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It was a while since I last fucked my cousin, and my sister. I have been getting a lot of action. It is summertime so it is very easy to pick up girls. I usually bring them back to my place, fuck them all night, and then find some stupid excuse to never talk to them again. I was very excited when I found out my cousin was coming to visit . I wanted to fuck her tight pussy so badly. I was hoping her sister would come with her as well, but it did not seem like that was gonna happen.

I went to pick her up from the airport, and as soon as I saw her I could feel my cock growing in my shorts. She was wearing a tight blue miniskirt, and barely made it to her knees, exposing her long sexy legs, and i'm pretty sure she was not wearing any panties. She was wearing a tight white tank top, and a sports bar. Her breast looked so succelent and ready for me. Her long black hair was in a pony tail, showing her pretty face, and sexy blue eyes.

"hey Cuz!" she ran up to and gave me a huge hug. I hugged her back just enough to feel her breast pushed against my chest. I had been hitting the gym a lot, and looked a lot more mascular than the last time I saw her. She ran her hand down my chest. "Wow!, you look great!" she smiled at me. She pretended to 'accidentaly slide her hand past my half hard cock. I helped her place her shit in the back of my car, and we drove back to my apartment.

"It isn't much of a place, but i'll let you take my bed, and i'll stay her on the sofa". "you're the best, she said giving me a peck on the cheek". We set up the bedding, and grabbed a couple of ice cold beers from the freezer. "Isn't noon a bit early to drink", she asked. "Nah, never to early" I said, smiling, hoping she would just let me fuck her already. "Hey my sister wanted to know if you'd be down to go camping tonight, but you're probably too tired" she thought about it for a second. "hmmm, who'se going?" she asked. "oh just the three of us" . "well that seems fine, I can rest another day, I'll do whatever you want" she said opening up her legs, and exposing her clean shaven cunt. Just as I approached her, the doorbell rang. "FUCK!" I muttered.

It was my younger sister stephanie. "Hey, you guys almost ready". Crap. I had completely forgotten the time. It was already four o'clock, and I was supposed to be ready an hour ago. "give us like twenty minutes to get our shit". We both packed some clothes, toiletries, and a couple other things we needed. We packed the car quickly and headed out. I sat up front with my sister, and my cousin sat in the back. She fell asleep as soon as we started driving. I was trying not to stare but every once in awhile I would look back, and think about what is inside the skirt.

"you ok?" my sister asked. She was not so bad looking either. She had nice round tits, that always seemed to big for her shirts, nice long black hair, a cute round ass, and thick dick suck lips. "yea just a bit tired" I lied to her. We turned up the radio , and listened to some pop that my sister liked. I hated pop music, but the 'driver chooses the music rule' applied here.

We checked into the site, and pitched out tent. I was trying hard not to get distracted every time my cousin would bend down to pick something up. My cock wanted her ass so badly. We finally set everything up, and made a nice little fire. We had some lawn chairs in the car, so we set them up around the fire, and had some smores. We sang some old songs we all knew, and caught up on things about our lives in the last couple years since we saw our cousin. "hey can you walk me to the washroom?" my cousin asked "no problem". "you ok here alone" I asked my sister. "yea no worries, doesnt seem to be anyone around".

My cousin took my shoulder, and we headed to the bathroom. We were about half way there, when she stopped me. She reached for my cock, and rubbed it through my shorts. She unzipped me, and took my cock out. She rubbed it a bit with her hands, and than placed it in her mouth. My god! I forgot how good my cousin was at giving head. I was trying not to moan because I didnt want anyone to hear us. She was so good at it . I grabbed her ponytail, and pushed head back and forth. "I think we should head back, your sister might get suspicious. Stupid bitch, I thought to myself. I was just about to cum. And boy did I cum. All over her face, eyes, mouth, some on her shirt. "wow nice and warm", she said smiling at me.

I wanted to continue, but it was time to head back. As we were walking back, we heard some moaning coming from where our campfire was. We approached slowly to not make any noise. The moaning grew louder as we approaced. There was a blanket on the floor, and a girl riding someone. "Fuck me harder, you filthy old man!" she was saying . "What the fuck!, thats my sister!" I said to my cousin, "shhhhh., she said as she reached into her skirt rubbing her clit. For some reason I was also getting turned on. I didnt realize my seventeen year old sister would fuck a complete stranger. He bent her over doggy, and fucked her really hard. He looked much older, maybe in his fifties. He was fucking my sister so well I couldnt not even get upset. "wanna join them" my cousin suggested/

"what?!" "oh please, as if your not enjoying this" she said reaching into my pants and playing with my hard cock. We walked up to them slowly, they did not even see us approach. I placed my cock right into my sisters mouth, and instead of freaking out she sucked it hard as she was getting fucked by the old guy. "taste like you just came" she smiled at me. "I did" I told her.

My cousin made the old man to finger her, while he fucked my sister. She was moaning non stop. "I need to get fucked to. my cousin begged, waitin on her hands and her knees. I thought she meant she wanted me to fuck her but when I tried she pushed me away and grabbed the old mans cock. she cupped his balls, and he placed his wide cock deep into her pussy. "Woah!" she yelled. I guess he was big for an old man. He grabbed my cousins titties, and squeezed her nipples as he fucked her.

My sister was left there with her pussy wide open, begging for someone to fuck her. My cock couldnt handle that, and it had a mind of its own. I could feel the old man precum lining my sisters thick pussy lips, as I gently placed my cock deep into her tight pussy. "OH FUCK!" she yelled. My cock was not long, but it was very thick. I pushed it in faster and deeper. right next to me, my cousin was getting fucked but some old man we had all just met. We were all having a great time. But I really wanted to fuck my cousin. My sister got in the way again, but I dont think it was a bad thing. She made me pull out and sucked hard on my cock. I had no idea she was a deepthroater, but she was definetly one. She gagged hard on my cock, and I could feel the back of her mouth.

The old man saw this, and decided he wanted in. My sister sucked hard on both their cocks, and as she did this my cousin gently licked her exposed cunt. She was shaking hard as she sucked our cocks. It seemed kind of gay having a cock rubbed against mine, but it was hot having two cocks in my younger sisters mouth. We were defintely all gonna cum soon, but my sister needed some more attention.

She stopped sucking on our cocks, and made me lay down with my back on the ground. She slid her sopping wet pussy onto my swollen cock, and rode me hard. The old man fingered her ass, as my cousin kept sucking his dick. I grabbed my sisters asscheeks, and let the old man position himself inside her tight ass. "WOAH! " she yelled. But the old man didnt care, and we both kept fucking her. My cousin felt left out, so she sat her pussy on my face. She was so close to cumming, My she need my tongue inside her so she could finish off. I was holding back from cumming, I wanted to be in my sisters pussy for as long as I could. I felt my sister quiver and shake for almost two minutes, and a stream of hot liquid ran down her teenage legs..Lucky for cousin we were both still hard. By my cousin was alot more wild. She wanted both our cocks in her pussy. It took awhile, but we fingered my cousins pussy, until she was ready. We didnt fuck her for very long, before we both yelled "cumming!" my sister and my cousin got on their knees, and swallowed our loads of cum. They mingled their tongues together feeling our warm cum spread inside thier mouths. "I have to go back to the trailer, but i'm sure i'll see you sometime" before he left he pushed a finger in my sister soaking pussy, and made my cousin lick it off. A little later we heard a knock on our tent, there was the old man, but there was also an older woman with him.

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have a group sex with me having ur cousin and ur sister

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