I blackmail my snobby neighbor
Joyce squealed as I pushed another inch of my cock deep into her virgin asshole. Her husband sat there giving me an evil look but doing nothing to stop me. Her French manicured nails dug into my thighs but she was not really resisting. I was loving the control I had over her. She despised me, and would never have allowed anyone in her ass if she had had any choice in the matter, but here she was face down on her expensive davenport sofa with her sweet ass in the air, her tweed skirt around her waist, and her next door neighbor's cock now balls deep in her bowels.

Joyce and I had never gotten along well. She did not approve of me or my cheap car in her neighborhood. It seemed that every week she was making some new complaint about me to the homeowners Association; my car was too old, I had not trimmed my lawn properly, she did not like the color of my fence, my garage was too untidy, my parties were too loud, my friends did not drive the right cars, she didn't like that I would sit on my front porch because she felt like I was watching her. I had spent over $4000 putting a new deck in my backyard and the day after it was completed she filed a complaint with the HOA complaining that it was closer than 30 feet to her property line, a violation. It had been measured at 29 1/2 feet and yet she continued to persist causing me to spend another $1500 fixing the mistake. What it all came down to was that she knew I worked for her snooty country club and she resented the fact that I was somehow living in her neighborhood.

It was ironic that it was while I was online researching the laws regarding property lines that I noticed her husband Gerald had an unprotected Wi-Fi network. Within moments I was going through his personal files and discovered that their wealth came from a number of insider trading schemes. My initial plan was to simply blackmail them into paying for my deck and hopefully to put Joyce in her place a little bit. However, she just couldn't keep her mouth shut during our conversation continuing to insult me and implying that she was right that my kind of person, an obvious criminal, should not be in their neighborhood. Apparently she didn't realize that insider trading was a crime, or perhaps she just felt that the rich had a different set of laws to follow, but in any case all she did was get me really pissed off.

My observation had always been that, while Joyce was sort of pretty, she was a bit on the chunky side. She always dressed like she was expecting the Queen of England to stop by, in her little tweed business suits, her blouse collar buttoned to the neck, her skirt just beneath the knee. Frankly, as I never saw her without a scowl or self righteous smirk on her face I just found her downright unattractive. Besides, I was pretty sure she was too old for me. So when I realized that blackmailing them for money wasn't getting through to her, I decided that maybe a little physical humiliation would.

My thought had been to have her get naked and then make fun of all of her flaws, and maybe take a photo or two and threaten to show them to her snobby friends. It became immediately obvious that I was on the right track because she suddenly got very compliant, pleading with me not to make her disrobe. Tears ran down her face, smearing her perfect makeup, as I did not relent but the joke was on me, it seemed, as her body came into view. There was not an ounce of fat on her frame. What I had mistaken for chunkiness was actually the most enormous set of natural tits I had ever seen. The same was true about her ass, it was very round but in no way fat. Joyce was blushing bright red and attempting to hide her breasts behind her arms, and I realized that she was very self-conscious about her feminine attributes. I could not believe what I was seeing, but my cock could and it slowly dawned on me one way that I could really put Joyce in her place.

Even I was surprised to find that her begging and pleading only made me more excited. I told her that since she liked being a bitch so much she should get on all fours, and then I dropped in behind her and, freeing my throbbing member, unceremoniously slammed it into her rather dry married cunt. It had to be painful for her, but her pussy got wet right away a fact I did not hesitate to point out to her husband. Pounding her like I owned her while she pleaded with me to stop was nice, and I could have finished right there, but this was not about my pleasure but about her humiliation, so I stopped and made her slowly press back against me, taking every inch, fucking herself. When I told her to reach back and rub her clit while she fucked me she began to sob loudly. It actually didn't take long for her to reach orgasm and as I felt her pussy spasm around my tool I described it in great detail to Gerald. When I announced that I was about to come inside of his wife it was the first time that Gerald had done anything but glare at me and silently curse me under his breath; he came out of his seat, revealing to Joyce and I that his cock was rock hard and making a tent in his trousers. In a panicked voice he explained that Joyce was ovulating and that they had been trying to have a baby. Joyce had turned around and was giving me a wide-eyed terrified look even as she continued to move her quivering cunt along my shaft.

I was so completely in control and something within me just snapped. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and I was living proof. Giving him an evil grin I explained that I would not come inside of her pussy if he would put on her silky underwear and get her asshole nice and lubed up for me. He looked so ridiculous with his hard dick stretching against the lacy edge of her panties as he knelt behind his wife and began to lick her most private of places. Joyce pleaded with me through her moans not to violate her "back there" but I just laughed in her face and told her to make a choice; it was her ass or her cunt and I was going to come deep inside of one or the other. Once I was back behind her and resting my cock in her ass crack she tearfully asked me to not come inside of her pussy. I made her beg me to put my cock in her asshole, and I made her use those very words.

Now Gerald watched me rape his wife's asshole and was doing nothing but sitting there next to her, wearing her panties and surreptitiously stroking his own cock. I made him admit that he had never been there himself. At one point he had tried to comfort Joyce while I ploughed her rectum but she had spit in his face and called him a perverted bastard. She reached down and squeezed his balls hard through her panties and screamed at him that this was all his fault.

Joyce's ass was so tight and felt so good on my cock that I knew it was not going to be very long before I had to come. Stepping up my pace a bit I told Gerald to jerk off all over his wife's face. He made me tell him twice, but it was obvious he needed little coaxing as his fist became a blur. Joyce surprised us all by cumming first, screaming out, "no!" as she was unable to hold back that further humiliation. Gerald came next, huge gobs of cum splattering Joyce's face as she cursed him. Finally I felt my own cock twitch and I began to cum inside her asshole. Quickly I pulled out, shooting a bit onto her cheeks, and then plunged into her cunt to deposit the bulk of my seed deep into her fertile womb. Joyce and Gerald both screamed out in alarm as I likely impregnated the bitch.

I made Gerald get back behind his wife and though he did resist a bit he began to clean her up using his tongue. Joyce actually came a third time as he licked my cum from her ass and cunt. Meanwhile a horrified Joyce had the unpleasant task of cleaning her own cum and shit from my rapidly deflating cock. I called her a slut as she licked me, reminding her of how easily she came while being raped.

This was the beginning of the new life for Joyce and Gerald. The statute of limitations didn't run on his crimes for three more years and the pictures and videos I made of them over those years ensured their cooperation for as long as I wanted.

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