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Who know those feel good stories that good wins over evil and in the end the underdog gets the girl and all is well; well this is not one of those stories.

Hi my name is Shawn and right now I’m on the floor of a barn and I’m in a load of pain. My jaw is sore as hell and I have a shit load of cum running out of my ass. I’m cover in piss and all I want to do is get back home and wish that is never happen.

Well I’m getting too far ahead of myself; to know how I got there I need to tell you some back ground info first. I live in the country side of Midwest and I never had a lot of friends growing up. So when the captain of the football team that is also my neighbor invited me to a little get together at his house I was sure I found my way in to having some real friends. If I knew it would have ended up the way it did I would have staid home and save myself from what happen to me.

I got to Rick’s house at eight like he told me and I could see that it wasn’t just the football crew that was there. His parents were out of town on a trip and he had the place to his self. Some how he got beer and everyone was drinking all around me. I didn’t see any of my friends but I thought that maybe I would move up a little since I did most of Rick’s school work for him and maybe I could hang with his friends now.

Rick came up to me not long after I got there and gave me a beer and told me to have fun. I try to but being that I didn’t hang out with anyone that was there in or out of school I was for the most part by myself. That was till Brittney came down the stairs; she was Rick’s younger sister and I kind of had a thing for her. She was in the grade under us but she was very smart so she was in some of my honors classes. Brittney was the hottest sexiest girl in the school to me and I would have given anything to be with her.

Brittney or Britt as her friends called her was five foot one and hand to be one ten wet. She had strawberry red hair that was a little weird since her parents and brother were all blond and she wore it in pig tails all the time. She had little “B” cup tits and was a junior varsity cheerleader and everyone in the school knew she was off limits. Tonight Britt was wearing a pair of cut-off blue jeans and a flannel shirt that was open but tied in front. Boy was she hot; I made my way through the jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends till I made it to a couch.

As I was sitting there Britt came up and sat next to me and said hi. I sheepishly said hi back because the girl of my dreams was sitting next to me and really talking to me. She told me how she didn’t know anyone really there and that the only reason she was even there is because she told her brother that she would keep this party from their parents if she was aloud out of her room. We were talking about some of the classes we had and why I never would talk to her when she would say hi to me. I didn’t answer the question but change the subject to what was going on at the party. This is when Britt moved in and started to ask me if I had a girlfriend to switch a gagged on my drink and said no. Britt then asked if I found her cute; I tried not to answer and get up to leave, but Britt stopped me. She asked again and I didn’t know what to do so in the heat of the moment I said yes. I told her that I had a crush on her since I first laid eyes on her and the only reason I never talked to her was the fact that Rick would kill me. Britt said she knew it and that’s the reason why she told her brother that if she didn’t get to come down stairs she would tell their parents. She over heard one of his friends going over who was coming and when he asked was Rick really have me come over she needed to be here. I found out that she was still a virgin mostly because of her brother and boys being afraid of him. I told her that I never bin with anyone either mostly because most girls found me to be a dork. Britt told me that she had a crush on me to and that she found me very sexy in my dorky way. That is why she took so many honor classes is because I was in them.

I got up and told her I would be back with some drinks for us and because I needed to get out to the cool summer and clear my head. After a few minutes I return with two beers and Britt and I talked some more about things. As the night wined down I had more and more beer in me that I didn’t know all the things that I should have. Before I knew it I was up in Britt’s room and was undressing her as we made out. She was a great kisser and her body was so soft; the low light with the pink walls of her room made her look even sexier. I removed her top as I kissed her soft neck; all Britt could do was let out these little quite moans in my ear as I got her top off to reveal a black pinstripe bra with pink trim.

I pulled back from her and told her that we shouldn’t do this. I didn’t want her first time to be after a drunken party and that she deserved a romantic night with flowers and music. Britt grabbed my face and told me that she was falling in love with me right before she started to kiss me again as she ripped my shirt off. She undid my buckle and unzipped my jeans. I kept breaking the kiss and telling her that we didn’t need to do this; that is when Britt reached in my jeans and pulled my rock hard cock out. I wasn’t this porn star with a ten inch cock just average at about six inches. Britt wrapped her petite hand around it and started to pump it up and down. I opened her jeans to matching panties and asked one more time if she wanted this. She squeezed my cock as hard as she could as she jerked it and told me that she was super wet and needed this big fucking cock in her. I pulled down her panties to the sexiest pussy I had ever seen. Britt was completely shaven and her was pussy was slightly open. I could see her clit and her pussy was as wet as she told me; it was saying come and fuck me.

Britt lined my cock up with her pussy and I pushed it in. She was very tight but this was the greatest feeling in the world. After a bit I got my whole cock in and Britt hugged me hard and told me to keep it in for a little because it was hurting more then she thought. I held her in my arms and kissed her till she started to move her hips and I started to fuck her. I was getting into a good rhythm and Britt was telling me to fuck her hard. This threw me off a little because of how dirty she was talking to me, but I did as she told me and fucked her fast and hard. We were going at it for a good twenty minutes; just me fucking her as hard as I could and Britt digging her nails into my back and she attacked my face with her mouth. At some points she would bite my neck like she wanted to draw blood or drive her tongue as deep as it could go into my mouth.

Britt had become this wild animal and was telling my through moans and quite screams how much she loved my cock and dreams of this. Britt then pushed me up off her and told me to lie on my back. She got up on my and started to ride my cock with all she had. She ran her nails down my chest and twisted my nipples. All I could do was hold on to her hips and watch her perky tits bounce around as she fucked my cock. I could feel my balls started to tell me that I was going to cum soon, and told Britt this. Britt told me that she was going to cum too and didn’t want my cock out till she did. I couldn’t hold myself anymore and came so very hard in her. Britt squeezed my nipples even harder telling me that she could feel me filling her with my cum. she rode me harder and told me that she was going to cum now.

With that Britt came and I could feel her muscles in my pussy squeezing my cock like it was milking that last bit of cum from it. Britt whole body was shaking and then she fell down on me telling me that this was the best thing she had ever done in her life. She kissed me on the lips and that was the last thing I remember before the big event of the night happen to me.

I was woken to a punch to the stomach. I jumped up and thought that I was dying because I could get myself to take a breath. The next thing I knew Rick and a couple of his jock buddies where standing around the bed and Britt was crude up in a ball wrapped in the bed sheet. She was screaming at Rick telling me to get out of her room. I looked at Rick and made out a fist coming my way before I blacked out.

I came to in an old barn with lanterns around giving light to this old place. I knew right where I was because I knew that Rick’s grandparents had an old farm and he would come here to drink and smoke pot all the time. I met him here a couple of time to give him the work that I did for him for school.

Rick was standing in the middle of the group of jocks and there girlfriends. When he saw that I was awake he started to tell me how dead I was for what I did. I started to tell him that I was sorry but I was cut-off by a foot to the ribs. This dropped me to my hands and knees and that is when I saw that I had blood coming from a busted lip. Rick begun again telling me that he wanted to pay back all the work I did for him by letting me come to his party and how do I thank him, by fucking his little baby sister and taking something from her that she can never get back.

I started to tell him that I didn’t force her to do it. This got me another foot to the ribs and Rick asking me that I was telling him that his little baby sister was a slut and she made me fuck her. No was all I got out before my ribs were met by another foot. By this time I could even get up to run. All I did was ball up and tell him that I was sorry and I wouldn’t do it again. Rick let out this evil laugh and told me that he would make sure I did just that.

With that Rick said “boys” and I was picked up by my armpits and dragged over to a hay bail and place over it. Rick moved over in front of me again and I saw from the corner of my eye one of the girls there come up next to me and undo my jeans. She pulled them down and I found out that I didn’t have boxers on and my ass was out in the open now. Rick looked my in the eyes and told me that since I liked fucking his little sister so much that I should get fucked to feel how it was. My face turned white as a ghost and before I could form words to beg for forgiveness a cock was rammed up my ass. I screamed out but only to Rick telling me that no one could hear me and come for me.

Who ever was in my ass was not giving my ass any time to adjust to his cock. He fucked me raw and hard and within a couple of minutes was pumping his load of cum in my ass. He pulled out of me and I had a moment of relief but that wasn’t the case. The guy came around front and Rick told me to clean up my mess. I didn’t open my mouth to the cock in my face and Rick punched me in the face again telling me that there was more where that came from. I opened up and with out a moment lost the guy pushed his cock into my mouth covered in his cum. it was very salty but at lease it wasn’t as big as it was in my ass. I came to the relation that the faster I did this the fast it would be over. So I sucked his cock clean and once it was done he pulled from my mouth and picked up his pants.

Thinking it was over I tried to get up only to have Rick push me back down and tell me that there is more to come. I felt another cock at the entrance of my ass and the guy pushed it in as hard as he could. Now he was a lot bigger then the last guy and I was in a lot of pain. He had the girls cheering him on as he fucked my ass as hard as he could. Rick walked up me and his girlfriend Mary undid his jeans and pulled his rock hard cock. It was big and uncut with a big vain running down the middle of it. Mary slapped my face and told me to suck her man’s cock well and with that Rick rammed his cock in my mouth. Now with the huge cock fucking my ass and Rick’s big cock in my mouth I was being pounded at both ends.

There was some room in between me and the hay bail and one of the other girls notice that my cock was hard and made it a point to let everyone else now. She came up to me and jerked my cock like a cow utter with everything she had. Another girl came around to my other side and started to slap my balls. The guy in my ass blew his load in me and both the girls giggled as his cum ran out and down my ass. He pulled out and one of the girls grabbed his cock and jerked the last bit of cum from it and wiped it on my ass.

Rick continued to face fuck me as Mary slapped my face and pulled my hair. She placed a hand on the top of my head and under my chin and pushed my mouth down on Rick’s cock till he was in my throat. This made me gag and I started to vomit on his cock; Mary kept me there and I had to suck his cock through it to keep from gagging more. There was another dick in my ass now and thinking back to how many guys where there I thought that this should be the last one. He wasn’t as big as the others but he had speed to him. He fucked my ass like a jack hummer and I could feel his balls hitting mine with every fuck. The girls were slapping my cock and balls around and pulling as hard as they could on me cock.

I could feel that Rick was getting to the point of blowing his load in my mouth and hoped that it would happen so he wouldn’t fuck my ass too. The guy in my ass pounded it in a couple more times before cumming in my ass and as he did that my own cock gave in to the two girls jerking it and I came too. The guy continued to fuck my ass as his cock started to go soft and fall out. Rick pulled his cock from my now sore mouth and with Mary jerking it he came all over my face.

After Rick was done he pushed me to the ground and I heard Mary telling the girls that I needed a shower. The three of them pulled up their skirts and removed their panties; with throwing them at me. They started to pee all over me and the cum that was on my face was washed away by their hot piss.

I was laying there in pain and covered in piss when the door to the barn opened and in ran Brittney. She started to scream at her brother and told him that if he and his asshole friends to leave before she called the cops. Rick and his friends left as Britt ran up to me pulling off her shirt and using it to wipe the cum and piss from my face. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me how sorry she was for all this and how if I never wanted to speak to her again it was all right.

I pulled myself up and told her that this wasn’t her fault and I would be ok. She helped me up as she pulled up my pants as the cum still ran out of my abused asshole. Britt gave me a kiss on the lips and told me that she would make her brother pay for this. I told her that I will live and not to bring this upon herself. She said don’t you worry I have bigger people then Rick and his jock friends that will take care of any problem I have.

With that Britt helped me from the barn and back to me house. When we got to my house my parents were asleep and Britt helped me to my room. She sat me down and my deck chair and went into my bathroom and turned on the shower. She came back naked and told me that she was going to wash me and get me to bed. Britt removed my jeans to dry cum on my legs and got me to the shower.

Once in the shower Britt washed my body and when she got to my ass; softly washed it. She stuck a finger in my asshole to get any cum that was still in there. She had no trouble getting it in after the fucking that I took earlier. Once in my cock started to get hard again and Britt noticed this. She looked at me and told me that she guesses that I like things in my ass now, and started to jerk my hard cock.

Britt started to pull her finger out of my ass but I stopped her and told her to keep it in. Britt worked her finger in and out of my asshole as she pumped my cock. Soon she had two then three fingers in my ass and I was getting ready to cum. Britt sense this and got down on her knees to catch me cum. With three of her fingers in my ass and her jerking away on my cock I came in her mouth with a huge load of cum. Britt jerked my cock till it went soft and then came up to me and kissed me giving me some of my own cum.

Britt broke the kiss and asked if I would do something from her. She looked at me like a little puppy and I told her anything. She got back down on her knees and asked me to piss in her mouth; she wanted to know how it was with me having the other girls peeing on me. I asked her if that is what she wanted and Britt opened her mouth and nodded yes.

I grabbed my cock and with a moment or two started to piss in her mouth. Britt never closed her mouth or turned away. She kept it open the whole time and once I was done swallowed what was left in her mouth. She came back up and hugged to and told me that she was in love and that she never wanted to be without me.

Britt finished washing me and we got out and dried off. She helped me to me and bed and crawled in with me and we both drifted off to sleep in my bed.

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2012-03-26 01:56:02
It was interesting and it made me wet:)

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2011-09-05 02:29:50
i saw u left A few words out and a few misspellings u should fix that


2011-07-27 16:20:48
HOT and humiliating. I wish something would happen to me.

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2011-05-16 00:12:26
I gave you a positive rating. Just barely. You could use an editor.

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