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I sat waiting for the bus to show up; I was a nervous mess, as my grandmother might say I had my panties in wad. I had worked plenty of jobs before, but never one like this. My day yesterday trapped in an elevator with my new boss had been quite an experience. I was not quite sure what this day was going to hold for me. I was working for a porn magazine, and film company. The bus finally showed up, grabbing my briefcase I climbed the steps dropped in my token and took a seat next to a runny nose little boy. The ride was short only 6 blocks from house; I stepped off the bus and walked right into the building. I decided against the funky elevator since it had trapped me for quite some time yesterday.

I walked up two flights of steps to the 2nd floor where I was supposed to report for my first day. I took a deep breath and opened the door, I found the office in mass hysteria, and a tall blonde was walking around naked holding her tits, saying something about them being too sore to be man handled today. A brunette sat on the sofa in front of my desk naked with a razor shaving stray hairs from her pussy. And Jack was on my phone; he smiled and waved me over to my desk. There was no doubt that I was shocked by what was going on. I wasn’t a prude by any stretch but I was not use to all of this flesh running around in one place with me present. I dropped my briefcase below my desk and sat down pulling my short skirt under me. Jack hung up the phone and started barking orders for the weird group to head to the green room.
“Hi, sweetie, sorry about all this in your office,” he said.
“It’s alright I assume I will get used to it, “I said swallowing hard.
He sauntered off into the hallway and as I peeked around I saw the door close and it was indeed green. I wasn’t sure what I was expected to do. So I started rifling through the desk and flipping through back issues of the magazine. By the time I finished my third one, someone walked into the office.
“I am looking for the shoot,” stated a tall woman dressed in loud floral print dress with purple hair.
“Down the hall on the left,” I said, trying to sound confident.
Behind her came four dogs, all large dogs I might add, on leashes. She walked down the hall and entered the room with the green door.

My curiosity began to get the best of me, what in the world were dogs doing in this shoot, with naked girls. I stood up, and walked to the entrance to the hallway, I stood there for a bit wondering what was going on, and should I snoop. After all it was my first day and I had no instructions so I could plead ignorance if I got into trouble. I walked down to the green room door, and cracked it open just so I could peak inside. What I saw was enough to probably corrupt me for a lifetime. On the floor was a gray furry looking rug, and on the rug, was the tall blonde on all fours with her ass facing me at the door. She was bitching loudly her protest about using dogs as props. Jack was telling her to shut up or leave, so she quite bitching. The dog walked up to her and began to sniff at her ass; she wiggled and started to protest but quickly closed her mouth. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from what was about to happen, the dog began to lick her ass, his tongue snaking down to her hairless pussy. She moaned, I assumed she wasn’t going to protest any longer. God I had never witnessed this before or anything close, I continued to stare at the happenings in the green room. The dog had socks on his front paws, and quickly figured out why the dog jumped up in her back, I could see his huge swelled cock swinging between his legs. He humped at her ass and shoved it into her tight little asshole, she screamed loudly, I almost slammed the door it startled me so badly. The dog continued to assault her ass, he shoved it deeper and deeper, and I knew what was coming, he was going to knot her ass, and if she screamed when he put it in, she was going to have a stroke with this one. It happened his knot popped into her tight little asshole, and as anticipated she screamed loudly.

I shut the door and walked back to my desk trying hard to digest what I had just witnessed. I sat down at my desk and tried to flip through some invoices. Jack came out of the green room and walked over to my desk.
“Can I see you in my office, “ he said as he walked into his office.
I stood up and followed him to his office, I closed the door and turned around, and he was on me before I knew what hit me. He grabbed me around the waist pressing me against the door. His lips met mine, and he kissed me hard his tongue exploring my mouth. I felt my body responding to him, I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy, he was hard, and I was wet. His hands were on my tits he pulled my shirt up pulled my nipples hard, I pulled away from his mouth. His mouth went to my tit and began to bite my nipple hard. He jerked my pants down and began to finger my wet pussy, he parted the lips and began to rub my hard clit. I held on to him as he rubbed harder and faster I could feel myself going over the edge I felt my thighs tighten up as I came all over his hand. He pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked it. I knelt down and grabbed his cock. I shoved it into my mouth taking the head between my lips I sucked, running my lips down the shaft of his cock to his balls, he moan he held my head tightly and he rammed his hard cock into my throat. I gagged but he wouldn’t let up as he fucked my mouth.

Once I lose I went to his desk pulled my panties off and lay down on his desk. He walked over to me pulling me to the edge of his desk he buried his cock into my pussy deep. He fucked me for a few minutes bringing me to another orgasm, he pulled off of the desk further and shoved his dick into my tight ass. Before I could protest he was all the way in, it hurt like hell, but I knew better than to complain about where his cock was. He fucked me with long hard strokes pulling his cock out to just the head and then back in. His thumb found my clit and he began to rub again, fast as he fucked my asshole. I felt myself on the edge, I came and when I did, I squirted all over his suit pants and shirt, a long hard stream, he moaned as he came in my ass. We stayed there for a few minutes until we could get ourselves under control. I got up from the desk, he kissed me on the forehead, zipped his pants, looked at his shirt, put on his jacket and out the door he went. I sat there on his desk trying to get myself in some kind of order to go back to work. I guess I was in for quite a career with Jack and his magazine.

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2015-08-21 02:09:17
Good story hun. I loved it.

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2011-05-24 18:10:49
A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ luv it

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2011-05-21 12:54:56
Love this series, love the chores too, very hot makes me pretty horny

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2011-05-16 21:45:48
hotter than shit you make me and my gf so horny we fuck for hours after reading

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2011-05-16 20:59:56
excellent sweetbaby keep writing!

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