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He moved his hand again, and heard the chain of the handcuff rattle again.
"There's no way you're getting out of there." she whispered, smiling.
She had just gotten dressed in his favorite outfit, the cop. Emily loved
cuffing James to the bed, and dominating. They would switch time to
time, but he liked when she did it more. She was 26, had a georgeous
body, and a full mane of dirty blonde hair. He got turned on by just
looking at her, sometimes. He was 29, an athelete, and had jet-black
hair that always was messy.
They fell in love their Senior year of high school, and graduated together.
She got a job at the library, and he was a burger-flipper. They had bought
their first apartment when she was 25 and he 27, and were pretty good
where money was concerned. They had good friends, their parents were
proud of them, it was all good.
"Why would I want to get out?" he whispered.
"Good boy. Now, what will I do to you tonight?" She grinned as she got
an idea. She got on the bed, and crawled up to where he was. When
she was on top of him, and could feel his erection through his shorts, she
leaned in and kissed him. He moaned into her mouth, and felt himself
get harder.
She broke the kiss and said, "Don't you lose it already. We have a full
night ahead."
He nodded, smiling.
"Oh, I forgot the tape." she whispered, and kissed him on the cheek as
she got up, leaving a mark of her red lipstick. He sighed, and watched her
get the tape from their drawer of stuff. In the drawer, she kept a box of
condoms, the roll of tape, the cuffs he had on now, and wrapped in one
of his old socks, her vibrator that he used when he dominates. She pushed
these other items out of the way, and got the tape. She pulled a piece, and
bit it off with her teeth.
"Now, you be a good boy and behave and let me put this on your mouth,
or you'll have to suffer." she said, and he didn't struggle as she put the
tape on. Once it was on, and she was satisfied, she got off of him and
went for his erection. It poked up through his shorts, and she put her
hand on it. He moaned out.
She put one hand down his shorts, and touched his dick, and with the
other hand, pulled the shorts down so she could see it.
"My, my. That looks mighty tasty." she said, and with a last grin at him,
she went down on him, taking him in her mouth and feeling it with her
"Mmm! Mmm!" he moaned, through the tape. She took him out for a
moment, and not looking up at him, said, "Ssh." and then went back
down on him. She could taste the pre-cum already, and took him out
"Bad boy, it's too early for you to be done." she said. She sat up, with
one hand around him. He was breathing fast, feeling himself get closer
and closer.
"Calm down..." she whispered, and leaned in and kissed his cheek
again. More red lipstick appeared on his cheek, almost the same spot
as the first. He moaned through the tape again, and she saw his forehead
getting sweatier, as it did when she teased him like this. She looked at
the tape on his mouth, and suddenly decided she wanted to hear his
voice and moans during this instead.
"Okay, you've been a good boy, so I'll take the tape off. Don't flinch."
she said. She put her hand on the edge of the tape, and ripped quick,
so it all came off at once. He didn't flinch, but stared at her with a look
of surprise.
"Better?" she asked.
"Mmhmm." he said, and licked his lips.
"Ohh, you're hungry?" she asked. "Well, I feel a bit wet. Eat my pussy
while I suck your dick."
She got on him backwards, holding her pussy and bum in front of his
face, and faced his dick. He licked his lips again, and dove right in, feeling
how wet she was from all of this. Likewise, she went down on him, licking
up the pre-cum and making him hard all over again. This went on, as they
felt themselves getting closer and closer. He usually went over first, then
she followed. But this time she felt as though she'd go over first. Just a
little sweet talk would do the trick..
"Do I taste good?" she asked, coming up quickly from his dick, then
going right back to it.
"Ohh, yes!" he moaned out, also coming up quick.
"You taste pretty good yourself." she said, "better than a popsicle."
"Tell me more, mama." he said. "Tell me how good."
"You first." she whispered.
"Ohh, the best I've ever tasted. You bad girl, what makes you so good?"
"That's just it. Naughty girls taste the best." she said.
He moaned into her pussy as she said this.
"And you, daddy, mmm!" she whispered. "Come for me, daddy."
"Ohh...ohh..." he moaned again, about to go over.
"Yes, come on..." she whispered.
He went off right there, and shot a load into her mouth. She felt his dick
spasm, and the hot load shoot into her mouth, over her tongue. She moaned
as it happened, and closed her eyes. His orgasm ended just as she felt
herself about to go off. She played with his load in her mouth for a minute,
and as usual, she swallowed.
He leaned his head back on the headboard, between his cuffed hands, and
sighed, the lipstick smudged into puddles from his sweaty cheeks. She moved
to face him again, panting. She was so close, and about to go off.
"Watch this, daddy." she said, and he opened his eyes and saw her put
her hand down between her legs, on her clit and start to play with herself, trying to go off.
"The...toy..." he whispered, feeling sleepy, but not finished yet. She leaned over
into the drawer and pulled out his sock with her toy in it. She pulled the blue toy
out, and put the shaft part in her mouth, sucking it like she had him. He felt himself
get hard again.
"Mmm, let's see if this is as good as you." she said, and took it out of her
mouth, and rubbed it on her pussy lips. She turned the vibrate on, and moaned as
it went against her clit.
"Nice, but not as good as you. Help me-- oh that's right. You cant!" and she laughed
as she saw his eyes drop to her pussy and the toy on it, helpless to it. He wanted to
help her, and get another taste of her pussy. She was so wet, he could see.
She took the toy off of her clit, and brought it up to her mouth.
"Mmm, tastes good. Want a taste?" she teased, and put it close to his mouth. He
couldn't quite reach it because of the cuffs, and pretended to pout. She smiled, and
he felt himself get harder with the way she looked at him. She put the toy back down
on her, and closed her eyes and moaned. She just needed another 5 seconds, and she
knew she'd go off. Exactly right prediction.
She closed her eyes, and made her orgasm face, and he almost went off himself
seeing it. Her eyebrows raised with an inquisitive look, and she barely opened her
mouth. She moaned one long moan, and it ended.
Emily opened her eyes and sighed. She took the toy away again, and held it to
his mouth this time, offering him a taste. He licked it, and savored her taste. She took
it away for the last time, and placed it on the sock on the side table. Looking at James,
who looked like he was ready for round two, she smiled. His dick was standing at full
attention again, out of his shorts, and she went for it and got on top this time, positioning
his dick to her wet pussy.
"Ready for the ride of your life?" she asked, and he nodded right away. After she teased
him, she usually got on top. This was her finishing touch for her domination. He usually went
over the second time very fast when she was on top. When he dominated, he took her in
Missionary, so they could be passionate. But that was for a different story.
After she was positioned on top of him, she started bouncing. He could do nothing to
help her, since his hands were cuffed. She placed her hands on his chest for balance, and
he wanted so badly to put his hands on her chest and play with her nipples, which were now
very erect from all the events. He moaned out and realized how close he was again, and
focused on the image of her on top of him.
"Yes, you like it when I ride you." she whispered
"Ohh yes...daddy loves it." he said.
"Are you ready to come, daddy?" she asked.
"Almost, mama. But I want you to come first this time."
"Do you? You know what to do."
"Come for me, mama." he whispered. Dirty talk always got them off.
"Oh, daddy! That's it!" she moaned.
"Come on, you naughty girl." he said. "Come all over my dick."
This got her, and she finally went off. She made the amazing orgasm face again, and
he felt himself go over with her contractions pushing his dick. They moaned together,
and stayed in esctasy for what felt like forever.
When it ended, they both were panting. It was the best orgasm they had both had in a
long time. She got off of him and lay her head on his chest, sighing. He closed his eyes, and
let his head loll back.
"Wait, unlock me and we can snuggle." he said.
"You were a good boy." she said, and got up to get the key. It was laying right next to the
sock with her still wet toy on it. She picked up the key and unlocked one cuff, then the other,
and he was free. He put his arms around her, and they huddled in the warm after-glow of sex. They
fell asleep 10 minutes later.


A few weeks later, Emily finds out she's pregnant! The two of them had been talking about having
kids, and were eager to start a family. This was perfect timing!

To be continued!

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2013-01-14 02:52:31
That's the smart tihknnig we could all benefit from.

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2011-10-01 19:59:46
Too many stories here are focused exclusively on the exotic and bizarre. It's good to see a story that incorporates both the hardcore sex and the romanticism of married life. It's not as raunchy as I expected, but actually quite realistic for what a happy and loving married but sexually exploritative couple would be. I approve.

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