More of a romance than a sex story---but enough to satisfy
Thirteen year old Virgin
It was an absolutely beautiful day in August, the world was wonderful and Oregon, was a lot more attractive to live in than California. I was returning to my apartment, and facing a long drive home. I was already bored and getting sleepy, so when I saw the kid with his pack hitching a ride on the interstate, I thought, I’d better pick him up before the State patrol does, and he finds himself in Juvenile detention. I slowed onto the berm and tooted my horn. The kid breaks out in a big grin and grabbing his pack, runs up to the car. “Need a ride?” I ask. “”Sure do.” is the reply as he slides onto the bucket seat beside me. Fortunately I’m still young enough (26) and fairly good looking enough that he is not scared of a ‘dirty old man‘.

I have music on, so there is not a lot of conversation--I know this is not the time for small talk any way, so we cover the miles, relax and enjoy the ride. As with most trips, about 4:30, my stomach starts growling, and I tell him, “Lets get something to eat, my treat, O.K?” He nods his head like one of those little bobble dolls, showing lots of white teeth in a grin. “Hmmmm, I think to myself, he takes good care of his teeth.”

In the restaurant, I get a surprise, My ‘kid’ is a girl! As she takes off her jacket and knit cap, she shakes out a head full of long red hair. I reach over, over, offering her my hand. “Hi, I’m Larry” At first she hesitates, then with a shy smile she grips my hand in a soft grip, and almost whispers, “I’m Hannah.” without looking at me. Guilty conscience I think to myself, probably running away from home. “I’m glad to meet you Hannah, you’re a neat girl.” Hannah gives me a another shy smile, as though she is still a little afraid of me.

It’s comfortable in the booth, with the soft cushioned seats. We spend a hour at the restaurant, mostly with me talking, I tell her about my summer job selling scientific and lab equipment to schools and universities, a job that requires quite a bit of traveling around for me. Gradually she warms up to me and gets used to being with me. We seem to be two of those people who are just sort of in tune with each other.

I started off by telling her about myself, “I’m 26, I have a cute but really naughty wife who’s only 22 years old” “And she’s built a lot like you!” I tell her with a chuckle, “Small breasts, small waist and hips.“ But she’s a real bundle of energy, she’s so wild she’s always getting us into trouble.” “I teach Science and Math at Kennedy High School, and in the summer, I work for a scientific equipment supply company.“ “Kripes, Katie--my wife, would approve of you, in fact, if I know Katie, she would probably try to seduce you----get you into bed with her!” “Golly” exclaims Hannah “You do have an interesting wife, it think I would like her!” Even I laugh at that!

It seems that Hannah is interested in science as a career, and strange as it may seem, she is quite knowledgeable about the subject. “I would love to be an astronaut” she blurts out. “Wow” I say, “That something for a teen-age girl to shoot for, how come the great interest in space?” I ask. “I just want to do something great, something that is the best, you know, like winning the Kentucky Derby.” “Pick something else” I tell her, “Nobody ever remember what jockey rode a winner in the Derby.“ Hannah pokes me in the ribs. “You nerd, you what I mean” I just want to be somebody special.” “I’ve seen so many no-bodies, never did anything in their whole lives, then they die.” “Larry, I don’t want to be like that!” I nod my head “I’ve seen them too, Hannah, I know exactly what you mean.” She goes on, “Most of the older girls I know get married, have a bunch of kids, get a divorce and are poor the rest of their miserable lives.” “Larry, I’m afraid of that will happen to me, really I am.”

“You want to tell me something about yourself--you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Hannah studies me for a minute, the opens up. I suppose it’s foolish to keep up a wild story that would keep getting me in caught in lies, so I’ve got no problem with the truth, Larry.” “I appreciate it that you trust me--I really do.” I tell the girl. She continues; “My Mom died way back when, so it was just my Dad and I, which was great, we had a really good life, a great life.” “Nice house, great high School, everything!” “The shit hit’s the fan, Dad get’s hit by a dump truck, his car is totaled--and so is he.” “Dad’s in a coma for 6 days, then he dies, very peacefully in his sleep, just dies.” She looks at like she doesn’t know what else to say. “Go on,” I urge her.

“That was about a year ago.” “I have money, from his life insurance and the car insurance people.” “Most of it’s now in a trust fund till I’m twenty-one, or for collage expenses if I need it.” “Dreadful thing is that I’m now a ‘ward’ of my Uncle, who’s an ‘important’ executive.” “I‘ve no other family.” “Anyway, Uncle Jessup, he lives in a penthouse with his high-society wife, and they have no place in their busy lives for a teen age kid” “You know what I mean?” she says, giving me a sour look. “Last year they shipped me off to boarding school, and this spring they think I’m at a three-month summer camp.” “But I just split!” “They’ll probably celebrate big time finally getting rid of me.”

“Hannah, if you want my advice,….” “Larry I really do“ she blurts out. “Well Hon, I’m not an expert, but I’ll give you six cents worth of advice.” Hannah’s laughs at this, but tells me to go on. “First would be to never lose that fire in you belly“, as they say, “that yearning to be the best--that’s important.” “I’d just consider myself an adult.” “Make decision like an adult, and act like an adult.” “Get a part time job, so you have money to support yourself.” “If you get a job at a restaurant, you will probably get free meals to boot.”

“Next is to get all the education you possibly can.” “Talk to guidance counselors about what courses to take, keep science and computer science as your goal.” “Do you research to find ways to pay for college, small colleges are out there looking for students, and will help with tuition.” She looks at me as if expecting a miracle. “Golly, do you really think I could go to college?” “First finish high school with top--hear me?--top grades.” “Then you’ll get into college!” Hannah just spontaneously gives me the biggest hug I’ve gotten in a long time. “Boy, do I ever love you Larry!” “Remember Hannah, if you act like an adult, people will treat you like an adult!”

She looks up at me “Since Dad is gone, nobody give’s a damn about me---not a crap!” “And now you, and we hardly just met, and you treat me like I’m really special, like a sister or a lover or well you know what I mean” Hannah blushes. “I didn’t mean were lovers, that just slipped out.” I give her a knowing wink. “ Maybe you were letting your heart do your talking?” “Do you think that’s possible, Honey?” “No, I don’t think………” She stopped mid sentence, looking at me---looking into my eyes. Then she spoke softly. “A girl’s allowed to have a fantasy, isn’t she?”

“Actually most smart girls do have sexual fantasies.” “Usually the smarter they are, the more elaborate the fantasy tends to be.” Hannah gives me that ’I don’t believe you’ look. “Are you putting me on?” “No, Babe, I’m serious, girls are far less aggressive than boys sexually, so they tend to sort of release their emotions as sexual fantasies.” “And that’s a fact!” “You should hear some of the fantasies my Katie’s tells me, she has them.”

“A lot of the time she will make up crazy fantasies when she masturbates.” “You mean she tells you?” “She tells you all about them?” asks an astounded Hannah. “Sure Hannah, you see, my wife and I, well, we sort of have relaxed rules at our house, you know?“ “And one of them is that when it comes to sex, we have no secrets!“ “Since we live out in the trees, we are able to be nudists a lot of the time--particularly Katie.” “One of the best things, is that we enjoy sharing sexual fantasies.” “Katie is a real Harpo Marx, she never wants to quit, no matter what we’re doing.” “I tell you Hannah, if it weren’t for Viagra, our marriage would be in trouble, because Katie is like a little Bunnie--we’ve even done it in an elevator!”

She laughs, and I join in. “Well” she admits, “Now I don’t feel so guilty about all sexual daydreams I have!” And with that she suddenly gives me one of her guilty looks, then she laughs.
“I want to hear some of these imaginary adventures of yours,” I tell her. “Oh shit, not here in public!” Hannah whispers, looking around to see who’s listening in. “Well, I still want very much for you to share some of them with me, will you when the time is right?” Hannah looks at me and gives me a look, as though I just asked her to eat Tripe! Then a long, drawn out “I can’t doooo that!“ This has been one laugh filled dinner for both of us, and we’re both feeling wonderful because we’ve each found a friend.

So when I announce “Let’s go”, she jumps up, ready to stick with me. It’s raining when we exit the restaurant, We don’t care--we make a mad dash for the car, and laughing, try to get in quickly, so the rain stays out. Another several hours driving, and Hannah is snoozing, curled up and cozy under a blanket I gave her. It’s still raining and dark, pushing 8 pm, and I’m looking for a Holiday Inn for the night. Within 20 minutes, I find one, and slowing up, I pull in and stop.

The change wakes Hannah, she looks up, all around, then questioningly at me. “Hon, we’re out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s time to tuck in for the night.” “Now------Hannah, you are mighty welcome to share this place with me, double beds, no funny stuff--just a good nights sleep.” I smiled reassuringly at her. “Or, if you want, kidoo, you can take the highway, take your chances back out there, but it’s raining pretty hard!” “If I were you, I’d take the warm bed for the night, stead of stand’in in the cold rain, what do ya say?” She makes a face, and points at the big yellow and white sign, nodding her head toward it. I nod my head too, and we both laugh.

Another mad dash. I register as Mr. and Mrs., which has Hannah almost collapsing in a fit of laughter. Once inside our room, she locks the door, having put a ‘Do not disturb‘ sign on the door knob--”I always wanted to do that,” she says, looking at me and giggling. Finally rid of all our dripping water, we bounce on the bed a silly ten or twelve times, look in the bathroom, shower--no tub, and I unpack some of my stuff. Not much, as I have only one bag, and she just has this humongous backpack.

We watch a movie for a few minutes--it‘s boring, but we are in luck, it has an off button. Fortunately, the only chair, other than a straight-back, is a king size lounger. We had stopped in the hallway and gotten a couple cans of Dr. Pepper, so I patted the space beside me on the lounger and told her, ”Hannah, c’mon, sit here with me--I won’t bite, and I gave her my best ‘relaxing laugh’.” Surprisingly, she smiled, and sat down, being careful that we didn’t touch.

While she was using the john, I’d found one of the ‘pay to see’ movies, and would you believe? it was a real winner--an oldie, sure, but a good one. It was “Autobiography of a Flea” an X rated flick that I‘d seen several times long ago. And just what I wanted to break the ice with my little dove. We had sort of a time at first, she didn’t want to watch it, but we had a debate, about why didn’t she want to watch, and she couldn’t really come up with a good reason why not. Her mother wasn’t there to give her a dirty look, God wasn’t going to strike her dead with a bolt of lightining, (I held my breath on that one) so the only person to give her permission to watch, was herself! She could do what ever she damn well pleased! She thought about it.

So in the end, Hannah agreed, admitting she really did want to see it, although I told her it was going to be ‘awfully naughty’. She gave me her evil grin and declared “I’m independent and if I want to watch it, well damn it, I will! She squeezed my hand pretty tight in the beginning. And in the first rape scene, she tried to bury her face in my shoulder, but I teased her into watching, so she did, though she did so somewhat fearfully. Of course, as I expected, during the movie she would look up at me and whisper “What’s he doing?” or maybe “Why is she doing that to her”

After the movie we sat there comfortably, Hannah leaning against me, I had my arm around her. We were both warm and comfy and didn’t want to move. We sipped our sodas and talked about the movie we had just watched. I started a dialog with her about the movie. I wanted to get this girl to start feeling erotic, and discussing an X-rated movie would certainly do the trick!

“Bella (the virginal heroine in the movie) certainly had an adventure didn’t she.“ I said looking over at Hannah. “Early in the movie when Bella and the monk had intercourse, it was hard to tell if she enjoyed it or not, what do you think?“ She looked puzzled for a moment, “which part are you talking about?“ I replied, “You know, when he pushed her back over the table and pulled up her skirts, then when she was naked from the waist down he had intercourse with her.“ “Oh yeah, to tell the truth, it was a littlie disappointing, cause all they showed was the reaction of her face as he did it to her, you didn’t see the real thing.“ She looked at me, “Didn’t you think so?” “I think you’re right” I agreed with her, “It’s more exciting to see the real thing!”

“When the three monks were taking turns having intercourse with her, she kept saying ooooooooohhh and rolling her eyes,” did you notice?” I put in. “Yeah I know when you mean, I almost felt sorry for her, them ganging up on her like that!“ “But when you think about it, well If I was saying ‘oooooooooohhh‘, that would mean I was enjoying something wouldn’t it?“ she said, staring at me for an answer. “You’re right about that.” “Do you think he was using to much force when he was having intercourse with her?” I said questioningly. Hannah shook her head. “No, cause she liked what he was doing--she was enjoying it--having intercourse.”

“One of my favorite scenes was when the monk--John Holmes I think it was, climbed the balcony, and got into bed with the unsuspecting girl--did you see the size of his penis?“ I asked Hannah. ”You know, you’re right.” “The guy that climbed through the window and got in bed with the sleeping girl.” “Well uh” “What I mean is, uh, well, he had a rather large penis, and I was wondering how a guy with such a big…….penis .” “Well shit Larry, you know what I mean, help me out.”

“You‘re on your own Girl!” I tell her smugly. She hits me. Hard. “O.K, you want to know how in the world does he expect to get his big penis into her small vagina?“ Hannah chimes in “Well yeah, because she’s like me, a small girl, and her vagina must be small like mine, right?“ “I’d agree on that Honey.“ I tell her, nodding my head in agreement. “I‘m telling you, it‘s not possible!” “It won’t fit!“ She says, as though that ends the argument once and for all.

“Hannah, when you make love, you body becomes excited, and all sorts of things happen; your heart beats faster, your temperature goes up, you sweat, you feel more like, well like an animal.” “Your nipples become erect, but the most important changes take place in your vagina.” “Your vagina, the complete organ, inside your body, will become larger, the same with your labia, the lips of your vagina, will open up.” “Your vagina will produce a liquid, actually a lubricant, often enough to make your panties quite wet.”

“But the most important change is that your vagina will become elastic, capable of stretching, and capable of, you might say ‘taking a beating’ with no ill effects.” “O.K. WOW!” was all Hannah could say. I continued. “As long as the boy takes his time and perhaps even uses a lubricant, a large penis is no problem--believe me!” This brought another; “Wow, That’s hard to believe Larry, cause I know how small I am down there.” she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. ”It’s the way I’m built---sorta“, she giggled, “It’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?” She stumbled over the words. That had us both laughing.

Finally I hit a home run! We were talking about Bella--the heroine in the movie being fucked doggie style, and I commented, “Hannah, what would be your favorite position?” “ Would it be doggie style like that?” “God no” she replied hugging me. “I think I would want to have intercourse when I’m on top of him” I thought to myself; “Gotcha!” Hannah had finally crossed the line, and entered into the spirit of a sexy conversation! And even better, Hannah was eager to know everything about sex! This was all so new to Hannah, and she was absolutely fascinated with all she was learning. The best part, was that she was anxious to be treated as an adult, particularly when it concerned sexuality.

In discussing the movie, really what I was trying to do was has have her become familiar using the correct words; breast, penis, vagina, orgasm . At first she tried to say “you know” and “his thing” and “down there”. We laughed as I taught her the correct words. It made discussing the movie much easier for her. It was fun for me to keep the ball rolling with comments like “When the third monk was ready to fuck Bella with his king-sized penis were you frightened?” Which of course led to a another stormy discussion about how a large penis can not possible fit into a small vagina. At this point Hannah gave me a push, told me to move my butt over, cause I was hogging all the chair! I moved, but just a little bit.

So far I had purposely kept a low profile. The most I had done was to sit close to her with my arm around her, stroke her arm, rub her back, and so forth. No kisses at all. Finally, “Time for you to jump into the shower Honey” I said with a tender smile and a hug. “O.K.?” She looked away, and said “I don’t think I need a shower, Larry.” Putting my fingers under her chin, I lifted her chin up. We were nose to nose! “How long since you’ve had a shower--tell me truly!” Hannah gave me a embarrassed grin and finally admitted: “Well maybe it’s been a couple of days I guess.” “Well, we’re getting you into the shower right now, and we’re gonna see that you get a good scrubbing!” “How’s that sound to you?” “I guess I really need it“ she said, “a hot shower does sound great”. We both lugged ourselves out of the lounger and Hannah went into the bath room, closing the door behind her. I gave her a few minutes, turning down one of the beds, I turned up the heat to 80 degrees, I wanted it nice an warm after the shower, really warm. I had plans!

Going to my suit case, I opened the little case I always kept with me--Little blue pills, among other good things. I have been caught too many times with Katie--or even with a cute girl, only to find that our first time, for me, at least, leaves me tired out for the night, and not able to get it up for a second or third time. So, I always carry a supply with me, they are good for a four-hour erection! I always carried an ‘emergency kit’ with all the little things I just might need if I’m invited to an orgy. These I put in the drawer beside the bed. I didn’t take a pill now, there was plenty of time, no need to scare the poor girl, was there? About then, hearing the shower start, I walked over to the bathroom door.

I thought for a minute, how I was going to play this. I always carried my own shampoo and bath soap with me when I traveled, the stuff you get in motels is really crappy! I got out my shampoo and body soap, undressed and walked into the bathroom naked as the day I was born. Hannah wiped a round place on the foggy shower door to see who was there…who else? “I’m taking a shower, Larry” she said in a high squeeky voice that had a quaver to it.

“That’s O.K. Hannah, I thought we could both shower, my brothers and sisters and I used to shower together all the time“ I said, as I opened the door and stepped into the shower with her. “Wow they did?“ “That must have been fun!“ she replies rather nervously. Now there is not a lot of room in that shower, so it was not possible to avoid touching each other. Hannah had turned her back to me, crossed her arms over her breasts. Her little butt kept bumping against my thighs, much to my pleasure. “I brought some shampoo from home,” I said in a normal tone of voice. “if you want, I can shampoo your hair.” She didn’t answer. You know Hannah, you have beautiful hair, have you always kept it long like this?” I asked as I stroked her wet hair with my fingers. “No, when I was younger, I wore it short” she replied, touching her hair with her hand. It was a start.

“Will you let me shampoo that beautiful red hair?” I asked pleadingly. “Please…Hannah?” After a few moments hesitation, she whispered “I guess so.” She did have thick beautiful hair, I marveled at it as I worked up the lather, and ran my fingers thru it. “Does that feel good?” I pushed her to answer. “yeah, you’re right, that does feels wonderful.” “Hannah, you know you can turn around, I won’t bite you!” I said with a laugh. Nothing. “You know I think you are much more beautiful than Bella was in the movie!” She looked around at me. “You really think I am for sure?” I grinned and told her that “Unless your front is really ugly, Hannah, then you are very beautiful and that‘s for sure”

“I suppose you think I’m being silly, don’t you Larry?“ “But it’s just hard for me to get used to all this, being undressed with you and all, it’s hard for me, you know what I mean?“ “I guess the truth is, I’m scared shitless” We both cracked up laughing at this. Gently, I turned her around, held her close, with my arms around her, her head against my chest. I softly whispered sweet things to her. “Hannah, you are a very beautiful young girl….absolutely lovely, you have nothing to be ashamed of”. “Together, we are something wonderful, don’t you think so?“ “Yes, I guess so” she mumbles.

“Then why don’t you shampoo my hair.” I guess this didn’t seem threatening to Hannah, as it turned into a “You’ve got shampoo lather everywhere” thing complete with giggles. By the time I was rinsed, at least she was looking at me. “O.K. I said, now for the big decision”. “Shall you wash me first, or do you want me to wash you first?” “Are you frikking serious?” I grinned at her, “Sure I am, that’s what we do in showers….we wash!” “Come on Hannah Honey”. “You want to wash me first, or do you want to be washed first?” Hannah looked at me pleadingly, shaking her head no, no, no.

“I’ll go first!” I announced, and handing her a bar of soap, told her “Go to it Sparky” She shook her head. “You know you’re crazy“, she said, as she accepted the soap. “Turn around” she ordered. When she had washed my back least twice, I asked “Shall I turn around now, Honey?” “Yeah, I guess so.” came an unhappy answer. I avoided staring at her, but I had to make a real effort. Her small smooth hands felt just heavenly on my chest and arms, finally my abdomen, and carefully avoiding my penis, she washed my legs better that they have ever been washed! “Did you know you have a tattoo of a sun burst on your ankle?” she exclaimed, as though she had just discover America. “Wow, are you sure, it wasn’t there this morning when I dressed!” I said in mock amazement. That earned me another hit on the arm from Hannah.

“Hannah”. I said. She looked up at me. “You didn’t wash my penis.” “Oh God, I can’t wash you there.” “Yes you can, it’s not a snake--it won’t bite“…she grins at this. “I just can’t Larry” So all the while she was shaking her head ‘no,” I told her “Yes yes yes you can, here let me help you.” I lathered up some shampoo, and taking her hand, placed it on my erection. Squeezing her hand so she had a tight grip on me, I transferred a bunch of foamy suds over her hand. The shampoo sort of hid the dirty deed, I suppose, and once she found herself holding my penis, it was already an accomplished fact.

Hannah just held me for perhaps a full minute, then very gently she squeezed my penis, I suppose she expected it to explode. It didn’t! It took some persuading, but in the end, she said with a devilish grin, “This is really cool!” There followed that wonderful exploring that a young girl does for the first time upon having a penis to examine and play with. I finally told her “to very gently reach underneath my penis.” She looked at me as though there was going to be a bowl of broken goopy eggs underneath there. “You’ll like it, try it Honey!” Very carefully she snaked a finger down and found my scrotum, felt my testacies. In no time at all, I was warning her, “Be gentle Sweetheart, they are tender.” Hannah Laughed---she was enjoying all this!

I didn’t try anything sexy with her in the shower, I wanted to build up her trust in me. So I let her suds up my penis and wash it good--something she had fun with, I sure it was a first for her. I think Hannah was really proud of herself for washing me. That is until I said “O.K. Hannah, darling, now it’s your turn to get washed. She blushed. Her chest, her neck, her face turned red! “Oh God no Larry, I can’t.” “Hannah, you know how good you felt when you were finally able to wash me, even wash my penis? You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” “Yeah, your right I did” “It was really neat, yeah” she admitted. “Well you know you will enjoy it when I wash your body just as much, don‘t you?”

She looked up at me, as if for reinforcement. Smiling, I told her, “I promise you Sweetheart, you will find it so thrilling it will make you shiver in enjoyment!” “O.K.” Hannah agreed, “Go ahead and wash me, but be gentle, will you?” She put her arms at her side, her hands hard little fists, both her eyes squeezed closed tightly. “Relax, Dumbo, You’re not a sacrifice, I’m just going to wash you.” She opened her eyes and grinned at me.

Hannah was a beautiful girl, I had avoided asked her age, I didn’t want to scare her off. But I would say she was 12, perhaps 13. Her chest was almost flat but not really. Her breasts are hard to describe, they are set a little high on her chest. My Grandma used to make oatmeal cookies, they were maybe 5 inches across, and maybe an inch high. That describes Hannah’s breasts. In the center, sort of high, she had the cutest little pink nipple, no bigger than a nickel. I had almost expected a skinny runt, but Hannah had the body of a soccer player, with a hard belly and a tight little butt. Her shoulders and upper back were well developed--well muscled. Her legs were those of a soccer player, a girl used to running a whole lot. Hannah was well muscled for her age.

She had a small patch of red pubic hair, unusual for me, because it was not curly! It was straight, it hung straight down, of course, it wasn’t very long, and not very thick at all, probably only a year old. You can’t imagine the sheer pleasure I enjoyed as my soapy hands slid over her small smooth body. Hannah is probably 5 foot 4 inches I’d guess in height, maybe a 100 pounds. On the small side, but built in proportion to her height. I worked my way up to her breasts, as I didn’t want to freak her out. I held her arm above her head as I washed it, then, as I let my hand travel down her arm, on the front, I would just feather over her nipple, covered with lather, then on down to her abdomen. In this way, I worked my way to her breasts, so it was not a surprise. And I kept asking Hannah; “That feels good, doesn’t it Honey?” Questions that constantly required her to agree with me. “Do you like the way that feels”? “Do you want me to do more?” “Does it feel nice when I touch you there?” Of course, the way the sentences were structured, she had to keep agreeing with me. So she had no room to be embarrassed.

Finally I worked my way around to her breasts, without seeming to pounce on them. Unlike the rest of her, which was muscled, her breasts are soft, I could have spent an hour on those lovely breasts! As I massaged her small breasts, her nipples became erect and hard. of course I pointed this out to Hannah. “See how your nipples get hard when I massage them?” “Boy do I !” she replied with half closed eyes. “Why your nipples get hard like that?” I asked her. She looked up at me questioningly. “I don’t know.” I looked at her again, this time I arched my eyebrows. “I guess you make me aroused, Larry” “That’s right, you’re becoming sexually aroused.” “ She shook her head, “Oh my God”

“You should be happy, it’s a new experience for you---because you are sexually excited!” “Your body is becoming aroused, and this is just one of the ways that it changes when you are excited sexually!” “But I’m not being sexy, Larry” she pleaded. “Truly I’m not.” “Honey you are not acting sexy, it’s true, but when I massage your body, you become aroused, in spite of yourself, you can’t help it!” She looked into my eyes. “Is that true, because I do feel passionate, even though I’m not being passionate.” “Don’t be embarrassed, you’re growing up, Hannah” “Those are good feelings that you are having---enjoy them, they are natural and they’re wonderful.” In spite of being naked she hugged me, and I think to the surprise of both of us, as we hugged, wet and naked, she leaned up and kissed me on the lips. “You are a wonderful man, Larry, and you make me feel like a woman.”

We didn’t talk as I soaped up her labia and vagina. I was gentle as I washed her, using just my fingertips, I explored, tracing the straight slit between the firm lips of her labia. I lifted her knee up at a right angle, opening her labia, and giving me access to her vagina. I tenderly stroked within, those so very soft sides of her vagina. Right near the entrance, perhaps only an inch inside her I easily felt her precious hymen, stiff and unyielding, and near the bottom a small opening about the size of my index finger. I had known she was a virgin, just from talking to her. It was really strange, all the while I washed her vagina so gently, she looked at me--looked me right into my eyes, as though to say “I trust you Larry, I trust you with my body, my heart, my life!“

I could not feel her clitoris. I used at least ten minutes ’washing her vaginal area’, and it was the nearest to heaven...those ten minutes I did not waste them, I explored, I caressed, I fondled, I did everything except bring that delightful girl to orgasm.

Al long last we finished, and laughing, dried off each other with the big towels. We didn’t have robes, but again, Holiday Inn provides those big towels, so each of us wrapped in a towel and went out into the bedroom. Thanks to my turning up the thermostat, it was warm, really warm. Hannah sits down on the bed. I told her I need a drink of my Dr. Pepper, and I was able to smuggle a little blue pill out and take it with my Pepper. I sat down next to the girl. “Don’t you really feel wonderful now that you’ve have had a hot shower Darling?” I asked her She looked up and laughed. “You were right Larry, a shower was exactly what I needed.”

“I was surprised that you kissed me in the shower Hannah, that was really beautiful!” “Was that the first time you have ever really kissed a boy?” I asked. She looked embarrassed, “No I‘ve never kissed anyone like that before in my whole life!” I suppose I don’t really know how to kiss a boy.” she replied. I pulled her to me. “Wet your lips” I told her. And she did. I pressed my lips to hers, nothing special, just togetherness. “That my love is your plain, ordinary kiss.” “Well what’s a French Kiss?” she asked , as though she could hardly wait. “O.K. first you must relax, that’s important.” “When we kiss, I’ll open my lips, when I do, you do the same. Then, you just have fun!” “Want to try? “ Hannah smiled and nodded. I could tell she was enjoying all this and learning a lot too.

When I opened my mouth, her’s just sort of went along for the ride, but when she felt my tongue slide into her mouth, she gave a jump! We kept kissing, Hannah finally started learning the fun of playing tongue tag, and our tougues were swirling all around. We stopped for minute, more to catch our breath than anything else, and then she realized her hair had fallen down.
Over the next twenty or thirty minutes--I really have no idea of the time, we kissed. Nothing really far out, just old fashioned deep kissing. Most of the time Hannah wanted to kiss with our eyes open--fine by me. Those green eyes looked right into me. She stroked my back, my arms, my head, my chest. Hannah surprised me when she held out her wrist for my inspection. And in a very serious voice, “I just want you to see where your penis bit me while we were in the shower!“ While we lay there, I made every effort to lovingly fondle her, her back, arms, her neck and chin and ears, I caressed endlessly. It was as though our kisses spoke to one another in a quiet language that said to each of us “My darling, I love you!” over and over and over.

“Do you know what’s next for you, my little one?” She was squirming now, as I had a hand under her towel and was tickling a nipple. She evidently was very sensitive there. “What is next for me--Is it scary?“ “Quit that you devil!” And of course she made another of her funny faces. “No my Love, you are going to have a full body massage.” She put both hands over her face, peeking between her fingers “I’m almost afraid to ask what that is?” I stroked her long red hair, soft and dry by now. “You know I would never harm a little red hair on your tush, don’t you my Dear?” She shook her finger at me. “You are naughty” I put my lips close to her cute little ear and whisper to her; “A massage is loving, and warm and relaxing, and soothing, and wonderful, and sexy--really sexy.” “Well what do I have to do to get that, Larry?” “Honey, all you have to do is be naked, that’s all, naked and relaxed.” Hannah looked up at me, closed her pretty green eyes and said “Oh my God!”

I have to give Hannah credit, as she gave up her towel without a whimper. Fairs fair, so I had to loose my towel too. Hannah gave my penis a long look, as though to say, “Why must we be naked Larry?” I just ignored her look! I whipped the covers off one of the beds and had her lay down on her tummy. That was easy enough. Fortunately it was warm, so we were both comfortable, even when naked. I’d put my bottle of cocoanut oil, from my kit, in the little microwave just long enough to bring it up to hot, but not too hot. Cocoanut oil is nice, as it stays slippery, never sticky, doesn’t clog the pores, and easily washes off. I had added a scent to mine, a nice fragrance that Hannah noticed right off, and just loved it. Katie had picked it out, it was her favorite. Frangipani I think it is. I had in my kit a soft foam sleep mask, which I had Hannah put on. It was black, and she couldn’t see a darn thing, which would heighten her sense of excitement during the massage. Everything was ready. Lordy. That girl looked every inch a virgin princess as she lay there naked, even her hair pinned up like it was. I told her it was a shame we couldn’t have her butt bronzed and put on display at the Metropolitan. That got a small laugh.

I started with the standard back strokes, the thumbs up and down next to the spine, and on through the muscles of the shoulders and neck. Golly, she has a beautiful back! Before long Hannah was purring with pleasure Since I skipped over the arms, I spent an extra ten minutes on her back, drawing out a lot of aaaaaahhs from her. Her buttocks were to die for, with oil on them, it was like a wrestling match. Needless to say, my work was cut out for me, not to mention I had an erection any boy would be proud of.

What a way to spend an afternoon, massaging a young girls butt with warm oil---WOW! Hannah’s legs were surprising, muscles, not just flab, like most girls. You could almost trace the muscles, they were so well defined. It took long strokes to really relax those muscles. After a good 45 minutes working on her back and legs, I gave the little red head a smack on the butt and told her it was time to turn over.

It was awkward for to turn over and still be ladylike, considering she was naked, but she accomplished it. And I was astounded, laying there on her back, completely nude, I just found that young girls beauty to take my breath away! Again I was glad I had turned up the heat, so she would not be cold being naked. “Hannah, I just want you to relax--completely relax, keep her arms above her head, or if they tire, just keep them straight out from the body.” “I spread her legs apart the width of a bed pillow, which I place between her ankles. Honey, will you raise up your hips for a moment?“ When she did, I took the opportunity to slip a small firm pillow under her hips, which raised them higher, perhaps 3 or 4 inches. A lot of this was of course, a deviation from the standard massage, but it suited my purposes! Hannah asked, “Is my tush on display or something?“ “Only for me, my Love” I told her. I also skipped her head, I figured her head was already perfect! I couldn’t resist asking her “Do you have any idea at all how beautiful you are?”

Her shoulders were made for massaging. It was fun to lift them and work them, kneading, rubbing, turning them, finally moving on to her chest. While there are many muscles that need attention on the chest and neck, I could not resist the attraction of Hanna’s delightful breasts. I gently soothed them with the warm oil, bringing little growls of enjoyment from my patient. I leaned over and whispered, “Do you like this, do I make your breasts feel enchanted?“ I received a loud “mmmmmmmmmm” in response. “Then let me hear you!” It worked, as I kneaded her breasts gently with the oil, she groaned and made some very unusual noises deep in her throat. Though it was tricky with the slippery oil, I teased her nipples, pinching them--trying to at least, which brought moans from Hannah.

Finally I found her abdomen, flat and firm. She seemed to enjoy my soft caresses of her tummy, but when she felt my tongue at her belly button, she gasped and sucked in her tummy. I just was anxious to reach my goal, and the way Hannah was wriggling her hips, I believe she was too! I wiped the cocoanut oil off my hands and brought out my lubricant. It was a gel, in a tube. Using my thumb and index finger, I gently spread open her labia, and squirted a huge dollop of the slippery gel into her vagina, where her body heat would liquefy it. She squirmed, and squealed when she felt the cool gel in her vagina. I kissed away her protests. Then I placed a good sized dollop of gel in my hand and rubbed my hands together, in preparation of what was to come.
Thirteen year old Hannah was about to receive her first genital massage, orgasms optional.

Placing both hands on her body, I whispered to her that I was now going to gently massage her genitals, her vagina, and I would massage her clitoris--her clit, and probable bring her to an orgasm. Right away she became agitated. “God damn, your really gonna make me come, Larry?” “Sweet heart, just lie back and enjoy the show.” “It’s going to be better than it ever was when you masturbated!” All I heard was, “Oh God I‘m going to enjoy this!” as I cupped her pubes with my lubricated hand.

I proceeded to slide my hand over her labia, up and around, again and again, I let my fingertip trail just inside her slit as I stroke her, and finally using both hands, I paid close attention to that inner sanctum, hidden inside those lovely lips. Caressing the inner side of her labia was the softest ---anything I’ve ever touched! Evidently Hannah agreed, caused I kept getting a soft “Whoooooeeeee” from her all the while! I couldn’t resist sliding my pinkie through the opening in her hymen, bring a half grunt, half holler from the surprised girl. This was the opening Hannah later admitted she used for tampons. I really wanted to concentrate on her clit. I asked her about it, but she seemed bewildered by my questions. I asked how she masturbated, and she showed me she how she masturbated, by rubbing her labia until she came. Apparently she was completely unaware of her clitoris.

I knew it was there, I tried erotic massage on the spot where it should be, massaging with my index finger and thumb. I ignored the poor girls groans of distress, and just kept on my quest.
By this time, Hannah was humping her butt up and down off the bed as I massage her “spot”. and finally I found it peeping out, a hard little nubbin, sort of rising out of the folds of flesh at the top of her labia. Though Hannah was squealing now, I concentrated on the little nubbin, pushing at it, trying to free it of it fleshy hood. And to reward my efforts , like giving birth, Hannah produced a bigger little nubbin! It grew, little by little, until it was until it was the size of a pencil eraser, a well used pencil eraser!

I couldn’t resist it. Somehow her clit was just so erotic, sticking up between her puffy red labia. Grasping her buttocks with both hands I leaned down and sucked it into my mouth. I applied a little suction, while pushing it this way and that way with my tongue. This had a remarkable effect on Hannah. She grabbed my head, threading her fingers through my hair, pulled me to her. As I swirled my tongue around her clit, I guess she was enjoying it, because she was growling fiercely, rocking her hips against me, bringing her pubes as close to my mouth she could get it.

When Larry put his lips to my tush, I really thought he touched me with an electric wire! I felt a bolt of electricy enter me like a shock. Bang! I had an orgasm almost at once as he kissed me there or whatever he was doing to me. It was so thrilling--my orgasm, like too much energy sweeping through my pelvis, rocking me up into my breasts, then right up into throat. I came up with a mighty groan--I felt as though I was being thrown off a great high cliff into love, and all I could think was ”I’m so in love with this man.”

I cried. tears. I know my face was wet from crying, and Larry held me close, he brushed away my tears, and kissed my cheeks, my eyes, my Lips, until I could catch my breath again, and stop my heart from racing. I tore off the sleep mask--I had to see Larry--see his face. But then, then he surprised me, by whispering; “I love you, I love you, I love you Hannah.” We stayed there, hugging, for several minutes, I suppose, until I regained all my senses in one person. They had scattered every which way with that crazy orgasm.

Before anything else could happen, Hannah reached down and grabbed my erection. she could hardly contain herself. she said “Look Honey, you have an erection, your penis is really hard, just feel it!“ “Do you think this is because I’m sexually exciting you?” She looked down, and squeezed my stiff organ. “Your naughty!“ I looked at her and grinned. “Darling How would you like it if I got you excited like that, so that you could hardly stand it?” “It’s not going to hurt, is it?” “No “ I promised her, just the opposite, it would feel so good that you’d would probably scream!” “Are you kidding me or what“?” Well do you want to try?” Hannan looked at me, gulped, then nodded yes.

I pulled Hannah to her feet, We kissed, The soft light, the warmth room, the two of us together, naked. I’m sure that for her it was almost magical, the first time---just the two of us so special like this especially being naked together, all of this was so new to her. I kissed her once more--a one minute kiss, then I had Hannah sit on the edge of the bed. I stood between her legs…..close to her. Of course all this time I had an erection, just inches in front of her nose. She looked up at me questioningly. I smiled at her, told her to “Go ahead, do what ever you want with me--with my penis.” Slowly at first, a little clumsy, but suddenly she discovers how to stroke my penis--it just came naturally to her. She looks up at me and I give her a big smile.

The effects of her being naked and so close affects me too, even as she holds my penis, it grows and grows. She is amazed, to see something happen like this. I tell her this is sexual arousal for a guy--you have done this to me--you have aroused me, made my penis erect. Proudly, she gives me a wide proud grin. My penis is waving right in front of her face, I say nothing.

She stops stroking my penis, and I suddenly feel a warm softness, a very wet warm softness, as her tongue brushes around the head of my penis. Just like Bella in the movie from an hour ago, her lips enclose me, she gently sucks, her mouth moving aver me, then, almost in slow motion, she slides me deeper into her mouth, her eyes flick up to me for approval. I grin, she grins. She goes deeper, then pulls me out as she coughs and gags. We both laugh. I show her how to develop a rhythm by stroking me. All the while, using a soft sucking effort with her mouth and caressing me with her tongue. Within a few minutes, Hannah has this down to a fine art, knowing just how far she can swallow my erection without gagging. As she works me, I talk to her.

“Sweet heart, You’re making me so excited, I really can’t take it!“ ” “You’re too much for me, My Love, you’re going to make me come!“ “I’m going to send my load of semen into your mouth when I come.” “Semen’s the same sweet seed that makes babies.” “And when I comes, it will not be a lot, maybe only one or two tablespoons full.” “Just swallow it.” “Will you do that, Hannah?” She looks and me and nods her head. I rustle my fingers thru her soft red hair.

With her soft mouth, the magic tongue swirling around, and all the while and gentle sucking pressure, it’s not long until I can feel my hot semen boiling up thru my tubes to my penis, and I start thrusting deeply into her mouth, at first she looks alarmed, but quickly realizes, by some sense, that my orgasm is approaching. My thrusts are firmer, even deeper, but Hannah takes me in somehow. I feel my hot load barreling up into my erect penis and I push into the young girls mouth, deeply, and hold it there….she is still stroking me, and I can feel the pull of her as she sucks my penis. I put my hand firmly behind her head so she will be able to pull away, and then my hot load of sperm seems to explode. Actually, I have my penis so far back in her throat, that when I ejaculate, It shoots right down her throat. It’s awesome that in the passion of the moment, this thirteen year old girl allows me to slide my erect penis so far into her mouth, so deep that ordinarily it would cause her to gag---but she doesn’t!

“God--That was awesome!” She’s excited! “Never in my life have I ever seen anything--your penis just got bigger and bigger, big as my arm!” “And I made you ejaculate your seed like that, didn’t I ?” “Didn’t I Larry?” “Yes you did Sweetheart, you are a young expert at making love.”

“I guess that’s what we’re doing, isn’t it, we’re making love?” “You’re right, Hannah, this is all part of making love, it’s all a prelude to intercourse, to fucking, what we’ll do next” “Larry, I’ve never…. I’m a virgin, I’ve never done that.” “It’s nothing to be frightened of, it’s a very natural thing for a girl to let a boy fuck her, to do it together---if they’re in love.” She was staring at me. “I suppose so.” she replied softly. She reaches out, touches my cheek. “I want, very much, for you to fuck me, my darling!”

I lay back and tried to breathe. I can’t believe I just said that! I must be crazy--or in love, I think. I still had the taste of his semen in my mouth--I sort of like it! There are so many thoughts racing through my mind, and my body. Most of all I’m experiencing so many intensely personal sexual feelings. Larry’s showing them to me, sharing them with me--the two of us. Larry’s going to fuck me! He kisses me, so sweetly, brushing his lips across my cheek he whispers “Before we start, Honey, I going to put some gel inside your vagina.” “It will feel slippery, it’s a lubricant, and it’ll make our first time a lot easier, OK?” I nod, thinking, I’m already so sloppy wet Larry you wouldn‘t believe, but I can’t trust myself to speak. My first time! My first time will be with him, with the man I Love--with Larry. That will be cool.

I felt his fingers at my vagina, At first I start to close my legs, then I smile, feel a tiny bit foolish, and try to relax. and then the coolness of the gel as it enters me. “That feels nice, I murmur.” The next thing I know, Larry is moving over me, sort of like I’m surrendering the space between my legs to him.
The head of his penis is so smooth, as it presses gently on the sensitive folds of my labia, just at the mouth of my vagina. “Oh God--This is it.” Like He told me, I hold both my arms above my head I keep thinking about what Larry had told me, about a girl’s vagina being able to adjust to the size of a large penis--Well, we’re going to find out! You know, believe it or not, I could feel the intense feeling of his need for me on the tip of his penis as it nuzzled into me. I know that sounds goofy, maybe it’s because Larry’s feelings for me poured through when our sexes touched, like plugging in a lamp. I don’t know, I just know it‘s out of this world super!

Larry was positioned just a little high--higher up on me, so his penis rubbed across my clit with every stroke he made. “Oh shit!” I squeaked. A magical little electric spasm whistled throught my body even if my clit was just barely touched! He pressed into me just a little again, then pulled it out again. As he pressed in and out again, everything in the world started disappearing for me. It was just the two of us alone on a desert island, naked, making love. I was starting to feel the most exquisite feeling, and I only knew that I must have more and more! It seemed that only moments before I’d felt him press up against my poor hymen. “Oh God”

I felt slippery, very well lubricated, thanks to Larry’s planning---he was so thoughtful--I almost laughed. I faintly heard Larry instructing me to relax, let myself go limp, so I tried deep breathing, relaxing with every breath--Wow, I could feel pressure. It seemed with each deep breath, more pressure in my vagina, no pain, really, just more of a sense of pressure. Then a pop! Not a sound exactly, but more of a feeling something happened. I told Larry I loved him.

I could feel Larry squirming with his penis, pushing against me, then more short thrusts, and a mysterious plop. Suddenly I realized the pressure was gone, there had been no sound, really, more of a feeling, of release, like you drop something. “Honey“ I whispered. “I know, reply, I feel it too, perhaps I’m trapped in you, Sweetheart!” I kissed him, told him, I feel like were somewhere in eternity--and I don’t care if we never find our way back” The moment was terribly exquisite. We kissed, and with that kiss, my lover slid his long penis all the way inside me. I could actually feel him press against my uterus, it was unbelievable. At that moment, as big tears ran down my cheeks, I just felt as though I were putting his heart somewhere safe inside me, beside mine.

Now I realized why Larry had placed the pillow under my bottom, it gave him a better angle to thrust into me---of course. It was just one of a thousand flashes--all loving thoughts of Larry as I lay there, feeling his penis in me for the very first time in my life. I thought of his loving hand, massaging me, as though he were using his hands to say “I love you my Sweet” and the other little things, like not hassling me in the shower, that was so thoughtful of him.

Larry’s put his hands on my hips, gripped me and began thrusting into me with long gentle strokes. It seemed to me that his heat just swept over my genitals and burst again and again into energy that electrified my whole body. Larry’s penis, erect and hard, seemed to be even deeper inside me now, I could tell. each thrust goes hard into my center, my womb. “Oh God, I’m going to have another orgasm!” “Just go with it Sweetheart---go with it---GO!” Larry shouts.

The constant friction of his erection, even with the lubricant, was breathing fire on my clit. This is going to be number 22 or is it 67, Maybe 41? Daren’t, I don’t have a clue! I know I can feel it build up and then that beautiful passion exploded bang bang bang bang right up into my heart. I couldn’t get enough oxygen! I take deep breaths through my nose, And I just dig my fingernails into his shoulders--hope I didn‘t hurt him. “This is frickin wonderful” I thought. Mmmmmmm turned into ooooohh, then “Yes, God Yes and my body exploded in one more powerful orgasm. One moment I tensed, my toes curling under, the next, I was shaking uncontrollably. Then I remember fighting, trying to breathe, to come back to life!

“Oh that was soooooo good I thought, panting, sucking in air. “Oh Honey--We gotta do this again!” Laughing, Larry hugged me tightly to him. Larry was surprised at how long her orgasms last--and the intensity of them. I thought to myself, Damn girl, for a 13-year old, you are going to make one hell of a lover! You’re a keeper--that’s for sure, damn sure. Then I said it again to myself. “You’re a keeper, girl, that’s for damn sure!” It kept running through my mind!

I was in heaven. This girl Hannah was magic! I thought my little wifelet Katie had a tight vagina--something I’ve always prized, but Hannah! She has a really small vaginia, not just small, but tight. Without the lubricant, I wouldn‘t have been able to fuck this girl, that’s how tight she is! I had been able to penetrate her hymen by gradually stretching it until I was able to finally penetrate her. You cannot imagine the intense feelings I experienced as I would slide right in to the hilt, with every thrust. It was not long before she was raising her hips to meet my every stroke, even though it was just a short swing of her hips, she was into the spirit of really fucking me! I could feel the ribs inside her vagina. Great balls of fire! she had muscles in her vagina too! I can feel her squeeze my penis, in sort of a ripple effect. She is so tight, the effect is startling, when I pull out, the suction causes a funny little plop! “God, I love this girl.” I thought.

God, Hannah thinks “I love this” moaning every time, she feels his penis slide up inside her. “Oh My God Larry, I love you!” Larry’s whole body seemed to move deeper into me. I knew Larry was fully inside me, as with each stroke I could feel him bump my uterus--a weird, crazy sensation. He thrusts into me slowly and deliberately, just like a steam engine, until I couldn’t tell where my body stops and his body begins. “Yes God!“ Then I feel something I had never in my life experienced. Orgasm number 59--I’m sure it number 59. I know I’m building up to one magnificent orgasm! What was wonderful, I could feel that Larry is approaching his climax too. Larry cried out “I love you”, filling me with huge currents of energy. It was like his orgasm jumps out of his body into mine--I just feel it so strongly. I could reach out and grab it!

Larry cried out again, then he growled. We were melting together. I really don’t know if I was crying or screaming. There was nothing else in the world, just Larry and me--this incredible orgasmic blending. Larry almost shouted as he pushed his erect penis deeper inside me, up against me---deep inside. Magic sparks exploded everywhere. All this was coming at me too fast. I couldn’t breathe--I was crying, sobbing, big tears were running down my cheeks. My orgasm built up even higher, grabbed my pelvis, my vagina, flooded through my body like a wave, a tidal wave. I was shaking!

Larry could feel the walls of her vagina ripple as they seemed to suck at his penis, gripping and kneading him, pulling him deeper inside her. I could feel warm streams of semen rushing up to my penis. I felt like jumping over the fence as my semen shoots out, just like torpedoes out of a submarine. I shoot right against young Hannah’s uterus. Once, twice, three times, four times, five times, I’m looking right into her eyes as I pump my seed into her. We could feel the love!

I knew of course, when Larry ejaculated into me. I was watching his eyes, and I could tell by the muscles in his back and butt when he released his semen. I was disappointed that I couldn’t feel his semen spurt into me. Perhaps there was just too much going on, I marveled at this experience, never in my life do I remember feeling such a sensitive, physical release, I guess you’d call it. This was Love--I know!

She stayed there for a long time, on her back, with her arms above her head, trying to cool off. My penis was still hard, still deep inside her, I was on my elbows, my chest hovering just over her breasts, just grazing her nipples, just enough to bring a giggle from her, even though she was absolutely exhausted. I felt as though I was sort of protecting her from the outside world.

I gazed at him for such a long time. His arms around me, His penis was still snug in me, deep inside me. But I think we were both too exhausted to fuck, even a little. Right now, Larry was the center of my universe. I looked at him lovingly. “For ever and ever, this is all I ever want, just you, my love!“ I whispered sweetly

After we had rested for a while--I don‘t know how long, laying there, talking softly about fucking, and love and each other……and fucking. My arms were getting tired, so I rolled off her and reaching over on the table, came back with the tube of gel. There was still a little left. Hannah gave me a goofy look, sort of ”Now what do you think you’re doing?” Her labia were already red and swollen, but she felt better, even crooned, when I smoothed some of the cool gel on them. When I got her smile and nod, I carefully squirted a good amount of the lubricant into her vagina, and gave her my best smile, as of a job well done. “What are you going to do If I say NO to you, my Love?” she asked. “I shall become a hermit!” I declared. “You’d make a despicable Hermit” she-said---sounding like Daffy Duck, as she held out her arms to me.

I surprised her to hell and back when I shook my head “No!” “Larry“, she said in a begging voice, “If I don’t get it I shall certenly die!” “Alas “ I said, “I surrender, I cannot resist one so radiantly lovely as yourself!” And with that, I rolled over on my back, holding my erection straight up in the air, while motioning her to me with my finger. Hannah is quick. I’ll say that for her. She stood over me, looking down at my penis. “It looks tiny from up here.” she said with a smirk”

I gave in first, his penis was just irresistible to me! I couldn’t resist his charm, so slowly, ever so slowly--hopefully to drive him insane, I lowered myself down onto him. Finally I was able to reach down and grasp his erection---it seemed huge. Carefully I guided it between my lips--slippery, and into the entrance of my vagina. The head of his penis just seemed to plop into place there.

I waited, teasing him, waiting, waiting. “You little witch” he murmured, grasping my hips he pulled me down, on that fearsome penis---It felt big! He simply drove it up into me forcefully, until he had filled me to bursting! “God I love it!” I sat there, on him, like I was bolted down. Finally he smiled, and let me ease up just a bit, that was better, more comfortable for me.

He showed me how to swing my hips back and forth. Now this was something new altogether! It was like his penis was on a hinge, and it flopped back and forth inside my tummy every time I swung my hips like Larry showed me, First it would bump against the front of my tummy, then hit against my backbone, then the front of my tummy again. “Whooopeee!” I screamed “I love it.” But Damn, was she ever having fun big time!” “You’d think she had just discovered fucking!”

I laughed as I knelt astride him, swinging my hips back and forth in a rapid ride to ecstasy. It was not long until I realized I’d better slow down before I made Larry come--didn’t want that yet. Yep, his penis felt awesome inside my now sensitive vagina, but watching each other---eye to eye that was intense, like heart piercing love flowing back and forth between us as we fucked.

Larry spoke, as if I had asked him. “I feel it to, Sweetheart, my heart is bursting.“ With that I sunk my chin down on my chest, For I felt a huge wave of brightly colored passion wash over me, leaving me gasping and speechless as it was followed by another and another. I was spinning in space and in space there is no air to breathe. Something Wild strikes me, knocks on my ass. “Zowie” I felt his finger or thumb, maybe his chin--could have been his big toes. I don’t know! But they were all over my precious little clit, and damn man, that sent me over the wall and around the moon--howling all the way! I was laughing and crying, grinding myself hard onto him.

This beautiful young girl went zonkers on me with her orgasm, when I started rubbing her clit. Of course I was inside her, and suddenly she was grinding down on me, grinding around in a circle that was way too much for me, and despite my best efforts, I felt that familiar feeling in my penis and testicles, the kind of feeling you can’t stop--you don’t want to stop. Within seconds I was going to climax. I did what my penis shouted for me to do: Continued to frantically massage Hanna’s delicate clit, and at the same time, I raised her up, her hips off the bed with mine, my penis so far up inside her vagina, that it was pressed right up against the opening of her uterus, and as she suddenly looked into my eyes, I felt her shiver when I started pumping my seed into her. but she never took her eyes from mine, until I finished.”

As we lay there afterwards, Hannah said ”There is nothing in the world that is as stimulating as fucking, did you know that?” “Who do you think just taught you to fuck” I told her smiling self confidently. She hit me again. “You know what I mean, how fucking someone you have feelings for, there has to be a world of difference than just fucking someone you met in a bar!” “You got that right” I told her, pulling her to me and kissing her. She grinned and cuddled up in my arms just as happy as she could be. Actually, Hannah was twice as happy; She had discovered fucking!

Hannah had never before had such a feeling, that this was where she belonged. She wondered what the future held for her. It was bleak thinking of a tomorrow without Larry. She tried to imagining someone else as nice and warm and loving and wonderful….but big tears filled her eyes.
They slept that night together naked, close together and happy.

The morning came blazing through the front window like the bright summer sunshine it was.
“Golly, almost nine o’clock already.” “Wow, we were really tired out I guess .” I announced to a sleepyhead Hannah, who looked so cute half covered with a sheet, both delightful breasts bared for all to see, or at least me. She opened one eye. “Come back to bed” she said, but with out feeling. “How about a hot shower and breakfast?” I asked her? “I don’t want this to end, Larry”
She said, looking at me. I nodded my understanding,

I had a towel around me, and I sat down on the bed. Hannah sat up, putting both her arms around me, holding me, like she would never let me go. I knew how she felt, because we had this connection, we could almost read each others thoughts. And I felt the same way! The truth was, we---Hannah and I were in love.

At the restaurant I asked Hannah, “How strong are your connections to your Aunt and Uncle?” “Do you actually intend to ever return to them?” She looked to me thoughtfully. “That’s something I must decide, isn’t it?” “It’s a hard decision, Sweetheart, but you have to think about your future, your happiness.” I told her. “I don’t know Larry, I’m so unsure of what to do, where to go, I feel so lost.” “Well Hannah, let me ask you this question; Would you be happy back with your Uncle?” A laugh, then “Hell no I wouldn’t” Hannah says with determination. “Well then, You can do what ever you want, can’t you? You are a smart girl.” “You can pass for eighteen easily with the right makeup, and if you act like your eighteen, you can do it.“ She looks at me sadly. “I don’t want to” she says, without any feeling.

“Hannah,” I said, putting my hand under her long red hair, feeling the warmth of her neck on my hand, “Let me run a possible idea past you, see what you think, OK?” She looked up at, raised her hand up to my wrist. “What if Katie and I could be appointed your legal guardians?” Hannah flipped at this, just flopped back down on the bed. I thought maybe she had fainted. “Whoa!” she exclaimed “Could you run that by me again?” “Simple, Katie and I could adopt you.” “Oh God Yes, if there is a God, He has answered every one of my prayers!” she answers brightly this time, sitting up again. She grabs me by my ears, both of them, and shouts “Oh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

“I’d have to run it by Katie, of course, and we’d have to get the consent of your Uncle and Aunt,” “They would be glad to be rid of me, there is no financial gain for them, just me, dragging them down.“ volunteers Hannah. And I add, “We could have a happy little home, just the three of us.” I think the legal papers would be easy enough, I have a buddy who is a lawyer, so….

“Katie will lick her lips at the thought of having you live with us“ “ You know Honey, Katie is a lot like you, except she insists on sex twelve hours a day, and she likes to walk around the house naked all the time.” I don‘t know if you could handle that or not“ “Katie has this thing, she likes me, of course---and a lot of my buddies.” Hannah laughs. “But Katie also has a thing for girls too, if you get my drift.” “Those are a couple of the things you would have to get used to.” “Well Larry,” Hannah said with a wicked grin, “I think Katie and me would get along thick as thieves, you know?”

But that’s another story.


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2015-02-05 21:21:36
aPRGdu I simply could not depart your website before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information a person supply in your visitors? Is gonna be again often in order to inspect new posts


2015-01-07 06:24:50
"13 Year Old Virgin" - Twenty-six Year Old Married Husband, Larry and His Hitchhiking Rider, Thirteen Year Runaway Hannan (Larry's Wife Is Twenty-two Minklike-fucking Katie).

Young nubile, innocent virgin thirteen year old, hitchhiking waif (her parents are deceased about one year ago) Hannah is so wholesome, impressionable, impish and angelic...and she's damned well lucky to have been given a ride, comfort, respect and tenderness, rather than a criminal element or even worse a rapist!!

The story is great--other than the obvious errors of misspelled words used in the wrong context (their vs they're, etc), and the changing of first person to second person, back and forth several times; and the third person narrator crept into the story without warning or necessity. The writer needs guidance or assistance to make the necessary correction. Otherwise, the theme and contest of the story, particularily the character of Hannah, is magnificent!!
The writer must consider Chapter 2!!

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2015-01-03 00:16:21
i love this story....


2014-12-28 03:04:09
What can I say that hasn't already been submitted? Of course there are a few errors that detract from the free flow of readimg (see what I mean?) but in spite of changing POV in mid stride and the controversy over sex with a minor it was a sweet love story (what age were Romeo and Juliet? That didn't bother Shakespeare, did it!). I enjoyed the romp and hope you add a sequel. Well done and thanks for sharing with us.

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2014-02-06 07:35:27
The story itself was good, however, the idea of changing narrators multiple times really didn't work, as it was difficult to distinguish between who was narrating, at one point you started speaking from an omniscient standpoint, which you had never done before making it even more confusing and hard to follow, next time, stick with one POV

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