This is the true story about 8 teenage actors who checked into a hotel room one night and ended up ‘doing stuff’ if you get my drift! Enjoy!


My name’s Josh and I live in England. At the time of this story, I was 14. It wasn’t that long ago actually. I just came on here and saw a few of the stories and thought you may find it interesting if I posted mine. So I sat down and took the time to go into detail about my sexual experience with 7 of my dearest male friends…

I’m an actor, I’ve always been into working on TV and drama, and as an actor I also have a few friends who are also actors around my age. And this story involves them. There were 8 of us all together.

First after me, there was Jimmy, who was also 14 at the time. He was from North America.
Nathan (my personal favourite) who was 12. He was also from the US.
Then there was Jake and Liam. They were also from the states and were both 13.
Next, there was Drew. He’s from Canada and he was the oldest of us. He was 15.
Last but defiantly not least, there was Ollie and Oscar, who were both 12. I saw Ollie and Oscar quite a lot anyway because unlike the other 5 actors, they came from the UK, as did I. But we all spoke on the phone and Internet quite frequently anyway.

We had all been in a film or two, some theatre, but mainly TV dramas and commercials were our thing along with a couple of charity aids and music videos. We all had the same talent agency, in Los Angeles, and that’s how we met, and where ‘it’ happened. None of us thought we were gay, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that we were after it happened either, but we all enjoyed it, and this one time together was defiantly a gay experience. Mind you, I did do stuff more then once with another guy, and I think a couple of them did as well but it was defiantly the first time for 3 or 4 of them. By the way they all gave me permission to post this, but for privacy reasons I’m not going to give out full names or anything else like that.

Like I said we all had the same agent, but I knew Ollie and Oscar way before that. We used to live very close to one another and have been very close friends since we were about 8. Oscar was the first of us actors, and then 4 months later I started. A year later me and Oscar managed too persuade Ollie to also get an agent, who now loves it to bits and has done incredibly well for himself.

As far as the other 5 are concerned, they were from the US so I couldn’t see them as often. But after we met at a US and UK trip programme the previous year through our agency, we all exchanged numbers and kept in contact via phone and the Internet – email, webcam, Facebook - that sort of thing. Most of the time we would chat on web cam all at once, all 8 of us speaking on web cam for a couple of hours at a time. Which was good enough for us, we really enjoyed all speaking on web cam.

Anywho onto the story…

It was the middle of the summer and our agency wanted 10 boys between the ages of 12 and 16 for this new international school drama. Jimmy told us about it, and we all agreed to apply for it. Me, Ollie and Oscar agreed to fly out to LA where the audition meetings were. Our parents were used to us flying out on our own. Well, technically it wasn’t on our own on our own. Because we were under 16 the agency had to provide us with a chaperone to go around with us, but she just let us go off on our own most of the time haha. Of course it was a lot easier for Jimmy, Nathan, Jake, Liam and Drew – they were all within no more then a 3-hour drive from the agency.

We got the notice for the job a week in advance, so the following week, me, Ollie and Oscar met up at the airport with our chaperone Karen and caught a direct flight to LA, where we soon arrived to find the rest of the lads waiting for us at LAX airport.

We never flew out to LA for leisure or recreational stuff – there wasn’t enough time. So sometimes it was literally just fly out first thing for the audition meeting, have it then fly back late at night. That was the plan for this one. So all 8 of us and chaperone Karen got a transfer to the agency headquarters, were we then sat in the waiting room with about 50 other guys around our age who were also auditioning for a part.

We weren’t waiting long, thank god. But we had to go in one by one. And of course none of us would know if we had a place or not until a few weeks later, this was just the audition. The auditions went quite well for all of us, but whilst we were waiting we had such a great chat with one another that we wanted to see each other a bit more. It was the first time we had all properly seen each other in person.

We had a long chat about this and that. Me, Ollie and Oscar then tried to persuade Karen to let us stay but she said we should get back. The other 5 came back with us to the airport. But guess what? Cause we spent so long pondering and persuading Karen about it – we missed our flight! By around 10 minutes. It was the last one of the day, so Karen turned around and said “well I guess iv got no choice then. We will stay but we leave tomorrow!”. As you can imagine, we were all ecstatic about that.

We went straight back into LA where Karen booked a hotel for the night – 2 rooms. We always did that – Karen had her own room and me, Ollie and Oscar would share a room. But we never did anything sexually with each other before. Until that night!

Jimmy, Nathan, Jake, Liam and Drew all came back to the hotel with us. Karen knew they were there and they were supposed to be getting back later that evening – but they didn’t!…

It was about 10 o’clock, and we knocked on Karen’s door and told her the rest had gone home and we were going to bed. She said she’s going to bed too and she wanted to see us at 9am in the lobby – fine by us – we would just try to get up at around 7am.

Us lads had actually decided that because it was the first time we had seen each other in ages, and because we really liked spending so much time together, they would all stay in the hotel with us. In the room, there was a double bed, 2 single beds and a sofa bed.

The plan was that Jimmy and Drew each had a single bed, Nathan had the sofa bed, Jake and Liam shared the double bed (they didn’t mind!) and then us English – Ollie, Oscar and I would sleep on the floor. Thanks a lot guys! Well, it wasn’t a problem really cause we didn’t spend much time on the floor put it that way!

Anyway we had all used the bathroom, took off all of our cloths (except boxer shorts – everybody was wearing different kinds of boxer shorts which we kept on – for now!). It had reached 10.30 and we were all in the bed. It was quite dark but we all agreed to leave the desk-side lamp on because we all liked it like that. So we could all see perfectly well and there was also this distinctive glare from a streetlight outside of the curtain-drawn windows.

It was so quite. Too quite. Complete and utter silence for about 5 minutes but what for seemed like an hour. There wasn’t even any cars outside (just to set the scene!).

We were all lying there. We were all obviously awake. Built very still and silent.

Finally, that overwhelming silence was broken. Oscar shouted out from the floor “anybody sleeping?”. First Nathan replied with a “no”. Then Jimmy with a “hell no”. Then I followed with a “naa”. Jake and Liam simultaneously said no which was then followed by Drew’s and Ollie’s declaration of still being awake. Drew then said “is anybody even tired?”. All at once, without saying anything, we all just got out of bed, and sat on top of our covers. So now we were all up looking at each other sat around this fairly small room on our beds in our boxer shorts! (the room was only meant for us 3 or a maximum of 5 people – but luckily there was some spare bedding!)

This is when it really started to take off…

Jake randomly said “I couldn’t get to sleep cause of Liam’s hard on!” in a tongue-in-cheek way. Liam went bright red with embarrassment as everybody looked down for proof of the vertical tent in his boxer shorts. But in an instant Liam just swallowed his embarrassment and doubt and stood up in a split second, completely exposing his erection. It was silent for a bit, and then Nathan said “it’s alright, Liam I got one and all” with a nice, approachable smile on his face.
Ollie shouted out “oh yeah? Well then - prove it Nath!”. Everybody turned to Nathan with anticipation. Well, Nathan took it one step further – he stood up and pulled down his boxer shorts! He was now standing COMPLETELY naked with a hard on! Modestly, he sat down again, still completely naked.

Jimmy soon decided to follow suit. Without saying a word, he got up from the bed, threw off his awesome boxers and sat back down, with a hard on. Again, completely naked. He then decided to break the silence – “who’s next then?” he uttered.

As you can imagine, I was getting VERY erect at this point. Everybody was. You could tell everybody had an erection. We were all sitting there in our boxers. Well, apart from Nathan and Jimmy, who were now sitting there skin naked with hard on’s poking out. That got us all really worked up sexually.

After a few star-gazing seconds, Drew, the eldest of us, who was still sitting under the covers, wiggled his boxers off under the bed, threw them out, and then completely thrashing the bed covers off of him – completely exposing him and his very decently sizeable cock!

After that, I decided that I had gone on long enough – so I pulled off my boxers and hauled my dick out, and sat back down on my sheets again - completely naked.

Not long to follow were Liam and Jake. They both did it together – double wamie! As they both slipped down their comic-book-strip boxers we were all staring at them as our very own hard on’s were growing bigger by the second at this intense sexual excitement.

So now it was just Ollie and Oscar. They were both there with prominent erections, but still had their boxers on. I thought “come on guys – don’t let Britain down all the Americans are naked!” haha

But I didn’t have to say anything. And nor did anybody else – Ollie didn’t even get up to take off his boxers – he just shuffled out of them with his bum still firmly on the quilt. But that didn’t matter, because when they were off he made an amazing point of widely spreading out his legs. That was amazing.

Well, that got Oscar going. Lets just say – saved the best method until last in my opinion! He shot up and stood with his boxers on the double bed. He started to do some sort of a stripping act in front of us – slowly but surly loosening the only thing between his rock hard tallywacker and us. He then flung off his boxers in a jerk, stood there completely naked, took a bow (which I thought was brilliant) then sat back down again. “Encore! Encore!” I thought as Jimmy shouted out “bravo!”

So there we have it – there was us 8 teenage actors – all sitting there completely nude with each other. But the best part was the stiffies – we ALL had very exited penises! In hindsight it was quite funny, we all took about 5 minutes to just silently look around the room – not moving – just taking in turns to stare at each others dicks and take it all in…

Jimmy had an amazing body. The best body I think. He had a nice tan, lots of muscle, no unusual marks like some of the older guys you see. Aged 14, he had a cock that looked about 5.5 inches. He wasn’t circumcised – well – none of us there were which I thought was good because to be honest the thought of having no foreskin would have put me off. Everything of Jimmy’s was a decent size, including his balls and he also had a fair amount of pubes. Every single about him was just utterly amazing.

I then turned to look at 12-year-old Nathan who was still there nude right next to me on the sofa bed with his legs casually parted. I think he was my favourite. He had the cutest face and gorgeous bright blonde hair. As far as muscle goes, he wasn’t the biggest body-builder I had seen but that didn’t matter – he had enough. And he was also quite pale – not as tanned as Jimmy. But the real appeal was his cock. Despite the fact he was 2 years younger then Jimmy, Nathan also had a cock that was of a good size – it looked about 5 inches – which if you ask me was pretty damn good for that age! He also had a perfectly proportioned amount of pubes, and decently sized bollacks. But what really got me going was that I also noticed some clear sticky precum slowly oozing out of the tip of his penis. It was obvious he was really exited.

I then reluctantly turned my head from Nathan to Ollie. But I didn’t regret that either. He was also right next to me with his legs separated like wide parallel bars. He was also quite tanned, because he spent a lot of his life filming in Spain and places like that. I didn’t see his cock immediately – first I noticed his lovely tanned torso and cute face and hair, before slowly bringing my eyes to a descent – focusing on his now massively erect dick. Like Nathan, Ollie was also twelve and also had a reasonably sized cock. It looked about 4.5 inches to me – and it was throbbing in between his tanned legs, which also played the home of a perfect amount of Ollie’s pubes, evenly distributed around his crotch and nicely sized balls.

I then had to lean forward slightly to catch a glimpse of Oscar and his shaker. Oscar had calmed down quite a lot since his cabaret performance on the double bed, but was still very much notably horny – he was another of the boys that had a fluid seeping out of his throbbing cock – which appeared to me about 5 inches long – another decently sized dick for another 12 year old boy. Everybody else’s dick was completely straight, but Oscar’s has a slight downward bend at the top – nothing wrong with that – gives you a bit of variety! Like everybody else, his black pubes were another outstanding feature. You could tell he was younger – it looked as though he hadn’t had pubic hair for long. Again, that didn’t matter!

I then looked over to 15-year-old Drew, who was actually there touching his cock. Not playing with it – just lightly stroking it – taming it until somebody else could come along and satisfy his throbbing beast. As he was the oldest, it was one of the biggest of penises – his was 6 inches, maybe even a few centimetres more. He also had a lot of pubes, which were spread across the top of his groin area above his dick and balls. The whole time, he was there smiling happily, with a very temping and provocative shine in his beautiful eyes.

I then finally got over to Liam and Jake, who were expectedly – both still on the double bed (those guys were like brothers!). Also as I expected of these 13 year old boys, their cocks were so much alike. Both of them looked about 5 inches long, and a decent size along with their balls. They both also had a great amount of pubes – quite a few but not too many. You don’t want too many cause you may think your having sex with an animal – and I didn’t want that – I wanted to know the whole time that these were boys my age, cause that got us even more turned on – doing it with mates.

And, as for me, just so you know (and I will be honest here) – I had a cock a lot like Jimmy’s – about 5.5 inches, good enough thickness, little bit of boy juice at the tip, straight not bent, good sized balls and a nice amount of black pubes. I didn’t have as much muscle as him though, and I wasn’t as tanned either. But Jimmy and me seemed so share some sort of a connection. What was really turning on was, as I was looking at everybody else’s naked bodies, so was everybody else – we were all rotating our heads around the room at the other boys. Apart from Jimmy. I noticed that most of the time he was staring directly at me and my buldge, and I was also very fond of his. I did like all of them, but if I’m honest, I really liked Jimmy’s and Nathan’s. Nathan was another one who seemed to be very directly drawn to me – which all seemed to work out later on, if you dare read on…

After about 5 minutes of rotating our heads to stare at and examine one another’s rock hard cocks, things started to get going. As in sexually, physically…

Liam who was still sat next to Jake just reached over to Jake and grabbed hold of his cock and started jerking him off at a perfect pace up and down. As he did, I half expected Jake to push him off and tell him to get a life, and I was expecting everybody else to just laugh and call him a gay. I wouldn’t of liked that. We were all getting very randy and wanted to go even further. Luckily just that happened…

As Liam reached over and touched Jake’s dick, Jake closed his eyes, leant back and let out a long, quite sigh of pleasurable relief. We could all tell that he liked it. He loved it. It was silent for a moment. Liam then broke the silence by saying “I guess we had better make the most of this night! Wanna have some fun?!?” that got me solid hard. It seemed to get everybody solid hard and horney. It was quite funny because with no further preliminary needed, everybody just got up, still naked with hard on’s and started moving. It was like a rehearsal, and it was like everybody was moving to their ‘places’. It seemed as though everybody knew what they wanted and where they had to go get it. Of course, it was all spontaneous but it was interesting how we all placed ourselves, it was like everybody was in sync…

Jake and Liam got up first. As they did, Liam’s hand slipped away from it’s tight grasp on Jake’s cock but they moved across to the bed where Jimmy had just got up from. As soon as they sat back down, there hands instantly reached over each other and starting tossing each other off - both making moaning and groaning sounds of pleasure as they went.

Whilst all of this was going on, we just seemed to naturally get into ‘groups’ if you will. Again, it was like we all knew what we were doing and we all wanted it oh so badly. But Drew remained seated all the time, with his stiff cock poking out from his nice body, as though he was waiting for people to come to him. But that didn’t matter – because people did – Ollie and Oscar both went straight over to Drew where they immediately started to feel one another up, touching each other’s bodies and rubbing against each other. Jake and Liam just remained wanking each other the whole time.

Meanwhile, me, Jimmy and Nathan ‘grouped’ together. All 3 of us started to lie down on the now empty double bed, where we then began to fondle with each other just as Drew, Ollie and Oscar had been doing for a minute or so now. Our hearts were beating so fast – but in a good way – it was all excitement…

Within a few seconds, the real fun began – everybody started wanking one another. It was still me, Jimmy and Nathan on the double bed. I put my hand over to Jimmy’s cock where I started to jerk him off with perfect pace. He told me he liked it like that. At the same time Jimmy started to jerk Nathan off, I could tell Nathan was really enjoying it too – he seemed to be breathing really heavy with pleasure. Also at this time, Nathan began to jerk me off. He reached his hand over, grabbed my throbbing cock in his writing hand and began to beat it up and down with ease. It sent a jolt of pleasure through my body. It was so amazing. He was a fantastic jerker. Much better then wanking yourself. So us 3 were there tossing one another. Meanwhile, everybody else decided to follow. Well, apart from Jake and Liam who had been jerking each other off at a steady enough pace the whole time (those guys were so close – did everything together bless ‘em!). Drew, Ollie and Oscar started to jerk each other off just as we were. I was too busy in my own zone of pleasure with Nathan and Jimmy so I couldn’t see who else was tossing who but it was very clear that they were all wanking each other. And it was also very clear that they enjoyed it very much. Ollie was groaning with his legs open he liked it so much. I could just about hear him uttering “oh yeah” under his breath, which I quite liked.

This went on for a couple of amazingly pleasurable minutes. It was fun, but I wanted to go even further. We all did. Complete and utter silence dawned on the whole room once again. With the exception of Nathan breathing rapidly and Ollie groaning “oh yeah” in a whisper, it was as good as totally silent…

I couldn’t take it anymore. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it – because I was I really, really was. But that’s the thing – I was enjoying it a bit too much. As I felt the sensation of Nathan jerking me grow even nicer, I thought “oh no – if we don’t stop now we are all gonna cum and then it wont go any further”. And I so desperately wanted it to go further before we ‘finished’ – I wasn’t into the whole anal thing – I don’t think any of us where – but one things for certain – we all were into sucking – and that’s what I wanted to do – so I called the shots…

“I’ll give you a blowjob if you want”, I randomly proclaimed to Jimmy and Nathan in a provocative and seductive voice. It wasn’t directed at either of them in particular at the time – I just wanted a suck from someone and wanted to suck someone myself at the same time. And it was obvious that that’s what they wanted as well, as they both turned to me and smiled in a cheerfully accepting grin as if to say “hell yeah lets do it!”. We all let go of each other’s cocks (despite the fact it was difficult) and automatically seemed to do some sort of a ‘rotation’.

We all seemed to turn clockwise. I turned over to Nathan where I was gonna suck him off. Meanwhile, Nathan turned to Jimmy and got in the position. At the same time, Jimmy who just had me wank him turned to face in between my legs where he was preparing himself. I didn’t notice it until afterwards, but it became apparent that the other 5 guys were doing exactly the same thing – getting ready for a bit of nice oral on each other. It was a very exiting atmosphere…

Nathan turned his head to look at me and said “ready when you are handsome” whilst winking at me. I really liked that. I then turned to Jimmy and raised my eyebrows a couple of times to say “give it to me!”. Jimmy then turned to Nathan and said “let’s do this!” whilst edging forward a tad more towards my dick…

Then it happened.

As soon as I noticed Nathan’s head moving down to grasp his mouth over Jimmy’s cock I immediately got stuck into Nathan myself. I looked down, opened my mouth and lowered my head onto his hot precum moisturised tallywacker. As soon as I had over half of his dick in my mouth (manageable in size), I locked my lips around it and started to suck like a vacuum. Meanwhile, I felt exactly the same thing happen to my cock at the same time. I felt Jimmy’s kissable, hot, wet lips as they clutched in position around my penis. His mouth was so warm and moist on my sausage. I then felt him to begin to suck with power, lightly moving his tongue around the top. It was the best feeling I had ever felt. It was so nice. So pleasurable. So much better then a jerk. I didn’t think you could get a better feeling then a good long orgasm by jerking but I realised how wrong I was when Jimmy started moving his head up and down my throbbing cock. It was so amazing and sent a huge shutter of pleasure all across my body. So I closed my eyes and started to breath heavily to ‘tame’ my pleasure…

Meanwhile back in Josh’s mouth, as my pleasure increased immensely I decided I wanted to give Nathan that exact same tingling experience in his willy that he deserved. So I began to bob my head up and down, whilst continuing to suck like I meant it, whilst also exploring his 12 year old penis with my tongue. He really liked that. He started to make sexual noises of pleasure. He also gave me the ‘thumbs up’ to say, “yeah – that’s good”. He then closed his eyes and let out a sigh of immense pleasure whilst opening his legs wider for better ‘accessibility’.

We were all in the same sort of position. It was like a 3-part triangle on it’s side. It was a little uncomfortable but we didn’t care. We were getting pleasure in our mouths and on our cocks. That’s one thing we all really liked – not only did we like receiving a blow job from another teenage guy – the tingly electricity in your penis – but we all liked giving each other a blowjob as well - sucking on the hot, wet throbbing salty dick of another boy, knowing at the same time it’s giving him a nice feeling that he really enjoys and really wants more of.

So there we were. I was sucking Nathan, Nathan was sucking Jimmy and Jimmy was sucking me. I couldn’t see every detail of the others due to the fact I was way too spaced out in the pleasure between us three but I do remember vividly that Liam and Jake and Drew, Ollie and Oscar all also seemed to be doing exactly the same thing. Liam And Jake were in the 69 position though with Jake on top and Liam below making a couple of noises. Poor Drew, Ollie and Oscar all looked very cramped on that just above average sized bed but didn’t seem to mind.

We were also jerking each other at the same time like most people do – sucking the first manageable half and then using our hand on the bottom to compliment the sucking. We were all doing that and it was totally amazing…

It was another of those moments when we all seemed to be in sync. It wasn’t long, about 2 minutes in fact because it was so intense – maybe not even that. As the pleasure between our trio started to build up even more, it was obvious that we were all very close to climaxing and cumming in each other’s mouths. Nathan opened his legs wider as he started to tense his whole body. He then started to make pleasurable noises as he began shaking and lightly thrusting his cock in and half out of my mouth. I didn’t mind, because meanwhile, I was doing the same to Jimmy – I opened my legs wider and began ‘humping’ his mouth as I was also imminently near orgasm. It became apparent to me that Jimmy was also doing the same to Nathan, but I couldn’t see what all of the others were doing – they must have been around the same sort of stage as us…

I felt Nathan’s cock continue to grow bigger and hotter in my warm, wet mouth with a bit of cum seeping from the top as he persisted to breath heavily and tense his young body. You could feel the tension from him ready to explode. And then it did – he couldn’t hold on any longer – it was so nice for him – so as he began to shake faster and make even more noises of pleasure – he came…

It was AWSOME as he orgasmed. I felt a hot stream of salty liquid fill my mouth in an instant as it spurted out of his rock hard dick, hitting the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth. You could tell he really liked it - because he came loads. He later told me that it was his first blowjob and the best orgasm he ever had! I know he wanted me to swallow, so I immediately started – finishing what I had begun. It was so nice. He came for quite a while, as soon as I had swallowed some of it he would dribble some more from his throbbing orgasmic cock. Most of it managed to stay in my mouth, but some managed to get out and dribble down my hand which was also still on his dick. But didn’t mind that and neither did he.

So I was there just finishing Nathan off as he was still enjoying it. Meanwhile, Jimmy started to finish me off. Like Nathan, I couldn’t hold on anymore, so I just let go and started to cum in Jimmy’s hot, moist mouth with intense pleasure. It was a truly amazing orgasm, and the best thing about it – he didn’t stop. He wanted to give me the full experience – so as I came he was still sucking and bobbing his head (which I loved) and also began to swallow. Just as I had done to Nathan, he was swallowing everything I gave him, and still kept his jerking hand at the base of my dick. As I spurted my final bit into his warm mouth, everybody else started to finish as well…

I noticed Liam and Jake had just finished with each other in their 69 position, and where now just lying down holding each other in their arms, which I thought, was really sweet. On the other side of the room, Drew, Ollie and Oscar where also in the midst of orgasm as they all cried out noises of imminent pleasure as they finished sucking each other off.

Meanwhile back on the double bed with us, Nathan was the first to officially finish. He had stopped coming so I managed to swallow the last of his output with ease. He had also calmed down – he had stopped shaking, wasn’t as tense and started to get his breathing back into control. I was literally a couple of seconds after him – I started to relax and subside my noises of pleasure as Jimmy swallowed his final gulp of my hot semen. Although it wasn’t that noticeable, Jimmy wasn’t far behind. Although he was the last of us to reach orgasm, he still enjoyed it very much. I could see him shake and thrust with pleasure as Nathan continued to blow him. Within a few seconds, he was also finished. Once he had finished, Nathan lightly let go of his dick. As he did, Jimmy also lifted his mouth from my satisfied cock. I then did the same to Nathan, slowly rising as he looked at me with a very happy smile and a satisfied look on his cute face.

We all took the moment to look around the room again. We were all there still completely naked, but we were all very hot and now quite exhausted. We had all received and given orgasmic blowjobs simultaneously and where now just sitting there in our ‘groups’ as we called them. I was worried that now we were done – we would all just get completely back to normal and go to sleep as though nothing ever happened. Or worse still we would all feel guilty about it and say that we should never do it again. Thank god – that didn’t happen. It was completely the opposite actually – we didn’t regret it one single bit and then Nathan did something that I thought was really nice…

Nathan leant over and put his arms around me. And then, we kissed! We were still naked, and he just said “thank you so much that was amazing” – he opened his mouth and closed his eyes and went to snog me. Ecstatic, I went along with it. As his hot, wet lips touched mine, I also closed my eyes as we locked in place. I then put my tongue in Nathan’s mouth, and began to explore it. There was still some of Jimmy’s hot, salty come in there, mixed up with Nathan’s spit, which I could taste and then Nathan also stuck his tongue in my mouth. We simultaneously pulled away and smiled at each other lovingly after a few moments. I wanted to do the same with Jimmy. So I did. I leant over to him and said “thanks Jimmy that was brilliant”, and began to kiss him. He didn’t mind, he also leant forward, smiling, and then put his warm tongue in my mouth. It wasn’t long before we were finished, and then everybody in the room began to put their boxers back on.

By now, we had all been satisfied and our hot dicks, which had been erect and wet for ages were now softening, as the night turned romantic. Nobody had to ask one another about what to do next, because, again, we all knew what we wanted…

Once we were all back in our underwear, we began to get into the beds. Me, Nathan and Jimmy laid down side by side in the double bed and pulled the quilt up over us as we began to snuggle. I found it really sweet, because I was in the middle, so I put one arm around Jimmy and the other around Nathan. Nathan turned to snuggle into me, nesting his head in my arms. Meanwhile, Jimmy also turned, only he placed his hand on my underwear in a comforting way, which I didn’t mind. I gave them both a kiss on the forehead and they both closed their eyes. Jimmy whispered to me “I enjoyed that, we should do it again sometime”. I whispered back “defiantly, you can say that again, babe”. I then heard Nathan utter “thank you” to me again in a calm, loving voice. I gave him another kind squeeze with my arm and said “anytime Nathan”.

I looked over at the clock; it had just gone 11 so it had lasted a good half an hour or so. I looked over to Liam and Jake. They both winked at me and closed their eyes. They were snuggled up together in the single bed, it looked really cute.

I then turned my head to the other side of the room, where Ollie had obviously fallen a sleep and fallen off the bed. He didn’t mind – he was somehow comfortable. But he was still just in his boxers and looked cold, so Oscar got a cover and put it over him.

Oscar got back into the other single bed with Drew as they toped and tailed in the bed with a pillow at each end. Drew said “night everyone, love you”. I thought that was really sweet but I was too tired to answer – it had been a long, busy and exiting day. And nobody else answered him because they all seemed to be asleep already. Drew reached across and switched off the desk light next to his bead. It was now virtually pitch black. So I just closed my eyes as I snuggled in the warm with Nathan and Jimmy who were also still only in their boxers as was I.

I must have fell asleep really quickly, because it didn’t seem long before it was morning again. Luckily, none of us snored and there wasn’t any fidgeting as such so there wasn’t any disturbances, which was nice. Then it was morning…

I woke up to the sound of a boiling kettle (haha). We must have stayed in the same positions we fell asleep in ALL night – I was still there with one arm around Jimmy and the other around Nathan as they both snuggled into me. Drew, Ollie and Oscar were already up. Drew was making a line of cups of coffee and Oscar was making a piece of toast for breakfast. Ollie was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. At this point, those 3 were already dressed. Jake and Liam were still in their boxers, but they were awake. They were just sitting up in the bed quietly next to each other.

Then I looked up at the clock and rose in shock as I realised it was half past 8! I only just remembered that the whole night Karen had been sleeping next door to us, and she wanted to meet me, Ollie and Oscar in the lobby at 9am!

As I got up, Jimmy and Nathan also awoke. Oscar said he was just about to wake us. As we got up from the bed, Jake and Liam also made heist. We all got dressed. There was no time for breakfast, because there were 8 of us, so we all just had one bite of Oscar’s piece of toast and a quick coffee that Drew had just finished making.

We all brushed our teeth and made sure that we looked ‘appropriate’. We all wanted to do it again in the morning, but we couldn’t – there wasn’t enough time. We hated it being so rushed. It had just gone ten to nine. Although it was rushed, we didn’t forget about what had happened the previous night. Before we were about to go out the door, we all just looked at each other and smiled. Jimmy winked at me and Nathan said “Josh – we will do it again sometime!”. We all gave each other a quick hug and kiss which I thought was nice (we didn’t want to kiss in public!) but what wasn’t so nice was how time was ticking on. Luckily our room wasn’t far from the lobby, so we all rushed over there. Because Karen still didn’t know about Jimmy, Nathan, Jake, Liam and Drew staying over the night (she would have had a fit!), we were literally just hoping that she wasn’t already in the lobby. Luckily (thank god) with a bit of rotten gambling luck, she wasn’t there. The 5 Americans rushed out of the door and said, “thanks again, bye!”. Not sure exactly what they did then because it was so rushed – as far as I know, they all immediately started to part their ways and make their own ways back home. They missed Karen literally by SECONDS. The elevator doors opened and out she walked. “Good night boys?” she said. “Oh you have no idea” said Ollie, looking over at me and smiling cheekily. “Brilliant” replied Karen “but we have to go now, come on let me just pay for it”. So she paid for the rooms at reception, got our luggage and then we were on our way in a jiff. We got a taxi straight to the airport where we then all caught the next flight out of LAX.

It was a long flight home. I don’t know about Ollie and Oscar but the whole time I was thinking about the other boys, and how much fun we had, and how much I wanted so badly to do it again with them. Once we got back into London, Karen left in her car, and me, Ollie and Oscar each caught separate trains to go home after saying our goodbyes. We got home in no time.

Thankfully, we have all remained friends since. I know that sometimes if things happen sexually between ‘mates’ it can ruin their friendship, but with ours it didn’t which I was really happy about. We still speak regularly as normal. We haven’t talked about ‘that night’ directly to each other since, but we all remember it and all had a great time. Sometimes on web cam we will wink at one another and make sexy jokes. Occasionally Jimmy and Nathan will also say something like “remember that time we stayed in the hotel?” and I will just wink at them and say, “yeah – very good night that was”. They will then nod their heads, smiling in wide-eyed agreement. But there is a downside, we still haven’t seen each other properly since, mainly because of the long distances between us, and the very rare amount of times that more then one of us will get called to an audition, and the cost of it. So that is very upsetting, I wish I could see them more in person. Cause you never know, if we did see each other in person it may all kick off again! And we would all LOVE that!

Just to let you know none of us got the parts that we auditioned for. But that didn’t matter, because we still all got a lot out of it – sex! Plus a couple of us have also gained other parts in other things that we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t go to LA that time. But that night in the hotel, I think about all the time. It was so fun and I will NEVER forget it. If only we could do it again, more often.



Josh :)

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