It is one of the hottest days of the summer and for those in the quiet English street exposed to it, the heat wave is doing strange things to the body and mind. Playing into an environment of a neighbouring home alone 47 year old housewife and a home alone 17 year old teenage boy whose own ways of dealing with the heat leads to a passionate encounter that threatens to involve the 30 year old sister in law of the housewife and another neighbour, a sexless never married 65 year old retired teacher who all become involved in a neighbourhood which in 5 short hours hosts a teenager tarnishing two marriages, the beginnings of a lesbian affair between two sisterly in laws and a meeting of generations as the teenage boy reawakens the desires of a 65 year old spinster.....Welcome to the neighbourhood of affairs.
The Neighbourhood of Affairs - Matures and Boy

Finn slammed the tennis ball up against the large garage wall in his step dads back garden, he was on par for having 500 non interrupted hits in this lone game of one bounce, the tennis racket he held steadily in his hand and though his hand was straining from the strength of his grip he was close, very close to reaching his milestone number. Finn knew he was just 50 more hits away from the 500 point mark. The ball bounced once and came towards his racket he immediately struck it back and so danced along the concrete of his garden, moving parallel along the 8 meter wall.

Finn had become obsessed with tennis for whatever reason, the summer before he became hooked on hockey, going to the ice rinks in the city and joining a club, but after a while he lost interest and as the Autumn and Winter came and went he began to watch on the internet videos of the US and Australian open, he went through an entire video archive of all the big Tennis pros in the last 50 years and felt himself to quite expert in the history of the sport, so now he found himself obsessed with all things tennis related and had even inquired about joining some local clubs.

As it was a new year, and a new summer was upon the Western hemisphere he had found his new favourite sport to put all his energy into, because Tennis to Finn had become the most significant part of his life, almost an obsession. He spent over 200 pounds on new equipment, buying a racket, shorts, t-shirt, headband, tennis bag and tennis shoes, and so his summer allowance was gone, an allowance he had earned hard from the odd jobs he had done throughout the previous year while he sustained himself in the local college.

As his moans and groans increased he drew attention from his next door neighbour Samantha Evers, she was sitting down in the front lounge of her house and had heard the banging noise of the tennis ball from the back garden for a while and figured it was Finn, but now as Finn drew towards the end of his self-competition his groans were themselves making her frustrated and intrigued, she was sitting down in a big blue walled coloured room, a respectably expensive 40 inch television in the corner and the French white curtains gloriously adding the touch of affluent middle class status for Mrs Evers who worked as a manageress in a consultant firm.

She was wearing a white dress and had her dark hair freely brushed on either side of her head, going down to her shoulders, Samantha had dressed up in her summer dress as the weather which had been hot all week had no sign of letting up, and all the windows in the house were open and had been open for days. So with these open windows the banging ball on the wall from out back had made the groans from Finn all the more conscious for Samantha, seeing as she had read many chapters in the peace of her living room she wanted to investigate further, to see what exactly her young next door neighbour was doing.

She put down her book and stood up, then Samantha made her way out of the lounge and down the corridor towards the kitchen, she passed the portraits of her family, her daughter and her husband, as well as her wider network of sisters, brothers, sister in laws and brothers in law.

Then she reached the kitchen “The noise, where is it coming from” she asked herself and then she saw outside the window in her neighbours yard she saw Finn on the concrete garden floor of his house hitting the ball against the wall, he had a head band around his head and was wearing what she could tell was white shorts, his top was soaked in sweat and Samantha admired his movements, it was pleasant for her to see such a tall athletic youth who reminded her of what she was like when she was younger, just energetic and up for sporting activities. Finn was like Samantha in many ways, he had brownish hair and like her brown eyes, though he was taller and quite handsome.

She leant on the sink and his groans increased, his back was too her so he had no idea she was watching him “Keep on hitting the racket” he yelled at himself, as Samantha watched with a smirk, admiring his determination, but as she watched quietly she realised there was something about his masculinity that made her aroused, was it the sweat, was it the hotness, was it the way his body moved and the work rate he had just seemed to increase, clearly he was exhausted as the strain on his face spoke of the pressure of the game.

The sun was still up high as it was just 13:00pm, and Samantha knew he was home alone as his mother and his step father were always away on business, and he was home from college as college had finished a few weeks previous.

She too was home alone, her own daughter and husband had gone to water world, water world was a theme park billed as a place full of slides, pools, streams and fun, the reason she did not attend was because her daughter by the encouragement of her husband had made their daughter join the youth dance and acting club, the reason was her husband John was a stickler for drama and hoped their daughter Mary would partake and make
a career out of the arts. So this was their summer trip of bonding.

Samantha was glad in many ways as she had the house to herself and she herself bonded with her daughter over her own passion which was line dancing.

She continued to quietly watch Finn, he was a few years older than her daughter at 17, whereas her daughter was 13, she oddly felt herself tingle now as Finn intensified his strokes and sounded as if he was playing a professional match of tennis instead of battering the thick white wall of the broken down garage.

She lifted up her dress and looked down at her knickers, they were purple but they were no longer dry. “this is unexpected” she thought, Samantha now placed her hand onto her knickers and stroked watching Finn, hiding her fingers from view as they scratched at her pussy, pressing into her knickers and licking her lips, as he groaned this only made her aroused more.

Finn had now finished and threw down the bat and leant on the wall, overlooking into Samantha is household, she was still out of view as the kitchen window was to the left and her large spacious garden dominated the view of the back yard, she realised just how wet she was and due to her standing this meant her legs began to run with the developing juices, she however did not care if he saw her because her eyes were just transfixed upon those sweaty arms and his hair which was covered in water as she watched the young lad pour water over his head.

She started to stroke her pussy very slowly now, tenderly almost, being a very sensual woman she loved slow caressing, soft delicate touches on her most intimate part. She licked her lips, using her tongue to lock against the side of her mouth as she closed her eyes she imagined now it was Finn’s fingers not hers softly touching her, opening up her red lips and placing his tongue deep inside, licking up, flicking up and meeting her wet pink pussy, Samantha moaned as the wetness all but dictated her thoughts.

She almost forgot as she pleasured herself watching as the next door neighbour boy paraded himself around the back garden, unknowingly answering the deep burning desires of the lonely wife next door, and by lonely Samantha was physically and emotionally lonely, her husband was very much a man of his own hobbies and interests, being in her 17th year of marriage, getting married at 30 years of age and now coming so close to 48 years of age herself, the 47 year olds sex life was non-existent.

Samantha straightened her finger and pressed it against her knickers now as she started to finger herself as she went through all those moments in her marriage where sexual pleasure like this had not happened. Just presently in this summer moment of randomness she was giving herself up to the spontaneous pleasure enveloping her, surrounding her, just consuming her.

Samantha toyed with her womanhood as she recalled all those times she had conversations with her friends who were all married themselves, indeed most of her friends had also divorces and re-married, some for the third time. Samantha prided herself she had not joined this club, she recalled what her sister in law Clara once told her over a bottle of wine some weeks ago, Clara said “you should look into unorthodox ways to get the taste back”, what on Earth did Clara mean Samantha did not know, but now, as she just surrendered herself to this moment, she felt quite unorthodox.

What she was doing now was not done so in reason or logic, she pleasured herself realising just how much she had missed, the way spontaneous desire of being overcome with sexual lust could just wash over her had been a feeling she thought she would never feel again, she stroked her breasts now as Finn took off his top still unaware what he was doing to her. He threw his top onto the floor near the large oak tree in his garden and brushed his hands through his hair, Samantha now prodding her fingers deep inside further opening her legs wider as she licked her left hand whilst her right finger tips brought her so closer to the orgasm she had been
dying so long for.

As she licked her left hand she brought this down towards her pussy and now used her right hand to fondle her chest, she brought out her left breast as Finn stretched his arms high in the air looking up at the sun, dripping with sweat and water down his body, he now jumped onto the wall connecting their houses and she saw how small his white shorts were on his nearly 6’0 height, now Samantha opened up her legs and sat onto the kitchen worktop she was licking her tits and fingering herself with so much more incentive to bring herself off.

Finn now sat on the wall with his legs open as if he was encouraging her but he was so oblivious, Samantha realised if he turned his head to the left where she was sitting he would see her sprawled on the kitchen worktop fingering herself and her left breast hanging out, but what she saw next made her all the more excited, he brought out his cock and though it was not hard he stroked it, seemingly aroused himself from all the sweat and work out he had done.

Samantha caught hold of it and held the image of the penis in her mind is eye, she had not seen another man’s cock apart from her husband’s for so long. Instead Samantha only indulged in seeing other men when her husband and her watched pornography together and this was a hardly regular occurrence.

She realised how much she missed sex, how much she missed desire and how much she missed the thought of fucking, just looking at the teenage boy she could not take it anymore, she wanted him over her house and in her kitchen, inside her and bringing her to the pleasure she felt she was entitled to.

Finn was just resting on the wall when Samantha decided to do it, she was going to knock the window, she raised her hand and was about to knock when she saw her married ring. This made her stop for a short while but then as she did this, she came, the pulsating sensation throbbed along her body and sent waves of pleasure coursing through her, as she moaned, moaning and groaning.

Finn had heard her moans but looked elsewhere for the source of the noise, thinking it was another neighbour, another neighbour like Miss Corinne Pane who lived two doors down from him. But then Samantha disturbed him for all the right reasons, she knocked the window and his head flipped instantly in the direction of the noise, he nearly fell off the wall as he looked inside the kitchen. As he saw Samantha sitting there fingers buried inside her and her breasts all exposed.

She could swear she saw how dilated his pupils became though she was 6 meters from him, she now motioned him to come over “Samantha, you are” she opened the window “keep it down, come over”. He now looked around the backyard, knowing some neighbours might be out and feeling safe he jumped over into their garden.
Finn walked along their backyard and went towards the kitchen door when he got to it he went inside as it was open and there sitting inside was Samantha she was opened wide with her legs and he had a bird eye view of her dark pubic surrounded cunt, she was dripping with cum and he was hard so hard in his shorts.

“Finn, don’t just stand there, it does not bite”, “Samantha, is anyone here” she pulled her knickers aside and then moved her fingers opening her pussy lips and showing him the pinkness, he saw the floor covered in her juices “Do you think I would be doing this if John and Mary were here”, he then took off his shorts and stood there fully erect “You are so big” she said as she now took off her top and her bra “Come on” he went over to her and immediately started to kiss her she took his tongue inside her mouth and met him for his tongue strokes, he was a good kisser Samantha thought.

Her legs were wide open as he stood in between them, her knees up in the air as her hands went to his cock and fondled it, she opened her legs wider than she ever imagined she could and wrapped them around his naked ass, Finn’s hairy legs brushed along her recently shaven inner thighs as she looked into his eyes, kissing him passionately. He started to move from her mouth and licking around her neck, tenderly kissing the throat which made her cum, just because it was a unique sensation for the sexless wife.

His tongue now went down from her throat to around her breast, all the while she was masturbating him, tugging on his erection which in her hands was about seven inches and still growing. He began to run his tongue all along her nipple and started to nibble on it, sending up waves of pleasure as she arched her back and hissed “Yesss”.

His fingers were now being rammed inside her pussy, burying his hand entirely almost deep inside her, as his mouth kissed from her breast, she felt his tongue like a snake slithering down towards her stomach and then around her pelvis, Samantha placed her legs over his broad shoulders and looked down as his dark hair was getting ready to bury inside her pussy. He now brought his tongue towards her pubic area and before he delved inside he looked up, catching her eyes and then she nodded.

Finn pressed his tongue inside her pussy, sucking on her click, fiddling with his tongue driving her wild, she was moving her legs faster, pushing them out and flapping them, gliding her ass on the worktop, she was shaking so much on the kitchen worktop that she could hear the cupboards rattle and move with all the cutlery and plates vibrating. Her young neighbour though was determined to bring his mature neighbour to climax. Samantha used her left hand to thrust her hips up as his tongue, just before she came she bite her lips and then something very strange happened.

Samantha realised she was not with Finn, indeed as she opened her eyes she realised she was not even in the kitchen or having her pussy ate out by her neighbour, in fact Samantha was still in the living room. Sitting down with a glass of wine in her left hand with the television in front of her, she was sitting down on the couch with her right hand buried inside her knickers and massaging her pussy, she felt the wetness below her and knew she had cum, the couch and the floor was covered in it as the cum had dripped down her legs and a patch had developed below the 47 year old.

She then heard that unmistakable sound of a ball being bashed against the wall, Finn was still playing “I must have dozed off” Samantha said to herself as she fidgeted in the wetness of her arousal. “I have not come like this for, for too long” she now stood up and noticed how wide the patch was, she looked at the window as the sunshine blinded her, the sun was so overpowering even penetrating despite the nettings being in place, and the nettings were quite thick. She realised she must have dozed off due to the heat inside the room, even though the windows were open.

Samantha felt not so much ashamed but glad she had done this, it was very satisfying she managed to masturbate, which was odd for her as she imagined the older she would get the less she would do self-pleasure as her husband would provide her needs. The problem was her husband was just not too interested and naturally this made Samantha question her own desirability and her own level of attractiveness. One thing she certainly could not question was her appetite for sexual contact.

Her heart beat a little fast now as she heard Finns groans, it was just like her dream, Samantha left the green walled lounge and went down the pasty white corridors with the many pictures chronicling the history of her family. She reached the kitchen and was very cautious before entering, Samantha realised she had left a trial of cum from the lounge, a trial she was still leaving as the cum dripped from her wet cunt, amazing she remarked.

Samantha now went towards the window, careful not to draw attention to her rather peculiar situation of having just had the first orgasm in a very long time. As she stood up straight she noticed just how aroused she was as there was endless dripping from her pussy, her cum was creating a miniature pool in newly installed 6000 pound kitchen, all over the boy next door.

She could see how similar this was to her little day dream. There he was dressed in his white tennis t-shirt, his white shorts, his headband and moving just as he did in her fantasy. This was surreal. She moved towards the same spot she was in the dream and looked out towards him, Finn finished and raised his hands in celebration “670 non-stop, whoa”. He was overjoyed and Samantha found it rather cute he became so excited over a small game of what was essentially squash. Finn took some water from his bottle and poured it over his head, she felt her pussy with her hand, and this was done so instinctively.

As she began to stoke she nearly collapsed as Finn had noticed her almost outright, he waved “Hey Mrs Evers” she was wild eyed in worry as she smiled wearily “Hi, hi Finn” “Lovely day huh, sorry did I disturb you with the banging”, she smiled nervously now “No, no, not at all, I was coming in here to get a...” trying to make an excuse, she picked up a small plastic cup from the sink “I came in to get some water”

She realised as she was talking to him through the slightly open window she was stroking her pussy still with one hand, and she had not stopped, as she used the other free hand to put on the tap and then fill up the plastic cup.

Still she could stop herself stroking her pussy, and tried to maintain a conversation with Finn “So you did well, you won the competition” she said as if clutching at straws to make him not notice what she was doing to herself just below her kitchen worktop “Uh, the competition” he said unsure what she meant “You are happy about something, you celebrated” “Oh yes” smiling almost dork like, which Samantha again found cute “Yeah, I just reached 670 non-stop hits with the ball only bouncing once, this is good for me, when I first started it I was like only able to get 100”.

The finger buried deep within herself now as she felt her right knee give way as she was coming, Finn noticed the way she keeled over to her right “Are you okay” “I am okay honey, I just got cramp, sorry” she now went on her knees as she saw the cum leave her once more, moaning, biting her fist “Jesus, God, too good, too good”. Finn was trying to see what she was doing but could not for the obstruction of what he could only see from his position “Samantha are you okay” he could only see the side cupboards and the white wall in the back of the kitchen.

Samantha now stood up from the floor, as the last cum left her and sighed as she made eye contact with Finn “Yeah, I am okay, no problems” she looked down on the floor and had never seen her cum as white as this, Finn seemed quite concerned, Samantha to reassure him presented him with a beaming smile which made him smile back at her, “I am glad I have seen you Samantha, I am in a bit of trouble” “Trouble, what do you mean?” now she was concerned, going back so quickly to being a helpful neighbour within a moment from being a luscious mindfully cheating wife with the neighbourhood boy in her fantasies.

“Well, trouble is probably an over exaggeration. I am kind of unable to use the shower in ours” “Oh” “The bath is being repaired and for some reason the shower is not working, well, I am meant to be going out sometime in the week and I have no way to get clean” “I see, you want to use mine” “If you do not mind, I will pay” “Do not be so stupid, you do not have to pay. Well, I have no problem with you using it” “Will John”.

“Of course not Finn, besides he is away, he has gone to water world with Mary” Finn seemed like he was overjoyed at hearing this “You mean you are home alone” “Yep, got myself down for a few days of television, wine and chocolate. Nice way to spend my time off work as well. Do not tell anyone Finn, I planned to take my annual leave when Mary and John were away” she laughed as did Finn.

“You secret is safe with me” he put his hand on his heart as if pressing his point of trust. Samantha could not help but find this boy attractive, after all she must do she had just did all this mess over him, her eyes drifted back onto the floor, as her legs still soaked in it made her back tingle, so to not lose concentration Samantha went on with the conversation.

“When will you need to use the bath” “Uh, well no rush now, I will maybe knock tonight at 19:00pm, I am going to get some food now, I will be driving to the burger joint, need some snacks” “Yeah, especially after winning the cup right” with a playful tone in her voice, Finn nervously laughed feeling quite embarrassed she saw him getting so excited. “Well I will tell you what Finn, seeing as you and I are both home alone for a few days, why don’t you help me out” “Help you out?”.

“Yeah, see the garden” he looked at the blocks of stones and also sand bags near her own garage “John has
been promising me for months to sort them out, he keeps delaying it for some important issue in the drama club, if you move those for me this afternoon and put them inside the garage, not only will you be able to use my bath you can also, if you are really good try some of my wine” “Your wine, really?”.

“Come on Finn, do not act like you are so innocent, I know you college boys love to drink” “Actually Samantha, I do not drink much” she was surprised to hear this, “So, when you are away in college you do not drink. Do not drink at all” “Believe it or not Samantha not all college kids are the drunkards who spend more time in the bars than in the books, besides I got other ways to enjoy myself” “other ways, you will have to show me the other ways you enjoy yourself sometimes Finn”.

It was not just her words with the last sentence, but her tone, her body language (as much of her body as he could see from where he stood) made him extremely aroused. Samantha too realised he might have interpreted that in a sexual way, of course she wanted him to. “Uh, I will maybe show you some time”.

Samantha now took out a fresh glass from the cupboard and ran the cold water tap, Finn watching her. Once she filled it up she brought it towards her lips and poked out her tongue, he watched this and felt his own cock twitch. Samantha then ran her fingers down her chest, to draw attention to some of her exposed cleavage, and this naturally brought his eyes to her breasts and he willingly looked upon Samantha. She put down the glass and then went back to normal conversation “You go and get your snack and then move those blocks for me and I will fix you”, a long pause “Fix me” she was very bold in her conversation with him, more bolder than she had been with anyone for a long time “I will fix you up with a bath”.

Samantha then walked away from the kitchen window and disappeared out of Finns sight. He was left there rueing over what had just happened, as Samantha appeared different, flirtatious yes, quite sexualised in a way by her words and her body language. His instinct told him something was askew with her, and he liked it.

Finn went from the back patio and into his own kitchen, he ran himself some water in his kitchen and looked down at his shorts “Jesus, I am hard and I did not notice, shit what if she noticed” his eyes fell onto the wall that separated their houses “Thank fuck, she did not” he pulled out his shorts and then looked at his cock, his hands were coming towards the helmet but he restrained himself “No, no, not now” he stormed out of the kitchen and then left the house to get his food.

&&&&&&&&&& 4pm &&&&&&&&&&&&

3 hours later:

Finn held the final sand bag over his head and moved into the middle of the garage, he was exhausted and his body was aching much to do with his earlier tennis session but more so with the heaving and hoeing of those objects. Samantha stood in the doorway of the garage as Finn threw down the last sandbag, “2 hours has made up for 2 months of me asking John, Finn you really are a star”. He turned facing her and his eyes sparkled almost.

Samantha was dressed in a dark evening dress with black stockings clearly seen, also visible was a strong scent of perfume that filled up the cold garage, whilst her makeup made her appear extremely desirable to him, she was made up “Mrs Even, uh, uh” he stammered, she was so sexy standing there with her eyes, which were naturally brown and all the more darker due to her makeup, she was holding a glass of wine and approached him, she walked closer swaying her hips, exaggerating her rolling sways “I, I’ve finished Mrs Evers”.

Samantha handed him the glass of wine “Please, do not call me Mrs, I’ve known you for over 10 years, and you have hardly ever called me Mrs Even....” her perfume was making him hard, the way she was just swaying her hips made him hard, her red lipstick covered lips were making him hard, her just standing there was making him hard.

“I have the wine I promised you” “Thanks” he sipped some of it quickly, his hands shaking, Samantha smirked, liking the effect “Look at you, you are all sweaty. You’ve been working too hard Finn, way too hard”, she licked her lips and stroked her pendant on her chest looking up at him “You ready for your bath” he coughed up some of the drink “Excuse me” “Your bath, I have put the boiler on for you, it should be nice and warm for you now, nice and warm” “Yeah, I will go and have one...this is good wine” she smiled and looked down at him, “Are you still wearing your tennis shorts” she held onto the string, seeing clearly his erection but ignoring it “You do not want to ruin these...” looking into his eyes “Drink up” he drank up all his wine and finished the full glass.

Samantha took the glass from him “Good, I will be inside, you come on in when you want your bath”. Samantha left making sure to sway her hips and show her his ass, his cock was so hard, pointing in her direction, his cock getting harder almost wanting to leave his body and follow her wherever she was going. As Samantha left the garage Finn took hold of his cock and sighed “FUCKKKK”, he opened his shorts and saw how hard it was, it was way too big, she called out from the kitchen “IF you want your bath, you better come now”.

Finn left the garage, careful that no other neighbours were looking and as he went down the steps and made his way towards the door he heard Samantha “I am upstairs” “Okay”, as he walked down the corridor he saw her dark dress, her high heels, her bra and he stopped “You better take off your clothes”, he paused and got sight of his reflection in her corridor mirror, near the mirror was a picture of her daughter and her husband, Finn took a deep breath and took off his white shorts, took off his shoes and took off his white socks, then he made his way up the 40 steps of the stairs.

Finn heard the bath tub water running and made his way along the small corridor, the door was open, and as he came closer he heard Samantha “I will make sure you are clean Finn” he stood in the doorway and there she was, she was wearing her stockings and her knickers, she was topless and her breasts showing, they were quite pert for her age and rounded with her nipples erect whilst her areola so brown.

“You’ve come” he was standing 5’10 with his erection at 8 inches pointing at her, he was recently shaven compared to her own slight bushy pubes “You’ve also shaved” “I regularly shave Samantha” “Good, I like them shaven, and your balls” he lifted up his balls and showed them how hairless they were. Samantha felt aroused and she sat onto the sink and opened her legs “You do understand what we are doing is going to be our secret, nobody must ever, ever know about this Finn” “I would not tell anyone Samantha”.

The water was steaming now and nearly full, Samantha asked “Will you wank for me Finn, I want to see you wank”. He gulped and then brought his left hand out and stroked, it was so hard and dry, Samantha licked her lips and put her left index finger into her mouth “Yes, stroke it for me” she moved aside her knickers with her right hand and showed him her cunt “Here is what you masturbate over Finn”, he focused on her pussy as he rubbed his helmet, and cupped his balls, Samantha though felt something was amiss “You need lubrication”.

He watched as she took the 5 meter walk towards him and looked down on his cock from her height of 5’9, “natural lubrication from a natural woman” she then spat, he watched as her spit dripped down from her mouth and landed onto his cock in one long slither of spit. “Rub it in Finn” he did so and felt her spit, he smelt her spit and closed his eyes imaging her lips and her tongue around his erection.

Samantha meanwhile bent over right in front of Finn and perked up her ass in the air, it was white, so white and her dark stockings which were fishnets showing as he moved towards her he placed his cock in between her ass crack and she rubbed around him erection. “Yes” he held onto her breasts and squeezed her nipples so tightly that she had shivers rush along her spine, as she pumped his cock into her ass though not making penetration.

He roughly brought her up and pressed her back into him as his hands cupped her breasts, Samantha now brought her mouth towards his and they kissed so erotically, her tongue caressing his as he used his fingers to move aside her knickers and made contact with her pussy, “You are so wet” he whispered to her between their kissing, as he placed his hands along her pussy she had an electric surge of relief that finally a man had touched her where she had longed to be touched.

Finn kissed her neck now and licked all around her lips, kissing her in an unusual way. Samantha then felt him push her towards the wall, he held her there pressing on the white tiles which were cold. She closed her eyes as his tongue and his kisses covered her breasts and then went around her stomach making her open her legs anticipating him moving his tongue down towards her pussy. He now looked up from his knees and Samantha opened her legs wider and as if prompting him placed her hand onto his neck and bit her lower lip.

Finn immediately started to French kiss her pussy, moving up and down sensually doing so as if he was kissing her mouth. Her clit was so erect that he had to swallow it up in his tongue, and so his move made Samantha’s eyes open widely as the sensation was too much, he prodded it with his teeth and nibbled it, then went back to passionate strokes as he licked her until she could take no more. Samantha came once more, he sat back and watched her cum, the way she did and moan, allowing herself to just have this youth is eyes watching her explode in ecstasy, she ran her fingers through her dark hair and then said breathless “I’ve never had any man eat me out like you just did, never in all my life”

“I have never eaten out a woman before” she was amazed “Really, never. Girls must be all over you wanting you to use your tongue” he stood up from being on his knees and came towards her, stretching out her hands he started to French kiss her once more, her tits pressing into his dark hairy chest, allowing his kissed to explore her neck, explore her cheek, rest on her lips. She ran her fingers through his hair and brought his face from hers “Let us go to my bedroom” he kept kissing her without responding, engrossed in her body.

She allowed him to continue to make her feel like the most wanted and desired woman in the world until she firmly said “We have to go to my bedroom, it is my turn to pleasure you” “You are pleasuring me” still kissing her neck, still licking her tits, still French kissing her, “I want to return your favour”, he now pulled away and looked at her, both of them sweating “I thought that would get your attention” she grinned “The bath Samantha” “Forget the bath, after what we are going to do you will need a legal pardon to ever be clean again” she took his hand and directed him from the bathroom, down the small stairs and onto the landing, she went straight to the big white door. The bedroom she shared with her husband.

Upon opening it, he saw the large turquoise bed, the very light green carpet and the peach walls. Such an unusual colour he thought, the cupboards in the room all had mirrors on them. Samantha led him to the bed and placed him onto the end of it, the very same bed she was only two nights previous sharing with her husband. As he sat there she asked him “tell me I am beautiful” his eyes were just watching her breasts “No, look into my eyes” he complied “Tell me I am beautiful” she reiterated “You are beautiful”.

She was so insecure in her looks, but now having this young man before her, his erection standing to attention all over her and from her work it made her realise she was beautiful at least to this boy. Samantha now came close and sat with her legs around his waist as he still sat on the bed, his feet touching the floor, they kissed in this raised kneeling position, as his cock was grating along her wet pussy, “Make love to me” she whispered.

He now took hold of his cock and placed it inside her, she moaned shouting almost as she now held onto his shoulders, with eye contact embracing she kissed him with her tongue, he realised she had control as she used his shoulders to raise herself and then bring herself gentle down onto his member, his throbbing member which pressed deep inside her, their hair all mixed up as the embrace brought about the affectionate kissing. She was moving herself up against him taking over ¾ of his cock, his eyes were centred on her chin as she rose up and overpowered him, subduing him with her strides.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ACar Pulls up &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

A small car pulled up outside Samantha’s house and managed to park in the small free parking space with relative ease. As the driver door opened out stepped Samantha’s younger sister in law Clara, she had auburn hair, hazel eyes and was very busty. Clara was stopping by as she was in town and knew Samantha was alone so she decided to keep her company for a while. Clara had known Samantha and her family for over 15 years and started dating Samantha’s brother Anton when she was 18, marrying him 2 years later and so had been Samantha is sister in law for just over 10 years, she had also just turned 30.

She knew Samantha had been having problems with her own marriage in regard to the sex drying up, and for longer than Samantha would have liked she and John had not been spending much time together as a married couple, it appeared only their daughter brought them together. For Clara she felt sorry for her sister in law and sympathised a lot as she personally enjoyed a relatively open relationship with her husband, this was despite being a mother herself to a five year old son.

Clara did try to get Samantha to be more open-minded and maybe get John to think about other people to spice things up but Samantha said she was unsure how to swing it with John as John was quite unadventurous when it came to sex. Clara reached the front door and went to press the doorbell when she noticed the front door itself was not closed, in fact it was slightly open, so she gently opened the large metallic door with a very pompous eagle as a knocker and was now standing before the corridor.

Clara had entered Samanthas house numerous times before without an invite, and why not it was a friendship that spanned longer than a decade “Sa.....” before she could even finish saying the name she stopped. It was the loud noises from upstairs, the shaking and rattling of a bed which made her lose concentration. Clara put down her purse and immediately went towards the stairs “I don’t believe this”. Clara was quick to reach the top flight and went towards the bedroom door. The problem was it was closed, as she put her head against the door she heard Samantha moaning “Fuck me, fuck me Finn” “Finn” Clara repeated his name “The boy next door”.

Clara took a deep breath and entered the room, upon entering she saw Samantha bending over her makeup table as Finn stood behind her, thrusting his hips into her ass, penetrating her as Samantha’s dark hair was freely wheeling around, Samantha was gripping onto the white desk but Finn’s forceful thrusts and his relentless pounding of her ass made her unable to get any stability. Clara had her arms folded, both unaware she stood watching them.

“You like this Samantha” “Finn, you are too good to me” Finn now took his time with more patient forceful thrusts, and each thud inside Samantha made her squeal. Clara was stone faced unable to believe what her sister in law was doing.

So clapped **CLAP**, **CLAP** Clara clapping loudly, as both Samantha and Finn stopped, he broke away from Samantha and looked at Clara hiding almost, as Samantha rushed for some clothing but could not see any outside of her draws, Clara was unimpressed “So this is how you spend your spare time, fucking the next door neighbour” “Clara, what, how did you get in” “The door was unlocked, you should really lock the door when you are having an affair Samantha”.

Samantha breathing deeply, she was in a fluster thinking all kinds of thoughts and standing naked only added to her vulnerability, as Finn went towards the door heading for the exit to escape but Clara stopped him by standing up against the door “You are not going anywhere young man, both of you are staying until you explain yourself”.
Finn went back towards the bed as Samantha now thinking her elder brother Anton was with her sister in law, Samantha beginning to cry “Clara! Is Anton with you?” “Nope, luckily for you Samantha Anton is playing golf in Mersey Ridge”. Mersey Ridge was only 20 miles away in the countryside. Clara faced a relieved looking Finn “Also lucky for you Finn he did not turn up, because you would not be standing, as for you Samantha”

Samantha wiped her the tears from her eyes “I, I am...” she could make no excuse and was about apologise but Clara interrupted her “I knew you were having trouble but this, this is not what I was expecting, fucking the teenager next door”.

Clara now laughed rather cruelly as a sheepish Samantha asked “What are you going to do?”, Finn remained pressed up against the wall the furthest away from Clara hoping he could just slip away into the wall space, Clara was taking glances at his cock “You got stamina kid, I liked your moves and you are still hard even with me in here spoiling your fun” Finn covering up his erect member, the mood entirely ruined although his cock had not been informed of how entirely fucked up the situation had suddenly become. Samantha began to grovel and approached her sister in law “Please do not tell John”. Clara was not giving anything away her face remained coolly indifferent “I do not have to tell John Samantha”.

Samantha wrapped her arms around Clara and though Samantha was naked except for her dark stockings and despite being covered in sweat and cum she was overcome with relief but this was short lived as Clara had not finished “Of course this does not mean I will not tell John” Samantha reeled back from her sister in law, horrified “You mean you will”.

Clara had a sense of power and control, she walked towards the bed as both Finn and Samantha watched her with uncertainty “I should make myself more clear perhaps, what I mean is I do not have to tell John or anybody anything, if you Samantha do something for me” “Anything, anything” Samantha said without thinking about what this could entail.

“I would like you Samantha to eat my pussy” Clara said unafraid, because the situation she had just walked into had oddly made her inhibitions disappear, Samantha was stunned, as was Finn whose slowly becoming flaccid cock suddenly perked back up. Clara continued to speak as both of the adulterers were momentarily speechless.

“Come on Samantha, the amount of times we sat on your couch with a glass of wine and you told me in confidence about your stresses and strains, how much John was not giving you what you wanted, and me there listening quietly, listening to the sister of my husband when all the time I had the solution to all your problems, the solution was the person who sat near you, drank from your wine glasses, listened to you endlessly go on about your developing middle crisis. It is me and my fingers and my tongue. I can help you like you would not believe, if you help me of course, this is a perfect time to tell you, how I feel about you”.

Samantha was confused, her tears had gone and now she was coming to terms with this new piece of information “Are you serious?” Samantha with disbelief in her voice asked her sister in law who was both admitting to having sexual feelings to her and also blackmailing her “You bet I am serious sis, here you are naked being fucked by a nice young cock and me, I am in the middle of this, I am as guilty as you now, if I was not I would have stormed out of here the moment I saw Finn fucking you over your makeup table, I did not even hesitate, did not think even about leaving” Clara took off her blouse and was standing there with a red bra tightly cupping her busty which were held in place like a sculpture.

“Why not, what have you got to lose apart from your marriage” Clara said rather mean spirited, Samantha though was hesitant “But you are my sister” “Sister in law” “I’ve known you since you were a little girl, I use to babysit” “I know, this is what makes it all the more erotic don’t you think. Samantha, I cannot tell you how much I thought about you, since you’ve been having difficulties with John I knew there was something I could do to help you, all those hints I dropped, all those comments about our own open relationship, you did not get it. I am bisexual Samantha, of course I never told anyone this, as for Anton he thinks all homosexuality is sick even lesbianism if you can believe that, and to say one of the women I have had more sexual fantasies over is his sister, well I was not about to tell Anton this, I can keep secrets Samantha easily”.

Clara took off her shoes and her jeans, she stood there in her red panties and her red bra, her auburn hair all messed up, Finn was dying to shout out “Do it, do it, do it” to Samantha but this was a very pinnacle moment in Samantha’s life, not just as a wife, not just as a mother, or even as a sister in law, but pinnacle in respect of who she was personally as woman “Why not, come on trust me you will enjoy it, I have gone down on women before, when I was in university, free range of living far away and meeting girls online or in gay bars, never knew that about me did you, but you can know this from me Samantha when you go down on a woman it is one of the most erotic and sensual experiences you can have, men cannot appreciate it as much...”.

Clara turned to Finn who was by this time more relaxed and not pressing so far up against the wall “No offence Finn” he did not say anything, he merely watched as Clara now went back to trying to seduce her sister in law “It really is beautiful I cannot put into words how aroused you will be” Clara pleaded, as Finn watched both of these women thinking this was a fucking awesome summer.

Samantha turned to Finn and then at Clara “Okay” Clara beaming “You Finn, you can stay to. I might like women’s tongues on my pussy but I also love the thought of a young cock in my mouth and unloading cum in my pussy” Finn felt reenergised as Clara laid on Samantha’s bed as Samantha took off her sister in laws panties moving them down towards her ankles, Finn meanwhile went towards the other side of the bed and went on his knees, his own cock pointing directly at Clara’s face.

Clara looked up at Finn “I bet you never thought you’d be in this situation this morning Finn” he smiled down looking at her, his erection covering her face “You’ve such a nice juicy cock” Clara flirtatiously said to him as she licked his balls and the underside of his cock as Samantha was now kissing Clara’s legs running her tongue up towards her cunt “Samantha I have wanted this for years”. Finn now felt as Clara take hold of his cock and brought it to her mouth, she ran it on her lips “You do realise Finn if my husband finds out he will kill you, we might have an open relationship but you fucking his sister and his wife, it will not be an open minded Anton, it will be a closed fisted Anton and a broken headed Finn”.

Finn did not seem to care, lust had over taken him, Clara smirked at him “Never imagined you would be so dirty Finn”, she then took his helmet in her mouth and began to tongue tip him, Samantha meanwhile was kissing on the inner thighs of her sister in law and coming close towards her pussy, Samantha had never ever gone down on a woman before and this to her was incredibly strange, but delightful.

“Don’t worry Sam, it will come naturally to you, believe me” Clara said between taking Finns cock thrusts, Finn was now swaying his hips into her mouth and she opening her jaws took it like he was fucking her pussy, while Finn was rough Samantha was gentle. Her fingertips reached Claras pussy. This was Clara 17 years younger than her, her sister in law, she had known Clara since she was a pimple faced school girl of 15 and now she was staring at her delicious pink wet twat.

Samantha poked out her tongue and licked from the asshole of Clara, Clara did not expect Samantha to be so audacious, Samantha used her tongue and explored all around Clara’s tight asshole and then she brought up her tongue into her pussy, immediately she went towards the clit and used her fingers to thrust deep inside and outside of Clara, her wedding ring entering her sister in law and then withdrawing. Samantha was making out with the clit and Clara was unable to concentrate on sucking Finn, Finn himself was unable to take his eyes off Samantha eating out her sister in law. He had never seen anything as sexually arousing as this, Finn now found himself a spectator.

Clara held onto Samantha’s hair and stroked her dark raven hair as Samantha heard Clara gasp “Yes sis” this made Samantha impress her fingers even deeper and this only made Clara shout louder, Samantha’s tongue sensually driving the erect clit to most receptive it had ever been for Clara, “Samantha I never would have imagined” Samantha then watched as Clara’s leg muscles worked faster, seeing her thrust in and out of her fingers, and then her fingers were covered in Clara’s cum, Samantha now moved up kissing Clara from her pelvis and her stomach, sensually kissing all around her sister in laws stomach, holding her tits with her hands as Clara waited, anticipated and could not hold on any longer for Samantha to reach her face so they could kiss.

As Samantha reached Clara’s neck she brought up her face and met Clara’s face, they paused, and looked deeply into each other is eyes. For whatever reason both felt this was the most intimate position and this was odd considering Samantha had just brought Clara to orgasm with her own tongue and fingers on her younger sister in laws pussy. What made this more intimate probably had to do with how romantic it was and how this was unlike a regular affair.

This was after all two sister in laws, Clara married to Samantha’s brother, Clara who had been a bridesmaid at Samantha is wedding, Samantha who had been on Clara’s hen night and both women who had been together at countless family gatherings, countless days out and countless moments in deep discussion were now face to face, Samantha laying down looking at her younger lover, their pussies rubbing up and down against each other, grating, Samantha getting even more wetter.

Clara stroked Samantha is hair “You made me so happy” in gratitude for her orgasm, Samantha did not answer she moved close and both women kissed, their tongues meeting softly and gently, it was a tender lovers kiss, Samantha is hands exploring Clara, Clara rubbing her hands all over Samantha is ass.

Finn meanwhile was still a spectator, this was highly erotic to him and he could not help but watch not in envy, but in awe. Two mature women, older than him, two sister in laws and he was complicit in it, a witness it, he was up to his neck in this affair. Finn came close and laid down on Samantha and pressed his cock up against Samantha’s ass who gasped breaking her sensual kisses from Clara “I almost forgot about you” Samantha now felt Finn’s tongue meet hers and she had Finn exploring her mouth whilst Clara caressed Samantha is neck with her tongue.

Samantha being sandwiched by the boy next door and her sister in law, what a summer break, now Clara and Finn made eye contact, Finn came close towards Clara, moving past Samantha is tongue which was now working on his neck, he wanted to kiss Clara but she said “Are you sure you want to have two affairs” “You’ve already taken my cock in your mouth, why not” both women laughed as Clara stuck out her tongue and her kiss with Finn was far less passionate and romantic than it was with Samantha, this kiss was wild and her tongue and his tongue were almost slobbering, she tasted like strawberries he thought.

Clara ran her hair through Finn’s hair, and in this position with their legs and bodies all mingled up, the three adulterers remained kissing each other. Finn licked Clara is tongue and then took hold of her breast, he looked into her eyes and then took her entire left areola into his mouth as Samantha began to take the right areola of Clara, Clara moaned and used her left hand to masturbate Finn and her right hand to rub horizontally Samantha’s pussy.

Clara’s nipples were incredibly hard and her own sexual desire was far from satisfied, she could not decide whether or not she loved the feel of Finn’s cock in her hands or the wetness from Samantha’s beautiful pussy on her fingertips.

Finn looked up at Clara, her eyes awash in luscious glances at him as he now came towards her and began kissing her once more with his tongue. Clara instinctively responded by tugging on his balls, his own spit and salvia was so deep within her mouth she could taste this youthful teenage boy and adored the energy Samantha had made the most of earlier on the day, she brought back her spit and planted her own tongue in his mouth which sent him into a frenzy, he almost demanded “I want to fuck your tits Clara” and they were very pleasing on the eye, which is why Samantha was still tonguing her nipple and licking all her right areola, they were incredibly large and she was a busty young woman.

Clara sat up as Samantha now faced Finn “You want her to tit wank you Finn” asked Samantha, he nodded “Sure I would” Finn stood up on the bed overlooking both women, as if begging for them to use their tongues on his member, Samantha took the left testicle and Clara in keeping with her own adventurous sexuality went under his balls and fiddled with his asshole, Finn looked up at the ceiling groaning, his moans were extremely loud.

Samantha and Clara from under Finn’s balls and ass met with their tongues once more on each other, kissing. Finn took hold of his erection and placed it between their very sensual kiss, both women looked up at him and smiled taking his cock and placing it between their mouths as they kissed each other with his meaty cock in the middle.

Finn could not help but admire as the auburn 30 year old with the most delicious of busty breasts he had seen with the dark haired brunette of 47 feasted on his 17 year old cock, their tongue strokes were experienced and their spit sloshed and meshed with his white vein throbbing member in a way he had never seen it react.

Finn closed his eyes picturing a neighbourhood party four years ago, which was to do with the Easter period, it was when children would go egg hunting in the local forest, he recalled being there so well because he collected the most eggs, he had just turned 13 at the time and knew the event so well because Clara and Samantha were the ones who handed him the award in front of the entire community, and now four years down the line he was being handed a blowjob by the young milf Clara and the mature women Samantha.

He started to thrust his cock back and forth using his hips, making Clara and Samantha work all the more faster, sucking, licking the seams of his member. Then they were rudely interrupted, a phone was ringing, not the house phone but a mobile phone, Clara and Samantha ceased giving the teenage boy the blowjob “Shit, that is my phone” Clara stood up and went off the bed towards her by this time strewn on the floor clothing.

As she lifted up her jeans, she panted, trying to get back her breath, Samantha was holding onto Finns cock, still on her knees but both were watching her, Samantha rubbing his helmet. “Who is it” “Let me get my breath back Sam” fired back Clara, as she took one last deep breath she flipped open the phone and saw her husband’s name “Its Anton”, Clara seemed quite worried, she then pressed the green button “Hi Anton....I am fine thanks, did you enjoy your game of golf...” she listened as he kept speaking, with long pauses.

“So you will one hour” she said louder than normal so Finn and Samantha knew exactly how far Anton was, Clara laughed along so casually now as her husband continued to speak about his game and how well he did and how much his friends had all become frustrated and reluctantly paid him the pool pot of winnings of £100.

“No problem honey, I will pick up some beers for the guys, Graham is spending the day in his the Petersons house, I will pick him up after...” “Graham was Anton and Clara’s five year old son, Samantha’s nephew “I am with Samantha, I decided to call on by because she was alone, no she is fine....I will be leaving shortly, okay, I love you....right, uh...did you know I am fucking your sister, she just ate out my pussy and Finn the boy next door is here he is fucking her to, we are all fucking each other”.

Finn’s jaw opened in horror as did Samantha who yelled “What the fuck is wrong with your Clara” Samantha then covered her mouth realising Anton could hear her, Finn panic stricken and then Clara laughed at both of them in their flustered state “You two are too gullible, he hang up after I said I love you. He has gone” Clara’s joke did not go down well with Samantha whose hands were shaking but Clara was just too relaxed.

“Anyways you two, I have to go, before I do, I want you Finn to fuck me and cum inside me, I always wanted to know how young teenage cum feels, and you are legal right Finn” “huh, I am legal” the age of consent was 16 and over, but Finn was still trying to overcome her rather sick joke with Anton “Come on Finn, Samantha has you all to herself for how many more days, I might not be able to fuck you for a while. You want to fuck me don’t you”.
Finn spat on his hand and rubbed the spit along his cock, he jumped off the bed and came up towards Clara who was smaller than him without shoes on, she was just under 5’5, he and she then passionately kissed his cock pressing up against her ribs. Samantha nervously laughed “You almost gave me a heart attack Clara, do not do that again”

“Heart attack, Finn here is going to be risking a heart attack, I will show you Finn how a pussy works properly..., what position should we do” Clara mused as Samantha went towards the window and looked outside onto the street, no sign of anyone who could ruin this extravaganza out there, just a dog walker and some children on bicycles as well as a few cars passing.

Clara was masturbating his cock and meeting his tongue lashes with hers, his hands running all along her ass and her back, pressing her up against him, Clara then whispered “spit in my mouth” Finn allowed some spit to develop and then let it drop down his tongue into Clara’s mouth who squeezing his balls brought him towards her, she smiled “You are too fucking nasty”, Samantha came towards Finn and hugged him from behind “I want him to fuck me Clara” “Do not be greedy Samantha, you can have him after I go, if you want Sam you can help him, use your fingers when he is pushing his beautiful cock deep within me” Finn was surrounded by these two horny older women and said out of urgency “Can we just do this”.

Clara went towards the left window in Samantha is bedroom, this particular window overlooked the other neighbour of Samantha, this neighbour was a 65 year old teacher who had recently retired from her job as a history teacher in a private school, her name Corinne Pane, known to everyone just as Corinne. Corinne was the house two doors down from Finn’s home and connected to Samantha and her family.

Clara sat down on the window sill and opened her legs, her pussy was dripping from the recent oral work of Samantha “Come on boy, do me” as he moved towards her he gripped his cock and ran it all around her pussy, skimming its pink centre and driving her wild as she closed her eyes, her back pressing up against the window, whilst Samantha appeared towards her left and placed Finns member into her friends vulva, he now steadied his legs and so began to press inside, she was so loose, clearly indicative of a woman who enjoyed sex.

Samantha now placed her own fingers in widening Clara who felt like she had two cocks inside her as she moaned and screamed Finn used his left fingers to pinch at her tits and grip them between his fingers, Samantha’s wedding ring was grating not just Finn’s cock but was causing considerable stress on Clara’s pussy but Clara did not mind. “Samantha suck my tits, Samantha spat onto Clara’s breast and licked, kissing her spit as she caressed her young sister in law.

Finns sweat was increasing as his work rate never abated, Clara suddenly felt herself quiver, her own pussy vibrating from the slams of Finns 17 year old cock and Samantha’s fingers which felt in synchronisation with Finns thrusts.

&&&&&&&&& Other Neighbours Similar Needs &&&&&&&&&&&&

As this was happening in Samantha’s bedroom Corinne Pane had just finished some ironing in the kitchen and was now carrying the clothing to the back airing cupboard. Corinne had lived alone and had never married, she had taught for over 40 years the same historic subject in the same grammar school about 12 miles away from her abode, and was now living out her retirement alone and in peace. She had thick studious glasses with many wrinkles and lots of grey hair around her ears and on the fringe of her otherwise copper like hair which was losing the battle over greyness elsewhere.

She climbed those stairs like she had done so many times throughout the 35 years she had lived in the home, and as she got to the back bedroom, the bedroom that overlooked Samantha’s bedroom window she did not see immediately the pressing back of Clara up against the window being pummelled by Finns erect throbbing member or the clear image of Samantha and Finn.

Despite there being nettings blocking a full view of what was happening in her neighbours home, the closeness of the three to the window and the sun shining from the windows overlooking the front of the house meant they were seen far more than they would have been had it not been as hot and had the sun been elsewhere.

Corinne placed the clothing into the cupboard of the drab little room, the room was drab in respect of it being quite hollow, with an oppressing dark blue colour toppled with an old broken down hover Corinne had not got round to discarding as well as some expensive paintings safely placed away as she had no wall space to hang them up on, so the paintings were instead covered by a white sheet, whilst the carpet of the 9x9 room which was a faded grey.

Corinne did not mind the room in terms of guests seeing how miserable it was as nobody ventured up here, she just hated the room as of all the rooms in the house this one depressed her more as it made her all the more conscious of who she really was.

Why this room made her conscious of who she was, was because even though Corinne was able to disguise the rest of the house in colour and endless pictures, and though she could distract herself by a variety of ornaments and antiques in the living room, as well as put the most expensive marble floor and glass tables in the dining room as well as drowning out the kitchen in a range of colourful plates, cups to go onto inform her exquisite Chinese kitchen piece whilst she built up her bedroom to be representative of pure luxury with white satin sheets, with a master bed which was covered in comforting pillow with the Indian summer coloured walls enveloping her in a prosperous glow of safety. This small miserable and humble room spoke more loudly to her and more truth than all the other materialist escapisms she had set up in the house.

This was because the grey carpet was a sign of her own fading hair and age, the oppressing dark blue a sign of her extremely conservative upbringing and outlook and the hollowness of the room spoke of her lack of fulfilment, but more hurtful was the representation of the white sheet that covered the paintings, covering the beautiful paintings so no mans eye may look at them or touch or admire them, and this represented her greatest pain of all as like the sheets covering her expensive paintings her own long light brownish dress would never have no man lifting up her dress to see, touch or admire her own expensively womanly treasures. And as for the broken down hoover, well the broken down hoover could mean so many more things.

Corinne just wanted to close the cupboard and leave the room as quickly as she could but as she was about to shut the door of the cupboard her eyes happened to glance out the window to face Samantha’s bedroom, this was because she heard a loud bang, then thudding.

Corinne figured it was a bird hitting the window as there was pigeons known to do this before, especially this time of year with the racing, but as she looked towards Samantha’s window she could make out the back of a woman and knew she was naked, the nettings were shaking and grafting on the window as Corinne quickly worked out what was happening “Sex”, she said the alien word to her.

Inside Samantha’s bedroom Finn had impressed both women for his stamina and the fact he had not cum whilst Clara had cum several times meant Clara was swearing at him “For fucks sake Finn will you just cum” “I cannot help it” “Samantha, do something” commanded Clara who was enjoying herself too much but knew she had to leave soon, as she needed to collect the items her husband had asked her to, as well as have a bath, wash her clothes and take away all the evidence of this affair.

Samantha knew the urgency and so left caressing Clara’s tits and went behind Finn who was making intense eye contact with Clara “you like this you slut” he said to her “fuck me you little boy, fuck me you fucking teenager, do me, do me good”.

He held her neck and pressed as Clara smiled pushing her pussy onto his cock as if trying to match his energy and his roughness, Samantha then went on her knees behind Finn and opened up his ass cheeks, she looked into his asshole and smiled, Finn felt her spit hit him on his asshole “paused his thrusts as Clara looked up at him “See you are human” “Samantha what are you doing” “what do you think Finn, I am going to eat your ass”.

Finn continued to focus onto Clara “I am not done with you,” he looked down at his cock which entered her and her pussy was dripping with cum the window sill was bathing in her sweat, Finn spat down onto his cock and then onto her pussy as Clara placed her fingers into his mouth and he sucked her finger tips, Samantha then buried her tongue into his asshole and licked, she was thankful he was quite clean and used her hands to tug on his balls, Finn was unable to control this as Clara was smiling rather meanly at him “You cannot take it can you, I want you to cum inside me, you hear me Finn”.

Finn knew he was soon going to explode and Clara shouted at him “Inside me” “I might get you pregnant” “Fuck pregnancy” she shouted back, Samantha moved away from Finn and watched as his legs straightened and then he moved in slow sweeping motions into Clara, Clara hugged Finn as he lifted her up still smashing her against the window, Corinne knew someone was having sex but she could not exactly make out who, Corinne was then stunned as the nettings ripped off their holdings and standing there was Finn who she recognised instantly, she moved from the window so he could not see.

Finn thrusting Clara on the window as Corinne peered through a small gap in the curtain and made out Finn, she also recognised Clara but did not know her well enough to know her name, just a recognition of her face, Samantha stood up from behind Finn and herself was so caught up in the moment she had not really noticed the netting had exposed her to the views on the outside.

“An affair, oh my god” said Corinne as Finn stopped thrusting as he remained steady and moaned “I am coming” he tightened his muscles throughout his body as Clara’s own cunt muscles tightened around his cock “Thank fuck you are” Clara said kissing his ear and his cheek, Samantha went towards Clara on the left and kissed her neck as Finn exploded inside her Clara moaned “Oh Finn, Finn” the mother of one said, the 30 year old had just been filled up with the cum of a 17 year old teenager as the 47 year old mature woman adored the erotic scene of two people she had known since they were children.

“Clara” Clara felt his spunk flash right inside her, basking her pussy walls in his cum making her feel like a woman, making her feel so desired and so much more wanting his cum to enter her, she wanted him to impregnate her, she wanted the young boy to be a man through her, the sweat dripping from him onto her equally as sweaty face. “Finn, you are too fucking much”.

Finn was a healthily sexually active teenage man and Clara was a fertile woman, chances are he had impregnated her but who would know, Clara kissed him passionately as she rushed kissing her sister in law to collect her clothing “I better go, you two, god, this has been amazing”. Clara put on the clothing as fast as she could. Samantha then went on her knees in full view of Corinne and started to lick Finns balls and then his cock, taking his helmet moving in and out with her head, spitting and mixing up all her mouth juices with Finns cum and
Claras pussy juice and sweat.

Clara was fully dressed now and she stopped before leaving as Samantha on her knees swallowed the reminder of the cum from Finns cock, and amazingly all of this was done right in front of the retired 65 year old school teacher Corinne who could see from her empty hollow back bedroom what was happening in the house next door.

Corinne was so shocked, she had lived next door to Samantha for years, and had once taught Finn when he was in primary school, indeed she had given him home lessons for his last examinations in high school, and now they were having an affair.

Clara kissed both Samantha and Finn once more before leaving “You two have fun”. Clara rushed down the stairs never feeling as sexually fulfilled, inside the bedroom Samantha and Finn both were standing naked, with the netting still on the floor and Corinne with a close look on Finns ass and his receding erection, as she could see cum dripping from his tip as Samantha fondled her breasts in front of him, both of them were speaking, the conversation Corinne could tell from their body language was incredibly casual, Corinne then saw as Samantha glanced her hand onto his cock tip and licked some of the cum.

Samantha was on her knees still, her knees burning due to the carpet burn as she looked up at him he holding her dark long hair and her brown eyes burning through his eyes full of heat and lust, her free hand was rubbing her pussy as she held his cock in her mouth, allowing her tongue to bask in it, allowing her to bathe it.

Corinne’s attention was then reserved for Finn’s cock, a man’s cock she thought, his 17 year old member was quite big for his age, unless this was normal Corinne could not tell or know. Corinne now had memories of Finn, how many times had he sat down stairs in her home, how many times had she tutored him and how many times had she made small talk with him on the street and here he was, the same student and neighbour naked fucking his other neighbour Samantha, Samantha who would send Corinne birthday cards and deliver homemade Strawberry pie to.

Corinne then thought about Samantha as a mother of one daughter Mary, a bright fun charming girl, then Samantha’s husband John who though quite arrogant from what she had experienced and heard was nevertheless a dedicated family men, Corinne had even been to their wedding reception. “Disgusting, those people are disgusting”.

Corinne said feeling the moral boundary that had been crossed next door was unforgivable. Corinne now watched as Samantha kissed Finn once more, suddenly all stopped as loud banging was heard, and the banging was from a front door.

Due to the closeness of the houses knocks as loud as this were always heard. Samantha went towards her window and looked outside, “Someone is down there” she called out to Finn, who stood naked in the line of sight of Corinne who herself was curious to know who it was and so she left the back room and went towards her bedroom overlooking the front street. The person was dressed in a uniform and judging by the van it seemed to be an official of some kind.

Samantha was not worried but merely said to Finn “I better deal with this” Corinne found herself eager to get back towards her back bedroom to watch what would happen, but as she walked towards the back room she realised something was wrong, she felt weird.

It was not until she reached the back airing cupboard room and noticed the place where she was standing watching her neighbours fuck that she knew she herself had cum, how was it possible, there was a wet patch on the floor but as her eyes and hands went towards her dress, she could not believe it, she was wet. How was this possible, she was 65 and the last time she became like this was years ago, years ago but why did she not feel it, why did she not have the sensation throughout her body, was she like the broken down hoover in her back room, no, what happened.

Corinne now stared inside the room of Samantha as she left, Finn stood there with his hands on his hips and faced the window overlooking into Corinne’s bedroom, it was then Corinne realised she was turned on, the conservative woman who had never married, never had much relationships was being turned on by a teenager.

She felt instincts she never knew she had overcome her, she took off her cardigan, lowered herself out of the light brown dress and took off her blouse, and she was standing in blue knickers and a blue bra. She started to touch herself all over her body, this 65 year old woman was beginning for the first time since she was at least in her 30s exploring herself once more, all these urges and desires all these thoughts and feelings returning to her and more heightened than ever. It was like an aftershock from her cumming, an after school of sensationalised emotion and thoughts.

She pressed up against the wall and started to rub her pussy, placing her fingers deep inside her pink twat, her free hand was placed inside her mouth as she sucked and found herself licking her fingers tips imagining a man’s member, imagining Finns cock deep in her throat, she stopped herself. “No, he is 17, I am 65 for Goodness sake, no, no” Corinne managed to leave her pussy alone and her mouth free of stimulation, as she peered through the gap though she saw Finn just standing in the middle of the room tugging on his cock, she could not stop herself.

Her fingers came back towards her mouth and she looking at his erection imagined herself on her knees in front of him licking his helmet, holding his ass and even ramming her fingers inside his asshole as she licked his helmet until it was purple inside her mouth. Her other hand buried deep inside her pussy, what Corinne did next was probably what happens when decades of unrealised sexual desire came too much.

Corinne stood in full view of Finn, all he had to do was look her way and he would see her in her back room standing there in her blue panties and bra, he was however too far gone in his own masturbation fantasy of all the good feelings he had had with Clara and Samantha, but Corinne not wanting this one chance, this one chance of her courage being so high as to allow her to do this stepped up further.

She went to the window and stood there opening it slightly, and then Finn looked, he stopped, touching himself and saw her, her body there, the 65 year old body of a woman relatively slim but clearly her aged woman with her bra holding her tits “Finn” she whispered” he went towards the window nervous, unsure what was happening. Corinne next placed her hand onto her knickers and moved them aside.

She showed him her pussy, he could see from the short distance the pinkness, “wow” he said this was getting more and more better, just how lucky had he been today” he opened the window from Samantha’s room “Finn” she whispered “Come over to my house, do not tell Samantha, do it as soon as you can” “Mrs Pane I” “No questions, just do it please”.

He looked at her hands near her pussy “Please Finn, I watched you all, I saw everything you did” though she was lying as she only caught the end of their affair “I won’t say but you must come over, if you do not I swear I will tell your parents and I will tell Samantha’s husband and the other woman I will find out who she is and tell her husband. Do you want this?”

“No, no please” “Well you better get over here as soon as you can” “I, are....” “My age is not important, I am still a woman” she detected what he was going to say “When you come over you come as you are now, naked” “Naked”.

“I cannot take this anymore Finn, do not wait do it now” “Samantha will be back” “Finn, I will tell everyone, I swear, who do you think they will believe you or me, don’t you see I want you to fuck me, I want to suck your cock, I want you to lick my pussy, do things to me you were doing to Samantha. I deserve it, I am 65, I am 65 this is my last chance”.

The desperation in her voice was staggering, he started to feel sorry for her “You think I am not sexy, watch this”. She jumped down now went on her knees and pointed at his cock, then she brought up her hands and poked her fingers, she started to masturbate her fingers and then spat on the tip of it followed by taking it inside, she emphasised her tongue slashes as Finn’s eyes widened, it was then it hit him how hot this was, this was a 65 year old, she was nearly 50 years older than him “I, I will be right over” he ran down from Samantha’s room and came down the stairs, hearing Samantha talking with the delivery man who had a ridiculous amount of forms for her to sign.

Finn went back down the corridor passing Samantha and his own clothing all strewn in like a trail towards the stairs from the kitchen, and then Finn went into Samanthas kitchen and then into the garden, where it all began. Next he jumped over into Corinne’s house over the small boulder wall and went towards her kitchen, Corinne watched his progress and when she heard her back door open and Corinne closed her curtains of the back room so Samantha could not see in when she gets back.

Now Corinne stood in the middle of this hollow room, no longer did the room intimidate her, no longer did it excite her with worries and mirror all those parts of herself she felt she could not escape from, she was not afraid and the broken down hoover in the corner did not symbolise her, she was a newer model, a more bolder mature outfit, she was on the verge of being a new woman.

Over 30 years of nothingness, over 30 years of never having a man, over 30 years of having no sexual stimulation whatsoever, all those thoughts and ideas and standards of who she thought she was had just been shattered within the space of 5 minutes. How quickly decades can be cast out when the right moment presents itself, how quickly she can reclaim an animal instinct, a missing link in her life.

The stuffiness her persona, the almost prudishness of her personality was gone, she heard Finn climb his stairs and closed her eyes remembering the numerous lessons they had in her dining room when he was 12,13,14,15 and 16 before he finished school the previous year and now the boy she thought she had given so much academically was going to give her so much more physically.

As Finn reached the corridor he motioned towards the room where he guessed she was, it was the spare room as he remembered just near the bathroom. He walked into the middle of the door frame and she was standing there, Corinne was taller than his previous two lovers, she was 5’9 and was only an inch or so smaller than him “Corinne” “Finn...”

She now sat down on her window sill and opened her legs she moved her knickers away as the boy with his erection suddenly stoked back up “ You are hard over me Finn, I cannot believe it” “I believe it” “Close the door” he closed it and then locked it with the key.

The 17 year old boy now took baby steps towards her as she rubbed her clit “No wait, let me just look at you, I have never seen a man like this for so long, let me just look at you” she took in his frame, his athletic body, his dark hair, his muscular legs and his most beautiful feature in her eyes his hard as nails cock, Corinne now watched as the boy who had learned so much from years of pornography viewing and also from the moments of lust with Samantha and Clara spat onto his cock.

Corinne gasped “I should not be doing this” she complained but her hands kept stroking her pussy as she licked her lips, “I should not be doing this, I am a respectable woman, I am a respectable woman who has taught generations of young minds, you are like a student to me, you are a boy” “All I am to you Corinne is man with what you want” he spat on his cock once more “Don’t Finn it is too much” she wanted to come over and take his manhood, or was it boyhood, was he just a boy? She asked herself. “No, I cannot” “I am old enough, I am over 16 Corinne, 16 is the age of legal consent” and it was in Britain.

Every time she protested or said this was wrong her acts contradicted her words, she now brought her hand to her mouth and spat in it as if following his lead with his spitting, she now brought this spit covered hand onto her pussy and stroked, Finn found this more erotic than his session with Clara and Samantha simply because of the age of this woman and her history of being as she said an almost pillar of the community, an upstanding woman who had educated herself and educated others, only here she was masturbating and watching a boy who had left school about two years ago masturbate in front of her.

He made his way to her but she shouted “STOP...just wait there I need to think about this” all the while still rubbing herself, still exciting her clit, it was as if she was a teenage girl and masturbating herself for the first time, feeling all these new sensations and all these new thoughts and all these new ideas, as if she was coming of age all over again, in a way this was right as she had been dead sexually for such a long time and here in her most hated of rooms, the room she subconsciously kept to remind her of all she truly was she was finding herself, she was reclaiming what years of service to the school, years of service to the community standards of morality, and years of disservice to herself...she was reclaiming all her womanhood, all her animalistic cravings.

“I never imagined I would ever be in this position again, I thought I was done sexually” “You are not done Corinne...” he was itching to get on his knees and take a look at her pink twat, he wanted to taste it now as she with her old retired face shook her head again, she was though rubbing herself so much and her clit was so receptive she was bringing herself to orgasm, so Finn went towards her ignoring her pleas to stop and stood over her with his cock only about 5 inches from her face.;

“I won’t go any further Corinne, you look up into my eyes and you tell me you want me to back away, but before
you do look at it, touch it and think about what it can do to you” she hyperventilating now looked down at his erection 8 inches of all man, or all boy depending on how you looked at the situation.

And then she just gave in, it was time for her to not look back, she sat up and took his cock in her mouth, it eased in on her tongue as she felt Finn’s hands on her greying hair, she slobbered over it, as Finn felt her deep throat him, she went straight into it, she pressed her hands onto his buttocks brought his hips closer to her face and his cock slid down her throat almost snail like was the sensation easing inside as she opened her eyes her glasses pressed on his lower stomach and her eyes seeing only his hair and his white flesh.

She placed her fingers on his asshole, rubbing as he now snapped his hips up instinctively which made his cock push further into her throat where she coughed but this for whatever reason made her determined to hold him inside, he looked down and moaned “Oh my god, what the fuck....Jesus Christ” he could not see his cock at all, all he saw was her head down below at waist height pressed into his stomach, he felt her spit and her salvia drip down his legs and all the way towards his ankles, he heard how heavy she was breathing.

He never imagined this 65 year old woman would have such command of her mouth, he felt his tip down slide down her throat and as it got to the back the mucus and the phlegm was evident, he had never felt as dirty and he almost forgot all the things he had done with the other woman next door and her sister in law, that was like a different century.

Now Finn placed his hands on the back of Corinne’s head and pressed her further, she responded by using her hands to tug on his balls and he shouted “My God, you are unreal” she fiddled his balls like a cat with a ball just grating her nails and feeling them get harder and harder in her hand.

This 17 year old boy was making her the most excited she had ever been, she then had a flashback of herself sitting down at her oak dining table with the young boy some four years ago saying “Now Finn, you got the date of the 1917 Russian revolution correct but you must understand there was another revolution before...”
Her flashback receded as she now felt his hips buckle, it was his body telling him he was going to cum, Corinne felt his hands hold her head tightly, squeezing it almost as he moved his hips instinctively, and in this state his own cock was pressing so far in her throat that that her breathing was bordering on the critical, she was breathing solely through her nose and then she felt his pre-cum, it was so tasteful to her, so sludge like and so refreshing. She found her tongue entering his urethra searching out more, wanting more.

This desire though was soon to be answered in buckets as he now screamed “FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he shot his load into her throat, Corinne could not withstand it, he held her head there as she could not move as waves of it entered her, it surrounded her mouth the mouth she had used to eat so many meals alone, the mouth she had used to drink endless amount of coffee with during her working days and her daily routine days as she lived in her materialistic house built on her own fallacies of her empty existence.

The mouth she had used to address so many students, literally thousands upon thousands of students throughout her 40 years plus of educating generations was now being used to take in a 17 year old teenage kids cum, his youthful cum entering a woman from another generation, another way of outlook.

“You are the best teacher in the world” he was blurting out any old words now, he was completely overcome with this GILF almost as this 65 year old was certainly no MILF, even if Corinne had never married, even if she had no children or grand kids whatever she was, right now to Finn she was the most important woman in the world, his hips buckled with extra bite now as his balls were so tight during her amazing deep throat that they were far from spent, Corinne just chugged the spunk down into her, she swallowed it almost involuntary as if she did not she would struggle to breathe.

It must have been two minutes and he had just finished unloading his balls, then Corinne pulled away she had so much salvia, phlegm and cum leave a trail from his cock to her mouth that it was surreal seeing this conservative like woman sitting before a 17 year old boy whose love in life before this was tennis shoes, tennis rackets and sport.

She had cum dripping from her mouth on either side “Corinne you have...I don’t know what to say, I have to lick your pussy” Corinne laid on the floor of the fading coloured carpet as she opened her legs, he tore at her blue knickers and smelt heavily her pussy and she did not care he was like an animal, he ripped them off and then buried his tongue and nose inside, he remembered how Samantha was licking out Clara earlier on with her fingers jammed up her vulva and her tongue on her clit and he did the same, he saw how pink and how wet it was, and my God she was wet, she was like a fucking pool he thought, as her clit was so sensitive that his own sucking and tongue strokes merely made her scream, his fingers buried deep inside her pussy.

“You are fucking a retired teacher, you are fucking a 65 year old teacher Finn, you are fucking a protestant conservative woman who....” she yelped.... and she continued “You are fucking a teacher of over 40 years experience, you are fucking me....” and then she said a word she never thought she could ever say “You are using your tongue on my cunt, your teenage tongue on my retired CUNTTTTTTT” she stressed the T’s, as Corinne Pane had just let go of everything.

His own hands were now on her breasts tweaking her nipples as his tongue ceased to be of use as he went to
grating his teeth all along her pussy, he took the flesh on the outskirts of her pussy and the bite on it sending shivers of endless delight throughout her mind, she was being exposed to another world, a world of sensual pleasure the like she had never ever experienced. Her legs were now resting on his back as she thrashed her hips up, her slightly chubby stomach was bathed in her sweat but it was mostly bathed in the sweat from Finn’s hair which was shelving litres of it.

She now moaned and groaned she was thrashing like a fish out of water as she came, “Oh my god, fuck this... Finn, Finn....” she yelled as Finn now allowed the cum to leave her and went on top of her in a missionary position he began to kiss her mouth, she felt his tongue enter and he looked at her through her glasses, licking her tongue like his life depended on it, and she squeezed his ass as she looked up at the ceiling and around the room feeling the cum leave her body as he did not let up and continued to pummel her in this ecstatic stream of his own lust for her.

She now felt as he took hold of his cock and said to her, whispering to her as his breath shrouded her “You want me to fuck you Corinne” “You have to....” he placed his cock up against her pussy and though he was just licking her out and though he was exploring her pussy with her tongue she was extremely tight and it was almost like she was a virgin, he managed to press in one inch but this was as far as he got before he took hold of her hands and raised them above her head she looked up at him and saw as the sweat covered her glasses which prevented her from seeing his face.

His own eyes were buried in her bushy greying hair and then he managed to slide inside, despite the tightness of her cunt not allowing him easy access he pressed “This will be worth it” he whispered at her as the tightness made her moan in a almost pain tone, Corinne was far from in pain though she was completely into this and rubbed his ass with her hands as if to encourage him to press further down on her and he did this.

“Miss Pane” as he would call her during their tuition “Call me Corinne Finn” he kissed her now licking her wrinkled face making her feel the most desired woman in the world, and then as he looked into her 65 year eye the 17 year old felt the build up, his balls tightened and then he shot his load deep inside her, it washed over Corinne whose eyes opened unable to believe a man had come over her, come inside her.

Finn rolled onto the other side of Corinne and laid on the floor, the back of his head relaxing on the greying carpet, he looked at her and could see her staring at the ceiling; she was almost drunk in appearance just lying there in a seemingly peaceful bliss, her legs shivering her mouth quivering. How fast had all this happened were some of the thoughts going through his head, whereas Finn had just had the best sex he had ever had and in the last few hours he had had some pretty good damn sex.

Finn sat up “I have to go back to Samantha, she will be wondering where I am” he said this as if he was in a relationship with her, and forgetting almost that Samantha was in fact his neighbours wife with a young teenage daughter who he use to play with. Corinne took hold of his left arm “Do not tell her what you and I have done, if you keep this secret I will not tell anyone else...”

He questioned her “Why, she will not care Corinne, you’ve seen her cheat with her sister in law” “That was her sister in law” Corinne said amazed, and then burst out laughing “My oh my what people do when nobody is around” Finn looked upon this 65 year old woman whose fingers were now going once more down towards her pussy.

“I will have to go” he sat up “Don’t worry I will not tell anyone, I promise” as he stood there completely naked his cock no longer hard looking down at her, she blew him a kiss “You and I will do this again okay Finn” “Whenever you want to”. Corinne wanted to know “Do you really find me attractive?” Finn went on his knees and between her legs “Corinne just looking at you is making me want to continue to fuck you again”.

“I am 65 and your 17” she said as if wanting him to be negative, wanting him to tell her she was not but Finn ran his fingers along her pussy and said “Let me take your knickers with me” he held them up now, they were near the wall “I want them to remember this, so I can masturbate over you” she smiled “masturbate over me...sure” he took them and stood up “I will see you soon Corinne”.

She did not say a word, all she did was lay there in the once hateful room and in defiance almost with cum all along her legs, cum all around the room and her body still in the thralls of ecstasy was telling the room she had just reclaimed her womanhood, she had just fucked a young guy and he had cum twice over her. So fuck you room she thought, fuck you past life, and fuck you whoever thought she did not deserve to be sexually satisfied.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Back to Samantha &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Finn had scaled Corinne’s wall and was now in the back garden of Samanthas property, he went towards the wall of his own home and placed the knickers of Corinne into a small water bucket on his side of the wall that connected Samantha and his own home. Once Corinne’s knickers were safely segregated for future use, he went back inside Samantha’s kitchen. The clock on the wall indicated he had been away from Samantha for nearly 10 minutes, so that meant the entire session with Corinne amounted to little more than a quickie, impossible he felt as it felt like it lasted much longer.

As he made his way into the corridor to go towards the front door, he heard Samantha was still talking with the delivery man, to make himself useful he set about collecting his clothing and hers and then placed them neatly onto the dining table thinking to himself he had just had an affair, another affair and then another affair, three affairs. Not bad for a summer afternoon he thought “Thank you, really this won’t be necessary, I will appreciate a phone call....” just some of the words he heard Samantha say to the delivery man.

As Samantha closed the door she sighed, so relieved it was just a harmless, though bookish delivery man who was quite anal about the packages which were now in her porch. She bolted the front door as a naked Finn appeared “All done Samantha” “Finn you should not be down here just in case someone sees you...” then she noticed “Where are the clothes, our clothes” “in the dining room, look Samantha I need a bath, I will have to take it now”.

She smiled “Well I will join you as I don’t think nobody else will be disturbing us”.
Both went up the stairs and back into the bathroom where they prepared themselves for a clean down of not just the sweat, not just the cum and salvia and not just the dirt, but to try to clean themselves of all their sinful transgressions of the flesh.

Finn touched the water “A little cold” he then put on the warm water as Samantha took off the clothes she had to hurry to put on to answer the door “I see you are still dripping with cum Finn” referring to his flaccid cock with the cum dripping down, this was from his session with Corinne who Samantha was unaware he had just fucked literally behind her back as she handled his manhood “You are going to make my days alone in the house so much more interesting....when are you going back to college Finn” “won’t be long” “Well” she kissed him as she hugged him tightly “Let us make the most of this time we have”.

&&&&&&&&&&&&& 1 month later &&&&&&&&&&

It was still summer time and the weather had been extremely hot, in fact one of the hottest on record. Samantha was out in the back garden with her husband John, her daughter Mary and also her brother Anton and his wife Clara with their son. The four adults all sat down as they helped themselves to some of the buffet food as the two children played up on the grassy part of the garden “Well I disagree John, I for one think golf is far more demanding than crocket, it takes far more concentration”.

“No, I did a....” the men continued drinking as Samantha and Clara remained silent, under the table Clara was rubbing her foot along Samantha’s foot and on occasion pressing her toes into Samanthas pussy, pressing through her knickers, Samantha who opened her legs and smiled occasionally as their husbands remained oblivious to their wives affair, an affair that had still been ongoing.

Both men were pleased that within one month their wives had encouraged them to go out more and bond, it was all a red herring of course because the longer they were away the more Clara and Samantha could consummate their own lust. Anton and John had within the month since that afternoon been out no less than 5 times, as Clara and Mary used either one of their mothers to babysit and then spent the afternoon and evening in each other’s arms.

As the conversation went on Corinne appeared from her kitchen, she was holding some clothes. She was seen by John “Afternoon Corinne” everyone turned and greeted her as she had a smile on her face “Odd she is smiling” John mused to his wife, but Corinne had changed a lot since her interlude with the boy two doors down.

She spoke with them “Are you enjoying the summer” Corinne asked as she put her dress, her towel, and her bra onto the line “Best summer ever” Clara enthusiastically answering Corinne’s question, then Anton noticed something in Corinne’s garden “You doing a lot of gardening Corinne, I notice you have the implements for a green house”.

She had sheets of glass near her own garage “I am interested in making the most of the weather, what with prices on food so high I think I will like to growing my own vegetation” “Must be hard work for you to build that thing by yourself” “No, I have help....I am using Finn” both Clara and Samantha looked at each other with guilt on their faces “Finn, whose Finn” wondered Anton then John answered “He is the lad next door”.

Anton did not notice his wives blushes “Must be paying him handsomely for such a job Corinne” John pouring himself a drink commented but Corinne with such boldness said “He does not ask for money, I pay him in other ways” the four adults went very quiet as they all looked at her, it was the way she said it, the hint of something physical.

“In other ways” Anton unsure what she meant “I give some extra college tuition, I need to keep my mind busy and he is good enough to not ask me for money” Corinne now had a telling smile on her face as she looked at both Samantha and Clara who in that moment knew she knew something about them and knew she was doing something with Finn which made both of them so uncomfortable they stopped playing footsie.

“What a lovely lad” Anton admiring Finn not taking money from a pensioner, as John realised “Isn’t he studying sporting science though Corinne” Corinne though had an answer for everything “No matter the subject John good English and good grammar is essential”, John nodded without further questioning and then they all turned towards Finns house, in his back garden he stood there wearing his tennis clothing and holding his racket “Talk of the devil, hey Finn. We were just talking about you”.

Finn staring at John and then at Anton, they did not seem like they were angry, nor had a look like they wanted to kill him “Really, what about?” he asked with worry “Corinne was saying how you are helping her out” Finn slightly blushed and stammered “She, she did” “The garden Finn” Corinne trying to divert attention from him “Oh yes, the garden...the green house, yeah I am helping her out until I go back to college, just two weeks now, so I will have to work fast right”.

A strained silence now, Samantha placed her hand to her chest and stroked as Finn looked her way, whilst Clara
opened her legs slightly and Finn who was standing from a height and due to the distance of the garden table could see her under the table moving her knickers with her fingers and placing her tongue onto the side of her mouth, Corinne meanwhile was deep throating her finger, as all backs were turned from her and focused on Finn so she could do this without fear of being seen. Finn was getting incredibly hard under his shorts, and those women were doing this knowing they were turning him on.

Anton and John did notice the silence of the women but Finn confidently said “So what you all doing over the summer” “holidays to rest from work” Anton now looked at his wife who he could not see was fingering herself under the table as Finn watched, Corinne stared down at Samantha and Clara able to see what they were doing and smirked.

John now asked Finn “So we were having a debate, what is better golf or crocket, I think its crocket. Seeing as you are a sport scientist in the making. What do you think” Finn then raised his racket “I don’t know I am more of a tennis fan so I will have a biased answer does take concentration and stamina, plus its intense” “Prove it” shouted Samantha “Huh” “Prove it takes extra skill, show them what you did the other week...Finn here managed to hit 670 one bounce balls against his garage” “Really, impressive Finn, considering its so small there”... a genuinely impressed Anton said, Anton then had an idea.

“Okay, I will make an agreement...if Finn here hits 1000 balls will you John come with me to the golf range to see how hard it is and if you do this I will come with you to a crocket game to see how hard it is”, John paused and thought about it, his wife Samantha was clearly encouraging as was Clara who said to John “What is wrong are you scared”.

John not eager to be seen as a coward submitted “Okay, deal....” Anton and John shook hands as John who made one last effort to get out of it wondered “What about the kids”, but Clara answered him and his feeble attempt “Your mother or my mother can look after them, plus yours Samantha” “Yeah, so you girls can have the day off here, drinking wine and enjoying the sun”.

Samantha and Clara liked the idea and Finn knew what it meant “Is your mother and step dad still away” “Yes, they have gone to Egypt for about one week” “Man, I wish I had your step-dads money, so you are home alone....what a life Finn” an envious John said “Well, I do keep myself occupied”, this made Clara laugh slightly which her husband and her brother in law found odd, but both did not say anything, as Clara sipped her wine “Excuse me, I am a little giddy” making excuses for herself.

“Okay Finn, show us some skill” demanded a smug Anton” as Finn smirked at him “ask your wife about my skill” he thought to himself, but what he said was “I will do my best” and then he started, as Corinne watched from her garden.

Samantha and Clara hoped he would do it and the two men so oblivious just flexed their own sport knowledge and knowledge in general without any idea the boy next door was not aiming for 1000 balls non-stop out of pride or to prove a point to them, he was doing this to have another opportunity to fuck their wives and then maybe fuck the retired teacher next door who also watched on with her own interest in the success of Finn.

So Finn threw the ball in the air and knelt his legs a little bit with his eyes concentrating on the ball, he had mastered the pose of the tennis player to perfection and then as the ball came back down to Earth he pounched and snapped at the ball hitting the ball with a powerful stroke and all eyes were on the ball hitting against the wall and so began his effort to reach the 1000 milestone mark.

What a neighbourhood, what a summer and what an incentive to get good at tennis.....

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