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Ian had read more than a few books on the study of hypnotism, but he never attempted it on a person, due to the fact that he was too nervous to ask anyone to volunteer. It wasn’t that he was lacking confidence in his ability; he’d already successfully hypnotized his family dog, but more that ,he knew he be really good at it, and be able to take control completely. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that responsibility yet. He was only 17.

He did a magic act at the talent show that year, and that changed everything about his life after that. His first few tricks were a flop; the rabbit jumped out of his hat early, the string of handkerchiefs were peeking out his sleeves, and he dropped his deck of cards out of nervousness in the first minute of his act. He managed to make everyone laugh, but the magic was gone. Out of sheer desperation, he called for a volunteer from the audience, and Misty Walker came up, the prettiest girl in school, at least in his opinion She wasn‘t the most popular in any sense, nor did she have the best body, but as far as pretty faces went, Ian thought she beat just about any other girl he knew, hands down. Only one other girl in the school even came close, and that was her best friend, Anne.

“Are you going to make me disappear?” she asked.

“No, but I might split you in half!” he joked, getting another laugh. “No, folks, what I have in mind is truly real magic, the magic of the mind and all it’s mysteries, which we will reveal a little of today, that mystical thing called Hypnotism!”

The crowd ahhed appreciatively, and Misty smiled nervously.

“Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?” she asked.

“Do you want to cluck like a chicken?” he asked her, seriously. The crowd laughed again. She smiled and shook her head.

“Haven’t you ever heard that you can’t make anyone do anything they wouldn’t ordinarily do?” She nodded, along with half the audience. Everyone knew that. “So are you prone to clucking like a chicken?“ She shook her head, smiling. “Then you won’t.” he said, simply. “Would you mind sitting in this chair, here? Make yourself comfortable, that’s right. Would you close your eyes for me?”

He stood behind her chair and continued to talk in a soothing voice, asking her to visualize a waterfall, describing the sound of the water and asking her to imagine a spot on the water and follow it over the edge, down and down and down. Soon, she was deep asleep, and the room was very hushed.

“Misty, can you hear me?”

“Yes…” she said, softly.

“Do you like to dance, Misty?”

“Sometimes, when I’m by myself.” she admitted. “I’m not very good, though, so that’s why I don’t like to do it when there’s anybody watching.

`“What’s your favorite song to dance to?” he asked.

“Billy Jean.” she admitted.

“Well, Misty, you are back in your room at home, and the song “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson just came on. There’s no one to see you, so go ahead and dance! All alone in your room, dance to the music.”

“It’s really okay?” she asked, timidly.

“Billy Jean is not my lover.” he sang, softly. She slowly got out of the chair and began swaying, then even more slowly, began unbuttoning her blouse.

He watched in astonishment as she sashayed around on the stage, slowly taking off her shirt. The audience hooted and clapped as she revealed her bra, then began unbuttoning her jeans. She was a beautiful girl, with a perfectly proportioned body, and her B cup bra was filled out nicely over her flat tummy. He let her get her jeans open enough to show the top of her plain white panties, then stopped her.

“Misty, you will dance with your clothes on, this time.” he told her, picking up her blouse and handing it to her.

“Sorry, folks, this is a `G` rated show today.” he said to the audience. They boo-ed, but he got an approving nod from the show’s manager, Miss Finch, who had been looking worried for a moment there. He paused to let them settle down as Misty turned her back, giving the audience a good long look at her perfect ass as she wiggled into the tight denim, and then put her shirt on and covered her bare back.

“Misty, I’m going to count backwards from 10 to 1, and as I do so, you will float to the top of the waterfall, and awaken on this stage, feeling alert and refreshed, and you won’t remember anything you did today. You will remember the number three, however, and return to that state when I say the words… He bent slightly and whispered into her ear theatrically, and the audience giggled. He straightened up and started counting out loud.

“10...9...8...” All the way to three, and he gave a longer pause as she shivered slightly, then went on. “2...1... Misty, you’re getting sleepy…”

“No, I’m not; I feel perfectly awake! I’m afraid your silly trick won’t work on me!”

“Perhaps you’re right.” he said, smiling light-heartedly, and walked her to the edge of the stage, to the steps. To her surprise, the entire audience went to their feet and applauded wildly, as he took bow after bow.

She took her seat next to her best friend, who was looking at her in awe. She got annoyed at the stare quickly.

“What!?” she snapped. “I went up on stage, he tried to do it, and it didn’t work! So what!?”

“Misty! Are you crazy?” asked Anne, her best friend. They’d been friends since first grade, and she knew how shy Misty was. “You took your shirt off up there!”

“I did not! I was only up there for about two minutes, tops.”

“You wish!!” said Anne. “You were up there for fifteen minutes, at least. He told you to forget everything and you did!”

Misty felt confused. She looked around, and everyone was looking at her and talking. Some of them were even pointing. Now she was close to tears. Anne saw her face and touched Misty’s arm.

“Hey, lighten up, he stopped you from totally embarrassing yourself, and you really did look beautiful up there.” Anne said. “He made you think you were all alone so you would dance, but nobody could have known that you dance naked. I guess that’s why you prefer to be alone when you do it!”

“Can we get out of here? Everyone is staring at me! I hate all of you!!!” she screamed, then got up and stormed to the door. Anne hastily followed her out a moment later, but as she was collecting their coats and purses, Ian stopped her and called her name.

“Anne!” he called. “Please, I need to talk to you!” He hurried up the aisle toward her, and caught her right at the door, seeing how she wasn’t going to wait for him. “Anne, please?” he begged, just outside.

They both turned to look as Misty came striding up, her eyes flashing with anger.

“How dare you make such a fool out of me up there like that? What gives you the right to… to make people do things they would never do?” She tried to slap him, but he caught her wrist and stopped her. “Let go of me!!” she yelled, jerking her wrist away, then rubbed it with her other hand. “Ow, that hurt, you brute!”

“Misty, please, it wasn’t intentional, I promise! Besides, you were great! I mean, uh…” He faltered when he saw that nothing he could say could talk him out of what he did, and gave up.

Misty saw the defeat in his eyes and felt a little worm of satisfaction, and relented some. She liked Ian and volunteered because she saw him flopping around on stage, and thought she’d help him out. She just didn’t know it would turn out like this, and she realized that he hadn’t, either. She gave him a rueful grin.

“I really stripped on stage?” she asked him.

“It was the song “Billy Jean.” he told her. “You were really into it, too.”

“Oh.” she said, blushing. “That’s the song that I… uh, never mind!”

“How did you feel when you woke up?” he asked, changing the subject. Misty looked at him quizzically.

“What do you mean? I never went to sleep!” she replied, then caught the look that passed between him and Anne. “Oh, well, other than this feeling of intense embarrassment, I feel great right now!”

“Hey, uh, Ian, do you think you could do it to me?” Anne asked, a little hesitantly. “Not here, though, it’s way too public!” She gave a glance at the doors leading back into the auditorium, then looked at Misty and smiled slightly. “I don’t want to be famous like you two.”

“I don’t want to be famous!” Misty yelped.

“Well, you are for a minute.” Ian said. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s about time you apologized.” Anne said, grinning.

“Hey, I didn’t know!” he said, defensively. “It won’t happen again, I promise!”

“Well, it better not!” said Anne. “I have no intention of letting a bunch of people see me naked!”

“Gee, thanks, Anne, that makes me feel ever so much better!” said Misty, sarcastically.

“Relax, nobody saw you naked, just your bra.” Anne retorted. “And I’ve seen you with smaller bathing suit tops on, like the red one!”

“Would you two girls like to continue this conversation at my house? I’m afraid they’re finishing up the show in there, and I’d like to beat the rush home.”

Anne and Misty exchanged a quick glance, then Misty shrugged and smiled.

“Sure.” she said for both of them. One of the conditions for them going out together was to come straight home after the talent show. They’d been caught smoking cigarettes last week, and they were on restriction from both their parents. It was a direct violation of their probation, and they felt a little naughty doing this.

He led the way outside to his truck, and they got in. Anne sat in the middle, next to him. It started right up, for once, and he pulled out of the parking lot.

His house wasn’t far away, and he gave silent thanks to whatever gods there be that his room was in the basement and had it’s own entrance.

“Whoa. You got your own apartment?” asked Anne, looking around in obvious astonishment.

“Well, sort of.” he said. “I share the kitchen upstairs with my parents, but this is pretty much my own apartment, yeah.”

“Cool!” breathed Misty. One of her fantasies was to lose her virginity in another man’s apartment, and Anne knew it.

“Okay, can you do it now?” Anne asked, going into the living room and sitting on his couch.

“Can we do what, now?” he asked, sitting down next to her. Misty followed them, curious about what he was going to do.

“You know, hypnotize me!” she said, grinning. “Make me do things, like you did to Misty.”

“I didn’t make Misty do anything.” he said.

“You made her think she was alone in her room!” Anne said. “That’s all I mean.”

“Oh, well, I can do that.” he said, agreeably. He looked Anne straight in her eyes. “Relax and listen to my voice. Close your eyes and visualize the waterfall, can you do that?” Anne nodded, closing her eyes and leaning her head back on the chair, relaxing all her muscles.

He noticed Misty had her eyes closed, as well. She was sitting on a chair across from them, and her breathing had already settled into a steady rhythm, he noted. No need for the trigger this time; she was already deep under, and she’d just sat down! He focused his attention on Anne, and had talked her into a trance in just a few minutes.

“How do you feel, Anne?” he asked.

“I feel good.” she said.

“Can you see the river? It’s flowing along quite fast, but very smoothly, the top of the water like black oil. You are just above the water, flying with your face just a few feet above it. You hear the soft roar of the waterfall just ahead.”

“Yesss…” she said, softly.

“Feel the wind in your hair as you pick up a little speed.” he said, blowing softly near her ear. “Can you feel it?”

“Yesss…” she said again, a little louder.

“Here’s the edge, Anna, you’re going over it right now, and you’re falling, falling, falling…” he said. “but now you’re not really falling, you’re floating down, down, Anne, floating down, and at the bottom is a nice, soft, pillowbed, you are on the pillowbed, and it’s soft, holding you safe and secure, you can’t fall anymore, because you’re laying on the pillowbed.” He looked at the beautiful girl, laying there and totally in his power. “You feel very relaxed as you lay there, Anne, very relaxed… and… horny.”

“Ohhh.” Anne murmured. “Yesss…” He saw her thighs open slightly.

“You start to touch yourself, Anne, it’s feels nice to touch yourself, touching your nipples, they are getting kinda stiff, and you want to touch them, Anne, touching your nipples.”
The girl smiled slightly, and her hands went onto her breasts, tracing small circles, and her thighs opened a little more.
“As you touch them, Anna, you want more direct contact, don’t you, you want to feel your fingers on your bare breasts, you want to touch your nipples with no shirt on. Go ahead and open your shirt, Anne, and touch your bare nipples. It’s okay, you’re safe on the this giant pillowbed, and this is a dream, an erotic dream, open your blouse and touch your bare nipples, Anne, touch your nipples.”
Anne opened her blouse and reached into the cups of her lacy bra, playing gently with her nipples as he looked on. He was getting very hard in his pants, and reached into the waistband to adjust himself as his cock attained full hardness.
“More and more, Anne, you want to touch yourself more and more.” He saw her left hand snake down her body to her crotch. “Open your pants, Anne, you want to touch yourself there, too, open your pants and let your fingers give you pleasure.”

Anne brought both hands down and unbuttoned the top of her jeans, then ran the zipper down. Ian took a chance and decided to help her a little. He grasped them at her hips and gently tugged them down her legs. She lifted her ass a little to help him get them off, and he slipped her sneaks off her feet with little difficulty, then pulled her jeans right off and folded them. She had one hand inside her white cotton panties now, rubbing her crotch as he watched. The other was inside her open blouse, playing with one turgid nipple, exposed above the cup of her bra. He noticed it hooked closed in front, so he reached down and unclasped it, giving himself an unobstructed view of her small breasts, no more than a “B” cup at most.

He turned to Misty, seeing that she was still deeply tranced as well, and touching herself in the same manner as her best friend, Anne.

“Misty, can you hear me?” he asked softly.

“Yesss…” she whispered. He reached down and touched both her wrists at the same time. “I just tied balloons to your hands, Misty.” he said. “Now I’m filling them with helium, and they are floating up…up… up.” He watched her arms slowly begin to rise upward until they were fully extended above her head. “They are still rising, Misty, pulling you upward with them. You are being pulled upward by the wrists, Misty.” He watched as she slowly got to her feet, her arms still held high over her head.

“That’s it, they can rise no higher, Misty, they are touching the ceiling now. You are held up there by the strings I tied to you; can you feel them?”

“Yesss.” she said softly. “Holding me up.”

“How do you feel, Misty? Are you still turned on from touching yourself?” he asked. “You liked touching yourself, didn’t you?”

“Yesss.” she repeated, a little smile touching the corners of her mouth.

“You still want that touch, but you can’t, because your hands are tied to the balloons, right? I tied balloons to your hands, and now you can’t touch yourself.”

“Yesss.” Now a frown touched the corners of her mouth, and he could see her struggling a little to pull her hands down, presumably to touch herself some more.

“You can’t touch yourself, Misty, but you want to be touched, don’t you? You need that touch, right?”


“I tied the balloons to you Misty, you can’t touch yourself.”


“I can touch you, Misty, do you want me to touch you?” he asked. “You can’t touch yourself, but you want the touches. I can touch you.”

“Yes, touch me.” she said, almost begging. “I need you to touch me. I can’t touch myself!”

“Okay, Misty, I’ll help you. I’ll touch you anywhere you want me to.” he said. “Would you like that?”

“Ohh, yesss, touch me, touch me, I need you to touch me!” she said.

“Where, Misty? Do you want me to touch you here?” he asked, moving behind her and gently touching her breasts through her blouse and bra.

“MMMMmmm! Yes, touch me there!” she said, twisting on her tiptoes to bring her breasts more into contact with his fingers.

“How about like this?” he asked, sliding his hands down her ribs, then around onto her stomach. “Do you like me touching you like this?”
“MmmHmm.” Misty moaned. Ian opened a few of her bottom buttons and pulled her shirt tails out of where they were tucked into her jeans.

“How about this, Misty, do you like my hands on your skin?” His hands slipped under her blouse and went onto her stomach, rubbing her belly. “Do you want me to move them up and touch your breasts under your blouse? You liked me touching them through your shirt before; would you like me to touch them like this?”

“Ohh, yes. Touch my breasts. Touch them like this, feels so goooodd!!” she moaned.

Ian obliged her, moving his hands up and fondling her with only her bra between his fingers and her nipples.

“How do you feel, Misty, do you want me to touch you some more? Should I take off your blouse and bra so I can touch you better?”

“Ohh, yesss, please, get them off, I need you touch me!” she begged.

“Okay, Misty, I am opening up your blouse the rest of the way, and here goes your bra.” He pulled her blouse open the rest of the way, then unhooked her bra. He couldn’t remove them with her hands held over her head like that, but he didn’t need to just yet. He was standing close behind her, sliding his hands under the loose cups of her bra and fondling her breasts with both hands while she moaned and ground her thighs together. After a long moment, he slid one hand down over her belly and onto the front of her jeans.

“Do you want me to touch you here, too?” he asked, rubbing one finger up and down over her pubic mound. “I saw you touching yourself there, too, but you can’t; your hands are tied to the balloons. Do you want me to touch you here for you?”

“Ohhh, yesss!!! “ she gasped, opening her thighs for his hand. “But not through my pants; take them off for me, please, get them off and touch me naked!”

“Okay, Misty, I’ll do it, but only on one condition.” he said, whispering in her ear. “If I touch you naked, I want you to touch me naked, too. Will you do that for me?”

She hesitated only a second, and quickly agreed as he took his hands away and stopped touching her altogether.

“Okay, anything, I’ll do it, just, please, Ian, don’t stop touching me, I need it so bad!”

“Okay, Misty, we have a deal. “I’ll touch you naked, and you touch me naked. We have a deal.” He put his hands back on her lower belly, then undid the top button of her jeans. She was writhing her ass into his crotch now, unashamedly pressing herself into his hard maleness. He pushed her jeans down after unzipping them, then helped her step out of them after removing her sneakers as well.

He slid his hands up the outside of her bare legs, loving the feel of her smoothly shaved skin, then slid them down and inside her thighs, pulling them open and rubbing his hand over her pubic mound. He was surprised by the moisture he felt there, slicking it back and forth with two fingers.

“Ohh, Ian, take my panties off, too. Touch me naked, you promised!” she begged. He smiled to himself, then took his own pants off and let his erection press into her pantied ass. “Ian, you promised, touch me naked; you promised!“

“And so I did.” he said in her ear.

He rolled her waistband down, all the way to the crotch, then slid the roll of cotton down her legs and helped her step out of them, too. Again, he slid his hands up the outside of her legs, slower this time, then repeated his first gesture and slid them down inside her thighs, pulling them open. This time, he could feel the wispy pubes against his palm as he rubbed her, then slid two fingers into her slit, sliding them up and down her wetness.

He moved around her until he was facing her, still frigging her with his two fingers as she gasped and moaned.

“I want to kiss you Misty, can I kiss you?” he asked. His thumb found her clit and gently, oh so gently, pressed into it. She moaned, deep in her throat, and he didn’t wait for her answer. He kissed her lips, probing his tongue between them and tasting her mouth.

She eagerly kissed him back, her thighs wide open for his questing hand, both her arms still straight up over her head.

He moved his mouth lower, taking one of her bare breasts in his mouth and flicking his tongue over her nipple. She writhed against him, loving the way it felt as he mouthed first one, then the other. He went to his knees before her, kissing his way down her belly, then through the little blonde strip of pubic hair, and finally licked her clit. She moaned out loudly at that liquid touch.

“Misty, if I let you down, are you going to want me to stop?” he asked.

“No, Ian, don’t stop, don’t ever stop!” she begged. “Leave me up here and keep doing it if letting me down means you’re going to stop!”

“I’ll let you down, Misty, I just wanted to make sure first.” he told her. “I’ll let you down, then I’ll kiss you naked. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Ohh, YESSS!!!” she said, begging evident in her tone.

“But you remember our deal, right? I touch you naked, and then you touch me naked, right?”

“Yes, anything you want, just keep touching me! Please, Ian, just keep kissing me!”

“So if I kiss you naked, are you going to kiss me naked?”

“Oh, yesss, anything you want, just please don’t stop!” she moaned. “I’ll kiss you naked, I promise, fair is fair. Please take me down and kiss me naked!”

“Okay, Misty, I’m untying you now.” he said, standing up again and touching her wrists. He helped her lower them to her sides, then sat her down in the chair with her ass pulled right to the front of the cushion as he went to his knees between her wide open thighs. He kissed her lower belly, then a little lower, and a little lower still. He could smell her musky odor and couldn’t wait to taste her.

He pushed her legs up and set her feet right on the very edge of the chair, totally opening her to his gaze. He waited just a moment more, savoring the sight, then bent his head and put his mouth over her whole sex, tonguing her slit as deeply as he could. She tasted exquisite, even better than he had imagined.

Her legs shot straight out as he did it, then curled around his neck and locked together over his shoulders, holding him in place. No need; he was right where he wanted to be.
For the now anyway. He could hear Anne moaning loudly on the couch behind him, and knew she was going to be as easy to have as Misty proved to be. Right now, he was still enjoying Misty, though, and was in no hurry to finish with her just yet.

Misty was getting very close to coming, tho; she was really not used to the powerful sensations he was inspiring with his tongue on her clit and his fingers moving shallowly in and out of her. He could feel her hymen with every thrust of his finger inside her, and was supremely careful not to damage it. She was getting every thrill she needed from his external manipulations anyway.

With a loud cry and lifting her ass up off the seat, Misty came, flooding Ian’s mouth with rich musky cream. He licked it all up, letting her come down as slowly as he could. He planned on her remembering this experience and using that memory to get his turn later.

When she had her breath back, he got up and looked down at her. Her belly was still heaving as she tried to get her breath back.

“Misty, you promised to kiss me naked.” he said. She looked up at him, but didn’t move. She looked a little apprehensive about the prospect. “Misty, you promised, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Ian.” she whispered. All she could look at was his throbbing red cock, bobbing up and down slightly.

“You don’t have to do it right now.” he said to her, and relief washed over her face.

“Oh, thank you!” she said, gratefully. “Thank you, thank you!”

“That doesn’t mean never.” he warned. “Someday, in the very near future, I’m going to whisper in your ear, and you’re going to get down on your knees.” he said. “When I whisper `kiss me naked` in your ear, you’re going to get down on your knees and get this” -he gestured at his cock- “You’re going to get this out, and you’re going to suck on it. You’re going to suck on it, Misty, and you’re going to make me come. You’re going to make me come, just like I made you come, because fair is fair. Isn’t that what you said, Misty? Fair is fair.”

“Yes, Ian, fair is fair.” she whispered. “I promised, and I will. I’ll kiss you naked, I promised. Fair is fair.”

“What else did you promise me, Misty? Did you promise me `anything`?”

“Yes.” she whispered. She looked a little scared again. “Yes, I promised you anything, didn’t I?”

“Do you know what anything means, Misty?” he asked. She whimpered and nodded. “Anything means this, doesn’t it, Misty?” He went forward and rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit, letting her feel it right at the entrance to her pussy. “This is what `anything` means, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” she said. “Please, not that!” she begged. “Please, don’t make me do that right now, don’t do that to me right now?”

“Not right now, Misty, I won’t do it right now.” he told her, taking it away. “I’m going to do it when I whisper in your ear. What am I going to whisper, Misty?”

“Kiss me naked.” she told him, in a barely audible voice.

“That’s right, and if you still don’t want to then, what am I going to say?” he asked. “What am I going to say that will make you know that you have to?”

“Fair is fair.” she whispered, looking crestfallen. “Fair is fair.”

“That’s right.” he said. “And because `fair is fair,`, I’ll kiss you naked again. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? That would make it better, make it easier to obey, if I did it to you again. After all, fair is fair.”

“Yes, fair is fair.” she said, a lot more comfortable now. “Fair is fair. You did it to me, and I’ll do it to you. Then I give you… everything… and you do it to me again.”

“That’s just right, Misty, you’ll remember when it’s time. You’ll know it’s time when I whisper in your ear. When I whisper in your ear, Misty, when I whisper `kiss me naked` in your ear.” He stroked her face with his hand, then kissed her tenderly once more and turned away. Anne’s moans were getting a little louder, and he had plans.

“Anne, can you hear me?” he asked, standing next to the couch and looking down at her. She was completely naked, her legs open wide as she worked three fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She smelled musky and wonderful.

“Yesss, I can hear you, Ian, you’re standing right next to me.”

“What are you doing, Anne?” he asked.

“I’m touching myself to make me feel good.” she said. “That’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m doing…” she panted, frigging herself still.

“Is it working?” he asked, bemusedly.

“Not… not enough.” she gasped. “it feels good, but I just can’t come!”

“I could help you, Anne. Would you like that? Would you like me to help you come?”

“Oh, yes! Yes, Ian, I need your help, please help me come, please?” she begged. “I’m desperate, Ian, I really need your help!”

“How would you like me to help you, Anne? What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know, Ian, whatever you want! Just, please, do something! Anything! I can’t stand it!” she gasped. Ian moved her legs aside and sat on the couch next to her.

“You don’t mind if I get on the pillowbed with you, do you?” he asked, sitting down. “If you let me, I’ll help you out.”

“What do you need, Anne?” he asked, putting his hands on her face and making her look him right in the eye. “Tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

“I… I want you to make me come.” she whispered. “Please, make me come!”

“How?” he asked. “Tell me how you want me to do that.”

“I don’t knowwww!!!” she wailed. “I haven’t ever felt like this before, and I don’t know how to make it stop!”

“Well, in that case, how about if I just start doing stuff, and if you don’t like any of it, you can tell me to stop, and I will. But if I’m doing it right, and it feels good, I want you to tell me that, too.” He put his hands on her bare breasts, fingering her nipples with the pads of his thumbs.

“Ohh, yesss, Ian, I like that!” she sighed, relaxing and leaning back on the couch. “Keep doing it just like that!!”

“What about like this?” he asked, then bent his head and took her whole small breast in his mouth, while still playing with her other one with his hand.

“Ohh, yeah, that’s even better!” she moaned, putting his hands on his head. A moment later, he shifted his mouth over to the other one, and simultaneously pulled her sideways on the couch, laying her back onto the arm of it. His hands went down her belly, then opened her legs as he got up, shifting her right leg to the other side of him.

“Ian, I like that very much.” she whispered, feeling his hand moving down even lower on her belly. “I want you to touch me down there. It feels really nice!”

He sat up, looking at her as his hands caressed her inner thighs, urging them further and further open. She rested one on the top of the couch and put the other flat on the floor.

“Like this?” he asked, rubbing her pussy and sliding a finger inside her.

“Ohhh, Ian, yes, just like that!” she sighed. “Ohh, yes, just like that!”

“Anne, are you a virgin?” he asked, knowing that his finger was much deeper inside Anne than it ever could have gone into Misty without rupturing her hymen.

“Wh-what?” she asked. “Yes, of course I am! What sort of slut do you take me for?”

“You’re not a slut, Anne, not at all.” he reassured her. “I would never think such a thing about you!”

“Oh, good, thanks, Ian. You’re so nice to me.” she said. “Thanks for helping me like this, too, everything you’re doing feels sooo nice!”

“I’m glad, Anne, I really like helping you like this, too.” he said. “Can I try something else?”

“Oh, sure, Ian, I trust you completely. You can do anything you want!”

“Well, you like the way my finger feels, right?” he asked. “How about if I try something bigger? Something that will feel better? Something that will go deeper?”

“Uhh, okay.” she said. “I’m ready for it. I need something bigger and deeper. That would really make me feel great!”

“Okay, Anne, here it is.” he said, taking his hand away, them laying down on top of her. His cock went unerringly to her ready hole, and he pressed it gently into her.

She gasped loudly as he penetrated her tightness. She groaned out loud as he put a little more in, then gasped as he pulled it almost all the way out.

“Do you like it?” he asked. He was panting himself, feeling the slick tightness of her heat soaking into the flesh of his cock as he put it back in once more. It was halfway inside her now.
“Ohh, yesss!” she hissed. “That’s the best thing I ever felt in my life!!”

“So you want me to do it some more?” he said, rocking it in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke. “Do you want me to get the whole thing inside you?”

“You mean that’s not all of it? There’s more?” she gasped, breathing in short little bursts. “Hell, yeah, I want more! Give it to me!”

“Okay, Anne, anything to help!” he said, then pushed it the rest of the way in. She writhed under him as her legs came together at the small of his back. “I like helping you Anne, anytime you need a hand like this, please ask me first!” he said.

She tried to speak, but he dragged it out and sank it in again, faster and faster, and could only gasp desperately for breath as he fucked her. Soon, she was coming as hard as she ever had, wordlessly screaming out her ecstasy. He kept it up for a long moment, making sire she achieved her maximum pleasure, then pulled out and sat up between her open legs once again.

A few minutes later, the color had receded from her face, and her breathing was somewhat normal again, and her eyes opened. The first thing she saw was Ian’s erect cock, sticking straight out of his groin.

“Anne, now I need your help.” he said, painfully. “Please, help me!”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, somewhat fearfully.

“I need you to make me come.” he said. “Please, Anne, I helped you; you have to help me!”

“I don’t know how!” she whispered. “I want to help, but what do I do? I’ll do anything you want after what you just did for me.”

“Try putting your hand on it.” he suggested. “I’ll show you how to move it.”

“Okay,” she said, putting her hand up. He caught it, and curled her fist around it. Her hand was to small to fully close all the way around on it. He held hers in his, and slowly moved it back and forth, un and down on his length.

“Ohh, that’s nice, Anne, I love the way your hand feels on me.” he sighed. A few moments later, he spoke up again. “It’s not enough, Anne, it’s not going to make me come.”

“What else should I do, Ian? How can I help you?”

“Ohh, I know what might work, but I don’t know if you’ll do it.” he told her. “Some girls think it’s too dirty.”

“What, Ian, tell, me, I’ll do anything!” she said vehemently. “I’ll do anything, I promise!”

“Well, it would feel really good if you could suck on it.” he said. “I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, though.”

“I told you I’d do anything to help, Ian, and I meant it.” she said. Even… even that.” She sat up and pulled her legs under her, getting into a more comfortable position. She was a lot closer to it now, and it looked a lot more intimidating this close up. “Ian, I don’t know how.”

“That’s okay, every girl has a first time.” he said. “I know you’ll try real hard to do it right.”

“Tell me what I should do.” she said. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Give it a kiss.” he said, putting his hand on the back of her head. “Give it a kiss, then take the head of it into your mouth and suck on it.” he told her. “No teeth, though.”

“Oh, okay.” she said, then let him pull her face even closer to it. She puckered her lips as his cockhead brushed up against them.

“Give it a lick.” he suggested, and her tongue snaked out and licked the very tip of it. He used that opportunity to pull her head a little closer, and she allowed it to enter her mouth. “Ohh, Anne, yeah!” he sighed. “Now suck on it a little.”

She did as he asked, letting him push even more of it in her mouth, and he saw her cheeks hollowed in some as she applied the suction he requested.

“Ohh, Anne, yeah, just like that.” he moaned. “Do it a little faster, please.”

She let him dictate the pace as he guided her head back and forth on his cock, feeding her about half of it with each stroke. Her hand still gripped the base of it, and after just a few minutes, she felt it start to throb in time with his heartbeat.

“Ohh, Anne, that’s it, I’m… I’m almost there… Oh, GOODDD, Anne, I’m going to COME!!!”

Suddenly, her mouth filled to overflowing with hot, salty thick fluid, shocking her. She tried to move her head back, but he had both hands twined through her hair, holding her in place.

“Swallow it!” he moaned, so she did her best to choke it down, even though most of it spilled out the sides of her mouth, dripping onto her bare breasts. It kept coming, spurting out in burst after burst. She did her best to keep up with it, wanting desperately to please him, but her face and chest was a sloppy mess when he finally released her.

She coughed and wiped her chin with the heel of her hand as he smiled down at her. She looked up at him, worried that he was going to be displeased with her performance.

“Anne, that was wonderful.” he said. “Thank you so much.”

“I did okay?” she asked, sounding surprised.

“You did wonderful for your first time.” he said, beaming down at her.

“Next time, I’ll do it better.” she promised.

“Next time?” he asked. “There’s going to be a next time?”

“Well, only if you want.” she said. “ I can understand if you don’t want me to do it again. I didn’t even come close to swallowing it all.” She looked down at her come spattered chest, ashamed. “I promise, I’ll do it a LOT better next time.”

“I’ll tell you what.” he said. “Anytime you want to practice, I promise I’ll let you.”

“Wow, thanks, Ian, you’re the greatest!” she said, giving him a hug. “You really helped me tonight; I came harder than I ever have before!”

“Well, since you’re willing to practice whenever I want, I’m more than happy to help you out, too.” he said, generously. “Are you ready to go to home now?”

“Home?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, I don’t want your parents to get worried about you.” She laughed. “Silly, I already told them I’m spending the night at Misty’s house.”

“Oh, yeah, Misty!” he said, looking guiltily across the room. He’s forgotten all about the other girl. She was sleeping comfortably on the floor, curled up on the carpet, her shirt still open and her bra all askew.

“I’ll call her parents and explain.” he said, going over to a phone on the wall by the door to the upstairs. “I’ll tell them that you’re both here, and safe, and that you fell asleep watching movies.” He picked it up and looked at Anne for the number. She told it to him, and he dialed it. A woman picked it up on the first ring.

“Hello? Misty?” she said.

“No, ma’am, but Misty and Anne are here.” he said. “My name is Ian McCallister, and I wanted to let you know that they are both safe and okay.”

“Who?” she asked, suspiciously. “Ian McCallister? The boy in their class?”

“Yes, ma’am, we met on the class trip last spring. I remember you; you chaperoned us on the trip to the Museum.”

“I remember you.” she said. “You’re the boy who knew about Rembrandt’s life, and his flower garden.”

“Yes, ma’am, that’s me.” he said, somewhat sheepishly.

“Well, what are the girl’s doing at your house? They were supposed to come straight here after the talent show.”

“I had an act in the show, and they graciously helped me bring some of my props back here.” he said. “If I had known that they weren’t allowed to help me, I would have refused them and made the several trips myself.”

“Oh, well, as long as they were helping…” she said, somewhat mollified.

“Yes, ma’am, and then I offered to let them watch a movie with me, and they fell asleep halfway through. They are both in our guest bedroom right now. You can come get them if you like, the address here is 1420 North Wincher Way.”

“Are they both sleeping?” Mrs. Walker asked. “I guess they can stay there for the night if they are. Please send them right home first thing in the morning, though.”

“Yes ma’am.” he agreed, smiling. “You can stay the night.” he mouthed to Anne, and she grinned from ear to ear. “First thing in the morning. That’s about 10 am around this house.” he said into the phone.

“So I’ll expect them about 11, then.” she replied. “Thanks for taking care of them, Ian, and say “hello” to your father for me.” The woman hung up before he could reply to that last. He hung up, too.

Anne was looking at the mostly naked girl sleeping on the floor. “What happened to her? Why are her clothes all messed up?” she asked.

“Oh, she fell over the waterfall onto the pillowbed, too, and I had to help her.” Ian explained. “Sort of like I helped you.”

“Oh.” Anne said, in a small voice. “I thought I was the only one.” He grinned at her and slipped his hands around her waist, pulling her in for a kiss. She tried to resist his advances, but then gave in and let him kiss her.

“Anne, I helped her before I helped you.” he said. “Almost the same way, but only with touching and kissing.” he said. “You are the only one who helped me, though. For that, you have my eternal gratitude.” He kissed her again, sliding his hands down to her ass and pulling her tight against him. She could feel him getting hard again, up against her belly.

“Ooh, I can feel that.” she said, coyly. “Looks like we’ll be able to “help” each other out again, too.”

“I’m not going to let her sleep on the floor like that.” he said. “What sort of friend would I be if I did that? Besides, I told her mother I would keep a good eye on her.” he said, glancing over at Misty. “We’re going to have to share my bed with her.”

“Does that mean we can’t fool around?” Anne asked, pouting.

“We can still fool around.” he grinned. “You just have to not be so jealous, that’s all.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. “I’m not jealous; I just want you all for myself.”

“Oh.” he said. “Then you have to be not so selfish.”

“SELFISH??” she nearly shouted. “I’m not being selfish!”

“Oh, really?” he smirked at her. “Are you my girlfriend, then? Am I your boyfriend? Have we made any promises to each other?”

“Well, no.” Anne admitted.

“And if we’re fooling around, and Misty wakes up, am I not supposed to help her, either? You’re the only one allowed to feel that way? he asked. Anne suddenly looked ashamed of herself.

“Well…” she said.

“I’ll make you a deal.” he said. “I’ll let you and Misty be the only two girls I help out like this, okay?”

“Just me and her?” Anne grinned. “Okay, I like that idea.”

“Good, let’s get her into my bed, then.” he said, going over and picking her up. Anne pulled her blouse and bra off, setting them beside the chair with the jeans and panties. Ian carried the naked girl into his room and put her on the bed after Anne has pulled the blankets and sheet back.

“Oh, goody, you have a nice big bed.” she said. “Plenty of room for all three of us.”

“Yeah, I found this bed at a garage sale last summer, and since I have all this room for it, I figured `why not?` The price was right.”

Ian was in the middle, between Anne and Misty. Misty was still asleep, but Anne was wide awake, and getting horny again. Having Ian playing with her nipples probably had something to do with that. She moaned deep in her throat, feeling his hand move south down her belly. She opened her legs for his hand, then tugged at him to get him to roll on top of her.

“Never mind doing it with your finger first.” she told him. “I want that other thing you used last time. The big thing.”

He got on top of her, grinning at her. “You got it, babe.” he said, kissing her. She could feel it poking at her down there, but it wasn’t quite lined up like it was last time, and her legs were not open nearly as wide.

“Reach down and put it inside you.” he grunted, so she did as he asked. As soon as she had it in her hand, she realized what it was and horror filled her.

“Wait, this is what it was last time?” she asked, her voice catching and breaking a little. “You put your… thing inside me?”

“What did you think it was?” he asked. “Of course that’s what it was.”

“But… but that means… that means I’m not a virgin anymore.” her voice broke as she started to cry.

“No, Anne, you’re not a virgin anymore.” he said, gently. “I’m glad you let me be your first, though.”

“Oh, nooo, oh, noo!” she sobbed. “How could you do this to me!”

“Anne, you wanted it!” he said. “You were begging me to help you any way I could! I just did what you asked me to do!”

“I know.” she sobbed. “but I didn’t know what I was asking for.”

“Yes, you did.” he retorted. “Deep inside, you knew what you were doing. You were just too lost in passion to stop yourself. Isn’t that right?”

She nodded wordlessly against his chest, still crying for her lost innocence. She had been saving herself for her husband, someday far in the future, and now all that was gone.

“Does this mean I have to stop now?” he asked, letting her feel his whole length, still rock hard against her belly.

“Oh, Ian, I’m sorry.” she said, her voice full of tears. “I’m just not… I’m not…”

“It’s okay.” he said softly, kissing her brow and rolling off her. “It’s okay, sweetie, I’ll take care of myself this time, I understand, I really do.”

Her tears stopped of a sudden. “What do you mean, take care of yourself?” she asked.

“I mean I’m going to masturbate.” he said. “You just go to sleep. It’s okay.”

“If that’s what you want.” she said, hesitantly. “Or, I could practice again…”

“Do you want to?” he asked. “I figured if you didn’t want to fuck anymore, you wouldn’t want to suck it either.”

“Oh, Ian, do you think I’m being silly?” she whispered. “I mean, it’s a little too late, right? I can’t go back to being a virgin anymore, can I? So I might as well do it.”

“No, Anne, you’ll never be a virgin again.” he said. “But I don’t think you’re silly for not wanting it again right away, even if I do.” He smiled down at her. “I’d love it if you would “practice” some more, tho.”

“Ian, if you want to put it back inside me first, that would be okay.” she whispered. “It felt REALLY good last time, and I’d like to feel that again.”

“Okay, Anne, I’d like that, too.” he said, getting between her thighs once more as she opened them for him. This time, she reached down without him having to tell her and grabbed him in her little hand, placing him at her opening.

He thrust it inside, for she was still wet from their last coupling, and she moaned at the sensations he provoked with her. He increased his rhythm slowly, but steadily, until he was pounding it into her as hard as he could, over and over, rocking the bed. They were so vigorous that they woke Misty up, although they didn’t notice at first.

She was so shocked at what her two good friends were doing that she could just lay there beside them. She could smell the sex as they fucked, and the rocking of the bed was making her horny, too. Her hand crept down between her legs and found she was already wet down there, really, really wet. Her fingers slid over her clit, and her other hand was playing with her nipples as her two best friends fucked right next to her. It was making her really hot to know what they were doing, and she could hardly keep from moaning out loud as she felt an orgasm approaching.

“Oh, Anne, get ready.” Ian gasped. “I’m almost there again. Get ready!”

Misty was wondering what Anne was supposed to get ready for when suddenly Ian scooted up in the bed, straddling her friend’s belly. She saw him thrust his cock- his really BIG cock- straight at Anne’s mouth, and to her complete shock, she saw Anne open up and take the head of it between her lips. Ian’s fist pumped up and down the length of it, once, twice, and then it pulled back just enough to let Misty see him squirt a whole bunch of white stuff out of it directly into the blonde’s mouth. Anne quickly swallowed it, then opened her mouth for more, but Ian’s stroking had pulled it to the side a little, and his second spurt splattered across her friend’s cheek and getting into her hair. Some of it even splashed onto Misty’s face, as she was laying right beside her.

Misty closed her eyes, and the last thing she saw was Anne taking it into her mouth again to make sure that none of the rest of it was spilled. She pretended to be asleep as Ian rolled back between them, sighing contentedly.

“Misty? Are you still sleeping?” he whispered. “Did we wake you up?”

She considered playing possum, but then decided to answer.

“I’m awake.” she whispered. “What did you guys just do?”

“I think you know.” he said, sitting up onto his elbow and looking down at her. “How does it make you feel?”

“You guys really DID it?” she asked, sitting up in the bed. The covers fell down to her lap, and she snatched them back up, realizing her chest had just been exposed to his sight.

“That was the second time.” Ian said, grinning.

“Misty?” Anne said, also sitting up in the bed. She didn’t bother pulling up the covers to hide herself, and Misty couldn’t look away from the sight of her best friend’s bare breasts on open display like that. “Are you okay?”

“Of course I am.” she said, looking at Anne. “I’m not the one who just fucked a boy and let him come in my mouth.”

“You could be.” Ian joked, and Misty snorted a laugh.

“Yeah, right, you wish.” she said. “I’m a virgin, and I’m staying that way.”
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Ian asked, stroking his fingers down Misty’s bare back, then back up again. His fingers felt really good on her skin, and she didn’t do anything to make him stop.

“I don’t know.” she said truthfully. “Anne, are you sorry you did it?”

“Oh, Misty, it’s the best thing I ever felt.” Anne told her. “I think you should let him.” Anne couldn’t believe what she just said, but didn’t know how to take it back. The last thing she wanted was to let Ian do THAT with anyone else, but at the same time, she wanted to be able to share everything with her best friend, Misty.

“But what about saving ourselves for our husbands?” Misty asked. “I thought that was our plan?”

“Well, plans change, sometimes, Misty. I don’t regret a minute of it.”

“Ian? Would you want to do… THAT.. with me?” Misty asked in a very quiet voice. “If Anne says it’s okay with her, of course…”

“Oh, Misty, are you sure?” Ian asked, gently pulling down the covers to expose her titties again. His hand went from her shoulder and cupped one, his thumb rubbing the nipple erect. “Because I would love nothing more than to share this with you, too.”

“I… well, yes.” said Misty, letting Ian lay her down on her back. He bent over and kissed her on the lips, his hand still fondling her breasts. “I knew I was going to do it for the first time in a boy’s apartment. I just didn’t know it would be you.”

Anne pulled the covers down, exposing all three naked bodies to the warm summer night air. Ian moved his head down and began kissing Misty’s bare breasts, flicking his tongue over the girl’s sensitive nipples.

Misty arched her back, then let Ian pull her thighs apart and move between them. She could feel his hardness laying full length on her lower belly like a bar of hot iron, then it slid down as he shifted his hips back.

Anne had crawled down to the foot of the bed, hoping to see what it looked like as Ian put it inside her best friend, then saw that he was having trouble finding her tight little opening on his own. She snaked her hand up and grasped him, pushing it into place. Ian looked over his shoulder at her, then winked. Anne blushed.

Ian could feel how wet Misty was. After all, he has just gone down on her and made her come less than an hour before. He thrust his hips forward lightly and felt Misty’s tightness spread open to accept him inside, just the head of it. It was resting against her papery membrane, and she started to protest, knowing that her virginity was about to end, but then he cocked his hips forward and shoved through, burying half his length into her.

Misty, shrieked, feeling the tearing sensation inside herself, inside her very most private area, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Ian drew it back a little, then sank it fully inside the girl, causing her to arch her back once more at the way it felt.

The pain was gone, replaced by an overwhelming itch, an itch she knew could only be scratched by more of the delicious friction as he pistoned in and out of her. He fulfilled that admirably for her, sawing his cock in and out of the tightness, pumping his hips faster and faster as Misty began gasping for breath on the verge of orgasm.

Ian could take it no more as Misty had her climax, and he didn’t want to get either of these two girls pregnant, so he pulled it out and quickly mover up, straddling her belly, just as he had done to Anne twice already.

“Get ready, Misty.” he said, pushing it at her mouth. She had seen what Anne had done for him, and didn’t want to be thought less, so she opened her mouth and let him insert it between her lips.

“Fair is fair.” she thought to herself, and somehow that made all this okay. He blasted his first load right into the back of her throat as he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth all the way onto his spasming cock. She had no choice but to swallow it or choke, but he relented with the next couple, allowing her to lay her head back on the pillow with just the head of it between her lips. She could taste how thick and salty his spunk was, but she wasn’t grossed out. She had just seen Anne do the same thing, except she hadn’t choked on it, and sucked at his cock to get the last remaining dollops out.

Ian groaned and rolled onto his side as Anne crawled up beside him. Both girls snuggled up to him as he fell asleep, finally spent after that last bout between Misty’s thighs.

The next morning, he awoke to the feel of his rock hard cock engulfed in some warm wetness. He looked around, but couldn’t see either of the girls. He heard a giggle, and lifted the blankets, looking down the length of his body.

To his great surprise, he saw both girls kneeling on either side of him, taking turns sucking on him.

“Let me have another turn, Anne.” Misty said, then one mouth was replaced by another.

He was really surprised, because after their sleep, there was no way these girls were still under the effects of his hypnosis. They were doing this of their own volition.

“Good morning, ladies.” he said. The mouth immediately disappeared off his cock, and the girls scooted up to lay next to him. He put his arms out to the sides as they both snuggled in to him, and he kissed them, first Anne on the mouth, then Misty.

“Good morning, Ian.” they said in unison.

“Did you like the way we woke you up?” Anne asked. “It was Misty’s idea.”

“Oh, yes, girls, thank you so much!” he said, kissing them again. Misty was first this time. “Do you know what time it is?”

“It’s time for us to finish what we started.” Anne said, starting to slide back down.

“Not so fast, little lady!” he said, catching her under the arms and pulling her back up. “We need to talk a little, first.”

“Okay, Ian.” she said, snuggling into his side once more. “What are we going to talk about?”

“Do you know, Misty? What do you think I could possibly need to talk to you two about that’s more important than getting my cock sucked by the two most beautiful girls I could ever hope for?”

“I don’t know, Ian.” Misty said. “What?”

“Well, how about the fact that yesterday, when we all got here, doing this would have been the last thing you two would ever have considered? What has changed overnight?”

“Oh, Ian, don’t you remember?” Anne asked, blushing. “Last night, we… both of us… you… we…”

“What are you trying to say, Anne. Just say it!”

“Ian, last night, you had sex with both of us!” Misty said. “We went all the way!”

“Both of you?” he asked, letting some wonder creep into his voice. “Does this mean… does it mean I have two girlfriends now?”

“Do you want it to?” Anne asked, with bated breath. She wanted his answer to be yes more than anything in the world.

“Oh, Anne, Misty, I don’t know what to say.” he said, a little choked up. “You two are my best friends; I wouldn’t like anything more if you would be my girls and we could do this forever.”

“That’s what we want, too, Ian.” Misty. “We talked about this morning, and we don’t mind sharing.”

“Right.” Anne agreed. “Are we done talking now?”

“I think we covered everything, yeah.” he said. “Why? Were you two thinking of continuing with what you started?”

“Yup, you guessed it!” Misty crowed, starting to slither back down under the covers. Anne was doing the same thing on the other side, and he let them go this time. Soon, they were both taking turns sucking on his again.

“Guess which one of us is doing it now?” Misty said, and another mouth slid down his erect pole.

“That’s Anne.” he said confidently. The mouth slid back up, and another went down on him. “That’s you, Misty.” It came off him again. Another set of lips enclosed just the head. “That’s you again, Misty.”

“How did you know?” Anne asked.

“I was right, wasn’t I?” he replied.

“Yeah, that was me again.” Misty said. “How did you know, though?”

“What do I get for being right?” he asked, pointedly not answering them.

“What do you want?” Anne asked, taking her lips off him.

“I want to do it all the way again.” he said. “With both of you.”

“Ohh, Ian, but which one of us do you want first?”

“You girls can decide that.” he answered. “One of you, get on top of me and ride me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.”

“Ooh, goody!” Misty squealed. “Me first!”

“Let’s make him guess.” Anne said. They changed places under the covers several times, twisting the bedclothes up into a bunch.

“Uh, girls?” he said. “I don’t mean to peek, but it’s going to be pretty obvious which one of you is sitting on me with the blankets like that.

“He’s right.” said Misty. “I know how to fix it, tho.” She took the blankets and tossed them up over his head, leaving the rest of him uncovered. Then both girls got off the bed. He could hear them whispering and giggling, then one of them got back on the bed, sitting astride his legs and facing forward. She picked herself up, taking his cock in her hand, and fitting it right against her opening. She tried to sit down on it, but she was a little dry, and didn’t make much progress, even tho she moved up and down on it several times.

“It won’t go in.” she said, and he could tell from her voice that it was Anne. “It’s, like, stuck!”

“You’re not wet enough, Anne.” he said, pulling the blankets off his face. “Come up here and sit on my face for a minute.”

“What?” she asked, surprised at his request. “What are you going to do?”

“You’ll see.” he smiled at her. “Come on, get your ass up here!” Anne did as he said, scooching up along his body, until her crotch was hovering over his chest. He took her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her up a little more, then stuck out his tongue and licked her pussy from bottom to top.

“Ian!” she squealed. “What was that?” He didn’t answer her; he just kept licking and sucking, teasing her clit with his tongue and holding her steady with his hands. He felt Misty get on the bed, then her mouth slid down over his rigid pole.

“Okay, Anne, try it again.” he said. “If Misty keeps doing that, I’m going to come in her mouth.”

“Ohh, really!” Misty said, stopping her up and down movement on his cock. “We most certainly don’t want that!”

“Ohh, I could come in your mouth!” Anne said. “I’ve never felt anything so nice!”

“No no, Anne, I want to fuck you!” he said. “Get down there and ride me!”

“Ohh, I so hope it works this time!” she said, working herself backwards. This time, it was Misty’s turn to hold his cock in place while her friend sank herself onto it. It was working indeed, she slowly felt his big, thick member going into her. “Ohh, yeah, I like that!”

“Oh my God, it’s really going into you, Anne.” Misty said, awed. She was laying on her stomach, looking up at the union of her two friends’ bodies. “Ohh, is that what it looked like last night when he put it into me? That is so fucking COOL!!”

“It… feels… really cool, too.” Anne gasped, beginning her first upstroke. She raised her hips, then sat back down.

“Damn, Anne, you’re really… tight!” Ian grunted. “Damn right it feels good!”

Misty watched a big dollop of Anne’s juices drip out and run down the side of Ian’s cock, and before she thought about what she was doing, stuck her tongue out and licked it up. She kept licking all the way up, and found her tongue tickling Anne’s pussy lips, trying to get more of that juice out.

“Ohh, Misty, what are you DOING?” Anne squealed. “Don’t stop, that feels really, really GOOD!”

Misty liked the way her best friend tasted, and kept licking every drop of moisture that she secreted. She could tell from Anne’s breathing that she was about to come, and renewed her oral assault on the girl as she bounced up and down on Ian’s cock.

Anne couldn’t take it anymore and threw herself off to the side, gasping for air as her belly heaved in and out. Misty saw Anne’s legs still spread wide open, and got on her hands and knees, lowering her face to kiss and lick the steaming cunt exposed right in front of her.

Ian, sat up to watch, interested to see what Misty was doing, but then he noticed that her ass was sticking up in the air. He got up off the bed, then move around behind her. Misty’s pussy was at just the perfect height for his cock, and he rubbed it up and down her slit from behind.

Misty stiffened when she felt him poking into her back there, and was about to turn to see what he was doing, but Anne had other ideas.

“No you don’t” she said, wrapping her legs around Misty’s torso. “You just keep doing that to me. It feels really great!”

“MMM-mmmmph!” Misty protested, but her mouth was full of Anne’s pussy. Ian’s cock was entering her from the rear, and with Anne’s legs holding her in place, she couldn’t move to stop him. If he had been entering her pussy, she probably wouldn’t have said anything except `more` and harder` but he was slowly and steadily pushing his giant cock into her asshole!

“Oh, yeah, Misty, God, you’re so tight!” he groaned. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her onto him, sinking his cock balls deep into her.

“MMMPH!” she moaned into Anne’s pussy. It was starting to feel good, really good, having him in her ass like this. She felt Anne put her hands in her hair, and went back to licking and sucking her friend, liking the way another girl tasted.

Ian was fucking her with slow, strong strokes that used every one of his 8 inches to full effect, and he could feel the familiar pressure building in his balls. He wanted to stay in as long as possible, and Misty finally got her face free for a moment.

“Don’t pull out this time, Ian, I want to feel you squirting inside me!” she gasped.

“But… but…” Ian protested. “What if…?”

“Just do it!” Misty hissed between her teeth. “I want you come inside me this time!”

“Ohh, here it… comes!” he grunted, then Misty felt his cock throbbing in her ass, and knew he was coming inside her.

“Ohh, yeah, cream my ass, Ian, fill my ass full of your come!” she cried out loud.

“He’s in your ass!?” Anne asked, shocked. “He just fucked you in the ass?”

“Ohh, yeah, yeah he did.” Misty sighed, feeling him pull back out when he was done. “It was wonderful!”

“That was your ass?” Ian asked. He truly hadn’t known, and suddenly felt a lot less guilty about coming inside her. “Oh, Misty, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Let me see.” Anne said, getting up and moving down to the foot of the bed. She leaned over Misty’s back and saw a trickle of white stuff coming out. She bent her head a licked it off the little pink pucker.

“Mmm, I just love the taste of come!” Anne said, savoring the dollop. She saw another bit oozing out, and licked that up as well. She moved around behind her friend and kept licking and lapping at her ass as Ian’s come came dribbling out, and Ian watched as Misty moaned and pushed her hips back against Anne’s mouth.

“Lower, Anne, lick me lower now.” Misty told her, and Anne only hesitated for the briefest moment.

“She just did it to me.” Anne thought, then dipped her face a little lower and took her first taste of another girl’s quim as she licked up the length of Misty’s creamy pussy. She really liked the taste.

Just then, the phone on the wall rang, once, twice.

“I bet that’s your mother, Misty.” Ian said, going over to it.

“Don’t tell her we’re here!” she quickly said, but then Ian picked it up and answered it.

“Hello?” he said. “Oh, hi, Mrs. Walker, yes, they are both here. Anne is just finishing her breakfast.” he said. “Okay, I’ll have them both there in a little while.” He listened a moment. “Sure, I’d love to come over for lunch. Looking forward to it!” He ignored the frantic silent wavings of the girls, who were shaking their heads `no` at him. “Okay, Mrs. Walker. Oh, well, if you insist. Peggy. We’ll see you in about an hour, then. Uh huh, bye.”

“Are you crazy!” Misty asked him the moment he hung up the phone. “You can’t… we can’t be together in front of my MOTHER!! She’ll know!”

“She would have suspected something was up if I hadn’t accepted.” he told them. “She might suspect, but she won’t have any proof, and if we’re really careful, she won’t even be suspicious.”

“How are we supposed to act normal after everything we did last night and this morning?” Anne asked. “I feel totally different than I did this time yesterday, and everyone who sees me is going to know it.”

“Well, that’s because you remember everything.” he said. “I can hypnotise you again and make you forget.”

“Ian, when you tried it last night, it didn’t work, remember?” Misty pointed out.

“Misty, sleep, Misty.” he said, using the trigger he’d implanted the night before. Immediately, her head drooped down and her eyes closed.

“What? What did you just do?” Anne exclaimed. “:She went out like a light!”

“Sleep, Anne, very sleepy, now.” he said. Her head drooped as well.

“Both of you girls are going to take a shower and get dressed with the clothing folded neatly on the sink, and you are going to forget everything we did last night and this morning. All you did was help me carry some stuff home after the show, and then we started to watch a movie, but you didn’t remember the end of it because you fell asleep. You woke up in the guest bedroom upstairs, ate some pancakes for breakfast, and then I walked you home.” he said. “The shower is right in there.” He pointed to the bathroom, and when they got up to go into it, he went around the room and picked up their scattered clothing, straightening it out and folding it.

He couldn’t remember who’s panties were whose, so he just put one pair with each set of clothes and put them on the sink while the girls were under the warm spray of the shower.

About 15 minutes later, they emerged, looking and smelling a lot better. Misty had washed all the dried come out of her hair, as had Anne, and he led them outside, walking them home to Misty’s house.

Her mother met them at the door and smiled, inviting Ian in.

“You’re just as handsome as I remember from the Museum trip last year, Mr. Ian.” she said.

“Why, thank you, Mrs. Walker.” he replied, returning her smile. “You’re hair is new. I like it shorter like that. It makes you look years younger.”

“Oh, go on!” she said, then giggled like a girl.

“No, seriously, you look more like Misty’s sister, home from college, than her mother.” he said. “Misty has turned down several offers for dates from me; so I might ask you out instead, if it wasn’t for Mr. Walker.”

She giggled again. “There is no Mr. Walker, Ian.” she laughed. “He passed away when Misty was still a baby.” She looked at him sternly for a moment. “And I thought we had agreed on the phone that you were going to call me Peggy.”

“Okay, Peggy. Shall we go inside?” he asked. Misty and Anne had already gone in.

“Sure. I’ll have to speak to Misty about accepting one of your dates. You’re such a nice, polite young man, and sooo handsome!”

“Arrgh, the kiss of death!” he joked, following her into the house. “A girl I like; her mother just said I was nice. So much for Misty ever having anything to do with me now!”

“Well, of course I wouldn’t say it to her like that, silly!” Peggy giggled, touching his arm. “Where ever has that girl gotten off to?” She went to the bottom of the stairs. “Misty? We have company! Come down here and help me entertain our guest!”

Misty appeared at the top of the stairs. “Mother! I just got home, and I spent the whole night over at his house, even if it was the guest room. Anne and I are having a girl talk!”

“It’s okay, Peggy, I’m sure they need their space.” Ian said. “Come sit on the couch with me?” he patted the space next to him. “We can have some adult conversation, without a couple of teenage girls around to drag it down.”

“That sounds lovely.” she agreed, coming over and taking the seat next to him. “What shall we talk about?”

“Well, I’m not sure, Mrs… Peggy.” he said. “Have you read any good books lately?”

“Well, the sort of books I read aren’t exactly suitable for conversation.” she admitted, blushing a little.

“Why not?” he asked, innocently.

“I only ever read romance novels.” she said, blushing even deeper. She looked away, down at the floor between her feet.

“Really? I read them too, sometimes.” Ian said. “Do you like Emma Thompson?”

“She’s one of my favorites.” Peggy said. “You read Emma Thompson?”

“Sometimes, at night.” he said. “I especially like the… racy parts.” he said. “She really uses nice deions.”

“That’s what I like about her, too.” Peggy admitted. “What’s the last one you read?”

“Actually, I just finished the last one she wrote.” he told her. “A Woman’s Pride and Shame.”

“I’m reading that right now!” she said. “That poor Mrs. Watley. Her husband died so many years ago, and the only one who understands her is much too young for society to accept.”

“I bet you can really identify with her.” Ian said, quietly. “Your own husband…”

“I never thought about it like that.” she said.

“And me being here, like this…” he said. “I can readily understand what Sam must have felt. Being attracted to a woman… more mature than himself. But it’s that very maturity that piques his interest. The things she could teach him, and how the other girls his own age won’t accept him.”

“Like Misty turning you down…” she breathed. They were looking into each other’s eyes, and slowly, they were leaning in towards each other.

Both of them heard Misty and Anne clumping noisily down the stairs, wearing different clothes than they had on upon arrival, and it broke the moment. They cleared their throats and straightened up. Peggy adjusted the collar of her blouse.

“Can I go over Anne’s house?” Misty asked. Neither of the girls noticed anything amiss.

“Sure, Misty, have a good time.” Peggy said, and the two friends wasted no time with their exit.

“Where were we?” Ian asked. “Oh, yes, discussing Emma Thompson’s last book.” he said. “You know, Peggy, you’re wearing the same sort of blouse that Sandra Watley is wearing on the cover.”

“Why, so I am.” she said, looking down at it. “Just a different color, is all.”

“Well, that, and you have more buttons closed than she does.” he noted.

“That’s true.” she admitted. “But, on the cover, it’s Sam who was unbuttoning them.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” he said. “Would you mind… if I…?”

“No.” she whispered. “Sam is about to kiss her, too, on the cover.” she said. Ian reached up and opened the top button of the woman’s blouse, then leaned in as his fingers moved down to the next one. Peggy also leaned closer, letting Ian pull her towards him. Their lips met as he unbuttoned a third one, then a fourth.

“Oh, Sam.” she said, like the line in the book. “We really shouldn’t be…”

“Shh, Sandra, it’s okay. I want this, don’t you?” Their lips met again.

“Ohh, Sam, but it’s wrong!” she said.

“It’s only wrong to them.” he said. “To you and me, right here, right now, could anything be more right?” He pushed her down onto her back. “If anyone asks, you can tell them I seduced you.” he said, fondling the woman’s breast through her bra. There hadn’t been any bra in the book, but he wasn’t going to quibble over details. “You can tell them I ravished you, and had my way with you, and there was nothing you could do to stop me.” He was kissing her neck now, moving his lips deliciously down to her collarbone, then onto the upper slopes of her breasts.

“Ohh, Sam, please, you have to stop this, what will people say?” Peggy moaned. “They will never believe you forced yourself on me; instead, they are going to say I seduced you!”

“Let them say what they want.” Ian said, sitting up, just as Sam did in the book. He was wearing a T-shirt to Sam’s button down, but he took it off just the same. He then unbuckled his belt, just as Sam had, and Peggy froze, knowing what happened next in the book.

“No, Ian, wait!” she said. “This has gone far enough.”

“Peggy, tell me this isn’t what you want.” he said, not stopping. His belt was open, and now he was undoing the front of his pants. “Sandra introduces Sam to the joys of oral sex in this scene, just as I want you to do to me.”

“But I… I’ve never…” she stammered. “Sandra had done it before, all those years before, when those men forced her, when she was alone in the cabin.” Peggy looked astonished as he pushed his pants down and exposed his manhood to her. “I’ve never…”

“You read the book.” he said, coming closer to her. “You know what to do.” He took her head in his hand, cupping the back of it and drawing the woman’s face inexorably closer to his cock. “You know you want this, Sandra.” he said. It was almost his last line in the scene.

Peggy felt it brush her lips, then opened her mouth and accepted him inside, sucking lightly on it, just as Emma had so faithfully described in the book. He was right, she thought, she had imagined herself as Sandra and doing this as she masturbated, but never in her wildest flights of fancy had she imagined she would REALLY be doing this.

She really was, though, his hand on her head was real, and she could taste him in her mouth. She was really doing it; she was really giving this boy, young enough to be her own son; she was really introducing him to the pleasures of adulthood. It was the single most exciting thing she had ever done in her life, and she could feel her panties getting wet between her legs.

“Mmmmph.” she sighed, letting him stroke his hardness in and out of her mouth. Her mind thought through to the end of the scene, and she wondered if he was going to finish in her mouth, just as Sam had.

Of course he was! What was she thinking? He started this scene, and he was going to play it all the way through to the end!

“Ohh, Sandra, get ready!” he warned. “I’m… I’m…” Suddenly, her mouth was filled with hot, salty musk, and although Sandra had swallowed each spurt down, she found herself unable to do it, and choked on the mouthful, letting it spill down her chin and onto the slopes of her breasts. She tried to turn away, but his grip on her head was firm, and two more jets hosed her tonsils before he let her go.

“Oh, Peggy, that was… that was intense.” he said, stepping back. “I don’t quite know how to thank you for that.” He looked down at the woman reclined on the couch, her shirt open and her bra clearly visible. “Unless…”

“Unless what?” she asked. “Ian, I’m not sure we should continue with this. We’re not characters in some racy book.”

“But we could be.” he said. “Those people are so similar to us, they could BE us.” he said. “We could be them, at least for an afternoon.”

“No, Ian, I’m sorry. We should have not gone this far; I don’t know what came over me.” she said. She saw him take his pants down and step out of them, then he sat on the couch right next to her.

“Have you read the whole book? Do you know how it ends, Peggy?”

“You… you should call me Mrs. Walker.” she said. His hands were on her breasts again, rubbing his come into her skin, then sliding into the tops of her bra cups and finding her nipples. “Ohhh, and you have to… to stop that.”

“But there is no Mr. Walker, Peggy.” he said, sliding his butt back on the couch. He pulled her bra straps down, and exposed her nipples to his sight, then bent down and took one in his mouth.

“Ohhh, Sam…” she whispered. “How does it end? Tell me?”

“Not here.” he said, standing up and looking down at her. “Upstairs. In your bedroom. In your bed.” he said. “I’ll tell you there.”

She got a look of fright on her face. “No, Ian, no, we can’t!!” she said. “We mustn’t!”

“I’m not taking no for an answer, Peggy.” he said, then bent down and scooped the woman up in his strong arms. She let out a little scream as he picked her up, but her arms went around his neck and held him tight.

“Ohh, noo, we can’t!” she whispered. “This is sooo naughty! This is all wrong!”

“You can tell them I took you against your will.” he said, again using one of Sam’s lines. “I’m going to put you on your bed and ravish you!” They were halfway up the stairs now, and she tried to struggle free, but his grip was firm and he never missed a tread as he carried her up.

“No, Ian, you mustn’t do this!” she said breathlessly. They were at the top now, and the hallway lay before them. “I’m not Sandra, and you’re not Sam.”

“Which room is yours, Peggy?” he asked. She shook her head.

“I’m not telling you.” she said. “You have to put me down. This has gone quite far enough!”

“Is that really what you want?” he asked, taking her deeper into the hall. There were three doors. One was narrower, and he figured that to be a bathroom. Another, at the far end, was a little wider than the middle one, and he figured that to be the Master Bedroom. “Do you really want me to end this here? I can put you down, and go home, and leave you here alone. Is that really what you want?”

“I…I… We can’t!” she insisted. “This is so wrong! You are supposed to be for Misty!”

“Really?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at her. “You would let some boy who doesn’t know what he’s doing be Misty’s first lover?” He bent his head and kissed her on the mouth, ignoring his sperm still sliming her chin. “Or would you rather know that he has been properly taught in the arts of love?”

“Ohh, Ian, I…I…”

“Tell me which is your room.” he asked her again. Her eyes went to the door at the end, but she didn’t say anything. He carried her the rest of the way to it, but he didn’t have a free hand to turn the round crystal glass knob.

“Open the door, Peggy. Turn the knob and give your consent to this.” he said.

“No, I can’t.” she said weakly. “We… can’t! This is all wrong!”

“Not all of it, Peggy.” he whispered, kissing her again. “Not all of it. If it was, then I would put you down and go home. If you ask me to again, I will. Otherwise, open that door and let me have my way with you. Teach me how to give Misty the pleasure she deserves.”

“Ohh, Ian, you have to… we… I…” She tried to demand that he do as he promised, to put her down and go on his way, but her hand betrayed her inner-most desires. It went to the knob, turned it slowly, and pushed the door open.

He grinned at her, then strode into the room, pushing the door shut with his foot as he went past, then lay her down on her bed, sideways. She sat up as soon as he let her go.

“Okay, Ian, this has gone far enough.” she said, weakly, but her eyes were staring straight at his cock, hanging at half mast.

“Take you blouse and bra off, Peggy.” he said, no nonsense in his tone. She hesitated, looking up into his eyes, but he nodded grimly at her, and she hurried to comply.

He looked at her breasts, smallish, without any sag and slightly upturned. Her nipples were dark, and pointed stiffly up at him. “Oh, God, you are beautiful.” he breathed. “Now, your skirt.” he said, a little louder. She shook her head, but he took her chin in his hand and made her look up at him.

“I’m not going to force you to do anything.” he said, looking right into her eyes. “But I’m not going to let you back out of this because of what society dictates is right and wrong.” he told her. “If you truly want this, if this is what your heart tells you is right, take you skirt and panties off and give yourself to me.”

“Ohh, Ian, I do want this…” she said. Her hands were unbuttoning her skirt, and she raised her hips and let him pull it down and off. After dropping it to the floor behind him, he put his hands on her hips and pulled her towards him, only stopping when her hips were at the edge of the bed. “I want this…” she said again, feeling his fingers curl under the top edge of her panties. He drew them down her legs, raising them up in the air as he took them off. He opened her legs while they were still raised and set one ankle on each of his shoulders, stepping right up to the edge of the bed. His half hard cock pressed against her furry womanhood.

“You can tell them I ravished you.” he said, then went to his knees, letting her legs slide over his shoulders until her knees were there and he calves hung down over his back. He bent his head and licked up the center of her slit, taking his first taste of her.

She was musky but fresh, very clean tasting, and he proceeded to lick and suck at her with obvious relish. She tossed her head from side to side as he ate her down, holding him in place with her ankles crossed at the small of his back.

“Ooohhhhh, yesss!” she hissed between her teeth. “Where did you learn to do this?”

“I’m just doing what Sam did.” he said, standing up. “Sam never did this, tho, so I might need your help and advise.” He rubbed his cock up and down her slit, fully hard now, trying to find her opening.

Peggy opened her eyes up wide as she realized what he was about to do, and just as she was going to voice her protest, he found the spot and pushed inside. “Ohhh, nooo, Ian, no! Take it out!” she said, half sobbing. “No, we mustn’t!”

“No, Peggy, you want this!” he said, panting as he pushed it in a little more. She was almost as tight as her virginal daughter had been! “Tell me you want this!”

“Ohh, God forgive me!” she cried out. “Ian, yes! Yes, this is what I want, this is what I need!” she gasped. He pulled it back a little, then sank it all the way in. “Arrgh! Yes, yes!”

He started fucking her the same way he’d fucked the two girls all those times the night before, first using long, slow strokes, then gradually increasing the power and speed, until he was thrusting wildly into the spasming cunt under him, giving her the best ride of her life.

He was only the third man to have her like this. The first had been her high school sweetheart, and she had given him her cherry at the senior prom. That was their only time together like that; on all their other dates she had only allowed making out, no petting. After the prom, he had gone off to college and she never saw him again.

Her second sexual experience had been Misty’s father. She had made him wait until their wedding night, and she got pregnant with Misty that very first time. They had only had sex twice more after that, and he went off to Basic Training. He came home once on leave, but she had been so big with the baby by then that nothing physical had been practical, and he had not pressured her into doing oral after her initial refusal. He went off to the war and never made it off the plane. A booby trap bomb killed him as he was walking down the steps.

Now Ian was doing this to her, in a most unnatural position, with both her legs up around his waist, and laying SIDEWAYS on the bed. All of her previous experience had been in the standard missionary position, and she had never dreamed that she could experience sensations as powerful as he was inspiring in her.

“Ohh, Ian, do me, do me!” she moaned. “Ohh, God, you’re fucking me soooo good!”

“I’m… I’m gonna…” Ian grunted, slamming his cock into her harder and harder.

“Not inside!” she gasped, fearing another pregnancy. “Don’t do it inside me!”

“Arrgh!” he cried out, pulling his cock out of her at the last minute. It was throbbing and an angry looking purple red. He pulled her by the hips again, this time letting her legs slip down his body to the floor. She wound up sitting on the floor, his cock right in her face. “Suck it, baby, I want to come in your mouth again!” he said. She tried to turn her head away, not wanting to experience that again, but he pushed it straight into her mouth and fired it off before she had the chance.

For the second time that day, the second time in her life, a man had his squirting cock in her mouth, and once again she was tasting his sperm as he spewed it into her oral cavity. Again, she let it spill out of her mouth and down her chin. She wasn’t prepared for what he did next, though, He put both hands on the sides of her head, then pulled her face onto him as he thrust his hips forward, driving his cock right down into her throat. It spasmed a few more times, spewing come straight into her stomach, no swallowing required.

When he was done, he let her go, pulling his dick out of her mouth. She gasped for breath, swallowing what remained in her mouth to soothe her aching throat. She looked up at Ian, and saw him smiling down at her.

“Do you think Misty is ready for this?” he asked. “Of course, I won’t be anywhere as rough with her as I was with you, but you wanted to be forced a little, you wanted me to push past your resistance.” he said.

Her mind spun with the implications of his words. Misty? Her baby? Doing all this?

“No.” she gasped. “Not Misty, not my baby.” she said. “You have to show me how gentle you can be before I’ll let you anywhere near her, ever again.”

“Okay,” he agreed. “I’ll come over again tomorrow, and I’ll show you how gentle and sweet I can be.”

“Why wait?” she asked. “After all that, I could use a little tenderness right now.”

“I just came twice in a row.” he said. “I’m young and virile, but I need a little more time than this before I can go again.”

“I didn’t mean you had to fuck me right now.” she said. “I asked you to be nice and gentle with me.”

“That’s true.” he answered. “I’m sorry.” he reached his hand down to help her up. She expected him to sit her down on the bed, but instead he led her over to the bathroom. “I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better after getting cleaned up.” he said. “Would you like me to wash you?”

She smiled at his graciousness. “No, you may go lay down on the bed and await me.” she said. She went in and closed the door, and Ian went over to her bed and got on it, laying down right in the center, arms folded behind his head.

About 10 minutes later, she came out, still totally nude, except she had a towel wrapped around her hair.

“Oh my god, you are the sexiest woman alive!” he said, giving her a long, low whistle. She smiled and turned for him, letting her see her whole body. “Come here, sexy lady.” he said, holding his arms out.

She sashayed across the floor to him, snuggling into his arms as he folded them around her. She curled her legs up and hugged his chest, trailing one hand up and down through the wispy hairs that were just starting to grow there.

“Hey, Peggy, can I kiss you?” he asked. She turned her face up to his, and his lips met hers gently, softly. His hands came up and cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing the nipple erect. She turned her head to the side, breathing a little more heavily now.

“How was that?” she asked him.

“That was nice.” he said. “But that’s not where I want to kiss you.”

“I don’t understand.” she said, looking a little puzzled. He lay her down on her back, kissing her lips again as he did so.

He moved his lips down to her neck, nuzzling the underside of her jaw for a moment, then bent his head to her breast and teased her nipple with his tongue. She moaned, putting her hand on the back of his head and stroking his hair as he moved over to the other one.

“Ohh, Ian, that’s so nice.” she sighed. “Promise me you’ll treat Misty like this when it’s her turn.”

“Oh, yes, of course.” he agreed. “I’ll do this for her, too.” he said, moving his kisses down her flat belly. He shifted his body down on he bed, then got between her legs as she parted her thighs for his hand.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she gasped, feeling his kisses move even lower still. “Oh, no, not there!” she said, trying to close her legs as he moved his mouth below her navel. “You can’t kiss me there!”

“Why not, Peggy?” he asked, moving still lower. Her knees pressed tightly against his wide shoulders, trying to close together, but he was in the way. His mouth was on the upper part of her thin, wispy pubic hair now. She could feel his tongue licking her, moving down, lower down, and it was on her clit now.

“Ian, NO, don’t!” she said, frantically. “NO, you have to stop!” She shuddered as she felt his tongue touch her clit again, then going lower and licking in between her labia. “Ohhh, ohhh, noooo, Ian, please!” she begged, trying to pull him back up. “Ian, please, no not there!” she begged.

“Why not?” he asked, still down there. She could feel his breath on her, on her most private area. His tongue licked at her again, delving deeply into her secret folds, and she knew he could taste her juices.

“Ohh, God, that feels too good!” she moaned, trying to squirm her way upward away from his mouth. He had his arms holding her legs open and down behind her back, and he pulled her back down, putting his mouth over her whole mons. “NO! You have to stop that!” she cried out. “I told you, it feels too good!”

“I have to stop because it feels good?” he asked. “That makes no sense.” His tongue went out and licked her again, probing right into her hole. “I’m doing this to make you feel good.”

“It’s so dirty.” she said, whispering. “It’s nasty, dirty, my mother told me so.”

“When?’ he asked. His tongue never stopped except to let him talk, and she was moaning under her breath.

“When I was just little.” she admitted. “Mommy caught me and my friend Susie doing this when we were just little. That’s why you have to stop.”

“It’s not dirty, Peggy.” he said, between licks. “This feels amazingly good, doesn’t it? I’m giving you pleasure, right?” His tongue went back to work on her, and in addition, he slipped first one, then two fingers into her, and she arched her back, thrusting her crotch even more firmly into his mouth. His thumb slipped onto her asshole, pressing the little pucker with every stroke of his fingers into her, and that was enough to send her over the edge.

She came with a loud cry, moaning and writhing and opening and closing her legs on his head, thrashing on the bed as wave after wave of sensations she’d never felt this strongly in her life crashed through her. He continued his ministrations for several minutes, letting the peak rise up and up and up, then slowly ceased the motion of his fingers and tongue upon her and let her orgasm subside.

He stood up and smiled down at her, laying there like a pile of quivering jello with her eyes closed.

“I’m going to let myself out.” he said, lifting her feet and placing them on the bed as he turned her, making sure she would be comfortable if she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes a bit and mumbled something, then let them slip closed again and went back to enjoying the after glow of everything she had just experienced.

Ian went downstairs and put his clothes back on, then left her house and went back to his own. He let himself into his basement apartment and spent a few moments tidying up, then heard his phone ring.

“Hello?” he said, answering it.

“Hi, Ian, it’s me, Anne.” he heard. “Listen, could you come over to my house for a while? There’s something you need to see.” He could hear other girls giggling in the background, and smiled to himself.

“Sure, I’ll ride my bike and be there in about 15 minutes.” he told her. He spent a minute in his bathroom, washing the pussy juices off his face and cock, then changed his clothes. Whistling, he went out to the garage and took his bike down off it’s hooks, then rode the few blocks over to Anne’s house.

He rang the bell after leaning his bike against the cast iron rail by the steps and locking it, and a few moments later it was opened by Anne herself.

“Hi, Ian, come on in.” she said, opening the door and stepping out of the way.

“Wow, you look nice.” he commented as he came in. She was wearing a light summer dress, pale blue, and he could tell that she was not wearing a bra under it, not that she needed one for her little “A” cup mounds. “So what’s this “thing” you wanted to show me?”

“It’s not a thing, it’s a “she.” Anne replied, smiling. “Have you ever met my sister Kim?”

“You have a sister?” he asked, following her into the house. She led him through the living room and over to the stairs.

“Yes, she’s two years older than me, and goes to State College next year, in the fall.” Anne replied. “I told her all about last night. I hope you don’t mind.”

“All about it? Even this morning?” he asked. “Is she okay with it?”

“That’s why I invited you over.” she explained. “You see, she’s quite protective of me, and she wants to meet the guy who took my virginity.”

“I see.” he said, quietly. “So I’m to be interviewed? I hope I pass muster.”

“Oh, Ian, it’s not like that.” Anne said, nervously. “Not exactly.”

“Well, at least it’s not your father with a shotgun!” he joked. Anne laughed a little, then indicated the stairs.

“She’s waiting for us up there.” she said. “After you.”

“Uh, okay.” he said, going up. “Which room is she in?”

“She’s in her own room, silly!” Anne giggled. “First door on the right. Maybe you should knock first if it’s closed, though. She knows you’re coming over today, but she doesn’t know you are here already. She thinks it won’t be until later tonight.”

When he reached the top of the stairs, he saw the door she had indicated, and it was indeed closed. He stood in front of it and knocked on it lightly.

“Come on in, Anne.” he heard from inside.

“Uh, I’m not Anne.” he said. “Do you still want me to come in?”

“Who are you?” he heard. He assumed it was Kim, and he could tell that she was just on the other side of the door.

“Hi, my name is Ian, and I’m a friend of Anne’s.” he answered. “She invited me over to meet you.”

“Ian? Are you the guy she spent the night with last night?” He could hear the suspicion in her voice.

“That’s right.” he replied. “Misty, too.”

“Misty too? She didn’t tell me that part!” He heard her moving deeper into the room. “Go downstairs and wait for me, please. I’ll be right down.”

He looked around for Anne, but she had disappeared somewhere while he was talking to her sister. He shrugged, then went back downstairs and sat on the couch in the living room.

About 5 minutes later, he saw Kim coming down the stairs. She was about Anne’s size and height, but where Anne had raven black hair, cut short, Kim’s was bright, fiery red and fell past her shoulders in rippling, wavy curls. She was wearing business attire, a black skirt that hugged her hips and fell just below her knees, a white blouse buttoned almost all the way up, and a black jacket tailored to show her trim waist which was also buttoned in the middle. She stalked into the room, looking daggers at him with brilliant green eyes.

“Please sit over here.” she said, indicating one of the wooden chairs in a corner.

“Wow, sure.” he said agreeably, then got up and moved over to the chair she was still pointing at. She sat on the edge of the Lazyboy, knees held tightly together and her back ramrod straight..

“So, tell me exactly what happened last night.” she snapped at him. He blinked at the hostility in her tone.

“Why?” he asked her mildly.

“My sister tells me you took her virginity last night, and I demand to hear the details!” she spit out. He could see the anger smoldering in her eyes as they flashed at him.

“No.” he said, plainly. “That’s none of your business.”

“What? How dare you!” she said. “Anne is my only sister; that makes it my business, buster.”

“Perhaps you should ask her, then.” he said, flatly. “A gentleman never kisses and tells.”

“A gentleman would never have taken advantage of a sixteen year old girl!” she retorted. “Now, tell me everything you did!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s still none of your business.” he said. “I’m not going to tell you about last night, so if you have no further questions, I’ll say my goodbyes to your sister and be on my way.”

“You’ll sit right there and tell me every little detail or I’ll make certain that you never set eyes on her again.” she threatened. “Now talk!”

“Why do you need to know so badly?” he asked, curious. “What’s done is done, and there’s no going back now.”

“I need to know if I should start filing rape charges against you.” she said. “She told me her side of it already, and I want to give you a fair chance to tell your side before getting the police involved. Rape is a very serious charge, and I don’t want to ruin your life unnecessarily.” she said, a little less coldly.

“What makes you think I raped her?” he asked, really curious now. “I assure you, everything she did last night was of her own free will.”

“Are you sure?” Kim asked, raising an eyebrow at him. “She told me you hypnotised her.”

“Haven’t you ever heard that people can’t be hypnotised into doing anything they would never do awake?” he said. “I know it sounds implausible, but it’s very true.”

“I’ve heard that, yes. But I also know that people can be made to cluck like chickens and bark like dogs.” she said. “That’s not exactly normal behavior for adults, and not something they ever do when awake.”

“Yes, that’s true, too.” he agreed. “But I assure you, I did nothing to either one of those girls last night or this morning they did not ask me to do. In fact, for most of it, they were begging me to do it.”

“I highly doubt that my sister begged you to fuck her.” she said flatly. “I find that very hard to believe.”

“Do you?” he asked. “I could convince you of it, but you would have to trust me for a minute.”

“Well, that’s going to be a little difficult.” she said. “I won’t ever trust you until I’m convinced you didn’t rape my sister.”

“Did you ask her if I raped her?” he asked. “Did you ask her that directly?”

“Of course I did.” she answered.

“And what did Anne tell you?”

“She said she loved it.” Kim admitted. “She said everything she did with you she did voluntarily.”

“But you don’t believe her, right?” Kim shook her head, looking at the floor. “Why not?”

“Because many years ago, she and I made a pact.” she said. “We both agreed that we would remain virgins all the way to our marriage beds. I don’t believe she would have voluntarily broken that promise of her own free will. Therefore, you tricked her with hypnosis and raped her.”

“I see.” he said. “Would you believe me if I told you she was begging me to put it inside her? That she needed to have an orgasm, and that the only way she could achieve that was at the price of her virginity, and she counted it cheap at the price?”

“Never.” Kim said. “She would never lose control of herself like that.”

“Well, she did.” Ian said. “I’m sorry you don’t believe me. You go ahead and tell the police whatever you want, but I know the truth will out and vindicate me.”

“But I just don’t understand!” Kim said, nearly crying. “She said you did everything with her, and I know she would never do anything!”

“Would you like to know why she made the choices she made last night?” he asked. “I can’t tell you in words, but I can show you. I can put you in that place as well and give you the same choices to make that she had.”

“If that’s the only way…” she said, weakly. “I know I’m strong enough to make different choices than she did.”

“I can see that.” he said. “You are a very intelligent, strong willed woman. I believe, however, that I can put you in the same exact place I put you sister, and that you are going to beg me to take your virginity, as well. Will you accept my challenge?”

“I do.” she said, confidently. “And when I win this little bet of ours, you will not contest the rape charges I’m going to be filing against you first thing in the morning.”

“I can’t agree to that.” he said. “I did not rape you sister, nor am I going to rape you.”

“Okay, then, all you have to do is convince me that my sister actually did beg you to take her virginity. I can assure you that under no circumstances am I going to beg you to take mine, however.”

“And if I do?” he asked. “If you beg me to fuck you, and I do it, then you will agree that it was not rape in either case, correct?”

“Correct.” Kim said. “Try your best, but you will never be hearing any words to that effect from me.”

“Very well.” he said, smiling a little. “Would you please lie back in the chair and close your eyes?” Kim did as he asked, even pulling the lever that released the foot rest and put her legs up.

“Deep breaths, Kim, nice and slow, deep breaths, very even, inhale, exhale. Do you have a favorite place? A place where you know you are safe?”

“Yes.” she answered. “ At our summer camp, there is a path that goes through the woods to an old farm pond.” she said. “It has a waterwheel, and nobody ever goes there.”

“Very good, Kim, I want you to imagine that you are there. Can you see the place in your mind?”

“Yesss.” she said, still taking nice long, slow, deep breaths.

“Very good, you’re doing quite well.” he complimented. “Okay, keeping your eyes closed, I want you to picture that waterwheel, turning, turning, as the water pushes it around and around.”

“Yesss.” she said again, smiling a little. “I can see it.”

“Can you see the sunlight sparkling off the water as it splashes into the lower pool?” he asked. “Look at the ripples spreading out, the wheel turning, and you’re all alone here, safe as houses.”

“Yes, I love this place.” she said, sighing.

“I know you do.” he said. “And when I say the word “waterwheel” to you, you are going to come back to this place, nice and safe and warm.”

“Waterwheel” she repeated.

“That’s right. When you hear me say “waterwheel” you will come back here.” he told her again.

“Now, as I count down from five, you are going to relax more and more, in this special safe place, this place where nothing can hurt you.” He paused a long moment.

“Five.” he said. “You feel your feet relax, and the muscles in your calves. Four. You knees and thighs are loose and relaxed. Three. You hips and belly are no longer tense. Two. Your arms and shoulders are nice and relaxed. One. The muscles in your face are slack, even to the back of your head.”

He loved watching her as he induced her into a hypnotic state. Her feet fell outward, and her hands uncurled, then even her brow smoothed itself of the frown wrinkles, and he knew she was under.

“And now you’re laying in the grass, watching the wheel turning, turning, going around and around.” he said softly. “What are you thinking about as you lay there? You’re all alone, so nobody will know what you’re thinking.”

“Bobby Norton.” she said. “He’s so dreamy, but he never notices me.”

“Why not?” he asked. “You are a beautiful, smart, and attractive woman.” he said. “Why on earth would he not notice you?”

“Because he’s in love with Jenny McAdams.” she said, a little spite coming into her voice. “The head cheerleader with the big tits.”

“I see.” he said. “So you think that if your own tits were bigger, he’d notice you?”

“Of course he would.” she said. “He never dates any girls that aren’t stacked.”

“Have you ever wished that you were bigger?” he asked her gently. “Have you ever wished that?”

“Every time I get a wish.” she admitted. “I want them to grow from this “B” cup to at least a “C” if not a “D” cup.”

“Well, today is a special day, Kim. Today, I am going to grant you your wish with my magic.” he said. “Would you like me to do that?”

“Ohhh, yesss!” she said, smiling. “More that anything!”

He paused a moment. “You have to be sure you want this. I’m risking my magic by helping you, you know. If I help you with this, you have to do everything I tell you to do. Otherwise, I could lose my magic, and you will revert to normal.”

She nodded her agreement.

“Okay, then I will.” he said. “The way to make them grow bigger, Kim, is to touch them. The more you touch them, the bigger they will get. Every time I say the word “grow” while you are touching them, they will increase 1/3 of a cup size.” he told her. “Would you like that?”

“Oh, yesss, please!” she asked. “I want them bigger!”

“Okay, Kim, I want you to begin touching them now.” He watched with satisfaction as her hands slid up her sides and began fondling her breasts through her jacket. “Grow.” he said aloud, and she gave a gasp and a shiver.

“Ohh, it working!” she said, smiling.

“Yes, Kim, very nice. Keep touching them.” he said. “For the next step, you’re going to have to open your jacket, Kim. Open your jacket if you want them to get a little bigger.”

She quickly unbuttoned the two large gold buttons holding her jacket closed, then returned her hands to her mounds, caressing them.

“Good, a little more… there! Grow.” he said, and she smiled again, imagining them to be bigger. “Keep rubbing them, Kim, very good. For the next step, you are going to have to unbutton your blouse, Kim, and touching them through your bra. You are wearing a bra, yes?”

“Of course I am.” she said. “If I don’t, my nipples show too much.”

“I see.” he said. “You may begin unbuttoning your blouse now, Kim, and then go back to touching your breasts. After you have touched them enough, I will say the word to make them bigger. That’s what you want, right? You want them to be bigger?”

“Yesss, bigger.” she said. Her finger were fairly flying down the front of her blouse, opening it. When she had all the buttons above the waistband of her skirt undone, she returned her hands to her tits.

“No, not yet, Kim, I need all the buttons unhooked. You’ll have to open your skirt some and untuck it, then open those buttons as well.” he told her.

She did as he asked, unzipping her skirt from the side, then pulling the tails of her blouse out and undoing the last two buttons. He got a great look at her lacy white bra as she did, as her blouse was almost all the way open anyway. He could see her nipples stiffly poking out the material and understood why she chose to wear one. Her nipples were quite long and pronounced.

She was done with the buttons and immediately put her hands back on them, caressing and fondling herself. He let her do it for a long moment, then said the word “grow” once more.

“Ohh, yes!” she cried out, rubbing them even faster.

“Very good, Kim.” he said. “You have achieved a full cup size bigger. But now that old bra is too small. Can’t you feel how tight it is?”

“Yesss.” she moaned. “It’s too small!”

“Well, you’re going to have to take it off, then.” he said. “Go ahead and sit up, taking off your blouse and bra.”

She did as he asked with no hesitation. She removed her blouse, pulling the back of it out of her skirt, then removing it all together and folding it.

“Very good, Kim. Now the bra. It’s too small for you anyway, you can feel how tight it is, yes? If it doesn’t come off, it would get quite painful as I grow you breasts out another cup size. They are “C’ size now, squeezed into that “B” cup size. Can you imagine how it would be to still be wearing a “B” cup bra with the “D” cup breasts you have very soon?”

By the time he was done talking, she had unhooked the garment and taken it off as well, folding one cup into the other, then arranging the straps neatly together and put it onto her blouse.

“Just a moment before you begin touching them again, Kim, we need to let them adjust to this new size for a moment.” he said. In truth, he was just looking at them, and wanted to see them a moment more before she hid them with her hands again.

“Okay, Kim, you may lay back down again, and resume touching them. I want you to pay special attention to your nipples this time, and pinch them lightly. You need to make them as stiff and erect as you can, okay?”

“Yesss.“ she sighed. She did as he asked, laying back and pinching her lovely pink nipples. They were nearly half an inch tall, standing proudly up from her rosy areolas, which were a tilted oval shape, about the size of a quarter.

“Touch them, Kim, touch them all over, rub them with your palms, very good, are you ready? “Grow.” he said. She shivered again, then squealed with delight.

“Ohhh, that feels so good!” she said. “Every time they get bigger, I can feel it all through my whole body!”

“Yes, Kim, can you feel it between you legs when the get bigger? Isn’t that where you feel it the most?”

“Yesss.” she sighed. “In my muffin.”

“That’s right.” he agreed. “In your muffin. For the next step, you’ll have to remove your skirt, Kim. It’s already open, and you can’t stop touching your breasts, or we’ll lose the magic, so I’ll have to help you. Do want to stop here, or do you want them to be bigger?”

“Ohh, bigger. I want them to be bigger!” she said. “Help me; take my skirt off!”

“Okay, Kim, I’m going to help you. Lift up your hips a little, and I’ll pull your skirt off for you.” he said, going over to her. He put his hands on the bare skin of her waist, then curled his fingers into the open hem or her skirt and drew it down her legs and off as she lifted her hips for him.

“Very good, Kim, you’re doing great!” he told her, folding her skirt and putting it with her blouse and bra. “Keep touching your breasts now, and don’t forget to play with your nipples.”

He watched her for a long moment, staring intently at her pantied crotch. He could see a dark strip of her pubic hair through the sheer material. They were French cut, just a thin strip of lace going around her waist and another narrow vee of lace going down to a solid strip of cotton that covered her vulva.

“Almost…there.” he said. “Another moment more, and… grow.” he said.

She let out a loud moan and arched her back, squeezing her thighs tightly together, pressing her palms flat against her breasts and moving them in small circles.

When she had settled down somewhat, he began again. “Very, very good, Kim.” he said. “They really got a lot bigger that time, didn’t they?”

“Ohh, yesss!” she sighed. “I love them!”

“And could you feel it in your muffin?” he asked her. “Did you feel it tingle?”

“I still can.” she said. “I can feel myself getting all wet down there.”

“Don’t forget your nipples!” he warned her. “If we don’t do this just exactly right, we could lose every bit of progress we’ve made, and they will go right back down to their original size, and I‘ll lose my magic.”

“Okay.” she said, them began pinching and twiddling her long nipples once more. “Touching my nipples really makes my muffin tingle.” she told him. “That’s why I stopped.”

“Well, don’t stop, for goodness sakes. You’re almost at a “D” cup, just one more to go.” he told her. “For this next step, you can’t take you hands off your breasts, but I’m going to have to remove your panties. “D” cups are very special, and you’ll have to be rubbed there, too, you know. Would you want me to help you get those “D” cups? I’ll take off your panties and rub your muffin for you if you do.”

“Ohh, yes, please help me!” she begged. “See? My ass is already in the air, take my panties off!”

“Okay, Kim, here we go.” he said. He pulled her panties down and took them off her feet. He could smell how excited she was. “Keep touching you breasts, for goodness sakes, don’t stop now! You’ll have to open your legs so I can rub your muffin for this next part, remember?”

Her thighs opened for his hand as he slid it down her stomach, then rubbed over the outside of her pubic mound. She moaned out loud at the contact, still massaging her breasts with both hands.

“Are you ready, Kim? That’s almost enough.” he said, a very long moment later. His fingers had opened her labia and were stroking over the sensitive opening to her womb, and his thumb was making small circles over her clit. Her juices were flowing copiously.

“Annnnnd…. Grow.” he said. She thrashed around on the Lazyboy, writhing with pleasure as she “felt” her breasts getting bigger in her hands.

“Oh, wow, look at that!” he said, letting a touch of awe creep into his voice. “You can stop touching them now, Kim, and let me see the beauty I have wrought this day.”

She let her hands fall to the side, and proudly thrust her chest up at him. “Do you like them?” she asked. “I just got them; they’re brand new!”

“You’re very beautiful, Kim. Very beautiful indeed.” he said. “May I touch them myself?”

“You may.” she said, smiling. “After all, I have you to thank for them.”

“Ohh, very nice indeed!” he said. “Surely these are the finest set of “D” cup breasts I’ve ever created.” he said. “If only…”

“If only what?” she asked, enjoying the feel of his hands on her. “What is it?”

“Well, something I’ve always wanted to try, but no girl has ever let me before.” he said. “Every girl I’ve ever done this for has chosen to stop here.”

“You can make them bigger?” she asked, holding her breath.

“Yes, but it involves a lot more touching, and there is a little element of risk involved.” he told her. “Would you be willing to try it?”

“How big would they be?” she asked.

“At least a double “D” cup.” he said. “but I don’t know if you would be willing to do what it takes to get them. From what I understand, you’re a virgin, correct?”

“Yes…” she whispered.

“Would you be willing to give that up?”

“Do I have to?” she whispered. “Me and my sister are saving ourselves.”

“Oh, well, Anne has already done it, hasn’t she?” he said. “It’s just you that’s a virgin, now, right?”

“Yes.” she said, sadly. “Anne told me she did it last night.”

“That’s right, she did.” he agreed. “So let me ask you again: Would you be willing to give up your virginity for a chance at having “DD” breasts, or do you want to stop right here and stay the way you are?”

“I… I, I want them bigger.” she said, blushing. “If Anne has already done it, there’s not much point in keeping my half of the pact, is there?”

“Okay, Kim, then here’s how it’s done. I’m going to get on top of you, and then I’m going to rub your breasts. While I’m doing that, I want you to concentrate as hard as you can on making them bigger. While you’re doing that, I’m going to go inside you and take your virginity, okay?”

“Yes.” she whispered.

“There’s just one thing more you have to do first.” he told her. “I need you to get on your knees and beg me to do this. It’s the only way I’ll know for sure that this is truly what you want. Will you get on your knees and beg? Don‘t beg for the “DD” breasts, beg me to fuck you.”

She immediately got up and went to her knees before him, clasping her hands together as she looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Please?” she asked. “Please, will you make me not a virgin anymore? I really want you to fuck me, I really do.” she begged.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure you really mean that.” he said. “If you really, really mean it, are you willing to prove it?”

“I’ll do anything you want.” she said. “I just really want to feel you inside me!”

“Okay, Kim, if that’s true, open my pants and take my cock out. That’s one way to show me you’re truly serious. I’m taking a big chance by attempting this, you know. If you don’t concentrate hard enough on making your wish come true, not only will you lose everything you’ve gained so far and go back to normal, but I will lose my magic.”

“But I do want them, I really do!” she insisted. “Please? I know I can do it; I’ll do anything for them!”

“I believe you, Kim, that’s why I’m taking this chance with you.” he told her. “Now, get it out, take me out of my pants.”

She raised up her hands and pulled his button open on his cutoff shorts, then slid his zipper down. She hesitated on the next step, though, and he could see the apprehension on her face.

“Forget it.” he said. “You don’t want them bad enough, I can already tell.”

“No, I do, I really do!” she said, and quickly pulled his shorts open.

“Take them all the way off.” he said. She pulled them down, ignoring his cock which fell out and rested against her forehead.

When she had them down around his ankles, he stepped out of them, then took her chin in his hand and made her look up at him, staring deep into her eyes.

“Is this what you want, Kim?” he asked. “Is this truly what you want?”

“Yes, it is.” she whispered. “I want this more than anything!”

“Prove it.” he said. “I can’t take a chance and lose my magic if you don’t really want this with your whole heart. Beg me to fuck you once more, then take my cock in your mouth and suck on it until it is rock hard. That’s the only way.”

“Yes.” she said, as he let her go. “Please, fuck me and take away my virginity? I want you all the way inside me, please, please fuck me!” She took his cock in her hand and without hesitation opened her mouth and sucked it in. He could feel her tongue swirling over it as she sucked on him, and he very quickly grew stiff in her moist, wet mouth.

“Okay, I’m ready.” he said. “Lay down on the carpet and wish for them as hard as you can.”

She quickly did as he said, laying down on her back and spreading her legs. He put his hands on her breasts and lowered himself onto her.

“Reach down and get me into position.” he said. “When you’re ready for me to do it, I want you to ask once more, but still, you have to keep concentrating on your wish. Can you do that?”

“Yes!” she breathed, reaching down between them. She took his erection and slit it down through her labia, then pulled it back up a little and held it place.

“Please fuck me?” she said out loud, and he drove it into her all at once, tearing through her hymen with that first shove and sinking it all the way into her.

“Unnnnngghh!” she grunted. “Oh, God, it hurts!”

“Keep wishing!” he ordered. “This is the most important time!”

“Oh, please, please let them grow!” she wished fervently. “Please, I want double D’s!”

“Good, keep it up!” he said. “I’m going to start fucking you now, and when I come, I’ll pull out and spray it all over your tits. You rub it into your skin, and if it worked, we’ll go to a mirror and you’ll be able to see them. Just keep wishing!”

He started pistoning his cock in and out of the beautiful girl under him, determined to make her lose concentration as she came so he could be held blameless for her normal appearance when they were done. He was grateful for all the times he had already orgasmed that day, as he was able to hold out longer, and she was writhing in ecstasy under him long before he was close. He felt her pussy rippling on his cock as she came the third time, the third time he was able to count, anyway.

Soon after that, he could feel his come building up in his balls, and the sensations from his cock were becoming too intense to hold back. He quickly pulled out and jetted his come all over her breasts, sitting astride her belly. She was moaning and groaning, thrashing under him, still cumming even though he’d pulled out of her already.

“Rub it in, rub it in!” he said. “If you mess this up, I’ll lose my magic!”

“What?’ she said, opening her eyes. “Oh!” She quickly started rubbing his come into her skin, coating her breasts with the sticky whiteness, then smoothing it in. He got up a moment later, after shaking the last drops of it out and wiping a stubbornly sticky dollop off on one of her nipples.

“Are you ready?” he asked her, after her chest was clear of the largest part of his mess. He held out his hand and helped her to her feet. “Where is a mirror we can use?” he asked her. “A nice, full length one would be best. You wouldn’t want to try to look at double D’s in a pocket sized mirror, would you?”

“No, we wouldn’t!” she said. “Come on, the biggest one in the house is on the wall in the dining room.” she said. She took his hand and practically dragged him into the next room. He stopped her, then put his hands over her eyes, and led her over to the front of the mirror.

“Are you ready?” he asked. “I can see your big, beautiful breasts, but that’s because I worked the spell. Only you can tell me if it really worked or not. If you can’t see them; if you just see yourself as you normally looked this morning, then it didn’t work because you lost concentration while I was trying to fuck your tits bigger, and my magic will be gone.” He took his hands away and let her see.

Her face went white as a ghost, and tears started to form. “Oh, no.” she whispered. “Where are they?”

“What do you see?” he asked her. “Turn around and let me see.” he said. She seemed rooted to the spot, so her put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him.

“Oh, no, my magic!” he whispered. “It didn’t work!”

“I’m sorry!” she sobbed. “It just felt so good while you were doing it! I must have lost concentration!” Tears streamed down her face, and he hugged her to him, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close.

“Shhh, shhhh, don’t cry.” he whispered in her ear. “It’s not your fault, it’s really not.”

“But I tried, I really did.” she cried, her arms creeping around his back.

“Kim, I want you listen to me.” he said. “I’m going to count up to five, and with each number I say, you are going to come back here, to your house, and when I say the last number, you are going to be fully awake and alert, and you are going to remember everything that happened today. Ready? One, two, three, four, five.”

She stiffened in his arms, then pushed him away. “What’s going on? Why am I naked?” He smiled at her, watching realization and horror flooding into her face as she remembered everything that had just taken place. “Ohhh, ohh, nooo!!!” she cried, fresh tears streaming down her face. She turned and fled out of the room. He heard a door slam upstairs a moment later, then went into the living room and put his shorts and shirt back on. He picked up her panties and stuffed then in his back pocket, and sat on the couch, whistling a happy little tune.

Anne and Misty came down together a moment later and saw him sitting on the couch.

“What did you do to Kim?” Anne asked him, curious. “She’s in her room, bawling her eyes out.

“I proved to her that I didn’t rape you.” he said.

“But why is she crying?” Misty asked. Her eyes fell to the pile of clothes resting on the floor by the Lazyboy. “Ohh, nooo, tell me you didn’t?” she breathed.

“She was begging me to.” he said, smiling. “How was I to refuse a beautiful girl like that, laying on her back with her legs wide open, begging me to fuck her? She even sucked me hard first.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I just couldn’t say no. It wouldn’t have been right to leave her in that state of need, would it? Just like I helped both of you last night.”

“I guess not,” Anne murmured. “That was like torture, not being able to come.”

“Yeah, it sure was.” Misty agreed. “But if you fucked her and made her come, why is she crying like that?”

“She was a virgin.” Anne answered. “I got pretty upset last night when I found out I’d gone all the way, too.”

“Well, so was I, until last night.” Misty said. “It was a big deal then, but not anymore. She’ll get over it.”

“Come on, Ian, let’s go talk to her.” Anne said. “I’m sure if you do it with her again, she’ll come around and see that’s it’s not the end of the world.”

“I’ll help, too.” Misty volunteered. “Besides, I’m getting horny again.”

“Misty, I think that’s going to be your perpetual condition, now that I’ve opened you up to this kind of thing.” Ian laughed.

“Haha, yeah, remember how shy you were up on stage?” Anne laughed. “I bet you could do a hell of a show, now!”

“I bet the two of you could put on one hell of a show together.” Ian said quietly. “In fact, I’d really like to see one, later.”

“Ooohhh, that sounds fun.” Anne sighed, smiling. “How about it, Misty, want to give Ian a show with me?”

“Yeah, but it has to be a private show.” she said. “No way am I ever getting up on a stage again, ever.”

“Come on, you guys, let’s go check on Kim and make sure she’s okay.” Anne said, leading the way toward the stairs. “Ian, would you give us about 10 minutes before coming in?”

“Yeah, you bet, Anne. Anything you say.” he agreed. “I’ll just wait in the hall, and you can call me in whenever you’re ready for me.”

The trio of friends went up the stairs together, and the two girls went into Kim’s room, not bothering to knock on her door. Ian waited outside like he had agreed and listened to everything they said, as Misty had left it slightly ajar.

“Hey big sister, are you okay?” Anne asked Kim, sitting on the bed with her. Kim was huddled up under the covers, hugging her knees to her chest and staring into space.

“Oh, Anne, it was terrible!” Kim said, her voice barely audible. “He made me do everything I said I wasn’t going to do.” Her voice cracked, and tears began to flow once more.

“Like what?” Misty asked. “What did you say you were not going to do?”

“I told him there was no possible way I would ever beg him to fuck me.” she whispered, ashamed. “And I did. I got right down on my knees and asked him to do it to me! And you know what’s worse? In order to get him to agree, I had to suck on his… on his…”

“Did you like it?” Anne asked. “I did it last night, too, and it was awesome!”

“You liked it?” Kim asked, her voice full of wonder. “You actually liked doing it, in… in your mouth?”

“I sure did, Kim.” Anne told her. “Misty did, too, didn’t you Misty?”

“It was the greatest!” said the little blonde. “I love the taste of his come, and I can’t wait for him to do it again!”

“You let him… finish… in your mouth?” Kim asked, not believing her ears.

“Oh, yeah, Kim, that’s the best part!” Anne told her.

“What’s it taste like?” Kim asked. She was starting to come out of her shell, a little.

“It’s, uh, like, salty, and musky, at the same time.” Anne said.

“It’s man flavored.” Misty offered. “And I can’t wait to taste it again!”

“You already said that.” Anne smiled. “You little slut.”

“Not really, just Ian’s slut.” Misty smiled back. “As if you’re not?”

“Oh, no, I am.” Anne agreed. “He can do me anywhere he wants, any time he wants. That makes me his slut, too, right?”

“What the hell is it about him?” Kim asked. “Why would you two want to demean yourselves like this?”

“It’s not demeaning, Kim.” Anne said. “It’s about how he makes us feel. When he fucked you, did it feel good?”

“It did.” Kim admitted, blushing. “It was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my whole life!”

“And wouldn’t you like to feel that again?” Misty asked. “What would you give to have that feeling back?”

“Ohh, anything!” Kim sighed, remembering the ecstasy and rapture she had felt just a short time ago.

“Anything? Really?” Misty asked. “Really? Because we can arrange it, right now.”

“How?” Kim asked. “I already sent him home.”

“I didn’t go home.” Ian said, stepping around the corner and entering the room. “I couldn’t leave without knowing you were okay.”

“You!” she said, her voice full of venom. “Get out of my room, right now!”

“No, Ian, please stay.” Anne said, countermanding her older sister. “Kim needs you right now, even if she doesn’t know it yet.”

“I don’t need anything from that son of a bitch.” she said flatly.

“Waterwheel, Kim” Ian said, and both of the girls were astonished to see Kim appear to fall asleep as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

“What did you just do to her?” Anne asked, fascinated. A thought suddenly crossed her mind. “Can you do that to us?”

“Later.” he said. “First I have to make Kim okay again.”

“Cool!” Misty breathed. “I can’t wait!”

“Kim, can you hear me?” he asked. She nodded her head, lifting it up to look at him. “What do you want to say to me?” The redhead’s face contorted, and a tear began to trickle down her face.

“You tricked me.” she said, her voice cracking with emotion. “It wasn’t fair; you tricked me!”

“Not really, if you think about it.” he said. “You tricked yourself, didn’t you?”

“What?” she asked.

“You did.” he told her. “You have a self image problem with your breast size, even though they are perfect, by the way, and you let yourself believe that they could be changed somehow, changed by magic to fit some artificial ideal that Hollywood and Madison Ave have sold you on.”

“I know.” she whispered. “I wanted them so bad, though.”

“I know you did.” he agreed. “You know what I’m going to do for you right now?”

“No.” she said. “You can’t do anything. You lost your magic.”

“I never had any magic.” he said. “I don’t need magic, because it’s not real.” He took his hands and cupped her breasts. “You don’t need bigger breasts, Kim. They are perfect just the way they are right now.” He thumbed her nipples for a moment, feeling them swell and become erect, then let them go.

“No, they’re not.” she said. “Bobby Norton won’t look at me twice because they’re too small.”

“Bobby Norton is a goddam fool!” he said bluntly. “Any man would be lucky to go out with you.”

“I don’t want just any man.” she said. “I want him.”

“Why?” he asked her. “What’s so special about having him date you?”

“So that all the other girls will be jealous of me.” she whispered. “Nobody notices me at all, but if I had him, they all would see me and want to BE me.”

“The way you want to be one of them.” he said. She nodded.

“Kim, do you think you are pretty?” he asked her. She shook her head.

“No. I’m flat chested and my nipples stick out like a freak show.” she replied. “You saw them. They’re too long.”

“They are beautiful, Kim.” he said. “Do you think I would have made up an elaborate lie like that to fuck you if you were really a freak?”

All three of them could see that that gave her pause.

“Then why did you do it?” she asked. “Did you do it to make a fool of me? Because that’s what I feel like; a fool who fell for the first good lie that came along and opened up my legs like some hussy.”

“You’re no fool, either, Kim. Think how elaborate that lie was to get you to do it. I had to spend over an hour getting you to believe that lie.” he said. “And believe me when I say that it was time well spent, too. You’re a beautiful girl, Kim. No, make that, a beautiful woman. I made you into a woman today, didn’t I?”

“Yes, I’m a woman now.” she said, a little wonder in her voice.

“A beautiful woman, Kim. Say it.”

“I’m a beautiful woman.” she repeated. “You think I’m really beautiful?”

“Better than that, Kim, I think you’re perfect.” he told her. “I think you’re perfect in every way. You’re smart, and beautiful, and I bet you love to laugh.”

“She does.” Anne said. “Oh, you should see her laughing, Ian, her whole being seems like it’s full of light.”

“I would love to see that, Anne.” he said. “What’s the best way to get her laughing?”

“Well, I happen to know she’s ticklish.” Anne said, her voice teasing.

“Really?” asked Ian. “Is that true, Kim? Are you ticklish?”

“Please don’t tickle me!” pleaded the redhead. “Oh, I can’t stand being tickled!”

“Okay, I promise.” Ian said. “If I promise not to tickle you, would you let me make love to you again?”

“You want to do that with me again?” she asked, surprised.

“Of course I do.” he said. “After all, you are a beautiful woman with a perfect body. I bet there’s a lot of guys on Campus who would kill for a chance with you.”

“No, there’s not.” she retorted. “Not one guy has asked me out all year.”
“I find that a little hard to believe, Kim.” he said.
“It’s true. You’re the only guy who has ever said the things you said to me. Ever.”

“Really?” he said, surprised. “I guess I know where I’ll be going to college next year. It sounds like every guy at your school is a total fucking retard about what a beautiful girl is.” He paused. “And they have no idea that brains are every bit as important in a real relationship than appearance.”

She giggled at that. “You might be right, Ian.” she said. “Jenny McAdams may look like she does, but she’s dumb as rocks.”

“Ohh, Anne, you were so right!” he said. “When she smiles, it lights up the whole room!”

“It sure does.” Misty whispered. “I wish I could do that!”

“Now I know you guys are teasing me.” Kim said, scowling. “Nobody is jealous of anything about me.”

“Yes they are.” Ian told her. “Anne, do you want me to fuck you again, right now?”

“Ohh, yes, of course.” Anne squealed, delighted. “Goody goody!”

“How about you, Misty? Want me to take you from behind again? You really seemed to enjoy that position last night.”

“Ohh, yeah, Ian, that would be awesome!”

“You see, Kim, I’m going to make both of these girls jealous of you right now.”

“How?” she asked. He didn’t answer her; instead, he put his hands on her shoulders and leaned her back into the pillows and moved between her thighs with his body after pulling her knees open with both hands. “Ohhh, yesss!” she sighed, feeling him press his hardness into her belly. “You’re really going to do it to me instead of them?” She smiled up at him as she felt him moving lower onto her mound. “You picked me!” she said, happily.

“That’s right.” he said, moving his cock up and down through her slit. He found her opening and sank into it with a sigh and a groan. She was still really tight, and it felt awesome on his cock.

“Ohhh, that’s heavenly!” she said, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of him filling her up. “Sooo goooood!”

“Ohh, God, Kim, you’re so fuckin’ hot!” he said to her, whispering in her ear before licking her neck. “I want this with you every day!”

“Ohh, yeah, every day!” she moaned. “Every night, too!”

Misty looked at Anne and smiled. “God, that’s making me horny, watching them. Are you getting turned on too?”

“Oh, yeah! I’m horny as hell. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Anne answered.

“If you’re thinking that a nice tongue in my pussy would feel really good, then yeah, I am.” Kim replied, smiling.


2016-09-20 02:43:53
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Since there is no second part, I am pleased that it IS a long story!
I like, also, that you do oral sex to females that have their pubic hair, as demonstrated by this story and the Twins. I have loved being a Muff Diver since first experiencing it as a young kid. Kudos, Impax!

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2013-05-19 02:33:21
A amazing story and really enjoyed it. I hope would keep the story a bit more.

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2012-03-10 04:26:58
overall a great story although you got a bit unrealistic at times (like the fact that the 2 girls went from being grounded by both sets of parents to it being fine that they were going to spend the night at some male students house... without ever speaking to another parent even...)
You are a good story-teller though and I hope to see alot more of your work on this site.

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is there gonne be a part 2 to this storie or any of the other stories

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Good job. It was a bit long, but you kept me interested

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