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This is my first story, not finished but wanted to share. It is a very true story from high school.
My name is Peter, i'm 18 now and i've done alot in the past 8 months, most of which is in the story to follow. Enjoy.

I had a less than average life for a 17 year old. But I had little to complain about. I just finished school, I tried joining the Defence Force, which was calling for as many people as they could get. But I was knocked back. So I had two years to kill before I could try again. I thought it was going to be an uneventful two years. I was trying to find a girlfriend as well. 17 years and no, I have never had one. I’ve seen a couple of girls before, but it never turned into anything worth keeping. So they pretty much ended on the first date basically.
But most of my friends were female, so they’d help me through it. But it wasn’t really anything I needed help with. A date goes wrong, the girl doesn’t want to see me anymore, fine. I was ok with that.

Two weeks after the HSC exams, yr12 for 2010 was finished! Over! And Cassie, who I had been close to since yr8, was excited and happy. As much as me and everyone else.
Cassie was older than me, as was everyone else. Tall, about 6' which rivaled my 6' 1", thin, cute, long brown hair, brown eyes, an always smiling face. She was perfect to me. But we were only ever friends, we never took it up a notch. I myself am, as i said, tall, brown eyes covered with glasses, shortish hair (I have let grow out into a curly ball sometimes), and i was relatively skinny except the bit of gut that refused to go away.

Throughout the senior years we had little time together, mostly because we only shared one class, and because she was on the debating team, I was not, as good as I may be. Our only class together was Modern History. I was a lot better at the subject than most, so I was always explaining events and comparing them to something the class knew, mostly a movie or a game. Cassie was good at detailing events with the facts she had, and that was one thing more I liked about her. Life with her was great.

Come 3 weeks later, results are out. We decide to hang out just one on one. We went out to a fairly popular place just an hour south. It was a good day out, and the last thing we counted on was my nan catching us and tell me off for being with her, so Cassie just kissed me and left.
After that stunt I thought she’d never want to be seen with me in public again, least that happened again.
The kiss was new, so after I settled down and got nan to shut up, that’s all I could think about. Was it a hint? I didn’t know, but I liked it regardless.
The following Monday I was called into a job agency to see what they could find for me to do the coming two years after Defence didn’t want me first try. That was at 3pm, so I was slowly getting ready at 12, given the fact that it was only an hour away on the whichever Macarthur bound bus I could get. But before I left I was still online, and Cassie had sent me a message asking what I was doing that afternoon, so I told her. I figured the thing with the agency would only take an hour at best, so when she asked if I wanted to see her after I had to say yes!

I was right, at the office I spent an hour in there signing paper and talking about my work plans and my goal career. So once I had finished, I walked down to the train station to meet Cassie. She is always one to dress nicely, and today was no exception.

We went down to the shopping centre, through a bookstore. "Wow' Cassie said, "If only we knew about these books before the HSC, it would've been much easier!" "Yes" I replied, "But we did great without them, anyway. So after we are done here any other ideas?" I asked. Cass replied with "Yeah, i do have an idea. You haven't been over my house ever! So how about it? No ones home today." This is when my heart raced and i felt lightweight all of a sudden. So unsure i agreed, and then we went and got some food to eat, and with that we left for her place.

On the train up we just went on about everything that had happened since yr7. How i went from the short fatty that was teased and bullied to a tall moderately built guy who was one of the least bothered and somewhat respected i will never know. Cass on the other hand had always been popular. Mostly because she was always one of the cutest girls and was always looking at her best no matter what.

Then of all the topics she brought up our love lives knowing full well i didn't have one. Cassie had been in a short relationship before which lasted longer then anything i've had by a long shot.

I made small talk about it and then we were off the train and walking from the stations to hers. On the way she asked about my sexual fantasies, i told her i've always wondered what random sex on a lounge would be like, and sex underwater, too. "Well Petey... Someones had a lot of thinking time, now haven't they?" "Well i've never had a sexual experience and the little bit of porn i've seen was.... Well lets say mind opening. And what about you, Cass Cass? What have some of your fantasies been, eh?"
Cassie just blushed and turned away for a second, then turned to me an said "Well, since you shared yours its only fair i share, too. Truth is, i've never had sex, either, but since we started our senior years you lost weight, grew taller, became one of the cutest guys in the whole school! Its just, since then i've been thinking about what it'd be like to lose my virginity to you, the big friendly giant who's quiet and sweet.... You are that guy Pete." I was lost for words at this point. I finally broke the minte silence. "Come on Cass, i really can't be that great. I mean, look at you. Who is the one girl with a smile on her face no matter what? Who has pushed to where i am these past two years? You! I'd be lost without you." "Well i kept thinking that if i didn't get closer to you and help build this friendship we have now, i might mis out on my fantasy to someone else, someone manipulating" "Cass... I think i should tell you something. I've always had a thing for you, i couldn't ever help but think that i was going to move too slow to win you. But here we are. I've liked you this whole entire damned time, thats mostly the reason those couple of dates failed. Because i had you on my mind the whole time." "Why think about me when you were with a girl? Was it maybe because you were wanting me to be there instead?" "Yes, thats exactly it, couldn't bring myself to say it. I've wanted you the whole time. The only reason i saw other girls was because i thought i was never going to have you. So i tried to block it out. Didn't work." "Aww, thats sweet. You are one real guy, can't beat you."

We finally made it to Cassie's house, and, as she had said, we were home alone. What happened next was rather fast and sudden, i can't fully remember what happened only that it was fast and i enjoyed it.

Yeah well... she went to rub me... and wanted to cradle my nads... And of course i could not resist but slip my hands under her shirt and tickle... i'm surprised her boobs looking as small as they do actually fill in my whole hand perfectly. She straddled me so gently, yet rough enough to get me standing straight! This lasted for the better part of 20 mins i think. Her hips so fine, her hands so soft... It was a little sloppy though (Given that it was our first proper go at it i think) I think i was close to release. If time allowed i think i'd have ended up eating her out. My fingertips rode down her awesome body until they met her pants waist, where they wiggled in and begun playing with her pussy. But her hand wasn't getting bored of me thats for sure. I never knew full on mutual masturbation would feel so intense.

Then we both heard a car pull into the driveway. Cassie broke off the kiss and swung her head around.. Because i still had one hand up her top i could feel her pound harder suddenly."Shit! Mums home, Quick, get your hand out of there and go to the bathroom, i'll get you in mins." "Got it, and you better fix your cloths, too." I said as i pulled her pants back up as she fixed her bra and shirt. I gave her a quick kiss and then went down the hall and into the bathroom.

Thats it for this part, hope you enjoyed. Please be advised that the next part may take a while because i'm still recollecting everything. :)

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2013-10-23 18:02:32
UviCd9 Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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2011-12-28 22:29:37
It's now December. please write part two.

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2011-09-14 04:04:26
I liked it, this Cassie sounds like a hottie, sweet dude. You should have made it longer though, seriously...


2011-06-01 16:08:37
Sorry guys, but i don't think i will post a part 2, it doesn't really have that much sexual content to be considered a sex story. Hope you enjoyed this one though.

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2011-05-15 16:20:26
Did I read the same story the previous comments came from?
What the fuck dude, you call that a story. Will someone just shoot me before I read some lame shit like this again. Sorry was I unkind? It's time for my nap now. zzzzzzzz

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