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Cassie Lee tells about more of her family experiences

I know that’s a pretty pretentious title, Deedee (you see I’m still learning a lot of big words, don’t you? I’m practicing on getting them into my stories here coz you remember I’m going to be a famous writer someday…).

My handsome Daddy loves my butt. I can’t see it’s anything special, but he absolutely loves touching and kissing it. It must be an Adult thing. Daddy thinks it is the absolutest best ever, next to Mommy’s. When I shower in PE, most of us 7th grade girls’ butts look like mine and it’s nothing special, but of course a couple of them are fat, and a couple are super-skinny and I can’t see why they want to have their ribs sticking out like that. I know if Daddy saw all of us taking showers in PE, he’d say I have the prettiest butt of all.

Here’s how it works out, Deedee. Sometimes when I’m home already and working on my homework upstairs in my room, I hear Daddy coming home so I jump down the stairs in my shorts and tshirt and meet him at the door and he says hi cutiepie and I hug him and he pulls me real close to him and slides his hand into my shorts in the back and cups my butt with his big strong hand and oh my gosh that feels so terrific and he always smell so nice, it’s Aqua Velva or sometimes Brut. Sometimes I have my jeans on and he can only get his hand as far as the top of my crack. When I wear loose shorts and he does that, he can get his hand inside my panties and real far down on my butt and he puts his finger in my crack and goes up and down. When he does that, I make those soft noises in the back of my throat like Mommy makes and squeeze into him and he usually can put his finger down lower right into my pussy or my butt, and that’s the best. Some of the times when he does this, he’s like real hot and puts his finger in his mouth and says oh baby you taste so fucking hot and that makes me so happy. He doesn’t say fucking very often, you know. I like it when he calls me his hot little whore.

We’ve had lots of times when Daddy and Mommy are sitting on the couch watching TV in the evening after supper. My favorite time is on Tuesday night when we have a ritual – I think that’s what you call it – of watching “NCIS”. Daddy’s favorite is Ziva and Abbie, of course, since they are so cute and S-E-X-y. My fave is Denozo . He’s cute and always flirting. Mommy’s is Ducky; she used to watch him on some show a long time ago when he was a spy, young with blonde hair. But she also says she’d fuck Gibbs in a minute. When she said that one time, I went “Mommy! What would Daddy say?” And she went “Oh, he’d probably watch, I guess, and then ask for Gibbs’ autograph.” Well, we all had a good laugh at that! Okay, so when it comes time for the show and the eight o’clock commercials are going, I stand up and take off my tshirt and Daddy always says you have the prettiest puffy nipples, darling, and then I take off my shorts. He stands up in front of me and takes off his pants and I get to pull his underwear down and he usually has a hard-on popping out. He sits down and I turn around and climb on his lap and Mommy holds his dick up straight and I slide right down on it slowly until I can get it all in me and I’m like so freakin’ happy and FULL. I lean back then into Daddy’s chest, coz he’s already unbuttoned his shirt and I’m right on his naked skin there and that’s so cool. By then, the show has really started and Mommy has her hand on my slit going up and down real slowly coz she knows it’s gotta last for an hour. She just likes to play with me like that, I don’t think it’s really S-E-X. We are having such a great time together as a family, Deedee. I really wish I could write this as an essay for English or Social Studies when the subject of family life comes up.

Daddy never ejaculates at this time. New word I learned, Deedee. Real Women have Orgasms, and men Ejaculate – it’s the same thing really. It’s just another word for coming. So he’s got his cock deep inside my little cunt and he’s filling me up so wonderfully, I just sit there and drool over Dinozo. Every once in a while, I can feel his cock shriveling up and so I tense up my kegel muscles (my cunt muscles, says Mommy) and give him a good jolt and it usually starts making him hard again and I can feel it filling me up and boyoboy that is terrific when Daddy expands like that. Sometimes I just wiggle my butt around on his lap when I feel like it and he calls it “Jumpstarting”. Mommy always has her hand on my slit or my clit. This is one of the most wonderful times we all have together as a family, Deedee, when we watch NCIS. Right after that’s over, we watch the end of “The Biggest Loser” when the fat people are getting weighed and they show how much they lost over the week and who has to go home, but then they lose more weight and are such a terrific inspiration to their family and everyone else. Bob is one hot dude, and Daddy teases Janice by saying he’d sure like to climb all over Jillian. Usually when we’re watching that ending, I’m sitting between Mommy and Daddy on a towel on the couch coz my pussy is kinda wet like a Real Woman’s is.

Mommy usually doesn’t undress at all during these two shows. I guess it’s because she’s waiting to get it on later in bed with Daddy. Gee, I never thought to ask.

Another thing about my butt that they both like is that sometimes we play this game that I haven’t given a name to yet. I’m like sitting in my bedroom working on homework when one of them will come in. He or she will say something like are you doing okay on your homework (meaning am I almost done…), or wanta have some backdoor fun (meaning can they play with my butt). Most always I say yes coz I like it as much as Mommy or Daddy does. Okay, let’s say it’s Mommy this time. I go over on my bed and lay on my side. Mommy comes over and helps me off with my tshirt first, and then she unbuttons or unzips my shorts and slides them off. Usually with me just in my panties then, she takes off her clothes so she’s naked, since she likes to be naked when I am. So there I am with just my skimpy thing panties on and she starts rubbing her hands all over my front and back, squeezing my titties, kissing my shoulders and then all the way down my back, and she talks to me all the time telling me how sweet I am, how clear and pretty my skin is, and stuff like that and I love it coz she’s so soft and nice. Most of the time she kisses my panties in the back and has her hand around on the front rubbing me and that’s when it gets real interesting, Deedee. She and I both know just what she’s gonna do coz we both like it. She slowly pulls my panties down and slides them over my feet and then she smells them and tells me how I’m such a girl, a wonderful girl. She’ll still have a hand busy on my clit or on my slit, so I start moaning a little like a Real Woman might when she’s getting felt up like this (I know, coz Mommy does this when Daddy is doing this to her). She loves it when I moan and say “oh Janice, Janice…” like that. Then she’ll push my right leg up out of the way and put her nose right down at my butthole and breathe real deeply. I can hear her inhaling and exhaling. She’ll keep doing this for the longest time, but eventually she’ll start licking my butthole. Sometimes she’ll use her sharp pointed tongue, and sometimes I can feel she’s made it flat and licking all up and down. Most of the time when we do this it takes like half an hour and she doesn’t stick her finger or her tongue inside my butthole, just smells and plays with the outside like this.

She told me a long time ago, when I was just a little kid, she always loved to smell me when I was a baby. The talcum powder, my hair, even my baby breath. She’s one of those people who like candles for their smell, and those fancy soaps they sell at fairs and festivals, and potpourri (hey Deedee, see, I even know how to spell it !!). So I guess it’s just another natural thing for Mommy to be smelling me now, while I’m in puberty. Deedee, I guess you’ll be learning all about that next year in sex ed.

Sometimes, Mommy and I just lay in bed together naked and she goes into this whole smelling me thing she likes to do. It’s fun for me, Deedee! I raise my arms and she just buries her nose in my armpits and sniffs them for awhile, and then she’ll move to between my new little breasts. Eventually she smells her way down to my cunt and spends most of her time there or when I’m turned over, at my butt. I like that the best coz she enjoys it so much and I do like to make Mommy happy. Wouldn’t you, Deedee?

The only difference when Daddy does this is he will usually start sticking his finger or tongue inside my butthole after he’s gotten it all real wet and kissed it like a thousand times. That’s okay with me, Deedee, I like that, too, since it feels a little bit like fucking. Sometimes when he does this he works on my clit with his fingers and does it good enough that I come, and he loves that coz it makes him happy and makes my asshole squeeze. He says it “contracts in rhythm”. I like those words. I like contracting in rhythm for my Daddy. If I was a song-writer, I’d make that the name of a song. So I guess that’s the story for now of my butt and my Mommy and my Daddy. Like I said, I’ve gotta think of a name for this game.
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