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It has been a while since I last posted anything but have the day off today and in one of those moods thinking about a hot birthday surprise I gave my girlfriend last month. I am a firefighter / paramedic supervisor for a large city in NC. My girlfriend is a trauma nurse and works on one of the hospital’s three helicopters.

I will give you a little background on Jen. She was about to turn 35, petite, 5’ – 0”, and about 105-108 pounds. She is half Cherokee so has a naturally dark skin tone but she tans on top of that and has a very sexy thong tan line. She has a completely shaved, very tight, sweet tasting little pussy. She used to have perky little 32B tits but she gave herself a boob-job for Christmas last December and is now a 34D. I loved her smaller tits but have to admit I am beginning to love her new ones also.

Jen is the ultimate professional at work, but is very wild and kinky behind closed doors. She is very Bi and loves pussy almost as much as she does cock. We play with her girlfriend that she works with pretty often, usually once or twice a month when all the schedules, stars, and planets line up right. She is more submissive to men but more dominant with women and I love watching her use her big strap-on on her girlfriend. It is incredibly hot watching such a petite woman work that huge strap-on like she does. I bought her one of those glass double dildos a few months ago and they both love sharing that. I have to admit it was worth every penny of the ridiculous price I paid for it.

Getting back to the birthday present. We talk a lot when we are having sex about fantasies we haven’t done and she really only had two fantasies she had not tried. One was to be DP’d by myself and another guy (we have done that several times with Jen sitting on her girlfriends strap-on while I fucked her ass), but she had never had two real cocks. The other was to fuck a really well hung black guy.

As soon as she said that, I began thinking about making those come true. One of my best friends I went thru the fire academy with and that I work with is named Terrance (Terry). He is very well hung, probably in the 10 to 10.5 inch range. Terry had visited several times for dinner and we had even mentioned about her fucking him in some of our fantasy talks. A couple of weeks before her birthday, I asked Terry if he might like to help give Jen a very special birthday present, and he thought about it for maybe a second and said hell yes.

The day of her birthday, she had to work that morning, but was getting off at 4PM. It was a Friday so she was going by her condo and get ready for dinner and pick up some things because she was going to spend the weekend at my house. I had given Terry a key to my house the day before and told him that when I brought Jen back from dinner I wanted him to be in the bedroom, nude, waiting on her.

Jen came by and was wearing a new dress and it was damn sexy. It was black and came up to about mid-thigh but had a spaghetti strap that tied behind her neck and had a plunging V-type front that went to just above her navel. You could see just enough of the sides of her new breasts to make me horny.

We buy sex toys, massage oils, and some outfits for her from a company called Lover’s Lane and one of the presents I bought her was a pair of thong panties that have one of those little bullet vibrators that fit in a pouch right over her clit. It comes with a remote control similar to a key fob for your car that controls on-off and the intensity of the vibrator. It works to about 20-25 feet. I had her slip her panties off and put the new ones on and we started on our way to her favorite restaurant for dinner.

The entire time we were going to the restaurant. I would turn on the vibrator for a few seconds when she wasn’t expecting it. I even turned it on while she was ordering and she caught her breath, stopped, and then started talking again. I think the waitress probably thought Jen was on something. I turned it on several times during dinner, and right before we were ready to leave, I excused myself and went to the bathroom so I could call Terry on the cell and let him know we were about to leave.

When we got in the car she told me she was so horny and wet that she was going to fuck my brains out when we got home. I ran my hand under her dress and slid a finger underneath her panties, and she was wetter than I have ever seen her. I continued to play with her with the vibrator during the 20 min. drive home, but this time was leaving it on longer, almost to the point of making her cum before I stopped. She was pressing her pussy and moving around in the seat to get the vibrator to press harder against her clit and was reaching over rubbing my cock thru my pants.

When we got home I told her I had one more present to give her but wanted to blindfold her so she could not see it until I was ready. We have one of the lover’s lane blindfolds so I put that on her and walked her to the bedroom. She told me later she thought I was going to tie her up, blindfolded, and tease he for a while before fucking her.

I pressed up tight against her from behind so she could feel my hard cock against her ass and walked he into the bedroom. When I opened the door I almost lost it and started laughing. Terry had done a little more than just laying on the bed. He had his cock standing straight up and had tied three Happy Birthday helium balloons to his cock with a red bow.

I took off the blindfold and we both said happy birthday. It was certainly a surprise. All she could say were things like Oh My God and wholly shit! I untied her dress and let it fall, then pealed off he vibrating panties and told her to give her present a taste. She crawled on the bed between his legs and untied the balloons while I got undressed. She wrapped her hands around his cock and slid the head between her lips and started sucking him. You could see how far down she was getting because his black cock was shining as she was getting it wet with her mouth.

I got behind her and started at the base of her spine and slid my tongue down between the cheeks of her heart shaped ass, stopped and teased he asshole a little before sliding my tongue down between those sweet tasting pussy lips, and on down to her clit. I kept eating her pussy and put two fingers in her pussy until she was about to come. I asked her if she was ready to ride Terry’s cock and she didn’t have to be asked again. She straddled his cock and started working the head slowly between her pussy lips. She started going down on it with her pussy a little at a time until she had all that big cock inside. She started riding him while she turned and started sucking my cock.

Terry told her she had one of the tightest pussies he had ever been in. I already knew that one. She rode his cock for about five minutes before she started to come. She is multi-orgasmic and got off two or three times from the way she sounded. She gets pretty vocal when she comes. I asked her if she was ready to have a cock in her pussy and her ass. She told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass really hard while she rode his cock.

I got some lubricant out of the nightstand, we had used different types of anal lubes but recently found a couple that really works good. It is called K-Y warming liquid. It makes whatever part you put it on feel warmer. I put a little on my cock and then some on her tight little ass. I got on the bed behind her and she stopped riding Terry long enough for me to slip the head of my cock in. She started coming again almost immediately. We fucked her like two pistons going in and out and she was pushing her ass back and down trying to all our cocks inside. When she started coming again but this time you could feel her shaking just a little bit at first but really hard the more she came.

She says she is a little cum freak and loves to see it shoot out of cocks. She got down on her knees between us and started sucking and jerking out cocks until be both shot huge loads all over her new tits. We fucked her a couple more times before Terry left once in hot tub and again on the bed. The last time I took a short phone video of her pussy gong up and down on his cock and played it for her when she started to come again.

I have to admit the sight of her mouth around his cock and her little pussy being stretched as she rode up and down on it was a huge turn-on. We are talking about inviting him back again soon and see if she can get that big black cock in her ass next time.

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And she is going to leave ur ass for a nigger now dumb fuck

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And she is going to leave ur ass for a nigger now dumb fuck

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that story made so hard ... I wish i was at terry's place

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Hahaha ur a fag cuz im second

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