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Perversion, Please Meet Opportunity
dear carrie,

that newyears eve of December 31st 2006, got me and got me good. peeping on you while you showered, it
was the first time i had a good chance to see all of you. all my years of obsessing and imagining and
hoping and just rambling, but seeing the water run off your body, the lather of shampoo
wash down your chest and onto your tuft of pubic hair, cleaning your pussy by ramming your fingers
between your folds, shaving your legs from ankles to just before your pubic hair reaches your thighs...
uhhhh, im rambling, but please understand that being 10 years my junior, i've been watching you enter
your sexual prime for a long time and i desperately need to be a part of that before it's too late.

the shower nears it's end and as i come off my euphoric high, the deafening silence of water brings
tears to my yearning eyes. i close the door and hear you exit the shower stall as you dry off your
lean legs and tight ass while wiping down your perky b-cups. the lotions and perfume permeate from the
bathroom as you ready yourself to celebrate 2007 in grand style. sex is in the air, but unfortunately
i will never be what i so want to be and it's an animal lust that runs deep each time i see you.

you say your goodbyes as you walk out the door and take in the nightlife and frenzy for the new calender
year. little did you know that your nightmare and my fantasies were on a collision course of the most
disgusting pleasures.

the call came just after midnight. i remember hearing your parents calling and screaming that something
had happened to you, their little angel. you had a cracked vertebrate, severely seperated shoulder and
broken leg. the doctors had thought that you were going to die just like the driver, but you were lucky
to survive such a violent drunk driving accident, your seatbelf luckily saved your life and saved
my dreams.

your rehab right after was tough, it was tough emotionally for the whole family. having you on pain killers
and not sure if you would be able to walk again was difficult for us to cope with. despite you being
laid up in bed all day, i could still see under the bruising and cuts that you were even more attractive
fighting to stay alive and keep a positive outlook on life. luckily for you and your family, i was able
to lend a hand and help with the daily medications and rehab while everyone else went back to work and
tried to get back to normalcy while you recovered. it was just difficult sometimes to hear you wimper
as the pain was so over bearing, begging for your pain medication to get a little more sleep and
relax those know i would never deprive you of what you need from me.

im sorry.

having you laying there, one leg propped in the air and your body covered just barely by a silk pullover
nighty that they could ease you into while you drove me mad. my eyes ran up and down your
body when i could catch a peek. i admit when i helped you with your pillow, i would look down your top
and my cock would go extremely hard when i saw your dark brown nipples. your body is so pale now, but
your areaoli are dark and nipples so hard that when they press up against your nighty and poke out at me
i really just need to see them to release some of the pressure. your tits are really incredible.

seeing your pussy has not been so easy. i really try to stay away from there as it is a bit obvious since
you don't wear any panties, but i'll admit that you can't notice it, but the mirror on your dresser gives me
all the vantage point that i need. at the right angle, i can see your legs all splayed and the aroma of
your juices really gets me wild. it's such a pungent aroma, but despite you not being at your physical
best, i can still feel your heat and sense your sexual energy. the one time you were sleeping, i went
under and caught a glimpse of your vagina. the pubic hairs were so perfectly shaped as i could see
your folds and your clit. the surprising thing was how wet you were down there, the whitish/clear juice
was running down your lips and slightly, ever so slightly on your ass crack. i think i went delirious,
i almost blanked out from the experience...i hope you understand, i NEED you so bad, it's madness.

im really sorry.

that weekend where everyone woke up early and went to work, it was going to be a long day of hell for
them and ironically you as well. your pain management was not getting any better and your demands
for medications seemed to be the only thing that would put your body at ease and help you sleep. i regret
that my insatiable needs for you have been stronger than anything that you would ever know and if there
was ever a chance that i could be with you, it would have to be in this moment. i upped your medicine
and you took it like a pro. we talked a bit as you dozed off and i could see your brown eyes piercing
mine with your come-hither look that always gets me horny. as you slip off into forever, my sickening
plan enters new worlds of perversion.

i slowly try to stir you to make sure that you are unconscious and the meds are doing there job. you're
still severely injured, so this better be quick and painless. i slowly unzip my pants as my cock rips
through to see daylight. the tip of my cock is covered in pre-ejaculate as i ready myself for something
that i am clearly nervous/anxious/excited about. i slowly kiss your mouth and there is nothing. i lightly
slip my hand just down your top and feel the prickly push of your nipples against my fingers; it's so
intense as the rush cascades inside my body, i abruptly squeeze your nipple really hard, so hard that it
jolts me back to reality. i thought you would wake up from the pressure of my fingers, but luckily you're
still under. i fervently move below your waist and run my cheek up your still good thigh. it's incredibly
smooth and sensual. all my senses tingle as they lead me to your pussy, it glistens and eminates your
sexuality and it takes all of my will not to come as my head is between yourlegs now.

nose to clit was other worldly. i inhaled deeply and it was like smelling your panties for the first time.
the musky aroma and innocence of what i would presume to be your virgin cherry, had me close to the edge.
i rammed my tongue inside your lips and vagina. rimming the outside as i cleaned all your discharge, it
was wet on wet and it was amazing. your insides felt like they were pulsating to my thrashings, your
clit looked engorged as i sucked it, pulling and pushing it with my tongue.

my cock was raging and i quickly moved to push my tip just inside your lips. your mouth was closed, but
i could just part your lips enough to "whiten" your smile. i ran rings around your mouth with my cock
picturing you sucking and choking on my member while you deep throat me. oh gawd, im getting close...

minutes felt like hours, but it was time. i slightly moved your leg into a 90 degree angle as i gently
made my way between your legs. it took everything in my power not to lie ontop of you and ravage your
tits and face. my teeth wanted to gnaw at your breasts and stick my tongue deeeeep inside your mouth
and throat. i wanted to look you in the eyes while i fucked you and NEEDED you to know how deep
my passion runs, how my perversions craze, how badly my insane need for you will keep my own sanity.

my prick was level with your pussy and i hesitated ever so slightly to savour the moment. my cock ran
along the line of your vagina and i entered. the resistance was intoxicating, my deep insertion was
exhilerating. i rocked my body back and forth and you were lifeless. it was so gratifying to finally
be able to fuck you. in all my fantasies in anyway possible, i needed to fuck you. seeing a small smile
on your lips brought a pulse throughout my shaft. i had to pull out and catch my breath. i don't think
you're on the pill and i didn't want to shoot my load inside of you. i got my barings and thrust inside you
again. i gently picked up your leg and lay it across my shoulder as i kissed and caressed its elegance
while i rode and pounded your pussy. my cock was lathered in your juices, it was so moist and wet from
our fucking that i needed to unload. i pushed your leg a little higher as i tried to get a better shot
of your anus.

your ass is so incredible, so taut and tight, yet your asshole was so inviting. i put a little spit
on my head and gave a full pump into your pussy. i put my thumb inside your anus and it just relaxed
under my light pressure. i pulled out from your vagina and stuck my head in your asshole. the pressure
against my cock almost made me explode inside of you. the walls of you anus were so tight against my shaft
as i stroked deep into your squincter. balls deep now, i could feel myself cumming, cumming violently inside of you.
i tried to compose myself to the best that i could, but all my fantasies and perversions of you were
meeting in that one moment. i came so hard that it overflowed onto my cock as i pumped away. as i finished
my last stroke, the intensity of it all came to light and i could still feel your ass squeezing my balls
dry. i pulled out and it was a mess as my cum dribbled out of your ass and down your ass crack. i took
just a little of that cum cocktail and rimmed it into your mouth. it was sexy.

i cleaned the bed sheets and wiped you down the best i could. it was a calculated mess, but easy
enough to tidy up before you wake from your slumber. as you woke up later on around noon, i
wouldn't dare look you in the eye as im sure that you would have known how badly i had violated your
trust in me as a brother in law. but you seemed more relaxed and calm than earlier in the morning, a
feeling of serenity had filled your face. as i made you lunch and planted the tray on your dresser, i
could see from the corner of my eye that you were staring at me. through the mirror i could see that
a bit of cum was still oozing out of your ass, i was horrified. as i turned and looked you in the eyes,
my regret and self-loathing filled my bright red face. before i even had the chance to explain myself,
you stared back deeply into my eyes with that flirtatious look, with tongue on lips and asked for
another round of meds.....(fuck yes!!!)

love you,

PS: don't ever get better : )

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WTF?! Not a bad story premise but, Jesus H. Christ, what a dismal education the writer must have had.

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