A month passed in a blur. The training continued with the dildos increasing in size every day. I was constantly amazed at the size of the things that could be attached to that saddle. Melanie also spent plenty of time over at my place. She even brought Neptune over to visit as well. Seeing those two massive Danes sandwich her delicate body between their thick cocks and fierce strokes was possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Just thinking about seeing her dog's rod wedging its way into her pussy while my dog fucked her mouth with abandon still gets me wet to this day. Though it might have something to do with bringing up sense memories of Damien plowing me like a Chicago street after a snowstorm since he was riding me at the time.

After a few weeks I couldn't take it anymore. Mel was over constantly and the more I saw her the more I wanted her to be near me. I asked her to move in and she readily agreed. We celebrated with such an energetic bacchanal that I'm still surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops.

After that first month I got another surprise. I arrived at the stables for our usual appointment. Mel had been working all day so I was itching to see her and her horses. Once I made my way to the back area I wrapped her in my arms and gave her a passionate kiss. Then I made a beeline for Zeus and crawled under his barrel. I only managed to just lick his sheath before Mel stopped me.

"Hold on a sec. Get over here I want to see something first."

She had me lie down on the stable floor and spread my legs. I had stopped wearing panties for these visits long ago so my cunt was unprotected from Mel's prying eyes. She had me close my eyes and I could hear her walk off. Next I recognized the faint sounds of her fumbling around in her cabinet of toys. I briefly entertained the thought that maybe it was finally time, but my musings were cut short by the welcome sound of Mel returning to me.

She knelt at my crotch and I soon felt her tongue adding its saliva to my already greased hole. Then I felt pressure at my opening. A bulbous tip was trying to gain admittance. I relaxed and felt it slide inch by inch into my well trained aperture. Even with all the work we had done I could feel the resistance of my vaginal walls pulsing around the massive invader. I was torn between the sudden desire to have Mel's lips on mine and wanting her to continue until my orgasm exploded around whatever was buried in my treasure trove. But Mel was in control and she wasn't stopping.

It reached my cervix and showed no signs of stopping. I opened wide as if born to take this tool deep into my womb. After what I believed to be an infinite length of pleasure, the insertion finally halted. I could feel Mel crawl up my body and cradle me against her.

"You can look down now," she whispered in my ear.

I opened my eyes and saw exactly what I was hoping for. I had stared at and played with the Zeus dildo so often in that month of training that I would identify it anywhere. Even buried almost completely in my own body I could recognize the distinctive veins and black base of that amazing phallus.

Seeing the rapturous look on my face Mel continued, "I'm assuming you remember what this means. I'll go get Zeus ready for you. Why don't you go and get your sexy ass on my bench?"

I didn't have to be told twice. I got to my feet and headed straight for the mating bench. I was halfway there before I realized the Zeus dong was still entrap within my loving lips. I gripped the thick base of it and yanked pulling it slowly back out of myself. My channel fought me as if it didn't want to let it go.

Melanie's laughter chased me from the other side of the stable. I turned to see her smile. "I was wondering how long it would take you to remember. It might be hard for Zeus to fit inside you with that in there too."

I laughed with her before turning back to prepare myself. Mel had long since shown me how to operate her contraption. There were various gears and levers to fully control the experience. The depth of penetration could always be controlled by the ridee since the horse in this operation was the rider. The straps that she wrapped around Zeus and Eros held them back to prevent a complete skewering until the lady was ready for it. It also had a quick release that pulled the horse back and dropped the bench in case of emergency. Or just in case you wanted to coat your back in horse cum instead of letting it fill your pussy.

Stripping down, I set my body down over the apparatus and settled into the plush silk cushions. I reveled in the feel of the silk against my bare flesh. But I was soon distracted by the distinct clip clop of an approaching horse. I saw a naked Mel bring Zeus up to meet me. She set the levers to as far back as they could go and strapped Zeus in behind me. After warning me not to start just yet, she wandered off. I could feel Zeus's hot breath on my back as he snuffled behind me. I could feel the anticipation making me moist. I eyed the control levers while I licked my lips.

The hot breath on my back made me sweat slightly. Zeus sensing the moisture licked my back hunting down the salt excreted from my body. His long tongue stroking my back made me shiver. I was just about to slam the lever down when I heard Mel return.

"Who's been a good boy?" she cooed to the stallion. "Mama has a present for you."

I heard the soft squelch of lubricant being rubbed into his expecting member. The sound thrilled me because I knew I was that much closer to receiving his gift. The air stirred around my pubes as his dick pulsed just beyond touching distance. My body ached to be filled with it. Instead I felt Mel's hand slide against my throbbing snatch as she massaged lube into his cock head.

I felt the distinctive prod of her fingers at my opening as she slid all of her fingers into me. I was already wide and ready from the dildo and her oil covered hand slid straight in to the wrist. I could feel her hand twist and her fingers wriggle as she glazed my walls with a smattering of lube.

"Go ahead babe," she purred. "He's all yours."

I didn't have to be told twice. I moved the distance lever one notch and immediately felt the pressure of Zeus's engorged mushroom shaped tip. Even with all the prep I could still feel my lips bulge at the entrance of such an enormous cock. I was reduced to incoherent burbles of pleasure from just the tip forcing its way into me. After a few inches I could sense him straining at the straps holding him back.

With the shallow penetration he couldn't achieve a proper thrust and the heavenly tip kept pulling free and ramming against my ass. His fevered humps often found their mark and my labia pulled in and out with every penetration driving me mad. I waited until he had pulled out completely before throwing the lever two more notches.

His next thrust made it all the way to his second barrier. He still couldn't quite make it to my womb with the leather holding him back, but the added depth allowed him to stroke again and again without leaving my warm cave. The constant lunges filled me up in every right way. I moaned non-stop as his giant pole fought to impale me. Looking up I saw Mel on her ass. Her hand was buried in her own pussy. She didn't want to interrupt my first coupling with Zeus and I was grateful.

As I acclimated to Zeus's rhythm I started pushing back on the invading member. I could feel his pole stretching my cervix willing it to open and allow him a deeper penetration. Not one to disappoint I timed his thrusts to move the controls another click. But, I misjudged. He sped up just enough to throw me off and as I reached for the machine he slammed himself home.

The force of his thrust pushed me into the lever freeing Zeus's restraint. I watched Mel's eyes widen in alarm as she pulled her hand from her soaked twat. With another grand shove Zeus burrowed his sword in to the hilt. The vigor of his motion knocked me into the plush pillows. My nipples slid along the silk as my breath was forced from my lungs. Mel raced to my side and grabbed for the kill switch.

"No," I managed to gasp between brutal stabs of Zeus's weapon. Mel hesitated, but she pulled back a look of concern mixed with admiration and envy flashing across her face. I had never been so full. The thick cock rammed home pushing at the edge of my womb. I expected pain, but it just felt so damn good I didn't notice any discomfort. After the initial unprepared for burst of horse meat I kept my breath as he plunged into me again and again.

Despite Mel's concern it was soon obvious that I was perfectly content with the driving prick as it quickly brought me to my first orgasm. My fluids covered his invading cock with a torrent of liquid the volume of Niagara Falls. I could hear it splatter on the ground over the bestial grunts of horse and maiden. Then again maybe it was all my imagination, but with my passion drenched body I was not exactly in the most lucid state of mind.

My pussy caressed and pulled at the occupying substance trying in vain to hold it within me as it pumped swiftly back and forth. I felt his pace slow and his jabs deepen and knew that his load was coming. His phallus pushed against the rear of my womb and I could feel the sperm splash within me filling me to the brim. His cock was so tight within me that none of his seed could escape. Finally with his balls drained, he backed up pulling himself free with a thick sucking sound.

With the last of my strength I rolled off the bench making sure my ass was held high. I didn't want a single milliliter of cum to escape me to be wasted on the ground. Zeus's thick tongue licked at my gaping snatch delving inside to find hidden riches. But I heard Mel shoo him away.

"Back off you wicked boy. You've had your fun. Now it's my turn."

Her wondrous lips sealed themselves around my crevice and her tongue dug in. She slurped at the reservoir of semen confined within me. I tried to move down to give her a better angle, but she palmed my mound and held me up. She rubbed her wrist against my clit forcing my compliance.

"Not yet lover," she ordered. "It'll come up in time, but I want to savor this."

I had no objections as she sucked every last ounce of fluid from me.

That night I started thinking back on an old fantasy of mine. Now that I had taken Zeus fully into me I thought it was as good a time as any to express it. Outlining my idea for Mel I watched as her eyes grew wide in shock. I could see the gears turning in her head as she worked out the details. Her contemplative look quickly became a look of expectant lust.

"I think I have a plan, and you can even go first since it is your idea. But in return you need to help me get off now since your explanation got me all worked up."

"If I must," I intoned gravely, "then I must."

Her schoolgirl giggle broke my melodramatic pose and she reached into the bedside table for our much used double-dildo.

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