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Title: Alandra Naked in School - Friday (36242 words)
Author: Tenyari
Part: 5
Universe: Naked in School
Keywords: exhib, voy, naked, ff, mf, viol
Summary: School troublemaker Alandra Cabrera finds herself forced to attend school naked after she is drafted into a new sweeping social program.
Copyright: May 20, 2005 - all rights reversed.


This story is based around the Naked in School series. See the Monday chapter for information on finding previous episodes in the series.

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The monkey flying next to me on my right looked over to the one on my left and said "Isn't she cute like that?"
The monkey on my left said "She left her pigtails in; it makes her look so peaceful and cuddly."
"Hah. A.C., the meanest, toughest bitch I know, she'd kick our asses if she heard us call her cuddly." Right monkey said, as we banked over a cloud. I flapped my arms, but I seemed to be having trouble turning at anything but in extreme slow motion.
"Is she dreaming? I read your eyes move like that when you dream." Left monkey said. Something started to shake me; I think it was the branch we were sitting in. Weren't we flying though? Things got hazy and then faded away as my eyes began to open.
"Quit monkeying around guys." I said, waking up slowly to find May on my right and Melinda on my left. They were lying on their sides propped up on elbows and looking down at me.
"Hey sleepyhead" Melinda said, bending down to kiss me on my forehead.
"Wow..." I said. "I feel like I slept for days." May and Melinda exchanged a quick kiss above me then smiled down as Melinda began to brush up and down my thighs with her leg.
"Isn't it wonderful?" May said. "So much better than sleeping alone."
"What time is it?" I asked, trying to look past her to the alarm clock.
"Twenty to six. Way early." Melinda said, school didn't start till seven thirty; I'd beat my alarm by almost fifty minutes.
"Uh... Sorry 'bout the sheet." May said, looking down. I followed her gaze to see the results of her overnight flow.
"It's ok. I've had my days before" I said, lowering my head back down. It really did feel good, being wrapped up in people you cared for. I pulled them down to me for a hug and some light kisses.
After a few minutes May pulled up and said "Uh... I gotta clean. You got any tampons?" She glanced at the door.
"Oh... Just pads..." I said.
"Shit... well we'll just have to manage" May said.
"You know, you stay naked you're gonna need tampons," Melinda said.

We found ourselves in the bathroom, rummaging around. Pa and the twins were still asleep, so we kept it quiet. "Shit I gotta brush my teeth." Melinda said.
"Here." I ripped open the packaging on two more brushes. "Maybe we should find a place for them." I said, assuming that there'd be a bit more sleeping over going on from now on.
"Whoa... What's this?" May asked, pulling out one of my pregnancy kits.
"Just in case" I said.
"Aren't you on the shot?" Melinda asked, putting a hand to my cheek and raising her eyebrows.
"Oh! Yeah, but the tri-monthly shot. That's to make sure it doesn't wear out too fast." I said.
"Fuck A.C., that's risky" May said, "Why not the annuals?"
"I dunno..." I said. "Pa's not too keen on them."
"So you're good right?" Melinda asked.
"Yeah, I've been doing this for a year" I said.
We brushed our teeth, and worked our way through the shower, getting the floor pretty wet thanks to Melinda - who wanted to shower together with both me and May in a stall that barely fit two. She insisted on washing me from head to toe, and did the same for May - who washed her while I cleared out my bladder - we had to take turns there too.
After that we sat in the kitchen over cereal. May sat on a towel I got for her, and we all had them wrapping up our hair, but were otherwise still naked. I figured we had another forty till anyone else woke up, so we just relaxed.
"Why'd you guys wake up so early?" I asked.
"I dunno..." Melinda said, "but I'm not tired anymore."
"Me either" May said. "You got anything for cramps?"
"Third shelf, over there" I said. She got out some pills and took them with the milk in her bowl.
"Maybe we can hit a place on the way to school" Melinda offered, "since you only got pads."
"Yeah" May said. "I think that one place is open all night anyway - the 'stop and rob'."
"Stop and rob?" Melinda asked.
"Yeah you know, convenient, open all night, not enough security, cash in the register - those places are always getting knocked over" I said with a grin.
"Never heard it called that before" Melinda said, spooning a little sugar into her bowl.
"Wow you like it sweet" May said.
"I like it all sweet baby" Melinda said - reaching over with her foot and poking my clit ring.
"Hey!" I said, "Watch those toes lady." But I just smiled back at her.
We had fun, just chatting it up about life, boys, and shit - even a little on girls. They wanted to know how I felt about last night after all. "I dunno... Yeah it was fun but... I dunno." I looked between them, between their hopeful glances. "I'm sorry guys, I just don't feel the need. It don't pull me that way, not like the need to have a cock in me. You know what I mean?"
A somewhat saddened looking Melinda said "Yeah... Well, I tried."
"Oh no... No, no girl, you were great. That was fucking great sex, and I loved having you both in my bed - that I want more of. But... well, lezzie sex just isn't something I feel a need for. I can accept it, enjoy it maybe, but it don't pull me."
"Oh..." May said, a little less hope in her eyes.
"Oh May..." I began, "Come here girl." I pulled May, and then Melinda, into one big long naked hug. I didn't want them upset with me - May was one of the most important people in my life.
"Ow. What gives?" May asked, pulling away from the hug. "A.C.?" she reached up to take a tear I hadn't been aware of.
"I'm sorry, I was just thinking... about us." I looked at May. Melinda looked between us, something on her mind. "May... May I love you, but not like this." I swept my hand down over my body. "Not sexually May, but you know..."
"Yeah..." May said.
"I'm... I'm in the way of something aren't I?" Melinda said, looking out of place.
"No. Girl you're just great right here with us" I said, turning to kiss her. I may not be a lezzie, but I knew there was something special in our kisses, something I very much did desire.
We locked lips, and her tongue came out to softly dance with me. It was so gentle, not like any guy I'd kissed. She could be fierce going down on me, but her kisses were something else.
"Shit it gets me worked up when you two do that..." May said. We broke apart giggling. Melinda gave May a kiss, and on a whim I kissed her nipples - soft and gentle like.
"Hey you guys, we got time for another shower?" May asked when Melinda broke away.
"Oh, yeah maybe we should cool down" I said.
So we talked about shit for a while. May and Melinda both wanted to know about Kevin, so I told them what it was like. May also wondered what might happen with her in Lippmann's class, and I said I didn't feel good going back in there.
"What happened anyway?" Melinda asked.
"We didn't tell you?" May said before looking at me.
I put a finger over her lips and said "Let me say it. You're gonna hear it at school anyway. Lippmann let everyone know about my father."
"What's wrong with your dad?" Melinda said.
"He's... he's got AIDS" I said. She looked at me in a nervous sort of way so I kept going "Hey, I'm clean, so are the twins. We've had our shots. But Pa got it a long time ago."
"Oh man... He ok?" Melinda asked.
I looked down, clenching a fist. "I... I hope so." I felt May petting me down on my back, followed by Melinda, so I looked up and said "Hey, it's cool. We'll get by."
"I got your back A.C." May said. "Anyone at school says shit; they'll have to deal with me."

I heard a noise, and knew it for Pa waking up. Melinda looked up, which made me think of something. "I'll be right back" I said, and I ran off into Pa's room.
"Alandra?" he said, sitting up in bed. Pa was in his underwear, scratching his head and looking from me to his alarm clock. "You're up early." He looked me up and down, then to the door. "Still not wearing anything?"
I stepped over to him and whispered "Pa... Her name's Melinda, she's in my gym class - she wrestles - she's Polish or something, and... she's kinda May's."
"Wrestling? I thought you had gymnastics" he said.
"It's... I'll explain later. Look Pa, act like I told you all about her, like I was all happy about it. Please?"
"Uh, sure. What do you mean May's?" He focused out for a second then said "Oh... when did that happen?"
"Uh... May says it's been a while, but she only told me the other day" I said. "Thanks Pa," and I ran back out, shutting the door.
"What was that about?" Melinda asked when I got back.
"I just wanted to make sure it was cool... I forgot to tell Pa you guys were sleeping over." Pa once said the best lies are the ones that are really true, but in the wrong context.
May looked down to her pussy and said "I think your towel's ruined... Sorry."
"Don't worry May... But what about school?" I said.
"Yeah no shit, how do they expect volunteer girls to do an entire month anyway?" Melinda said.
"I've got a red skirt you could borrow" I said.
"No fuck that. They probably didn't even think about it" May said, then she grinned and added; "I'll show em. I'll just have to bring the towel to school with me."
"Hey today's your last day right?" Melinda said to me. "You gonna stay nude after?"
"I dunno. Not always. I tried to put something on Wednesday, but it felt wrong." I shrugged and said "so who knows."
"But you bought that shawl thing yesterday" May said. Pa appeared at the door to the kitchen in thrown on PJ's and the remains of a tornado in his hair.
"Maybe I'll try it on" I said. "Hi Pa."
He looked us all over and said "All three of you huh? Hi Mei, and you must be Melinda, Alandra's told me all about you."
Just as I thought, she brightened up and shot me her own personal ray of sunshine as she looked over. "Yeah... We've got class together" she said, and then shyly went for the last of her cereal.
"Wrestling right?" Pa said, starting up coffee and rooting through the fridge. "Mei Hua, you're not in the Program also are you?"
"Oh no" May said. "I'm in the volunteer Program. It gets me out of getting grabbed in... I was gonna be naked anyway."
"It's just me and May" I said. "Melinda's just having fun."
Pa just shook his head and said "Girls will be girls..."

We sat around and talked some more. Melinda was a little nervous in front of Pa at first, but she relaxed when she saw how harmless he was. After a few minutes she was even laughing and rolling her eyes along with me and May at his various conspiracies, though I don't think she managed to tell when he was making fun of himself or being serious. Even I couldn't always tell.
When Pa stepped out to take his shower I gave her a hug and whispered "Thanks for being cool about my Pa. You're such an angel."
"He's not bad. And if anybody at school says shit about my bitch or her Pa I'll kick their ass" she said with a giggle.
I punched her arm and said "Right on girl."
"Damn straight" May said.
"Girl, there ain't nothing straight about me." Melinda said, and then latched her lips right onto May's boob.
That was when Rosa walked in, stopped, and said "Oh!" I looked at her and winked.
May just said "Hey twerp, have fun last night?" She was holding Melinda's head to her tit and smiling up at Rosa.
"I should be asking you that," Rosa said.
"Fuck'n eh!" Manuel said, coming up behind her. "A whole pack of naked chicks..." Melinda looked up.
"Hey watch it little brother," I said. Rosa was in her panties, but no top. Manuel just had a pair of tented boxers.
"Hey I could take care of that," Melinda whispered in my ear with a nod to Manuel's boxers.
"Don't even think it," I said. "You picked me, and that's all the ass you get from this family."
"What?" Rosa asked. "You guys fucking around again? They was at it forever last night..." She said that last part to Manuel.
"She -has- gone lezzie," Manuel said, taking the cereal box from the table.
"Fuck off twerp" I said to Manuel. "'Sides, it ain't nothing Cindy and you haven't done," I followed up to Rosa.
"Oh... really?" May said, giving Rosa a look that made her blush.
"Like whatever..." Rosa said, getting her own cereal.
"Come on guys, let's get out of here," I said, tugging on May's hand.

Back in my room we got our shit together. Thinking about May's words earlier I put on the shawl I'd bought at the Mall - that cloak like gown thing. There really wasn't a good name for what it looked like - long lacy and sheer with cornet sleeves and closing only at a mandarin collar around the neck. Unless you were flat chested the angle in the front would open it up just below the nipple line. It was all white, and made from soft cotton. I wore it like a jacket, putting on a strapless bra and white hip hugger bell bottoms - keeping barefoot. "We'll see if I can stand to wear shit," I said. May just rolled her eyes, but rooted through my drawers till she came up with a blouse holding some cartoon penguin on it.
"What the fuck's with you two?" Melinda said, still keeping to her lack of threads "You're the ones in the Program, and I'm the one who's naked."
"After a week of this shit, after Wednesday, I wanna see how I feel" I said, trying not to show how much the outfit itched. I'd never really noticed how much jeans kept you from moving freely before.
"So we done yet then?" Melinda asked.
"This expensive?" May asked, tugging on the blouse she'd put on.
"Don't worry about it" I said - May kept losing those things. Maybe she'd get em back later, but I figured it was likely the last I'd see of that shirt.
"Here, take this with you." I gave her a new mini towel - something to sit on. I thought for a sec, then gave her three of them just in case. "Can you grab that dildo?" I asked Melinda. She reached to pick it up, but saw the book Fatima had given me lying next to it on my night stand.
"What's this?" Melinda asked, flipping through it.
"Fatima gave me that, it's her holy book translated," I said.
"Hey check this out, they got Adam and Eve too," Melinda said. She read for a little and then add, "Hmm... that's funny, it says here they were created together to love each other, not Adam first."
"Really?" I said, glancing over and taking my dildo from her other hand. Didn't seem right to have those two things together.
"It's like that in the Bible too," said May. "There's two stories or something, but those religion nuts always ignore the one that makes them equal."
"I can't find the second story in this book," Melinda said, putting it back down. "It only seems to have the equal one."
"You'd never guess, considering what's happening in her home country," I said. Pa always told me about shit like that, about what they did to women. Of course, he said they used to do worse here - like clitoral castration of women who played with themselves.
"Yeah well, that's religion for you," May said. "Try to tell me half the shit from history is ok by the Bible too..."
We spent a little time in my room freshening up, then left. I told Pa 'later' through the bathroom door - he said something back but I didn't catch it. We did that a lot.

We hit the street. The twins were still getting ready, and we were way early. It didn't take long to find an open 'stop and rob', we paid for sodas and some stuff for May. "Isn't it cold out there?" the guy at the counter asked. There was a headline on a newspaper that caught my eye - the case of that woman suing over prostitution or something. It talked about what her lawyer said to the judges. I bought it and bagged it for civics class; Maybe Mrs. Jacobs would like it.
Or more like, it would get me out of trouble for whatever our homework had been.
"Since when you read that shit?" May asked.
"Since I didn't want my ass handed to me in Civics while I'm still in this Program..." I said as I closed up my bag. I spun teddy around so he wasn't facing the bag and lifted it back onto my shoulder.
"Carrying all this shit is fucked up" May said, hefting up her own bag.
"We lost the lockers back in Boston before I even got there" Melinda said. "Gangs or some shit way back. You get used to it."

We didn't see the rest of the gang till we hit Kevin's car outside the gate. They were smoking and standing around - even Fatima was there, saying something to Rick as we came up.
"Yeah, three times a day" she said. "They ring all these... I guess you'd call it tower bells... and everybody goes at it." She was dressed in the hip-huggers we'd found for her at the mall and a halter top that left her naval bare, all finished up with a smart pair of low heels and a yellow flowery bandana covering her hair.
"Man that would drive me nuts" he said back.
"That's cause you got no religion" Kevin said, shutting the trunk to his car and stepping around. It was my first site of him, and I realized he was still nude.
"Kev, that wasn't the -only- pair of jeans you owned was it?" May asked.
"You know, I got to liking this shit" he said by way of reply. "If you bitches can get away with it, then fuck em if they try to stop me."
"Hey I ain't fucking nobody 'less I want to" Melinda said grinning.
"Aw you know what I mean" Kevin said, passing me a cigarette.
"Thanks." I took a few puffs then handed it to Melinda with a questioning glance.
"It's ok, I don't smoke" she said.
"Good for you" May said, taking a drag on her own. "Weed?"
Fatima looked over at us, a little bit shocked at the question. "Uh... not much" Melinda said.
"What gives with the outfit?" Marcy asked me.
"Hey, Program's almost over for me" I said. "I might need this later."
"So you going back to clothes then?" Kevin asked.
"Somebody's gotta wear the pants around here" Melinda answered for me. Taking Kevin's cock in her hand she added "nice."
"You see." Kevin said as Melinda began jacking him off. "There are certain benefits to this nudity shit."
"Yeah, you should'a seen him last night." Rubin said. Fatima blushed and turned away, leaving me to wonder just what she knew.
"Oh yeah..." Kevin leaned back against his car as Melinda picked up her tempo.
"Gotta make sure you're ready to face the day" she said. I think Melinda somewhat shared May's sense of how to make sure everyone liked her - but with a little more control.
"So what happened last night?" May asked, finished with her cigarette. Ms. Mitchell, the vice principal, passed us by and stumbled with a double take at the sight of Kevin.
"Haven't seen her since Monday..." I muttered.
"What?" Rick said. "Oh yeah. I heard she got sick or something - cold, fever, that kinda shit." Rick lived next door to one of her cousins or something.
"So last night, after we left Albatross, we just sort of talked shit in the park..." Kevin began.
"Yeah, but they wanted to fuck." Rubin said. Kevin started thrusting his cock into Melinda's palm.
"That one girl was already doing you before you guys left." I said.
"Yeah, Amanda - she was fucking wild." Kevin said. "She kept trying to get me to do her in the ass, but you know how that goes."
"Ew..." Melinda said, dropping Kevin's cock and sniffing her hand.
"Naw I didn't do her like that" Kevin said. "'Sides, I shower every morning anyway."
"Oh." Melinda blushed, then grabbed his cock and started going at it again.
"Once you pack shit, you can't pack anything else..." May said, rolling her eyes. The one thing May would not do is take it in the rear - once they got in there they weren't clean, and she didn't want an infection. I agreed.
People are gonna think that's how Pa got what he got... But he got it from... well; he got it from -Her-... The one person in his life he tried not to be gay over, and that's when he got AIDS. That's why I'd never touch anything more than weed.
"So, you guys had fun then?" I asked.
"Oh, oh shit..." Kevin called out. Melinda quickly sidestepped and he shot his load into the street. "Thanks girl... that really takes the edge off."
"No prob..." Melinda said, smiling at the softening cock in her hands.
"So yeah, it was cool. We fucked em in the park, a few people hung around we didn't know - but it was cool." Kevin said.
"Hey man, you get their numbers?" Rick asked. "I forgot to ask."
"No... shit I didn't even think about it." Rubin said.
"Amanda said she might drop by the cafe again sometime" Kevin said.
"I dunno man..." Rubin began "I'm not too keen on some random hook up crowding my space."
"Yeah..." I said. "I can see that."
"So what'd you guys do?" Kevin asked. When I blushed and traded glances with May and then Melinda he said "Oh..."
"Ew..." Marcy said.
"Well come on... I had to try it out." I said. "But I'm still a cock girl..."
"You know that just sounds weird..." Marcy said.

Eventually we figured it was time to head in. I made a quick decision and kept my clothes on for the bins and the crowd - but I grabbed May first and stripped my penguin blouse off her. "Kev,' toss this in the trunk." He did, and we passed through the metal detectors at the start of the alley. They rolled those out every morning for us to go through, and rolled them back inside after the bell's rang. North entrance had a shack for them, and I wondered if they'd do that for these ones before it got rainy.
People were milling about the south entrance, and I saw a group of Program girls gossiping near the bins - still dressed for now, except for Cindy and Kitten who were naked and holding hands on the edge.
"Oh... My... Like, it's been so..." one girl was saying.
"Like yeah!" another interrupted, "I've cum so many times this week..."
"Yeah... I had like, three guys in me so far. I feel like such a slut" one of the seniors, a redhead named Kelly McPherson, said.
"It's been fun, but my boyfriend dumped me when I got picked," another raven haired senior said, I didn't know her.
"What the fuck?" Kelly said, casting her face into a scowl.
"He said I shouldn't be showing off his property to other guys. Called me a slut so I kicked his balls and he dumped me," raven hair said, kicking out her foot in reenactment.
"Well you showed him," Kelly said.
"Yeah, so yesterday I fucked a guy in the showers right in front of him," raven hair said as she grinned.
"Um... I... I got spanked a lot." Kitten said. She and Cindy were sort of facing me, but none of them saw me. I could see her blushing all over.
"Oh my..." one of the juniors said.
"But... oh wow... it gets me all wet." Kitten said.
"She's such a freak," Cindy said, patting Kitten's behind.
"You know what I heard..." the Kelly said, half covering her mouth as they all leaned in. I looked around and saw a pack of impatient boys waiting for the strip show, and trying to decide if they should just move in on the two who were naked already.
"May..." I started.
"Hey don't look at me, I'm on the rag. I can try though. Come on Melinda, let's go have fun." She took Melinda by the hand and went to play interference as I sat on the bin behind the girls and let my ears wander.
"Well... I heard that girl Alandra got gang banged by like, twelve black guys yesterday during sixth period..." one of the freshmen girls said. Where the fuck did that come from? I don't think we even had twelve black guys who all knew each other at this school. There was Kevin, and if you were a white supremacist there was Ray, but he most people considered him white since he was only a quarter black, and then I think I saw a freshman kid, and well... there were those three guys outside Magante's bungalow yesterday.
"Oh... they're such animals..." One of the juniors said.
"I heard she's a lezzie." The other freshmen said.
"I heard she's got AIDS" a junior girl who hadn't spoken before said.
"I heard she killed a guy her freshman year, for asking her out," the girl with the gang bang rumor said.
"As if Kristy." Cindy said to the freshman. "I know her... she's really nice." Well thanks girl. I was actually surprised nobody had figured out I was sitting right behind them all. On top of the bin, I was like, really fucking obvious...
"Yeah right... everybody who's anybody says she's a total bitch. She'll kick your ass just for asking the time of day," Kelly said.
I hopped down and stepped in, right next to her. Cindy got a big smile when she saw me, everyone else just kind of squealed and stepped back as I asked "Anyone got the time?"
"Oh shit!" Kelly said, looking like she needed a priest for last rites or something.
"Hey you know; it's not nice to talk shit about people. And I don't got AIDS." I said. "Hey Cindy, the twins around?"
"Uh... haven't seen em yet." She said.
"Is she really ok?" freshman Kristy on her left sort of half whispered to Cindy.
"Hey it's not like I ever killed anybody or anything - not even for asking me out..." I said.
"Oh... you heard all that..." Kelly looked like she wanted to run.
"Hey relax... I'm used to it. And no, I didn't get gang banged by anybody. Now why're we all still dressed?" I asked.
"We was just talking, waiting for it to get close enough to time" Kristy said.
"Yeah. No sense in getting naked too soon." The raven haired senior said, trying to pretend she wasn't nervous.
"I think it's fun," Kitten said.
"You oughta hang with May." I said, as I unbuttoned the collar on my shawl.
"Oh wow, I love that jacket you got." A junior said, as she started working on her blouse.
I looked around, to see who was watching us, and then shouted out "I just bought this, and if it ain't here when I get out after school I -will- find out who took it, and you -will- not like what happens!" I then took off my bra and held the two in my hand as I started in on my jeans.
"Say why'd you get dressed again?" Cindy asked.
"I dunno; I figured it was the last day, and I wanted to see if I could stand to wear this shit after it was all over." I started to swish my hips so I could get my jeans down - to the catcalls of some boys behind me. I guess May and Melinda couldn't manage the whole crowd...
Somebody tried to poke a finger in my ass. I spun myself around and grabbed it, twisting hard. "Hey, ask first asshole!" We both went down - I'd only meant him to fall, but I was tangled in my jeans.
"It's a reasonable..." He began.
"It ain't fucking nothing if you don't ask perv..." I'd let go of his finger in the fall - I didn't need to get busted for breaking some jerk's hand.
May and Rubin were suddenly at my side. I was on top of the guy, and squirming to get loose. "Fucking jeans..." I managed to kick them off and get up.
"You ok?" Rubin asked.
"I'm gonna remember you." May said, glaring at the boy. He scurried off in fear. I could see Ms. Mitchell staring to walk over, but Harrison stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. They started talking.
"Some people think they got a right to do whatever the fuck they want..." I said, grabbing my jeans, bra, and shawl and folding them up together. I was naked now - no panties, so I just tossed it in the bin. The other girls were standing around in surprise, glancing at me and my friends. Probably wondering how Rubin got there so fast, or how May even noticed when she'd been busy blowing some Program guy only a second before.
"Always keep your eyes open," I said to them.
Melinda walked up and said "What's up?"
"Some jerk tried to handle A.C. without asking," May said.
"Wow that was stupid..." Melinda said.
"No shit..." The senior girl said. "No offense Alandra, but I'd be afraid even invited."
"Well, too bad for you. You're missing out on this," Melinda said, and she grabbed me up and kissed me, right there in front of everybody. It very obvious that not only had she not asked, but I'd not cared - this one had a previous invitation.
"Ain't she got AIDS or something?" I barely heard a girl say - I was lost in that kiss. Every time Melinda kissed me the world seemed to stop, and every time I wondered if I might end up a lezzie in the end, or if I could just settle for kisses.
"No she doesn't!" Kitten's voice chimed in. "Stop talking shit about people you don't know."
"Yeah, but my friend's got her in biology, and he said the teacher even said she got AIDS." One of the boys from the crowd said.
"I don't have no fucking AIDS!" I yelled out. "Anybody says different, they'll regret it." I noticed Harrison watching, so held back the actual threat.
"Yeah stupid," some boy said. "Besides, that was her father Ms. Lippmann was talking about." I looked over, he was from my class, but I didn't remember his name. He gave a weak shrug and said "Well that's what the teacher said..."
"Yeah..." I began. "No point in lying... It's true" and I stormed out of there and up to the building.

"You dropped something." Harrison stopped me just as I passed him. He handed me a pack of cigarettes and pointed at my bag. It was open when I checked, and we could both see my small bag of weed. "Here..." He just put the cigs in my bag without saying a word, blocking the view from Ms. Mitchell and everyone else. "I'll assume that's your father's, and return it to you after school ok?" He took the weed.
Yeah, if I got caught with that I'd be out on my ass most likely. Must've fallen in last night. I think we both knew it wasn't my Pa's medical stash. Harrison was actually covering for me.
"Oh... yeah. He gets a little distracted sometimes," I said, and then walked past Mr. H. and off to Study Hall. I heard bare feet behind me - May as it turned out.
"Man that's fucked up," she said as we walked through the empty hallway.
I stopped. "Wait, the bell didn't ring? We're not supposed to be in here..."
"He didn't stop us," May said. "Everyone else is still outside." She looked me over with a serious questioning stare and then said "there something going on between you and Mr. H?"
"Besides yesterday? I think he's starting to understand..." I said. We sat down on the cold floor outside of study hall. At least May had the towel she borrowed to put her butt on. I'd sit in her lap, but it'd probably make her cramps worse.
"Or maybe he's afraid you'll tell" she said. I thought of the paper towel I'd kept - the one with his stuff on it.
"Man they need carpets in here, or something." I squirmed around, trying to get my naked butt comfortable on the cold tile floor. We just sat there for a few minutes waiting in silence. May moved to hug me and I said "I wish he'd let Melinda in."
She looked up from the hug, into my eyes, and said "Yeah... I really like her."
"Me too." I said.
"She's sweet on you" May said, looking down at the tiles on the floor.
"I know..." and we fell back into silence. Naked hugs are really nice, even between friends. All that skin to skin contact, like people were meant to be. Her tit was resting on mine and I could feel her breathing. I yawned as I calmed down.

When the bell rang Melinda was the first person to reach us. "Shit, they wouldn't let me through" she said, as we all hugged.
"Yeah, I gotta add you to the list they keep" I said.
"They gotta list?" she said, and May and I broke out laughing. "Oh..." she said, joining us.
I grabbed her butt then gave her a light spank before saying "You gotta get to class girl, before you're late."
Mr. Jackson passed us outside the door. "Morning girls" He said. He was holding three coffees in a little tray. How cute.
"Morning Don." May said. I just nodded my hello.
"I'm gonna miss this week" He said and then went inside.
"Men are such pervs" Melinda said.
"Yeah, but some of them are nice about it" I said. "Now you run along. I'll see you in gym."
"Oh ok..." She started to turn, but then came back and gave May and I light kisses. I watched her butt bounce as she ran off, but not in the way May did. May looked hungry.
Just before we went in I saw the twins pass by with Cindy. "And she was like..." Cindy said, mimicking the way I'd grabbed that boy's finger as she spun around. They didn't see me. The twins were too busy watching Cindy with lust in their eyes, and she was too busy showing off.

Once Fatima and Rubin were there we all settled in to hanging out. Don gave me and May coffees, and sat down next to us. "I heard what happened Alandra, if you want to talk to someone, I'm here."
"Thanks Don. I'll be ok" I said. Everybody wants to talk - you'd think this was a psych ward or something. Still, I appreciated the concern, and smiled up at him.
Fatima reached over to rub my back. I wondered what she thought of the little gift I'd given her the other day - I had my own dildo strapped to the chain on my waist, just like May. I figured I'd let her bring it up, in her own time if at all.
"Marcy was saying it just wasn't right what that teacher said about you yesterday" she said. "When we walked home, she got very mad about it."
"Yeah, Marcy's got my back" I said. Those two were spending more time together - I guess cause they were the only clothed girls in the group.
"Got your back?" She looked at my backside.
"It means she's loyal, she sticks up for her friends" May said.
"What does she stick up? Does she put it somewhere?" Fatima asked.
I giggled, that could be so easily misheard. "Uh.... she helps, and won't let people say bad things about somebody she cares for."
"Oh..." She held her pencil up, I guess trying to understand how the analogy worked. Then she suddenly blushed very hard and looked at me. Yeah, she found the gift all right, but I think she was drawing the wrong analogy. So I said "I don't know why they call it 'sticking up'."
"Huh..." May said, sipping on her coffee. Fatima gave it a thirsty look so May offered her some.
"We drink a lot of coffee at home, but it's stronger than this." She said.
"Espresso?" Rubin asked.
"Um..." Fatima tried to search her English. "No, just coffee, but dark. We call it 'Monsooned'."
"You should tell Bill that, over at Albatross. He'll make it however you like, and if you've got something special there, teach him - he likes to think he's some kind of chef or something" Rubin said.
"Well, it takes special beans..." she said. "But I'll keep that in mind."
"This is just grocery store pre-ground stuff" I said. "Don probably gets it from the teacher's lounge." At which Mr. Jackson looked up at us. "Right Don?"
"Huh?" Mr. Jackson said.
"The coffee, where's it come from?" May asked
"Oh, they brew it up in the teacher's lounge" he said.
I waited till he wasn't paying attention and said "see?"

We sat through the rest of the period, chatting about stuff like that. I split with the gang in the halls after class, heading on my way to Civics, and wondering what homework I was supposed to have done.
I passed Sandy, Calvin, and Paul in the halls "Hey guys, what class you got?" Calvin and Paul had their dicks out, what the fuck was up with that? I looked at their pants, and it looked like they had something with the crotch cut out - almost like chaps, but it still had a butt. Sandy was in heels, stockings, a garter belt, and the cut out shirt from Wednesday that left her tits out. Other than that all she had was her bag.
"We got English with Mr. Jackson," Calvin said.
"How long's it take to start growing back?" Sandy asked, rubbing her shaved mound.
I shrugged, "I shave mine every other morning. Touch up you know." She reached over and felt along my pussy. "Mr. Jackson's cool, I just had him for study hall."
"It's still smooth. Mine too, but I'm worried it'll itch soon," she said.
"We'll just have to shave it again," Paul said as he started to feel her pussy. "You know his niece Marcy? She's pretty hot..."
Sandy let out a little gasp as his fingers entered her, saying, "I love it when they do that. Isn't it great to be naked?"
"Well you aren't really nude," I said. I reached over and grabbed Calvin by the cock, stroking him casually I added, "You kids turned out nicer than I thought when I met you Monday."
"No, but I am naked, where it counts," she said. She had me there.
"Hey we're not kids," Calvin said.
"Yeah, sorry," I said. He was what, fifteen, the same age as the twins. But I could humor him. His cock was getting hard in my hands and he started to pump his hips.
"Hey, let's go fuck in the bathroom," Paul said.
That was pretty blunt. I could've told em 'why bother', I'd been fucked in the halls already and nobody gave a shit. But maybe that was cause I was in The Program. So I just said, "sorry guys, I got to get to Civics. Maybe I'll see you at lunch." Then to Paul, "Marcy should be there."
"We got an assembly today, but maybe after that," Calvin said.
Assembly? "They're gonna do those again?" Last year they did assemblies at the end of Program week, once a month or so.
"Yeah..." Sandy said. She took both boys by the dick and dragged them off. I watched them enter a bathroom, and then started off to Civic.
"Hey can I...?" somebody said.
"Sorry, gotta get to class. Catch me later ok?"
"She is a bitch, isn't she?" someone said.
"Yeah well, she's got AIDS anyway, you don't want to touch her," a third kid said behind me. Some girl.
I spun around and shouted, "I do not fucking have AIDS! Say that shit again and somebody's gonna get their ass kicked." Then I stormed off to Civics.

I walked into 'Spook Class' without a single fucking idea what we were supposed to do today. "Psst, Kev, what was our homework?" I asked him as we met at the door. He was still naked too.
Kevin shrugged and said, "You know, ten more pages of that stuff she gave out. Women's rights stuff - women and the new laws."
Shit, that might have been interesting.

"Miss Cabrera, can you come... oh! Mr. Douglas have you decided to volunteer for the Program? Why don't you both come up here?" Mrs. Jacobs said.
"Uh," Kevin began, but then he just kinda shrugged again.
"Hey," I said, "you asked for it letting that thing out." I grabbed his cock and wiggled it around for kicks.
"Hey!" He said, pushing off my hand. "I'm not in... you keep that up when I can't get relief..."
"No different than me," I said.
"Which is a good place to start," Mrs. Jacobs interrupted. "Because today we're going to talk about the differences gender plays in society under the new rules of the Program." She looked around the room, then right at me and said; "I trust everyone did their reading for last night?"
I gave a weak smile, at least I had that newspaper - I got it out of my bag.
"Oh yes, thank you. I listened to that on the radio last night," Mrs. Jacobs said. She took the article and asked if she could pass it around. I didn't mind, I only bought it to keep her off my back anyway. "There's no time to really read that now, I'll make copies for Monday. I'd say it's pretty likely laws against prostitution will be found unconstitutional given the Court's recent statements."
She started talking about the legal arguments, how they'd gone on about bodily freedom, the victimless nature of sex, and a woman -or man's- right to economic control over their possessions, of which the body was the most sacred.
"Given that all the government can come up with as a defense is state's rights and traditional values, it'll probably go down. State's rights are important in our system, but civil rights have outweighed them since the last liberal court of the 1960s," she said. "Though by European standards, even that Court was conservative."
She then switched topics a bit, and asked us what we thought of the differences between men and women with the new nudity laws.
Kevin straightened up and said, "I think it's completely fucked up... I mean, it's just not right that after I'm twenty one, I can't go nude."
"Yeah..." I said, taking his cock in hand, "What the f... what's with that? I think it's beautiful."
Mrs. Jacobs was looking at Kevin's cock, as was I, so we missed whoever said, "Yeah, a nigger-lover would..."
We both looked up and she said, "Someone in here is in for a rude surprise the day I figure out who said that." Kevin just shook his head, he'd been watching my hand on his dick too I guess.
"Yeah well... why is it only women?" he asked.
"They just want to exploit us," a girl said, Polina I think.
"I dunno, I don't feel exploited," I said. "I've got a lot of power like this."
"Yeah well, wait'll you get raped," she said.
I gave her a really hard look, and she squirmed in her chair a bit. Then I said, "I've already been there, and I had my clothes on at the time."
"As if, everyone knows you lied about that," a boy said. His voice sounded familiar. Mrs. Jacobs and I both looked at him, but I think Kevin missed it, so I stopped stroking his dick. Poor boy was getting distracted.
"You are so..." I began.
"Alandra!" Mrs. Jacobs interrupted. "Mr. Michaels, that was out of line. Not only that, but I'm pretty sure it's not the first thing you've said today. Get your things; you're off to Mr. Harrison's office." He left, and she made a quick call to the office to let them know he was on the way.
"He's so dead..." I said to Kevin.
He just shrugged and said, "not worth it."
"So we were on the subject of safety, exploitation, and..." Mrs. Jacobs said.
"Um," I interrupted. "What's the word my Pa always uses... empowerment. Yeah. I feel like I'm gaining something by losing my clothes."
"What do you mean?" Max asked.
I spread my legs and started running my fingers through my slit, then pinched my clit. "Look," I said. "I've got you. And I don't feel any shame doing this anymore. It's my pussy, and I'm gonna enjoy it - my way." I started doing myself, right there in class - slow and steady so I could stay focused.
"I don't need to be naked to turn guys stupid," Polina said.
"Oh god, I'd just die if somebody saw me doing that!" another girl blurted out before blushing hard. Her friend pushed her shoulder and she just sank into her chair thinking about what she'd admitted.
"Yeah well, but like, I feel freer now," I said. "Free over my body, free to make choices on my terms. It's hard to explain." I was pumping two fingers into my pussy, and I had the attention of everyone in class - guys and girls.
"I know it just feels wonderful," Kevin said. "Being like this is just..." He lifted up his hands. "I just think it's messed up that men can't do it, that as soon as they think I'm an adult, I have to wear clothes."
"Men look silly naked," Max said. I shook my head, looking at Kevin -who was absolutely beautiful the way he was. I thought about some of the other boys in the Program. Sure, some of them looked silly, but some of them looked like gods. "It's what I always hear..." Max looked at me. "I mean, you look beautiful Alandra, when you do that. But when guys in the Program jerk off it's just funny."
"I dunno," I said. "I think that's just cause we only used to see naked guys in comedy. Kevin here's sure of himself, same with half the guys in the Program. It makes them look great, at least to me."
"Well I think it's going to take a new generation to see it that way," Mrs. Jacobs said. "Yes, the burden's on women - to be naked. But you could also say the power's on women - to get to be nude."
"Yeah," I said. Kevin shook his head in agreement.
"But this whole dress code in offices, and prostitution thing, that's just wrong," Brenda said.
"It's a change," Mrs. Jacobs said, "and all changes come with a bit of struggle and a bit of shock." She touched her pointer to my clit ring. "Not every girl's going to end up a sex worker. If you're trained as an accountant, you're an accountant." I pulled my fingers out of my pussy to see what she would do.
"In the reading, it looked like it was mostly service jobs that had to be naked now," a girl said. Mrs. Jacobs pushed the pointer just a little into my slit.
"Yeah," Brenda said, "It'll only be those kinda jobs that get hit with this sex stuff right?"
Mrs. Jacobs agreed, though she corrected that service jobs was a term that applied to all sorts of work, but what we would probably see is jobs where you 'serve' someone - like a secretary, personal assistant, or even sales rep. Jobs like that might get sex added into the contract. "Where they think it will help the bottom line, or executive morale."
"How does that all work, if we're supposed to have equal rights?" I asked.
"Well, men and women are not the same," she started, as her pointer started moving up and down the length of my pussy.
"Not that shit... er, not that again," I said. "All that means is they're ignoring the equal rights."
"Maybe," she agreed. "But if you remember from Wednesday, the first top free laws for women came out of equal treatment."
"But wasn't that an argument that men and women weren't different?" Brenda said.
"Yes. Obviously women's rights are going to become a lot more complicated with these changes. What empowers and what demeans? Often the same thing with who makes the choice being the only difference."
"Like if I choose to go nude, versus being told to go naked," I said.
"Exactly," she said.
"But I'm being told to undress now," I interrupted.
She stroked the pointer along my pussy and then said, "now, I've been rubbing you for the last few minutes, was that your choice or mine?"
"Uh..." I said. She lowered her arm, so that she could slide the pointer into my vagina just a tad as I cocked my hips forward. It was more like a 'pencil-dick' - it didn't really feel like much, I just thought it was fun.
"I'd say her choice," Max said.
"I dunno," Kevin said.
"Well, now it is my choice," I said. "But..."
"But before, I didn't ask, and you didn't say anything," she said.
"I just figured it was part of the lesson," I said with a shrug, "So I stopped masturbating to let you do it."
"But I still didn't ask," she said, pulling the pointer out of me. "Do I have to ask for a 'Reasonable Request'?"
Oh... now I think I got where she was going. "Yes, you do. And, I can say no. Just like I was saying before - my sex, my pussy, my control. You should have asked me."
"Exactly. The Program is putting all of you in a constant sexual situation, and the Reasonable Request, while for your fun and learning, is also teaching all of you to take charge of your own bodies in an active manner," Mrs. Jacobs said. "Both to get you more sexual, and to get you talking about it with each other."
I wondered if she'd been given a Magante lecture after yesterday. She sounded a lot more Program friendly today. "I guess so," I said.
"Well, that's one way to look at it," she said. "It's up to you if you agree with that."
She went on from there, talking about how women would have to be strong under the new laws. Companies would do what they could to push profits regardless of people.
Pa once said that 'governments, no matter how horrid, always in some sense have to answer to their people, but here in the real world companies run things, and they're beholden only to money - which, as Pa put it, was the 'tool of Satan.' Wasn't so sure if I could agree with him, but it made a certain sort of sense sometimes. Way I saw it, money had no morality, and that probably made it even worse than something which was actually evil - at least evil had a goal you could understand. If the Program came to people's jobs, it would be all about trying to use them for greed.
She had us discuss whether the change was increased oppression, or increased liberty. I kinda felt it was both. She said that we'd just have to make sure the liberty side won out, that that would be a matter of how we put it all to use.
When class started winding down, when there was maybe ten minutes left, she stopped the lecture and had me stand up at the front of the class.
"Today is your last day in the Program, anything special you'd like to say about it?" she asked.
"Um... It's been fun, and strange. I'm not sure if it changed me," I thought about sex with May and Melinda then said, "No, it's changed me all right." I'd probably get asked how, so I came up with, "it's got me thinking more, and wanting to be more involved." After I said it, I realized it was actually kinda true. I was asking questions now, in ways I never did before. I wasn't lashing out as much anymore.
"Well, since this is a Civics class, and participation is key, and I want you all to think outside of the box, I'm going to give you a chance at something not part of the Program for you," she said. She pointed her pointer at my pussy again and said, "Would you like to ask for relief?"
Oh shit yeah, this could be fun. I looked at the clock; we had maybe eight minutes, so I said "shit yeah. Who wants to fuck me?"
Kevin looked at her, but she said, "No Kevin, this is a chance for everyone to see the situation reversed. You're going to have to sit this one out. I want you to sit there." She had him sit in the front, where he'd see everything. What was that about? It's not like he was in the Program.
I looked around the room, about a third of the boys and three girls were waving their hands. I would'a figured more, but that AIDS rumor was probably keeping hands down. Max and Brenda were both among the hands, so I looked at Mrs. Jacobs and said, "can I pick two to help me out?"
"Hmm... sure, why not?" she said.
I looked at Max again, pausing until he caught my stare. "Know what, I think I'll just take one. Brenda, you asked for it, I want your tongue on my clit" I said, then smiled at them both.
Max gave me a dirty look. Kevin just leaned back and smiled after whispering something about May to Max. He gave me a thumbs up and Brenda looked at me nervously, I guess she didn't think I'd actually pick her.
"Come on girl, you still game?" I asked, spreading myself open for her. What the fuck I was doing, I'm not sure I knew...
Brenda came up and looked in my eyes, then down to my crotch. "What's it taste like?" she asked in a whisper.
"Don't worry," I said, running my hand through her hair and using that to pull her down to me. I heard her take a deep sniff, then felt cold fingers on my pussy.
She giggled and said, "This is weird. It smells funny."
A couple giggles broke out in the room, and at least one girl said; "Ew, gross."
"Cause I'm worked up," I said. "You get used to it."
She gave me a funny look, and I realized that sounded like I went down on girls a lot. "It's soft," she said, finally touching me.
"Don't you?" I began.
"Yeah, but that's different. When I touch myself..." her fingers spread my lips apart and she breathed out "wow, that's what he was talking about." I wondered who she was talking about.
"Well hurry it up, we're on the clock here guys," Mrs. Jacobs said.
"Yeah, get busy girl, I can't stay wet forever," I said.
She looked up with a blush and said, "What should I do?"
"Try kissing me there," I said. Funny, I'd almost said 'it', but that wasn't 'it' no more, that was me - my pleasure to have.
She did, and I relaxed as she held the kiss, then quickly darted her tongue in before coming back and going for a lick all along my labia. Maybe it was last night, the way May and Melinda had worked me over, maybe it was not wanting Max to get any, or maybe I was starting to like this... Whatever, I wondered why I'd chosen a girl to give me relief.
The look on Max's face was enough to make me sure of my choice. He was flustered, and a little annoyed. I winked at him, then took Brenda by the hair and gently held her close. "You like that?" she asked into my pussy.
"Oh yeah..." I breathed out. "That's just right girl, keep that up." She was flicking her tongue along my clit, and going for licks right into my vagina.
"This is fun!" she called out. "Not like doing a guy at all."
"Um..." I started, then sighed and closed my eyes.
"No, not like that," she said. "Guys are fun too, just this is different." And then she pushed her tongue in as deep as she could, twisting it all around trying to drink me up from the inside out.
I didn't last much longer than that. It wasn't as good as May or Melinda, but it got the job done. I went up and over, and she held me there for a little working my clit, then worked me down by petting my tummy and stroking my sides. After a nice long sigh I looked up and saw the class. The girls were all looking a bit nervous - like they wanted to know what it was like, but also found it a bit gross or a bit scary at the same time. All the guys but Max and Kevin just looked like they wanted to fuck something. Max was pissed, and Kevin just grinned and gave me a thumbs up.
Mrs. Jacobs used that as a moment to survey the class, "so, how did that make you all feel?"
"It was nice to have things turned around," I said.
"I think its bull," Max said. "She didn't need to get off, she didn't have blue ball. She doesn't even have balls."
"Blue ball my ass," Kevin said. "There's no such thing and you know it."
"Guys just make that up to get their girlfriends to do 'em," Polina said.
"Well yes, but do you really think that's why relief is for boys only?" Mrs. Jacobs said. "Remember what I said before - with women we need to push them past sexual barriers by making the tension too much to bear. But with men, there's often no such need. However giving them relief only ups that tension with the girls while making the boys more and more open about expressing themselves."
I sat up and looked around before saying, "Maybe, but I don't like it."
Mrs. Jacobs looked at the clock, "We've got two minutes, any last questions?"
Brenda raised her hand, and when picked she asked, "I was wondering about jobs with sex. If I refused to let that on my contract and if they refused to hire me because of it, what could I do?"
Mrs. Jacobs smiled and said, "good thinking. Not much in some fields I'm afraid. But in any professional field if they couldn't say why sex would help with the duties you were expected to fill, you'd have a sexual harassment lawsuit lined up. Remember that if they demand sex of women workers, but not of men in the same fields, chances are you can find a harassment issue in there."
"But what about this whole 'men and women are different' thing?" I said.
"Well, yes, but that has its limits. I suppose we'll just have to see as the laws shape themselves. For all of you, I'd just say; join a union. At least then you'll have someone backing you," Mrs. Jacobs said as I got up off her desk. Brenda looked at me and blushed.
I was just trying to figure out what sex had to do with being a secretary or waitress, talk about serving the public.
"My pa says unions are like big gangs, in a good way; somebody's always there to watch your back and make sure they don't take you down without a fight," I said.
"You could say that, it's not that simple, but that's about right," Mrs. Jacobs said.

In the halls after class Brenda stopped me as a number of the girls made a wide space around us. "Am I 'gay'?" she asked. "I liked that a lot."
"Fuck if I know," I said. "Do you like guys?"
"Yeah... but, now I want a girl to do me," Brenda said, she had a hand on my arm, and I could feel her shaking.
"You're not gay if you still like guys," I said.
"Um... could you, maybe someday," and she looked down at my clit ring, lightly brushing it with her fingers.
"I'm not a lezzie either," I said. "I'm not really even bi, I just..." I just what I thought. Anything I told her would be bullshit, cause I wasn't really sure anymore myself. What, I'm not bi? Then why did I let May and Melinda do me last night? Why did I do them? Even May on her period? Thinking about it was making me wet again. "I... I dunno," I said. "See you Monday!" And I got myself out of there.
I had to pause halfway to Writing. A simple posing, requested by some boys, I had to comply under the Program as they never asked to touch and there was still plenty of time. Not that I minded, they were nice boys and they said a lot of nice things about my body without ever being vulgar. "You're so pretty, I love the shape of your waist," and even, "the Program has made me see just how beautiful women are." That last boy told me he took art this semester after seeing so many naked women over the summer and from the Program last year. He wanted to express the beauty he saw - 'show women just how wonderfully men saw them,' or something. It was kind of sweet, if a little patronizing. I gave him a little kiss and was rewarded with "everybody says your mean, but you seem so nice today."
I was feeling pretty good when I came around the corner to Creative Writing. The first thing I saw was a girl kneeling in front of Ray with his cock in her mouth. She was working pretty fast and pulled out to lick him. "Oh yeah!" he called out as she looked up with a grin. The 'money shot' as they call it - and let me tell you, they only do that on porn to turn the guys watching the shit on. He started shooting all over her face and hair, getting it everywhere. At first she smiled, then it got over her eyes and she started to grimace. Ray just kept shooting his wad onto her and grunting.
When he was done he just said "thanks babe," and after stopping himself short of patting her on her cum soaked hair turned and walked into the classroom.
She got up, her eyes closed and her hands reaching out. "Ray?" she said. I ran over to her and took her hands. "Can I open my eyes? Will it sting?"
"Uh... I dunno?" I said. I'd never thought about that before. "Probably not, but it might get messy. Let me help you." I walked to the restroom and helped her wash her face.
"Where'd he go?" She asked.
"He was done," I said. I looked into her eyes to see what she was thinking, and to make sure none of it got in there.
"Done? What about me? Hey... Do I know you?" She asked.
"Guys... I'm Alandra," I said.
"Oh, yeah..." and she tensed. "I've heard about you. Why'd you help me?"
There was a boy watching us, or rather, watching my pussy, so I said "You need something?"
"Can I touch it?" He asked.
"Not now," I said, then to her, "Nobody else was. You know, why'd you let him go for your face like that?"
"Oh god, you saw that?" She asked.
"Yeah, sure. Me and fifty other kids. At least..." I said "Guys just think they want that from watching porn, but trust me, suck on it while he cums next time - you'll stay cleaner and he'll cum better."
"Hey you guys are gonna be late for class," the boy said.
"Yeah let's go," I said. To the boy I said, "Catch me when I'm not busy sometime ok?"
"Uh, sure," he said.

When I walked into Creative Writing Ray was sitting there in his chair with a smug look on his face and a limp cock dangling between his legs. Sandra was glancing at it angrily, with a look that said 'who the fuck broke my toy?'
I knew who, but I just kept my mouth shut and sat on the other side of Ray. Sandra shot me an accusing look and I was just about to play it up when I decided to test the peace I though she'd offered yesterday, "Don't look at me," I said.
"Ms. Cabrera, while you're in The Program we all have every right to look at you as much and in any way we want," Mr. Turner said, proving just how un-cool he was. "Mr. Williams, it doesn't look like you'll be needing relief for once, so perhaps we can get started. Class, we've had a number of sexual 'demonstrations' this week, thanks to our two Program participants and our volunteer. I expect we will continue to see Ms. Beckett for the next month attired as she is today, and if any of the boys are selected perhaps we'll see some repeat performances. For today, I want you all to pick something from the week's sexual events and write on it until the end of class." Mr. Turner looked the three of us over before continuing. "You three come and sit up here, facing the class."
"What's that about?" I whispered over to Ray as we moved our desks.
When we were done he continued. "Think about seeing these three and what they've shown us this week. How did it make you feel? What about it stood out most for you? Which coupling was most erotic to you? As a last writing option, you can create a sex scene for something involving these three that did not happen in class, but write it as if it had." Then he looked to the three of us and said, "Your assignment is the same, but I want you up here for the class to see in order to help with their imaginations."
So I sat there writing, along with everyone else. It took me a while to come up with something, but eventually I wrote about my feelings the first time Sandra beat me to Ray and the competition between us over him. As I wrote it I realized how stupid it was, given that I didn't even really like Ray, and I said as much at the end.
When class was over Mr. Turner collected all our papers, quickly checked them off, then passed them back out. "Take that and revise it over the weekend. Don't worry too much about that, because once you're done there what I really want you to do is write a short sonnet from it. If you don't know what a sonnet is," and he looked right at me, "you can look it up on the internet."
Yeah right, I'd need a computer for that. Maybe I could ask May.

In the halls I found myself walking along with Sandra. "So you didn't get him?" She asked.
"Naw, some girl gave him a blow job in the hall," I said. "He came all over her face and just walked off."
"Guys..." she said. "What a jerk."
"Yeah, that's what I said," I said.
"Peace?" she gave me a long look as we stopped on the steps of the south entrance near the alley that cut through between the classes and the fields and gym.
"Sure," I said, "I'll call off Melinda."
"Oh god, she's a tough one," Sandra said, looking down at a scratch on her hips.
"Yeah, who would've thought, she doesn't look it. I'll bet she could even kick my ass," I said. I wasn't about to say she'd already done it - in my bed no less, with her tongue.
"Too bad we never did Ray together..." Sandra said.
Where did that come from? "Well, he's not the only guy around," I said.
"Excuse me girls?" a woman's voice said to our left. I turned and saw a naked woman with a pair of overalls draped over her shoulder. Oily overalls to match the grease stains on her face.
"Yeah?" I said. I was a little annoyed at the interruption, but I liked the look of her - another girl not afraid to get her hands on grease work.
"I'm looking for the administration building. I just got called in to substitute for..." she looked down at a piece of paper, "Mr. Carson's class."
"Oh!" I said.
"Yeah, I was told he's been let go, and they needed someone to fill while they looked for a replacement," she said while looking us over. "I love your piercing," she added to me.
"Thanks," I said. Looking into her bush, I could see a faint glint of metal shining through - she had her own clit piercing.
"You don't look like a teacher," Sandra said.
She leaned in conspiratorially and said in a soft voice, "Actually I'm not, but don't tell anyone. They know, but I'm still working on my teaching credentials. I can sub though."
"What're you planning to teach?" I asked. Pa'd told me how the whole credentials thing worked once.
"Art, hopefully at the junior college, maybe metal shop or auto, but they never hire women for that." She that last bit with a frown on her face, one I knew well for she must've stolen it right off my face.
"You start today?" Sandra asked.
"Some of it," she said. "They've got an assembly or something after lunch, but he had an eighth period class I'll be taking. Might get to sixth if the assembly breaks early. I already missed the morning stuff, they were calling around all day from what I heard. I'm Jodi by the way, Jodi Waters. No relation to the singer."
"The who?" I said. Sandra furrowed her brow in thought.
"No, Pink Floyd," Jodi said.
"Huh?" Sandra and I said together. Something about a flood?
"Never mind," She said.
"Well, I hope you're still here on Monday," I said. "I'll be in your class."
"Oh!" she said, looking suddenly very nervous. "You're not..."
"So they did tell you," I said.
"What?" Sandra asked.
"You think we had trouble," I said to Sandra, causing the woman to look us both over, "Mr. Carson didn't know the meaning of the word 'request'." For emphasis I ran my hands up and down, gesturing over my body.
"Oh..." Sandra said.
"Yeah, they told me that too, as a woman they said I'd have a class that might need an attitude adjustment," Jodi said.
"Oh, administration is just down that way," I said, pointing down the alley past the overpass bridging the gym into the second floor of 'C' building. "You'll have to go around the corner."
I watched her ass as she walked away, and Sandra sort of watched me. I guess she was unsure what to make of our new peace. "Good muscles," I said. "She must work out."
"Why would a flood be pink, and how can anyone stand all that grease?" she said, I guess unaware that I was just like Jodi - except maybe the part about floods.

Sandra split with me before the gym. We saw Ricky spanking Kitten really hard on the bench right out front. "Something I gotta do," Sandra said, before walking up to join them.
Melinda was there in the gym waiting for me, and as I walked up she took me to her and gave me one of those kisses that took everything else away. I fell hard onto the bench in front of her locker and gasped out, "what the fuck..."
"Hi," she said. Then she sat down next to me, leaned in as I put down my bag and whispered "you can deny it all you want, but you'll still come back for the kiss won't you?"
I unclipped my dildo, put it in my bag which I held out and said, "Put that away will you?"
She got up and put it in a locker, next to hers, and then as she shut the lock she said, "I heard about your civics class."
"Oh," I said. I wondered if she'd get jealous, but she just smiled down at me. She probably thought she was managing to turn me - managing to get me to 'realize' who I really was if I remember how Pa put it.
Was she?

Sandra passed us on her way in to the gym, Melinda curled up a fist but I covered it and said to her in a quiet whisper; "she's trying to make peace now."
I turned and watched her go by, her naked butt red with several hand prints. "You gonna let her?" Melinda asked.
"For now, see if she's being real," I said.
"She was trying pretty hard before," Melinda said as Sandra tossed her bag into a locker, put a lock on it and turned to look at us from across the room and a pack of boys. The boys were making it hard to get a good look, dividing their gawking between us. Clueless, they still didn't seem aware of the fight that'd been around them all week.
"Yeah, maybe she's just got a new plan," I said. "Or maybe hearing about my Pa, she felt I wasn't who she thought she was taking on."
"She thought she was taking on a stuck up bitch," Melinda said, and I turned to give her a good look. "It's what they say about you - mean bitch, always picks fights with people. Bet she thought she could score points taking you down."
I looked over to where Sandra was pressed against a locker as a boy massaged her pussy. "Yeah well, if that's what she thought, she was probably right."
"You're still my bitch though," Melinda said, lightly pinching my nipple.
"Dangerous game to play girl," I said, talking about Sandra and Melinda both. "If I'd met you a week ago..."
"Guess I got good timing. Come on," she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. Holding hands we walked into the gym like two giggling school girls.

Ms. Moore had a novel idea for getting boys to do splits. She paired us off with them and had everyone touch heels and hold the hands of their partners. With our legs spread out as far as we could go, we would try to stretch and if possible, go to a perfect split. Of course, if we could do so, the boys would manage to pull their dicks right up to our pussies.
Yeah that got them motivated. I had some guy named Darrel I'd not paid any notice to before. He tried and tried as hard as he could, but he couldn't do it. "Maybe by the end of the semester you'll make it," I said. As for me, I was pretty limber, something you get from being a fighter, and I didn't have much trouble. He couldn't keep his eyes off my pussy spread out before him. When Ms. Moore had us take a break I let him touch it, and he pumped his fingers into me for a good minute before we had to get up and try out the uneven bars. The guys had to be kind of careful there, or so it seemed. They looked frightened about catching their dicks on the bars. Just to give him a hard time, I jacked off the boy in front of me in line, keeping it going until he had to go on the bars.
Or at least I tried. Ms. Moore caught me twice. "Stop that Alandra, I don't want any spills on the mats. You can do that in the showers after class." It wasn't like he tried to stop me.
In the last few minutes of class Ms. Moore called us all together on the mats to tell us about the assembly. "You'll get 15 minutes for lunch, use it well. Program students," she looked at me as well as Sandra, "will have to sit up in the front. The rest of you will have seating by grade. The assembly is going to run into sixth period as well."

We left for the showers, and the boy I'd last jacked off in line came right up and got between me and Melinda, thrusting out his hips. "I'm ready," he said.
I shoved him out of the way and stood next to Melinda. "I think he needs to be washed," I said, pointing to a boy hiding himself in the 'boys corner.' "You, need help over there?" I waved him over and giggled with Melinda as he brightened up and came bouncing over like a little puppy dog.
"Hey! You gotta make me cum!" the boy from the line said, stepping forward to present his cock.
"Learn some manners, or better, just fuck off," Melinda said to him.
"I wasn't talking to you lezzie," the boy said.
"Yeah? Well you're talking to my bitch," she said. Sandra looked up at that and arched her eyebrows, but Melinda and I just giggled as we started to soap down the shy boy together.
"Fucking cunts," the boy said as he walked off towards Sandra.
"Don't even think it," she said, talking a step towards Henry who gladly put a hand right on her left boob.
Line boy looked back at us, or rather the boy we had between us and said, "I'm gonna kick your ass Ira."
"Don't mind him," I said, rubbing soap into Ira's balls. "We'll take care of him."
Melinda looked up and said, "We will? Oh, sure." She took Ira's hands and said to him, "Can you see if my pussy's dirty?"
Being a guy, all he had to say was, "Shit yeah!" With lines like that, guys deserve to lose us to lezzies... Ira went to it on Melinda, running his hands all over and into her pussy. "Man it's so soft. I didn't think it'd be so soft," he said.
"You've never done this before?" I asked.
"Nah," and he looked down, "girls usually don't like me." Ira looked up at Melinda and said, "thanks for letting me..."
"No, thank you," she said to him, kissing him on the forehead and almost making me jealous.
It wasn't that we, or rather I, wanted Ira; I just wanted to be rid of the other asshole. We let him go for a few minutes, but we didn't want to miss lunch. I took his dick and jacked him off as hard as I could, figuring that once the boy came we could be done with him. It didn't take long, and when he started to buck I pointed it at the drain and let him go.
"Oh... you girls are great," Ira told us when he was done.
"Hey, don't be shy," I said before swatting his butt and sending him on out of the showers. We rinsed off and followed him out.
"Well?" I asked.
"No, he was pretty 'fumbly' down there, but I figured I'd encourage him anyway," Melinda said.
"Figured that," I said, taking a towel and patting her down. I might not've been so nice. When I was done she took it from me and dried me off.
When she got our bags she put my waist chain back on me, and I took 'teddy' and clipped him on to a little loop on the dildo, even though he was half as big. Then she grabbed my hand and said, "Let's find May."

We found the gang pretty quick, in the usual spot. A few boys tried to stop us for posing requests, but Melinda told them she wasn't in the Program and pulled me away before I or they could get a word in. I wondered if I could get busted for that, or how they even kept track of these things. Melinda was just a girl without any clothes, sure to confuse a lot of people. I was in the Program, and May was a 'Program Volunteer.' Too many fucking categories, too easy to get messy with.
May was trying to get Rubin to pull his pants down, and kept tugging at his belt. "Come on Rube, you gotta join us," she said as we walked up. With him sitting, it wasn't going to be easy.
"Hey," I said over to Kevin as he turned away from a set of girls to watch us approach.
"Hey," he said back, cupping his hands over our pussies and then trailing his fingers over as he pulled away. "You know him?"
I looked over to see Paul chatting with Marcy, who was trying not to look at his cock sticking out of his jeans. "Oh, Paul, he's a freshman I keep bumping into in the halls. Got a thing for Marcy or someth'n."
"You guys hungry?" Rubin called over, looking around May as she practically rubbed her tits in his face stumbling around his belt.
"Spoilsport," May said. "Yeah, guess we gotta eat before this assembly bullshit."
Fatima came running up, moved over to Marcy and then burst out with "Oh!" at the sight of Paul. No matter how much she saw, it never seemed to stop shocking her.
"Ah!" Melinda and I both jumped as somebody goosed us - getting all the way into my vagina from behind. I spun around with murder in my eyes, but it was just Rick. "Hey watch it man!" I said; giving him a light stomach punch before hugging him to show it was all cool. I checked his fingers anyway, even though it was Rick, to make sure was clean.
"What's up?" he said, watching me examine his hands.
"Don't do that again," I said. "Ok, you're clean. Like I told his friend" -pointing to Paul- "on Monday, I don't need an infection."
"Who's he?" Rick said, pointing in the same direction.
"Freshman with a spot for Marcy; met him in the halls Tuesday. Friend of a kid with dirty hands who tried to Program me on Monday," I said to Rick's nod.
"Man just shouldn't wear pants like that," he said, shaking his head. A naked Kevin raised his eyes looking at Rick who continued with; "So he's got it for Marcy, huh? She could use a good fuck if you ask me."
"I dunno, those pants seem to be working just fine for him," I said to Rick, nodding over to where Marcy was giving Paul a blowjob as Fatima tried to act like the world didn't exist.
Melinda licked her lips and said, "Too bad she's straight, I could so help with that." Rick looked down at us, and I realized she still had my hand. Blushing I stepped away, and Melinda seemed to shrink just a tad.
"Hey guys," May said, taking Melinda's hand for herself and tugging. "We gotta get in line." She had Fatima in her other hand, who was trying to walk without looking. I noticed Paul had left, and wondered if Marcy would hook up with him again or not.
"Poor little freshmen," Marcy said when she came over, wiping her hand across her mouth.
"You know he's got it for you," I said. She just shrugged.
With me packed in the middle, behind Kevin and the guys, and May and the girls behind - we managed to get through the line and get our food without any hassle or RR's. The food was the same shit as all week - but only half as much. I had some kind of veggie burger and a salad. May's burrito didn't look any better "Shit man, can't they even put lard in these beans?"
"My English teacher said there's a big beef industry protest in Washington right now," Marcy said.
"Yeah, I saw that on TV this morning," Rick said.
"Don't they still sell to the fast food places?" I asked.
"Not as much," Rick said, "and they're pissed over losing the schools."
"What-fucking-ever..." Melinda said. She didn't catch Marcy, Kevin, Rick, and Rubin stop and look at me, nor me and May glare them back. Before, we'da never let some new kid talk like that to us, but she was different. Somehow I had a feeling that if it was Fatima, Marcy might stick up for her the same. Fatima in fact gave me a look and then nudged Marcy, who took a bite of her burger and grinned.
"Let's get this shit over with," I said. "They want my ass up front or something. You too most likely." I looked over to May.
"Cool," she said. May always liked being the center of attention, being on display. At least since the Program began, I still remembered the quiet May - the one who sat on the edge of our group watching me or Kevin until it was time to mix it up - to kick some ass with somebody like Mitch's crew. She was always my girl, my best friend, but there was a time she'd only talk when we were alone. Now you couldn't shut her up no matter what. Like, the girl would just run into any crowd and make a scene of herself. "Shit," May said. "What about my tits?"
"Huh?" Rubin said, "Why?"
"Everybody's gonna see em..." she said in a low voice.
"May," I began, pinching onto her nipple, "they've been on display all week."
"Yeah, but, not in front of everybody," she said. I looked out across the quad and all the kids milling about, what the fuck was she thinking anyway?
Kevin just said, "May..." and made a sweeping gesture over the whole place.
"It's not... It's not the same," she said in reply, scooting her butt back on the stone bench and hunching her shoulders down.
When she moved her arms up to cover herself I cut in and said, "you're in the Program May, no covering. Remember that pamphlet." Her period must've been getting to her. If it was me, I'd be worried about -that- showing.

With Lunch over we made our way across the quad to the local theater that doubled as our assembly hall. I'd seen teachers milling in there all through lunch, figuring they were getting the place ready. Magante must've gone in way ahead, and Ms. Mitchell was manning the door.
"You're late," she said in a cold voice to me and May. "I understand you're a volunteer?" she looked over at May.
"Late?" I said, looking behind us to the clock above 'C' building. "We still got one minute till lunch is over." None of the other kids had a made a move on the place and people were still hanging out in the quad.
"Don't get smart with me young lady," she said. "Program students were supposed to report five minutes early."
"Well, I didn't hear nothing 'bout that," I said. "Sides, I was sitting right over there..."
"Don't make excuses with me, now get in there." She looked over the rest of the gang, stopping on Kevin and Melinda. "I don't have you two in my volunteer list."
"We're not in it," Kevin said.
"Don't talk back," Ms. Mitchell said to him. Melinda rolled her eyes so she added, "young lady... I'm warning you. You kids will have to get in line and wait." She motioned casually with a wave in my direction and said, "You two get in there, I'll deal with your tardiness and disrespect later."
Inside and past the door May said, "What a bitch."
"Yeah, I think she surprised Melinda." I said.
"Poor girl, she's in for now, hanging with us," May said.
We walked down the aisle and came up to a group of naked kids. I saw Sandra among them, along with everybody else who'd been in the Program meeting on Monday. There were only three more volunteers, and all but one of them girls.
"You're late," Ms. Magante said; she had a sheen to her and smelled like a fresh shower. Her pussy was swollen, making me wonder...
"Nobody told us we had to be here early," I said, hoping I didn't have to go through a repeat.
"It's true," Sandra said. "Ms. Moore didn't mention it in gym."
"When did that bitch start sticking up for us?" May whispered to me. Sandra gave her a wary look.
"Remember yesterday?" I leaned in and whispered back, then nodded to Sandra.
"Well, how did you know then?" Ms. Magante said to Sandra.
"Ms. Mitchell stopped me in the lunch line when she saw I was nude," Sandra said.
"That bitch," I said, and then quickly waved my hands and head no in Sandra's direction when she looked at me. I sort of half pointed behind me back to the door.
Ms. Magante looked at her clipboard and whispered something, I think it was; "can't disagree with you there." She looked up to the group and said, "As I was saying, I need all the boys sitting here in the front" - she gestured over a roped off section - "and the girls in those chairs on stage."
"What?" I said, or rather blurted out.
"Program rules," she said. "Once a month we'll gather all the Program kids since the last assembly and hold a beauty contest with the girls."
"That's fucked up," May said, cocking her hips as she put her hands on them.
"Don't talk like that on campus, I don't wanna be forced into writing anybody up," Magante said, "for some stupid shit like a swear word. Now, I need you all to get to your places. For the girls, you're going to have to tell the school a little about how it made you feel to be in the Program. After each of you gives a little speech, we move on to voting. Before that I'll be talking a little about the Program, and afterwards the Principal will have some words for the school."
Why did she look right at me when she mentioned him anyway... She better not say nothing.
"Must be part of that whole 'girls and boys are different' bs," I said to May as we followed the line up onto the stage. The chairs were arranged in one long single curved line and I ended up sitting between Sandra and May.
"It's cool?" Sandra whispered over to me as we watched the school file in.
"Sure, but watch out for my gang until I can speak to them," I said back before poking May in the arm to get her attention.
"They're all looking at my tits aren't they?" she mumbled back. The look in her eyes worried me - wide and open, staring at the whole school as they watched her.
"May, it's cool ok?" I said.
She looked over at Sandra and said, "Yeah sure" with a roll of her eyes that really said 'you need to explain that shit to me.'
As we watched, I saw my gang all come and sit just behind the Program boys. As soon as they did I saw Rick put his hands down in Melinda's lap - given her state of undress and the sudden look on her face it was obvious she wasn't going to be paying much attention. But then Kevin on her right sat up straight all sudden like; looking over to Marcy on his right. That lasted for a minute until a teacher came over and said something - causing them all to slouch down and nod their heads.
Principal Harrison came out and tapped the mike a few times before saying "Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the end of the first week of school."
As he was saying that some geek with a camera came around and gave us little slips of paper - some kind of ticket or coupon to get a free photo journal of our week in the Program. Wait a second, they'd been photographing me? I watched as he moved away from us all and started going with his camera from the edges of the stage, wondering just what pictures he had on me, or worse, on May.
"Somebody needs a busted camera," I muttered.
"It's digital, perv's probably already got it online," Sandra whispered back.
"Damn, she's right," May said.
Ms. Magante passed us and went over to the mike. Harrison stepped back, giving her nude body a once over that lingered on her ass. Was he banging her too, or just hoping to?
"Wonder what she's gonna say?" Sandra whispered into the air. I just shrugged. It might be cool, but it wasn't chummy.
"Hello everyone," She said into the mike. "We're going to do this monthly, but the period will change around to be fair on your classes. I want to talk to you about the Program and about school in general, and then we're going to have us a little contest." With that last bit she smiled and then turned to look over all us girls.
I looked out across the assembly, into a theater that could seat maybe three or four thousand. It was almost full. I hear they say you can't see the audience when you're on stage, that the lights blind you to them. Well either my eyes were very good, or that was complete bullshit - I could see faces all the way to the back row. With fifteen naked girls and Ms. Magante showing her stuff up here, everyone was paying attention - or at least all the boys. Little thing I'd learned from Pa - even gay men liked looking at pussy, they just didn't admit it and knew how to get away with it better. I felt like crossing my legs for the first time all week.
Ms. Magante was saying some shit about how the Program would foster greater communication, lower stress, and promote healthy sexuality. I didn't catch it all, cause I wasn't really paying attention and I was thinking of that new shop teacher. She was sitting a row over from the Program boys and I could swear she was playing with herself.
Magante said something about only having two suspensions for fighting since the Program began, and half the eyes turned to me and May up here - the second one had been us after all, late last year when we jumped some kid who gave us lip. May gave me a low 'high-five' and stuck her tongue out at the assembly. Some of the boys up front giggled, or whatever you call it when boys do it, and Magante paused for a second as one of the other senior girls ­ Kelly McPherson ­ gave us an annoyed look from behind those perky tits of hers she was trying to get everyone to see.
Just to give her shit I winked at her, rubbed my clit, and licked my lips. The little bitch stuck her nose in the air as all the Program guys in the front started swiveling heads back and forth, but then she stopped and looked down at herself. As Magante continued she started doing herself right there on the stage in a really slow steady pace.
Ms. Mitchell started to go over, but Harrison held her arm and they started whispering at each other with scowls.
"...which will then encourage people to take better care of their bodies, promoting physical health and fitness for everyone. So you see, the Program goes beyond just being Naked in School," Magante continued from something I hadn't heard. "We're building a new society, a new way of looking at life, without sexual oppressions, without the inter gender conflict that comes with that, and one focused on a freer expression of love and equality throughout our culture. This is just the beginning kids, as you grow into adulthood you'll likely see more and more changes. We as a nation are trying to change ourselves, to become focused less on ourselves, less on the ethnic and familial bondings of our tribal past that breed conflict, and more on the greater society ­ on the human race as the protectors and providers for our planet rather than its cancer."
Wow, she was laying the shit on thick, but she seemed to be reading from something, and with the odd glances I got of it I could see print and a letterhead. This came down from on high. Pa would love it, I was seeing one of his conspiracies in action.
"What is this bullshit?" May whispered over.
"Fuck if I know," I said. "I think..." but then I saw Ms. Mitchell looking over at us so I just nudged May and nodded my head over.
"...Well, with that, let me hand you all back over to Mr. Harrison," Magante finished. Damn, I needed to pay attention more often. With that, from behind the podium where only us girls, Harrison, and Mitchell could see she dug a finger right into her slit just as she turned and used the same hand to shake Harrison's. She didn't so much walk as saunter her shaking ass off to the opposite end of the stage from Ms. Mitchell, who was just shaking her head and rolling her eyes.
Mr. Harrison followed her with a gaze as half the boys in the auditorium shifted around, then he took the mike off its stand and started pacing.
"We're going to have a little contest. I'm sure you remember them from last year. The rules are simple; each girl will walk back and forth across the stage, and then come up to the mike were she will get one minute to tell us what she thought of being in the Program and convince you to vote for her. Now we're going to keep it simple, and do a vote by clapping afterwards. Ms. Mitchell will handle that," Harrison said. "Why don't we start on this end?" and he moved to a freshman girl I didn't know. "Kristy, are you ready?"
"Uh... um, yeah. I guess so," she said nervously. She paced the stage. Small underdeveloped breasts, a budding red bush, and big overgrown nipples. I saw Melinda lick her lips and tug on her own nipples. That explained last night and what she did to May, who was managing an Asian's best version of a blush right then. Probably thinking of the same thing I was. Kristy tried her best to play beauty pageant, giving some speech about love, world peace, and fuzzy animals. When she was done she tried a naked curtsy -which looked really odd and out of place- and we started going down the list. Cindy and Kitten both fumbled through trying to say something, but people cheered Kitten anyway as they saw the red of her rear. When they got to Kelly I figured out why she'd started doing herself. Her pussy was puffed up and red and every guy close enough to see sat up at attention, even Kevin, Rick, and Rubin. After pacing she took the mike and sat her ass down on the stage, doing the splits to show her cunt off as she started in and finished herself off ­ cumming right there in front of everybody. All she said was "pick me," while dry humping the stage. Then she got up sauntered over, and gave the mike to the next girl.
May didn't do any somersaults or anything, she just paced through and then said "yeah, you know, whatever."
That put the mike in my hands. I took it, gave May a pat on the shoulder when I noticed the look on her face. Poor girl had cramps-which she didn't usually get that bad-no wonder. I gave Harrison a dirty look, and he returned one that looked a little frightened. No, I wasn't going to spill the secret, I just did a quick pacing and then said "that good enough?" I looked out over the school and spoke into the mike "You know, this is totally full of it. Why aren't the guys up here? Am I the only one who thinks this different but equal stuff is total sh... stupid?"
I gave the audience a hard look, and I noticed something. Something that made me think about the week and every time we'd gone out. "You know, they keep talking about some new society, some great change or something, but looking at all of you, you all look pretty much the same as ever. My cunt's been out here on display all week, I've fucked..." Ms. Mitchell gave a cough and I looked at her. "Well, that's what its called. I've been with a lot of you, more than normal for sure. I've noticed my share of naked people at the mall or on the street. Sure, we're the first people you see nowadays, but honestly; most of you are still clothed." I shrugged. "Sure, some sh..., stuff has changed. But most people are just trying to cope with a few freaks and those of us forced to be naked." I looked at Mr. H and said, "well, that's all I got." I sat down and watched the rest of the girls go through it.
Sandra gave me a look, the sort that said 'what am I supposed to follow that with?' She did a few wrestling poses and splits and then just said, "hey, pick me if you want, or don't."
It went on, most people ignored my outburst. Kelly was pissed at the end when she didn't get picked. Some junior name Marianne got picked. She was the girl who'd said I had AIDS at the bins before school. She had a shaved pussy like me and the biggest tits in the crowd-the kind that made you wonder how she stood up. That figured I guess, and she actually did say some nice stuff about school spirit for those who cared, all while diddling herself for the boys. Mr. H gave her a light swat on the behind when he congratulated her, and since she'd been going at it again her fingers kind of popped out as she said "Oh!" when he did it, causing several of us girls to giggle.
That man was having just a little too much fun with all this. Still, who could blame him, it's not like I was complaining about the attention or the naked boys. Or even, girls like Melinda.

Just before the assembly broke Magante took the stage again with a set of signs she put up on a projector screen. "I'm sure you've all noticed a few women on the streets taking advantage of the new laws on nudity, as well as teens such as yourselves. You should also know that any place that is private property does not have to allow you to go nude, and some of them can require you, women like me, and even men to go nude or more." A lot of people started murmuring at that, and I could see a surprised look on Harrison's face.
"Ever since the beginning of the idea of a home, if I owned it I could make anyone who came over take off their clothes. Of course, before today most people would just," and she held up her fingers in quote signs "avoid the crazy lady's house," but now with the Program and the new laws nudity and nudist hangouts are going to start getting more and more common." She turned to point at the giant screen above and behind those of us on the stage.
"This sign means a place is Program friendly. If you see it, you can expect to be allowed to go in nude and get a clean spot if you're expected to sit down." The sign looked just like the picture on the Program Pamphlet, but done as a drawn graphic. "If it has a plus sign over it," the image changed to match, "it means the place follows Program rules. Students in the Program will be required to stick to the Program rules while in such a place ­ which includes reasonable requests from anyone within the same general age range as you. However it is illegal for anyone over twenty one who's five years or more older to touch you sexually."
"Huh?" I blurted out. What about the age of consent changes?
"Age of consent has changed, but not to let the adults jump on you kids, just to keep you from getting arrested for jumping each other. When I was your age, half the boys in my school should have been sent to prison for what I let them do." She paused for nervous laughter from us all. I saw Harrison shifting around nervously and casting glances my way. I still had that tissue at home, just in case...
"Ok, now, if a place has this sign but with a red slash like this," and the picture changed again, "it means nudity is not allowed inside. It's private property folks, and we can't force them. They don't even have to put up this sign, but if they don't I encourage you to keep hassling them until they make it obvious where they stand. I know I sure will." She paused for a bit then went on. "Everywhere you go that's public or government owned is Program Friendly. A few public places might end up becoming Program Mandatory as well. I think the local library and City Hall both are." She looked back at us on the stage before saying; "Remember, your Program week ends at the beginning of school Monday morning, not at the end of the day today. Anyplace that puts up the sign with the plus can get a list with pictures from the regional Program office. I know I sent one over to the mall here in town this morning."
Oh shit... the mall? Well, I was planning on staying mostly nude anyway, but the requests might be a bitch. A lot of people knew we hung out at the mall. I wondered why City Hall though, who the heck would be going there?
"Some places that are mandatory are places none of you might ever go, but remember; I'm in the Program everyday I go to work, and you may not have noticed it, but I'm subject to the same reasonable requests as the kids I manage, but instead of all of you, it's your teachers and the rest of the staff here that get me." A lot of people laughed at that. Me, I knew I'd seen her looking freshly fucked or showered a few times, and maybe that answered it. She added; "A lot of jobs are even requiring nudity for some of their workers, and they can use one week a year of the Program rules for that as well, even though the men can't be nude in public." She shook her head at that last part. "I'm only in it everyday because I -am- the Program as far as all of you are concerned."
I wondered what would happen if a company tried to use more than just a week. She put up a graphic with all three signs on it, and then Harrison took over to give some parting crap about school spirit, having a great year, cheering the fucking football team, studying your ass off, drugs, and respecting each other and especially the naked students before letting us all go.

The assembly broke halfway into sixth period, so they only gave us half the usual time to get to class, five minutes, normally ten since the Program started. I met with the gang outside before splitting off for the remains of Metal shop, but all we had time to do was say 'well that was weird' to each other before splitting all across the school.
Walking across the quad, I saw Bud banging into Kristy doggystyle in the doorway to 'A' building. Friend three looked up from the other side of them and nodded to me, so I figured I could forget about them.

We only had maybe 25 minutes of class for Metal when I got there, so the sub wouldn't exactly be doing anything other than an introduction.
Ms. Jodi Waters was written on the board when I walked in, and she was standing there naked and looking us all over a bit nervously. "Sit down anywhere you want," she said to me as I came in. That was new, and I really didn't have any idea where to sit, so I just took a blank table across from Jennifer's. Close enough she could say what she had to, but far enough she couldn't handle me. For her part Jennifer was so drawn to the site of Ms. Waters that she barely noticed me enter.
A few more people walked in, and a guy paired up with Jennifer before she had a chance to get her things and join me. I noticed Mr. Carson's nephew watching me with a mean glare from across the room. "Hello everyone, my name is Ms. Jodi Waters and I'll be filling in for next few weeks, maybe longer if they don't find a full timer."
"So Mr. Carson is gone?" The boy paired with his nephew said without raising his hand.
"Well I haven't really been filled in on that, they just called me this morning," Ms. Waters lied. I only knew that for a lie from what she'd said to me earlier outside the gym.
"Man, that's messed up. He was the only teacher who knew how the Program's supposed to work," the same boy said. Carson's nephew Raymond nodded. I quietly put them both on my kill list.
"Ok everyone, I'm sure this is a bit of a shake up for all of you, but we're going to get through it. There's not much time for a class today and I was called at the last minute so I don't have your lesson plan yet. Can anyone tell me what you were working on?" Ms. Waters said, scanning the room with her eyes.
I raised my hand and when she picked me I said, "we were building boxes, he had the plans over there yesterday." I pointed at a drawer behind her. Raymond's look to me got even meaner. What, was I supposed to let her fail?
"Ok," she dug around but came up empty. "Well, they're not here today, maybe we can..."
The door opened, and Ms. Magante walked in. The two of them gave each other the once over and smiled. "Sorry to interrupt," Magante began, then moved over to Ms. Waters and addressed her directly. "Hi, I'm Yasmine," she said.
"Jodi", Ms. Waters said back. They shook hands.
"I put all the materials the students had out yesterday in cabinet 'B'. Here are the shop keys, sorry I missed your meeting with Harrison earlier," Magante said. "Stop by my bungalow later on will you?"
"Certainly," Ms. Waters said. Magante left us after that, with a glance to me and then Raymond.
"Well I guess we're in luck," Ms. Waters said. She opened the cabinet and called us over to identify whose project belonged to who, raising her eyes when I never went to claim anything and Raymond was the only one to claim a project as solely his. She put sticky tabs with names on them for each project. Then she counted the lesson plans mumbling something about making extra copies.
"Are we gonna do any work today?" Jennifer asked.
"No, I think today I'll just have each of you tell me what brought you to this class." She looked up at the clock and added, "there's not much time for anything else."
We went around the room, with Jennifer mentioned her interest in sculpture, art, and cars again. Me, I was an auto mechanics nut, which it turned out was the same for Ms. Waters. A couple of the boys were the same, and we all complained about not having auto shop anymore. Ms. Waters told us what I already knew; with cars being so computerized they couldn't afford an auto shop in a public school. Raymond just said "...'cause..." when it came to his turn, and didn't elaborate. I could tell he was working up a plan to get even for what, in his mind, I had done to his uncle.
After that class was pretty much over, and she sent us on our way. Jennifer tried to come up to me, but Raymond cut her off and got in my space with; "your ass is dead bitch."
"Funny, I was thinking the same thing," I said, but then Ms. Waters stepped into the hall and looked at us. Raymond backed off, and I turned around and walked away. She'd looked like she wanted to chat with me, and if she wasn't my teacher I would'a wanted to do the same. A big improvement over Carson, as long as Raymond didn't spoil it.

I ran into Rick, Marcy and Fatima in the halls on my way, about halfway to Algebra. They were chatting at the bottom of the stairs in the middle of 'C' building.
"I need a piss," Marcy said. "Come with?" she added to Fatima and I.
"I'll catch you guys in class," Rick said. The restrooms were all mixed these days, and most guys would'a tried to come along to get a view.
That made me think of something. "Hey they took off the stall doors didn't they?" I said.
"Not at the one on the end of the hall," Fatima offered.
"Oh yeah," I said. I took Marcy's hand and we made our way through the crowd. People were giving me space, I think what I said on stage made them a bit angry at me.
We came in off the quad from the east end, near where administration met 'C' building, right on the corner of the bathroom where May and I'd met Mandy on Wednesday.
"Well shit!" Marcy said as we all saw the rope around the 'Wet Floor' sign. I peered in, and it looked like somebody'd ripped out half the bathroom.
"Ladies," a male voice said from behind. Turning I saw a guy maybe about Magante's age in jeans, stained music t-shirt, and a yellow hard hat. He had a half eaten sandwich in one hand. "They finish up in there?" He nodded off in the general direction of the theater.
"Uh, yeah," Marcy said, looking up at him. "What the fuck's up in here?"
He was looking straight at me, or rather moving from my tits to my cunt and back. "Huh? Oh, yeah ­ sorry about that. Contract was supposed to be done before the school year but we got held up at City Hall. We're putting in bedays and squatting toilets for you naked kids." He gestured at my pussy. "Nice ring," he said, stepping over the rope and picking up a powered screwdriver.
"Well shit!" Marcy said again.
"Hey, they removing the stall doors in here too?" I called in.
"Yeah," he said. "Then we're gonna put these things in about half the restrooms and the gyms," he followed with a wave to an open shipping crate. "Should be mostly done by Monday."
"What's a squatting toilet?" I asked the others as we walked away.
"I think it's just a fancy hole in the floor, so you don't touch anything ­ you just squat down," Fatima said. We found another restroom on the second floor, Marcy had us stand around the stall with our backs to her to keep people from watching.
"Hey girl, am I gonna be staring at your butt again all next week?" Marcy called out.
"I dunno, I kinda like it," I said.
"You should wear something after the Program," Fatima said. "It's..."
"Yeah, but, well... we're all different," I said with a shrug.

We got to class just as the bell rang, with the others taking seats Rick had held. Mr. Dennison smiled at me as I sat on his desk facing him with my legs slightly spread. "You want me?" I asked, then realized how that sounded in my current state of undress and added with a blush, "up on the board?"
He gave me a stick of chalk and told me to have at it, adding a little pat on the behind to get me going. Men... We did a review of the week's lesson, and I got chalk all over myself again. Fifteen minutes before class was over he sent Marcy and some other kids to get a couple small towels wet. "Looks like we need to clean you up," he said. I watched them come in with the towels and thought, the little pervert planned this didn't he? He knew I'd make another mess.
He let me pick two boys to wipe me down, and made sure to help them out. One of them paid too much attention to down below, so I took his hand off the towel and put his finger in me myself. "If you wanna do it, do it," I said as he started pumping my pussy. I staggered over and laid down on the table.
"Add another finger," I told him, "and speed it up." I started bucking on his fingers, and looking to my side I saw Fatima turning away in horror. Poor girl, she was gonna see a lot more than this before the year was out. I'd have to talk to her, make sure she knew just what kind of friends she'd made. Mr. Dennison was rubbing my tummy with a towel so I reached up and tapped his arm to get his attention. "This is getting out..." I started, then moaned as the boy pumping my pussy added his thumb to my clit.
Mr. D stepped back, looking me over. "You want them to stop?" he asked. I shook my head no and he added, "consider this a gift, for being a fun sport this week." He moved away and addressed the class, "OK everybody, class is over, you can watch or you can go."
At that point I realized the boy on my tits was Rick. "Hey there," I said, cupping his dick through the jeans.
"Hey," he looked in my eyes, then took my nipples in his fingers and gave a light tug right after the boy on my pussy worked all four fingers in, no longer able to keep his thumb on my clit.
"Oh... Oh shit!" I turned my head and saw Fatima pulling Marcy out of the room. I was left to trusting Rick, and I guess Mr. D if things got out of hand. Speaking of which, there'd been a third boy at some point, and I tried to to find him from my position lying there on the table.
The boy pumping me pulled away, and I saw the last boy moving in with his dick poking out. "No," I said, pushing lightly with my foot.
"Come on baby, you know you'll like it," he said, still stepping forward.
"She said no," Mr. D and Rick said together, both in those stern voices guys use when they're about to start pushing their way.
"OK, OK," he said, backing off with arms up. He looked kinda funny with his dick still hanging out, till I realized he was gonna try to rape me if the others hadn't objected.
"Mr. D," I said, sitting up. "I'm done." I took a long hard look at the third boy. Clayton I think, if I remembered his name right. He was going on my list, one notch higher than where I'd put Raymond.
About half the class had cleared out, and the rest started getting up when I did. "You cool?" Rick asked, putting a hand on my thigh as he stood next to me while I sat on the edge of the desk. Mr. D was picking up chalk, and Clayton and the other boy were gone.
"Sure, but he's on the list," I said as I leaned into Rick, "But not right away."
"Consider it done," he said. We had a system like that, give it a few weeks and somewhere, at some time off campus Clayton would let his guard down and we'd jump him. Beat the shit out of that punk and teach him a lesson in respect. If somebody put you on the list only they could take you off, and unless they did any one of us could get your ass. Which reminded me of something. "Oh, Sandra's off."
"Yeah, I saw you talking to her. Figured something was up," he said.
The bell rang, so I gave Mr. D a hug and we made to take off.
"I'll miss your new wardrobe," he said. "Maybe we'll get lucky in here again next week." His gaze moved over to a spot where a couple girls I didn't know sat.
"I might stay this way," I said, then sauntered out of the room with a good bit of ass wiggle just to work him up. I'll bet he was wishing men could beat off in public like I could after that.

"I'll see you after school?" Rick said as we parted in the halls.
"Sure," I told him, not like it was even really a question, the gang always got together Fridays. "Albatross!" I called, then spun around to the sight of a boy getting sucked a few feet away by some gothy girl in a skirt while 'skirtless girl' from lunch on Tuesday watched them and didled herself, being still bottomless. In fact, she'd gone the way of the knicker gang in fashion with her panties clipped at mid thigh.
"Getting in a good last day?" I asked the boy as I walked by. Skirtless gave me a familiar nod.
"Oh yeah, but if I cum anymore I'm gonna be sore," he said. Now that's a funny problem to have I guess.
I saw Jennifer on my way to biology. Halfway down the hall she had this haunted look as she stood there and watched me as I walked up. I didn't have much other option, she was in my way. "Hey," I said, hoping to get past without much hassle.
She held her head down, not looking at me, and just kind of sighed out, "hi..."
I took her chin and lifted her head up. "Look, not everybody can be together OK? Hang in there... and, get away from your brothers."
"Can I?" She started something, then sort of dropped off.
"How about a hug?" I took her in and held her for a minute, not stopping her when she started to squeeze my ass, nor when her hand went down through the crack and onto my pussy. Not exactly Program standard, but I figured I'd let her feel good for a bit. When I pulled away I saw May standing in the hall a few feet away, unusually untouched by any guys at the moment. "You're a full on lezzie, aren't you?" I asked Jennifer in a whisper.
She nodded her head. "What am I gonna do?" she asked. I had a feeling her brothers might get really nasty when they figured it out.
"Hang in there girl. Friends?" I said.
"Sure." But the sad look on her face betrayed her. This one was trouble, and she'd probably be that way for me for a while.

"What up with her?" May asked as we walked into biology and sat near Kevin. One of the other girls in class was tugging on his cock while he fingered her. Everyone else was getting undressed.
"Jennifer?" I nodded to the door. "I think she's in love with me."
May put a finger to her lips, pausing for a bit before saying simply, "huh."
I sat down in my usual spot to the right of Kevin. May had to edge the girl working his dick away to get her spot.
"Hey! That was going good for me," he said to May.
She just took his cock in her hand and started pumping it hard. He ended up spurting out into the middle of the room just as Ms. Lippmann sat down a foot from where it landed, grinning at us.
"Well, I see some of us are ready," Ms. Lippmann said, before giving me a guilty look. "Why don't you two continue. Kevin, May come up here. I want you to ride him till one of you cums," she said to May. Given that Kevin had gone soft, that might take a while. "Then Kevin, you mount her from behind."
Man she was getting crazy or something... She got up and took a dildo off her desk, running it along the lips of her pussy. "Come on you two, get on up here. The rest of you form a daisy chain."
"A what?" a guy on the opposite end of the room said.
"Everyone turn to the person on their left and get in a position where you can orally sex them," she said. "When we've all cum, we'll talk about the week and then go on to a lecture on the difference between men and women."
May went up to her and whispered in her ear. "Oh..." Ms. Lippmann said, then whispered something back and waved Kevin in close.
I saw him nod and shrug, and then say "Yeah, course I knew."
They whispered some more and I saw May shaking her head no with a serious blush. I got up and went over. "What's up?" I asked
"Alandra you need to sit down, we're having a private conversation," Ms. Lippmann said.
"Uh Uh! I don't think so, you owe me one. What are you doing to her?" I said, taking May to me.
"She wants me to model my period," May said into my ear.
Most of the other kids weren't paying us much attention. A couple kids not making nice with a teacher might be news most days, but she'd had them start fucking with each other first.
"We're doing sex-ed after all. Talking about menstruation was scheduled for next Wednesday, but we have a perfect opportunity here," Ms. Lippmann said, a little louder than I would have liked when I saw a couple girls look up wide eyed for a second.
I shook my head and said, "Can't you people leave us alone? Why'd you call her up to the middle anyway?"
Ms. Lippmann gave an instinctive shrug and said, "you two seemed to be headed that way," she nodded to May and then Kevin. "Its a good way to lead in for the activity I'd planned."
"She don't wanna be a demonstration, she doesn't have to," I said to Ms. Lippmann, giving her a hard stare.
"Fine, but don't push it Alandra. I may owe you, but I won't let you run all over the class," Ms. Lippmann said after looking me up and down.
"Cool, I can deal with that," I said. "May, go sit down."
"But it would really help to have a model for this. A lot of girls are gonna get hit with May's situation. Especially when we start getting more month long volunteers," Lippmann said.
"Yeah what's up with that?" I said. "Why not make it three weeks, or allow a week off or something?"
Lippmann shrugged and said, "your guess is as good as mine. I think they wanted to see how we'd deal with this situation. This volunteer thing is new, May's the first girl to be on her period for it."
"You know, I could do it," May said.
"May..." I gave Lippmann a nasty look, "well, you've managed to press your point. I ain't gonna forget that."
"May, why don't you have a friend help for this?" Ms. Lippmann said, looking at me. Pushing it, or trying to cool it down, I wasn't sure.
"A.C.?" May said with a look at me.
"Fine," I said, to Lippmann. "What do we gotta do?"
"Kevin, go run to nurse Magee's and get the other students, this lecture can be mixed." She gave him a swat on the behind, a quick note, and said, "hurry! We've missed five minutes already." She then looked around the room and called out, "Class! Class! Change of plans, today we're going to cover one of the basic facts of the reproductive system, and we thankfully have a live model for it." Lippmann went around the room clapping her hands and getting people to pull apart. She was really gonna do it.
It was a strange class to be sure; Lippmann had to run around digging out some charts and notes she'd planned for next week. After the other kids arrived and got over the shock of seeing us all naked we got going. The guys were definitely -not- turned on by the sight of May in her condition. That was a first, she was usually a magnet for their attentions.
Still, they seemed to learn a lot, and even we picked up a few things. it seemed there was less spookiness going around at the end of it. A lot of people were talking about sex during your period, or at least Lippmann was trying to get them to.
Most of the guys seemed to find it gross, but Kevin surprised me with; "I'd do it. Not that I'm -into- that, but I could deal with it." After that a couple other guys nodded, but some of the boys and girls both still thought it was gross.
Lippmann had said though, that for many women it helped with cramps, and for some it was even more intense. That all got May's attention, and she started watching Kevin closely. "Go for it," I told her. "He said he'd do it, maybe it'll help."
Ms. Lippmann had me posing her all through the class, posing while she pointed stuff out and talked about differences. Not that there was much to see, May must've cleaned herself before class. At the end of it she had me put a new tampon in her - a couple times actually, till we managed to show off the process to everybody, and then we went to wash up.
"Why'd she wanna see that?" May asked me after using a wet paper towel on herself.
"Ow, doesn't that scratch? Shit if I know," I said. "Maybe she wanted guys to see what it's like."
"Yeah, but that just spooks them. Doing it like that. They need softer towels, gotta get these so wet they're useless. You done?" She said as I pulled away from the faucet.
"I hate these automatic things, they're always shutting off if your hands aren't just right," I said. "Give me a second." I grabbed one of the scratchy towels, recycled paper.
"I'm packing my own towels next week. Sides, then I don't have to sit on those cold chairs," May said.
"Good idea." I nodded and we took off.

When we got back the other kids were still there. Lippmann has us sit down in the circle, and the kids who'd been with Nurse Magee were all stuck in a bunch on the other end whispering to each other and pointing in turns at the rest of us naked kids. Comparing features from the gestures I saw.
"I want everyone to get into groups of six and talk about what we've seen today and what we've learned this week," she told the class. She sat down with the clothed kids who'd been away, and I heard her asking them how it was going over with the nurse.
My group had May, but not Kevin. The three guys with us scooted away from May, like they could 'catch it' if they got too close. If anyone was going to 'catch it,' it would be me next week.
"What about you, when do you get it?" Krista, the girl with us asked me.
"Can't we talk about something else?" one of the boys, Rich, said with a quick glance at May's crotch.
I ignored him and confessed to next week. Krista claimed for week after that, and asked me what I'd do in class.
"Oh shit, this goes for two weeks doesn't it?" I said. "Maybe I'll get lucky; it usually comes later in the week."
"So wasn't this week just wild?" the boy to Rich's left said, trying for a new subject.
"Yeah man, I can't believe they let us fuck all these bitches," Robert, the last boy said. That got all three of us girls to stop and give him a nasty look. "Hey I'm just being honest." Rich rolled his eyes looking at Robert.
"Learn some respect," May said.
"Yeah, no shit," Krista said, then turned to cut all three guys out of our circle. We tried to ignore them after that.
Lippmann eventually came over to check on us, so I just asked her what we were up for next week. "What'll we do when the rest of us hit our cycles?"
"You know I'm gonna have to think about that. It's rather odd that May was the only one this week," Lippmann said. She left us for the next batch after that.
"What's up with that?" Rich said. "What'd she mean?"
"What? Weren't you paying attention?" I said.
"Man that whole class was gross," he said, dismissing us with a wave.
"Like I said, I dunno what Lippmann was thinking," May said, waving a hand in the air. "There's no point, guys are just stupid. Get what you need from 'em," she made a gesture of sex, "but don't expect 'em to ever have brains."
"Huh," Robert said. "And they say we need to learn respect."
"Whatever," May said.
"She's just PMS'ing," Rich said.
"How could I be Pre-MS'ing if I've already got it?" May said.
"May..." I said, seeing that look in her eyes, the one that said it was time for a fight.
May put up her hands and said, "I'm cool, dunno about caveboy here though."
"Whatever," Rich said.
"Pussy ain't got no brains man," Simon, the last guy with us, said. "Say we think with the head below, well, at least we got a head..."
"Hah, no shit man," Rich said.
"Well I'll tell you one thing," I said to May. "With an attitude like that, all the pussy in the world won't help him."
Class wrapped somewhat anticlimactically. We'd all heard of Fridays in bio from last year, with Ms. H., and before May happened it seemed Lippmann would continue tradition. Maybe next week, when this whole seminar ended, or whenever we got another Program kid.

That was it for a week of school, running around with my ass on display for this Program. May, Kevin, and I made our way out and over to the bins. We were a little late getting out of bio so there was already a crowd milling around and making a scene when I got there.
Marianne, the girl who'd won at assembly, was on the steps holding court, with a crowd of boys gathered around trying to compete for her attention. "What makes her so special?" May said to me.
"Fuck if I know, I've never seen her before today. She's a junior right?" I said.
"Yeah," Kevin said. "She's in one of my classes. I think she's on the student council too. Part of the 'in' crowd."
"Whatever, little wannabe goth bitch if you ask me," May said. She was clearly in a mood.
"That's just cause she's naked," Kevin said, not picking up on May's mood. "Her hair's just black far as I know."
"Well, I gotta find my shit, see you guys at the car" I said as I went for the bins. I watched May and Kevin disappear into the crowd. May wasn't up to her usual antics, and Kevin cleared her space while getting his goods handled by the girls on hand.
"It better all be there too," I said, reaching the bins. I gave a few kids gathered around nasty looks, and got a space cleared for me. I found my shawl. I'd tied all my stuff together, but it was all that was left intact. Somebody'd cut my bra and jeans in half and run off with the left side of each. I should have left it all in Kevin's car, those jeans were expensive. "Ok, who the fuck cut my stuff?" Suddenly everybody had somewhere else to look. I grabbed a kid at random, some geek I'd seen around; "You wanna live, you're gonna talk."
"Hey man, I don't know what happened, honest," he said.
"Is there a problem here?" Ms. Mitchell said from over my shoulder. Where the fuck did she come from? When I turned around the geek was gone.
"Yeah; look what happened to my clothes," I said, holding up my jeans.
"You should be more careful," she said. "And if you threaten another student I'll have you suspended. I should have you expelled."
"Hey I'm the victim here, who's gonna pay for this, and what the hell am I supposed to wear?" I said, tossing down my ruined jeans.
"Don't you sass me young lady," she said. "And pick that up."
"Yeah, sure." I bent over to get my clothes and somebody must've come out of nowhere cause I got goosed good. And when your naked, that's a fucking finger all the way up your ass. I spun around fast to see the backs of a group of laughing boys. "You fuckers are dead!" I yelled out, jumping up.
"Young lady, that's it! You're suspended for a week, and if I have my way, Mr. Harrison will expel you," Ms. Mitchell called out.
"But, they fucking goosed me," I said.
"I didn't see anything," she said.
"Well, I did," Ms. Magante said stepping around the other woman. "And you can ignore that suspension Alandra." She gave Ms. Mitchell a look, more of a stare down.
"Don't you contradict me," Ms. Mitchell said.
"Then do your job," Magante said. "As for her, until she leaves the campus she's still in the Program, and that's my turf. You leave my Program kids alone."
"We'll talk about this later," Ms. Mitchell said turning around but glancing over her shoulder.
"You can bet your pretty little ass we will," Magante said to her back. Ms. Mitchell just gave her cunt a nasty look before walking away. "She's a bitch isn't she?" She said to me as Ms. Mitchell left.
"Uh..." I began.
"Don't answer that, at least not here and now. You gonna be ok without that?" She pointed to my ruined jeans.
"I'll get by, I'm hanging with the gang anyway," I said, noticing her wince at the word gang.
"Have a good weekend," Magante said to me.
"Sure, will do," I said. I wanted to ask if she'd gotten what she wanted out of us, if her little test case had gone like she wanted, but I figured now wasn't the time. Not after she'd saved my ass.
I put on the shawl, and looked in the bin to see if there was anything left I might like, but then thought better of stealing some other girl's clothes.
On my way out I checked the bike bins. I'd left my bike there on Monday and figured maybe I could toss it in Kevin's car or something. It was there, but minus the front wheel and seat and with the words 'AIDS Lezzie Bitch' sprayed onto the side. Fuck it, I just left it there and kept going. It was old anyway, and they got the grammar wrong.

"Hey where's your pants?" Rubin asked when I got to Kevin's car.
"Fuck if I know, this is all they didn't shred," I said holding up the ends of the shawl. "Ms. Mitchell got in the way before I could find out."
"Well it looks good on you," Rubin said. "But it might look better with a garter and stockings."
"Perv," I said, punching his arm.
"Hey, I've been staring at that pussy of yours all week, I can't help it if I like what I see," He said, reaching down to tap my clit ring.
"Yeah well," Well what? I was about to say 'don't get any ideas' but it seemed like we were all too far gone for that now. Besides, Rubin was already putting a finger up my cunt and I hadn't bothered to stop him. "Hey, let's get out of here," I said.
"You need anything to wear?" Kevin asked?
"What, you keeping clothes from your conquests in that trunk now?" May asked.
"Yeah, after I leave em out by the river, I keep trophies," He said. "No, of course not, I was just thinking if we needed to hit a shop or something."
We all gave him a look, like 'where did that come from?' Rubin licked his finger and grinned, so I jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow.
"What? Oh, there was this detective movie on last night... got my humor on strange angles today," Kevin added.
"Look, I do not want to know," May said.
"I'm cool," I said. "Rube's got a point ­ y'all have seen me all week anyway. Actually, I'm not sure I want to wear anything anymore."
"Rube? Yeah no shit," Melinda said, coming up to snuggle into me. "I could almost burn my clothes and be done with it, it's so much cooler naked like this."
"Hey... that's an idea," Kevin said. "Tomorrow night, lets all burn the wardrobes."
"What?" Rubin said, looking up from a huddle with May. "You guys are nuts."
"Hey I already burned all my shit last summer," May said.
"Cept for your shirts, May," I said, poking her left nipple.
"Hey. Yeah, Kev, can I get that shirt out of the trunk?" May stepped over to the back of the car.
Kevin starting digging through his bags but I interrupted and said; "hey that's my shirt, leave it there."
"Aw come on A.C., you got that thing on," May said.
"Not really," Melinda said, still on my side. "The weave's so wide you can even see her nipples. Heck, they're poking through." And she reached in and tweaked one of them. I was about to step back and say something when she jumped in and planted one of those kisses of hers on my mouth.
I was lost, with that soft tongue of hers and the skin to skin of our naked bodies. I felt her hands match the caress of the kiss with one on my ass. I think I let out a sigh. "Shit girl, you're so easy," I heard Rubin say. "All you gotta do is kiss A.C. And she's done for?"
"No, that's just Melinda," May said. "She does that to A.C. every time."
"Hey I ain't going lezzie!" I said. "She's just..." I began.
"Yeah, so anyway, what the fuck we up to?" May said.
"I dunno, suddenly we got too many people for my car," Kevin said, tossing his pack in the trunk. I gave him mine, as did just about everybody else but Melinda.
"My mom will kill me if I leave the pack," Melinda said.
"Well, Rick's meeting us at Albatross. Figure Marcy and Fatima will be there too," I said as May stripped my shawl off and put it on.
"Doesn't cover my tits either," she said, but she didn't give it back.

We actually ran into Marcy only a block away, coming away from a car that I think belonged to Fatima's uncle. "She had to go to prayers or something," Marcy said. "She's gonna try and meet us at the cafe."
"Cool," Rubin said. "She's a character, but not bad."
"I thought they just pulled out a blanket and did that wherever?" I said.
"Naw, they just gotta face a certain way, but wouldn't you rather do it at church?" Marcy said. I guess that made sense.
"Shit, could you imagine if she had to do a week in the Program?" May said as we started walking to downtown.
"She won't," I said. "Not if Magante has any sense. That'd blow this whole thing wide open in a nasty way."
"Yeah, but it's a graduation requirement for the new kids," Melinda said. "She won't have a choice."
"They'll figure something out. Life is all about who can make the better excuse." I looked at May, "Right May?"
"Yeah, my mom said something like that," May answered. "That's how it works downtown. But if your dad's right, they'll make a beeline right for her."
"Oh yeah, whatever is the worst case ­ that's the one that's true. Especially if it doesn't make sense," I rolled my eyes. Still, Pa had a point sometimes. "They might come up with some kind of transfer rule or something to get her out of it."
"She's a freshman though?" Kevin said, bumping Marcy as he tried to sidestep something somebody's dog left on the sidewalk. "Damn, people need to clean up their shit."
"No shit," Marcy said. "Yeah, she's a freshman."
"But she might not have been where she came from," I said. "If there's a will, there's a way ­ and there's no way they want her in the Program."
"You know," May said. "There's a lot more people with her religion out there. Even if Magante skips her, it'll all go crazy over somebody else somewhere else."
"Maybe they'll go home schooling or something, like all those Bible thumpers do," Kevin said.

We walked for a bit. Marcy thought we were out of our fucking minds when Melinda told her about the clothing bonfire we were planning. We figured we'd do it in one of the parks out of town tomorrow. She declined to come with, she was going over to Fatima's for dinner ­ that ought to be interesting.
"Yeah, no shit. I'm kinda scared of that father of hers," Marcy said. "But she said he told her it was o.k."
"Maybe he ain't all bad," Kevin said.

Two blocks down, just hitting the shops, and we were trying to move through a gaggle of people when Marcy saw him. "Hey ain't that Paul, with Mitch's gang?" He was walking away from us, headed in the direction of Albatross with a naked girl on his arm in the literal sense. He had his left hand going up under her butt and cupping her cunt from what it looked like back where we were.
"We ought-ta kick his ass," May said. Rubin looked at her and pounded a fist into his other hand. That was it, and they broke into a run after Paul with Marcy, Kevin, and I following behind and Melinda standing there looking like she didn't know what to do.
Just as Rubin was on him Paul started to spin around and say something like "What the...?" The girl let out a scream as May tackled her aside and kicked paul behind the knee. He dropped as Rubin hit him from above in the head.
"Fucking punk," Rubin said. "Told ya to stay the fuck out of here."
"Shit," Paul began, trying to back arm May and block a rib punch from Rubin. The girl had come to a skid in the street and she was just getting up to check a scratch on her arms and left breast. Kevin and I came up on her.
"What the fuck," she started getting up so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.
"This doesn't concern you bitch," I said, the shoved her face down.
"Hey, leave him alone!" she called out. Paul was down and May and Rubin were kicking him, then we ran as people began to start looking around.
"You fuckers are dead!" I heard her call out as we pushed through a crowd.

"Man, that was fucking great," Rubin said after we rounded a block.
"Maybe those ass holes will stay away now," May said. I didn't think so, but at least we got one of them back for last time they jumped us.
"Oh man I'm so fucking jacked up," I said. My nipples were hard as rocks, and I could feel a flush in my cunt. May looked the same, and Kevin was rock hard.
"What the hell was that all about?" Melinda asked. She didn't look turned on like us.
"Fucking period," May said. "I could use a fuck right now."
"Yeah, no shit. I hear its better for girls on their period," Rubin said, giving May a long look.
She stopped, we all did, and gave him a god stare back. I was about to say something when she broke out a big grin and said, "Fuck man, I could go for doing you. But not now, I ain't cleaning this shit off your dick."
"Hey I'm just saying that's what I read," Rubin said in defense.
"Wow May, you actually turned down a fuck," I whispered into her ear.
"It's just the period," she said back.
"That's fucking gross man," Marcy said. "That Program's got everyone all fucked up."
Rubin glanced over at me so I said; "Hey I ain't second on anybody's list. Even if I could use a good fuck right now."
"Damn shame to let this go to waste," May said, grabbing Kevin's hard cock and jacking him off as we started walking again.
"Oh man," Kevin said before letting out a long breath of air, "this nudity shit has some great fucking perks." He spurted all over the sidewalk half a block down, not lasting very long at all.
"We ought-ta measure that for distance," May said, causing us all to laugh.

We'd run around a corner after tossing Paul, so we were a block off from our usual path to Albatross, on that street Pa called the old downtown ­ full of closing shops in perpetual clearance sales, furniture places, and a used car dealership.
"Wait, what the fuck is that?" I said, seeing the pack of kids hanging out in front of the old theater. They were all in costumes, like it was Halloween, but with a lot of fluff, lace, or science fiction rings.
"Oh, that's just cosplay," May said.
"Cause-what?" Melinda asked her, following my gaze. "Looks like it could be fun."
"Geeze A.C., where have you been," Kevin said. "Cosplay. They've been doing it in Japan since like, the dinosaurs or something. Starting picking up in California and New York last year."
"But what the fuck is the point?" I said, looking over the outfits and non outfits.
"You dress up like your favorite character in a manga, comic, band, or whatever," May said. "But with a little twist of your own."
"Yeah, but some of them aren't wearing all that much," I said. There was a group by the back standing and sitting around a bus stop bench that were mostly nude. Dressed kinda like May and I, but with clown makeup on, their hair in overdone ponytails, and one had stockings, an open bust corset, and some collar thing with sleeves. "They sure as hell don't go to our school, do they?"
"Maybe, maybe not," May said. "They could look like anybody else out of costume."
"..." Marcy said. She kinda had that pause and look that made me wonder.
"Something you ain't telling us girl?" I whispered over.
"No, nothing. Me? Nothing," she said. But her eyes where on the third of what looked to be five groups, a small pack of 'Little Bo-Peeps,' or whatever.
"So that pink hair's probably a wig?" I asked.
"Yeah," May said. "I read all about this shit in a magazine last month. You should see what it looks like on the coasts. Central Park gets thousands of these kids on the weekend, same with Golden Gate in San Francisco."
"Kinda like goths or something," Kevin said. "The naked kids are from a Japanese manga." Kevin read that shit. "Something about a school in America where the kids go nude."
"Hey!" I said, lifting up my tits. "That sounds familiar."
"Yeah, but in the comic, they all got weird names like Juliet, Donatello, or stuff in Japanese, and they wear the makeup," Kevin said, gesturing over them.
What's with...?" I started.
"The stockings? I think she's the headmistress or something." Kevin said.
"What's a headmistress?" Melinda said.
"I think it's like a principal for white people," May said. Melinda just shrugged her white shoulders and May added, "the rich ones. Japs got something like it too."
I jabbed her in the ribs, she knew better than to use a racial slur around me, and she just rolled her eyes. May's family was from originally Nanking like, five generations ago or something, her mother had even worse words for the Japanese.
"It's freak'n weird man. That's all I gotta say," Rubin said.
We were just about past them, and I caught the bo-peeps looking back at Marcy like something was up. "You gotta go talk to your friends?" I whispered over.
"Huh?" She said, jumping up startled. "I... uh later, that is. Hey, I'm not into that shit!" Well she could deny it, but the boys in little sheep hats with their cocks hanging out were looking at her like they knew her pussy pretty well.
"Yeah, whatever," I said.
"Oh my, those are some randy looking sheep," Melinda said. "Check her out." She pointed to a bo-peep with an open front skirt that was leaning back into the arms of her friends while one of the sheep boys kneeled in front of her with his head buried in her crotch.
"Shit I could use some of that," I said, running my fingers through my slit. "I'm still all wet."
"Oh man, I did not need to see that. Too much visual, fucking guy's ass crack is all on display," Rubin said.
"Come on, you see that every day with the Program guys," Melinda said.
"No, Rube here's eyes can't look below about here," Kevin put a hand to his sternum, "when there's a naked guy around."
Rubin intentionally looked down at Kevin's dick and said, "That ain't true man, I ain't no homophobe."
"Dude, you are seriously making the wrong fucking point," Kevin said, looking with extreme intent at my pussy.
"Oh, yeah. Hey... you know what I mean man," Rube said. "Come on, let's get out of here."
"What's with the bo-peep theme anyway?" I said, looking at Marcy. She opened her mouth then thought better of it.
"Some porn cartoon with a card game to it I think," Kevin said. "Creamy Peepy Sheep, or some shit. It's on one of those Program friendly channels and they got a video game too."
We just looked at Kevin for a bit, so he added, "hey, I watched a little of it over summer. Got bored, and the animation was pretty good."
"Yeah, Kevin, ok..." I said.

We kept walking, heading around towards our usual block. "Man, after yesterday, I am so gonna kill Bill," May said. "Can you believe he never told us about Harrison?"
"Yeah no shit," I said, as we came up to the cafe. There was a new sign on the door, a graphic of a naked man and woman holding hands inside a blue circle with a '+' in the center above their heads ­ just like Magante had described. "Shit! Bill's gone Program" Everybody just shrugged, it kind of figured anyway, although I didn't want to be taking no Program requests in my hangout, and I doubted May did either.
Albatross had a mild crowd when we got in. Bill looked up and gave us a timid grin, lingering over Melinda and I a bit longer than he should have. He had Rick sitting across from him, they'd been talking.
"Damn, I'm telling you this Program sure has its perks," Rick said to Bill as we came up.
"Yeah, I can see six of them right here," Rubin said, jumping in as he gestured over us girls before poking Melinda's left nipple.
"You owe us one Bill," I said.
"What happens in Albatross stays in Albatross," He said. "My cousin knows I won't spy for him."
"Yeah, but you two have some kind of arrangement don't you?" Marcy said in a hot voice, sitting down next to Rick.
"Hey! The seats changed!" May said behind me. I turned around and sure enough most of the table seats had a sort of vinyl look to them, and Bill had moved aside a corner section near our couch people used to ignore for a bunch of new bean bags. The couch itself was the only one in the place without something new to it ­ still the same old removable fabric cover. All the other couches had gone vinyl like the tables.
"Except ours," Kevin noted.
"I figured that'd keep people from trying to claim it," Bill said. "Look guys, after you came in that first time he asked me to keep you out of trouble. That's all, and I've never spied on you."
Came in? Bill had manhandled kevin and I off of the street and forced us to sit down until we cooled of from fighting each other. "Did he ask?" I said.
"No, but I wouldn't if he had," Bill said. Bill started prepping our usual orders and added, "and I won't deny you girls have been good for business." He looked straight at May when he said that, then at the new, and I noticed, easy to clean, furniture.

When we went to our couch I pulled her onto my leg, with Melinda on the other side up on the couch arm where May usually sat. Everybody else but Rubin took the seats around us. Rubin sat on May's right. "You guys notice anything special about the new furniture?" I said.
"Yeah, easier to clean spills," Melinda said.
"Not just any spill though," Marcy said, grabbing Kevin's dick. "Think he got the idea after last night?"
"The open mic? Why would that change things?" Melinda asked.
"A lot more naked women than the last time," May said. "I thought I saw one getting fucked over there where the broken table used to be." She pointed to the new bean bags.
"Yeah, but he couldn't get all this furniture that fast. You ask me, I think he's been planning this ever since you started going bottomless," I said, looking to May.
"You figure this is gonna be like one of those fuck clubs they got in San Francisco?" Rubin said.
"Didn't they close those down in the 1980s?" Kevin said. "When people started dying of AIDs in that city by the tens of thousands?"
"Pa says it was more like about 8,000 a year there," I said. Melinda was about to say something, looking at me, so I cut her off and said, "That's not where he got it, not how he got it. Oh, and it was the bath houses they closed, the sex clubs came later in the 90s ­ a members only kind of thing I think. Pa always thought they were a way for the feds to track people with deviant sexual interests, or I would'a never heard of it."
"Well I guess it only figures," Rick said. "With all the naked chicks and shit, I even saw a girl getting fucked at the bus stop on the way over here."
"Cops don't do shit about that?" Marcy asked.
"Only if they catch em," May said. "With no clothes on, it's pretty easy to get in a good fuck before anybody catches you."
"Yeah, the guy still had his pants on, just pulled it out through his fly and she sat on him," Rick said.
"It's only a fine anyway, kinda like getting a parking ticket," May said. "I got a stack of them at home. But they can't stop us from fucking in here, only Bill can do that."
"I wonder if you'll have to pay those to get your driver's license?" Melinda said, looking at May, who just shrugged.
"I'm pretty sure he saw that woman last night," Marcy said, referring to Bill I presumed.
"Huh, too bad I missed that," I said. "But what does Bill get out of it?"
"Are you kidding?" Rick said. "Look at him, Bill's a fucking voyeur. You three are a dream come true for him." Rick waved a hand over May, Melinda, and I. "Kevin just kinda helps with the ambiance I guess."
"Hah," Kevin let out, then downed his coke and went over to a table with a girl in chaps and no more. In a second they had their shoes off and were playing footsie with each other's genitals and flirting away. I wondered what had brought her in here alone.
"Kevin cuts a good figure," Melinda said.
"He's not a bad fuck either," I said. "Just helps give Bill more girls to look at I guess."
"Man I could use a fuck," May said. She gave a look to Rubin and put her hand in his lap. "That offer still good? I'm going nuts over here."
"Fuck yeah," Rubin said, and I felt a wetness as she slid off of my leg and into Rubin's lap. Melinda got up bending forward to get a napkin off the table, giving me an eyeful of her pussy and anus. That was something I'd never thought I'd ever think was cute before... Then as she fell back she slid back into my lap, wiped a little of May's blood off my leg, and draped her legs over mine leaving her spread open wide for the guys across from us.
Bill started cleaning that cup of his and Melinda's back pushed up against my breasts.
"Oh please..." Marcy said. "Are you, like, batting for the other side now?" she looked at Melinda and I.
"No," we both said, then I added, "but I guess I'm making a one person exception." Well, two actually, hearing May next to me starting to breath hard.
Rubin had managed to slide his trousers down, and was finger May while his cock poked out between her legs. She was trying to stroke it, but the position was a little awkward.
I reached over and took Rubin's hands away from May's pussy, dipped the tissue in my water and wiped them off a little, then placed them firmly on her breasts. "Guess I'm done drinking that."
"You guys are gross," Marcy said, getting up to bother Bill.
"She's got a point," Melinda said.
"Don't go telling dyke shit about me now," I called to Marcy. She waved a hand over her shoulder to let me know she'd heard as she reached Bill's bar.
I looked to May and Rubin. "Everyone can see you, and it'll be only a second till they figure out May," I said. "Go over there."
Rubin got up, lifting May into his arms and trying to step out of his pants. Before he tripped she struggled free and dragged him by the dick over to the bean bags. We watched as he kicked off his pants while May laid down on one of the bags that had sort of a back to it and spread her legs out in a big 'V'. Rubin laid into her and starting thrusting his hips. At her first grunt the entire cafe went silent and every head tried to look over.
"Shit, no fucking foreplay?" Melinda asked, as if I'd know. I just shrugged.
Bill had a big grin on his face as an annoyed Marcy tried to explain something. A couple people left in something of a huff, but even more of them moved around to see if they could get a better look without being too obvious about it. If they wanted a really good look, about the only places they could go would be among us on Rick's side of the table, or over by Bill where you had a good look at the whole place. Otherwise our couch sat there just after a short dividing wall and the bags were in the area between it and the far corner to Bill's right ­ opposite end of the place from the door and one of the few places you couldn't see one bit of from the windows. We used to hang back there ourselves before that old table broke and Bill started using it like an open storage closet.
May was letting out those loud little 'Ehs' like she was already cumming, and the girls in the window had gone back to their chess game, but were grinning from ear to ear like they'd just found the best kept secret in the city. Kevin passed over my field of vision with the girl in chaps on his side, and they laid down right next to May and Rubin with her getting on top of him and grinding into kissing and foreplay.
"Damn..." Rick said. He was going to say more, but Melinda reached a hand over to him gesturing for him to come forward. As soon as he did she pulled him down into her crotch and I could feel his breath floating up under her ass as he kissed her pussy. She leaned into me, turned a little, and tried to start a kiss.
"Not in front of Bill," I said, looking over to the counter.
She gave me a look, with her brows furrowed and her pupils narrowed in accusation, so I gave in. It was a bit awkward, but we managed to work it out. I massaged her breasts while Rick did her pussy and she gave me one of those amazing kisses of hers, making me wonder if I could cum from just being kissed. Not likely, but it made me wonder.
Over at the bar with Bill, Marcy was looking flustered and left out. "Hey Rick..." I said after breaking from the kiss.
"Huh?" He looked, a distinctive sheen visible around his mouth.
"Hey!" Melinda said, giving me that look again.
"Go talk to Marcy. Fuck her if you can, she needs it bad..." I said. I picked up a new napkin to wipe his face but then got another idea. "Go into the bathroom, wait thirty seconds and come out dabbing a napkin on your face. Get a little water up here," I touched his forehead, "but don't wash off. Get in close for the smell." Rick turned to go with a confused look on his face as Melinda patted his behind.
"What was that about?" she asked when he was gone.
"I'm betting on something. If she smells sex, as long as she doesn't know it's you, he might be able to get her," I said.

"As for you, I need you down here." I patted the couch and pushed her off me, working her over to lie down. That las kiss, and the fight... I was worked up. If everyone else was going to fuck there wasn't any way I was gonna miss out. I was beyond caring if they thought I was a lezzie or not, all I wanted was for her to suck every last drop out of my cunt.
"Oh!" Melinda said with a giggle. "Now that's more like it." I had her pinned in a sixty nine, and the smell coming off her from down there was intoxicating. I don't know if it would work on Marcy, but it sure worked for me. I dove right in and kissed her where the lips were spread wide open from arousal.
"Shit, I think I can taste Rick's spit on you," I said, causing Melinda to giggle before she pulled down on my butt and gave me a peck on my clit-ring.
Glancing up I saw Rick and Marcy talking close, with her hand in his lap moving back and forth. "Oh baby, keep that going will you?" I said, before going down to stay.
She'd taken a finger to push back my clit-ring while the tip of her tongue brushed me there, slowly, back and forth while her thumb pressed up against the entrance to my vagina. As she worked, she built her pace and I did my best to match. The taste of another girl was still new to me, and so far she was the limit of my experience thanks to May's condition. Melinda had me for skill, but I knew what and where I wanted it, and I did my best to give her that.
She shuddered when I kissed her clit, and her work on my pussy took a stronger turn when I tried sucking on it. Just before she clamped her legs around my head I noticed Bill watching us, and the girls with the Chess game had moved from the window over to the bar to get a better look. There didn't seem to be many other people left, I guess a live sex act was the sort of thing most people found in poor taste. Bill might need to get a new crowd, other than us and his open mic group, people into having public sex shoved in their faces over coffee probably weren't as common as I'd thought.
Whatever. A week ago, yeah, I would've killed somebody for watching me. Heck, I'd have done them in for suggesting I'd let a girl fuck me, let alone that I'd do her back. I reached down to unclip my dildo, thinking I'd use it on her, but I found a hand already there, trying to figure out how I'd managed to fasten it.
"Here, like this," I said, unclipping it as she took it from me.
"I need to get me one of these," she whispered, taking the toy and touching it to me where it counted.
"We'd have to go back to Purrfect Pussy," I said back, tracing my fingers along the line of her pubic shave ­ where she'd had the heart design put on her.
"I love how you clipped your little teddy bear to it," she ran it along the length of me and the added, "but it all kind of gets in the way from this position."
She pushed my butt up just a bit, right as I was trying to get her clit between my teeth. Next thing I knew she was pushing the dildo into me and rubbing the little ring on my clit-hood. "Oh shit!" I called out, as we squirmed about threatening to fall off the couch.
"Yeah baby! Fuck me baby! Pound that pussy!" I heard the girl with Kevin call out from over by the bean bags, adding to the orgiastic comedy.
"Damn bitch, damn..." Kevin called back, but I wasn't really trying to give him my attention, not with Melinda and that thing in me.
I gave Melinda what I only meant for a light tongue lashing across her slit, and man was that a mistake. She started to moan, and I could feel her let go of the dildo in me as she shuddered and went limp. I had her, she was probably already worked up from Rick after all, and I dove in hard to finish her off. She tried to clamp her legs around me, but I pinned them down hard, called out "One!" and dove in working my tongue to penetrate her as well as I could.
"One?" she got out between the moans of her orgasm.
"Two!" I called out, sensing she was just past the crest of her peak. She bumped her head up into my crotch, and tried to lick me there. I squirmed to keep her down, and put all I had into holding those powerful wrestler's legs of hers down.
I dove my tongue back in, licking up her slit and then sucking her clit into my puckered mouth.
"Oh, shit! Oh, oh, oh!" she called out.
"Three!" I yelled out in triumph, then I let her legs go and flipped over so I was lying face up on top of her with my cunt right in her chin.
"Three? What the fuck?" she said.
"The only way I'll ever beat you at wrestling," I said, and then we both broke out in laughter.
"What the fuck?" I heard Rubin say, looking up from the bean bag where he was still pumping into May.
"What's so funny with you fucks?" she called out from beneath him.
"Hey, you kids watch the language!" Bill said. I looked over and there he was, between Rick and Marcy ­ who were busy frenching.
"Better not tell her what she's kissing," Melinda whispered over to me, before kissing my pussy.
"I'm ok," I said, lightly pushing her head back. The mood was gone, I could always get off later. "Where'd that dildo go?" Looking around, I saw it on the floor next to couch, teddy sticking to the side.
"Guess we gotta clean that off before using it again," Melinda said. "Now get off me."
"Fuck no girl, I got you pinned," I said. About a half second later, somehow, I was on the floor with her pinning me. "Shit!" I said, as she lowered down to give me one of those kisses of hers. I was done for.
We got up, to the envying eyes of the chess girls, and took our space on the couch. "Check that out," I said. "Some more pussy for you?"
"Nah," Melinda said, giving them the once over. "They like to watch, but those two'd never go for fucking another girl."
"You know em?" I said, giving them a better look while pretending to watch Bill watching Rubin fuck May.
"No, but I can tell," she said, then flinched slightly when she saw me do the same. What did she mean by that? Did I 'look' like a lezzie? I guess I couldn't really deny being bi now, after that, at least with her.
And May.
And Cindy didn't look half bad when I thought about it. I could see why the twins liked her and Kitten.
Sandy was kind of cute too. Shit... I was bi, or at least fucked up. I better make sure Rosa brings home a boy soon...

We sat there watching Kevin and Rubin fuck May and some noisy girl I didn't know. When Rubin finished they had an awkward moment as he realized his dick was covered in May's flow, so we sort of helped him get into the restroom without anybody else seeing it. For her part May looked totally spent and totally relaxed. "Fuck I so needed that," she said afterwards, sitting on her beanbag after having wiped it down. Bill had started to tell her not to worry, that the Vinyl meant he'd just hose em all down at the end of the day out back, at least until her saw the nature of the mess. After that he just got nervous like guys always do over it.
"Yeah, you haven't been fucked in almost a day and a half or something right?" Kevin said. The girl he'd fucked was sitting straddling his leg with her pussy rubbing him. She still had her chaps on, and I thought the look actually worked for her. Kevin had that look like he was wondering when the bitch on his leg would figure it out that we were done with her.
Seeing them, I giggled, thinking of how silly they'd look if it was Kevin in the chaps. I need to tell that boy to start shaving his ass if he's gonna be walking around naked all the time.
"What?" he said.
"I was just thinking," I said. "Fashion shit, nothing you'd like trust me."
I saw Fatima walk in, wearing the dress she'd had on Monday, complete with full head wrap. She waved at us but passed on into the restroom.

Bill came over with a pack of papers and looked at May and I, "You kids are in that Program right?" We nodded and he added to May; "You'll have to take that shawl off then. I signed up for Program Plus and well, Yasmine's in here enough to notice."
"Yasmine?" May said.
"I think you know her as Ms. Magante," Bill said as May took off my shawl. "She sent all this over," he wiggled the papers around in his hand, "along with a website to track who's in it and if they give me trouble."
"Man, I was getting used to having my tits covered again," she said.
"So what's in it for you Bill? We're almost always like this anyway," I said, trying to get a look at his papers.
"Tax write-off," he said. "I'm required to give Program kids and women 20% off, and regular naked kids and women 10% off. But it comes straight out of what I pay in taxes, not my own profits. I've actually gone plus X though."
"Plus X?" May asked.
"Yeah," Bill sat down in one of the chairs across from our couch, "Plus X," he pointed to May's pussy, which she had spread out on display, "means I allow sex and nude men in the place, even beyond Reasonable Requests and Presenting. Can't let nude men in though, unless I close the curtains. I have to carry these," he held up the papers and I could see they were pamphlets kind of like for the Program but shorter.
"Let me see one of those," I said reaching over as he gave it to me.
"What's that?" Fatima said from behind Bill. This time she was back in the sexy hip huggers we'd got her to buy the other night, the outfit she'd had at school, complete with bandana in her hair. Melinda smiled and waved her down into a chair beside us.
"That tells anyone who comes in what's going on. Covers my ass legally. I also gotta display that sign in the window," Bill said, pointing over.
"Hold up a sec, what's Presenting?" May asked, right as I flipped over the pamphlet and saw it written out.
"Says here," I began, "that you gotta consent to displaying yourself in whatever position best makes what they want to see easy to see. Check it out," I held up the page, which had a diagram of a woman on her back spread eagled so you could see even her asshole while she held her labia open.
"Don't we already gotta do that with the RRs?" May said.
"Yeah," I said.
"Why are they taking this so far?" Fatima said, waving over the pamphlets.
"But I can't ask an 'RR' of you kids," Bill said. "I can ask you to Present though. Presenting forbids touching, even if you ask me to. You Present across age lines, but you do the Reasonable Requests with your own age group."
"Age lines?" Kevin asked, trying to peer over at the pamphlet I had. Bill gave him another one.
"Yeah, a fellow adult for someone like me, or someone within five years if they're twenty one or older. That's your age group," Bill said. "They'll have city employees in the Program too soon. And there's a form to get your business involved as well, but it's only women for the adults."
"What about all that age of consent shit we heard about?" May said. I started thinking of what Harrison and I did. I'd thought that was legal now, but here Bill was telling me his cousin belonged in prison cause I was still seventeen.
"Didn't you pay attention at Assembly May?" Kevin said. "They told us the same shit there."
"Well yeah, before the consent laws changed, Rubin would go to jail for having sex with you May, even though you're both the same age," Bill said. "They always busted the boy, not the girl. It's even says it that way on the books in some states."
"Yeah man, shit like that happened to my brother just a few years ago," Kevin said.
"But teens have always been fucking around," May said.
"Not legally though May," Melinda said. "Most people didn't bother busting them, but they could have."
"Say what about what they did with us at Purrfect Pussy?" May said. Bill raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah," I said. "That don't make any sense. Those woman even wanted to fuck us on the public chairs."
"Let me see that pamphlet," Bill said. "I think I read about that. How old were they at Purrfect Pussy?"
"I dunno, late twenties maybe. I think the lady who runs the place is old like you," I said.
"Thanks, old huh? Don't go sending me off to a home just yet girls," Bill said, while his eyes scanned the little booklet. "Here we go, more of that men and women are different crap."
"What?" Melinda and I said together.
"Women on women is open season for anyone after puberty. Guess they figured women aren't predators," Bill said.
"That's bullshit," I said.
"Yeah," Bill agreed. "But I don't write this crap." He got up but let us keep the two pamphlets, muttering something like 'what the fuck ever happened to Brown v Board of Education' as he walked away.

"I don't what I'll do when they pick me," Fatima said.
"Yeah," Kevin said. "That'll be a mess with your father."
"Not just him, I'm not sure I could do it," Fatima kept her eyes to above the neck looking back at Kevin. Too bad she'd missed the action a few minutes ago. Or maybe it was for the best.
"I don't think you need to worry," I said. "I don't think Magante's going to let you in."
"But don't I have to to graduate?" She asked.
"Yeah..." May said.
"Yeah, but she runs the thing, she can make exceptions, sign people off, or whatever. Who's gonna know," I said. "Last thing she wants is trouble."
"Well, if it isn't me, it will be someone else like me somewhere in this crazy land of yours," Fatima said.
"That's what you were saying earlier," Kevin said, looking at May.
"Yeah, it's gonna blow sooner or later," May said.
"Well, I hope it doesn't blow with me," Fatima said into a cup of coffee Bill handed her. "Marooned!" She held up like a wine toast with a smile on her face.
"When'd you ask him?" I said.
"I didn't, guess he just guessed I'd like this," Fatima said.
"Bill's like that," Kevin said.
I looked back over to the counter Bill was moving behind. Marcy and Rick had moved over a bit, but were talking with heads together.

"Hey check this out," May said. "Sign out front is supposed to have a little 'X' stickered on it if a place goes Program Plus X."
"Here it is," Melinda said, holding up a sticker that had just fallen out of Kevin's booklet. She got up and went over to Bill's bar. I watched her ass as she moved, before I realized what I was doing.
Bill took the sticker, slapped his forehead, then went to mess with his signage. I watched the swish of Melinda's crotch as she came back over, until I caught her watching me watch her and I blushed.
"Fuck A.C., you got it bad," May whispered into my ear.
"Got what bad?" I said, but she just jabbed me with her elbow as Melinda and her giggled and Kevin and I looked stupid. Thing was, I knew May was sweet on Melinda, but to me she was just a new friend and a piece of ass.

The Friday evening crowd started to show not long after, so we took off for the park with a bit of weed. Friday's at Albatross isn't poetry night or anything like that, but it gets the people who want to start a weekend without getting drunk. It gets those few people in this town who want to pretend they're big city intellectuals drinking coffee in a cafe. You don't go to one of the chain coffee houses for that you know.
Leaving, Kevin had a bit of a moment with the girl in the chaps. She tried to tug on his arm and they had a heated whispered exchange. She went from asking to angry to sad, until Kevin just pulled off and walked away. We all laughed at her then turned our backs as Kevin said; "girl wants to be more than a bitch, she's gotta fuck my mind and not my cock."
"Yeah, fuck a bitch for her cunt, but love a woman for her spirit," Rubin said.
Fatima gave them both the look Melinda had given me earlier, with the eyes narrowed and the brows in mean. Only Marcy and I caught it from what I could tell. Marcy whispered in her ear until she started nodding.
I looked back, seeing the girl stand there with tears in her eyes and that confused look, all I could think of was Jennifer on Thursday. I wanted to go back and say something, tell her she'd be ok, I wanted her to be Jennifer so I could fix that too, but not with my gang here.

The park was a lot quieter, just us and a few people walking by now and then. Kevin passed out some weed and we all just sat there for a while watching each other and passing the smoke, skipping Fatima. Melinda kept quiet, sensing it was a make or break moment for her.
"Well fuck," I said. "That was different."
"Yeah, what now?" Rubin said, while one of his fingers idly traced the line of May's slit.
"Shit, it'll work out," she said, passing a smoke to him and breaking up the touch.
"Nothing's gonna break us up," Rick said. "So we've got sex in the mix now, we've had tougher shit before."
"Yeah," Marcy said. "But don't make me watch that lezzie shit anymore." She looked at May, then me, and finally glanced over Melinda who shifted nervously and scooted her naked butt an inch away from mine.
"It's been a long week," I said, "but I'm glad I got pulled for the Program." I grabbed Melinda's arm and pulled her back over. "Glad I met you," I said looking at her, "and I really like this naked shit now that I've tried it."
"Yeah me too," Melinda said back in a quiet voice directed to May and I. Marcy looked away, looking to Rick. I was gonna have to do something about this, do something to keep from losing Marcy over Melinda or Melinda over Marcy. Now, I -could- just toss Melinda right? Before this week it had always been Marcy, May, and I. But she just wasn't taking the sex between the girls well at all.
"Hey Marce, what'll you do if they pick you next week?" Kevin asked. Fatima watched Marcy very closely.
"Oh fuck, I guess I won't have a choice," she said. "I'd have to show it off for a while."
"Its not so bad, you get to fuck a lot," I said. She gave me a look so I added; "guys. You get to fuck a lot of guys."
"Speaking of which," May said looking around the group and then at me, "You still haven't fucked Rick and Rubin."
I grinned, feeling a little aroused at the idea as I spread my legs and ran my dildo along my slit saying; "no I haven't have I? Anyone wanna fix that?"
"So wait, was that Rubin and Rick, or was it Rubin or Rick?" Kevin asked.
"I vote for Rubin and Rick," Marcy said.
"You vote? What about me?" I said.
"Shut up girl," May said. "I second Marcy's vote."
"Hey wait a second here! Nothing goes in the ass ok?" I said, placing my hand down between my legs as if to block access.
"hey, no covering up for the Program girl!" May said, pulling my hand away.
"Oh yeah, that includes you too then," I said, tugging on my shawl which she'd put back on. "Come on guys, help me get this off of her."
May fell back on her back sideways on the bench covering her chest and kicking her legs.
"Isn't she so cute sometimes?" Melinda whispered over to me from my other side.
"So what's your vote?" I asked. Melinda got a little quieter before shrugging.
"Well that's two votes for both. May..." Kevin said.
"Oh fuck it," May said as she handed over her shirt to me.
"What am I gonna do with this?" I said, putting it down on the picnic table. "See, look at those tits, aren't they cute?" I said, poking one of May's nipples with a light touch. She was probably a little over sensitive after all given her condition right now.
"Cuteness is a state of mind," May said. "I can be cute anytime I want." and she stuck her tongue out at me like some silly cartoon character.
"You do have great tits May," Rick said. "Nice and perky with some amazing nipples."
"Man I can't believe we're talking like this about each other," Rubin said.
"Shit man, we've been staring at May's pussy for months now," Kevin said.
"Yeah, but not those wonderful little tits of hers," Rick said.
"Little!" May started, "that's the word isn't it. They're so fucking small, not like Marcy or,"
"Marcy's fucking huge May," I said. Marcy gave me a look, the kind that said shut up A.C. Fatima, for the first time I'd noticed, scoped out Marcy's chest and shrugged.
"...or even you. Even you've got normal tits," May said, grabbing one of my boobs and giving it gentle but quick squeeze.
"But May, you're all different, but I like it all," Kevin said.
"So I just wanna know, who the fuck is gonna fuck me?" I said. To drive the point home, I took my dildo and pushed it up against my entrance, edging it in just slightly as Teddy dangled around my hand. "I'm not gonna have to settle for Teddy's cock am I?" I wasn't all that wet or anything, so it wasn't just going to slide in or anything, but I wanted to make it clear where the attention needed to go.
"Oh my... You're really going to?" Fatima asked. I gave her a nod and wink. She swallowed something and looked around.
Rubin came over and scooped me up in his arms, saying; "Hey Kevin, you got a blanket in your car?"
"Good idea," May said. "Otherwise she's gonna have a mess of splinters.
Kevin ran over to his car and popped the trunk. "I'll put it on the grass!" He called over as he started to come back with a blanket.
"Hurry it up man, she's getting heavy," Rubin said.
"Hey! That's no way to charm a girl," I said.
"How about here?" Kevin said as he put down the blanket.
Rubin put me down and moved between my legs, which I spread out wide for him. He unbuckled his pants and started to get undressed as everybody else gathered around. The whole gang sitting around us, everybody except Fatima - if she was one of us - was there. Rick took his own pants off a little quicker and got up on my chest with his dick in my face.
"Hey, get that ass out of my face," Rubin said. "Last thing I want is your ass for a view."
"Yeah, get over here," I patted beside me, and tugged Rick over, grabbing his dick when he got there and tugging on it to get him hard.
I felt Rubin's cock pushing up against me, then he pulled back and said; "she's not wet enough."
"Well do something about it," Marcy said, shoving Rubin.
"I am, I am," Rubin said, then he moved down to run his tongue along my slit. I heard Fatima gasp.
"Oh yeah, that's it," I said. Well, it wasn't as good as Melinda, but if there's one thing I've figured out it's that guys need a lot of encouragement to perform.
Rubin worked me up, and he was actually not all that bad at it. He got his tongue in there as far as he could, moved around a bit, came out for my lips, then a little clit action before going back in again. Yeah, I was wet enough after that. "Ok man, now fuck me you asshole before I kick your ass again."
"You never kicked my ass, I kicked you ass," Rubin said, slamming his cock into me.
I bucked back on him and said, "Yeah? Well I'm gonna kick your ass now." I clamped down hard on his cock with the muscles inside.
"Whoa!" he said. "Damn girl."
"Yeah that's right punk, you're gonna cum when I want you to, your ass is mine now!" I said, I started jacking Rick off faster to keep him hard. I would'a sucked him off, but I was busy messing with Rubin as he tried to pound my cunt.
"Oh yeah bitch, I'm gonna make you cum good and hard," Rubin said. Good and hard? Whatever. Guys...
"You can try," I looked down and added; "little man..."
"Ooooh, she got you good Rube," Marcy said as her and Kevin hi-fived above me.
"Fuck you A.C.," Rubin said, pounding into me a little harder. "slippery ass cunt's too used to get me off anyway."
"Oh you know he didn't go there," May said.
"Fuck me, huh? Isn't that what your weak ass is trying to do?" I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him in harder, then I grabbed Rick's dick, pulled him in, and put it in my mouth.
"Guess one's not good enough for her huh?" Melinda said.
"Oh shit!" Rubin yelled out. I felt him tense as he shut his eyes and pulsed his release within me.
"See? I got your ass," I said. All too quickly he was out of me. May reached down there with something and wiped me off, and then Rick took Rubin's place, starting slow until I clamped him down with my legs and bucked back hard.
"Oh... No..." Fatima gasped out.
"She got you fast man," Kevin said as Rubin started doing up his pants.
Rubin shrugged and said, "she's good. Tough little bitch." Marcy shook her head then glanced up suddenly.
"Who the fuck?" She started.
I looked over to where her eyes had gone. Five guys were coming over, one them already had his equipment out and was jacking off. "Shit man, I'm getting a piece of that," he said.
I started to sit up, pushing Rick out of me, but before I'd even managed to get far at all Kevin flashed metal.
"Private party," Kevin said, holding his glock in one hand. May and Marcy had knives in their hands - when they needed to be, those two were damn fast.
"Fuckers!" the guy said, but they backed off and started walking away, and I heard him continue with, "shit like that gotta be shared."
"Hey, that girl one of them terrorists?" one of them said from a distance.
"Told ya we gotta be packing to come in this park at night," the last of them said as they started to fade from hearing.
"Well I'm glad they weren't," Kevin said, putting his gun back down near the blanket. I hadn't even seen him get it out of his car earlier.
"Give me that," Fatima said to Kevin, "I'll show them who's a fucking terrorist." Everyone just looked at her. It was the first time she'd ever sworn. Kevin put a leg over his gun and Marcy patted her back.
Rick looked at me and I looked at him. "Well shit," we said together, then he started doing up his pants as well. The mood was gone.
"Make it up to you later," I said to him.
"Hey it's cool," he said, then glanced at Marcy. May nudged me in the arm, gave me a grin, and a nod between them. Something must've clicked when we sent him over with Melinda's juice on his lips back at Albatross. I suspect Rick had only tried to fuck me for the group, tonight at least, what he really wanted was Marcy.
Marcy pulled Fatima into a huddle, talking her down until she stopped clenching her fists.
"Man I get shit like that all the time, but I guess it's new to her," Kevin said.
"Yeah..." May said, glancing between them.

We sat around and talked for a bit after that. Rick and Marcy moved to a table a little away from us and started kissing. Fatima sat with them for a bit, but finally came back over. Last year, those punks had been us. I remembered us following around some girl from school who came here on her Program week one afternoon with a couple of guys daring her to do 'outreach'. That was before you had a few naked people around everyday as normal, before even May had stripped. We'd given her shit, but not too bad.
"I need to start keeping this thing loaded," Kevin said, pushing his gun around on the blanket.
"Should I get one too?" Fatima asked.
"That's just asking for trouble," I said.
"Yeah well, trouble has a way of finding me anyway," he said. "What I'm worried about is Mitch and his crew, or those guys from the mall parking lot on Tuesday."
"You think Mitch'll be trouble?" Melinda said.
"Yeah," Rubin said. "You might want to think twice about hanging with us."
"We're cool with it if you take off, we won't hold it against you," Kevin said. He glanced between Melinda and Fatima.
"Hey!" I said. "That's my bitch you're talking about." Melinda jabbed me in the arm but followed it with a smile.
Kevin gave me a funny look, and May nodded at him.
"What?" I said. "You know what I mean..."
"Yeah," Melinda said. "I think they do."
"No I'm not a lezzie, I'm just saying..." I started, but it wasn't worth it.
"You guys are crazy, but I trust you," Fatima said.
"Yeah..." Melinda said, looking at Fatima.
"Shit! They are huge!" Rick suddenly called out from over away.
We all glanced over and then broke out in giggles and laughter. Rick had his hands up Marcy's shirt. She always wore loose shirts so guys had to guess, and she'd finished her PE requirement before any of this Program shit.
"See, guys just want huge tits, no matter what they say," May said.
"That isn't true," Rubin said. "I prefer small like you. Besides, in a few years Marcy's gonna have back problems." I slapped my forehead when Rubin said small to May.
"Man can you imagine that. That's fucked up," Kevin said.
"Yeah, it is..." I said. I'd seen how bad Marcy's mother had it. She was all bent over already. Like some old granny, and she wasn't even forty yet.

We finished off the last of the weed talking about how we'd deal with Mitch's crew if they came around again and watching Marcy jack off Rick till he shot his load into the grass. After that she sat there licking his dick for a good two minutes, and gave him a blow job when he got hard again. Then it was time to split. We piled into Kevin's car and stopped off downtown again, a few blocks from the theater we decided to walk around for a while.
"Hey, that's the girl who warned me about Mitch," I said, pointing to a group of bottomless girls wearing their panties around their thighs. "That one, among those 'knicker girls'."
"I still say that looks hard to walk in," May said.
"They look like they got caught peeing and had to run away," Fatima said. That was a strange thought.
"Yeah, but man they look fuckable," Kevin said. To emphasize, his dick got hard and pointed itself straight out. Guess a naked guy has a particularly effective way of driving his point home.
"No shit," Rubin said. "I'd like to bend her over and..." he made a gesture, slapping one palm against the other in an 'X' shape. "Bam! Fuck that shit."
"And I told my mother she was wrong that all American men are sex pigs," Fatima said. We looked at her, then bust out laughing.
"Oink," Rick called out. Fatima giggled at him.
"Guys..." Melinda said. "Still, I'd do her if she let me."
"See, she's the lezzie," Rick said. Melinda gave him an unfriendly look.
"Your dick didn't seem to mind on Wednesday," She said.
"How do they keep them up anyway?" Rubin asked, pointing over to the knicker girls. They were standing around talking to a woman in nothing but heels and stockings and her clothed male companion who was stroking the clit of one of the knicker girls.
"Little alligator clips on the ends of cut hair bands," Marcy said. "You take the clips and sew them onto the ends of the band, then you clip it to the front and back of your panties after you pull them down to the right spot."
We gave her a look.
"What?" Marcy said. "Ok, Ok... I asked one of the girls I hang out with on Sundays in chat last night."
"Who does she hang out with on Sundays?" Melinda whispered in my ear.
"I dunno..." I said. Marcy was never around on Sundays, but I'd never given it solid thought before.
After we passed the knicker girls we came around to the theater again, and there were even more of those 'Cosplay' kids out now.
"Friday crowd," Marcy said. I could swear I saw a few of them nod at her.
"That shit is weird," Kevin said.
"So says the naked guy with his dick pointing out," Rubin said.
"I dunno, if I got me a Bo-Peep like that," Rick pointed to a girl dressed as little Bo-Peep but with the front of her skirt open to show off her shaved pussy and her corset low and open busted "I'd dress up like one of those sheep too."
"Really?" Marcy said, then grabbed him by the arm and started to fall back a little.
"Something up with Marcy," May said in a quiet voice only Melinda and I could hear.
"Yeah," I said back.
"Hey guys, we're gonna take off," Marcy called out from behind.
"Catch you later," Rubin said.
"Fuck her ass good and hard," Kevin said, looking to Rick.
"It's a plan," Rick said back, and they turned to walk back away from us, and and away from the direction of either Marcy or Rick's houses.
"Guess you won't be finishing up with him tonight," May said to me.
"So what now?" Kevin asked.
After hanging in Albatross and then the park, it was getting a little late. It might have been Friday, but there just wasn't much going on.
"You know, I feel kinda let down by the Program," I said.
"What do you means?" Kevin asked, looking around the group, only Rubin and Fatima had any clothes on making us seem like perfect Program advocates.
"I mean, Program Fridays are supposed to be a big thing, but not much happened at school today. My week's over, and come Monday it's just another day. naked or not, I'm done with it and not much happened," I said.
"You got a lot of sex," May said, probably thinking of her own week more than mine, even though yeah, I did get a lot of sex.
"You met Fatima and me," Melinda said, and I had to admit, that had been the best thing about the week so far.
"Yeah, but for the Program itself, I'm just not so sure," I said. "Mostly, I just noticed how the more everything's changed, the more it's like it always was."
"Huh..." Rubin said.
"It was always this crazy here?" Fatima said.
"Like what you said at Assembly?" Kevin said.
"Yeah, I mean, a few of us are going naked, and even fucking around in public, but most people are just trying to pretend like nothing happened," I said. "Look around." I paused for effect, and let everyone scan the street. We were halfway between the Mall and Albatross, in a part of downtown that was often busy on a Friday night.
Nearly everybody had clothes on. A lot of them were watching us like we were freaks. A couple men looked like they wanted to eat us, which I guess was understandable. A few people were giving Kevin and Fatima the hard glare. I saw a naked woman in a movie ticket booth, and a few in the window of a restaurant waitressing in just little caps, belts, and stockings. There was a woman on a date with a long coat open to reveal her naked body underneath. But everyone else was clothed. We were away from the teen hangouts. Away from the Cosplay kids and even the Knicker Girl gang, or whatever that group was. We weren't actually in the mall, where most of the sales staff was naked unless it was men. I couldn't find a single shop with a Program Plus sign like Bill's, though one had a the Program Accepting sign, and one Restaurant had the no nudity inside sign.
"People are just trying to ignore this whole thing," I said.
"You think the Program will just get forgotten?" May asked.
"I dunno, but it's not as amazing as they try to make it sound in school," I said. "Except for those waitresses, most of these people don't have to be naked and aren't likely to try it out."
"That's a good point," Kevin said. "But I tried it, and I didn't have to."
"Only cause we stole your pants," May said.
"And I wouldn't be naked right now if the Program hadn't made me try it out," I said.
"Yeah well, you remember Bill said they were working up to doing it at offices," Rubin said.
"Yeah, my mom already has to go nude downtown at the courthouse," May said.
"Well I dunno," I said. "It's shaking shit up, but not as much as they're making us think in school."
By that time we were rounding a corner and on our way back to Kevin's car.

When we piled in, minus and Rick and Marcy, it was time to figure out what to do again. "I dunno, I wanna get fucked again so bad, but I'm tired and sore," May said.
"Well, why don't I drop you off then May?" Kevin said.
"Drop us off too," I said, meaning Melinda and I.
"What about you Rube?" Kevin said. "Fatima?"
"I should get home, my father's going to be angry this late," Fatima said.
"I can hang, that dick of yours is bound to dig up some more pussy if we hit a few more places."
"Yeah, let me tell you man, this naked shit works great for getting laid," Kevin said.
He dropped off May, and Melinda and I got out there as well. Then he drove off with Rubin riding shotgun and Fatima in back.
"A Black, a Chicano, and a South Asian, now if they aren't asking to be profiled by the cops I need my head examined," May said.
"No shit," Melinda said. I just shook my head, hoping those three got home safe. "I thought you said he didn't drive that thing often," Melinda added.
"Fuck if I know," May said. "Maybe he changed his mind."
"Oh shit! I left my shawl in the trunk," I said.
May patted Melinda and I on our asses before saying "You get her again tonight A.C., until this is over;" she looked down to her crotch, "I'm pooped."
"One sec," I said to Melinda and pulled May aside. "You ok?" I asked her.
"Yeah..." May said, but her eyes were cloudy. "You're the one she wants."
"Yeah, but you're the one who wants her," I said.
"A.C., you want her more than I do, you just won't admit it," May said, poking a finger at me between my breasts.
We each kissed her goodnight, with plenty of tongue on Melinda's part, and then said goodbye.
"Everything's cool?" Melinda said to me as we watched May's butt go into her house.
"Oh... yeah..." I wondered if she'd heard any of that.

"So I haven't seen your house yet," I said.
She took me by the hand and we walked a block before turning onto her cul-de-sac. Her place at the end was small like mine, and had a couple of Melinda-like looking adults sitting on a couch when we came in, dressed casually but normally.
"Guys, this is Alandra. A.C., these are my parents," Melinda said.
"Uh, hi," I said, acutely aware of being naked for the first time all day as her father stared into my pussy like he was pounding into me over that coffee table between us.
"Oh hello, we've heard all about you," her mother said, jabbing her father in the side and getting him to nod and smile at me. I glanced at Melinda and she just gave me a smiling shrug.
"We're going to my room," she said to them, and started to push away with me.
"Honey can we talk for a second," her mother said. Both of her parents were eyeing the dildo I kept on my waist chain around my hips, Teddy still clipped there. I was just thinking 'oops, should've ditched that with Kevin or into her bag'.
"Ok. Hey A.C., just go in the second door on the left," she pointed me down a hallway.
Her room was typical. A lot of pink, a few stuffed animals, but mixed in with some posters of women body builders in leotards and a wrestling maneuvers poster. There was only one guy poster, pulled from a random hip hop boy band and placed where you'd see it from the door but could ignore it if you were in the room. She had a framed picture above her desk of a wrestling team around a trophy. She was in the front kneeling and off to the left. Most of them were guys, but she wasn't the only girl. It looked like some high school team in Boston and there were a lot of black kids, not like here where Kevin was a noted minority. I didn't see any hispanics, unless some of the white kids were Puerto Ricans, Spanish like, or something like that.
"No ma, it's not like that!" I heard Melinda say a little louder than she probably intended.
"I'm just a little concerned honey, you should date some boys to be sure," her mother passed the door in the hallway. I'm not stupid, I know I was meant to hear that one. Melinda popped in a second later, looking a little worn out and rolling her eyes. I busied myself pretending I was looking at an old poster of some group called 'The Spice Girls' that dated to somewhere in the 1990s.
"Hey," she said. "Oh I got that at an old poster shop in Boston, they were big or something for like, two weeks or whatever."
"Huh, yeah, I think I've heard the name," I said. "I like that," I said, pointing to a slogan that said 'if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends'.
"So," she said, sitting down on her bed and resting an elbow on the desk beside it near a computer screen. She gave me a look, waiting for something. She looked so cute sitting there. It wasn't sexy, I don't think I found her sexy like a guy would. But it was cute.
"Yeah... Um," I looked around the room. What was I getting myself into. Last night was one thing, I'd made a promise after all. But then we'd followed it up all day today acting like we were some kind of couple. And now here I was, and I knew her parents weren't as cool with this lezzie shit as she tried to be.
"Hey you wanna," she started.
"You got a phone?" I said. "I should check up on the twins and shit."
"Oh. Yeah hold on a second," Melinda said, bouncing up and out of the room. On her way back I heard her say to someone out there, "maybe, she might."
"What's that about?" I asked.
"They wanna know if you're sleeping over," Melinda said, handing me the phone. "Are you?" Her eyes had a wide searching look.
I just shrugged and dialed my place.
"¿Que?" Rosa said on the other end.
"Pa home?" I asked.
"Naw. Where you at?" Rosa said. In the background someone gasped and moaned. It sounded like that girl Kitten.
"What's going on over there?" I said.
"Manuel's popping her cherry. Can't have a name like that and be a virgin you know," Rosa said.
"No shit," I said.
"Hey, what'll I do with this?" I heard Cindy call out. It was a full on pussy fest over there as far as Manuel must've seen it.
"Oh, put it in plastic wrap, I still got mine in my diary," Rosa called back.
"You on speaker phone?" I said.
"Hi A.C.," I heard Cindy say. "Hey where's the plastic wrap? Should I wash it first?"
"Above the fridge!" I called into the phone. "What the fuck is she doing?" I said to Rosa.
"She's got Kitten's cherry", looking to keep it somewhere for the memory you know," Rosa said back.
"Did I hear that right?" Melinda said over my shoulder.
"I think so," I said. Then to the phone, "Look tell Pa I'm out. Melinda's Ok?"
Manuel chose that moment to grunt out and start saying shit like "fuck yeah!"
"Oh! Is he coming in me?" Kitten called out. "Is that what that is?"
I figured it was time to hang up.
"Your sister keeps her hymen in her diary?" Melinda said to me.
"No, she's a virgin," I said. "My cousin did it though, think she got the idea there. The twins are a little fucked up in the head."
"You?" Melinda said. Every muscle in me tensed up and she instinctively stepped back.
"I was..." I unclenched my fists and took a long breath. "No, I was raped. My first time, it wasn't special and I don't need anything to remember it."
"Oh, oh... I'm sorry," Melinda pulled me in to her and we sat on her bed just hugging for a few minutes.
After a while she pushed me down before laying down beside me. "Hey..." she said.
"What's..." I began, but she put a finger over my lips to shush me. Then she kissed me, soft and gentle on the forehead and then lips, but without any tongue.
"Tired?" She asked me. I just nodded as she wrapped me in her arms. "It's ok..." she said.

Eventually we fell asleep like that, without any sex. The last thing I was thinking was 'I'm not a fucking lezzie, but it feels so good to be here.' At least I didn't cry myself to sleep this time.

[To be continued...]

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