Daughter makes her father pay for pleasue.
The day my daughter was born was the most emotional and happiest day of my life. My wife Sarah and I had been hoping and trying for a child for a number years. We decided pretty early in our relationship that we wanted to have children. So when she told me the great news I was more than overjoyed at the news that I would become a dad. So happy was I when I found out the first thing I did was to ring all my family and friends of the fantastic news and to get them out for a celebration down the nearest bar.

At the time me and Sarah had only been married for 2 years. We got married when I was 24 and she was 22. We were not child sweet hearts. In fact we met through our old relationships. I was with her friend at the time and somehow we ended up on our own and we just clicked and before we knew it we had been together for 3 years and decided we should tie the knot as they say. I had landed myself a well paid job at a law firm as I was making my way in the world of law. So well paid we had managed to put down a deposit and get a mortgage on a 4 bedroom semi detached house. Also I might add with the help of my grandparents inheritance. So suffice to say my work was taking me places, I was good at my job and by the time I was 25 I was earning more than the average in the year. Everything was going good and so the idea of a family was looking more welcoming. I had the job, we had the house, we were in a lovely location. It was just a matter of when it was going to happen.

2 years after getting married is when it happened. Sarah called me home for something important but good news. She told me she was pregnant. As I have already said I was so delighted, called all my family and friends and so on, you know the rest. So 9 months down the line and we have got ourselves the most adorable, sweetest little girl in the whole world. We named her Jessica.

Moving on several years and my well paid job had afforded us to be able to move to a bigger house in a nice suburban area. Jessica was now 7 years old and she was still as adorable as when she was first born. She was a true daddy’s girl aswel. Don’t get me wrong, my wife loved our daughter and she was a wonderful mother. It’s just that Jessica and Sarah never really got on as much as I did with her. At times it felt like they were both fighting for my attention and as time went on Jessica was doing a much better of winning my attention. Sarah and I were still very close but Jessica being my first child, I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to be there for everything she did so Sarah at times became second best to her own daughter which obviously didn’t go down well.

Well anyway, to really progress with the story. It all really started when Jessica was around 14 turning 15. I was 42 and my wife was now 40. Our sex life hadn’t fully stopped but it had slowed down significantly. So as a hot blooded male, I started to notice other women in the streets or in bars. I would never do anything with them because I loved my wife, but as I wasn’t getting much from her at home my head was constantly turning. Anyway, when my daughter had turned 15 I started to notice things in her a father shouldn’t notice. She was growing to be quite tall and her breasts were starting to fill out. It didn’t help when she would walked around the house in just her underwear at times. I did my best not to look her that way but it became even more difficult in the fact we were so close. So trying to escape her was very tough. When I get home from work she would want to watch a film or doing something and most of the time she would still be in her school uniform as she hadn’t bothered to change from getting home after school.

2 years later and Jessica had become even more of a woman. She had the figure, the legs, the breasts and the most stunning attractive face. It was clear to see why so many boys were chasing her as I found out one time when I saw her with her friends at the mall. Now 17 she knew she was hot. She knew that she could control men with single flutter of her eye lashes. The sad thing is, she even did it to me. I don’t know if she knew that I found her attractive, but when she wanted something she would walk up, flutter her eye lashes, pout and ask in a little girls voice. She knew just how to get me to say yes. Just thinking about her pouting and posing the way she does would make me hard. It got to the point that in the morning after she had left for school, I would sneak into her room and jack off with her panties. I was actually lusting over my daughter and I couldn’t do a thing but whack off in her panties.

One day I came home from work early. It had been a hot day, I was exhausted and had a been dealing with a young female client who I’m pretty sure was flirting with me. So I got home and I was ever so horny after my encounter with her. I went to the kitchen, pulled out a nice ice cold beer and headed up stairs. I was planning on jerking off with one of my daughters panties. I was heading for her room when I could hear a funny noise. I slowly crept up the stairs and peered into my daughters room. What I saw shocked me and also fed my desire for my own daughter. My horniness at that point in time shot through the roof. My daughter was lying on her bed in her school uniform, skirt riding up, panties being held to one side as she slid a finger in and out of her pussy. My member became automatically hard and I was transfixed on this sight in front of me. My daughter had her eyes closed as she was moaning a little. I knew at that point I should slowly make myself scarce. Instead my feet and legs wouldn’t move and my eyes stayed on my daughters young wet pussy. I wanted to undo my belt and start beating off, but didn’t in fear the undoing of the belt would make a noise and startle her to my presence.

All of a sudden she opened her eyes and looked me straight in the eyes. Luckily only my head was peering round the door frame so she couldn’t see the tent in my trousers.


It took me a minute to find my voice. ‘Erm...Jess..I...I...erm...shouldn’t you be’

My daughter just looked at me and began to stand. She walked over to me and outside to the hall way. I was busted now, she could see I was enjoying what I was watching. ‘How long were you standing there daddy?’ She said with a devilish smile looking at my tent in my trousers.

‘Erm...not long’ I lied.

‘If I caused that in such little time, then I wonder what would happen if you had been there any longer’ she giggled and then leaned in to kiss me. Except this kiss was on the lips. She leaned up and placed her lips on mine and began to kiss. I knew it was wrong but began to kiss back. At that point she stopped, turned around and walked back into her room. I know I shouldn’t have, but I had to option but to follow and I weakly gave into temptation.

‘Like what you see, come to see more?’ she playfully said.

I couldn’t answer, I was still stunned. She grabbed my hand and lead my over to her bed. She pushed me down and made me sit.

‘You just sit there daddy and enjoy my little treat’ she said as she began to sway her hips from side to side. She slowly started to undo the buttons on her blouse. My eyes were nearly popping out of skull.

‘Jess..Jessica, stop this. This isn’t righ...’ I was stopped as she shoved my face into her fully clothed tits. I tried to bit her nipples through the materials but failed.

‘Ahh, poor daddy. Want to see them don’t you?’

I just nodded dumbly.

‘Maybe for a say $20 I could allow you to see them, but thats all’

I just looked up at her and she was smiling. She knew she had me, she knew I couldn’t say no as she was running her hands up and down her body, lifting her blouse to the point of her tits and then allowing to fall back down. I quickly pulled out my wallet and gave her two tens.

‘Good daddy. Imagine if mommy knew you were paying to see your own daughters tits. She wouldn’t be to pleased would she’ she said as lifted her blouse over her head and undone her bra. The sight was magical. They were so ripe and perfect. I leaned forward to suck one and grab the other.

She pushed me back and grabbed my hands and placed them on the side of her hips. ‘We agreed daddy, $20 just to see them. I suppose for another $10 I could let you whack off to this, thats if you have not already creamed your pants. What do you say $10 more?’

‘Yes Jessica, please. Here take it’ I was lost and she was in control and she knew it as I pulled another $10 out.

‘Pathetic little pervert, cant resist me can you’ she said as she brushed her hair back. ‘You are close to cumming already aren’t you and all you have seen is my tits. Pathetic little daddy’.

‘Please Jessica, let me touch them. I will pay you $50’

‘Hmmm, $500 and I will make you cum like a immature college kid. I will be the best you have ever had daddy. How about it, can you say no? Imagine what mommy would say if she found out. You had to pay your own daughter. She said as she trailed a finger up the shaft of my cock. The feeling was electric.

To be continued...

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