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A young man's first bareback gangbang
(This all happened today 5/15/11, it's still night so I count it as the 15th)

I had just got out of a 5yr relationship. Losing my fiance was one of the hardest and worst things to ever happen to me. I lost all interest in women and sex for 3 long months. Until I saw the post online.

"Adult Movie Theater Slut Looking"

She wanted anyone, any cock, to fill her up bareback with hot cum. Her husband wanted to see how much she could take, and just like that my sex drive started up again.

I had trouble finding the place in the rain, it was in the city in a bad neighborhood. I knew I was there when I found a small whole in the wall theater with absolutely no parking spots whatsoever. There had to be at least 20 cars all lined up down the street and around the corner.

This is when I started to get nervous, thinking could I go through with this? I had always been a 1 on 1 sex kinda guy, I never even had a 3some and yet here I am about to pound this guys wife with complete strangers? I parked just off the main road, asking myself if it was a hoax, or if I even had the balls to do it. "Fuck it" I said to myself as I pulled the keys out of the ignition. I have always been a "boyscout", this was my chance to do something different.

I didn't have enough money for admission (dumbass), but even as I talked to the cashier I heard the telltale signs of someone getting fucked nearby, the loud, grainy moans on screen, and the clear ones from someone's wife getting it hard. Luckily, the cashier let me go through.

It was close to pitch black inside, I could just make out the faint outline of a woman with her legs dangly off either side of her seat. A group of 20+ men watched quietly scattered throughout the theater as her husband fingered her. I closed in, sitting just behind her to the side and asked if I could touch her. She said "Yes" in between the pants. "That's what she's here for" the husband replied. "But it's always best to ask" the wife added. I reached over quickly, being the first new female contact I've had in months. Mauling her one breast, while the husband continued fingering her, I added my hand as well. Slowly sliding up her thigh as I sucked on her breast. I'd forgotten how wet girls can get. I moved over to the empty seat beside her, to get a better angle. I got up and pulled my cock out of my pants, "Mmm yeah, your doing what they're all afraid to" she said to me with lust filled eyes. I then moved in for the kill.

I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I moved in between her thighs. Placing my cockhead to her entrance, It was so slippery I almost came right then and there. I thrusted into her hot used hole. She started moaning even louder instantly. I felt her warmth as I looked around at all the envious guys. "Give me that cock!" she yelled. I almost blacked out as I came for the first time in 3 months. It was over quickly, much too soon. I should have rubbed one out before I came I thought to myself as I pulled out, feeling the cum drip down between us. I took my back my seat next to her. I was ashamed I was done so fast. I usually keep an erection for around 2hrs if need be, but it's been too long, and now in a public theater with every guys eyes on me still, I began to feel self-conscious.

I began to really look around and could see why women didn't normally come to those places. All the men there, despite having hard cocks and masturbating in the open were too afraid to approach her. Not only that, but a good size of the men kept their eyes on me as I slowly jerked my cock back to life. I noticed a man dressed as a woman walking around with his purse. It was creepy, but a seedy place is where you take a slut wife.

Despite the stage fright, I managed to get pretty hard. I ate her out to turn myself on more and forget about the creepiness of the men behind me, and start pounding his wife again. I lasted alittle longer, but I still felt like a virgin coming within 2 minutes in her pussy. My cum splashing the insides of her cunt turned me on, as well as the others. They finally got the balls to fuck her, and a line started after me.

I took my seat again, right next to her as an old man (about 60yrs old) started fucking her with his small cock. He was old enough to be her father, and he was dumping his cum alongside mine. The next was a fairly built man with an average sized cock. He fucked her pretty good, but came quickly like all of us. Next up was a fat man in a blue shirt, semi small cock. None of us lasted more that 2minutes.

I was so turned on by the dirtiness of it all. I had to get that pussy after so much cum had been dumped inside her. I moved in again, feeling how squishy she was, how much of a whore she was turned me on beyond belief and I came with juice of an old man, a built man, and a fat man on my cock and running down my balls. I took my seat again. The wife, the husband and I started talking, making jokes about the movie. They were cool people, so I got up to fuck her again. Her was so hot it burned my cock, as I came a fourth time.

A young guy around my age came in. Having just seen me pound her, he came over her front and got a blowjob. It was then that the husband yelled "Last Call", "Great, that's nice" the wife replied sarcastically.
I knew I had to have her again, to prove that I can give her a good fucking. The fucking she came for.

I climbed around the guy getting a blowjob and in between her legs again. I lasted 30 seconds.

"5 times? Alright, your cut off" the husband ordered putting an arm between his wife and I.

The walked out together, but shortly we heard her familiar moans on the balcony above us. The husband was the last guy.

Even now it seems like a dream, the reality hasn't hit me(I hope it never does). But I feel like anything's possible. These great stories I read on here, that people write can come true, that they do happen. Even now I'm talking to a couple swingers and a few girls about breeding.

Oh, before I forget. On the balcony the husband said something to his wife. I heard him tell her the number, it was 7. She had seven guys that day. And I, was the only one that was cut off.


This is my first story, and it's 100% true. With that in mind, be gentle with your comments please.

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2013-10-19 12:43:20
great where the theater

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2013-03-11 21:53:29
my husband takes me to movies and I usually get a good gang bang while he watches.

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2012-08-30 13:12:16
my wife was gang bang at an adult theater by 22 guys,she suck at least 10. went back for more.

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2011-05-17 01:10:23
the kid obviously wrote it late at night and true stories aren't as good as fiction

thanx 4 sharing hope to hear more brotha

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2011-05-17 00:43:10
That happend 2 me once me and my friends fucked a teacher

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