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Derek Jenkins squinted his eyes trying to make out what the flashing white lights were he saw, he tried to remember what had happened before he woke. He blinked his eyes trying to focus a flash of light and he remembered being in the game he was running down field with the ball his memory faded. Another flash and he remembered one hit low from the right and another high from the left then the sudden blackness and the feel of cool grass on his helmetless head. There was a sudden realization of what had happened and where he was the white flashes were the fluorescent lights on the hall ceiling of the hospital. Then his mothers face came into view she had tears rolling down her cheeks and she was rattling on about how dangerous the sport was and she knew she shouldn’t have let him play then she was stopped by an orderly and he was wheeled into the emergency room on the gurney.

When he woke up again he was in a hospital room the light was bright and shining in his eyes he tried to turn over and realized he couldn’t move, in a panic he started to call out for his mother. The door made a sudden swoosh and she was by his side. He was frantic and whimpering, “Mom, Mom…I…I can’t move?” She shushed him and leaned in kissing his cheek and said, “Easy baby, take it easy the doctors want to keep you immobile, you hurt your neck in the game.” He started to whimper and mumble, “I’m…am I paralyzed?” Cheryl started to cry too and kiss him again as she smiled and said, “They think it isn’t permanent!” Derek breathed a deep sigh of relief and started to question what had happened and when he could go home. His Mother didn’t have an answer and he started to feel glum and whisper, “I just want to go home?”

Cheryl was trying to comfort her injured son when the Doctor came in to check on him, she quickly turned to the doctor and questioned how soon he could get out of the hospital. The doctor shook his head and said, “I don’t know, the damage is not permanent and the only way he could leave is if you could keep him immobile and take care of his needs?” She looked over her shoulder at her Son and his pleading eyes made her decision for her she nodded and went back to her Sons side. The Doctor arraigned for an ambulance to take him home and the relief in Derek’s eyes made the sacrifice she was going to have to make all worth it. At the house the ambulance attendants carried Derek up to his room and moved him from the gurney to his bed help set his legs in the traction and made sure his neck brace was set, gave her some final instructions and left her alone with him.

The next morning she brought him breakfast and fed it to him gently and wiping his chin between bites, when she was done she crinkled her nose and looked around the room then leaned close to her Son and inhaled. She recoiled and put a finger under her nose, Derek could see her reaction and questioned, “What, what is it?” Cheryl tried not to look disgusted as she whispered, “Honey you played hard in the game and well… you perspired quite a bit? Derek scrunched his brow and said, “What are you trying to say?” Cheryl shook her head and said, “Baby, you kind of smell?” saying with a shrug of her shoulder. Derek inhaled deeply and could smell his own body odor and closed his eyes and mocked, “Whew I need a shower!” Cheryl smiled shaking her head and said, “Baby you can’t get up yet?” Derek now couldn’t get the smell out of his mind and insisted, “Well then Mom, you got to help me out?” Cheryl leaned back a bit and then her eyes seemed to widen as she got the idea she whispered, “You want me to give you a sponge bath?” Derek looked distraught and pleaded with her, “You have to, I can’t lay here like this, what if one of my friends comes over and I smell me like this?”

She smiled and nodded at him then got up and went and got a wash basin and cloth, when she came back into the room she was walking slowly so as not to spill the soapy water, she set the basin on the night stand. She looked him up and down trying to figure out how to start, and then she leaned over him and pulled the hospital gown down off his shoulders to his waist. Derek smiled and looked up at her, as she leaned over him he took notice that her blouse was gaping and he could see down it and her swaying breast. He gulped as she took the cloth over his chest up and down his arms and under his armpits. He could feel the soft cloth and warm water over his ribs and belly he didn’t flinch he didn’t want to get his hopes up. He was surprised that he could feel her washing him, he thought since he had not had anyone touch below his face that he was without any feeling below the neck. He was feeling somewhat aroused and felt his penis unintentionally growing semi erect. Once she was done with his upper body she stood over him staring down at his legs she moved down and washed each leg up to his thighs. She took care to stay below the hem of the gown trying to figure out what to do about his crotch.

Derek smiled and said, “Mom its okay, I need washed down there too!” Cheryl recoiled slightly then realized that he was right and slipped the gown off his hips slowly. The soft material dragging across his penis built his already aroused state even higher, he concentrated trying to calm his ardor but before he knew it his semi hard cock was exposed to his mother. She gasped seeing how large he was down there then turned away then gaining strength she turned back and covered his penis with the wash cloth. Derek gasped as well feeling the warm terry cloth flopped over his slightly straining manhood, Derek apologized for the state he was in and Cheryl became ashamed of her reaction, she smiled and said, “It..It’s okay I’m sure that it was involuntary, now let’s get you cleaned up!” Derek sighed as she grasped the cloth and started to pull it off his stiffening member and started to gently scrub his hip and bum away from where his penis lay. She tried not to look at the ever growing manhood but the more she washed around it the stiffer and longer it grew, she was more and more glancing over at it. She felt like she needed to make light of the situation and whispered motherly, “Well at least we know that you’re not completely paralyzed, some things still work down there?” She laughed nervously until Derek joined in and they both had a giddy moment at the expense of his ever growing cock. It was at least seven inches long and still leaning to one side, so he was not fully erect, the head was bulbous and mushroom shaped darker than the shaft. The shaft was thick and adorned with a fine web of blue veins with two larger veins trailing up to the head, below his testicles were huge like two goose eggs in a hairy flesh sack.

Derek tried to concentrate on something besides the feeling of his Mother’s hands so close to his erecting penis, but every time he glanced down he could see the soft globes of her breast swaying inside her blouse. As she switched from one side to the other she washed his hip and as she rolled up she slid her hand under his growing cock. She tried not to think about it but she could feel the rigid flesh of his shaft on the back of her hand as she wash up and around his pubic hair. Derek could no longer keep himself calm and his cock grew and grew until it stood up off his belly at a full length of eight and a half inches. Cheryl noticed the increased growth and she could feel her heart beating faster and faster and her cheeks flush as well as her chest. She had worked around his manhood all that she could and knew that there was no way to avoid it any longer, she lifted the cloth and draped it over her cupped hand and turned her hand over onto his heavy balls. Derek gasped again and Cheryl tried to ignore it but she knew he was enjoying having her hand cupping his tender flesh; she worked her fingers around and beneath then took the cloth back to the basin to soak it again.

With the cloth draped over her palm fresh with warm soapy water she slowly with a shaking hand lowered it over his hard shaft, her breathing had gotten shallower and she licked her dry lips as she gently curled her fingers around him and slowly stroked upward. Derek felt the warm cloth and tender grip surround his engorged cock and he closed his eyes and bit his lip. She tried to hold a loose grip trying not to excite him any further but she could tell by his labored breathing he was unable to control himself she turned away and closed her eyes as she stroked back down. She had never washed a man’s penis before and wasn’t sure how hard or how much she should keep washing so she went up and back again, she could feel his body tense slightly. She hadn’t noticed that when he tensed up that the corner of the cloth had gotten caught between his legs and was trapped there. Suddenly the cloth stopped moving but her hand didn’t her soapy hand was suddenly filled with his bare flesh, Derek gasped again as her warm silky hand surrounded his cock and glided up over the head. Cheryl instantly felt the change and turned to see what had happened, she watched with her jaw dropping as her hand slid back down his turgid flesh, her eyes grew wide as she spotted the cloth still wrapped around his taught balls. Slowly trying not to bring attention to the fact she held him in her bare hand she continued to slide her hand down, she could feel his cock twitching in her grasp. She eased her grip from around his thick shaft and took hold of the cloth again and she tried again to wash his hard cock, but forgetting to dislodge the rag it just caught again. The cloth slipped from her hand again and her fingers wrapped around the muscle of manhood and gently slid upward again.

Derek couldn’t contain himself any longer feeling her soft, warm hands pumping up his aching cock and groaned, Cheryl glanced up at her Sons face it was contorted and he was gasping embarrassed at her mistake again she slowly eased her grasping hand toward the base. When she reached bottom she could feel his balls convulsing on the heel of her hand and suddenly his cock started to pulsate in her grip. She could feel his balls lift and roll as they built up steam and the thin canal on the underside of his cock bulged she could feel it inflate as the jism rush through his shaft in her grasp. Astonished she glanced back down wide eyed just in time to see her Sons milky white sperm jet out in spurt after spurt puddling on his rippled stomach muscles. He was grunting and groaning, gasping and wheezing. She watched as his cock spewed and dripped his cum in huge globes, she didn’t have the sense about her to release the ejaculating member, just stare in amazement.

Cheryl saw a look of excruciating pain or pleasure on Derek’s face and asked, “Are you hurt, did I hurt you?” He mumbled, “N-N-No!” Simultaneously they both started to apologize Cheryl with a stammering, “I-I’m…so…so… sorry, I didn’t mean to..” Derek with, “I-I…couldn’t help it, it just happened!” After several moments of back and forth pleads and regrets Cheryl finally blurted out, “Okay, okay, well now we have to clean you up some more just relax and let me get this….uh..stuff off of you!” Quickly she pulled the rag from between his legs and laid it flat on his belly and started to scoop up his cum, his cock head was dipped down in a large puddle of sperm and without thinking she tried to run her hand beneath it. The thick head rubbed across the back of her hand leaving a trail of cum along her fingers, she recoiled and took the rag and tried to wipe her Sons sperm from her hand, but it was already full of cum and it just smeared all over both her hands. She stared at her hands in shock then quickly dunked them and the rag in the basin to rinse it away pulling back out she wrung out the rag and went back toward his slowly dwindling penis. She stared at his still large cock and reached then recoiled then reached again, wrapping her fingers around and lifting the bowing shaft, she had to lift it higher and higher to get it out of the puddle of sperm. As the shaft slid through her fingers a bit she had to grip it tighter to hold on, she watched as another large drop of cum formed at the opening of the head being squeezed out by her grasp.

She shook her head in dismay, what had she done? She cupped the rag in her palm and wrapped it around the head swirling it to clean of the glob she had made, then had to hold his cock up as she cleaned underneath it. She had to dunk the rag several times to rinse away the sperm and had to hold onto his cock the whole time, feeling it grow limp in her hand, a sign it had been satisfied and she felt her breath quicken again. She was distraught thinking that she had accidently jacked off her Son to the point of orgasm, she thought to herself why didn’t she just leave it alone, she knew she couldn’t he would have chaffed. Acting as if nothing had happened she retrieved the gown and draped it back over her Sons naked body, slipping his arms back into the sleeves and adjusting it to be comfortable on him. They didn’t speak or look at each other as she finished and took the basin and spilled some of it as she tried to hasten an exit; she gasped and made a whining sound of disgust at her clumsiness then rushed from the room almost crying.

She knew she couldn’t avoid going back into his room so she reluctantly grabbed the mop and headed back her head hung low as she came in and started to swirl the mop around soaking up the soapy water. Derek couldn’t stand the silence and tried to joke, “Hey Mom you missed a spot!” she snapped her head in his direction glaring and quipped, “What did you say?” Derek sheepishly responded, “You, uh missed uh a spot?” She looked at him and he was trying to smile she relaxed and started to form a smile on her care worn face and reached over to poke him in the ribs playfully, he chuckled and she eased in sitting next to him. They laughed away a few tense moment then chatted about anything other than what had just happened, and before long time slipped away and she realized she needed to get him something to eat.

Time had passed without further incident he always seemed to get semi hard when she washed him but she made quick work of it, washing up and back quickly then letting go of his penis before he had a chance to get overly excited. They smiled at the awkwardness they shared then spoke as if nothing had changed between them. On certain days Cheryl just seemed to linger on the washing process, first it started out with spending extra time on his upper body then as time went on she found that she would glance down to see if his manhood was reacting to her gentle touch. When she finally worked her way to Derek’s crotch he was fully erect, she didn’t show an outward reaction but seemed to him that she was concentrating intently.

In truth Cheryl found that she was so enthralled that she stared glassy eyed at the long, thick hard shaft in her grasp and as she stroked up and back she waited holding her breath for a sign from her son. She would hear his breaths become raspy and quick and she thought “Involuntarily” she would pump a bit faster. She was trying to fool herself that she didn’t mean to give her son a hand job, but she couldn’t stop once he started to raise his hips and thrust his shaft in her grip. She would pull the flesh below the head taught and clutch the glands in soft pulsating clamps of her fingers. She would look up at his face, eyes clenched the grimace on his continence and as he would gasp deep and hard, she would divert her gaze to his twitching cock and watch as the plumes of hot silvery sperm would fling in the air and as her fist pumped his cock the cum would sling from the tip onto his belly and her hand. About twice a week she would work him to orgasm all the time apologizing to him afterwards for the supposed unintentional act but she would still be holding his jerking cock in her hand and sliding her fingers gently up and back urging the last drops out before she would clean him up.

Finally the big day arrived for his final check up and she thought this one last time she would have to clean him up her heart kind of sank and she found herself in her room fretting over the fact that this was the last time. Then shaking her head bouncing the reality of it around until she decided to just get it done and over with. She cleaned her son quickly and without incident, but she could see the disappointment in Derek’s eyes she helped him get dressed. She helped him into the car and drove him to the Doctors office, where he got a clean bill of health and his neck collar removed for good. Slowly he worked his stiff neck around wincing as he did and the Doctor told him he needed to take it easy and take his time getting things worked out, but Football was out for this season. Derek was devastated and Cheryl tried to console her distraught son, but she was happy that he was done with the dangerous sport. But she found herself thinking back to giving him his bath and now that was over as well and she was despondent but had to keep up the strong face for him.

When he returned to school he was hailed as a hero and he slowly got back into the swing of things, able to be on the sideline of all the games with his Mom in the stands watchful that he didn’t try to play. The homecoming game was coming around and all the players were told to dress their Mothers in their practice jersey and they would wear their game jersey and practice shorts and accompany each other on a hayride. After the game which they lost, most attributing it to the injured reserve of Derek, Derek found his Mom in the stands and took her hand jogging with her in tow to the hay wagon. All the players showed up with their Mothers in hand and helped them up onto the wagon. Space quickly filled up and soon there wasn’t enough room for everyone, the coach called out, “Okay Players now it’s your turn, your Moms held you on their laps for years now she gets to ride on yours!”

Derek found a space and eased down and took his mother’s hand and pulled her to him, she looked around for any other place to sit but every bail was filled, she was biting her lip as Derek looked up at her and said, “Come on Mom have a seat?” Cheryl was nervous the mothers had all agreed to wear shorts and she had none, she had looked but the only thing she could find to match was a short skirt. She knew that if she wore the skirt her panty lines would show and she had found an old “G” string her husband had bought her long before he left her. Now she was nervous that someone might see up her skirt, Derek quickly tugged her down on his lap and she landed with a gasp she looked back over her shoulder at him and he was smiling, she made a nervous smile as well and tried to settle in on his lap. It wasn’t long and the wagon lurched under the sudden jerk of the horse team and Cheryl slid down her Sons lap catching herself she lifted up and quickly scooted back and plopped down.

In the motion her skirt had caught on the mesh of his jersey and rode up so that her bare bum was in his lap, Derek instantly felt the change in her seat as she wiggled in to adjust comfortably. It had become common place to ignore sexuality and Derek tried to put the thoughts out of his mind, but the slow rumble of the wagon over country roads caused Cheryl’s bottom to rock back and forth on his lap. Soon Derek felt himself getting excited and his dick started to lengthen and thicken with the blood of lust filling it. Derek was biting his lip and trying not to think of his mother’s firm ass pressed on his cock finally in frustration he whispered to his Mom, “You got to stop moving, I’m… getting..” Cheryl quickly quipped, “It’s not me it’s the wagon…” Her voice trailed off as she felt the bulge in his crotch growing and pressing between her ass cheeks. She snapped her head back looking over her shoulder staring wide eyed and in the dim light watched his lips as he mouthed, “I’m sorry?”

She whispered through clenched teeth, “What are you thinking?” He was smiling as he mouthed, “I’m not, your rubbing on me!” She seethed, “Just don’t think about it!” They continued to bump along with her ass cheeks splaying then clamping on his growing cock, Cheryl could feel the reaction and in spite of herself she was growing excited. Derek could feel the heat of his Mothers crotch as it pressed on his clothed cock and it just added to his excitement, Cheryl felt her son’s erection start to nudge at her pussy mound and gasped. Suddenly the horse lurched and Cheryl slipped and quickly she scooted back, the opportunity was there to dislodge herself she thought, but just as suddenly she realized her mistake. The quick downward motion of her ass had caused her to push the front of her Sons shorts down. Immediately they both realized what had happened as his cock sprang loose and flipped up slapping his mother in the ass, they both felt bare flesh against flesh.

Gasping Derek leaned forward and Cheryl snapped her head back looking over her shoulder both wide eyed, the dusk had passed and darkness was on the evening but they could see each other’s astounded look. Derek leaned up and whispered in his Moms ear, “You, didn’t wear shorts?” She mumbled back, “I didn’t have any that matched all I could find was this skirt!” Derek was feeling his cock head rubbing on her bare ass cheek and he whispered a question, “No panties?” Cheryl could feel the bulbous head rubbing back and forth on her ass cheek and she cursed herself before whimpering, “Yes, well No, I mean sort of, it’s a G string” She watched his reaction his eyes went wider and his brow furrowed in dismay. Cheryl quipped, “I didn’t want panty lines!” Derek shook his head and tried to think what to do his mind raced and he formulated a plan. “Next time we hit a bump you jump up and I’ll cover myself okay?” She nodded and they waited all the while his hard cock slid back and forth over her hot wet pussy that was barely covered.

The moment they were waiting for came and as the wagon rocked Cheryl jumped up and Derek grabbed his cock shaft to shove it back in his shorts, but a second bump tipped Cheryl off balance she spread her legs to keep her footing but she fell back. With his hand wrapped around his shaft it was pointed straight up and as Cheryl fell back onto his lap his knees were together to try and pull up his shorts and hers wide she fell on him spread out. As her ass sank into his lap his rock hard cock easily pushed aside the thin string of underwear and her pussy slid down the shaft burying what wasn’t clutched in his hand. They both gasped in shock Cheryl was wide eyed and mouth agape as she slowly looked over her shoulder at Derek, He had the same dumbfounded look on his face as he stared at his Mother. The road had gotten really rough and Derek started to slide off the bale of hay and had to pull his hand from between them to catch himself, the sudden motion drove the rest of his shaft deep in Cheryl and she yelped.

The whole crowd laughed and chided, “Better wrap your arms around your Mom Derek sounds like she’s about to slide off!” Derek and Cheryl made the best attempt at a laugh and smile but he could feel the tight, wet, silky pussy of his mother wrapped around his hard cock and she could feel the thick meat slipping back and forth inside her. Everyone’s eyes were on the Mother and Son and they couldn’t do anything at the moment to change the situation, they both smile and waved at the fellow riders trying to act normal. Derek reacted wrapping his arms around his mother’s waist as they had been told by the reveling crowd. Cheryl waited until everyone seemed back to their own merriment then spun her head back and whispers curtly, “What are you doing?” Derek angrily mumbled back, “I didn’t do it you fell on me, you were the one with the “G” string!” Cheryl realized it had been an accident and she whispered, “Okay, okay what do we do now?” Derek was gritting his teeth as he whimpered, “I don’t know?”

Cheryl could see his obvious discomfort at holding back his pleasure and quickly whispered, “Be careful don’t cum inside me I’m not on birth control!” She put her hands on his thighs and tried to slide up and off but she couldn’t rise high enough without being noticed, then she tried to slide sideways to dislodge him first one way then the other. Derek tightened his grip on her tiny waist and whimpered through clenched teeth, “You got to stop moving, I won’t be able to hold it!” She relaxed and sank back into his lap his long thick cock sliding in to the depths of her pussy, Derek was quivering and she tried to hold still keeping his orgasm at bay. After a few miles of smooth road they both were able to ease the tensions that had built and Cheryl leaned back whispering into her Sons ear, “How long is this Hay ride?” Derek shifted uncomfortably making Cheryl groan and he whispered, “Two hours!” she gasped and repeated his words shocked watching him nod agreement. She tried to deduce how long they had been out so far and she came up with twenty minutes mouthing the number to Derek who nodded, again his eyes clench in concentration.

Suddenly the wagon again started up a rough trail and Cheryl began to bounce uncontrollably on Derek’s lap, they both were gasping and grunting but luckily for them everyone seemed to groan at the bumpy ride. Cheryl could feel the mushroom head of her Sons cock deep in her pussy and his jiggling shaft sliding back and forth over her throbbing clit, she bit her lip trying not to think of how good it felt inside her heated opening. She tried to reposition herself leaning forward but that only pressed her clit harder into the hard shaft causing her to moan softly feeling her body react to the first sexual contact she had in the last five years. Derek felt the orifice surrounding his cock growing hotter and wetter the longer the bumpy road continued, his eyes went wide she was as excited by this as he was and he tried to hold her still. A big bump caused Cheryl to slam down hard on his lap driving him deeper in her and she felt the little electric thrills start to build in her pussy as a second bump hit and Derek’s hands slipped off her hips and up her chest brushing her hard nipples and cupping her firm tits for a moment.

Cheryl flopped back her head leaning on Derek’s shoulder she felt the incidental touch on her breast and started to mumble, “No, oh no not now I can’t do it now?” Derek heard her odd confession just before another bump drove her back down hard on his thick cock, suddenly she started to convulse and he had to hold her hips tight. He looked over at her flopping head her eyes clinched and her bottom lip sucking in and out of her mouth huffing deep breaths, he could feel her tense up and suddenly a vice like grip clamped down on his cock then started to spasm clenching and releasing. Derek was in shock and he clenched his ass cheeks hard holding back his own desires whispering through his clenched teeth, “What was that , did you…did you? Cheryl whimpered in a raspy voice, D-Don’t…worry about it, it was nothing, how…how much longer? Derek knew she was lying but carried on the charade saying, “About an hour, more or less?”

Cheryl groaned and leaned back up putting her hands on his knees to steady herself a short smooth section and Cheryl leaned up and reached back spreading and massaging her ass cheeks before sliding back down his cock. Derek gritted his teeth hard feeling her tight pussy slipping up and back on his shaft, he whispered, “You shouldn’t move, what’s wrong are you okay?” She looked back her eyes half closed and dreamy as she said, “I can’t help it my ass cheeks are getting numb!” He groaned as he started to move, she moaned, “What are you doing?” He shushed her and lifted her up slightly and twisted her so that one of her legs was in between his and the other draped over. The new position caused her juices to leak out and dribble down over his balls causing him to shiver and shimmy. She whimpered lustily feeling her pussy swirl around the thick shaft then exhaled as she now supported her weight differently, he left a hand on her thigh coincidentally. Another round of potholes and his shaft was thrusting up into her again she was already too excited and just gnashed her teeth together as her pussy was pummeled with the biggest cock she had ever felt, that thought running through her mind she felt her orgasm flash.

Derek felt muscles surrounding his cock tense and clamp again and it was too much form him he whimpered, “M-Mom….I can’t huh…hold it any longer!” Cheryl was busy wrestling with her own orgasm to protest and in between spasm she felt his twitching cock as it erupted inside her, his hot cum pumping up to her cervix. As her own orgasm subsided she whimpered, “Oh no…no…you came inside me?” He was still grunting as his cock shot again and again into her, her pussy sucking it deeper and deeper as it convulsed in another orgasm. After several minutes they relaxed and they thought that it would all be over, surely his cock would go limp having cum. But as the ride continued his cock slipped up and back though trying to go flaccid, but the hot silky pussy wrapped around him felt so good he couldn’t will it go limp.

Cheryl felt his cock dwindle slightly then as if out of nowhere it seemed to start to grow harder and harder having caught her breath she looked back over her shoulder her eyes wide once again in awe feeling his cock grow inside her. She could feel it slowly slip deeper and deeper as the length grew back and her pussy stretched out wider and wider as the girth formed. Derek shrugged sheepishly as she cursed under her breath, then she just thought it isn’t his fault it is simply reaction to the contact. A sudden bump and Cheryl had no choice but to throw her arm over his shoulder to hold on leaning in she whispered, “I know you couldn’t help it but now you need to stop thinking about it!” He leaned in and whispered, “I’m not thinking about it, it just won’t stop feeling good, what can I do?” She shook her head and whimpered, “Nothing, we just need to hold on?” He nodded and with the road smooth once again she figured that he might lose some of his ardor, but to her amazement she could feel that he was still growing inside her, longer and thicker than before.

She gasped and looked down at her lap half wanting to see how big it had gotten, it felt as though he would grow too big for her to handle and she leaned her head on his shoulder and whimpered softly. Derek whispered, “I’m sorry, it happens when I stay excited for too long?” The road felt like a wash board and Cheryl moaned through another series of orgasms, the whole time Derek tried hard to keep from getting any more excited. This continued for the next twenty minutes, Cheryl’s body ached racked with innumerable fiery orgasms just as she thought she couldn’t stand any more Derek groaned, “Sorry Mom?” she knew what he meant before she felt the first steamy jet of his cum blast deep into her, she gasped and turned her face to his shoulder sinking her teeth into the muscle and meat as she muffled her orgasmic scream. She had never felt something so intense her pussy kept clutching and milking her son’s cock of his fresh boiling sperm as if drinking it in wanting to have it deeper in her body.

They were both convulsing the rocky road hid their frantic motions, Derek was gasping he couldn’t believe what he felt around his cock, his cock was drenched in her seeping hot pussy juice and it was drooling down mixed with his cum dripping over his flexing balls. They sat quietly trying to compose themselves and as the hay wagon slowed and the clomp of the horses hooves rang on asphalt they breathed a sigh of relief. The wagon suddenly stopped and rocked back, Cheryl felt the last thrust of the enormous cock in her pussy and she felt herself involuntarily flex her muscles around it. They had to wait for everyone to climb off the wagon before Cheryl eased herself up the long shaft causing small gasp to escape her lips as it slid down and out. She stood on uneasy legs and turned in time to see Derek’s now flaccid cock covered in her white frothy juices before he flipped his shorts up covering it and she shivered at the thought. Derek stood up and wobbled a moment then jumped down off the wagon and reached up for his Mother, reluctantly she leaned over as he wrapped his hand around her waist and helped her down.

They didn’t speak on the way to the car the only sound was the squishing and occasional plop of Derek’s cum as it dribbled down between her pussy lips and trailed down her thighs before it broke free and dripped to the ground. At the car they both flopped back in the seats exhausted, Cheryl’s eyes were closed as she spoke, “We don’t need to ever speak of this again!” Derek turned his face to her and said, “How can you say that? I know you felt it, I felt you…and what if you get preg..?” she cut him off speaking through angry clenched teeth, “Don’t mention that, I don’t want to think of that, not now not ever!” The ride home was silent both staring at the road as the headlights shown the path, each had thoughts running through their minds, questions, feelings and concerns.

As they went through the door Cheryl tossed her keys on the dining room table and started to walk through the living room, Derek cleared his throat and she turned as he spoke, “Mom I know it shouldn’t have happened, but it did and yes I suppose I should be ashamed but all I can think is how good you felt!” She covered her face as she broke out in tears whimpering, “We shouldn’t have, we shouldn’t have!” He pulled her hands away and she slowly looked up into his eyes as he whispered, “We didn’t, it was an accident!” She gasped and chokes back the tears crying out, “Was it?” Derek stammered, “I-I did…didn’t intend on it?” She was crying again as she wailed out, “B-but did I?” He stared down at her weeping face the tears running down her cheeks, his eyes filled with a questioning look. Cheryl broke her wrist from his grasp and wiped away the tears. Confession on her mind she whispered, “I liked it when you were hurt and I washed you after the first time and I made you cum I always wanted to do it again, after the first time I went to my room that night and masturbated until I came too!”

Derek was staring at her in shock she looked away and whispered, “Yeah that’s right every time after I bathed you I went to my room and fingered myself biting my lip as I came over and over again, all the while thinking about your hard cock!” He reached out and took her chin in his fingers and turned her face to look at him and whispered, “Mom its okay, it really is?” She shrieked, “NO, NO IT IS NOT….I’M YOUR MOTHER!” He recoiled at her screams and as she turned away and put her hands on the back of the coach he stared at her back before screaming back, “OKAY THEN IF YOU WANT TO RIDE THE GUILT DO IT BUT DON’T DRAG ME WITH YOU!” She spun and slapped him across the face he recoiled and shot a hand up rubbing his face, she started to ball again and turned away clutching the back of the sofa again as she sobbed harder and harder.

Derek went from shock to anger, stepping up behind her he pushed her across the back of the sofa with her ass high in the air, she gasped in shock and turned to look back in fear as Derek screamed, “ALL RIGHT THEN, WHY DON’T WE BOTH FEEL GUILTY!” He flipped up her little skirt and grabbed the soaked “G” string yanking it hard stripping it from her behind, Cheryl shrieked as she felt the silky material whisk over her pussy and up between her ass cheeks the sound of the tearing cloth ringing in hear ears. She stared back over her shoulder amazed at what he was doing. She screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Derek held his hand on her lower back pinning her to the sofa back as he shucked his shorts down and kicked them off whispering back, “I want to feel guilty too!” Her eyes went wide and she wailed, “OH NO…NO YOU DON’T!” She was watching as he stroked his cock up and down getting it more and more erect, fear in her wavering voice she whimpered,” D-Don’t do this, it’s wrong!”

Derek wiped away a single tear as he confessed, “I wanted it to be different for us, but you want to make it wrong, now I will make it wrong too!” With that he stepped up closer behind her she kicked and screamed as she felt him swabbing his cock head up and down her swollen wet slit, she tried to reach back and push his hand off her back but he was too strong for her. She felt the spongy head pressing between her pussy lips and wailed out, “NO DEREK….!” Her words trailed off as he thrust into her driving his whole cock to the depths of her pussy, she gasped and sobbed as his hand eased off her back and he gripped the waist band of her skirt and used it to leverage his thrust he was relentless pumping his huge cock in her hot wet pussy. She was gaping as his long cock pummeled her pussy walls and could hear the loud slap of flesh on flesh as his groin smacked into her ass, she could only hold herself up as he fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked in her life listening to his lusty grunts and her wanton moans.

Cheryl heard the material of the skirt start to rip and quickly Derek yanked hard tearing it from her body with ferocity and tossing it over her landing in front of her wobbling and shaking head his hard thrust causing her whole body to quake. She was whimpering as he slowed down and lifted her torso and tugged his jersey up over her head flinging it in front of her as well she was now completely naked before her son as he pushed forward and he started to slam into her again. She could do nothing to stop him as he leaned forward his chest on her back as his hands gripped her swaying tits tugging her nipples and squeezing her tits gently. He pelvis slapped into her ass cheeks making loud smacking sounds. She could feel his long cock stroking over her clit as she whimpered, “No-no Derek stop please I’m…I’m…!” He leaned down close to her ear his hot breath huffing on her neck as he finished her sentence for her, “Gonna cum?” Cheryl shrieked as he thrust hard into her and her pussy collapsed around his shaft and squeezed harder than ever making Derek grunt at feeling the intensity of her orgasm clinching and easing over and over again for nearly five minutes.

As she quivered and flinched feeling her heated pussy release its flood of juice and lighting like effects she was huffing out in long deep breaths, “Oh god, oh my…how did you do that?” His cock was as hard as ever and growing thicker and longer like the last time he had been inside her, she was whimpering knowing that he would keep going. She gasped deep as she felt him lift torso up then hook his hands under her thighs and lift her in the air leaning her back to his chest as she was upright she slung her hands back and gripped his neck behind to hold herself up. He just lifted her up and let her body weight push her back down impaling her pussy on his enormous cock she was gasping and moaning. She had never been fucked like this before his strong arms lifting her easily up and down on his cock, she was delirious as she leaned her head back on his shoulder and through gasp whispered, “Never been had like this, oh my, oh my…”

After making her cum from the fuck doll treatment he lifted her up and off his cock and spun her around and sat her down on the dining room table and eased his cock back into her fiery pussy she moaned long and loud as he sank the length into her. He starts to slow fuck her, his long cock stroking in deep and pulling out slowly. For the first time he saw her small upturned breast capped with dark long nipples and he sank his face into her chest, she struggled and pushed her hands on his face as he tried to get to her breast screaming, “DEREK, NO DON’T, DON’T PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY BREAST!” He thrust deep into her causing her to drop one hand back to steady herself on the table and he reached up and took the wrist of the other and folded her arm behind her back. He wrapped both wrist in one of his large hands and held them in the small of her back as he began to suck first on then the other nipple flicking them with his tongue and swirling it around the taught areola. Cheryl shrieked, she had always had sensitive nipples and his suckling took her over the edge and again her pussy exploded sending tingles up her spine and into her hair. Derek had to thrust harder as her pussy clamped down. When she came down from her orgasmic high she felt him short stroking her pussy in fast jabbing thrust, she knew he was close to coming and pleaded with him to not cum inside her.

He eased his cock out of her weeping pussy and said, “I had no intention of cumming in your pussy!” With that he slipped his hands under her arms and lifted her up and lowered her down on her knees in front of him, his hard cock thumping with his heart beat right in front of her face. She stared at the enormous cock slick with her pussy juice and looked up into his lusty eyes as his hand cupped the back of her head and pulled her face forward. She had never sucked a cock that had been in her pussy before and wasn’t about to now. She struggled and tried to push him away but Derek t took hold of her wrist and raised them above her head in one of his hands. She tried to turn her face away from the monstrous cock as it slapped slimy on her cheeks. Derek was reluctant to hurt her, but he was insistent using one hand to lower her jaw as he pushed the bulbous head between her lips. She tried to back away but he began to pump his hips sending the thick shaft deep and she coughed and gagged until he backed off and pumped with short jabs.

She thought about all the fantasies she had thinking of his gooey cum shooting out and as his shaft sank her mouth her tongue swirled around the head and glided down the shaft until it bumped the back of her throat he then eased back and again slid into her mouth down the length throbbing again. Derek started to moan then groan and finally grunt as his orgasm neared. Cheryl could feel his shaft pulsing on her tongue and though she had never swallowed a load of cum before she was going to have to do it this time. Repulsed she felt the first gob of sperm spray out and coat her throat shot after shot of her sons cum she could taste his salty seed on her tongue and she tried to pull away but he held the back of her head in the grasp of his big hand. It was either swallow or drown in her sons cum and instantly she started to gulp the huge gobs of sperm, gulping it down before the next one ejected into her mouth. She felt the warm jism on her cheeks sliding down onto her tongue and the tangy sweet flavor was becoming less and less distasteful.

Derek slumped back sitting on the dining table as his Mother continued to suck his cock and gobble down his sperm, he was flinching and gasping as her raspy tongue coaxed out the last few drops swallowing every bit. Derek looked down on his mothers beautiful face still sucking on his cock head and as he eased it from her lips she flicked her tongue at the tip over and over again slurping up the oozing sperm. Suddenly she realized what she was doing and jumped up and broke away from him and started to run down the hallway, she hadn’t noticed him in hot pursuit and as she tried to sling the door to her bedroom closed Derek caught it and her wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her to him. She was kicking and screaming as he tossed her on the bed she tried to roll away but he jumped on her and quickly rolled her over and yanked her hips up. She was trying to crawl away as he held her hips in his big hands, he growled, “DON’T WANT ME TO CUM IN YOUR PUSSY, HUH!” She squealed as she felt his enormous cockhead prod at her anus screaming, “OH MY GOD NO, YOUR NOT GONNA TRY AND FUCK ME IN THE ASS?”

She screamed and thrash and tried to pull herself along by gripping the covers as his cockhead burst through her tiny rectum lubricated with her own saliva, she wailed in anguish feeling the thick shaft spear into her sphincter. He was pushing hard as she collapsed on the bed face down biting the corner of a pillow as his cock plowed into her ass. She whimpered as the base of his shaft bottomed out and he began to fuck fast and furious pummeling his cock in her bowels. She was balling up the comforter in her fist as she endured her sons sodomizing her, she had never even thought about getting fucked in the ass and now the biggest cock she had ever seen was pumping away at her bottom. She felt him raise her hips and slide a hand down and start to slip a finger over her engorged pussy lips and swirl around her swollen clit. At first she was concentrating so hard on the pain in her ass that she didn’t let go of her grip on the covers then as her clit started to throb her eyes went wide and she began to gasp.

She felt her body start to shudder as she thought to herself, “What the hell is going on am I gonna orgasm from my son fucking me in the ass?” Suddenly she felt his finger penetrate her pussy and his thumb swirling around her clit, she was grunting and gasping and found herself pushing back on his cock. Derek held still as she began to pump her hips back sinking his cock in her ass, she grunted out, “D-damn it don’t stop now!” He felt her hand cupping his on her pussy and he reversed them making her rub her pussy. Then he started to fuck her ass even harder Cheryl scream and pumped her finger in her dripping pussy as she started to shimmy and shudder in orgasm. Derek felt her asshole clench around the base of his cock and he pumped lightly to help bring her off, she was huffing and puffing as she quivered in orgasm. Derek waited until she was starting to recover and just as she turned to look back over her shoulder at him he yanked his cock out of her ass and buried it in her pussy. Cheryl could feel the pulsating throbs as his cock fired shot after shot of hot cum deep inside her pussy, her eyes went wide as she gasped out, “I-I thought you said you weren’t going to cum in my pussy?”

He was shaking his head “No” as he grunted and pumped his cum into her saying, “No I said, you don’t want me to cum in your pussy!” She shook her head as her pussy twitched again in the aftershock of mini orgasms began. As she was satisfied that she had got every last drop dumped into her she felt him collapse onto her back. Suddenly she felt a sense of euphoria she needed this, needed to be taken by a man again even if it was her own son. Leaning back she kissed at his face and lips tenderly before saying, “I guess missing the big game may have not been a loss after all?” His big hand cupped her tiny ass as he pulled his slimy cock form her sloppy pussy and sighed, “I think I made the Big Game after all and scored!”

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