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I felt like I was going to explode. I was sick of my life and everything in it. I desperately wanted something different. I wanted to be anyone but me. I found myself growing more and more frustrated as the days passed into weeks. I couldn’t sleep and I took to driving around the city late at night.

One evening when I was on my way out I picked up the remote to turn off the television when a news story caught my attention. The police had raided the clubhouse of the Devil Dogs; they were a local biker gang. As I watched I realized that I had driven by their building a million times and never gave it a second thought. That three-minute news story changed my life forever.

For over six months I watched them and waited for something, what, I wasn’t quite sure of. I began to know them by sight and their old ladies. I knew when they partied, when they slept. I also knew that I wasn’t their type.

I’m not coyote-ugly, but I’m not a petite teenage blonde either. I have shoulder length black hair, and hourglass figure with 36dd and I’m black, that’s not your average biker chick. Still there was one member that held my attention, or obsession, depends on your way of thinking. They called him Slade. He was perfect in my eyes. Shoulder length dark brown hair, steel gray eyes, at least six foot three and a good two hundred forty pounds of badass biker. After six months of basically stalking him, I pretty much lost all self respect, threw caution to the wind and decided to follow Slade home one night.

I parked outside his house and waited a few hours before I made my move. I dressed in a pair of low rider jeans and a white tank top with no bra. My hands shook and my stomach churned as I knocked on the door. My brilliant plan was to say that my car had broken down, and the battery in my cell phone was dead and could I use his phone.

I thought I was going to throw up when he opened the door. I gave him my best sexy smile and explained my situation. He didn’t say much of anything just looked me over, took a step back and let me in. I faked the phone call while he grabbed a beer. He sat down on the couch and told me to join him while I waited on my ride. We made small talk for a while; he offered me some of the beer he was drinking. I was grateful for anything to calm my nerves. He gave me the bottle and I took a large swig.

“I don’t think your ride is coming,” he said after a while.
“Yeah, I don’t think so either. Do you think you could give me a ride?” I said as I slid my hands down in between my thighs. I couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in the front of his jeans. With a mischievous smile he pulled me closer and thrust his tongue deep into my mouth. He roughly ran his hands up and down my body. When his lips finally broke from mine he left me breathless and soaking wet.

It all seemed like a blur when he continued on licking my neck and ears. I couldn’t believe that I was here and that he wanted me.
“Take it out,” he said in a husky voice. At first I didn’t know what he wanted me to do. But Slade took my hand placed it on his crotch. I slid down onto the floor and knelt in front of him. I unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. It throbbed in my hands as I began to stroke him. I kissed the head of his cock and slid my tongue up and down his shaft till it glistened with my spit.

He gave a throaty groan when I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked him into my mouth. His long thick cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. Slade wove his hands in my hair and took control of the motion of my head.
“Suck that dick.” He said as he rammed it in and out of my mouth. My eyes began to tear and spit leaked from my lips as he fucked my face. Deeper and deeper he probed down my throat. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore he pulled out of my mouth. He rubbed his cock all over my face, and then he kissed me long and hard.

Slade then pulled my tank top off and my brown tits swung free. I lay down on the carpet as he undid my jeans and pulled them off. I was completely exposed naked, vulnerable and helpless. The realization of my situation sent a sudden wave of nausea through my body.
“Don’t hurt me.” I found myself whispering out loud.

“Little late for that now, don’t you think?” Slade gave me a sneer. He then started nibbling on my nipples. His hand rubbed up and down my clit till it was swollen and itching for his mouth. He must of read my mind because he licked his way down my stomach and rubbed his nose in my cunt.

“You want me to eat that pussy?”

“Yes” I moaned. He smiled as he started munching away on my cunt. Two fingers slid deep inside of me as he sucked away on my clit. I arched my back and grabbed the back of his head forcing his tongue further into my hole.

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” I screamed as my juices exploded into his mouth. I bit down on my bottom lip as my body shook in orgasm as Slade sucked up the juices from my pussy to my ass. Holding it in his mouth he moved up to my face and spit my own cum into my mouth. He then looked me deep in the eyes and said, “I want you too ask for it.”

All I could say was “Please” He just rubbed the head of his cock on my pulsating pussy lips.
“Ask for it.” He said firmly.
I managed to squeak out a reply. “Please, fuck me…Please!” Once again he smiled at me and instead of complying, he moved back and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. Then he slid his dick all the way inside of me. He started slowly, bringing the head of his prick all the way out then back in again but quickly he picked up the pace.

Slade smacked my ass as he pumped me harder and harder.
“You like that white dick don’t you?” he asked as he smacked my round ass again. I moaned yes.
“Whose pussy is it bitch?”
“Yours.” I moaned.
“Say it like you mean it. Who’s fucking pussy is it bitch?” He grabbed my hair as I screamed out “Yours baby, my black pussy’s yours.”

It felt like electricity zooming through me as I screamed out yet another orgasm. He reached around between my legs and wiped up some of my pussy juice. Slade then grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back, shoving cunt drenched fingers into my mouth. Sweat poured from his body onto mine as he hit my pussy even harder and faster.

“Oh shit,” he said “I’m gonna cum all over that sweet black ass. He pulled out of me and shot his load all over my ass and back. I turned around quickly and licked his cock and balls clean. We both then collapsed soaking wet onto the floor. After a few minutes he sat up on one elbow and turned my face to his.
“Who the fuck are you and why have you been watching us for half the year?”
I was scared to death. No one knew where I was; this man could kill me if he wanted to.

I decided to tell the truth no matter how outrageous it was. He listened quietly as I told my story. This bothered me even more. I just prayed that I made it out of there alive. When I finished my story I waited on him to say something, anything. I reached out for my tank top; hoping that he would just throw me out and that would be the end of it.
“Tell me your name?” he said
“Jasmine.” I said quickly
“You going somewhere Jasmine?” he asked
“I just thought…”

“You think too fucking much” he interrupted. “That’s why you ended up naked and pussy ass sore on my floor. I’m going to bed, if you want to join me, fine, if not it’s been real.” With that Slade got up and walked down the hallway to his bedroom. I sat there for what seemed like forever before I got up and went to him. That was two years ago and we’re still together, and I’m never bored.


2007-01-27 17:47:09
Hey everybody. Thanks for all of the great comments. I had completely forgotten that I had posted these stories on this website, until the other night. I was really happy to see that people have read my stories. I've been working on several novels and I even sold a short story. Thanks so much for all of your imput. As you can tell, I forgot my login ID and password.
My short story can be found in Eternally Noir through logical lust website.


2007-01-14 18:24:49
Great story Lisa. My pussy is drenched! You've got to write more! You're awesome


2006-11-18 11:56:47
I love surfing older stories and coming across a great one like this. I gues you've stopped writing,. Too bad. I have some friends I'm going to recommend this and your other story to.

Oliver Mellors


2005-06-02 22:33:15
Thank you all for your comments!


2005-05-25 17:29:57
That was great!

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