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It begins
I woke up in the morning holding Tracy in my arms with her head nudged up against my chest. I was still tired from last nights events. So I Just lay there looking at her peaceful sleeping body. When she woke up she stretched and said"Hey." So I said "Hey." Back and gave her a little kiss. We held eachother for a few more minutes until a knock on the door sounded and Katy said "Hey Benjamin is Tracy in there? She didn't come to bed last night I'm just wondering." "Ughh, Yeah she didn't feel good last night and asked if she could sleep in here." I reply lied. "Alrite as long as she's okay." I put on a shirt and walked into the living room.

I washed my hands and face and went into the kitchen to start making breakfast. " What are you making?" Asked Katy when she walked in Tracy, who was acting like she didn't feel good. "Breakfast burritos." I said. When Katy walked over to start pouring juice into cups, Tracy came over to me and whispered in my ear "Good job thinking on your feet but next time could you think of something that doesn't require me to take a shot of medicine?' Crap "Sorry, she actually had you take the medicine." "No shit." So I guess she wasn't acting right now. I went back to making the food and when it was done Tracy took hers and laid down on the couch while Katy and I took ours to the table.

"So do you need to go anywhere today?" I asked " Yeah, can you take me to the gas station so I can get some sodas and stuff." " Okay." So after we finished eating we both got dressed and told Tracy we'd be back in a little bit. We started walking down our street and Katy said "I know a short cut follow me." "Okay." So I followed her into an alley. She then stopped halfway through and I asked "Are you sure you-" but before I could finish she pushed me into a wall and pinned me there with my arms being held in place by her hands. "What the hell are you doing!?" I asked "Why should Tracy get to have all the fun while I'm Left out?" "What are you talking about!?" "I'm not stupid Benjamin, do you realy think that I bought she was sick. We're twins I can tell when she's lying or faking something. And why else would she sleep in your room if she's not sick?" "Okay fine. But why did you make her take the medicine?" "To show her not to lie me anymore." "Okay." I finally gave in. "Good becuase now it's my turn." She said.

She pulled in close to me so our hips were touching and started kissing me. She was moving her hips up and down mine, getting me hard. I moved my hand down to her pants and unbuttoned them. I slipped my hand through pantys and started massaging her pussy. She pulled off me and said "Oh I like that." "Oh yeah." I said "Then you'll like this more" I pulled her pants and pantys all the way off and leaned her against the wall and spread her legs a bit. I lowered my head to her waist and gave her slit a quick lick. "Oh yeah I do like that." I started licking up and down her passage with moans of pleasure coming from her. I pushed my toungue in and moved it around the inside of her tight wet walls. Katy let out a loud moan and let her juices run into my mouth. "Okay it's your turn now." She said still recovering from her orgasm. Then I stood up and she crouched down pulling my pants down with her. "Oh man your dicks so hard." she said as she took it in her hand. "What should I do?" I forgot this was probobly the first time she had done this. "Lick it." I told her, "Then when your ready put it in your mouth."

She started licking around the tip and she said, " Mmm it tastes good." She started licking up the length of it. " Oh damn Katy you're good at this." Then she took the head of it in her mouth and started slowly going down further, then coming back up and repeating the process. "You like sucking on your brothers cock don't you?" " Mmmf hmm." She looked into my eyes and started picking up pace going faster and sucking harder, begging for my finish. "I'm gonna cum in your mouth, okay." I told her. "Mmm hmm." She moaned again. She grabbed my cock and started jerking me off into her mouth. "Fuck yeah." I said as my dick started shooting everything it had into her mouth. After I pulled out of her mouth Katy said "That was good." "Man you drank every drop huh sis." "Yep now let's go before it gets to late."

After we go dressed we found our way to the store and bought what we needed and started back. While we were walking someone said "There you are." I knew who it was. "Just get the hell away from us okay." I told Tiffany. "Why? I just want to talk to your sister." "Screw off." I said. By then Katy had gotten back into her old scaredy cat self. "Well fine if you don't want to know what's going to happen on your way home then I wont tell you." Katy took over from there."What?" "I was actually going to help you not be a virgin becuase I'm sure you could never get anyone to screw you." "That's where you're wrong." shut up shut up shut up shut up. "Oh yeah who then?" "Him." Katy said putting her hand on my shoulder. At that I instantly took her hand led her back home as fast as I could, away from the histeric laughter of the girls, my face red from anger and embarresment.

When we got far enough away from them I said "What the hell is wrong with you, why would you say that to them!" " Sorry." She said through forming tears. "I just wanted to prove her wrong." Then she started crying. "Look I'm sorry for yelling but would you think about what you're saying before you do."Yes." She said sniffling. We walked the rest of the way home in silence. When we did get home Tracy was feeling better but when she saw Katy still sniffling she asked "What happened?!" "Tiffany is being a bitch again." I told her. Then she took Katy to thier room to comfort her. After everyone was happy again we ate lunch. Katy and I ate a little less though. Once we were all full it was dark so we decided to watch a movie in the girls's room.

I sat in the middle, Tracy on my right, Katy on my left. They sat curled up and lodged against me. I was wondering why Tracy was okay with Katy laying like she was. She probably told Tracy what realy happened that day. Actually the thought of having the both of them at the same time sounded good to me. Too bad we all fell asleep not even halfway through the movie.

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i agree with fix'm but he doesnt have to say it like that.


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fuck all the spellling bee want to be's. and the english teachers. if you can't read this or understand it. then you shouldn't be on this web site. why can you not just enjoy the story and not be so anal and think you have to pick apart the story and criticize everyone. this web site is not a novel site or a best selling list site its just for erotic reading. so i say shut the fuck up and if you can not say something good just shut your pie-hole. when i see your stories posted or in a best seller list you might get some respect from me until then keep your fucking mouth shut. i enjoy all the stories reguardless of spelling and content. i wish i could meet some of you in person and just compare you with me and get a laugh or two i doubt you would add up. so go to hell.


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Please put a line between different character's dialog, but good story so far. Part 3?

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It's a pity it isn't in readable English.

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