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The Nineteenth Hole – Day Five

Whenever I arrive at the golf club for my midweek morning games I’m not sure who I will meet at the first tee. We have a regular tee time booked, and the others talk to each other about the games, but I prefer the surprise factor of not knowing who I will be playing against and, perhaps more importantly, not knowing what sexual permutations I will be enjoying afterwards.

Today when I arrived Carol was waiting for me. “Hi ya, just us two today?” I asked.
“No. Susan and David will be here soon.”
“Oh he really has forgiven us then.”
“Yes, he has no hard feelings at all, if you’ll pardon my choice of words. In fact, it appears, he has nothing but hard feelings.”
“He’s become one of your clients?”
“A twice a week regular. He loves me to be the cruel school mistress to his naughty schoolboy, then I become matron to make him feel better, if you know what I mean! God, the public schools have lot to answer for.”
“Oh well, whatever floats your boat. Shush, here they are.”
“Hello you two.” Carol greeted them. “I thought we’d play boys v girls again and as you boys won last time, John doesn’t get any shots.”
We all agreed, although I thought I still wasn’t a good enough player to make a useful contribution without any shots.
It turns out I was right, and I won no holes at all. David played well enough to make it interesting and it wasn’t until the sixteenth hole that the girls won by 3 and 2. We shook hands and hugged and headed back to Carols, both David and I knew that we were going to be receiving a good fucking from Carol and Susan.

When we got back to Carols, she showed us into the lounge, told us to help ourselves to a drink and disappeared. She returned with a carrier bag, apparently full of vibrators and dildoes, which she put down alongside the sofa.
Carol took command, “Ok Susan, lets strip off our bitches for the day.” and she dragged my shirt over my head, swiftly followed by pulling my trousers, shoes and socks off. Susan stripped David as quickly and the two of us were sat together on the sofa, bollock naked.
“You two are not going to be fucking anyone today. Sit there and we’ll put on a little show for you, but no wanking unless you want to wank each other!” David and I looked at each other, both thinking the same thing.
“Oh no, far too gay.”
“For gods sake John, you’ve fucked his arse, come in his mouth and licked his spunk from Susan’s fanny (see earlier stories), how much gayer can you get?” she laughed.
“That just seemed right at the time.”

Carol and Susan undressed and turned to face each other. They started to kiss, gently at first and then harder, their tongues fighting to get into the others mouth. Carol’s hands went to Susan’s magnificent breasts, squeezing them and teasing at the already hard nipples. Susan had hold of Carol’s buttocks, squeezing them, her finger nails digging in. They lowered themselves to the floor, Susan lying on her back, her legs spread and Carol on her knees between them. Carol leant forward and ran her tongue up Susan’s fanny in a long slow stroke. Susan gasped and put her hands on Carols head, pulling her in. Carol didn’t resist, diving into the cunt in front of her, licking and slurping. The noises she was making were gloriously disgusting. I couldn’t resist either. I’d been told no fucking or wanking but no-one said anything about playing with titties. With a quick “Do you mind?” to David, she is his wife after all, I joined the girls on the floor and started to nibble and suck at Susan’s nipple. David quickly followed and took possession of the other breast. Carol pulled away for a moment and retrieved a small shiny vibrator from the bag. She switched it on, placed it buzzing against Susan’s clit and started to tongue her fanny again. Susan went crazy, shouting and squealing and her hands pulled against the three of our heads in turn.

Carol stopped again, handed me the vibrator and said “John, you take over here. David, you can come do the same to me.” And reaching into the bag, handed him a matching vibrator. I took her place between Susan’s legs and reapplied the vibrator. Susan began to groan again, my tongue pushed into her fanny and her hands tried to pull my whole head in. I could hear buzzing, slurping and groaning from alongside me so I knew David was having the same effect on Carol. I wet two fingers in my mouth and pushed them inside Susan. That did the trick and, with a loud “OH MY GOD!”, she came, nearly drowning me with her juices. As she gently subsided, I licked up the juices, following the trickle down to her arsehole.
“You guys just can’t keep away from my backside, can you? Not that I mind. But that’s not for you today.” she said with an evil laugh. David had worked the magic on Carol and she had also come, although not quite as noisily as Susan.

Carol had recovered enough to take control again, “I’d like you two back on the sofa again, on you knees this time, facing the back please. No peeping.” We got into position. I couldn’t help but look back at them. They had both picked up double headed strap-on dildoes from the bag and were pushing them into themselves. They fastened the straps, and I was relieved to see them apply lubricant to what were now their rampant cocks. Susan gave my backside a hard slap and said “Eyes front.” She pulled my cheeks apart and started to rub lubricant around the edge of my arsehole. After a few minutes her finger slipped inside to the first knuckle stopped and then the rest was pushed in. She pulled it out a little pushed it back in slowly rotating. God that felt so good and I told her so. “Glad you’re enjoying it ‘cos there’s more to come.” She pulled the finger out and I felt her manoeuvre the head of her prick against my hole. With a firm push it entered stretching me but still feeling so good. She took her hands from the dildo, held onto my hips and pulled herself completely into me in one movement. There was the pain I hadn’t felt yet, I cried out. She started to pull out worried that she was hurting me. “No, no leave it there for a moment, I’ll get used to it.” After a few moments the pain subsided and I told her ok. She pulled back an inch and pushed back in, then two inches, then three. “Oh yea that’s it. That feels good.”
I heard a sharp intake of breath from alongside me and turned to look at David who had obviously just been full penetrated by Carol. He had a massive smile on his face. I looked further back and could see Carol slamming backwards and forwards into him. Susan’s fucking of me had hit the same rhythm and as I saw Carol come forward into David I could feel Susan entering me.
Carol looked at Susan and said “Time to swap,” and they both pulled out. “Ok boys, turn around, sit on the edge, legs up in the air.” Carol moved in front of me, knelt on a cushion and manhandled my legs up onto her shoulders. With a bit of help from me she was able to position the head of her dick against my arsehole and entered me with a single stroke. No pain this time, just the wonderful feeling of being filled. She settled into a gentle fucking rhythm, no slamming just smooth strokes.
I looked at David and Susan, she was also slowly fucking him and he still had a smile on his face as well a raging hard on between his legs. I felt like my dick was going to burst I was so hard and started to pull at myself. Carol slapped my hands away, “I said no wanking.” David looked at me and then reached across, grabbed hold of my dick and started to rub up and down. Oh well, one good turn deserves another. I reached across and started to wank him.
Carol yelped, “Oh that’s hot! I love seeing you guys playing with each other. Next game is going to be mixed doubles so one of you fucks the other! And just to make this more interesting the last one to come can have a shot a hole.”
It took a while for me to work it out. I was going to need the shot a hole if I was going to beat David at golf, which meant I was going to have to come last today, which meant I was going to have to wank harder. It’s a very strange experience to be wanking hard but trying not to come, bit like tapping your head and rubbing your tummy. David was obviously also struggling not to come, his face was screwed up into a grimace.
“Help me out here babe, I’m going to blow any second.” He pleaded with Susan.
“Ok hubby” she said and reached across, squeezed her hand between me and Carol, and gently tickled my balls. That was enough, I came in an almighty spurt, splattering Carol’s tits, my stomach and dribbling down over David’s hand. He followed immediately with a loud “YES!”

I was fucked, literally, and if I didn’t have a miraculous improvement in my golf I was going to be fucked again next time.

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