This is the third part to this story. It's some what longer then the first two, But I don't think it will dissapoint. Because If you like the themes I put on here, then hopefully you will like this.
My shower was starting to get cold. How long had I been just standing here under the hot water? It didn’t matter. Nothing really mattered anymore. I finished washing my hair and turned off the water. When I stepped out of the shower I immediately started getting cold again. Well that was a waste and I have nothing to wear. I wrapped the towel around my body that Andrew had given to me earlier. I walked over to the mirror and wiped away the steam that had formed there. Then I looked at myself for the first time in a while. I mean I really looked at myself.

My face was pale; more so then usual. I had a fat lip from when he hit me in the mouth last night. On the right side of my face my cheek bone was slightly bruised. Nothing a little foundation couldn’t cover up though. I dropped my towel to the ground and looked at my body. My knees were bruised and there were small scratches all over them. My wrists looked purple and pinkish from the rope I had been tied in. This wasn’t okay. I didn’t deserve this.

But this was my new life. This was how it was going to be if I kept disobeying Andrew. I knew that if I kept being defiant when he told me to do something it would just get worse. Maybe a broken wrist from him grabbing me and jerking me around too hard? Or maybe even worse than that? I didn’t want to think about things like that so I focused on those small moments of compassion he’d shown me. When he would all of a sudden change, and not be so violent. If this was truly how the rest of my life was going to be, then I’d treasure those moments.

But then it clicked. I didn’t have to let him push me around and hurt me anymore. He wouldn’t need to if I would just stop telling him no. I liked the way he touched me though didn’t I? I loved the feeling of his body against mine, right? “So why keep on rejecting him?” I thought out loud to myself. My hands started to wander over my body as I was thinking about how he had fucked me Friday night. I let my hands travel up my stomach and over my breasts. I watched myself do this in the mirror; it made it feel sexier somehow. I pinched my nipples and pulled at them to get them hard. Then I let my left hand travel down, over my soft stomach to my pussy. I let my fingers just glide over my lips; feeling the warmth that was being exerted there.
I slid my middle finger between my lips and felt the moisture that was starting to form there. I rubbed at my clit and started to moan quietly. Then I reached further down and slid a finger into my opening; sliding it in and out slowly. Then I stuck another finger inside and started to move them both in and out faster and deeper inside. At this point I was bent over the bathroom counter finger fucking myself as fast as I could. The tingling started to build in my groin. I reached back around with my right hand and rubbed little circles on my ass. That was all it took and my orgasm washed over me and all threw my body. My knees started to shake and I crumpled down to the floor. I had to use the counter for support to stand back up again and when I did I saw his reflection in the mirror behind me.

I spun around and gasped, “Ohhh-uhmm.” I didn’t know what to do except say the first thing that popped into my mind. “How long have you been here?” And how did I not hear you come in? I added as an afterthought inside my head. He pursed his lips the way he does when he’s thinking, “Long enough.” He finally said; still keeping a straight face. I was so embarrassed that he had seen me masturbating that I could feel my cheeks flushing with heat and it was weird because I almost never blushed.
He stepped out of the door way and into the bathroom towards me, “So what were you doing Crystal?” As if he didn’t know all too well what I was doing. “I was… just, well.” I was at a loss for words. “You were touching yourself weren’t you Crystal?” He smiled that gorgeous smile at me. I gulped loudly trying to clear my throat, “Yes.” My voice sounded so small. He closed the distance between us and reached up for my face. With my face in his hands he smiled warmly at me and said, “I guess I never told you this, so I’ll let it slide this time. But you are not to touch or pleasure yourself in any way unless I tell you to. Do you understand?” He said the words so calmly that it made him sound even more serious; he was starting to scare me. “Yes, I do.” I squeaked. “Good.” And with that he pressed his lips up against mine and I didn’t fight it anymore. I kissed him back and let him slide his tongue in my mouth. But then he pulled away and held me away from him by the tops of my shoulders.

“I got you something.” He said. “What?” was the only word that came out of my mouth. “Stay here.” He ordered me, and I didn’t move an inch. He walked back into the bedroom and I watched him pick up a bag from the floor. He pulled out a blood red mini dress and matching high heels. He walked back into the bathroom holding each item in one hand. “Were going out.” He said. “Wait what? You mean you’re going to let me go?” His face got very stern, “That’s not what I said at all Crystal. You’re mine now. You belong to me!” He spoke each word very slowly. “But yes, we are going out. Somewhere special, but you’re probably not going to like it very much… at first.” I just stared at him. I mean what was I supposed to say? “Put the dress on, and just let your hair dry naturally. I love the way it curls around your beautiful face.” He lifted his hand to my bruised cheek and lightly trailed his fingers across my cheekbone. It gave me chills.

He dropped his hand from my face and walked into the bedroom. He pulled a black suit out of the bag and started to put it on. I turned my back to the doorway and stepped into the dress. I pulled it up over my hips and slipped my arms threw the sleeves. I couldn’t zip it up myself so I turned to ask him for help but he was already there. He had already gotten dressed except for his tie. I turned forward again and pulled my hair to the side so he could zip up the dress. I felt him grab the zipper and he pulled it up slowly. Then he reached around and grabbed my hair and then let it fall against my back. He looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled as he placed his hands on my hips from behind. “You’re so insanely beautiful you know that?” I smiled back at him. He turned and walked away from me again to go put on his tie. I bent over and grabbed the shoes from the ground and sat on the toilet seat cover to put them on. Once I had them on I walked into the bedroom. He was still adjusting his tie. I just stood there not knowing what to do. When he had finished doing his tie he pulled one last thing out of the black plastic bag. It was a blind fold. “What’s that for?” I asked him all of a sudden worried. “Calm down. I just can’t have you knowing where we’re headed to.” He walked towards me and looked into my eyes for one long moment before he placed the blindfold over my face. I reached up to my eyes to help keep it in place while he tied it behind my head. And now my world was black. I had to rely on him to show me the way.

Once he was done tying it I felt him slid his hands over both my shoulders, down my arms, and then wound his fingers through mine. “Okay, let’s go.” He spoke very softly in my ear. He led me threw his house to the front door and then stopped on the door mat. “Don’t try anything Crystal. I can easily catch you and drag you back into the house.” I nodded my head. “What? You’re going to try something or are you going to behave?” He asked me frustrated. “No. No, I won’t try anything. I’m going to behave.” I said quietly. I didn’t want him to get mad at me, bad things happened when I angered him. “Good.” He unlocked the door and pulled it open. He walked threw it out onto the pavement with me following close behind; our hands still entwined. He led me to his car and opened the door for me. He helped me get in, and then fastened my seat belt. He walked around to his side and got in. I turned my head in his direction; I didn’t like not being able to see what he was doing.
Then he started the engine, pulled out of the drive way and now I didn’t know where the hell we were going. He drove for at least a good 15 minutes and I started to worry. Where the hell is he taking me? I kept asking myself the same question over and over. I tried to listen for sounds that were familiar, but it was no use. Finally we made one last turn, drove a little ways and then the car came to a stop. He got out of the car and I counted five paces before he was at my door. He opened it for me and I felt him reach for my seat belt but I beat him to it so he just helped me out of the car. We started to walk and our footsteps were echoing. Were we in an alley way? I wanted to outright ask him where he had taken me, but I knew he would get pissed off so I kept my mouth firmly closed shut. We came to a door and I heard his keys jingle and then he unlocked the door and we stepped inside. He closed it behind me and locked it.

He reached to the back of my head and took off my blind fold. My eyes immediately started scanning the room. It wasn’t that big, it was dark, and kind of musty. But that didn’t matter. What did matter was the fact that there was a huge array of sex toys sitting on a metal table in the center of the room. I looked off to the right and there were all sorts of contraptions that looked frightening. They were covered in straps and chains; all meant to keep someone tied down and unable to move. I looked off to the left and there were tons of different kinds of whips and otherwise terrifying items hanging on hooks on the wall. Then he stepped around from behind me to in front of me and just smiled. I tried to return the smile but it was half hearted and he saw right threw it.
“It’s time for your training Crystal.” He told me. “Training? What the hell are you talking about?” I started to get angry and my defiant nature started to bubble up from inside of me. Did he think I was a fucking dog? He certainly wasn’t going to treat me like one. Everything I thought about and the decision I had made to stop disobeying him went right out the window. Who the fuck does he think he is? “You’re mine now Crystal. How many times to I have to repeat myself? You need to learn how to properly please me. If you cooperate and do what I tell you, you’ll find I can be a very giving person…” He started to walk towards me and I flipped around and tried to yank the door open. “Shit!” I forgot he had just locked it. I turned back around to face him with my back pushed up against the door. His face was terrifying. “I thought we were past this Crystal. There’s no where you can go. You’re not leaving me!” He was angry now.

I tried to run past him to get away but he grabbed me around the waist and picked me up. “NO! Fuck, I don’t want this! I fucking hate you!” He brought me over to a tall contraption that was shaped like an X. There were rings and chains at the end of each long piece of wood. Who the fuck thinks of these things? I thought to myself. He shoved me against it face first and grabbed my hands away from me and positioned them along the top of the X. First he chained my right hand up, and I started to struggle with him but he was stronger. He grabbed my left hand and chained it up next. Now I was standing on the tips of my toes and my wrists started to ache again. He stepped away from me for a second and pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket. I looked back and saw him do this so I started to scream as loud as my lungs would allow me. “Calm the fuck down! I’m not going to cut you God damn it. Sadly, I cannot say the same for the new dress I got you.” He brought the knife up to my right shoulder and cut off the strap. He did the same with the left and then the dress just fell to my ankles.

He walked over to the other side of the room where the whips were. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my skull as I watched him pick up a long black leather whip off its hook. He slapped it across the concrete floor; testing it. The crack sound that the whip made had me sweating and shaking. But what I couldn’t understand was why my pussy was so wet that some was dripping down my thighs. I just stared at the wall as I heard my tormenters foot steps get closer. He was right behind me now. He started to lightly stroke my back with one hand. He let it slide down over my left ass cheek and he gave it a squeeze. “What a pity.” I heard him say under his breath. Then he stepped 3 paces back away from me. I squeezed my eyes shut and tensed my muscles in anticipation while the tears streamed freely down my face. I was a tough girl I told myself. I could handle this. I won’t let him break me. Then the whipping started.

“FUUUUCK!” The word was drawn out as I screamed up at the ceiling. The whip had landed diagonally along my back. It felt white hot and I could feel the warmth of my blood dripping down my back. My legs started to shake uncontrollably and I couldn’t stand anymore. All my weight was being put on my sore fragile wrists as my knees buckled. I was grinding my teeth like crazy and groaning because my back was throbbing now. Then I heard the whip drag across the floor and fly through the air again towards me. Crack! My voice started to get quiet and raspy because I was screaming so loud. Crack! I couldn’t take it anymore. Crack! I was going to pass out. Crack!

“Please! STOP! Andrew, please! I’m so sorry.” I was sobbing now. “What did you say?” He asked me. “I said – I’m sorry. I won’t disobey you again. Please.” I could barely speak. “Well that’s all I wanted to hear Crystal.” I heard him drop the whip and come towards me. He reached up and unchained my wrists and I started to fall to the ground but he caught me. “Fuck! No, don’t touch me!” I dropped to the ground on my hands and knees and started dry heaving. The pain was even worse when I tried to move. But he didn’t listen to me. He still picked me up even as I screamed in pain. I was in his arms now and he was taking me over towards a door I hadn’t noticed before. He kicked it open gently and he took me inside. It was a white room with white tile flooring. There was no toilet or a sink but it had a huge tub with a shower hose above it. He lay me down beside it on my stomach. I had no strength to fight him. He reached over me and turned the water on. He picked me up and put me in the tub. I sat on my knees but bent over to hold myself up. I was trying to get into positions that didn’t hurt; they all did.

He turned on the shower and the warm water started to spray down. This hurt almost as bad as the actual whipping. The water was stinging the cuts on my back. I fell forward and just got into a fetal position when I heard him say, “Crystal, I need to wash the blood off your back. It’s going to get infected.” I wasn’t listening to him so he started to undress. He took all his clothes off and got into the tub with me. He turned me back over so that the water was hitting my back. I just bit down on my lip and endured the pain. He grabbed a sponge and squirted soap onto it and then he got it wet. He squeezed it over my back so that the soapy water dripped down over it.

I was starting to get numb; I could barely feel it anymore. He washed off my back and then turned the water off. “This wasn’t what I planned. It was supposed to be enjoyable for you. But you have to learn Crystal. This. Is. Your. Life. Now. Stop fighting it.” I ignored him as he started to kiss the back of my neck. He pushed me down by my shoulders. He was careful to avoid touching my back. Then he reached under my stomach and pulled up so I’d put my ass in the air. He rubbed my ass cheeks gently for a while and then he let his hand wander down to my pussy. I didn’t try to move away because I wanted something, anything to get my mind off the pain in my back. I wanted him to make me feel good. He slipped a finger into my pussy and the breath whooshed out of my lungs loudly as I sighed. He started to move it in and out while he massaged my clit with his thumb. I closed my eyes and just focused on my pussy and how good it felt. But then he stopped for a second and I was going to look back at him and tell him to keep going when he pushed his cock all the way inside me.
I moaned loudly and pushed myself up on my arms so I could look back at him and watch him fuck me. He started fucking me slowly. He was really gentle and it was sweet but it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I turned my head back and looked him in the eyes, “The deed has already been done Andrew. You whipped the shit out of me and you can’t take it back. So stop with this gentle compassionate shit and fuck me like a man. If you keep going on like this, we’re going to be here all day.” I said the words without think; I didn’t know where the sudden bravery came from. Only one side of his mouth lifted up as he smiled darkly at me. He shoved down on my back and pushed me back down onto my chest.

I grunted and winced in pain at first, but then I started to push my ass back on his cock. He grabbed me by my hips and started to fuck me roughly. My face kept sliding back and forth across the bottom of the tub with his thrusts. He was fucking me so hard and so fast that it only took a couple minutes for me to start to feel that tingle in my groin. “Oh, oh, oh, fuck, God, yes. Andrew!” I started to scream and moan like crazy when I realized he was making me squirt; again. It was the best feeling in the world and I completely forgot about the pain in my back, I forgot about everything. He just kept fucking me at the same pace and it only took what seemed like 30 seconds before another orgasm washed over the first. “Oh, shit, yeah, fuck me!” I felt like I was going insane I just kept screaming at him and coming and squirting all over his cock. At last when I felt like I was going to pass out from exhaustion I felt his dick spasm and he slammed it deep inside me as his cum coated the inside of my pussy.

I was breathing so hard and he was still deep inside me but as soon as he pulled out his cum started to drip out of my pussy. He let go of my hips and I just fell over. I lay there and I didn’t even care that he just walked out and left me there in the tub. As I started to fall asleep I came to a realization. I think I liked it when he was rough with me, when he hurt me… Shit, he was making me realize things about myself that I never would have known before. I have to let him train me. My last thought before I let sleep take me under was, I want him to do everything to me. I think I want to be his.

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