This is the fourth part to this story and I'm unsure if it should be the last. Just go ahead and read it and if you like it, please let me know if this should be the end or if there shoul be more for Crystal and Andrew.
I immediately knew I was dreaming but it was so peaceful, calm, it felt normal; I didn’t want to wake up. There was a soft white blanket beneath my naked body; it shielded me from the scratchy grass.”I’m allergic to grass.” I said quietly while staring up at the bluest sky I think I’ve ever seen. I absent mindedly ran my fingers all across my stomach softly because I loved the way it tickled. I closed my eyes and felt a soft breeze blow loose pieces of my hair across my face. The sun was beating down on my body and it was so amazingly warm. It was safe. Then I realized this was less of a dream and more of a memory. I was tanning in my backyard; no one was home. That was the only time I could do it because I didn’t want tan lines and no tan lines equaled no clothes. I opened my eyes and just stared up at the sky while my lips started to form into a smile. The warmth from the sun was amazing and then the soft breeze would tickle my skin and all I wanted to do was stay in this state of dreams…

And then abruptly there was the cold; so very cold. And darkness was all around me. I snapped out of it and struggled to the surface of the water. Wait, water? What the fuck is going on? I grabbed the edge of the tub and pushed myself up to the surface and gasped for air. My hair was matted and stuck to my face I couldn’t see anything; the darkness was still around me. Then I heard his voice, he was laughing. I wiped away the hair from my face and searched for him in the small white room. Sure enough he was there leaning against the wall beside the door. Then he repeated the question he had asked me the first night he captured me. “How did you sleep, Crystal?” He pressed his lips together to keep from laughing. Finally I realized what he must have done. He picked me up out of the tub while I was still sleeping and then filled the tub with freezing cold water just so he could dump me back into it to wake me up.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I realized I was still sitting in the icy water so I immediately jumped out of it and stood in front of him shaking. “Aw, poor thing.” He said returning my glare. Then he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me through the door into the main room where I had earlier received my lashing. I was starting to worry again when I saw what he was dragging me towards. There was a plate of food on the table with all the sex toys and I realized I hadn’t eaten the whole fucking time he had me here with him. I jerked my arm away from him and ran to it and didn’t even pause to start shoveling it in my mouth. My stomach was aching with hunger. He must have went and bought the breakfast at a restaurant because it looked way too professional for him to have made it. He just stood in the corner and watched me eat; it started to make me all of a sudden self conscious and I decided to start eating slower but the food was already gone. I backed away from the table and wiped at my mouth. Then I turned my body towards him but I kept my gaze directed at the floor. I didn’t know what to do.

“Come here Crystal.” He ordered and my head snapped up and I stared at him for a minute before finally walking slowly over to him. He smiled at me and I smiled back but then his smile faded. He raised his hand back and then slapped me hard across the face. I stumbled backwards from the power of the blow and I clutched at my face. “Don’t you ever pause or decide if you want to do something I tell you to. You just fucking do it! Understand?” His stare had such intensity it made me want to curl up into a ball at his feet. “Yes, Andrew. I understand.” I told him still cupping my cheek in my hand. “Well that’s great but there’s another thing. You are now to start calling me Master. I hope you understand this as well Crystal. Or I could beat it into.” He said was a sadistic grin. Then something inside me changed again. My pussy started to get wet from his last words and he had no idea.

Oh I fully understood that he wanted to be called Master and I had no problem obeying him anymore. But I wanted him beat me; no, to spank me. My pussy started to throb at the thought. Then without thinking I quietly said to him, “Can I pick out the pattle?” He looked surprised, “Can you, what?” He asked me. “What? No, never mind.” Shit had I really said that out loud? I tried to look as innocent as possible; it didn’t work. He strode towards me and stood only inches from my face. We stared at each other long and hard before finally he said, “Do you like pain, Crystal?” He had a questioning expression on his face. Should I tell him? I mean there are boundaries. Yes, I like some pain, but I don’t really want him to make me bleed again. I just kept looking at him dumbfounded. “Crystal… Answer me.” He said sternly while he watched my face; always he watched my face. Finally I gave up, “Yes. Sometimes. I mean yeah, well to an extent.” He started to smile at me. “I knew I was right to pick you Crystal.”

I looked down. Why was I so embarrassed? He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face up to his. He pressed his lips against mine and my arms immediately wound around his neck. I pushed myself up on my toes to deepen the kiss. He reached down under the backs of my thighs to pick me up. He was holding me now; my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He walked with me in his arms over to the table with the sex toys but he never stopped kissing me. He set me on the edge of it and knocked some of the rubber dicks off the table and onto the floor. He then pushed me down on my back roughly and started to take off his pants and his shirt. My hands wandered over my breast and down my stomach while I waited for him to take me. Then I felt him grab my wrists and he put them above my head. “No! What did I tell you?” He yelled at me. I remembered then, “Not to touch myself unless you tell me to?” I squeaked. “Exactly. And what were you just trying to do?” I smiled innocently up at him. He wasn’t having that. He yanked me up forward into a sitting position on the table but then he grabbed me by the waist and spun me around. He shoved me back down on the table but my legs were still on the ground. He led my arms behind my back like a police officer would arrest someone over the hood of his car.

Then he took my wrists and put them out in front of me and started to chain them to the table. How had I not seen the rings in this table? They were exactly like the ones on the slab of concrete in his basement. I started to get excited now as I watched him secure my arms to the table. Once he was done and he was sure I couldn’t get away he walked over to where the whips and pattles were. He looked at the pattles and picked one up that hand tons of holes in it. I didn’t understand what the difference was when one didn’t have lots of holes and one did. He held it in his hands and walked over to me. He saw the confused expression on my face. “The ones with the most holes move faster through the air.” I still didn’t understand. “They hurt more, Crystal.”

He smiled at me, paused just for a fraction of a second and then let that fucking piece of wood come crashing down on my ass cheeks. “Fuck! Mmmm.” I moaned as I stared back at him and watched him raise the pattle into the air and then slap it down hard on my ass. He wouldn’t even take a break between blows. Just slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! And my ass had to be as red as a fucking tomato. And yet, I loved every minute of it. Every time it came crashing down and would hit my ass my body would jerk forward from the power exerted through his arms into the pattle and onto my sore, red ass. God he was so fucking strong and gorgeous. And he was all mine. I thought to myself but then I was instantly surprised at myself for even thinking that. He’s not mine. I mean we’re not in a relationship or anything. In fact, I don’t know what the hell to call what we are. I let it drop; it didn’t matter what I called him in my head just as long as I called him Master to his face. Slap! “Fuck yeah!” I screamed back at him and he smiled and just kept hitting me. I counted to 25 before he finally stopped. I was panting and grinding my ass back at him. I couldn’t fucking stand it anymore. He slowly walked back over and placed the pattle on its hook and slowly walked back behind me. He was teasing me. “Pleeease, just fuck me Andrew!” Oops. “I mean, Master.” His glare slowly turned into a cocky little smile. “What is it you want me to do, my pet?” He leaned over me from behind and whispered the words in my ear. His hard cock was pressing against my ass and I tried to rub my ass up and down his dick to try to get him inside me.

He realized what I was doing and grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back as far as it would go without snapping my neck. “Oww, fuck! Fine.” I yelled at him. “So what is it you want me to do exactly?” He said sternly. “I want you to fuck me Master! I want you to shove your dick in my pussy and fuck me until I pass out!” I was starting to sweat; couldn’t he just fuck me already? “Mmmm. I will fuck you Crystal. But not where you ask me to. I have something else in mind…” He said as he let go of my hair and my head smacked back down onto the table. I bit my lip and waited to see what he would do next. He grabbed both my ass cheeks and spread them apart so he could spit on my asshole. My eyes widened. I’d never had anal sex before, and when he’d just stuck two fingers deep in my ass that hurt like hell. I didn’t want to think about the damage his huge dick could do to my ass. He started to rub circles on my asshole like he had done before. He slid one finger in and I ground my teeth together and squeezed my eyes shut. He just slid that one finger in and out slowly for a while and then he slid another finger in. I realized I was holding my breath and I blew out all the air in my lungs.

Then he pulled both his fingers out of my ass and walked around in front of me. I was watching his every move. He picked up a pink vibrator and turned it on to the highest level. He walked back behind me and all I could hear was that loud buzzing. He stood behind me for a second and then I moaned out in pleasure, “Ohhhh, fuck, mmmm!” He had shoved the pink vibrator all the way into my pussy and it was vibrating right on my G-Spot. He then walked over back in front of me and put his cock up to my lips. “You better get it nice and wet, because that’s all the lube you’re getting.” He smiled down at me as I opened my mouth wide to take him in. He shoved his dick straight down my throat and I started to gag. He pulled out for a second but then he just slammed it right back down. I was able to get my throat ready though in time and I surprised myself by not gagging at all as he fucked my throat. Spit was dripping down my chin by the time he finally took his dick out of my mouth and I gasped for air. He walked back around behind me and spread my ass cheeks wide again. I felt him place the head of his cock to my asshole and I started to take deep calming breaths. Fuck, this was some stressful shit for someone who’s never had anal before and there partner has an 11 inch cock. I craned my neck back so I could watch his face as he pushed into me.
He just rubbed the head of his cock on my asshole before he forced it about an inch in.

My ass was already on fire and my pussy was seriously dripping down my thighs now because I could feel the tingling in my groin start to happen from the vibrator in my pussy. He slowly started pushing his cock into my ass and the pain in my ass combined with the pleasure from my pussy was starting to push me over the edge. He just kept pushing and pushing and I didn’t know when it was going to finally be all the way in. I felt so fucking full because both my holes were being filled. Finally his cock was all the way buried in my ass and I could hear him moaning quietly because he could feel the vibrator on his cock from inside my ass. And then it was just all too much and I started cum. He realized this and started pumping in and out of my ass at full speed. I was screaming now and his cock was slamming into my ass. “Ohh fuck! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” I kept repeating the word over and over until finally I could feel my pussy start to squirt and I felt it clamp down hard and the vibrator fell onto the floor and broke. Now it was just him fucking my ass as fast as he could and even that started to feel amazing. He was pulling my hips back hard on his cock with each of his thrusts and all I could do was moan. His balls were slapping against my clit in time with his thrusts and I felt like I was about to cum again right when I felt his dick start to spasm in my ass. It sent me right over the edge and I started to cum again right as he unloaded his sperm deep in my ass.
I was so exhausted and all I wanted was to be in his arms.

He pulled his cock out of my ass but then he quickly walked over to the front of the table and grabbed a butt plug. He pushed it up against my ass and then slammed it all the way in. “Shit! Mmmm.” I moaned as my as was all of a sudden full again. I looked back at him confused. “I want my cum to stay in your ass all night. You are not to pull this out. Understand?” He asked me. “Yes I understand, but Master?” I said quietly. “What is it Crystal?” His voice was so silky and seductive; I just wanted to press my body against his. “Can I take a bath? I’m all sweaty and it’s uncomfortable. ” “Yes, you can.” With that he walked over to unchain my wrists from the table. Once I was free he helped me up and stood very close to me while he looked in my eyes. I just wanted to be with him, that’s all I wanted right now.

“And Master?” “Yes?” He said warily. “Will you join me?” I asked with a smile already spreading across my face. He smiled back at me and took me in his arms. “Why not?” He said sarcastically and I reached up and kissed him on the lips. He walked with me to the white room with the tub slowly. When we got there he stepped away from me and turned on the water. The tub started to fill quickly with hot water and the room started to steam up. He got into the bath first and he spread his legs apart smiling and beckoning to me to join him. I eagerly got into the tub and sat between his legs and lean back against his chest. From behind he reached between my legs and started to rub at my clit. I moaned and turned my head back towards him to kiss him. He realized what I wanted and leaned forward to press his lips against mine. He kissed me for a while and still kept rubbing my clit; my head started to spin. He reached further down and stuck two fingers straight into my pussy. With the butt plug inside me, anything he did to my pussy I could feel in my ass too. He moved his fingers in and out faster and it made the plug in my ass move around too. It started feeling really good and I was starting to moan louder into his lips. He pulled my head back by my hair with his free hand and quietly spoke four words that officially changed my life. “Crystal, you’re mine forever.” I came on his fingers right then and he pressed his lips back against mine. When it was over and I started to relax I closed my eyes and whispered back to him. “There’s no where I’d rather be. “

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