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Story is part of CAW 6 contest and required writer to write from opposite perspective- story is from female point of view though I am a male.

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July 19 2006 Tomorrow is the big day my party.
P. S. I love puppies and unicorns!! I hate people who steal stories from!

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July 20 2006 My birthday

Totally awesome day. Bunch of family drove all the way out here to the middle of nowhere from the city to celebrate with me because I am so wonderful. Yea me!

A lot of my girls made it - Cindy, Britney, Lisa, Annie and Katy representing! Plus my cousins Kerri, Susie and Ashley made it from the city!

Had a great day, listening to hot music, eating and drinking up a storm (Dad was rocking the grill), having fun hanging with my friends and cousins, goofing off. Everyone brought their bathing suits as we have a swimming pond and after my brother and his friend went in, I told everyone we should all change to our suits in my room. So we headed to the house en masse. On the way I saw my Uncle Mark had arrived. He is the best uncle in the world, as well as really handsome and in great shape. I ran up and gave him a big hug and he kissed me on the cheek.

“Hey birthday girl” he said “you’re getting so old, soon you won’t have time for your old uncle. You’ll be off with boyfriends and driving and worrying your parents even more than you do now.”

I stuck my tongue out at him then laughed.

“Don’t let my Mom hear you saying that, she worries too much as it is. Besides I’ll always have time for you. Any guy who wants to be with me will have to like you too, not that there’s a line forming as you can see. And you’re so not old.”

He smiled down at me as he is at least six feet tall and I barely come up to his chest.

“Don’t worry Jessica they will be lining up soon enough. Too soon for your father I think. By the way, where is my brother?”

“Oh he’s on the grill, you know he’ll have to be dragged away from that at some point. But where’s Aunt Diane, I don’t see her.”

I saw a look of annoyance cross his face before melting away into his usual good natured expression.

“She couldn’t make it due to a project for her job that has to be done by next week. So she’s working on it all weekend. She’s sorry she couldn’t make it and sends her love. I think your friends are getting impatient waiting for you though, they look restless.”

I turned and gave my girls a dismissive look before turning back to Uncle Mark.

“They have to wait for me as it is my day” I said only half kidding. “We are going to change to go swimming and after you say hello to everyone I expect you to come as well. As Aunt Diane hasn’t come I will graciously allow you to hang with the birthday girl. I hope you brought your swim suit.”

With that I rejoined my girls and we hurried to the house. I had deliberately made the comment about Aunt Diane to annoy him. Though she was nice I never thought she was right for him. She was older then him by a few years and though she was pretty, he was far too handsome for her in my opinion. And it wasn’t because of the small gap in their ages that made them seem mismatched but the difference in their whole beings. Uncle Mark wasn’t immature but he seemed to be at the age level of whoever he was with. My mother always said it was like he had a little boy in him fighting to get out.

As we headed to my room I heard some giggles from the rear of the group. I noticed my cousin Kerri was whispering to Annie and they were both looking at me. When we were all squeezed into my room I looked at Kerri straight in the eye.

“So what’s so funny?” I asked her.

Kerri is from my mother’s side of the family - my Irish relatives- and it showed as her face became beet red.
She looked down and shuffled her feet before mumbling her answer.

“I was just telling her about Cousin Joe’s wedding.”

I shot daggers at her. The nerve of her, on my day, to recount an old story from when we were five years old. Everyone was looking at us, not knowing what we were talking about.

“Jess it’s not a big deal, just a cute story is all” Kerri said. “Yeah it isn’t anything bad” Annie chimed in.

“So what’s the story?” Lisa asked butting her big nose into things as usual. Everyone stood around expectantly waiting for me to answer.

“Oh just a stupid story from when we were like five” I said trying to downplay it. When I didn’t say any more Lisa turned her face to Kerri who seemed more uncomfortable than I did.

“Go ahead tell them since they seem dying to know” I said. When she looked at me I just nodded.

“When we were five our cousin Joe got married and we were the flower girls. We had these pretty little dresses and everything. At the dinner everyone was talking about how cute we looked and how the bride’s dress was beautiful and stuff like that. Our Grandma asked Jess about if she got married would she like a dress like that one. And Jess looked at her with this grown up expression and said and I’m not making this up “Grandma I don’t know about the dress but when I’m older I will marry my Uncle Mark.” Some people laughed or thought it was cute but Jessica was so serious about it. Her mom was like you can’t marry your uncle and Jess just said why. Finally someone said it’s against the law to marry your uncle and Jess had a giant crying fit until her mom could calm her down.”

“Yeah big deal I was a little kid” I answered.

“Well” Lisa said ‘you were only five but you’re fourteen now and you looked like you’re still feeling it for him, uncle or not. But you do have good taste. He is hawt.” To this the other girls seemed in agreement, even Susie and Ashley whose uncle he was as well.

“You are so mad crazy” I told Lisa though my cheeks were redder than Kerri’s now. To prevent any further talk on the subject I lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it on the bed and unhooked my bra freeing the girls.

“Jessica is an exhibitionist” Katy joked and soon everyone was changing into their swimsuits. I put on my new bikini and I thought I looked pretty good. My stomach was flat and I thought my legs and butt were good, although I wished my chest was bigger. My top did push up what I had and I was grateful Mom had let me get it. She thought it was unnecessary but smiled and told me if that was what I wanted to go ahead.

Once everyone was changed we charged downstairs and headed to the pond. The nine of us descended like a plague of locusts driving away all unfortunate enough to be in our path. When we reached the pond I ordered my brother and his friend out or they would be splashed within an inch of their lives. Realizing the odds of nine against two didn’t favor them they beat a tactical retreat moving to the “beach” of our pond. Britney was the only one upset as for some strange reason she thinks my dorky brother is cute.

I went into the water right away and so did a few others but most didn’t want to ruin how they looked and my city cousins weren’t so sure about swimming in a pond. Lisa and Annie were with me and I told the rest in no uncertain terms that they had two choices: either come in the water however they liked, whether wading in or jumping in. Their other choice would be for us to kick up so much water at them that they would envy a drowned rat. That ultimatum gave them some clarity and they began to stream into the water.

It was a hot day with the sun beating down so the water was nice and warm. Most of the girls didn’t go deeper than their waists but just took it easy standing in the shallow end. I was like an otter on the other hand, swimming as well as diving underwater. Once I surfaced amidst the group sending them shrieking from my assault of water. Everyone was soon chilling, with me floating on my back when Lisa whispered in my ear.

“Your hot uncle is coming this way. I feel a cramp coming on and I think I might need rescuing.”

Slowly I opened my eyes and saw he was approaching the pond. He said hello to my little brother, or should I say younger brother as he is taller than I am, and was introduced to his friend Martin who is an even bigger dork. Uncle Mark showed again why he’s such a great guy by being nice to them and he made them laugh with a couple of jokes and shook their hands like they were his equals, as if.

I paddled my way to the shore near where he was and gave him a little splash. He was wearing blue swim trunks that came to his knees with flames on the side. His foot flicked at the water spraying my face with tiny droplets.

“Stop playing around and come in, the waters fine” I told him.

“Hmmm not as fine as you are” Lisa interrupted. “Hi I’m Lisa, Jessica’s more worldly friend.”

Uncle Mark’s eyebrow raised and a bemused smile spread across his face.

“Well worldly Lisa I guess you know I’m Mark and I’m pleased to meet you. Now I think you girls should stand back as I’m about to come in.”

He took a few steps back then started forward at a run like he would jump in full force. Squealing with delight we tried to put some distance between us when Uncle Mark slowed and just lightly entered the water before sinking in up to his neck. Lisa tried to maneuver past me but I managed to block her with my body. Susie and Ashley went over to him to say hello as he was their uncle as well. After that all the girls started to congregate toward him and I think he got a little embarrassed from the attention. He worked himself free and began to swim back and forth across the pond.

I swam up to him and demanded he give me a ride. He smiled and beckoned me forward. I clasped him around his neck and he started to glide through the water as I rode on his back. As he approached the other side he gracefully made a turn and started back in the other direction. When I caught Lisa’s eye I stuck my tongue out at her and did she look mad.

Uncle Mark again turned and headed in the other direction. I marveled at the feel of his muscles moving under his skin beneath me. When we again reached my girls Ashley asked if she could get a ride. Since she’s my cousin and I was feeling generous I slid off his back and let her take a turn. Meanwhile Kerri and a few others had managed to work the rowboat from the shore into the pond and pulled themselves aboard it and drifted along. I swam up to them and we kidded each other about things. Then Kerri looked past me and waved.

“Jessica your mother is coming here.” she said.

Seeing my mom I paddled over to the shore and waited for her to arrive. Mom looked over the scene and sighed.

“Jess are you girls ever going to eat? You haven’t eaten all day. And Jessica what is your friend doing to your uncle?”

I turned and saw Lisa was now riding Uncle Mark and not only were her arms wrapped around him but so were her legs. The little tramp’s legs circled his waist and her body was pressed against him. No doubt it made swimming harder although I doubt Lisa minded. I saw red and moved in their direction while hearing my Moms words in my ears.

“No more than 15 minutes young lady or I send down your Father.”

I caught up with them and pulled her off him dunking her for good measure. He took the opportunity to head in the opposite direction, leisurely backstroking towards the boat. Lisa surfaced sputtering and flailing. She glared at me when she saw me.

“What the hell was that for?” she demanded.

“You were assaulting him Lisa, he’s my Uncle. I was just defending him.”

“Believe me Jess, he didn’t mind. I think he liked me rubbing up against him if you get my meaning.”

With that she turned and swam toward the “beach”. I shook my head but I knew Lisa was just being herself, a slut, but didn’t mean anything against me. By this time Susie had convinced Uncle Mark to tow the boat with four of them in it. I dog paddled over and was again amazed at how easily he performed physical feats. He had the rope from the boat over one shoulder and was gliding the boat across the surface of the water.

“You’re not straining too much pulling these heifers are you?” I asked him while smiling sweetly at them.

“Be nice Jess. It’s not a hard pulling these trim young ladies I assure you. Besides the boat floats, I’m just guiding it.”

I snorted at his polite answer. Cindy at the least could lose a few pounds and Kerri’s ass was getting fat.

“Well all us trim young ladies have to go eat or my Mom will be sending out the hounds for us.”

Uncle Mark laughed and started towing the boat to shore. Since I was unencumbered I outdistanced him and was drying myself before the boat arrived. I made quick eye contact with Lisa.


“Forever” she answered. Things were good. I noticed that Uncle Mark had stayed in the pond. No doubt happy to get some peace. After everyone dried off we headed up toward the house. We commandeered a table on the deck and went in shifts to fill up our plates. After eating our fill I suggested we shower off and change. As we proceeded to the door we passed near where Mother, Uncle Mark and some other relatives were.

“Mark at these girls age you shouldn’t do anything to encourage their silliness and in some cases worse.”

He shrugged before replying. “Everyone was just having fun and no one did anything inappropriate.”

He was so great and Mom could be so….. impossible sometimes. I showered first but was fast because a lot of girls had to go before the hot water ran out. I was sitting on the bed waiting when Lisa who had also already showered sat next to me.

“Jess you know I didn’t mean anything and I wouldn’t do anything with your Uncle, at least without your permission.”

“It wouldn’t matter anyway. He’s married.”

“He’s married, yeah so. And you know that’s why my parents got divorced.”

I hugged her because I knew it still hurt that her father had moved out and in with that bimbo. She pushed me away after a minute and brushed a tear away before attempting a wan smile. She whispered so no one else could overhear.

“I’m telling you though Jess, he is so hot. When I was riding him in the water I was so pressing against him down there I got all wet.”

“You did not” I hissed at her. I was shocked but also a little turned on. She nodded and smiled back at me.

“And if someone hadn’t pulled me off who knows what could have happened. I might have cum like the little mermaid with her Prince.”

We both had a giggling fit over that one and everyone else stared at us like we were crazy people. After a minute we composed ourselves.

“I’ll tell you this Jessica, tonight before I go to sleep your Uncle will be making an appearance in my fantasies. I’ll use my trusty hairbrush handle as a very inadequate stand in for him.”

I felt my jaw drop from that revelation. “You mean…”

“I plan on playing with myself while thinking of him. There’s no way I’ll be able to sleep without some relief. Not that a hairbrush can equal him but a girl has to do what she can.”

“That is so wrong Lisa, I forbid it” I said. I felt a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach from her confession. I knew I couldn’t really stop her but it bothered me deeply inside somehow. She looked at me and read the pain showing in my eyes.

“Forget about what I said Jess, we won’t discuss it any more. Nothing should come between friends.”

We didn’t talk about it again but I couldn’t stop thinking about things. Around 7:00 P.M. Uncle Mark found me to say good bye. Often when he came he would stay the night but since Aunt Diane was home he was leaving. He took me in his arms and hugged me tight and I locked my arms around him while burying my head against his chest. It felt like heaven to me and I didn’t want to ever let him go. Finally he broke our embrace.

“Don’t worry kid, we’ll see each other soon. It’s not for all that. Happy birthday again, your card from us is with the rest. Make sure you check in it before throwing it away. There might be something in it.”

I smiled at him. He was the only one who could call me kid without me becoming upset. I knew he didn’t mean it as a way of putting me in my place cause I was young but as a term of endearment. I rejoined my girls but I was definitely a little quieter the rest of the night. When people would ask I just said I was tired was all. As the guest of honor I stayed about longer than I felt like, but when my last friend left I said good night to the remaining guests and went to my room.

The words Lisa said whirled through my mind as I got ready for bed. I stripped to my panties before brushing my teeth and hair. I put on my Dad’s old t-shirt I used for pajamas, shut off the light and crawled into bed. I could faintly hear the music and the voices of the remaining people from a distance. Unable to sleep I tossed and turned for a while without luck. Even though I felt tired physically my mind refused to settle down and I knew why.

I pulled my sheet up to my neck and propped the pillows behind my head. Trembling my fingers crept to the bottom of my shirt hem and I inched it up until my breasts were uncovered. My fingers lightly brushed across my nipples sending a jolt of pleasure to my brain. I closed my eyes tight and imagined I wasn’t alone. In my mind it wasn’t my fingers that squeezed my sensitive nipples making me moan. The hands seized my tender and growing breasts roughly and pushed them together.

In my mind I pictured his hands on me, fondling my treasures hungrily. When my little hand burrowed under my panties toward my sex it wasn’t my hand but a larger, stronger male hand. It caressed me, exciting me more than I could alone. It found the crease between my lips and explored there, probing my moist little core. His hand became more demanding, spreading the petals of my flower open to his touch. His other hand now brushed over my silky hair searching for something. When it connected with my clitoris I gasped from delight. I heard his deep voice talking to me.

“Do you like that little Jessica? Does it feel good what I’m doing to you? Bringing you pleasure.”

“Yes it feels soo good” I whimpered.

“Lay back and relax Jessica and let the feeling take you” the familiar voice instructed.

In response I spread my legs wider and put my head back further. The hands continued their relentless motions. A finger was now inside me and was soon followed by a second. The other hand had built up a rhythm circling my button and I got a funny feeling in my tummy. It grew in intensity until I couldn’t take it anymore and then I felt it. My back arched as I felt the world shake around me. For a moment I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming and I really believed he was there with me.

“Uncle Mark” I said reaching out while opening my eyes. Of course that broke the spell and I found myself alone in my bed with a hand between my legs and the other clasping empty air. It had seemed so real for a time but a dream can’t last. My fingers felt sticky as I removed them from down there. So that was the great mystery poets had written about since time immemorial or at least a lesser aspect of it. For a fleeting moment it felt like I was one with the universe. And that was imagining myself with the man I loved. I suspected if it had been him my pleasure would have been greatly multiplied. But I also knew he was a man I could never have. It wasn’t fair and I wanted to scream at the unfairness of it all. However with my orgasm taking the edge off I was soon sound asleep.


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August 27 2008

Work totally sucks!! That assistant manager is such a perv! Not only does he ogle all us cashiers like the dirty old man he is, he’s always finding ways to make it worse. Today he told me to stock the bags on all the checkout lanes and he was like breathing down my neck the whole time. Every time I bent to a storage shelf he was checking out my butt. I know its fabulous (lol) but still. To be honest I’ve seen his wife and I understand him looking some, but show a little class.

Good news-the party is in a few days and He will be coming and spending the night. (Of course she will be here too but I’ll be happy with my crumbs of seeing and being near him. J )

P.S. Rainbows are pretty and mean people suck but not as much as people who steal stories from!

Libraries> Documents> Jessica> Private

September 1 2008 Labor Day / September 2 2008

Where do I start? I saw and did things this Labor Day and I am changed for life! I am now a Woman! I became one at sweet sixteen. Technically I turned sixteen in July but I will remember this day more.
First the barbecue on Monday. Mom and Dad threw their annual bash and people came from far and wide for the merriment. (Especially one devastatingly attractive Uncle.)

Since none of my friends could make it I was keeping a low profile. I knew when he arrived but I waited until he was alone and in the house to say hello. He had come into the kitchen to get more ice for the cooler when I ambushed him. Before he could react I launched myself onto him and showered him in kisses. When I finally stopped he laughed at me and then kissed me hello right on the mouth. It was just a quick peck but it made my heart beat faster and my insides even gooier than they were. He retrieved the ice bag and headed for the door.

“Coming Jess?” he called back.

“I’ll be out in a little bit” I replied trying to sound casual. After he left I realized I had to do something to “relax” myself or I wouldn’t be able to sit still. I went into my bathroom and locked the door. Fifteen minutes later my fingers and wicked imagination with an assist from close proximity to my desire had relieved me somewhat. I drifted outside and mostly kept to myself.

I had been drinking a soda sitting under the deck. It was deserted there and yet many people were actually in close proximity to me. There were people on the deck above me talking but I wasn’t paying attention until I heard my Mother’s voice mentioning me. Instantly my ears perked up to hear what she was saying. She was talking to her sister Elaine, my Aunt.

“You know Jessica is very responsible but this new friend of hers, Lindsay, is not a good influence. Totally boy crazy and a little wild. I heard a story from one of the neighbors about her.”

“Well you can’t believe everything you hear” a voice that I recognized as being Aunt Diane said.

“I know that but my source is unimpeachable. This girl Lindsay was behind the 7-11 giving one of the boys who worked there a blowjob.”

I almost dropped my soda when I heard this and some of the women gasped. I had heard this story from Lindsay but she was unaware she had been seen, not that she would care. The girl did what she wanted and to hell with the consequences. There was a babble of voices talking at once when a voice rose above the rest.

“I’m not defending this girl but I wonder who here at that age didn’t do some things they wouldn’t want known or discussed.” It was Mrs. Jackson, one of our neighbors. I was surprised as she is an older lady and a bit stout but she made sense to me and I guess some of the others as things quieted down. But now the conversation turned to sex and I found myself listening almost against my will.

“Her giving blowjobs is something for when she’s young anyway. When she gets older she’ll tire of that. My Ken gets one on his birthday if I’m in the mood and can count himself lucky” I heard my Aunt Elaine say, which was too much information as far as I was concerned and thankfully Kerri hadn’t made it to the barbecue to hear that. There was laughter and general assent when I recognized another voice. It was Aunt Diane, Uncle Mark’s wife.

“I let my husband know before we were married not to be expecting any of that. It’s something I won’t do.
If normal sex with a woman isn’t enough for a man, well I don’t know what to tell him.”

There was a hubbub after that statement when I heard my Mother speak.

“Diane you know I never pry into your marriage but I’m a little surprised. You two have always seemed so passionate together and I’ve heard that from when Mark was young he was always popular with the ladies.”

“Oh we’re passionate I assure you. I just feel a man should be happy with intercourse alone.”

“But don’t you want him to you know, return the favor” another voice said.

“Believe me he does and he’s excellent at it” Aunt Diane replied “but a man should pleasure his wife in all ways without expecting anything in return.”

There was general laughter as well as comments about how they would like to be able to control their men like that. I thought it was terrible of her. From what she said Uncle Mark did everything for her and she wouldn’t extend the same courtesy. I would love for a chance to please him in any way I could.

Lately I had been practicing with some advice from Lindsay. Mostly on things like bananas but one time Lindsay had obtained a willing volunteer for me. It was a guy from school who wasn’t bad looking either which somehow made it easier. He had been blindfolded as I didn’t want him to know it was me. She had directed me and gave me pointers and I had done all right at it. When he came it startled me for a minute but overall it had been a good experience.

I had heard enough and decided to slip away. Passing through the kitchen I liberated a couple of beers while heading out behind the garage. It was a two car garage with a second story that served as a guest loft with a half bath. It was off and beyond the house close to the tree line. Leaning against the back wall I opened a beer and took a swallow. It tasted bitter to me but I slowly continued drinking it down until I finished the whole thing. I opened the second one and took a larger drink from the bottle. I belched and for some reason I thought that was hilarious.

I was feeling very nice by now and I decided to slip back for one more. I tried playing it casual as I ambled toward the back door. Fate was winking at me as I encountered no one on my mission. I could hear the music drifting from the party to my ears. It was coming from an oldies station playing on the radio. Like the wind (in my own mind) I passed back towards the garage. I sat on a garbage can and put the bottle between my legs.

Faintly the music carried back to me like a distant echo from the past. I could hear two voices singing in tandem about love denied.

“Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, Dream
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream.”

That was the problem I realized. All I could do was dream but it made things worse instead of better. Because when Morpheus left all I had were phantasms. Laughing silently I chided myself. I was too young to be so morose, it’s not like I was some Goth girl wearing black lipstick smoking clove cigarettes. I lifted the bottle to my lips and drank. I had just climbed down from my perch when I froze. It was the sound of voices approaching my hidden sanctuary that startled me. There were two of them and I recognized both.

“Isn’t it a little early to leave the party for bed?” I heard Uncle Mark say.

“Only if we’re going to sleep and that’s the last thing on my mind” Aunt Diane slurred in reply.

I crouched down low and peered around the corner of the garage. They were standing about twenty feet from me in front of the building. Aunt Diane weaved slightly as she stepped up to embrace him. His muscular arm steadied her as he leaned down and kissed her hungry mouth. She responded eagerly and her hands reached around and grabbed his ass through his jeans. While they kissed Aunt Diane was grinding her pelvis against his slowly in a circular motion. Uncle Mark nibbled at her neck and I could hear her moan in response. As he continued she threw her head back, her auburn hair falling to her shoulders.

“Mark I can’t wait much longer. Lets get upstairs or you’ll have to take me out here where anyone can see.”

Uncle Mark bent down and scooped her onto his shoulder and started off toward the door. Unable to stop myself I crept after them. The garage door was open and I slipped inside. I could see them climbing the stairs and Uncle Mark slapped her skirt covered ass making her laugh. From the foot of the stairs I waited and watched until I saw a light go on upstairs. Downing the rest of my beer for courage I started to tiptoe up the stairs. I avoided the fourth step as I knew it squeaked. I bent down low as I neared the top of the staircase to minimize the chance of being seen. The murmur of voices came to me as I cautiously inched forward. The sight that met my eyes transfixed me. The second floor was an open loft and had a window in both the front and back wall. The bed and nightstand were by the front window and the half bath was located in the left back corner. There were three round pillars that held up the roof beams running down the center of the room and a rustic chandelier provided the illumination.

There at the pillar nearest the bed was Aunt Diane. She stood with her back against the pillar and her eyes closed. Her long, breezy summer skirt she held raised above her waist and one leg was lifted up and being supported by Uncle Mark’s shoulder as he knelt on the floor in front of her with his face buried between her legs. I could tell from his movement that he was licking her sex. Aunt Diane was making low, little moans of pleasure.

I was fascinated by this tableau. I’d seen sex scenes on the internet and once walked in while my brother and his girlfriend were getting busy in the living room one night but neither was like this. I could already faintly smell the odor of sex wafting with the breeze entering the window. One of her hands was stroking his short, dark hair as he continued to pleasure her. Before I realized it my hand had worked its way into my shorts and begun to stroke my wet little slit. I was rubbing furiously trying to catch up as I had started late.

Aunt Diane’s moans were becoming louder and more frequent now. This seemed to spur Uncle Mark on to greater lengths himself. His head was moving in a side to side motion and his left hand reached up and felt her breast through the clothing. I heard her gasp and call out “Yes Mark oh yes” before becoming a wordless moan.

My fingers pinched my clit as I joined my Aunt in orgasmic bliss. I saw Uncle Mark turn his head sideways and give Aunt Diane a love bite on her upper thigh provoking another moan from her throat. He then gently lifted and lowered her leg to the ground and stood. First he swooped in and bestowed a slow kiss to her lips before lifting her like a rag doll and carrying her to the bed. He carefully placed her down then removed his shirt and started to work down his jeans. I quietly and carefully adjusted my perch on the top stairs so I could obtain a better view.

Uncle Mark was nude now, a chiseled work of art, his back to me though at a somewhat sideways angle. Aunt Diane stood and joined him now and they embraced. She was as nude as him except for the strappy sandals still on her feet. He broke the kiss and turned her toward the bed and pushed her back down so that she was bent at the waist. Her hands pressed into the mattress and her breasts hung down. They appeared larger than I expected but she always did dress modestly.

I saw his hand go between her legs and after satisfying himself of something then reach between his own legs. He stepped forward driving his hard length into her with authority. She and I both gasped in unison although luckily for me hers drowned out the sound of mine.

Uncle Mark grabbed her hips and began to pound her. The sound of flesh meeting as their bodies collided filled the loft. Aunt Diane obviously loved it as she let loose with a series of moans intermixed with occasional profanity. Personally I was shocked by the language she used in private. She had always seemed corporate and staid to me but one never knows.

“Give it to me baby, fuck me hard! Fill me with your cock baby. That’s it don’t stop.”

He wasn’t stopping that was for sure. Aunt Diane’s breasts swayed back and forth in time with their coupling. He continued to fuck her hard without slowing for a couple of minutes when he abruptly ceased all movement.

“Come on Diane fuck me back” he ordered while giving her a slap across her ass. I saw her push her ass back into him and she was rewarded with another slap. She increased the tempo of her hips to a fast clip bringing Uncle Mark pleasure judging by his moans. He reached out and seized her arms right above her elbows and lifted them up and behind her back. He then began thrusting again making her torso fall forward until her head was resting on the bed. Aunt Diane was making little unintelligible sounds as he continued to slide in and out of her.

From my lower vantage point I could see between his legs as his erection slid in her. Even from this distance I could see her moisture on them both. Uncle Mark’s breathing became more rapid and he seemed to speed up his rhythm. He gave a few more rapid thrusts and then his body stiffened and I saw all his muscles tense.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming” he gasped.

Her response was instantaneous “Yes fill me up baby, that’s it.”

Slowly they sank onto the bed. I realized I hadn’t breathed during his orgasm and I resumed my breathing again. I was trembling from desire from what I had just seen. I felt myself positively dripping. I saw Uncle Mark stand and roll Aunt Diane onto her side by the edge of the bed. He pushed her knees up towards her chest and positioned himself behind her, resting one knee on the bed and the foot from his other leg on the floor. I saw Uncle Mark’s cock was still hard. Aunt Diane had called it that and it seemed to fit better than penis (which I learned in health class) or dick (what I heard my brother and his friends use). It seemed proud like a rooster.

Well he then took his cock in hand and began to put it into Aunt Diane again. As he slid in she moaned appreciatively. Realizing they were going for a second round I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down and off my legs. I pulled my panties to the side exposing my pussy. I then took the beer bottle and started to slide it against my soaked lips, running it back and forth. Looking at them again I saw Uncle Mark was going nice and slow now, putting it all the way in before pulling almost out.

He lifted one of her legs up to his shoulder and began to kiss it causing a gasp from Aunt Diane. Uncle Mark then reached his hand down and began to caress her clit all the while continuing to pump his hips steadily. I increased the speed of the bottle on the outside of my lips while wishing it was something as hard but much warmer there. Aunt Diane was making a series of low steady moans and I saw her place her hand on top of his as it continued its circular movement.

Sensing her needs Uncle Mark started thrusting faster and harder while still manipulating her clit with his hand.

“Yes, yes oh God I’m cumming again” Aunt Diane screamed and her body started shaking. He just kept going without slowing down in the slightest. She seemed to be in a daze lying there with her eyes and mouth open wide. Finally she recovered enough to reach her hand up and stroke his face gently. That little touch was enough though. I saw his body stiffen again and he pulled out from her. His cock started shooting onto her breasts and belly and seeing this pushed me over the edge as well. I came so hard that for a few seconds everything went dark. When I opened my eyes again they were both on their sides, him behind her with his now deflating cock between her legs.

Realizing my precarious position of being on the stairs partially undressed and visible from above or below I slowly started to work my way down the steps. When I was halfway down I pulled my shorts back on reluctantly when all I wanted to do was strip down and have him do those things to my virginal body. I continued down to the bottom and crept outside noiselessly. My orgasms had done nothing to reduce my ardor but had only increased it. Not feeling sleepy and not wanting to rejoin the party I put the now sticky necked bottle in the garbage and started walking down the driveway toward the road. I was hoping that a brisk walk might clear my head and tire me out.

I started off at a rapid pace on the edge of the road. From my house I could still hear the sounds of the remaining partygoers. By this time of the night there was no traffic along the road. It was a country road that only served our house, a few neighbors’ houses and a summer lakefront community at the end. There were only a few clouds in the night sky and the stars were shining but the celestial beauty did little for me.
I was still very horny and worse for me was that my mind was replaying the events from the loft. How he repeatedly pleasured her when it should have been me. The way he knelt at her feet licking her sex even though she wouldn’t return the favor. The way she had him every day and night and I never could. I wanted to scream out that the universe was unfair when a sudden voice broke my soliloquy.

“Hey Jessica how are you doing?” a pleasant voice spoke.

Startled I looked up and saw a figure astride a bicycle on the far side of the road. It was Jimmy Thomson a boy a year older than me who came to the area every summer. His family owned one of the lakefront homes down the road. His parents were friendly with mine and I was surprised they weren’t at the party.

“Hi Jimmy” I replied “what are you doing here?”

“My parents had to go to my Grandma’s house unexpectedly to take care of something. That’s why they weren’t at your parents’ party. I stayed here because school starts later this week so I’m enjoying my last days of freedom and I had nothing to do so I went for a ride. What about you?”

“Yeah I was bored you know, so I walked” I said with a shrug.

I started to walk again and Jimmy pedaled alongside me. Jimmy was alright. He wasn’t bad looking, not gorgeous or anything but not bad. He wasn’t fat or skinny either he was average, certainly no hard body. One time last year we had made out at my friend Britney’s pool party and it was ok. It didn’t give me goosebumps but at least he didn’t grope me or anything. Maybe it was the three beers or that I was horny although at best those are only part of the reason for what I said next.

“Hey you said your parents aren’t home. Do you want to go hang out there?”

He looked surprised by my offer but he quickly accepted. From there it was preordained what would happen. When we got there I asked if he had any beer. Jimmy looked nervous but came back with two. We sat on the couch while we drank them. He did the old stretch to get his arm around my shoulder and I had to fight to keep from laughing. But when he started to kiss me I shocked him with my response. I practically attacked him kissing back with a passion I didn’t know was in me. When I put my hand in his crotch and started feeling around he almost jumped.

In under five minutes the only thing I had on was my sneakers and bra. Jimmy’s shirt was still on but his pants were around his knees and wasting no time he was clumsily trying to put his small thing inside me. I reached down and guided him to my virgin entrance which was still wet. He pushed forward making me a full fledged woman. The pain wasn’t bad cause when I was young I had done a lot of gymnastics and after a few rough exercises on the beam my hymen was partially torn anyway. Once Jimmy was in me he made a few awkward thrusts and then I felt him stiffen his whole body.

“No Jimmy not in me” I yelled but he was oblivious in the throes of his orgasm. Only after I hit him a couple of times did he become aware and manage to pull out with his thing still dripping cum, I can’t call it a cock after seeing a real one.

We sat there a little while with neither of us knowing what to say. I just wanted to cry but I knew it was me who had messed up. I sat up and started to get dressed. He asked if he could do anything for me and I just gave him a cold stare. I was mad more at myself but I wasn’t in the mood. When I finished dressing I stood up.

“Jessica do you want me to walk you home?” he asked.

“No but you can do me a favor Jimmy. If you want to tell your friends back home that you bagged some country girl go ahead if you don’t tell them my real name but promise me you won’t say anything around here ever.”

“I promise Jessica and I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about, I’m the jerk not you. Really you’re a nice guy” I said as I didn’t need to hurt or confuse him further.

As I walked back home I could feel Jimmy’s cum oozing out of me. When I reached home I went straight to bed and I didn’t leave my room until I knew that Uncle Mark had driven home. After everything that had happened last night I couldn’t bear to look at him. I would see him in my dreams soon enough.


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You should write another part!
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You should write another part!
I loved this story!!


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