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Felix studied his mother as she prepared to go out for the evening he tried to overcome a sense of betrayal, his seventeenth birthday had been only two days ago and the first time he had seen his father since they divorced. The situation between his parents had become unbearable not only for them but him as well he listened to their arguments late in the night, heard the stories of his fathers infidelity with girls his own age. He chose to live with his mother when the judge had asked but tonight he almost wished he had made a different choice. His mother had made a date with a man from her work and when she exited her bedroom he saw she wore a tight knit sweater that showed off her ample breast and a skirt with a hem that was mid thigh showing off her long legs. From her appearance he could tell that her intent was if not to fuck this guy at least get him primed to nail her the next date out. Hillary his mother twirled around her skirt fanning out as she did and asked, “So what do you think?” Felix shrugged and mumbled, “Okay I guess?” Hillary frowned and said, “Look honey I know you don’t like the idea of me going out with other men but life has got to go on, your father chose to find his companionship outside our marriage, and I have chosen to do so once the marriage was over!” Felix looked down at his feet as he shuffled his toe on the carpet and mumbled, “I guess so but when are you coming home?” Hillary had a stern look on her face at first but softened seeing his concern and said, “Early honey I promise it’s a first date, but don’t wait up it will probably be after your bedtime.” Felix nodded and kissed her cheek shyly at the front door and waved as she rode away with her date in his fancy car.

Felix waited up for hours until he decided that she had broken her promise it was after midnight and he was getting tired, finally he gave in and went to bed to try and sleep even though he was concerned for his mother. A sudden rattling clatter of something being bumped and knocked down followed by some cussing then some stumbling foot steps followed by his mothers bedroom door being slammed followed by some more banging then quiet. As he lay in bed he wondered had she brought that man into the house, was she alone, was she all right? All these questions ran through his head in the matter of a few minutes, he tried to ignore the thoughts for an hour but his curiosity was killing him. Getting out of bed only in his underwear he reluctantly shuffled to his mother’s bedroom, apprehensively he reached for the doorknob and turned it quietly. As he eased the door open he could see that the light was still on and looking around the room his mother was not to be found, he stepped in and looked about but she was gone. As he walked around the bed he saw her laying on the floor passed out her skirt up over her hips his eyes lingered on her panties they were wedged into her mound in a camel toe and obviously damp. Stepping closer he leaned in and stared harder, he could see tell tail pubic hairs peeking out from the edges of the tuck of the leg hole and the wet material was making her pussy lips show through. He felt a flush of embarrassment followed by a surge of desire that made his penis twitch and start to erect. It was as if he couldn’t help himself his body was reacting naturally to seeing something that had been on his mind for a while sex and the female body but this was his mother.

He didn’t know what to do he just kept studying his mothers pussy through her panties and the longer he looked the harder his cock got until he looked down and the head was poking out of his waistband purple and mushroom shaped with a glistening drip. He shook his head trying to clear the lustful thoughts from his mind, then reached down and lifted her up by grabbing her under the arms trying to get her onto the bed so she could sleep comfortably. She wasn’t fat by any means but for him the dead weight of his drunken mother proved to be a chore to lift so he slid her upper torso unto the mattress then reached down for her legs and slid them onto the bed as well. As he pushed and tugged her to the center of the bed she grunted but didn’t awaken, as he looked down at her she was sprawled out arms and legs spread wide. Her skirt once again bunched up around her waist exposing her panty-covered pelvis and in the process of getting her onto the bed her sweater had pushed up above her bra covered breast. He stared at her the material of the bra was thin and the shape of her nipples was outlined dark and round and large forming a three inch around two inch high coned cap to her breast. His cock was straining now two inches plus the head protruded from the waistband, his hand involuntarily reached for his exposed flesh and gripped it tugging lightly his eyes flashing back and forth from her tits to her pussy. As if struck by fear and shame he turned away and ran from the room back to his, he jumped into bed and tried to think of anything besides his mother and her state of undress.

Lying in bed it seemed the harder he tried to think of baseball or football the more he thought about his mother lying exposed and how it excited him. The pictures of her sleeping body her inability to protect her modesty. He thought maybe if he took out his fuck magazines and jacked off maybe he could just blow the image away with a hard cum blast and relieve his tension and knock out the temptation. As he lay stroking his cock staring at the pictures his minds eye transplanted his mothers face over that of the nude models. He tried to wipe away the image but, he seemed to get more excited each time he thought of his mother and the faster he needed to stroke his cock, he was grunting and pumping his fist faster and faster his mothers face in place of the naked body on the page. Suddenly he let out a growl and his cock spat out huge gobs of cum all over the picture and the imagined face of his mother the intensity greater than any other time he had busted a nut. He quickly realized that he had splattered his jizz all over his favorite fuck book and cursed his lack of control and quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom with the magazine to clean it off. As he was returning he passed by his mothers bedroom and peeked in she still lay as he had positioned her and he stared for a few minutes until he felt himself turn self conscious at his intrusion and ran back to bed.

The longer he laid in bed the more he thought of his mother he couldn’t seem to avoid the thoughts they invaded his mind relentlessly and soon he found himself growing excited again he rubbed his eyes and mumbled to himself, “Why, why can’t I stop thinking about it. I just want to go in and look some more, I want to see her naked, Jeez it’s my own mother what am I thinking?” He lay there trying to convince himself how utterly sick it was but his lust was winning out over his rational thought process. He mumbled again, “Maybe just a peek, all I’ll do is go in for a peek, then my curiosity will be satisfied and I can sleep!” He tried to convince himself not to go in but he found himself at her bedroom door looking at her prone and unconscious body he eased into the room shyly knowing this time it wasn’t to help his mother but to take advantage of her helpless situation. He eased onto the bed her Erie soft steady breathing causing him to feel a tingle along his spine and the hair on the back of his neck to raise, his eyes shot from her sleeping face to her underwear and bra. Feeling he could no longer help himself he reached a trembling hand out and lightly ran his finger tips over her pointy nipples. She made no indication of waking so with his other hand he reached for her crotch his eyes riveted on her face and he traced his finger over her puffy pussy mound feeling the wetness at the crotch.

He wondered just how far he could go she was so passed out maybe he could get a better look, reaching down with both hands he slipped his fingers under the under wire of her bra, and raised it and pushed the cups over her breast his palms brushing her nipples. The sheer excitement and taboo of it all was causing him distress as well as a building desire that he couldn’t understand or want to it was now a challenge he had to try and overcome. As the bra flipped up above her tits Felix gasped and stared in awe her breast were wonderful, as large as grapefruits and white as snow. Tender little blue veins could be seen on the pointed globes though on her back the roundness of her breast peaked into cones with dark large areola capping each. They looked raw and innocent the owner no longer in control of them, he wondered what she would think if she woke up right now with him staring at her naked tits. He slipped his fingers from the cups and lowered his palms over the nipples and wrapped his palms and thumbs around the globes the flesh was warm to his cool touch. He groped lightly and flicked his fingertips over the nipples that involuntarily responded by growing stiff from his manipulations. He looked down at himself his cock was raging hard now maybe three inches and the head was rudely poking out of his underwear, he took the opportunity to reach down and rub himself as he cupped her boob.

As if struck with inspiration he stopped what he was doing and crawled to the end of the bed he closed her splayed legs and climbed up and took hold of the waistband of her panties and slowly tugged them down. His eyes flicked from her face to the inch by inch exposure of his mother’s waist; once he saw the first sign of her pubic hair his eyes locked on and inched with the waistband of her panties. The hair was soft and trimmed in a thin line like a landing strip now he wanted to see the hanger. He tugged hard to pull the back over her firm round ass cheeks then they seemed to glide down easily, just as the panties cleared her crotch he felt himself shudder. He quickly glanced up at his mother’s face she was still passed out and unaware of his prying eyes, he slid them all the way off and tossed them on the floor. Sliding back down he spread her legs wide he crawled on his hands and knees up between her legs and stared at her naked pussy. The hair was shaved all along the edges into the stripe to the top of her pussy and the outer edges of the puffy mound split in two by her slit were clean shaven as well, and after a few seconds with her legs spread the slit split open and her pussy lips rolled out into view. Felix guffawed and stared they were the same shade as her nipples dark not quite brown but at the edges and lighter until pink at the inner point.

He reached out until within an inch or so and then looked up at his mother’s face as he eased in to touch her pussy watching for a sign of awakening. She didn’t even flinch as his finger tips touch the moist lips so he turned his full attention back to her pussy and watched as his fingers spread her lips and searched for her opening. Finding it by following the warmth and wetness to the point of to most intense heat and leaking fluid he eased a finger into her his eyes now locked on hers watching, waiting to see if she would react. As he slipped his finger back and forth, in and out, he could see that she was impervious to the intrusion he pushed in further until his palm was flush on her mound and his middle finger was buried wiggling inside her feeling the fiery heat and silky juices the interior velvety and soft. After a few minutes of finger fucking his mother he felt the need to sense her even farther slipping his finger from her dripping pussy he raised it to his nose and inhaled deeply the musky scent the aroma an intense aphrodisiac plunging through his nostrils straight to his brain. He rolled his eyes back and clenched his lids shut as he breathed deeply the wafting pungent smells of his mother’s pussy. Then he lowered his finger and opened his eyes staring down at his thick cock straining with desire he slid the digit along the head and down the shaft.

He could feel the heat that lingered from her pussy on his finger and the silky juice that coated it glided along smoothly coating a trail where his finger rubbed. As if struck by a bolt of lightening he jumped from the bed and stripped off his underwear freeing his rigid cock and as if in a mindless rage he crawled back up between her legs his eight-inch shaft bobbing from side to side. He no longer had control of himself, he eased up to where his face was right above his mothers then reached down and took hold of his cock shaft and rubbed the head up and down the hot slit searching for the center of pleasure. His cock head spread her pussy lips apart until he could feel the intense heat of her opening and leaning in he slipped effortlessly into her. He could not contain the groan as it escaped his lips and he stared at his mothers face in anticipation of her waking from the deep guttural animalistic growl, he held still for a moment then seeing she was still passed out. He gulped and pressed forward sliding his whole length into her barely containing the groans of pleasure. The hot silky inner walls of her pussy caressed every inch of his cock the feeling so intense he could feel the goose bumps form all over his body he turned from her face to look at her tits. He leaned down and suckled each nipple tenderly, and then more eagerly as he had done seventeen years ago, suddenly he felt a change in her body as if it were responding.

He looked up at her face with her nipple still in his mouth her head rolled slightly from side to side then her eyelids fluttered. He quickly spit out the nipple and leaned back over her face watching to see what was going to happen. Her eye lids fluttered again then popped open her eyes all glassy, Felix felt his heart skip a beat, then she squinted as if to focus. Hillary licked her dry lips and stared through the squint to try and determine what she was seeing then, as the face became clearer she said, “Felix?” He was in shock he didn’t know what to do, answer jump up and run away his mind was racing then he opted to remain mute. His mother then spoke in a drunken mumble, “Um what are your doing?” Felix’s heart was pounding his cock aching to continue he couldn’t think of anyway out of it he had been caught in the act fucking his sleeping mother there was no excuse. Her eyes squinted even harder her brow furrowing as if trying to concentrate she slurred, “Ize feel something inside me, insize my pussy is that’s youzz?” He couldn’t think of anything and without thinking nodded, Hillary looked down between their bodies she could see his thick pubic patch pressed against her tight furry strip. She blinked rapidly then tried to open her eyes wider but the drunken lids drooped as she asked, “Are you fucking me?” Felix nodded again dumbly, she slurred out, “Youz can’t be fucking me, and this ain’t real!” She swayed her head looking back up at his face his eyes wide with fear, she squinted hard then her eyes went wide. Felix felt his whole body tingled with shame, then watched as her pupils rolled back and her head dropped on the pillow and grunting groan followed by and deep gasping then slow and steady breathing as she passed out again. His heart skipped a beat as she suddenly gasped and mumbled softly, “That cock inside me is huge, no way that is my little boy!” He had to smirk at hearing his mother compliment his manhood even though his heart was racing with fear and apprehension.

Felix held still unsure what to do next get up and go to his room and hide in shame waiting for her to wake up and kill him or cry right then and there from the fear of having been caught. He felt her shift her hips and his cock slipped out and back in again a fraction he gasped what was she doing then he determined that she was just trying to get comfortable. A sudden groan from her brought back the shock as she mumbled, “No, can’t be happening.” He made a shushing whisper and she smacked her lips and rolled her head to the side humming softly then went out again. As he felt her relax he slowly withdrew his cock but the velvety feeling was excruciatingly sweet as the head neared the opening he stopped and pressed back into her. She mumbled incoherently but didn’t make a move to stop him her body still yielding to his slow reentry as if he was a dream. He slipped back again then in with not so much as a sound from his mother, her pussy seemed hotter yet and the silky juice coated his shaft easing his motions as he pumped in again. He could feel himself relax as he now felt the comfort of her slumbering body ease to him her only recognition of his actions an occasional grunt or groan mixed with a lifting of her hips. He leaned down again as he short stroked into her and lapped at her nipples eliciting a soft moan from his sleeping mother. The electric tension in the air coupled with luxurious nerve tingling sensations was causing Felix to feel lightheaded.

He felt his ball sack tighten and his cock shaft start to tingle he started to moan and pick up the pace. His pumping turned to deep hard thrust causing his mother to grunt, the head board started to clack against the wall then clatter as his speed picked up even more. He looked down as he pumped his aching cock into his first piece of pussy, his mothers her titties were jiggling wildly at his intense pounding the whole bed shook a picture swung and dropped from the wall with a loud crack. Felix didn’t care any more he could feel it he was gonna cum and nothing surrounding them mattered any more even as the figurine fell off the shelf and landed on the pillow next to his mothers head. He reached up and pushed the porcelain piece to the side still plowing away into his mother’s pussy with a vengeance every inch of his cock tingling with the heat and tight grip surrounding it. His heart now pounded with the need to pump a larger supply of blood to his genitals his voice rasped with the deep intake of air trying hard to keep his lungs from burning from the exertion. Suddenly he felt himself start to twitch inside her and slammed his cock deep to the hilt causing his mother to grunt then groan out, “Whatz you doing, youz gonna cum inside me?” Felix shushed her not wanting anything to disturb his concentration as he was feeling the need to orgasm. Hillary moaned out, “Ize feel yourz cock twitchin’ in me your gonna…OH!” With her final word his cock jetted out a huge gob of sperm, she continued mumbling, “This can’t be happening you’re my son but it feels so real!” As his cock pumped huge spurts of cum into her pussy Felix collapsed atop her his mouth close to her ear he moaned, “Shush, momma just sleep, sleeeppp!” She whimpered and licked her lips as her pussy was filled with her sons hot cum his satisfied groans breathing into her neck as he shuddered and flinched, his aching balls dumping its last drops deep inside her.

As his mothers breathing became labored from the weight of her son’s chest crushing hers, Felix raised up the realization of what he had just done struck him and he shivered as the shame overtook him. He withdrew his still twitching cock from his mothers, pussy groaning as the warm silky walls of her pussy slipped from around his shaft the cool air swirling over his heated engorged flesh. The head of his cock slipped from between her pussy lips his hard shaft flipped it up slinging cum up onto his mothers pubic hair. He looked down at his cock glistening with Hillary’s pussy juice the tip dripping small drops of cum down on her clit causing her to shudder and roll her head to the side smacking her lips and humming softly.
He looked over at his mother’s crotch silvery drops of his cum beaded on her pussy hair and her pussy lips gaping rudely from the recent stretch of his cock shaft and a slow rolling flow of his cum sliding from her opening down the crack of her ass. Hearing her stir he looked up to her face her thirty seven years of life hidden behind a much younger looking visage, her upper lip was beaded with sweat as was her forehead and a glow seemed to surround her whole head. Looking back down to her pussy panic struck him as he saw his cum rolling over her ass cheeks nearing the bed sheet, he looked around for something to stop the flow that would leave a tell tail sign stained on the sheet. He spotted his underwear and quickly grabbed them up and stuffed them under her ass to catch the thick lava like flow of his sperm as it oozed from his mothers collapsing opening.

He quickly formulated a plan to try and hide his incestuous activities; he ran to the bathroom and got a warm wash cloth, towel and tissue he then proceeded to clean his cum from her pussy, pressing lightly n her lower belly pushing his sperm out in streams. Using the tissue he collected the thick liquid and then wiped up the sticky remnants with the wash cloth then towel her pussy dry. Then he searched her dresser for her night gown, as he rummaged around he grabbed a piece of cloth at the bottom of the drawer and a long thick dildo rolled out of it and started to buzz. He felt his skin crawl with fear and quickly grabbed the rubbery shaft the vibrating making it hard to hold onto but he managed to find the switch and turn it off. He looked over his shoulder at his mother still sleeping; he shook his head and smiled now realizing what the noises had been he heard late in the night from his mother’s moans and soft humming buzz. He rolled the fake cock up in the cloth and found her night gown, carefully maneuvering her gently around until he dressed her in her bed clothes and covered her back up and check the room again for signs of his intrusion. He spotted the figurine and gently replaced it onto the shelf where it had fallen, then tucked his mother in one last time before he eased the door shut and caring his cum stained underwear back to his room. He shuddered as he eased his cool sheets over his heated body and tried to relax and sleep his mind flowing with memories of his first fuck and the shame of it being his sleeping mother.

In the morning after a fitful nights sleep he awoke with a hard on, he reached down and gave it a squeeze to ease the tension and soon felt the aching in his bladder, feeling the urgent need to pee he didn’t even bother to put anything on. He was yawning and rubbing his eyes as he pushed the bathroom door open with his foot and stepped inside, taking his hands away from his eyes he felt shock as he saw his mother sitting on the toilet. Felix was standing inches from in front of her before he realized she was sitting on the stool, his jaw dropped as he saw her half open eyes level with his straining erect penis. Hillary noticed him standing before her then her blurred vision caught sight of the engorged cock close enough to smell the musky scent of manhood. Felix just stared in shock as he watched his mothers eyebrow arch as she looked up the length of his shaft and said, “Halfta go pretty bad huh?” Felix nodded and muttered “Uhuh” as she lowered her gaze whispering, “Just a minute honey and you can relieve your self, bettcha that thing hurts being hard like that, and well it will feel better once you relieve the pressure?” Felix nodded and turned to face away, he heard the toilet flush and as his mother passed behind him she patted him on his bare ass saying, “All yours baby, I’m going back to bed, I’m worn out from last night!” Felix grunted and spun around after she left and pointed his erect penis to the bowel and forced himself to go, the flow stopped mid stream as his mother stood at the door clearing her throat then said, “Careful with that, don’t hurt yourself!” Felix turned to try and conceal himself as she continued, “When you get up make me some coffee please, I got a bad hangover?” He agreed and waited for her to leave before he turned back and finished peeing then quickly ran back to his room to dress for the morning.

As he sat in front of the TV eating cereal he tried not to think of the events of the past several hours but he couldn’t help himself and he felt himself become aroused and rubbed his growing cock out of reflex. Hearing his mother’s bedroom door open he pulled his hand away then heard the bathroom door then the shower. He pushed the thoughts from his head and tried to concentrate on the television program, he was engrossed when his mother finally made an appearance. She went to the kitchen and got a coffee cup then realized the pot was empty; she scolded him mockingly as he laughed and rebutted, “You’re the one who got hammered last night!” The pun of the fact that he had hammered her after she had gotten hammered not intended but caused him to shudder at the thought of the implication but soon he was relieved as she tossed plastic fruit at him. He threw a pillow back at her, which she caught and returned soon they were laughing and winging soft household items at one and other until they closed in on each other and a pillow fight ensued. After some light swatting with the pillows Felix grabbed his mother and wrestled her to the ground, they rolled around tickling and laughing for several minutes. Felix found himself on top of his mother as she laid face down his semi hard cock shaft laying nestled in her ass crack, as she laughed and wrestled her ass cheeks clamped his shaft again and again. Hillary didn’t notice that he started to rub his cock along her ass crack but that his body rose easing the hold and she rose as well onto her hands and knees. Suddenly she became aware of his actions as his hands held her hips and his hard shaft rubbed up and down her ass crack, she felt herself shudder and her eyes went wide realizing that her son was dry humping her. She didn’t move at first thinking that maybe it was accidental but after several more strokes there was no mistaking his actions and she tried to pull away but he held her firmly.

She struggled then cried out, “FELIX what are you doing?” his humping stopped abruptly and he quickly released her and back away, she spun around staring at his face in shock, his sheepish, shy and shamed look indicating his embarrassment. Hillary’s face was contorted her brow furrowed in anger and shame as she asked again, “What do you think you were doing?” Felix turned away and mumbled incoherently as she stared at his crotch his hard cock pressing his sweat pants out rudely, she ruffled her skirt down and shook her head. She was curt as she spoke again, “I asked you a question, what do you think you were doing, I’m your mother how can you think of doing something like that?” Felix’s face was beat red with shame as he stammered, “I-I don’t know it just felt good, I didn’t mean anything by it. I just had to make it feel better; it was like this morning in the bathroom it was so hard it hurt. And well it felt good rubbing on you, I’m sorry mom, I wasn’t thinking!” He jumped up and started to run away when Hillary felt she was too stern with him and called him back to try and make things better between them and as she sat on the couch she patted the cushion and told him to sit next to her. She sat thinking for a moment back to the bathroom and then she remembered his hard penis as it dangled in front of her face, she shuddered at the thought then shook her head to clear her thoughts. She started by saying, “Look honey I understand, you’ve hit the age where things begin to happen with your body and you start thinking of girls and all but sweetheart, I’m your mother, It-it’s just not right, understand?” Felix still confused by all the events of recent history shook his head no, Hillary looked off in thought and a flash of the dream she had of being fucked last night struck her mind. She shook her head trying to concentrate on the topic at hand but another flash of dream came in and it was Felix who was doing the fucking, she shuddered and turned to stare at him. His look inquisitive as he tilted his head trying to get something from her intense stare, Hillary looked into his eyes her own cheeks becoming flushed as she wondered if she had initiated the incident subconsciously. Felix questioned her as to what was wrong as she covered her lips with her fingertips and shook her head no, indicating nothing was wrong but her look betrayed her.

She blurted out, “What brought this on?” Felix hem hawed as Hillary continued, “Was it something I did?” He shrugged and tilted his head indicating neither yes nor no to her question leaving it up to her interpretation. She felt herself gasp then said, “What was it, what did I do?” Felix continued to avoid her questions shrugging and saying, “No one thing, I guess?” Hillary looked away again trying to think what it was that had brought on the dreams and had caused her to seduce her son into dry humping her butt. She stammered, “What-what can I do to help you through this?” Felix felt his opportunity and stood and yanked down his sweat pants exposing his rigid cock, Hillary reeled in shock as she turned back and was faced by her son’s enormous erection. She gasped and blurted, “What are you doing, put that away!” Felix didn’t make a move to cover himself but said, “You said you wanted to help, this is what I need help with?" His sheepish child like look hiding his true intentions and causing Hillary to question what she had said. She stared at his cock it was impressive eight inches at least and thick with large veins and a bulbous dark head, she shook he head and looked away saying, “Felix you really need to put your…Um penis away, that’s not what I meant!” He still left his cock out as he stammered, “But mom I don’t understand, I need help, I can’t go through this alone?” Hillary turned back cautiously his manhood staring back at her, her own desires she thought had brought this on, not realizing that she had not initiated the whole thing. She was transfixed on his cock as she mumbled, “I-I don’t know what to do, I mean uh, what were you thinking?”

Felix felt his eyes light up and he quelled his glee to say, “Well I was thinking that you know I could, put it in you?” Hillary gasped in shock and turned away shaking her head saying, “NO-NO not that, I mean, we can’t ever do that it is incest!” Felix felt it all slipping away when he was struck with an idea, “How about rubbing it for me, I-I mean with your hand, you know kinda jerk me off?” Hillary turned to look into his eyes they seemed to be pleading with her to help him out, she stammered, I-I don’t know honey I mean that’s still like incest in a way isn’t it?” He now had a sense that things would work out if he presented it right then said, “Well not really I mean you’ve touched it before when I was little and it’s not really my fault it’s like this right?” She nodded trying to not look directly into his eyes now; he had successfully shamed her into the belief that she had created this environment. She looked away again as if thinking then said, “That’s all, right just jack you off?” Felix nodded with a boyish innocence and said, “If you think that will do it, I guess I mean I don’t know what to do, you know about these things right mom?” Hillary nodded again that she did have sexual knowledge and Felix continued, “I don’t know mom what it is about you that makes me feel this way something you do makes me feel all excited!” Hillary felt the shame deepen in her as she nodded knowingly and said, “Just this once then, and that should do it right, I mean you will be fine after this right?”

Felix thanked her repeatedly as she looked at her trembling hand reaching reluctantly toward her son’s hard cock, as her fingers wrapped around its girth Felix gasped as she felt her lower lip tremble. She looked away but turned back as she felt the immense size of his shaft, she licked her lips and slowly stroked up then back down the length, and Felix moaned lustfully feeling a willing participant touching his intimate flesh. He looked down at her she had her face turned but she kept glancing back at her hand stroking her sons hard cock, he smiled at the surreal scene she was giving him pleasure, and she thought it was her duty since she believed she was the cause of it all. Her hand strokes were rough and uncoordinated at first but after a few minutes of fumbling she gained a rhythm, something in her had changed and she now seemed to have a desire to do it properly. Hillary noticed that she was growing in excitement from masturbating her son and now started to look at his cock more often until she didn’t turn away again but just stared at her hand stroking his cock. Felix started to grow more excited and began to fuck her gripped fist to which Hillary said, “Easy baby, relax let me do it for you this one time!” She couldn’t believe she had just said that but from his ease of motion he understood but with his closed eyes he didn’t show any sign that he understood the full implication.

Hillary looked up his eyes were closed and he breathed hard and deep through his nostrils, she felt a sudden sense of anonymity and reached out with her other hand to cup his full hairy balls as she slowly, sensuously pump his cock in her grip. She saw his back arch and felt his cock grow thicker and harder, she wanted to say something to help him through his orgasm but felt that would be too forward and silently continued to pleasure her son. As she felt his cock start to pulsate she turned her face trying not to watch him cum, suddenly she felt his hand on the side of her head pulling her face back looking at his cock, and she could see the glimmering drop of pre-cum at the tip. She was shocked as a huge ribbon of silvery sperm blasted from the tip and splattered on her face, she reeled and tried to turn away but he held her firm. She looked up through the jets of cum to see him smiling down at her as he squirted huge gobs on her cheeks, nose and lips. She closed her eyes trying to remove the image but the hot sperm splashing on her face and the sounds of the guttural grunts branded it in her mind. As he finished he slumped forward his cock rubbing his mothers cheek, at first she unconsciously rubbed his cock head in the slippery cum on her face until she realized what she was doing. She snapped her hand from his cock and stared up at him in shock through a string of cum across her eye lashes, he was smiling and thanking her endlessly his cock still dripping cum onto her cleavage in her night gown.

She felt a sudden urge to run away, her mind was running wild, “What had she done, she had just jacked her son off onto her face, was she sick, why didn’t she refuse, what was wrong with them both?” She tried to act calm about it as she stammered, “Um uh well that ought to do it now then, uh well that’s it then, I suppose?” Felix nodded delighted as she fumbled through her sentences, “I um I…Guess that I should go clean up and well I’m still kind of tired so I think I will lay down and take a nap, okay baby?” Felix just nodded with a dumb grin on his face wondering why she was asking his permission, and watched her ass jiggle as she walked away looking over her shoulder at him cum dripping from her chin onto her red silk robe. As she entered the bathroom she stared at her image in the mirror, face coated in thick gooey cum, cheeks red with embarrassment or excitement she wasn’t sure which, without thinking she lashed out with her tongue and lapped a gob of cum from the corner of her mouth. As she tasted the salty sweet sperm that had just come from her son she recoiled in disgust thinking, “What am I doing?” then spit the remnants into the sink. She washed her face and toweled off then reluctantly opened the bathroom door and looked to the living room where Felix sat innocently staring at the TV She trotted to her bed room ashamed of what she was thinking and what she was considering to do about her own excitement, she closed the door and leaned against it for a moment then went to her dresser drawer.

Felix heard the door close on his mother’s bedroom and couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking and slowly tip toed to the door and leaned his ear to it to listen and hear what she was doing. A few minutes of the sounds of her rustling around inside he heard silence then a low buzzing followed by a gasp. She had gotten the vibrator out and was using it on herself, Felix was thinking to himself, “She had gotten excited jacking him off and now she had to finish herself off.” He thought of bursting into the room and taking the dildo away and cramming his hard cock into her needy hot pussy but opted to stand by and listen to her pleasure herself. After several minutes of the soft humming of the vibrator he could hear a squishing then soft suppressed moan as she tried to contain her excitement. He could hear the bed start to creak as she was obviously starting to pick up the pace, a few more minutes and he could tell she could not contain her lust as she no longer held back her moans but let the flow out deep and lusty. Felix felt his cock harden again listening to his mother fuck herself with the fake cock; he eased his sweat pants down and slow stroked his cock in time with her moans. Soon her breathing quickened and she gasped repeatedly then grunted low and loud, the liquid squish sounds coming quicker and quicker as he knew she was plowing the dildo into her hot cunt. He was getting close to cumming again but didn’t want to waste it out side her door and covered his cock again and just listened to his mother masturbating. He could hear deep sighs followed by a loud sentence, “OH-OH GOD YES-YES I’m cumming good lord this is the best ever!” Felix felt pride that she was having her best orgasm thinking of him as she fucked herself silly with the rubber cock. After a few minutes all sounds ceased except the steady deep breathing of his mother as she came down form her orgasmic high.

Felix flung open the door; Hillary quickly yanked the covers over her naked waist the vibrator still lodged in her pussy as she called out, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He looked at her with that child like sheepish innocence and said, “Mom I-I well I’m tired too and I feel so close to you now can I nap with you?” She hadn’t had the chance to even remove the fake cock from her pussy yet and was reluctant to even speak to him let alone let him lay down with her as she shook her head no and whimpered the buzzing dildo still sending little shock waves through her pussy. Felix pouted and made a whimpering, “PLLEEAASSEE?” Hillary managed to find the switch to the electric lover and turn it off but felt the movement of pulling it from her pussy would be too obvious to do in front of her son so held it tight in her aching pussy. She stared at him in disbelief and seeing his nearly genuine look of innocence nodded for him to join her. She had thought that she would have a chance to remove the dildo when he closed the door but he didn’t even turn around as he slammed the door causing her to jump then trotted over to the bed and climbed under the sheet as she trapped it on herself in shame. At first he laid next to her but not close enough to touch her then he seemed to scoot closer and closer until he snuggled up to her body. Hillary rolled on her side facing away from him trying to avoid seeing his face as the rubber cock was buried in her pussy for fear that she would equate the feeling inside her with him.

As he snuggled close to her she suddenly felt his hard cock press into her ass cheek she started to protest but it seemed that he was falling asleep, his breathing had become deep and somber with soft natural snores. She decided that it was coincidental that he was hard and it pressed her ass cheek softly and she tried to think of a way to pull the dildo out of her pussy. As she fumbled for the end she accidentally flipped the switch and it started to buzz she held still in shock but it seemed that Felix hadn’t noticed the steady hum she raised her leg to open herself up and release the buzzing cock. When she felt Felix’s cock slip off her ass cheek and come to rest with the head nestled nudging her anus. She held still for a moment and felt him shift his body a bit pressing his hips a bit the sweat pant covered cock head lodging it’s self just at her anal opening. His arm was draped over her shoulder his hand lightly cupping her breast she turned her head to look over her shoulder, his eyes were closed and he still seemed to be sleeping. With her leg dangling she seemed to be thinking what to do next, her mind raced it felt good his hard cock planted between her ass cheeks as if threatening to fuck her butt his finger tips rubbing the round globe of her breast as he breathed deeply in slumber.

Hillary reacted without thought as she lowered her leg and clamped her ass cheek around her sons engorged cock head, she slid her arm closer to her body trapping his hand on her breast and with her hand still grasping the buzzing vibrator she bit her lip in pleasure. Slowly and gently so as to not disturb her sleeping son she slipped the humming rubber cock back and forth and pressed her hips back clutching Felix’s cock in the grasp of her ass cheeks. With her free hand she reached back gently and spread her ass cheeks and ground his hard cock head into her anus then released it and clamped down reveling in the feeling. Felix was concentrating on his attempt to act asleep but he couldn’t help but enjoy the attention his mother was giving his excited cock. As Hillary pinched her ass cheeks around his cock head he slid his hips back letting her clamp his sweat pants as they pulled away from his waist he adjusted again sliding his cock free. Hillary was so engrossed with the buzzing in her pussy and she hadn’t noticed the withdraw of the hard cock from between her ass cheeks. When she realized that all she had between her cheeks was cloth she released the material and edged back as she spread her cheeks with her hand. She gasped as she felt the hard naked flesh of her sons cock as it made contact with her anus she assumed the contact was incidental as she looked over her shoulder and saw Felix still slumbering.

She bit her lip as she tried to consider the consequences of leaving his nude cock between her ass cheeks, but all apprehension disappeared as she felt the heat emanating from the bulbous cock head as it nudged the ringed muscle at her anal opening. She squeezed again around her sons cock and rocked her hips, as she did she felt the slick warm pre-cum rubbing on her flesh she instantly noticed the lubing effect and enjoyed the slippery motion. Hillary’s eye’s slowly closed as she turned back away and continued to pleasure herself using her toy and her son, the feeling building excruciatingly slow but intense she licked her lips in anticipation. She soon became careless and allowed her lust to guide her motions and as she relaxed her ass grip on Felix’s cock head she involuntarily pushed her hips back, the sudden movement allowed the greasy cock head to press then eased into her anus. Hillary’s eye lids fluttered as she groaned out softly, “OH GOD, what’s that, uh it’s slipped into my butt, I should stop, I’ve never had anything back there like this, I should stop, but it feels so good, just a little longer!” She glanced over her shoulder, Felix still looked asleep, oblivious to the fact that she had trapped his cock head in her ass hole, looking at his face she felt her apprehension grow and whispered, “No I shouldn’t this is wrong!” Felix was feeling concerned that she was going to stop, but he couldn’t let on that he knew what was going on or that he was enjoying it.

Hillary reached back and spread her ass cheeks to dislodge his cock head and eased forward she gasped feeling it slip free, a new sensation of tingling from the withdraw, she had held still trying to decide what to do next. Suddenly Felix became restless and moved the quick motion caused his cock head to penetrate her ass hole again, Hillary groaned in pleasure and waited for him to settle down. She still held her one ass cheek up and open, nibbling her lip and decided to try again and as she leaned forward slipping him out again. As the sensation spread she just as quickly pushed back on him the anal penetration was making her pre-orgasmic pleasure radiate throughout her lower body, soon she was popping the cock head in and out of her anus. Felix felt the intermittent buzzing as his cock head penetrated her ass hole through the thin tissue that separated her anus and vagina it was driving him crazy he wanted to push her onto her belly and slam her ass hard until he could fill it with his cum. He just relaxed and let her slip and slide his cock head in and out of her ass hole as she moaned and pumped the vibrator in her pussy building for an amazing orgasm. Hillary moaned softly and whispered she thought to herself, “Amazing, oh my I would never have thought having my ass penetrated would make me feel this way!” Felix felt her nipple harden on his finger tips as she moved her body and he couldn’t resist rubbing acting as if it were incidentally, Hillary felt the tender touch but dismissed it as her own motion causing it. As she started to cum she clamped her ass hole around his cock head and quivered convulsively grunting and gasping, Felix was fighting to hold back his own explosion the tight rhythmic spasm of her anus was drawing the cum from his balls.

As she relaxed she rolled forward slightly and as she did she felt the pulsating flow of her son’s cum as it spurted into her gaping asshole and on her ass cheeks she gasped and looked over the shoulder Felix’s eyes were clenched but he still seemed to be asleep. Hillary eased the covers up and slid on her belly to the edge of the bed and held the hem of her satin night gown up to keep from getting in the cum. Felix parted his eyelids slightly looking through his eyelashes he saw the glimmering fluid rolling down her ass cheeks and watched as she spread her legs and eased the long rubber dong from her pussy and walked limp legged out of the room to clean herself. As he lay there listening to the water flow in the bathroom he reached down and pulled his sweat pants up over his cock and rolled onto his back to wait for her to return. When Hillary entered the bedroom she was startled to see Felix lying on his back with his eyes wide open he was smiling at her flushed cheeks and contented look and asked, “Where did you go?” Hillary was obviously embarrassed and looked away quickly climbing under the covers and stammering, “The bathroom I had to the urge!” Felix smiled and said, “Yeah I know how you feel, I had the weirdest dream though but it was a good one!” Hillary held back the sob as she started to cry from her embarrassment and shame at using her son for her own pleasure until she cried herself to sleep as her son slept next to her contentedly.

As the soft glow of the late afternoon sun beamed into the room Felix felt the bed shift as his mother stirred and got up, he woke and looked over at her as she looked over her shoulder at him trying to see if he was still asleep. He asked her what she was doing she seemed distant as she replied, “You need to get up now, I’m going to get dressed and go out!” Felix was a bit distressed by the news but did as he was told sensing from her stern look that she was serious, as he left the room he noticed she was watching his every move intently. He wondered what was going through her mind, Hillary was ashamed of her thoughts as she watched her son leave but she couldn’t help but marvel at him, for his age he was quite a man, tall and muscled and the bulge in his sweat pants was impressive for a soft penis. She felt herself shiver at the thought a sense of excitement building, but that was the intent behind going out maybe she could find someone to boff and get these weird thoughts from her head.

After she had dressed she came out of the bedroom, Felix was sitting tensely on the couch waiting for her to emerge, and he had a nervous sense about him as she told him her plans and a return time. He reassured her that he would be up and waiting for her to come home, but she told him to go to bed on time because the time was not set in stone. He seemed distressed but agreed and took a moment to take in his mother’s beauty, her blonde hair was pulled back and with a hint of blush and eye shadow her face was angelic. Her steel blue eyes stared at him over her sun glasses as she put them on her mind obviously wondering what thoughts he was having and just as well a sense of satisfaction seeing the reaction in his eyes as he surveyed her out fit. The short skirt she wore would have looked silly on any other woman her age but on her it accented her round ass cheeks and matched to the tight knit top with the plunging neck line revealing her ample cleavage, she looked like she could have been in Felix’s class instead of his mother. She leaned over the back of the couch to give Felix a peck on the cheek but he turned and her lips landed on his, she lingered there a moment too long the thought and quickly pulled away saying, “Remember don’t wait up!”

Though on opposite sides of town their thoughts were the same, what was it about each other that drew them together in such an odd sexual state that their thoughts centered around each other rather than out side sources. Felix thought when was it that he stopped thinking about girls at school and started to think of his mother in that way. A sudden revelation came to him when he and his friends were hanging out at his house and someone had called his mother a MILF at first he felt offended and threatened the other boy then as he looked at her he could see why they would say that. From that point on he looked at her in a totally different way, he found himself staring at her checking out her body having feelings of lust grow at seeing her in every day attire. Hillary sat trying to attract any suitable male with flirtatious looks and subtle moves to accentuate her body, but as soon as a man would sit down next to her and strike up a conversation and buy her a drink she felt as if she were cheating. She couldn’t shake the feeling and sent three different men packing as she sat staring into space drinking heavily, she tried to place what it was that kept bringing Felix to her mind. She retraced the past several weeks until she found the precise moment that things had changed, it was the start of summer. It all seemed to flow back. She was lying out in the back yard the sun was warm her skin toning and glistening with oil, she remembered seeing her reflection in the sliding glass door. As she looked at the view she presented she saw Felix looking out the door as if out of no where she reached behind her and untied her bikini top, as the strings dropped she could see the round edges of her breast pressed into the lounger. In her minds eye she could clearly see Felix’s reaction, eyes wide his hand in his pocket clutching at his groin. That was it! Did she do it on purpose just to get that reaction from him she couldn’t place it did she or was it just to get an all over tan? She started to drink more and more until the bartender finally cut her off and called her a taxi to get home.

Felix was in bed when he heard the unfamiliar car pull up out front then the door open and the stumbling walk through the living room and the dragging down the hallway then the sudden crumpling thud to the floor. He got up and opened his bedroom door slowly, the sight that greeted him sent chills up his spine, his mother was sprawled on the hallway floor, her skirt up around her waist her round ass cheeks bare but for the slim thong string between. She leaned up barely and looked at Felix droopy eyed and slurred, “Always staring at my ass, aren’t you?” He gasped and stammered “N-N-No, I was just trying to see if you were okay!” She smiled and laid her head down on the floor and said, “Can’t blame you, I guess it is out on display, you like my ass don’t you, I can tell!” He didn’t answer just stared at her in disbelief until she whispered just before passing out, “its okay, I can see the reaction it causes and I feel it…” Hillary brushed her hair from her eyes and winked at her son, then provocatively ran her hand down the length of her body to her hip and trailed her finger tips over her naked ass cheek making a smooching sound as she kissed in his direction.

Felix just stared down at her in shock, what did she mean by that, did she feel the same way and the only time she was honest about it she had to be drunk and totally uninhibited. “HELL YES, SHE DOES! His mind raced between the meaning and the planning his eyes racing around the surroundings envisioning the situations he could put together. If she thought that she was the instigator and she had the same feelings, maybe this time she would be the one to be aggressive. He smiled slyly to himself as he bent down over her and started to undress her; once he had her completely naked he took a moment to drink in the sight with his eyes. He smiled slyly as he fondled her breast and caresses her soft skin, then shook it off and summoned enough strength to pick her up on the third try. He carried her to his bed and then went back out to set up the scenario by placing her clothes strategically throughout the hallway into her bedroom door. Glancing back he assured himself that if she saw it she would be convinced that she undressed herself on the way to his room, as he turned back to his mother he felt his groin heat up, laying on her back her breast still stood up proud.

Felix stripped off his underwear and laid down next to his mother, he knew he had to concentrate on heating her up. He looked her up and down unsure where to start, before it had just happened but now it had to be by design to get her excited enough that she would believe she had initiated the sex. He caressed her thigh gently as he stared at her breast his hand making larger and larger circles, until he came in contact with her pubic mound, he slipped his hand between her thighs and edged the fingers up until they pressed into the fleshy mound that formed a camel toe shape. He could feel the heat before flesh touched flesh, then he spread her thighs and became more aggressive hearing her hum a soft moan, he slipped his finger into her and moved his thumb up to press and swirl her engorged clit. The anticipation and excitement sent thrills throughout his body from his hair follicles to his growing cock; it was a sensation of lust that was unbridled. He could feel the heat inside her that had to have developed before she came home and he wondered if he was the cause or if some stranger had put her in this state, and if so why had she not acted on it? The realization of it struck him hard she had left herself untouched because she was lost to the thought of him and what she had thought was a dream, she couldn’t bring herself to fuck another her mind was locked up in the fantasies of her son.

The first time she stirred Felix jumped with fear, but eased his motions until she relaxed a bit mumbling and smacking her lips, her hips pressing into his hand trying to get more from him then passed out again. He continued to bring her up and ease her back until he felt her body trembling and her motions not lessening, he eased close to her and pulled her onto her side facing him. Gently he eased his fingers from between her legs and watched her face seeing the reaction of frustration form on her face, her eyes clenched and her brow furrowed, her lips pouted whimpering her disappointment. Felix lifted her leg onto his hip and moved into position, reaching between them he took hold of his cock shaft and pressed downward rubbing it along her slit. He watched as her eyes eased and her lips trembled until his cock slipped between her pussy lips and embedded at her opening, he could see her pupils darting back and forth beneath her eyelids. Now was the time he thought then arching his back he thrust effortlessly into her, her mouth gaped open as she gasped deeply, then in one fluid motion he tugged her ass cheek pulling her atop him. She grunted deeply as she settled down on his cock, her head rolled from side to side on his chest as she started to rouse, her mind taking in what her body was feeling. Felix pulled her knees up by his rib cage then gripped her ass cheeks and slowly started to pull her up and back humping her on his cock.

Felix felt her start to take over the motions and dropped his hands by his sides and let her go, closing his eyes as if asleep. Hillary could feel the massive cock sliding in and out of her pussy and a sudden realization the she was moving her hips; she put her hands beside the broad shoulders beneath her and raised her head up. Her eyes fluttering as she looked about and began to recognize her surroundings, then she snapped her head downward staring at the face of the man she was riding. She stopped her hips in mid motion seeing her sons apparently sleeping face, her head trembled in shock, as did her lips around her gaping awe struck mouth. She lifted her hips and wiggled her ass trying to judge how big he was inside her and she gasped at discovering the enormity of his cock. At first she could ‘t help herself and she lightly pumped her hips up and down no truly feeling herself enjoy it then she felt the shame as she looked down on her sons face. Felix felt the sudden stop and knew now was his opportunity to confront her; rolling his head from side to side he fluttered his own eyes as if he were awakening for the first time. He felt his mother’s quick motion to dismount and reached out and took hold of her hips holding her in place. Then in a sleepy tone he whispered, “What is… What are you doing Mom?” Hillary stammered inaudibly, as Felix leaned forward looking over her shoulder, she looked back as well seeing her clothes strewn in a line straight to his room. She felt herself shudder as the thought of what she had done to be where she was at and she spoke, “I-I don’t know baby, I-I was uh um just go back to sleep sweet heart, your dreaming!”

Felix nodded and smiled and slowly closed his eyes but left his hands on her ass cheeks lest she try to climb off again, but to his surprise as soon as she felt he was out again she started to hump her hips riding his cock with renewed vigor. She gasped and moaned whispering she thought to herself, “C-Can’t help it, OH feels so good, n-need to just get off!” He thought with the way she ended her sentence that she intended to leave so he grasped her ass cheeks tighter, holding the firm flesh as she pumped her pussy harder. But she instead pumped harder and faster whimpering out, “Yes baby boy that’s it hold onto mamma and let her get off on your big cock!” She was pumping up and back and intermittently undulating her hips trying to get as much of his cock into her as possible and moaning in soft whispers, “Just don’t wake up baby let mom have her fun a little longer, please stay sleeping and hard!” He could barely contain himself and had to speak, “Mom… w-why are you moving on top of me, what are you doing… it feels like something hot, soft and wet is wrapped around my dick…what is it?” Hillary shushed him and said in grunting gasps, “It-its…ok…okay b-baby ju…just lie back and enjoy it, you-your feeling my pussy baby, it-it feels like that because…OH God…you-you…need to cum…wh-when your ready just let it happen!”

Felix smiled and said, “YES-yes it does feel so good, do y-you like it too?” Hillary bit her lip and mumbled, “Umhuh it sure does, shush now and let’s both get what we want!” Felix quieted and let her go her motions more deliberate as she neared orgasm, her hips shot back in jabbing thrust onto his cock as her mouth opened wide groaning out, “OH MY GOD, YES THIS IS IT GONNA…GONNA CUM!!!” Felix felt her pussy clenching around his cock shaft as she sank back hard and rolled her hips. He could no longer hold out himself and thrust upward his cock twitching and bucking inside his mother until it started to spurt. Hillary gasped at the deep thrusting penetration and dropped her head on his shoulder whimpering softly, “I feel it…I feel you cumming inside me…OH YES, I’M cumming again too!!” Felix felt her pussy clenching around his pulsating cock and bucked upward causing her to jostle on his chest wildly, she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on through his groaning orgasm. Felix relaxed and settled back on the bed and Hillary slid rolling off of him panting and gasping her cheeks flush and sweat on her chest and face caused her damp hair to stick to her face and little wisp of breath blew strands up in the air.

He caressed her belly softly as she relaxed moaning softly her breath easing until it turned into soft snores as she fell into the soft, deep slumber of sexual contentment, her body forming goose bumps, as the heat left it and the cool air breezed lightly into the room from the open door. Felix smiled at himself as rose and went about the task of cleaning up the signs of sex from his mother and carried her into her bedroom and dressed her in her nightclothes and slipped her between the sheets. He picked up the clothes he had so meticulously laid out and put them in the hamper as she would have done had she came home sober. Surveying the surroundings he felt satisfied that she would not suspect what had happened as more than a dream. He went to his bed the sheets drenched with their sweat and cum, he lay down along the dry edge and tried to fall asleep but his mind ran wild thinking of what had just happened.

When morning came Hillary felt the sun shine in the window on her face, she raised her arms out and stretched and then rubbed her eyes. Her mind whirled and she smiled at her content feeling, then snapped her eyes open as the scene of her suspected dream re-played in her mind. She glanced about her room and everything seemed in place, she blinked rapidly as the memories flooded in, her cheeks reddening with shame at the real or imagined incestuous acts. She rose from bed her head bowed embarrassment as she walked from her room; she glanced over at her sons bedroom then trotted faster to the bathroom. As she climbed into the shower she thought that the warm water would wash away the thoughts her eyes welling with tears and pouring out to mix with the shower spray washing down her body to the drain. She jumped with a start as she heard the bathroom door opened and slammed again, she peeked out of the shower curtain to see Felix standing at the toilet with his back to her as if he was trying to pee. Suddenly he turned around facing toward her, she gasped seeing his immense hard on pointing rudely toward the ceiling, and she blinked but still could not take her eyes away. Felix instantly saw her head poking out and her arm pinning her ample breast glistening wet to her chest, he stammered out, “I-I…it won’t go away…I thought if I tried to pee it would go down, b-b-b…but it is still hard…what should I do?” Hillary stared at the long shaft obviously aching for release and tried to think but she felt herself getting excited, she shook her head flipping water drops around the room as she tried to clear her thoughts.

As he stepped toward her she sank back trying to cover herself saying, “What do you want me to do about it?” He could sense her apprehension and looked about trying to think what to say, then hearing the spray of the shower the idea struck. He stepped in closer and said, “Maybe if I climb in the shower I can cool it off?” Hillary was still staring at his cock and with a quick gasping voice said, “Oh-Oh okay, um well I guess that might work YEAH-Yeah that’s right a cool shower will help you!” She slipped back behind the shower curtain and started to wash herself again when suddenly the shower curtain swept open and Felix stepped in behind her. She spun around trying to cover herself and screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Felix sank back at the shrill voice and mumbled, “I-I-I w-was just getting in the shower, y-you said it would help?” Hillary could see his dismay and tilted her head knowingly then whispered softly, “I meant when I was finished!” Felix stammered a quick sorry but his eyes betrayed him as they darted across her body studying every hint of exposed flesh from her glimmering round globes pinned beneath her forearm to the wet matted strip of pubic hair poking out above her fingers trying to hide her pussy. Hillary studied his eyes as they drank in her nudity then glanced down her body to see what he saw. She looked down at the waterfall flowing around her tits rushing in between the cleavage, over her taught slightly rounded belly to the wisp of pubic hair exposed and quickly adjusted her hand to cover her mound better. Then she looked out at his straining cock, it was thicker and longer than before, as Felix saw her staring he looked down as well seeing his hard cock he felt as if it would burst from her stare alone.

Hillary jumped as he spoke, “It doesn’t look like the shower is working, does it?” Hillary was still staring at his erection as she shook her head no then looked up into his innocent eyes, she spoke, “I-I don’t know what to do about it baby, I-I guess I um could give you a hand job again?” Her head was tilted and eyes looked innocent and questioning, Felix looked down as she reached out with a soapy hand and took hold of his shaft. Hillary watched as his hand reached out to grip her wrist then looked up at his shaking head as he said, “I-I don’t think that is going to be enough!” Hillary released her grip on Felix’s shaft and recoiled stammering, “YOU-You don’t mean…?” Felix was shaking his head no as he said, “No not that, like you said it would be wrong!” Hillary stared at his cock it was as if the longer they stood so close naked that it grew more and more, without turning her gaze she questioned, “Then what…? After a long pause she finally tore her eyes from the rampant cock and looked up at him, his eyes were fixed on her chest, and she looked down to where he stared at the gap between her breasts. She looked up into his eyes and said, “YOU-you want to titty fuck me?” She watched as he shook his head yes still staring at her breast, she looked down at her large round globes flattened to her chest by her arm and stammered, “I-I…um don’t know…I mean you would be able to see them then…I don’t think…? Felix cut her off saying, “I’ll turn my back and uh you can cover them with soap suds then I wouldn’t see them, just…uh…you know feel them wrapped around my…uh….me!” She was shaking her head no as he spun around; she looked down his hard round dimpled ass cheeks shimmered with the water flowing over them. She caught herself thinking, “What an ass!” She bit her lip as she tried to figure out what to do; she still held the soap in her hand she looked at it apprehensively.

As she stared back and forth between his ass and the soap she suddenly found herself rolling the bar around her breast, after a few moments she looked down satisfied that she had them covered in suds she stepped toward him. Leaning in she reached around his hip and grasped his raging hard on, her soapy tits mashed in and swirled around his back. Felix gasped then turned toward her, he reached out for her but she backed away and shook her head no saying, “No, you can’t touch just stand still, I am not sure how this is going to work…but you have to let me do it…I don’t want things to get out of control!” Felix nodded his agreement and stood still as she knelt down in front of him, he watched as she rubbed her hands around the globes of her soap-covered breast. He stared down at her as she cupped her tits and leaned in then wrapped the soft slick flesh around his shaft, he gasped at the feeling and Hillary looked up at the gleeful look on his face. He looked down at her as she licked her lips and then bit hold of the bottom lip and started to raise herself up and down pumping her tit flesh along his shaft. Her tits surrounded the hot flesh of his cock completely forming a fuck hole between them. As she looked down she could see the huge mushroom head pop out from between her breast, it was split down the center and as the shaft rubbed on her chest it pulled open exposing the hole that would squirt his sperm soon enough.

She looked back up at him his lower lip was trembling his eyes clenching open and closed staring down at her, she could tell that he was getting the feeling he wanted and pumped her tits a little faster drawing little gasp from her son. She felt herself start to get excited and getting into it, she cupped her hand around and underneath her tits and slipped her finger tips over his balls, making him twitch and shudder, she smiled at the sight. As she looked back down she saw the bulbous head and tried to think of something more she could do to please him. She saw her hair swipe over his cock head and an idea, as she lowered down exposing his cock head again she shook her head from side to side whipping the wet strands over it causing Felix to gasp and stare down to see what she was doing. He noticed that the water rolling down over her shoulders was streaming down her chest and washing the soap from her tits, he leaned into her driving her back into the shower flow washing all the suds away. Hillary looked down at her shiny water covered tits the big brown cones of her nipples fully exposed to his gaze then looked up at Felix staring down at her, his head tilted and he shrugged his shoulders with a sly smile. Hillary shook her head with a wry smile and cupped her finger over her nipples to hide them, what she didn’t realize was that he could see all the way down to her crotch and the pouting pussy lips draped down from her mound.

He felt her shift herself until she had one tit between his belly and cock and used one hand to push the other around the shaft from the outside, he watched as with her free hand she picked up the soap and moved toward her pussy. In the new position she could no longer cover her nipples but didn’t seem to care as she ground the hard bar of soap on her engorged clit, Felix smiled, as she seemed to be oblivious to his watching her masturbate with the soap. Hillary gasped as she circled the corner of the soap around her clit, at first she didn’t notice his hands on her shoulders turning her to face him, her tits slipping free and dangling. She opened her eyes looking at where her tits had been and saw his hands reach down and take hold of her tits, she gasped and started to pull away, but he tugged close and wrapped her tits back around his shaft. Her eyes widened and she shook her head no saying, “You’re not supposed to touch or see me, what are you doing?” He smiled down at her and whispered, “Just helping out” and started to pump his cock between her tits, she used one hand on his thigh to try and push him away but he was holding her tight she couldn’t stop him. Suddenly she realized that she was still swirling the soap around her clit and it was bringing on the desired effect, she pressed the soap hard into her clit and started to swirl her hips. She dropped the soap and grabbed her mound slipping her finger into her opening and pumping furiously until she felt the first spasm of orgasm. She threw back her head and gasped and groaned her whole body quaking from her son’s cock pumping between her tits but she could still feel the little tremors as it caused her to twitch and quiver from delight. She felt Felix swirling his thumbs on her hard nipples she reached up and cupped his hand, Felix thought she was trying to stop him, but her hand caressed his encouraging him to continue.

Felix was oblivious to her reactions to orgasm, as his own impending release overtook him, his sharp thrust had his balls slapping hard on her sternum with loud watery cracks until suddenly he thrust and held still his cock pulsating. He looked down his mouth agape the same as hers, he watched as his cock shot out a huge gob of cum and it hit its mark landing on her tongue, but she didn’t turn away and allowed another spurt to jet its way between her lips. Hillary closed her mouth as the second shot landed on her tongue, she held it there reveling in the taste and feeling the other blast spattering her face and dribbling down her chin to plop on her tits. Felix looked down at his mothers cum covered face and shivered as the last dribbles rolled down his shaft and slipped between her tits rolling over his balls. Felix was gasping in deep heaves as he heard her speak, “You said you wouldn’t touch my tits, or look and you did both, what were you thinking?” Felix had no answer and simply shrugged, she shook her head as he reached down and took her hand helping her to stand, and she spoke curtly and said, “Just go now, it’s over!” Felix smiled as he stepped out of the shower and toweled off, leaving his mother with the thought of what had just happened and the duty to clean his cum from her face and tits. As he opened the bathroom door he called back over his shoulder, “I’ll see you when you’re done showering…Oh and thanks Mom!”

Hillary shrugged her shoulders and mumbled, “Uhuh…sure, yeah when I’m done, just go now!” She turned her face toward the showerhead and let the spray wash her sons cum from her face, the hot fluid congealing in the cool water and rolling in thick stringy gobs down her body plopping on the shower floor and puddle. She stared down at the jelly like pools and using her toes she kicked the slick jism to the drain and pressed it between the fins of the grate. She then rubbed down her tits brushing the remnants down her belly and flicking it to the floor, she trailed her fingers toward her pussy and eased it onto her clit and shuddered at the sensitivity and had to draw away. She stood in the spray with her eyes closed thinking, “How could I allow this, but oh how good it felt, I needed it after all those dreams, I just can’t let it get the best of me.” Then whispering aloud she said, “Control, Control!” over and over again. She stood in the water until it became cold on her skin and she began to shiver she turned the knobs and shut down the flow. Reluctantly she stepped from the shower still quaking and toweled herself off still trying to comprehend what she should do, she knew she couldn’t stay around the house today and had to go somewhere else to clear her head. She avoided seeing Felix until the last moment and when she left her bedroom she was dressed for another night on the town, Felix immediately noticed her clothes as she brushed passed him to the door and quickly called back “Don’t wait up!”

He wondered if maybe he had gone too far while she was coherent and she had decided to go get it elsewhere this time. As before he waited up as long as he could but she was a no show at four in the morning and he began to worry. At five thirty he finally heard the door open and his mother came in, angry he stepped out of his bedroom and cut her off in the hallway, she giggled at him with his hands on his hips like an angry father with his daughter coming in late. Felix spoke in angry short out burst, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!” Hillary started to respond but he cut her off, “LISTEN, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART MOM, BUT HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!” Hillary shook her head and put her hands on her hips with them slipping time and again and tilted her head and shouted, “I HAVE ALREADY DONE ENOUGH TO YOU, WHY DON’T YOU JUST GROW UP AND FROGET ABOUT ME!!” She brushed by him and slipped into her bedroom and slammed the door shut with a loud crack. Felix stood staring at the door for a few minutes until frustrated he walked into his bedroom and slammed his door and plopped on the bed furious. After about a half hour he could take it no longer and jumped up intent on making her understand that she was his whole life and being with her made him feel alive.

As he entered the door he saw her laying naked on top of the covers her eyes fluttered as she heard him enter and she spoke in a knowing sarcastic tone, ”Humph, I knew you would be in here soon, every time I drink and fall asleep you show up!” Felix marveled she was awake but out of it, he smiled and moved closer as she said, “So what are you going to try and do to me tonight in this dream?” Felix just smiled as he watched her eyes droop and she passed out, he stepped out of his shorts and climbed onto the bed between her legs. He stared at her pussy as he moved closer and closer when he was within an inch he stopped and breathed deeply the sexual scent emanating from her opening. He thought to himself, “I could just climb on top of her and fuck whether she wakes up or not, I could, couldn’t I, but then again there are so many things I could still do with her and she would be none the wiser, choices, choices…hum!” Then he saw the response his warm breath was having on her pussy, as her clit pulsed and pushed from its fleshy shroud an opportunity presented itself. He breathed in deeply again as if taking in air before a dive in a pool, then lowered his face and circled her clit with his tongue, then lapped at her pussy lips and dug the tip of his tongue into her opening. The effect was instantaneous as she groaned and rolled her head from side to side, the more he ate her pussy the louder she moaned and started to undulate her hips. Soon he felt her rouse as her body stiffened and her hands clasped on his ears tugging at him trying to pull his face from between her legs. She was mumbling softly, “What are you doing, stops…stop, you shouldn’t do this?” The intensity of his desire was unable to be thwarted; he pushed her hands away and dug in pressing his face hard and licking hard. Hillary started to fidget and crawl back squirming and moaning, “No not that stop it now!”

He leaned back up his face glistening with her juices as he said, “Don’t want that huh, I know something you like, stay there and I’ll fix you right up!” He jumped up as she mumbled, “What are you doing, where are you going?” He shushed her and said, “You’ll see, you’ll see, don’t be so impatient!” As he opened the dresser drawer she gasped, “What are you doing don’t get in there, stay out of my things!” Felix shook his head saying, “What are you afraid of, I know about your little toy and I’m going to use it on you!” She gasped again as he pulled the latex lover out and turned it on walking toward her, “Stop this please, you don’t know what your doing to me?” As he knelt on the bed and crawled toward her she whimpered, “No baby that thing drives me crazy when I’m like this, please?” She flinched as the buzzing tip came into contact with her clit, she tried to reach down and cover herself but before she reached her pussy he shoved it into her slick opening. She gasped deeply and rolled her head form side to side moaning, “No, now you’ve done it, theirs no stopping now!” As he pumped it back and forth in her she started to raise her hips and thrust at his hand, she was grunting and groaning as he fucked her with the fake cock. As she was getting more and more excited Felix had an idea and he slowly pulled it from her as her hips bucked and she begged for him to keep going. He scooted up beside her and said, “You want me to put it back in you and fuck you with it?” She looked shy and innocent as she shook her head yes and pumped her hips at the toy as it buzzed on her clit, she moaned lustily, “Pleasssssseeee….?” He trailed his eyes off hers to stare down at his huge hard cock with her eyes following his gaze and he whispered, “You give me something and…” then he slipped it back into her and pulled it back out, as she groaned he continued, “And I will give you something?” She stared at his cock whimpering as he scooted it closer to her face, then she whispered, “You want me to suck it, don’t you, well I can’t, I won’t!”

He smiled as she arched her back trying to get to the buzzing vibrator and whispered, “You want it don’t you, well you know what to do, just do it and it’s all yours to ride!” Hillary pouted and stared at his purple cock head, a light rub from the dildo and she snapped out her hand and gripped the shaft and thrust her face at his crotch engulfing his cock head in one smooth motion. Felix gasped deeply then gulps at feeling the warm wet mouth engulf his cock head so willingly, her raspy tongue gliding along the underside of his shaft battering the nerve endings with a tickling, tingling sensation. As his cock head bumped the back of her throat and instantly she drew back and slammed forward again in a series of quick thrusting motions causing her hair to sway and whip his thighs and balls tenderly. Hillary slowed and eased his cock head from her lips with a smacking suction and started to lick and lap at the glands below the head whispering in between, "Is this what you wanted, is it all you hoped for, all you expected?” Felix groaned deeply and spoke, “Uh…UN…Unbelievable, I never knew you could do this, how do you make it feel so good?” With that said she slowly licked down the length of his shaft and nuzzled his balls as she spoke again, “A mother knows what’s best, and she just doesn’t tell her son all her secrets. She needs him to believe she is the best at everything, just not let him know what everything is!” Felix was gasping and twitching his hips bucking and quivering his mind whirling, “Did she know what she was doing, was she fully aware and doing it of her own accord, or was she still believing she was having a drunken fantasy?” His mind awhirl over the thoughts until she whispered, “If this were real, it would be so wrong, but so good!” Felix’s heart began to thump in his chest between the beauty of his mother’s ability being displayed on his own manhood and the realization that she was enjoying it.

She was licking up the length of his shaft then swirling her tongue around his cock head then slamming her face forward engulfing as much of his length as she could handle this caused Felix to gasp and groan loudly. She continued to toy with him bringing him closer and closer to the edge, Felix could barely contain himself with his open hand he grasped the head board and held on as she sucked him passionately. Just as he thought it could get no better Hillary began to moan around his cock head as she sucked, he felt her hand grasp his and force him to shove the dildo deeper into her and her thighs clamp together holding it in place. Felix could feel her bucking her hips as she opened her mouth around his shaft and huffed in air gasping in orgasmic pleasure then clamp her lips back around his shaft and suck harder and faster grunting and groaning as she burst free and her orgasm rushed through her body. After a few moments she tugged his wrist and had him pull the dildo from her overly sensitive vagina. She sucked just the head of his cock bobbing her head feeling the rim of it flip back and forth between her lips her nostrils huffing air over his saliva covered shaft the feeling for Felix pushed him over the top. Felix felt his balls clench as his mother cupped them with her now free hand and squeezed softly her other hand gently stroking his shaft then the sudden rush as they released his pent up sperm.

Hillary recognized the signs as his whole body tensed and she knew that he was about to cum and she prepared herself for a mouthful easing her tongue around the lower part of his cock head coaxing his sperm out. She could feel the muscles of his cock contract in her grasp as he began to ejaculate then the first spurt of sprayed out with intense force plastering her throat and tongue the warm salty sweet juice thick and slick as it rolled around in her mouth. She felt the successive blast and started to pump her fist on his shaft urging the remaining contents of his heavy balls to fill her willing mouth. Felix gripped the headboard with both hands alternating between throwing his head back and staring down at his mother eagerly blowing him. He watched as she slipped his whole cock head into her mouth, his warm cum surrounding it as she sucked hard he could feel the pressure drawing long streams of sperm from deep in his shaft. Hillary felt her mouth filling and once she determined she could hold no more started to gulp the contents down her throat raising her chin in rapid tugging motions pulling his cum from his cock as she swallowed every last drop. Felix was gasping and groaning his whole body quivering in sexual delight once he thought it was all over with Hillary slammed her face forward engulfing his shaft then slowly excruciatingly sucked her way back to the tip. As the tip escaped her lips she made a loud sucking smack then flicked her tongue over the bobbing head ensuring that no dribbles of cum escaped her hungry taste buds.

Hillary laid her head back on the pillow and Felix watched as she rolled her eyes back in her head and ran her tongue around her lips seductively and moaning, “Man that felt real, all I need now is a little chaser!” Felix knew that all she wanted was another screwdriver and he trotted off to the kitchen and made her a drink. Hillary drank the vodka heavy drink down in quick gulps feeling her head start to swim as her drunken high fired back up and, when he returned with the second she sipped it a little slower. Once the ice cubes broke free from the bottom of the glass and clinked their way to Hillary’s lips Felix had laid down besides her caressing her breast and tummy. No more had she finished the last of the alcohol than her hand fell away with the glass, Felix seeing it grabbed the glass and set it on the night stand. He watched as her eyes fluttered then closed then shifted his eyes to her chest watching her ample tits wobble as she breathed deeply and slept soundly. He looked her over and realized that with his mother swallowing his cum there was no clean up involved and realized that for him it was a win, win situation. But he had no desire to walk away just yet he wanted to hold her in his arms for a while like lovers do. He couldn’t understand this sudden change it was as if it were no longer simple sex but he truly had feelings above and beyond that of a mother.

After about a half an hour of laying next to his mother with his arm draped around her he felt her shift and turn then roll over onto her belly, Felix stirred and looked over at her ample taught round ass cheeks. The short nap had reinvigorated him and he woke refreshed and amorous he had never slept so peacefully in his life, it was amazing that having a sexual adventure would break him down so much and allow him to rejuvenate so fully. He reached out and cupped the round globe of her ass and squeezed and caressed feeling the hard muscle beneath, his urges started to grow and along with it the need to feel more. He dug his finger along her ass crack and felt the slick juices that had run down from her pussy, during the vibrator fucking he had given her. As he started to push down the crack trying to get to her pussy he felt the ringed muscle of her anus it caused him to halt in his tracks and circle his finger tip around the forbidden orifice. He felt his mother wiggled her ass a bit then with the female lubricant easing his motions he slipped his fingertip into her ass hole. Hillary grunted softly but did not move he pumped his finger in her butt until he was satisfied that it was open to more and seeing that his cock had grown fully erect again he had little trouble deciding what to do next.

Hillary felt the bed shift and what felt like some one crawling over her she batted her eyes and looked back to see Felix straddling her thighs staring down at her ass, she was still drunk enough that she could barely comprehend what was going on. She felt something being rubbed down her ass crack then she recognized it as his bulbous cock head she mumbled, “What are you doing?” Felix found his mark as his cock head nuzzled his mother’s anus and held still as she spoke again, “I know what you want to do, if I told you I didn’t want you to fuck my ass you’d do it anyway wouldn’t you?” Felix eased his hips forward and as her ass hole opened up for his cock head he mumbled, “Uhuh!” As the huge head popped through her anus Hillary jerked her head straight up looking at the image in the mirrored headboard, she saw her snarled lip then focused on Felix as he pushed into her ass. Hillary just laid her face sideways back on the pillow and accepted her ass fucking. She could feel the sphincter muscle of her rectum stretching around her son’s thick shaft and the spreading of her inner anal walls as his cock head plowed a path into her forbidden orifice. Her ability to resist or even a desire to had faded away when the alcohol stole away her inhibitions, she just allowed her son to take her anal virginity. She felt no pain as the steady pressure strained her anal muscles, she was unsure if the booze had deadened the feeling in her ass, or if she was experiencing a fantasy or was it simply that she was enjoying having a cock in her ass, it couldn’t be real anyway could it?

Felix was grunting and groaning the grip surrounding his cock was excruciatingly intense and unbelievably wonderful as the last bit of his shaft sank into her ass hole and he felt his balls settle on her warm wet pussy mound he collapsed atop her. His chest was heaving and his heart pounding on her back his head lay on hers his mouth next to her ear huffing warm air across her cheek blowing her hair as well. He had the urge to express how he was feeling and whispered, “It feels so tight and warm, I…I love it!” He could see his mothers lip curl in a sneering smile and he said, “You like that it makes me feel so good being in your ass don’t you?” Hillary didn’t say a word but she seemed to be nodding as she nuzzled her face into the pillow still smiling and Felix needed no more affirmation. Leaning back up he pulled back looking down as inch after inch of his shaft tugged her anus then once he felt it clench just below his cock head he pressed forward again cramming his length into the hilt. His cock felt amazing and he started to pump more vigorously gaining speed and depth with each stroke his grunts loud and labored the harder he plowed into her ass. As his desire grew he pushed his knees up by her ribs and put his hands on the headboard and thrust deeply, the hard forward pump forced her hips up lifting them off the bed. He looked down at her face her cheeks were blushed and her head rocked with his motions her hands under the pillow supporting her limp bobbing chin her mouth gaping like a fish out of water.

After about a half an hour the railing he was giving her ass was giving him the desired effect and as the first twitches started in his balls he groaned loud and long then collapsed back on top of his mother grunting. He reached beneath the pillow and gripped her wrist to give him some pulling leverage. He was making little jabbing thrust urging his cum out of his balls; he looked at the sweat beaded on her face and the hair sticking to it as his cock started to pulsate. Hillary felt the flow spurt into her ass and nuzzled up into his cheek then dropped her head back onto the pillow huffing contentedly feeling her sons cum filling her butt hole. Felix laid still reveling in the post coital bliss his balls clenching and releasing as the last drizzles of sperm spattered into her warm ass hole his orgasm complete he nuzzled her neck and kiss it tenderly. Hillary nuzzled toward the kisses then as she felt his cock tugging her sphincter while it withdrew from her ass hole and although there was no sound she swore it made a pop when his cock head sprang free. Felix stared down at where his cock had just been, his mothers ass hole was gaping the rim deep red the center dark except for the silvery pool of his cum inside he watched as the muscles contracted and her ass hole clamped closed.

Suddenly he realized that with her ass closed up his cum would stay locked inside until she would up and be able to relax the muscles of her ass and release the contents of her bowels, he panicked but couldn’t come up with a solution. He had to just bring things back to normal before he had come into her room and make her believe that what he had done to her was just a fantasy of over indulgence in alcohol. Once he was satisfied that the room looked as before he slipped her night gown on and laid her face down. Leaving the hem up over her ass in case his cum finally broke free and slipped from her ass hole and would stain it leaving a tell tale sign of his activities. Then with a glance back over his shoulder he left the room and went to his bed for a much-needed rest and to wait for her to wake and clean herself out. He was apprehensive about leaving her, the thought that a spontaneous flow might suddenly break free and spurt out of her ass left him edgy. He laid down at first still excited and jumpy but soon settled down and chuckled to himself as he relived the whole mornings debauchery shaking his head and snorting in little knowing retorts. Soon he felt himself start to doze and with little effort his eyes closed and he fell asleep with no real worries and a sense of fulfillment that still had him glowing.

After about six hours of restful sleep he heard his mother stirring and he batted his eyes trying to shake away the sleepy fog that had glazed his vision. He lifted his head straining his ear toward the door to listen for what was either going to be an agonizing realization that she was shitting cum or would it go unnoticed? After several minutes he heard the toilet flush then the shower start to spray, he instantly relaxed, but being unable to fall back to sleep he decided to get up and get and watch some T.V. and have some breakfast. Slipping on his gym shorts he went out of his room and as he neared the bathroom stopped to listen to his mother showering, shaking his head at the thoughts of what he had done he went to the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal and sat in front of the TV. He heard the bathroom door open and tried to look back but his mother turned the opposite direction back to her room, furrowing his brow he wondered why she had not come out to the living room. After a short time he heard her bedroom door and turned to see what his mother was up to, she entered the living room dressed in the waitress uniform she wore to work. It was a pink short dress with a ruffled apron that went over her shoulders, her hair was pinned up and she wore make up.

Felix looked at her quizzically and asked, “What are you doing?” Hillary made a sweeping motion over her uniform and with a half hearted matter fact tone said, “What does it look like, I ain’t your maid so I must be going to work DUH?” Felix felt himself become incensed and spat back, “But its summer vacation and you have another week and half before you go back to work, we were supposed to spend the summer together?” Hillary heard his tone as it changed from somewhat angry to forlorn but shook it off and tried to play it of picking up a piece of plastic fruit and tossing it at him as before, Felix had turned away in disgust just before the fake food bounced off his chest and jumped with a start feeling it smack off his chest. He turned to her and said, “Oh now it is on Mom!” and put down his cereal bowel then flung a pillow at her beaning her in the face. Hillary recoiled in shock at the accurate blow and howled, “FELIX, now your gonna pay big fella!” and came at him with a lung, Felix caught her as she dove and rolled her off him onto the couch. They wrestled around with Hillary giggling but not noticing Felix’s lack of laughter as she tried to win out over her much stronger son, rolling and twisting to try and get away and pin him to the floor. Felix noticed her tiring state and kept up the play fight as long as he could some times giving her just a bit of an advantage then reversing it on her making her exert herself further. Soon she was so worn out it took all her energy she thought to just get to her hands and knees but just as she got stable Felix switched his position and ended up behind her as the last time they had tussled.

Hillary was huffing and puffing trying to regain her composure when suddenly she noticed something hard prodding her between her ass cheeks she tried to wrestle away but Felix grabbed her hips and pulled her back into his stiffening cock. She was becoming alarmed until she felt Felix perform a series of moves half heartedly presenting a show as if he hadn’t intended it and was still trying to pin her to the carpet. She noticed that the more she struggled and wiggled her but back and forth and up and down his erection would rub from her ass crack down along her pussy mound, she gasped half in shock and half in delight. She knew she could stop at any time but what would it hurt to get a little stimulation out of the frolic before work, and she continued to wriggle around feeling her panties grow wet from the cock friction. It hadn’t taken long for Felix to note the effect his hard cock was having on his mother and after a bit he let her just rub her but up and down and pulled her back into him when she would act like she was trying to get away. It wasn’t long before Hillary found herself grunting and moaning and her actions becoming more deliberate now sliding her ass up and down along his shaft and although she didn’t want to stop she feebly whimper, “Okay, okay you when now let me go!” But she didn’t stop her undulating hips from pressing back into the hard flesh that was creating such a heat in her pussy, Felix held her hips grinding his cover cock on her pussy watching her panties become soaked.

Hillary was moaning lightly her hips swaying back into his grinding cock as she whimpered softly, “OH, you win, you win!” Felix was grunting his cock becoming ultra sensitive feeling his mother’s hot pussy rubbing it through the two layers of material and whispered, “Now to the victor go the spoils!” Hillary had not noticed that when she pulled away in a mock attempt to get away the Felix had pushed down his shorts and when she pushed back as he pushed back his now naked cock was rubbing her moist pussy through her panties. Her fever of desire had left her mind clouded and she whimpered, “what…?” as she made another attempt to escape his grasp, just as she was pushing back Felix reached up and grabbed her panties at the small of her back and yanked them down to her thighs. The motion was so fluid and quick she didn’t notice before he gripped her hips and tugged back as she pushed into him. Suddenly she felt his cockhead nudge her pussy lips then plunge between, the hard exertions from both of them a seamless perpetual motion allowed for entry and before she could stop her rearward motion his cock sank into her to the hilt. She gasped deep and long then snapped her head back her eyes wide and screamed, “OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO?” Felix held tight to her hips as she now struggled in earnest to break free from his now buried cock, wailing, “NO, NO GOD NO, FELIX WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

He was grunting every time she would pull away he would slam her back into him sliding his cock effortlessly back into her as she screamed, “FELIX, NO DON’T DO THIS, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” As she tried to steady herself stopping to try and get a grip Felix started to pump into her dripping pussy mumbling, “I won!” She began her struggle again crying out, “HOW COULD YOU?” her ass wiggling as she tried to wrench free of his grasp and she could feel the effects as her pussy started to tingle and throb. Felix muttered, “Shut up bitch and take it!” Then started to pummel his cock into her aching pussy grunting as his cock rooted its way deep inside her, she could do little more than gasp and moan herself. She bit her lip as he pounded his cock into her and once he stopped she struggled again this time taking note that as she wriggled her ass her clit would rub wildly on his cock shaft. Then once she got just far enough away he would pull her back slamming deep into her pussy, she couldn’t help herself she would grunt and moan then try again. She continued to fake her get away attempt each time now gasping as her sons huge cock would slam back into her and reveling as he would pump hard and fast into her causing her to whimper in pre-orgasmic delight. Finally she no longer pretended to get free and just leaned her face and chest on the floor and flexed her hips riding her pussy up and down his shaft grunting as she felt herself begin to let go and cum. As her pussy began to pulsate and clench with her orgasm she wailed out lustily, “OHHHH….AHHHH….UHUH…UHUHH…Argh!” Felix felt the clutching grip of his mother bursting pussy and started to ram his cock deep into her his balls tight with the need to explode listening to her mumble and moan through her mind blowing ecstasy. Hillary felt her sons cock start to pulsate and as he made one final thrust she grunted and whimpered as she felt his hot sperm jet out of his cock and spray deep in her pussy. He held her hips his head thrown back his cock deep in his mother as his balls squeezed and forced their content out, his whole cock tingled and twitched inside her as he cried out, “OH, MOM!”

Hillary felt the huge gobs spurting into her and groaned blissfully then whimpered as she felt her son slowly pull his spent cock from her aching pussy and fluttered her eyes open and without lifting her head looked back at her son as he sank back and sat on his heels. She stared at his thick cock as it started to droop, glistening with her milky juices and a single dribble of his silvery cum rolled out the tip and slid down the shaft. She lay there muttering, “why, why oh why?” as she watched him stand up and go over to the couch and sit down to pick up his cereal bowl and return to his breakfast. Felix looked over at his mother her ass high in the air the glimmer stream of his cum dribbling from her red and engorged gaping pussy lips. She lay there for several minutes looking back at her son watching his colossal manhood slowly shrink and go limp and a final bulb of semen dotted the tip as it lay flaccid drooping over his large ball sack her mind whirling with lust and guilt. She slowly raised herself up and cupped a hand over her pussy to catch the flowing sperm and as she walked by her son she glanced over but he didn’t look up just stared at the TV chomping his cereal. In the bathroom she sat on the toilet clenching her tender pussy muscles squeezing her sons cum out and hearing it plop in huge gobs in the bowl, she gasped and sighed thinking what had just happened.

When she emerged she stepped into the living room her clothes straightened out and her hands on her hips her lip curled in a sneer and her posture indicating a confrontation as she took a deep breath to speak Felix cut her off. “Take of you clothes, vacations not over yet!” She looked down at him wide eyed and as he slowly looked up she could see the glare in his eye meant business and she stammered, “I-I…but-but…you…just, you-you…can’t mean to-to…oh my?” Felix spoke again, “Don’t make me tell you twice!” Hillary was in shock and from his demeanor she knew that she had better follow his instructions she reached around and untied her apron and let it fall to the floor then reached around and started to un-button her dress. Felix didn’t look up but said, “I know you wanted it!” Hillary started to stammer again her fingers trembling with each button, “B-B-but…I…Uh…how…did…no.” Felix glanced over at her and nodded as she had stopped undressing and said, “I know you enjoyed it!” As she fumbled with the last button and her dress fell to the floor she mumbled, “N-N-no…now…I…just uh…” Her words cut off as she saw him nod at her chest and she reached around fumbling with the hooks to her bra, speaking again he said, “its okay Mom, don’t sweat it!” She was stammering as the hooks broke loose and she trapped the straps to her shoulders with her hands, “I-I….YOU-you…um...” Her words once again lost as she saw him nod at her bra, she turned her head as she let go of the straps and her bra tumbled to the floor, she heard his gasp and glanced over at his wide eyes drinking in her tit flesh and she shuddered. Felix noticed his exasperated noise and turned nonchalantly back to the TV whispering, “Panties too!”

Hillary turned back at him glaring wide eyed with her mouth agape when with a sneering mouthful of cereal he grunted, reluctantly she hooked her thumbs in the waist band and pushed her panties down over her hips and thighs until gravity took over and they dropped to the floor. Felix turned his attention away from the TV back to his mother and sighed, “Come here!” Hillary apprehensively stepped slowly over toward her son as she stood next to the arm rest he turned his hand over and reached between her legs and slipped a finger into her moist pussy. She gasped in shock and stared down at him with her lower lips trembling, Felix worked his finger in and out of his mother and whispered, “MMM still hot and wet and I bet ready for another round huh?” As she stared at him with his arched eyebrow she started to protest but she felt his thumb start to work around her clit. She stood there before her son with her legs spread and his finger digging into her pussy his thumb pressing and twirling her clit gasping until her eyes slowly closed to slits and she moaned softly. Felix sat there acting disinterested fingering his mother feeling her respond by undulating her hips and her hands rubbing her belly until he felt she was sufficiently worked up to continue his devious plan. Hillary was just getting worked up feeling her son finger fuck her when she heard him say, “Now get down on your knees and suck me!” She batted her eyes and looked at him lustfully then tilted her head shyly glancing back and forth from his penis to his face until he nodded; she walked seductively around in front of him and knelt down.

Staring at his now semi erect cock still glistening with her pussy juice it seemed to be throbbing, she looked slowly up his body to his face he was staring past her at some cartoon on the TV as she said, “B-but it’s got…uh…my…pussy..It’s…been…inside me?’ Felix just grunted and nodded a dribble of milk rolling down his chin; Hillary could now smell the pungent pussy aroma wafting up from her son’s crotch as she lowered her head. She reached out and took the sticky semi hard member in her hand and crinkled her nose as she opened her mouth and slipped the head between her lips. Instantly she noticed that the taste of her own pussy on his cock wasn’t that bad actually kind of sweet and tart and with the intermingled man juice it gave her a kind of instant high. She lowered her face her mouth engulfing the length then slowly raised back up and slid back down his cock flesh soft but the muscle beneath feeling strong but pliable. As she started to work her mouth on his shaft she glanced up out of the corner of her eye at her son, he maintained the less than enthusiastic look on his face and she took it as a challenge. She clamped her lips around his cock head and sucked hard the gobbled her lips down the shaft then opened her mouth enough to press her tongue along the bottom of his shaft as she raised her head then closed her lips and slid down with sucking pressure. The whole time she watched his eyes she bobbed her head up and down fat then let his cock fall from her lips grip and licked down the length of his shaft to circle her tongue around each huge testicle. She lapped at his balls noting that her juice had obviously drooled down there while he was fucking her nuzzling her nose into his sack she sucked on each ball. Then as she lapped she whispered barely audible, “I can taste me on your nuts, you must have been deep in my pussy!” She watched as his eyes blinked and fluttered then she licked up his cock shaft as it twitched and jumped and just before she was about to wrap her lips around the head she whispered lightly, “it’s so big!” As she slid her face down feeling his growing cock slip between her lips she looked up and watched as Felix set the bowl down and lightly rubbed her hair while she sucked his cock.

She sucked his cock with increasing pressure and speed watching her son’s reaction to each slobbering gulp, he was trying to maintain his composure but his resolve was fading. Hillary slid her mouth up his shaft until just the head was in her mouth and pumped her lips up and down over the head before she spit it out. She licked the tip and around the mushroomed head gripping the shaft and pumping her hand lightly kissing and whispering, “feels good?” and then slid the length into her mouth until the head bumped the back of her throat. Hillary looked up and winked as he nodded and grunted then slid it back out of her mouth pursing her lips she began blowing along the moistened shaft whisper all the way, “so hot it burns my mouth!” As she started to gobble her lips along the shaft she mumbled, “Mmmm…I can’t believe you stuffed this whole thing inside me?’ taking note that he was now fully erect and realizing that he was fully nine inches in length and half again in girth. Felix could stand no more and took a hand full of her thick hair and lifted her face out his crotch gently whimpering “Enough!” Hillary had a wry smile as she licked her lips triumphantly his huge cock throbbing from her oral work now standing she looked into his eyes. His voice was thick with lust as he said, “Climb on it!” she hesitated as he whispered softly, “you know you want to!” she straddled his thighs and stammered, “B-baby w-we shouldn’t have done it the first time?’ Her voice was unsure and unsteady as she watched her son lift his hard cock up for her to slide onto, he rubbed his cock head on her clit whispering, “I need you?” she whimpered and batted her eyes as he continued, “look at it, it was made for you!” She stared down at his massive cock rolling around her thick bud with him tugging on her ass cheek urging her to ride his cock, and then as she slowly sank down and the head slipped between her pussy lips he said almost inaudible, “you made it!”

She started to recoil at his last statement but he held her hips and pulled her down the shaft with her whimpering, “I…I...know, not…right…shouldn’t be doing this, you’re…you’re my…my son!” She tried to rise off of his cock but he held her down grinding his thick cock inside her making her groan with pleasure. She caught sight of his arm moving and she watched as he retrieved the bowl now with only milk inside and poured a huge amount into his mouth a big drop rolling down his chin. He leaned into her chest and with his milk filled mouth engulfed one of her hard nipples, Hillary could feel the cool milk surround her nipple and as he sucked her nipple back and forth it swirled around and dribbled out the corners of his mouth. Gasping with half open eyes she watched her son sucking her nipple and two trails of milk flowing down each side of her breast the stubble digging into her tender flesh and his hard cock filling her pussy. Felix swallowed the rest of the milk in his mouth and said, “Remind you of seventeen years ago mom?” Hillary recoiled in disgust and tried harder to pull away as she struggled with the real implications of their incestuous encounter, but still her son held her fast on his cock. Felix gulped in more milk and went for the other tit, Hillary now feeling the stirring of delight in her stretched pussy could only watch as he repeated the breast feeding technique. She watched and grunted her hips now starting to involuntarily swirl when he finished he said, “Bet you missed me sucking your tits, I can feel how horny it makes you.” As she looked down she saw the two trials of milk slowing down each breast and in the center of nipple a sing drop formed. “Looks like you’re really lactating, I bet if you knew back then how much you loved my cock you would have never let me stop breast feeding?”

Hillary moaned deep and long the thought driving her closer to orgasm when suddenly he gripped her hips to stop her motion, she whimpered at being so close and having to stop and with half open eyes stared into her sons with burning desire. Felix lifted her off his cock and told her, “Stand up, turn around and bend over!” Her brow furrowed in question for a moment then did as she was ordered. As she bent down he reached up and rubbed her ass cheeks softly then spread them and rubbed her pussy lips whispering, “So tight, I can’t believe I came out of there?” Hillary glanced back the words struck her but she was so horny she couldn’t protest she felt his thumbs rubbing up and down her slit to her asshole and stretching open. Her eyes fluttered then closed and she turned her head to face forward mumbling to herself, “not my ass?” Felix leaned his face in close to her pussy and blew light wisp of air over her pouting lips then sank his face between her ass cheeks and started to lick her pussy. Hillary felt his tongue lap out and she recoiled and tried to pull away but he held her ass to his face, she wailed out, “NO, don’t lick me!” But Felix was in no mood for further games and buried his tongue in her opening and licked ferociously, she reached back to try and push his head away but he held fast. She moaned out, “Nooo…you…you….can’t do that!” just then he slipped his tongue from her and began to suckle her clit she snapped her hands off his head and covered her eyes with her hands then ran them up over her head through her hair moaning loud and long. Felix could see her asshole start to quiver and knew she was close to orgasm leaning back he raised up and speared his tongue into her anus he heard her gasp deeply and groan. Hillary couldn’t stand it and cried out, “NOOO….not my ass…God….ttttooooo…much!” she reached her hand down and cupped her tits squeezing her milk covered nipples as Felix swirled his tongue around the tight ring of her anus and stabbed it back in her ass hole. Her sudden screaming and squealing kind of freaked Felix out until he felt her asshole clench on his tongue and then spasms and contractions throughout her groin.

Hillary stood shuddering as her son tongue fucked her ass hole her whole body tensing then relaxing as the most amazing orgasm or her life racked her world her eyes were clenched tight and she thought she could see lightening bolts within. For almost eight to ten minutes Felix slurped his mother’s ass as she grunted and whimpered through orgasm after orgasm until she collapsed and he caught her pulling her onto his legs and holding her in his arms as she shuddered and sobbed. When she had calmed down enough he lifted her weakened body up and centered her ass over his straining cock, she limply looked over her shoulder at her son and feebly whimpered, “What are you doing?” As he looked down between them studying the situation and concentrating he quipped, “I’m gonna fuck you in the butt!” Hillary rolled her head and whispered, “No you can’t I never had anything back there!” she tried to steady herself on his hips to pull up but didn’t have the strength her orgasm sapping her muscles.

As he lowered her down and his cock head nudged her anus he retorted, “Now really, Mom we both no better!” she glanced into his eyes and could only think of the time she masturbated with the dildo and his cock and felt ashamed. Just as his cock head found the mark and started to slide in she whimpered, “No baby really this is bad, we…you shouldn’t want to put it in my ass!” Her anal ring spread out over his cock head and slipped around it and he eased her down, Felix groaned out, “Who ever gave you a stupid notion like that?” Hillary felt self conscious as she started to relate her reluctant behavior. “Your father loved it when I gave him head he always said that I was the best.” Felix interrupted, “He was so right about that!” Hillary continued, “But you see one time I asked him to eat me out after I blew him and he was really reluctant but started to lick my pussy, and well it felt so good I asked him to lick my ass.” Felix interjected again, “Sounds good so far?” Hillary started to move her hips and wiggle his cock deeper as she went on with her story. “Well then he freaked out and back off, I tried to reassure him and say it was okay, but he just stared at me, I said I just wanted to try it sort of a fantasy you know and he could fuck my ass!” Felix was cupping her breast and tugging her nipples sounding like a shrink as he said, “Yeah go on?” Hillary bit her lip then continued, “He screamed at me how I was a freak and that he was no faggot and refused to eat my pussy ever again but wanted me to give him head all the time!” Felix held her still for a moment then peaking around under her arm he gripped her tits jiggling them then rubbed a hand down her belly he rubbed her pussy getting a gasp out of her as he did. Then he said, “Well got tits and no dick so I ain’t fucking no dude and he don’t know what he missed out on, your ass is so hot and tight, and willing who wouldn’t want to fuck it?” She snickered at her sons statement then gasped and groaned as he started to shove her down the length with her gasping the whole way until she sat on his lap with his full length up her ass. She was wide eyed and gasping almost hyperventilating, she had thought that by the feeling in her ass that he had sank the full length in but from the at least four inch slide he had only half in up to now.

She gasped and grunted as he raised and lowered her ass on his cock her inhibitions now gone forever, groaning out, “SO BIG, I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE A COCK IN MY ASS!” Felix could feel the conscious muscles unlike when she was drunk before gripping and straining around his shaft grabbing her throat he pulled her back to him, her ear next to his mouth his hot breath blew across her ear as he whispered, “You love it don’t you?” She grunted as he thrust up deep in her ass and whimpered, “Yes” his hand cupped her pussy mound and he slipped a finger inside as his thumb pressed and circled her throbbing clit. Hillary was moaning and wiggling her ass on his thick cock as his fingers plunged into her pussy, she was in ecstasy. She felt his whispering breath across her ear again as he said, “Feels good doesn’t it having your sons cock in your ass, now show me that you understand who is fucking you in the butt, and it is because of that you want it!” She was delirious with lust, but she knew what he wanted and started to lift and lower herself on his enormous cock, muttering, “Felix is in my ass; Felix my son is fucking my ass!” She started to thrust her hips down hard, Felix could feel the muscles of his mothers anus relax and accept who and what was happening. Hillary couldn’t understand it she had just acknowledged that her son was the one fucking her anally and she was now feeling more at ease, what was she doing she couldn’t be enjoying anal sex and especially with her own son!

Her mind was a whirl with conflicting thoughts and sudden remorse as she slid up she went all the way off his cock and started to step away, Felix had anticipated her movement and gripped her hips and slammed her ass back down on his hard cock. Hillary wailed in half pain and pleasure as her son said, “Don’t stop now, drop the act, let it go tell me what you want to say but are afraid?” Hillary was grunting and wailing out in long deep mournful cries as she confessed, “I WANT IT SO BAD, I CAN’T HELP IT, I DON’T CARE THAT YOU ARE MY SON, I’M GLAD IT IS YOU IN MY ASS; I NEED YOU, YOUR COCK, I CAN’T STOP THINKING OF YOU FUCKING ME!” She started to quiver and shake the jolts of an orgasm blazing a trail from her burning asshole through her pussy and up her spine. Her head was bobbing back and forth and rolling from side to side her breath gasping deep and quick her whole body was involved in her electric lust. Felix could feel her anal muscles contracting and clench around his shaft and her pussy squirting juice as it clamped down in his buried fingers. He had to hold her tight as she flailed and bucked on his cock until she slowly calmed down and started to relax, her body falling limp in his arms. He heard the quiet sobs and whimpering, emanating from his worn and static mother and questioned, “Are you still hung up on me fucking you?” She whimpered and sobbed harder as she sniffled and said, “No, it’s not that.” Felix could feel her asshole still clenching as mini orgasms caused his mother to shudder and asked, “Then what?” Hillary sucked in the salivating drool and whispered, “It was the most beautiful thing I have felt, the best sex I have ever had in my life, and I had to wait seventeen years and get it from my own son, so sad that it should take this to make me feel so good, and now I love you even more!”

Felix smiled and as he stood with his mothers ass still impaled on his cock leaned forward, Hillary gasped and put her hands out to catch herself as he eased her down on her hands and knees saying, “Well you won’t have to wait another seventeen years for that to happen again, I’m still hard and haven’t cum yet so you are gonna get pumped in the ass to both our hearts content!” Hillary looked back over her shoulder her son gripping her hips and his cock starting to slide back into her ass, Felix watched as his mother’s pupils rolled back and eyelids fluttered and closed gently. He started to slowly pump his cock in her reveling in the fresh tightness and relaxed grip, he felt his mother’s hand on his hip stopping him, she had turned her head and was staring at him with lust in her eyes as she said in a husky voice, “Let me make you cum, grab hold of my hair and just hold on!” He reached out and undid the bun and wrapped the blonde locks in his fingers as she started to draw back then slam her ass back into his pelvis burying his cock deep in her bowels. Felix grunted feeling his mother fuck back in earnest as she whispered in that same lusty voice, “Mmmm, feels good doesn’t it having Mommy slamming her ass on your cock, huh Felix, nice tight asshole wrapped around your shaft, and knowing Mommy likes it!” With that she slammed back hard again burying his cock deeper yet whimpering out, “OHhhhh, yesss, I can feel your cock getting thicker in my butt, it must be aching to cum, easy now just take your time hold out to last possible moment!” Felix stared down as she eased her hips forward and her asshole funneled out tugging along his shaft until the head popped out. He stared down at the gaping orifice then looked up at his mother’s red cheeks and beads of sweat rolling down her fore head as she whispered, “Oops, slipped out, can’t have that I know how bad you must want to cum in my ass, huh baby boy?”

Felix was nodding and watching her ass wiggle in front of his thick slimy cock, suddenly without warning she slammed back, his cock head punched through her sphincter and it glided along the shaft as Hillary moaned, “AHhhhh… there it is back where it belongs, huh?” Felix was nodding and grunting as she started to pump her ass on his cock, he could feel the tingle in his loins and his balls start to boil with the built up sperm. Hillary could feel the now familiar twitch in her ass and whispered, “Your feeling it huh baby, want to cum in mamma, don’t you?” He was clenching his eyes shut and gritting his teeth as she sped up pumping her ass in short fast strokes whispering, “Hold on baby take it all in, enjoy it like you made Mom enjoy it!” He was gasping and concentrating on trying to stem his orgasm as she short stroked her ass on his cock and whispered lustily, “Feel it baby mommy is feeling it too, your cock is twitching in my ass, don’t worry sweetie, when you’re ready, you’ll know what to do!” Hillary had stopped and was wiggling her ass on his cock with just the head inside, Felix couldn’t stand it any longer he tugged on her hair and slammed his cock in her ass, he was pumping wildly as she grunted and whimpered and in between breaths called out, “Ddd…do...Iii….it…Ppp…Pull…Mmmm…my…Hhh…hair…..Pppp…pound, Mmmm….my….Ahhhh….Asssss! Felix yanked her hair pulling her head back and rose up on his feet and started to slam his cock hard in her ass, Hillary grunted with each deep thrust her hair pulled out and up in her sons rough grasp. She was making shrill raspy whimpers feeling her own intensity growing, suddenly he slammed so hard into her that her arms and legs gave way and she collapsed as he drove her flat to the floor.

She felt his whole body quivering and then his cock bucking in her ass followed by the thick lava flow of his cum, suddenly she gasped out and her anal ring started to clench around Felix’s cock as she came with him. As she lay on the floor her Son laying on her back, she could feel his hearting beating fast on her shoulders and his quick raspy breaths, she cleared her throat and in shock said, “God I can’t believe I came again, and you good lord, you were an animal!” He chuckled, and said, “Well you asked for it!” Hillary was giggling at his last statement and said, “Well I guess, I got the right man for the job huh, Son?” Felix started to rock back and forth wallowing his cock in her cum slicked ass as he said, “We make a good team, Mom!” She smiled and turned her head and kissed him deep as he slipped his tongue in her mouth, she was shuddering as he slowly withdrew his spent cock and winced as it popped out of her aching asshole. She whimpered and said, “Don’t get me wrong that was great and all, but man a cock that big should only go back there on special occasions!” Felix smiled and said, “I know this though after being in your ass, I am going to want it a lot!” Hillary smiled and said, “Me too!” As he stood up and the weight was off of her she raised up and cupped a hand over her stretched asshole feeling her Sons cum start to leak out. She gasped and started to trot off to the bathroom as she reached for the door handle; Felix took her wrist and said, “Not so fast, I ain’t done yet!” Hillary could feel her aching ass dribbling the warm cum and said, “But your cum is dripping out of my ass?” Felix pulled her along toward her bedroom walking fast as she quipped, “You really can’t get enough of me huh?” Felix shook his head as she stood watching him rummage through her dresser drawer and pull out her favorite dildo. She stammered, “Hhhh…how...Did you know?” Then her mind started to put the pieces together as he pulled her to him, she felt his once again hard cock bump into her belly. She was in shock as she said, “You are un-fucking believable, it took all I could do to get your father to fuck me once a week and you are trying do a week’s worth in a day?” Felix smiled and said, “No, not a week, a lifetime, I have wanted to fuck you for so long and this week my dreams have come true!”

She looked down at his erection and then up into his eyes, she watched as he sat down and patted his lap, her mind was a whirl, “This week?, he said, as in not just today, is he talking about me giving him a hand job, or the titty fuck, did he mean…..?” She was still thinking as she without thought straddled his lap and sank her pussy onto his hard cock, though she could feel the enormous erection stretching her tender pussy she was distracted with thought. She was running through her supposed dreams thinking how vivid they had been, or had they been real…? As she settled down on his lap she was still staring off into space, she suddenly heard the buzzing vibrator then felt it nudge her aching asshole then with his cum as a lubricant it slipped effortlessly into her backside. She grunted and moaned as he sank the wiggling phallus in her anus and as he began to pump both his cock and the dildo into her a lightning bolt zapped through her mind. She started to grunt out, “, Fff….fucked, Mmm…, Www….when.Unghh….OH, OH, when…..I, Www….was, Ppp….passed …OUT! She started to pump back at his cock and the dildo in her ass and whimpered, “You naughty fucking boy, you fucked your own mother when she didn’t realize it!” He was looking up at her sheepishly, her stern look causing him to stop all motions. Suddenly he felt her hand grasp his wrist holding the vibrator, he was prepared for her to rip it out of her own ass and slap him with it, but instead she pushed it deeper, whispering lustfully, “Clever boy, you know how to make a mother proud!”

He started to pump both his cock and the dildo into her again as she recounted each event asking him questions about the covert incestuous acts, “OH…oh, did you think about fucking me when I came in the door that first night?” He was grunting her pussy being forced to a tighter opening from the dildo in her ass, “Uggg….Nnn…no, Www…when I got you on the bed your clothes were all pulled up and I could see your beautiful body!” She was wailing out deep guttural sighs as she continued, “AAAnnn….and the night I dreamed you fucked me in the ass?” Felix was grunting even harder as she pound her pussy on his cock and her ass on the dildo he quipped, “I…I...did!” Hillary could feel her pussy start to quiver and quake and was shrilly screaming out, “OH….OH…….YES, An…and……th…..the….NI…NIGHT YOU USED THAT DILDO ON MY PUSSY?” Felix could feel his balls tighten and grunted out a quick, “YEP!” He felt her pussy clamp down hard and she screamed in orgasm, his cock was so sore from fucking her so much he was losing feeling. His mother was thrashing around as she came then suddenly she jumped off with the dildo still buzzing in her ass she dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock voraciously. Felix threw back his head and howled as he shot his load into his mothers waiting mouth, he leaned up and looked at her bugling cheeks as they filled with his sperm. She held her Sons hot jizz in her mouth as she climbed back up and slid his cock back in her pussy, she laid her throat on his ear and he could feel and hear her gulping his cum down. When she had swallowed it all she started to suck his earlobe and say, “That night you made me swallow your cum I wasn’t aware, but from now on I will be able to enjoy every last drop like now!” He shut off the dildo and eased it from her ass as she stayed impaled on his cock talking matter of factly. “Now every morning I will suck you off before school and every night you will climb into our bed and fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours, do you understand?” He nodded dumbly as he listened to her speech, “You will fuck me just like today on the weekends and holidays, and from now on you will be my lover and I yours!” She was kissing his cheek and undulating her hips as she continued, “You know why?” Felix smiled as his cock slipped from her dripping wet pussy and said, “Cause Mother always knows best!” They rolled over in each other’s arms and cuddled for a mid afternoon nap their spent body’s holding each other tight as they dreamed of the endless pleasures that were to come when they awoke.


2015-05-26 15:13:38
That was one of the horniest stories I have ever read thanks

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2014-10-31 20:47:06
Oh my god ! That was the best, most horny, tantalisingly wet pussy making story I've read on any site. I though the previous story was the best , but this surpassed it and so much more. As I was busy I had to read it over 3 days and I have been constantly horny and dripping wet all that time , fucking my hubby incessantly and having tons of squirting orgasms. I'm sorry to realise that you no longer write for the site it's a great pity, I hope if you are able you revisit and see people rate and miss your superb talent here and you come back. I'm really sorry this has ended I looooved it. Thanks for an especially horny 3 days and fir the hard work, yours gratefully, Luvsalick xx

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2014-10-30 15:49:20
Oh my god ! That was the best, most horny, tantalisingly wet pussy making story I've read on any site. I though the previous story was the best , but this surpassed it and so much more. As I was busy I had to read it over 3 days and I have been constantly horny and dripping wet all that time , fucking my hubby incessantly and having tons of squirting orgasms. I'm sorry to realise that you no longer write for the site it's a great pity, I hope if you are able you revisit and see people rate and miss your superb talent here and you come back. I'm really sorry this has ended I looooved it. Thanks for an especially horny 3 days and fir the hard work, yours gratefully, Luvsalick xx

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2011-11-13 07:40:21
Learn to break up full pages worth of text into paragraphs as it comes off as though having simply copied text from elsewhere. Consider also not simply 'one upping' the last action over and over again.


2011-06-05 17:22:29
Wow... so well done. Ive never written this subject, but I checked it out after your kind PM to me. Well written! I admit it was hot too ;)

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