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my wife made me do it
in case you didn't read part one let me catch you up . It started with my cock and balls wrapped tight in pantys and ended with 4 wicked mistresses teaseing the head of my prick till i
blew the best cum of my life.
its been a few weeks since then and my mistresses have shown no mercy. i don't even own mens underwear any more . strickly my wife , the most important misstress of all insist my balls be covered with lace. i may wear a suit to work but theres pantys under that. She says its the only way a panty boy should dress.
anyway my wife said she had a surprise for me when i got home from work . i couldn't wait to see what she had in mind. when i got home i walked into the house and my wife was beautiful.
long brown hair ,sexy dom outfit on and there was a couple sitting on the couch. a slightly plump
blonde and a thin black man.
my wife said to me that this was her friends and i was to treat them as master and mistress.
my face blushed when she said this right in front of them. they all laught and my wife swatted
me on the ass and said " i've laid out on the bed upstairs what i want you to wear now move it "
when i got up there it was a sexy maids outfit. panties ,stockings , the whole bit. i put it on and noticed that the panties had a hole cut in the front and the back , my ass and balls hung free in the
cool wind.
when i got down stairs i didn't see my wife anywhere . i asked where she was and she said she had a date and would be home later. "now get on your knees the blonde demanded. i could tell i should waiste no time so i did and she pulled something out of a bag she had. It was a thin flogger and she proceeded to whip my ass . not just my ass either , she aimed for the hole as much as she could . i really stung and got my attention fast.
once my asshole was throbbing she jammed a butt plug up my ass and wiggled it to make sure
it was in place good . she then came around front of me and growled " eat my pussy " and she settle down onthe ground so i could bury my face in her snatch. i ate like there was no tomarrow.
as i was eatting that sweet pussy of hers i heard her moans muffled. i looked up to see that guy she was with was getting a great blow job from her.
once they were both ready to cum she stopped the action and laid on the floor in front of my face on her side. he slid in behind her and started to pull his big black member in and out of her tunnel. she screamed at me to eat her clit while he scewed her. as hard as i tride not to come in contact with his huge pulsing black cock while eating her pussy at the same time proved impossible. my touge was all over both of them as they screwed to a huge cum.
at that point she insisted i clean his black cum out of her twiching box. the shame of it all was intence. meanwhile my boner is swinging in the air un touched.
roxy, thats the blondes name ,said at that point that it was my turn to blow. so she made me lie flat on my back and said jerk it panty boy as she tossed me her panties , soaked with cum of corse. so i wrapped my balls in them and started to jack my cock off for her . the pressure was building in my balls and i was huffing and puffing just waiting for her to tell me i could blow when
she grabbed her nipples and started squeesing milk out of them and down onto my twiching cockhead.
the spurts came fast and i felt like my soul came bubbling out onto my chest and stomach.
she made me taste some of my own jizz as i finished. when i opened my eyes my wife was standing over me with a belt saying "i never told you that it was ok to cum.......your asshole will pay dearly for that one.............more in part 3

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2011-06-27 19:32:33
YouÂ’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for shranig.


2006-12-30 15:24:27
Congratulations, this is absolutely the worst story on the internet. It is so bad that it can only be some sort of windup, ha ha ha.


2006-12-27 17:10:03
sub titles, missing, wife, and Domination/submission, should be Female Dom / Male Sub. all and all good so far.


2005-03-22 19:28:13
this story is cool but not that cool


2005-02-12 20:26:58
I have no idea what your story's about. I dont follow

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