherry with my tongue.

She sighed, "Mm thanks, Paul, That's good!"

With our fresh drinks in hand I shared something else with my wife. "I noticed the time, dearest, If we don't want to miss the first sunset over the Pacific of our marriage, we'd better get a move on." We headed for the door. I turned a porch light on as we went out the door so we could more easily find the house on our return.

The brilliant colors in the sunset were beginning to develop as we walked out onto the beach. The "DuPre" was back and safely moored. I had no idea how Duffy had managed that without me hearing her arrival.

I can recognize the throb of that fine ship's engines for miles! He could only have taken a dead reckoning course on the buoy while still miles away, idled her engines, and steered her in. I shared the mystery with Miki.

She asked, "That would be some fine seamanship, hmm, Paul?"

I answered, "Yes, it was, Love. That's what Duffy's all about. Oh, look at all the splendid colors in that sunset! I am a happy cradle robbing lecher tonight!"

Miki echoed me proudly, "I am a happy conniving young gold digger, too, Paul. I promise you, you will never regret choosing to share your life with me!"

We stood and enjoyed the sunset as I cupped her breasts from behind her and kissed her cheeks, neck, and shoulders. We enjoyed the sunset to its last glimmer, then stood in awe of the beauty of the bay. The phosphorescent jellyfish and others gave us a light show.

Waking before my darling the next morning, I went to our kitchen. I poured two tall glasses of cold orange juice and added two cherries, a straw, and a splash of the Maraschino cherry juice to hers. I sat this on her bedside table, in case she woke up thirsty before I completed our breakfasts. My efforts of thirty minutes more produced two stacks of blueberry pancakes, bacon, breakfast sausages, and fried eggs.

My coffee was ready by then, so I poured a cup for me, and added a hot cup of tea to her tray. The combined aromas woke Miki as I approached our bed. She stretched her awesome little body, then sat up as I put her tray down and bent to kiss her.

Miki enthused, "Oh, you darling man, this was so thoughtful of you, I'm starving!" I helped her arrange her things and she dove into it. I returned with my own breakfast and we enjoyed it without too much conversation. I did ask Miki if she'd like to try snorkeling and she was enthusiastic about it.

"We have a variety of frozen and refridgerated foods in our kitchen," I explained, "but I have been working up a craving for fresh fish since I first mentioned our island to you. There are tons of fresh fish within rock throwing distance of us at this moment and I'd like for us to enjoy some together."

"You've got all the talking done, Paul." Miki spoke, as we finished our meal. She rose from our bed. "You are my husband, my professor, and my employer. Teach me how to catch them!"

"Okay, Doll. I'll make a few preparations first." I went to our kitchen, and squeezed the juice of several limes into a bowl, then added sugar and water and stirred. I sipped a bit off the spoon, sighed in satisfaction, and began looking for the fish sauce. Miki had been alertly observing me and handed me the bottle I was seeking and smiled. I asked her, "Oh, you like Nuoc Cham, too?"

"Especially over rice." She confided. "It should be superb with our fresh fish." She judged the size of the large bowl of dipping sauce I was preparing, and expertly smashed five garlic cloves on a chopping board under a kitchen knife blade, then peeled and finely minced them.

Five Thai chilis went under her knife, then she swept them onto it and into the sauce bowl as I watched and admired her skill. I looked questioningly at her for her opinion as I poured in the bottled fish sauce. At her nod I stopped pouring. I told her, "Mmm, the flavors should be combined just right by the time we get the fish caught and cooked."

Miki graced me with her sweet smile and said, "I'm with you, Frenchie! I am so happy I have a husband who knows how to cook."

I showed Miki our locker that held the goggles, snorkels, and swim fins, then I helped her find some to fit her and found our two pronged flounder gigs. I picked out two empty bait buckets and added a fish scaler, a knife, and a net with a small meshed bag to our gear.

As we walked toward the bay I explained, "I hope to find a pair of two to three pound halibut or a four to six pound one for us. They are bottom feeders, and you spot them by their outline in the sand and seashells. Halibut and their cousin, the flounder, are excellent fish for eating, and both are commonly used for sushi."

We walked into the water and put on our flippers and masks. I left most of our gear at the water's edge. Miki swam out parallel to the beach, alertly scanning the bottom ahead of her. I was also alertly scanning the bottom ahead of me, Miki's beautiful bottom! Her naked ass and legs were like a vision from a dream as she propelled herself through the clear water.

Abruptly, Miki stopped. She back-pedaled with her flippers as her hair surrounded her head and upper torso, then she motioned for me. I swam up beside her and could see the clear outline of a large fish in the sand and shells. I nodded my head at her and motioned her forward, illustrating a downward stabbing motion with my own gig.

She stabbed the fish, and I swooped in, grasping the shaft of her gig to be certain she didn't pull it back or allow the fish to struggle free. I reached my other hand under the flopping fish keeping it impaled, and raised it out of the water and into the air above me. Gravity kept it in place as I carried it ashore.

Miki was right behind me, shouting and laughing! I was proud as could be of her. "Here's our lunch, Baby Girl! You're a hunter now!" She was rightfully proud of herself and kicked free of her flippers.

She did a good imitation of an American Indian war dance around her kill and me as I laughed and admired her nude dance perfomance. My brilliant teen bride, with thousands of years of recorded civilization behind her, so easily reverted to the naked primitive hunter!

We gathered our gear and walked back to the equipment we'd left on the beach in front of our house. I showed her how to kill the fish quickly, then scaled and gutted it. The head and entrails went into the screened inner part of a bait bucket along with a heavy shell. "What's that for, Paul?"

"You'll see in a few minutes, Love, this will get us some shrimp to enjoy with the fish." I put her fish well above the water line, and picked up my fins, mask, snorkel, and net. I handed her the spare bait bucket. We swam out near the coral reef, and I planted the inner bait bucket on the bottom. Shrimp and small fish came darting from all directions! The reef literally teemed with the tasty shrimp, and they are one of the scavengers of the sea.

I allowed the crowd to thicken until there were hordes of them around the bucket. Darting in, I swirled the net around the bucket twice, then folded the mouth of the net bag over to prevent their escape. I turned to Miki and saw she was alertly holding the lid of her bucket open, ready for me to transfer my catch.

I let Miki use the net next and if anything she caught more shrimp than I had. After a few moments wait in between, she deftly repeated her performance twice more. It appeared we had several pounds of shrimp, so we headed for shore.

We sat and culled, headed, and peeled the shrimp right there on the beach, putting the shrimp meat into the outer bucket. She agreed they'd make a wonderful addition to the baked fish.

Back at our house, I allowed the fish and shrimp to soak while I turned on the lava-rock grill on our patio. As the grill heated, I drained the seafood then poured melted butter, a smidjen of grated sea salt, and limejuice over our meal. I had wrapped the fish and shrimp seperately in foil, and asked. "Should we add any spices to this, Honey?"

Miki seemed to seriously consider my question, "Paul, I'd think this fish should be an exercize in subtlety. We have the sweet and sour Nuoc Cham, which should be excellent for a dip with the fish, shrimp, and rice. We could check and see if we have all the spices and you could make a spicy etoufee or something for our next seafood meal."

"That sounds like a deal to me, my Love! Would you do the honors on the rice while I put this on the grill?" That done, I went to our bar to mix a drink. "Would you like your usual, Miki?

"Oh, Paul!" I saw her sweet smile as she asked, "Could you ice down a nice bottle of bubbly? Our first meal we've hunted for and prepared together should be formally celebrated."

"An excellent idea, my love!" I went to our wine cabinet and immersed two bottles of our best in our chiller, then dimmed some lights, pulled curtains closed, and lit the candles on the table. I knew some of her favorites in music and had included them in our collection for our island home.

She came from the kitchen as I turned the music on. "Paul, this is perfect, even if it is only our lunch!"

"You deserve only the best, Madame DuPre," I told her, "and what a huntress you are! I can't wait to brag to your Mom and Dad. I'll bet you could gig enough fish in one day to feed the entire crew."

"Paul, do you really think so?" Her eyes had lit up like beacons at my suggestion!

"With the aid of your trusty gig bearer I'd bet a million on it." I told her, "You gig one, I'll grab it, hand you my gig, and take your fish ashore while you hunt another. It's as good as a done deal already."

"I'd sure like to brag about it to everyone." My love admitted, "If I failed, though, it would be embarrassing."

"We won't fail, Miki." I told her. "If you'd like to give it a try we could begin at first light tomorrow. If it appears we'll have enough fish to do it for dinner we could warn Ozawa before lunch. Our kitchen crew could easily have it done for you by dinner. Oh, we could have Cheryl invite your Mom and Dad, too. I'd wager Reiko's been calling the office checking on you."

Miki gave me a wide grin, and told me, "Let's try it, Paul. Has our fish been on long enough yet? Your wife is starving!"

"Let's open the champagne and have one to whet our appetites, then I'll check the grill." I popped the cork, and Miki carried it directly to our bedroom to save it as a keepsake. Tears came to my own eyes. Once again my darling had shown me how very sensitive and emotional she is.

When she came back to me I stood to hand her a glass, toast us, and kiss her. She glanced at my eyes, then winced in alarm. "Paul, is something wrong?"

"No, Sweetheart." I reassured her. "Sometimes it hits me hard how very, very much I adore you!"

Miki leaped into my arms as she cried and wrapped herself around me, then she must have realized how incongruous that was, because she laughed. "Paul, your wife is stark raving looney tunes over you!"

"Hold that thought, Babe," I told her, "while I check our fish!" I grabbed some kitchen gloves and checked our lunch. The fish was crisped to perfection around the top and edges and smelled wonderful! Miki was right behind me as I turned off the grill and carried the pan to the kitchen.

A spatula aided me in removing large slabs of the succulent fish and spoonsful of sizzling shrimp to serve our platters. Miki added big servings of rice as I poured the Nuoc Cham into smaller bowls. I arranged lettuce on a platter and peeled and thinly sliced fresh cucumbers, then added snow peas, and sliced tomatos. Miki added crisp mung bean sprouts to the veggie platter, and we headed for the table.

I placed some fish, shrimp, rice, and veggies on a lettuce leaf, then rolled it up and dipped it into the sauce. Miki was ahead of me and already had a delighted smile on her face as she savored her food. Thirty minutes later we both had to shove ourselves away from the table.

"Baby," I told her, "I'm glad there's little fattening about the meal we've just eaten, because I am stuffed!"

"I see what you meant about craving 'fresh' fish, Darling." Miki said. "This was one of the finest meals I've ever enjoyed!"

"I think we should plan to visit here often, Love." I shared with her. "We'll be sure the crew is allowed to play the next time we visit. We have enough spare staterooms on board we could host the spouses of any who live in Japan. Madame Chang and Cheryl could use our spare bedrooms here in our grass shack, if they wished."

We stored all the leftovers, then mutually agreed a nap to digest our food would be pleasant. Miki flopped onto our bed, cuddled up to me, and held my hands to her breasts. She yawned, then asked, "Would you wake me up with some messy sex in a while, Paul?" My darling got her wish, of course.

When I woke, I saw I had been napping for over an hour and felt refreshed. Miki was lying on her back looking good enough to eat. I moved downward and began to breathe hotly between her legs. Several minutes later I began tickling her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. She stirred, then woke up laughing! "Help me, help me!" She screamed in mock terror. "There's an animal between my legs!"

I held her threshing legs as I planted my mouth directly on her pussy lips and began tongue fucking her. Her thrashing quickly evolved into thrusting up at me. I had to get my cock into that hot little pussy now and I lifted her legs up as I shifted my own legs to the side so I could enter her.

Contact! I rammed myself home in her and from this position I had easy access to her clit and ass to play wih her. She and I weren't making love at this point; we were fucking! I had two fingers working on her clit, and decided as hot as she was I'd see if she were ready for some anal stimulation.

I wet two of my fingers of my free hand and shoved them under her to her anal orifice. I began tapping them on her and it was certainly stimulating me. I looked a question at Miki and she nodded her head. I inserted the tip of one finger into her, and her intensity seemed to redouble.

"Yes, Paul! Stick that finger in me while you fuck me!" She was begging for it now. My finger went in to the second knuckle and it triggered her climax. I was close, but decided to try to wait for her to cum again. That didn't take long. I shoved my finger on into her and began to finger fuck her sweet ass in time with ramming her pussy. Her comments degraded to screaming, and that put me over the top, too! We rested another twenty minutes before either of us stirred.

When we got out of bed, I didn't remark on what had occured. I called for a scouting expedition. We snorkeled up and down the beach for hundreds of yards. There were eight large halibut bedded up in the immediate vicinity of our bait bucket eating the shrimp and small fish attracted to it, and dozens of more in the area.

I decided immediately the next time we needed halibut, or shrimp, we would have many more bait buckets! I felt confident in our ability to gig enough fish to feed the crew, so I called Cheryl and asked her to please arrange a fresh fish dinner with Ozawa for the ship, at our dining table the next evening. The waiters and bartenders could spell each other off.

She said I'd been right, Reiko had been burning up the communication lines, checking on her baby. When I told Miki she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and said, "That's my Mommy! She's always put me ahead of her career, and everything else in her life except for Dad a few times."

We spent several relaxing hours in our pool and hot tub, then we explored our surroundings. We were careful to avoid penetrating too far into the island and possibly disturbing Nori and Reiko.

We ate warmed leftovers for our dinner, and both agreed the fish and shrimp were still delicious. The Nuoc Cham dipping sauce was better when mellowed with age, if anything. An early night seemed to be called for, though we didn't put off enjoying sex again ... twice.

I woke earliest the next day and repeated my performance of cooking us a hearty breakfast. I knew this day could be a long and tiring one, depending on how the hunting and festivities went. Miki woke with a gorgeous smile for me when I kissed her and served her breakfast. She was stoked and ready for the challenge.

Thirty minutes later I judged it was light enough for her to hunt, and we were in the bay. Miki was greedy, she took the halibut around our bait bucket first, working from the outside in. She soon learned how to put her hand under the fighting fish to control them herself, then surface, and pass them to me.

I mentally counted and weighed each catch as I carried them to shore, and added them to our total. I'd sometimes return to find her waiting with another. About an hour and a half later I had to call a halt to the proceedings. The little lady is one lean, mean hunting machine!

"Miki, time to hit the beach, Love." I told her, "We have more than enough to feed everyone on the ship fresh fish for several meals."

"Oh," she stammered, "I thought we'd only just started!"

I laughed and told her, "If our company ever crashes, I'll go into fishing with you, Darling. Those boat people ancestors your Mom's Uncle told us about must have been wealthy people!"

It took two of our ice chests to contain our morning's catch, and I hailed the ship's watch to have someone come pick them up. I pulled on a pair of shorts from my closet, as I asked my bride when she would like to be delivered to our yacht. We didn't have to swim back to it from our "uncharted island" we'd been marooned on.

She tied her bikini on, then told me, "We could save our crewmen who come after the fish a trip, if you wish, we could ride out with them. I have loads of things to chat with Cheryl and Madame Chang about, and I'm homesick to see our yacht again."

I answered, "That's fine with me, Doll. I have a few business things going on I need to fine tune, too. Our ride will be on the beach within minutes." We met our crewmen's boat, and I helped them in loading the coolers of fish into the boat, and then in hoisting them onto the "DuPre" when we got to it.

Ozawa was there to receive the fish and oversee their handling. We knew he was busy, so we simply embraced him, thanked him, and left him to his work.

Cheryl and Madame Chang were excited at seeing us, and gave Miki and me each kisses and hugs. "Two ice chests?" Madame Chang exclaimed. "You must have had excellent fishing?"

"You don't know the half of it." I laughed and told them, "Guess who caught all those fish in the last couple of hours?" They looked from me to Miki, and Miki was near exploding with excitement.

"Paul taught me how to hunt halibut! He knows how to do everything." Miki shared her spotlight with me. "We got my first one yesterday, and he taught me how to net shrimp to go with it. It was one of my favorite meals ever!"

She went on to describe our baiting and netting the shrimp, and preparing our meal together. She gave me added points for knowing how to make the Nuoc Cham. I knew my Miki was the best advocate I'd ever had, and I vowed once again to reward her, in every way humanly possible.

When I asked, Cheryl assured me the people responsible for our beach cleanup crew were busily working on a proposed contract and schedule. I was relieved to hear that. It would be much more effective publicity, and cheaper in the long run, than anything our high dollar public relations firms were doing.

I took a few moments alone and made a confidential phone call to the Vice President of DuPre International. He was very cordial, and apologized for not having been actively involved in the company lately. I suggested, then accepted his request for retirement.

I got off the phone just in time to be called to our table. Ozawa's busy crew served us an excellent lunch, one we all enjoyed. They assured us some of our fresh fish just out of the bay had been used for the sushi. That seemed to make it all the more enjoyable.

We had a pleasant afternoon, catching up with friends on the events since our wedding. Miki and I shared a shower in our suite, then we made slow, relaxed love in our big bed in the place we thought of as our home for the first time. I spent thirty minutes loving on her small boobs, which were marvelous attractions to me. They still seemed to be her feature she was most self-conscious of.

Our next stop was on the aft deck next to our pool, relaxing with drinks. I heard a motor approaching the yacht, and informed my love, "That sounds like our dive boat your parents are using." A quick glimpse confirmed my suspicions.

A few moments later, Nori grunted a loud martial arts challenge to his daughter across the deck. The love of my life sprang up and somersaulted several times in her father's direction. I will swear her last vault exceeded any gymnastics leap I have seen in years. She must have been eight feet in the air and horizontal, she was flying!

I cringed as I realized there was no way humanly possible she could twist and break her own fall before she crashed to the hard deck! I felt like my poor heart beat a dozen times during my precious darling's hang time!

Nori laughed in delight and reached out as she landed safely in his protective arms. I understood what she'd done as she hugged him around his neck and kissed him affectionately on his lips. She'd shown him once again, she trusted him implicitly with her life and safety. She laughed and calmly told him, "Thanks Dad, good catch!" He kissed her lovingly in return, then stood her on her bare feet.

Beautiful Reiko in a bikini walked over and hugged me as I stood in respect, then she kissed me affectionately on my cheek. She confided, "We're married to some damned fine showoffs. Aren't we, Paul?" Her pride in Nori and Miki was evident on her face.

I laughed in relief, "Yes, Reiko, we are. I should have known our Miki would have super powers, too, from the two of you having raised her. Is it true what she's said about Chuck Norris saying his prayers daily to Nori?"

Reiko laughed, "Oh, we hear rumors about him, and Stephan Segal, as well as the Dalai Lama and others, but mutual respect may be more the right term. Thank you so much for the retreat, Paul! Nori and I haven't enjoyed our private time together so much since our first honeymoon."

"Dear Reiko," I told her, "Miki and I are very happy we could offer it to you. We both owe you so much! Have the two of you gone snorkeling or diving yet?"

Our pleasant conversation was raised to the next level. Miki and Nori joined us. The Master martial artist's left eyebrow raised as he asked his daughter sternly, "Has Paul had to beat you yet, Miki? I understand he will have to punish you often, as it is his duty as your husband to keep you in line. It would please me if you will behave so he doesn't have to every day."

I shook Nori's hand, then sat. I was very amused and interested in hearing how Miki would answer her Dad. Miki put both hands on her hips, she shrugged, then informed him, "Paul has a perfect wife, Dad, um, or almost perfect. My mother has taught me how to please even the most bull headed and obstinate of men. She has mastered the art over the years of dealing with you, right Mom?" We laughed with our impudent darling!

Reiko asked her, "How did everything go, Dear, I hope it was beautiful for you?"

I realized Nori and I were being trusted with a peek into girl talk when Miki told her mom, "Oh, it was and is, Mom. Paul is so loving and patient with me. Though I had to do as you had suggested and clear the way for things myself. I'll be sure to pass your advice on, if we have girls." Miki hugged her mom warmly and kissed her, then she sprawled in my lap.

"Darling," I asked Miki, "How did you do that hang time thing when you flew into your Dad's arms? My poor heart must have beat a dozen times while I waited for you to crash to the deck!"

Miki laughed sweetly, then told me, "Oh, Dad and I have always played rough, but he taught me years ago how to think as light as fluffy feathers floating in the breeze. That's so my fat butt doesn't knock him down when I collide with him at twenty miles an hour!"

We laughed at our petite treasure! I asked Miki, "What is your size, Sweetheart, maybe 32-21-32?"

"Yes, perhaps that," Miki admitted, "depending on the clothes."

Reiko agreed. "Kate Moss is Miki's size, though she is several inches taller, and I've heard no one complaining about her size in years."

"Whatever the case, " I ventured. "Miki still seems to need convincing she is the woman of my dreams. I expect I'll be working at building her confidence for years to come."

"Paul?" Reiko asked, "Give me your hand, either of them." I extended a hand and Reiko first grasped it, then examined it closely and waved her hand over mine. "Miki, this man will never intentionally hurt you. He loves you heart and soul!"

"Reiko," I told her, "I love you, but I didn't know you have magical powers."

"I don't." She laughed, "That was only a bit of mysticism thrown in for free, but I am a wise woman and I know your true love for Miki when I see it in your eyes. I see it each day in my own mirror and in Nori's eyes!"

"Thank you!" Miki and I both spoke in unison then laughed. I called the galley on the intercom and asked for more drinks to be sent, and was assured they were on the way. A tray of sushi appeared with the drinks, and we each reached for some.

I glanced at Miki to see if she were ready to break the news about the fish. Nori ate his selection of the sushi, then exclaimed, "Now, that is fresh fish, it's excellent!"

"We caught them a few hours ago just for you and Mom, Daddy!" Miki was beaming. "We're feeding the entire crew too, since we got two coolers full this morning." Miki proudly related the entire story, including how we'd hunted for, and prepared our lunch and dinner the day before. Nori and Reiko were both delighted by her tale and proud of her new skills.

I spoke up, "I told Miki we have her fishing to fall back on, should our business profits turn bad."

We all laughed, but Miki interjected. "Let's hope that never happens, Paul. I like the luxurious life you've been spoiling me with."

"You've been spoiling me, Miki." I volleyed, "Look how much profit your Giggling Girl promotion made on our stocks, not to mention the tea?"

Miki hugged me, and said, "You are the most modest man ever, Paul, those were your own ideas."

"I seem to recall you were the inspiration for both of those windfalls, my Dear." I told her. "You put magic into my life!" That statement got me kisses from Miki and big smiles from her parents. "You two should see your daughter naked and hunting," I confided to her parents. "She is magnificent!" That remark again brought big smiles to her parent's faces, but my Miki blushed!

"So, you've heard most of the things Miki and I have been up to." I interjected into the conversation. "Is the other side of the island any fun?"

"Oh, the water and the beach are beautiful!" Reiko observed. "We've spent hours exploring up and down the coral reef and found a large grouper who seems to think he's our puppy!"

"That must have been fun, I hope the house has been comfortable for you?" I mentioned. "Nori was a big help in planning them, and ours was almost a total surprise for Miki. I'd told her we might find a tree house or a grass shack."

Miki laughed, "That was dirty pool, Paul, but it turned out good for me. The house is perfect!"

I laughed with her. "You haven't yet visited the castle and vinyard in France, nor the villa and vinyard in Italy, Darling. Then there's the ranch house in Texas, the cabana in Mexico, and the penthouse in New York City. That's not half of our homes and estates, and you have some serious house cleaning to do."

Nori and Reiko joined me in teasing our Miki. "Uh huh," Reiko crowed, "Now our little gold digger finds that with wealth and property comes responsibility!"

"Oh, my little Sunshine Girl," Nori laughed. "All grown up and with duties, too?" I passed her first to her Dad, he hugged her and reassured her he was certain I would break her into her duties as a wife gently, as she could handle them.

He then sat her in Reiko's loving arms. Reiko poured on the confidence. "Nori and I are successful, aren't we? We are at the top of our chosen fields. If any woman is fit to stand beside a billionaire businessman, it is Miki Tanaka DuPre!"

I was relieved to see my darling was laughing when I took her from her Mother's arms. Our darling asked, "You won't make me clean the musty old castle, will you, Paul? All those martyr's bones in the dungeon would depress me to no end!"

"I promise you I won't, Dear." I assured her. "Just don't make remarks to French citizens about letting them eat cake. Actually, we should put in an appearance in France. It would repay our good friend Dean Phillipe at the college for their lenience in allowing me to teach you. When he was here to be my best man he told me you are already a cult figure there."

"I do need some clothes." My darling admitted. "My schoolgirl fashions hardly seem fitting for your wife."

"I will hand you one of my charge cards when we go there, my Love. There will be no limit to your purchases, but only if Reiko will agree to advise you in buying your new wardrobe." Miki looked to her Mom, and Reiko nodded. "This is also an assignment from your college business management professor, Miki." I confided. "Always at least consider what your advisors tell you. You will be graded on this assignment."

Ozawa sent word our dinner would be served in thirty minutes. Nori and I agreed we two were suitably dressed for an informal dinner at home with our crew, but Miki and Reiko scurried to cover! I immediately suspected our wives were up to something, but I remarked to Nori we needed more drinks, and ordered them.

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