This is my very first bestiality story hope you like it and please comment back on what you think. -

The day of Amy's 12th birthday started out normal waking up to the smell of her favorite breakfast and eating with her parents."Good morning Amy and happy birthday" her mom and dad said to her "did you sleep well last night sweety" her mom asked her with a kiss on her cheek.

"Yes it was good" she said while sitting down at the table with her father reading the newspaper. When she sat down Dex and Rex greeted her by licking her feet from under the table. "Good morning" she said while patting both of them obn the head.

As they where eating some syrup spilled onto Amy's panties and Rex put his face into it and started to lick it off really fast and making her jump. "Ah" she moaned "are you ok Amy" her mom asked "yes it just that Rex scared me but I think he just wants some food" she said.

"Really but he just ate, just give him a sausage and he will be fine" her mom said. After breakfast Amy's parents went to work "sorry that we have to go to work on your birthday Amy hope you have fun and stay safe" her dad said walking to the car. "if you like you can invite a friend to stay with you until we get back bye" said her mom.

Once she got back inside Amy took all her clothes off showing of her young body. Amy started going through puberty last week and her breast grew into a size A training bra. Amy is 4ft and 5in tall and has long black hair and blue eyes.

Amy went into her room and threw her clothes on the bed and look at her clock it was 8:00am "Im going to call Jenny over after I take a shower" she said to herself. Jenny is her best friend and love to share and doing everything together they even share the same birthday. Jenny is the same hight and brest size as Amy buy she as long blonde hair and green eyes.

While thinking about Jenny she didnt hear Dex and Rex walk into her room. Amy now get ready to take a shower but then droped her towel on the floor as she bent down to pick it Rex took a quick lick of her pussy "AHH" she screamed and fell to her knees. "When did you to get here you scared me bad dogs" when she tryed to get up Rex started to growl at her and then let out a loud bark that made her stop moving.

After she stoped rex started to lick her pussy again with fast strokes of his tungue making her start to fell horny for the first time "what is this feeling" sge said to herself as Rex was licking she had her first orgasm making her whole body shake and a big stream of pussy juice went into Rex's noise making her go wild and lick her pussy hfaster and harder and entering her pussy lips with every lick.

"This feels so good Rex give me more of this felling" as she went into her secong orgasm Amy rasied her butt higher in the air to make Rex's tungue go in deeper. Rex's mating instincts went off as he saw her get into position so he stoped licking and his 12inch long cock came out. He then jumped onto Amy's back and held onto her wasit.

"Rex what are you do AHHH!" she screamed as Rex ramed his cock into her on his first try and started to pound his cock into her small tight virgin pussy. "Rex stop yoor hurting me" she screamed, after a few minutes Rex's knot started to hit her swallowen pussy lips trying to get inside so Rex held onto her really tight and made a hard and fast thrust amd forced it into her.

Amy was in so much pain at that point that she passed out while Rex poured his doggy cum into her. five minutes later Amy was woken up to an orgasm and the sound of Rex's knot being pulled out of her. Dex was quick to take his place before Amy could even take a deep breath after her massive orgasm.

Once Dex started to fuck her Amy's pain started to go away and now started to fell pleasure buliding up him her pussy and five minutes into it she went through another massive orgasm making her legs go numb and say stuff like "give me more of your doggy cock" Rex hearing the command walked over to her and mounted her face letting her suck his cock.

When Amy was sucking his cock the tip of it kept on setting off her gag reflex so she goy her hands and placed it around his baseball sized knot and help onto it to keep it from going in so she will be able to suck on it without chocking.

Once Dex got is knot into her he started to pour loads of cum into her and at the same time Rex was making her swallow most of his cum for the next twelve minutes so she wont choke on it.

Both dogs pulled out of her with a loud pop and left her laying on the floor covered in cum. It took Amy a long time to get up she look at her clock and saw that it was 11:00am she had been raped by the dogs in three hours and she loved it. She took a shower and cleaning out her cum filed pussy and could feel the cum drip out of her.

After the shower she brushed her teeth and it took two cups of mouth wash to get the taste of dog cum out of her mouth. Amy put on a long T-shirt barly covering her butt and called Jenny "Hey Jenny come over to my house I won't to show you a game that you would love to do with your farm animals she said. "Ok what is it" Jenny asked "I'll show you when you get here bye."

To be continued.

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