Unfortunately, in order to follow Mel's game plan she needed to special order a few things. The wait was almost unbearable once I got the idea firmly lodged in my brain. Thankfully, I had Mel, Eros, Damien, Brutus, Neptune, and Zeus to distract me.

Finally after a week's wait I received a text from Mel. It simply stated, "The box is here."

Reading those words made me soak my panties. I waited impatiently for the time I could leave for the stables. Thoughts of what awaited me threaded throughout my mind for the rest of the day. By the time I met Mel I was so turned on a stiff breeze would have made me cum.

She handed me the box as soon as I found her and for a moment I stared at it. I felt like a kid at Christmas as I tore into the parcel. I dug into the packaging until I pulled out three padded leather strips. One looked an awful lot like a giant belt with notches on one side and a large buckle on the other. The other two were a good deal shorter, but they had fur lined cuffs at each end rather than a buckle.

"So, do they meet your expectations?"

"They exceed them," I breathed reveling in the smooth feel of the straps. "Is Zeus ready to go?"

"More than ready. I even gave him a blowjob less than an hour ago to make things a little easier. You know I'm still not sure if this will work, but if it does I'm definitely taking my turn."

She guided me over to a stack of hay bales. "Strip down and lie back on these. I measured them out so they should be about right."

I did as instructed as she went to get Zeus. Too eager to wait, I took one of the shorter bands and locked it tightly around my ankle. I started working on the other one when Mel came back with my ride for the evening.

Amused at my exuberance, she helped me get the other strap cuffed to my wrist. Then she guided Zeus over my prone form. His chest hair rubbed against my breasts adding another thrill to my anticipation. Mel didn't stop until his sheath was rubbing against my pussy lips.

I grabbed his massive barrel and hugged him to me. I could feel him move as his lungs expanded. I swung my legs up to gripping his enormous body. My clit rubbed against his hair sending shocks through me.

"Hold yourself right there," Mel commanded. She flipped the two straps already attached to my limbs over the horse's back. I could feel the fur caress my limbs as she fastened my other ankle and wrist into the new toys effectively trapping me against Zeus's body.

"Is that comfortable, too tight, too loose?" she questioned.

"It's perfect," I answered.

With that she led Zeus off the hay dragging me with him. The cuffs pulled at my limbs as my weight came free. It wasn't too uncomfortable, but I was grateful for the fleece cushioning the connection.

Once I was hanging free Mel looped the third belt around me and Zeus. It wrapped around my lower back and held me fast to Zeus's chest. This also helped to reduce the tension on my limbs. Without hesitation, Mel walked Zeus out to the indoor ring. As we walked, his thick skin sheath tickled my cunt while his hair played with my nipples.

When we got to the ring, Mel proceeded with the plan. Tied to the magnificent animal I was unable to do anything but enjoy the sensations. Mel on the other hand was able to do whatever she liked. She quickly stripped naked and started fondling Zeus's hanging testicles. His sheath was so close I could feel it opening as his dick engorged. So close in fact that my pussy was right in line with the emerging member.

The potency of the expanding cock forced it into my already dripping orifice. After the brutal assault yesterday, he honestly felt a little small. But I knew that would soon change as more and more of his precious flesh grew directly into my body.

Mel changed tactics and swiped a handful of secretions from her pussy. I watched her go to Zeus's head and wipe her hand across his nostrils. From my hanging position I could see his neck bend low and his tongue flit out to suckle at her crotch. Judging by the meat quickly filling my vagina and knocking at the entrance to my belly, I knew Mel was on to something.

Soon I could tell he was fully erect and rock hard. The skewering organ holding me as tightly as the straps wrapped around us. Ever since my dream of being impaled on a racing elephants cock I had imagined what it might feel like to receive the same treatment from Zeus. Thanks to Mel I was finally getting the chance to make my dream a reality.

"Good to go," I called out airily as my body threatened give in to the pleasure and rob me of my voice.

I saw Mel's legs walk around to Zeus's side and nimbly jump up onto his back. I could only imagine how good it felt riding bareback on Zeus, his black hairs tingling along my ass and cleft. But I definitely thought I had the better end of the deal. Even just walking his gait pulled himself out and back in, then out and back in. Without any extra effort his walk worked that amazing organ sending waves of bliss through me.

Mel began the trot and the jarring rhythm forced his cock further into my willing body. I could feel every movement as his body bounced up and down. The dick embedded in me wiggled as well forcing my first orgasm to rip through me. I say first, but as soon as Mel heard me scream in ecstasy she spurred Zeus on to a fast cantor. His undulating body surged through me and I felt at one with him. His dick flowed through my body with every triplet step and I could no longer tell where one orgasm ended and the next began.

I stayed aware for just long enough to realize Mel had urged him up to a gallop. We raced around the ring the wind coursing over my body. And I blissed out to the smell of marvelous horse flesh, the sounds of a rutting animal, and the sensations of being ridden by one that is normally rode.

I came to my senses once I felt Zeus's cum filling my belly. We had slowed down to a cantor again at some point, but I was too happy to care. Reaching for my Mel, I tapped her thigh twice in the agreed upon signal to stop.

Once Zeus had halted, she leapt down and undid the straps carefully. She held my body once it was free and slid me off of the still hard member. I collapsed into her and we fell to the floor.

Cradling me gently in her arms she asked, "Was it everything you hoped for?"

Looking up into her beautiful eyes, I thought of all of the wondrous things she had shown me in just the past month. I realized that she was something divine that I didn't want to ever lose.

"Marry me," I said in answer.

For a brief moment her eyes widened in pure shock, but she quickly replied, "Of course."

And with a lingering kiss we sealed the proposal.


We were wed in a simple ceremony with just us and a Justice of the peace. Of course Neptune was her best man and Brutus was mine. Upon seeing the massive animals at our sides the official chuckled.

"You two must really love dogs," he supplied.

Mel and I just laughed with him. He had no idea how much.

The moral of the story, kiddies? Never be afraid of trying new things. I have a family I could only have dreamt about before, a loving wife, and more fun than I could ever want. And it was all because of that first yearning to learn how to ride.

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