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Best friends share a fun weekend
Seductive Stoners

This is my first story.

I got off work promptly at 5 o’clock and texted Liv the second I got out to the parking lot. I quickly typed “hey bud, ima go grab and be home by sixish” on my Blackberry before hopping into my Volvo and heading downtown. A friend of a friend had gotten some pineapple kush, and I was so excited by the promise of a hooked up sack for the weekend.

Olivia is my best friend in the entire world. She and I are what NBC’s The Today Show reports as “stiletto stoners”. We’re both young, successful, professional women who happen to smoke weed. Some people like to unwind at the end of a long day or week with a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon; we like to burn one down. We’re both extremely passionate people, so we work hard and play hard.

We had met in undergrad and connected instantly; both philosophy majors, we shared the same plans for law school - because what else can you do with a philosophy degree?

As best friends and roommates, we have experienced a lot of our lives together. We’ve spent countless hours writing papers and studying for exams with each other, and those nights were usually coupled with late night blunt cruises and munchies trips. We survived fours year of undergrad, three brutal years of law school, and now we’re in our first year of work as attorneys – different firms but both in the metropolis. She likes to say they should make a show out of our lives called Stoned in the City.

I drove about twenty minutes to our friend’s house to get the kush. He came out to my car, told me I was going to love the stuff, and told me to have a good weekend. I couldn’t wait to get back home.
I walked into the condo so ready to chill for the weekend and just finally unwind. I was greeted by the sound of mock rapping in the living room:
“Bitch, you know what I want! hahaha… I wanna talk to Samson! Fly me to the moon…”
“Really? This movie again?” I laughed.
“Sometimes I just wanna throw it all down and GET LIFTED! Haha Are you ready to get lifted, girl?” Olivia was just as ready for the weekend as I was.
“Yeah, this week has been too crazy. Because working 60 hours last week wasn’t enough, he gives me enough work to keep me there for 70 this week. Are you sure this is what we signed up for?” I asked as I went to change out of my work clothes into jeans and a cami.
“We’re livin’ the dream, my dear,” she said with a cheesy fake grin.
“So I went and got that dank – like Thurgood Jenkins says, ‘it smells like the bomb’ so let’s get this going. Got blunt?”
“Got weed?”
We laughed and I sat down to roll it up.

This is how it is between us. Fairly removed from the whole stereotypical “pothead” culture, we find it somewhat rebellious and definitely hilarious to sort of immerse ourselves into that culture. Quoting Half Baked and How High? are just part of it; when we smoke, we jam out to Ben Harper, Bob Marley, and Phish. We watch trashy reality television and smash on anything other than the salads we eat all week long. We both can, and do, discuss issues ranging from classical Greek literature to contemporary global politics to modern art. But when it’s just me, Liv, and Mary Jane, we can be however we want or however we are. We talk about intelligent and not-so-intelligent stuff, watch interesting and not-so-interesting stuff, and we just enjoy life.

“Ooh, I’m about to smoke an L with L-ivia,” I joked as she cracked the Philly and handed it to me.
I quickly rolled us a fat one and started to blaze it up. She opened the window and lit the incense – part of the routine that we knew so well.

There is no rule of “puff puff pass” between us; chiefing is allowed, even encouraged. This is our time to just hang out and catch up on our own relaxed schedule. After it was burning well, I took a big hit and inhaled deeply, holding it in while I passed it to her. We smoked and just chatted while the movie was going.

“Half Baked is so classic, but I really want to listen to some music. I’m definitely craving some Eminem Recovery right about now.”

Olivia handed me the blunt and jumped up to go put the music in. I sat there in the middle of our living room, smoking weed with my best friend – and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. This was the first time I ever noticed how attractive she is.

I always knew she was a pretty girl; we were both cute and each had our fair share of guys hitting on us when we went out. But I never thought of her as just plain damn sexy – she was just Liv.
Seeing her now was completely different. She was several inches taller than me at 5’8”, and slender with just the right curvy proportion of breasts and hips. Her wavy brown locks ran past her shoulders and contrasted sharply with the tight blue tank top she had changed into. The top and shorts revealed her glorious olive skin, perfectly golden tan to show her toned arms and calves. She was often complimented on her ass, and indeed it was amazing. Beautifully round, tight and firm, it was obvious that she looked amazing from behind.

But what surprisingly impressed me the most were her breasts. As she started to turn around, I noticed how very perfect they were. I knew she was a full C cup, and they looked perfectly sized and perky to fit the rest of her sexy, curvy figure. I couldn’t help but think that they were the perfect size for me to hold. And touch. And kiss. And lick. And suck.

I was still admiring when she turned around and looked at me.
“Wow, you look baked, girl. You’re totally zoned out.”
For some reason, I thought that was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, and I immediately burst out laughing.
“haha You’re geeking out! Share the love, girl,” she said, and I handed her it to her between giggles.

We laughed and smoked, completely care free, until we finished our blunt. Then we sat listening to the music for a while and I heard Eminem sing, “Seduction… Seduce…” which made me crack up all over again.
“You’re outrageous with the laughter tonight! What’s so funny?” Liv asked me.
“Oh man, it’s too crazy. I just got to thinking and it was nuts.”
“I wanna hear though - I always like to hear what you’re thinking. And if it’s something crazy for us to do, you know I’m all for it!”

“Well,” I said, “it’s nothing like that. I was just sitting here smoking and when you got up, you looked fantastic. I was like ‘Damn - that girl’s sexy!’ And it just made me laugh because I couldn’t believe I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was completely turned on. Your body just looks amazing.”
“Really? Well thanks, I do what I can,” she pretended to brag. “No, really though, that’s seriously flattering. A sexy ass girl telling me she was fantasizing about me… that’s hot.”
“Yeah… I’m so not sexy though! Cute, maybe, but sexy? Most definitely not.” I was convinced I was right. She was the tall, dark, sultry one. Curves galore and a sexy body. I’m slim and tiny at just 5’1”. My red hair complements my pale skin, and I have a small but toned body. “Petite” is the perfect word to describe me.
“Hell yeah, you’re sexy! A hot little piece… you’re gorgeous! Honestly, I’m surprised you’ve never thought about us before. I mean, two hot chicks always hanging out, besties through everything... I’ve definitely thought about what it’d be like to hook up with you.”
“Really?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Completely turned on by the girl next to me, she was basically telling me that she’d thought about being with me – and she had liked the idea.

Before I knew it, she was close enough to touch. I felt her warmth as she leaned closer to my now tense body. Lifting her arm, she stroked my face with the back of her manicured hand. She caressed me softly like this, bringing her head in near my cheek. I closed my eyes as her hand traced trails along my face, and I was surprised by a warm, tender kiss on my forehead. I looked into her eyes and saw pure passion and desire.

She kissed each cheek just as softly and nuzzled me with her nose. She then bit her bottom lip as she touched mine between her thumb and forefinger, waiting for me to suck her fingers with anticipation. I kissed her thumb, forefinger, and each successive finger with delicious kisses and she cradled my cheek in her hand. She leaned in.

I felt shy at first, right before she kissed me. But as soon as her lips touched mine, any tension I had felt melted away. That first kiss was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Her mouth was small and warm and sweet, very soft and gentle on my own. Her lips were plump and red, perfectly as though they had been waiting for my kisses all along.

She continued loving my lips with soft, warm kisses, and soon I felt her sweet little tongue parting them. My level of comfort with Liv made this all seem natural – there was no hesitation, and I kissed her without a care in the world.

I began to explore her mouth with my own tongue. It was pleasantly sweet, and I would have been content to keep kissing her, even with nothing more, forever. But even though her kisses satisfied me, I was surprised how much more I began to want her with each moment.

As we grew more passionate, her hands gently caressed my face, ran through my hair, and circled over my back. The touch felt like electricity through her fingertips, igniting fiery lust on each spot of my body. She traced along my shoulders and began to come near my breasts – I slightly tensed with anticipation and hesitated.

She looked into my eyes and said, “Hey, beautiful,” with a comforting smile, and quickly began kissing my neck. Reassured, I wanted to take this slowly and enjoy each touch, each kiss, but I could barely contain myself. Wow, she knows me well. She knew that I loved this, and her amazing attention to my neck made me involuntarily moan.

My hands were all over her body, and I felt her perky nipples harden quickly with my touch. Her breasts really were the perfect size, round and firm and amazing. She slid down my bra straps to gain more access to my neck and shoulders, and I did the same to her. The sight of her incredible tits was fantastic. I had seen them before of course, but admiring them on a best friend was different than this.
This was totally new, being with a woman. Especially her. These beautiful boobs were for me to kiss and touch and explore. I cupped each and felt the hard nipples in my palm. She began to lick a trail lower down my neck, down to my own nipple. I ran my fingers through her hair as I arched my back, intoxicated with desire. Licking, sucking, then biting my nipple so softly, she was teasing me with her mouth. This felt amazing, and I couldn’t wait for more.

She kissed my lips and smiled. She stood up and took me by the hand, leading me into her room. She pulled my shirt off and pushed me to sit on the bed. Completely turned on, I watched her as she took off her shirt as well. She leaned forward and I scooted back on the bed playfully. She instantly hopped up and pinned me to the bed, kissing me deeply as I felt her chest on mine.

Our hands were all over each other as we continued to make out with excitement. She explored my neck and shoulders and I was once again moaning softly. She kissed down to my erect nipples once again, and then below to my belly button as her hands caressed my thighs. The second her hand began to stroke my inner thigh, I gasped.

She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them to the floor and revealing lacy blue boy shorts. Wearing only this, the perfection of her tight tanned body was spectacular. She loved that I stared in admiration while lying on her bed. She reached down to unfasten my jeans, sliding my thong off with them at once. She checked out my naked body and smiled, appreciating my own beauty.

Once again kissing my tummy, her hands began going further up my thighs. Amazed at the sensation of her delicate hands making their way toward my pussy, I instinctively began to open my legs slightly. She took that as an invitation.

Planting light kisses lower and lower on my tummy, she soon reached my little red landing strip. She started to lick my pussy and I shivered with delight. She alternated sucking and licking, creating new sensations of ecstasy I had never felt. As she flicked her tongue across my clit, I started to moan louder and breathe faster. It was as if she knew my body as well as I did, and each careful kiss what exactly how I wanted it.

Her fingers found their way to my clit as well, rubbing as she continued tonguing it. We started to create a rhythm as my hips rocked with her steady licks. She put a finger into my opening, and I was thrilled by yet another sensation. I inhaled sharply and began rocking my hips down onto her hand. Encouraged by my response, she inserted a second finger and licked faster.

I honestly couldn’t take much more of this. Her two fingers rubbed my g spot and her sweet tongue stimulated my clit with firm, fast strokes. I moaned loudly in agonizing ecstasy, and her wet, hot mouth kept me close to the edge. I started to breathe heavy and fast, my thighs firmly keeping her face buried in my pussy. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she sucked my clit into her mouth and flicked it with the tip of her tongue furiously.

I immediately lost control of myself in the most mind-blowing orgasm. I screamed out loud and bucked my hips in the grip of this powerful climax. She kept her mouth on me, devouring me as I came on her face. I collapsed down onto the bed, and she was licking slower and slower until she was just softly kissing my pretty little clit.

Breathless and shaking, I recovered on the bed and looked down at my beautiful best friend. She propped herself up on her elbows, kissed my tummy, and rested her head gently on me. We cuddled like that until she asked, “You wanna pack a bowl before round two?”

I laughed, shocked, and she hopped up to go get the stuff. She turned and asked, “I’m gonna get a water – do you want anything?”
“Yeah. Water, whole lot of water, and… Funyuns. Yeah.”


2011-05-19 05:52:43
hmm seem like you ladies would have put it in eachothers browns. and then had a lil more sex ebhs. was my school

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2011-05-17 04:07:11
tryin to hard with the pot lingo, sounds like yur a wanna be smoker

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2011-05-14 08:23:33
Alittle short, I agree. But short and sweet. I wish I had a best friend like that :)

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2011-05-14 08:23:26
Alittle short, I agree. But short and sweet. I wish I had a best friend like that :)

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2011-05-13 22:48:08
Good story I'd say. Little short. Little sparse on the details, but as a first, it was pretty good.

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