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or obvious reasons, I had always had a crush on black guys. It was hard not to take my eyes of their sexy masculine bodies, and try and look at their bulging cocks through their pants. I usually got my fix through porn. Gay porn with black guys is usually terrible so I try and get hard by black guys in straight porn. I get so jealous when I see girls getting to suck on their huge black cocks.

I have had lots of experience with guys, and love to suck cock (I am bisexual, and have also been with a few girls). I got better and better at cocksucking, and could never get enough. I tried out an online dating site, and met some guys off there. Most of them were old, but I did not care. I just wanted a warm, hard cock in my mouth.

One day I was browsing, and came across a sophisticated looking older black dude. I think his name was David but I really can't remember. We messaged back and forth a few times, and decided to go on a coffee 'date' . It was my first time ever on a date with a guy,and it actually was pretty cool. We talked about our jobs, and what we liked. He had sexy green eyes, and was quite well built.

A few days later, he called me up and I went over to his place to meet him. His house was huge and quite beautiful. We each had a glass of wine, and headed up to one of the bedrooms. He walked in front me, and I got a nice view of his sexy ass, and handsome frame. He sat me down on the bed, and started rubbing my cock through my pants. It felt so amazing. I reached over and did the same thing. I wanted to see his cock so bad. Luckily he got up, and undressed completely. I followed suite. I was a little self -conscious being on the chubby side and all. Whatever. I am already here.

While he was undressing, something 'popped' out of his boxers. I gasped at how big and thick it was. It was at least 10 inches. My dick got so hard when I saw it. Without even thinking, I leaned forward and put his cock in my mouth. I was barely able to get past his head or the 'tip' part. It was so thick. He tasted amazing. I gagged hard on his cock, trying to be the best cocksucker I could. I cupped his balls with my hand, sucked harder and faster. I could see my saliva dripping down onto his leg. He sure did not seem to mind. He made eye contact with me, and gave me the 'I want you to suck harder' stare. It was my fantasy come true. A sexy black guy, with his huge cock deep in my throat. He pulled my hair, and pushed my head back and forth. I reached my hand down to my cock, and started stroking it. It seemed like he had other ideas.

"Lie on your stomach". I was scared, and really scared. I had been fucked in the ass many times. However, I was never fucked with a huge cock like his.He caressed me so nicely. Taking his time, and giving me a full massage. He opened my ass cheeks, and I felt something so wonderful. It was really wet and warm, and definetely made me moan. His tongue had a mind of its own, making me shiver a bit. He ate my ass so nicely, and now it was time for the good part.

I heard him open up a small container. I was nearly asleep, but I instantly woke up, when I felt a finger in my tight asshole. He slid it in and out, making me moan with pleasure. "Can I put in another finger?" he asked so nicely. Before I could even answer, I felt a bit of a burny feeling in my asshole. After a few minutes it felt amazing. "Go on your hands and knees". I was really scared now but I needed that huge black cock inside me. He teased my asshole a bit more with fingers. I shoved my ass back and forth onto his fingers. it felt fucking great I didnt want him to stop.

Then I felt something waaaaaayyyyy bigggggerrrrr! ouch! I jumped forward. "You ok?" he asked? "more lube" I mumbled. He went slower this time, but still sent pain right through my ass. I leaned a bit further forward, and he shoved his cock a bit further in. I felt my g spot begging for more. My face was beet red, and my ass felt stretched out. It was to much but I needed his cock so bad. "lets try something else" he suggested

He took his cock out, leaving my ass begging for more. He lay down, with his huge cock flat on his stomach. I got the hint right away. I spread my ass, and slid unto his cock. I was still painful but I was in control now. I glided my ass up and down on his cock, and Stroked my hard boner at the same time. I reached behind my ass, and played with his balls, and I got fucked with his huge cock. I leaned forward so he could fuck me really hard. He grabbed my asscheeks, and shoved his dick in and out of my hole. He could not get much in, but He looked like he was enjoying it. I leaned forward and kissed his lips, and he fucked me. His mouth tasted so good. He gave me his tongue and he fucked me harder. The bed was squeeqing louder and louder, and I knew he was gonna come. "come in my mouth" I begged him. But it was too late. His shot his load deep into my eager asshole. I jumped off his cock, and sucked the last bits of cum out of him. He lay there out of exhaustion. I stroked my cock until I came, and kept touching his half hard member until I came all over my stomach.

We cuddled together enjoying each others company for awhile, and then we got up to take a shower together. We didnt really do anything in the shower, and then got dressed and he gave me a ride home. When we were in the car, he grabbed my hand and pushed it into his pants "do you mind if I come in ". we both laughed out loud. "sure, and this time lemme see if I can get the whole thing in my mouth". "what about your ass?" he asked as I felt his cock harded. "Practice makes perfect".


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2012-05-12 12:41:56
Aww he was sooo sweet to you. Now that's cute

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2011-05-24 07:47:45
good story always wanted a black cock to play with

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