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Pain, memories, tears, and fear, are only some of the things rape leaves you with.

I was 17 years old, I remember enjoying life so much that day. My boyfriend of four years, Chris, had got back from a training camp for the airforce. He hade`nt been home in 2 months. I hated sleeping alone. Finally he came home and I wouldnt have to anymore. I spent the entire day in his arms. We made love and fell asleep. I felt safe knowing that when I woke up he`d still be holding me. When I woke up there he was with his arms wrapped tightly around me starring at me like there was nothing else that mattered. And for me, there was nothing but him. He wanted to run out to the store down the street but i offered to go since it was his first day home. I got dressed and left.

By then it was dark outside so when I went into the store all I could see was the lights from inside. I went in the store, grabbed a few things he asked me to, payed, then went out to the car. I got in and began to pull out. Once I reached the end of the parking lot, I heard movement in the backseat, within seconds a man dressed in black had a knife held against my throat. I wanted to cry but could`nt. I was frozen. He wrapped his hand around my mouth and whispered " Do what I say, Or your not going home." I could tell he was big by the way his hand felt around my mouth. He steared me in the opposite direction of Chris. After about a mile he made me pull over, he climbed in the drivers seat and made me get in the back. I dont remember where we went or which ways he took. I was to scared to pay attention.

Fifteen-minutes of fear passed and the car stopped. I looked around and saw nothing but woods and darkness. He got out of the car and came around to the back. Knife in hand he threw me out of the car onto the ground covered in rocks. The knife cut my arm as he threw me to the ground. Starring up at the sky, I still wasent fully aware of how much danger i was in. In a split second his big hand struck my face and flipped me onto my stomach. I felt rocks pressing into my ribs. I could taste blood in my mouth from the first hit. I tried to pull myself up but he kicked my stomach knocking me down and flipping me over on my back. His hand struck my face once again leaving everything black. When I came to, he had both our clothes off. I tired to pull away but he pinned my hands over my head. Knowing that I didnt stand a chance of getting away, I still struggled to get out.

He leaned in and stuck his tounge down my throat nearly gagging me. He ran his hands down my shivvering body and put his fingers into me. This set me off and i tired pulling away again. I finally realized I couldnt get away and gave in. I tired not to move as he dug his hard dick in and out of me. I could feel the rocks under my back cutting through my skin everytime he thrusted. I could here him grunting and moving faster and faster. I could feel the bruises across my body all ready. And I still tasted blood in my mouth.

After a few more thrusts and a few more hits i felt him cum. The wetness dripped down my leg onto the cold ground. The wind blew and sent chills across my body. Finally, he let go of my hands and slide down my body running his tounge all over me. He stopped and licked the inside of my thighs. Since my hands were lose, I swung at him hitting him in the back of the head. He pulled himself up eye level to me grabbed me by the throat. He lifted me up and held me against a tree that was behind me. The bark dug into my back and pressed against the already bruised spots.

His hands were wrapped tightly around my throat leaving me unable to move. He again ran his hands all over my body. I could feel myself losing air. It was hard for me to breathe. I tired pulling him off but i couldnt budge him. For a second everything went black again untill I felt myself hit the hard ground. He had let go.

Leaning up against the tree, When I looked up at him he hit me across the face harder than all the other times. As I held my bleeding and brusied face his foot slammed into my ribs. He then knelt down and said " You wont find out who I am." And I knew he was right, I wouldnt ever see that man again. I listened untill I couldnt hear his foot steps through the woods anymore. I tried to get up but fell back down. I couldnt, I was hurt to badly. I stood up half way and gathered my clothes putting them on as fast as I could. I wanted to get back home to Chris.

After I got my clothes on, I got in the car. The keys were still in the ignition and the doors were stil open. I drove aimlessly around untill I figured out where I was. By the time I found my way home it was mid-night. I pulled into the parking space and tried as hard as I could to climb the flights of stairs. After the first few I collapsed and took a break. I knew this would be hard. I heard a door upstairs near our apartment slam and heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs. I was afraid to see who would turn the corner but still praying it was Chris. The shadow appeared around the corner and then finally Chris did. He threw the phone and ran down to me. I immediatly started crying and he wrapped his arms around me and carried me into the house.

I think I finally passed out from the pain because when I woke up I was in a hospital bed. Two of my eight brothers were there, my best friend Andrew and another best friend Stephanie along with Chris holding my hand. I was still in alot of pain. Turns out I had a broken wrist and rib, added on to a concusion and tons of bruises and cuts. Not to mention the scars that would be there inside and out for the rest of my life.

I hope you all understand the night I`ll never forget.

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2010-09-03 18:21:24
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2010-06-19 13:47:27
I am feeling very sorry for the girl mentioned as my daughter was raped when she was only 5 years old by a neighbor who was looking after her while me and her mom was working. The neighbor by the way was 75 years old at the time. My heart goes out for the girl and i wish her all of the best for the future and may the basterd who did this to her burn in hell.

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2008-07-31 03:58:52
This just further proves that rape is a valuable tool to be used to twist the minds of the weak. Im glad to see people still spreading the love, so to speak, to the weak

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2008-05-18 17:43:12
I'm glad you shared your story on this site. Reading a rape fantasy and getting off is one thing. Real rape is something else. You were right to come to this site and share with others the reality, especially on a site that glorifies rape-as-hot-sex. I like to read about sex and I like to read this stuff too. There is something sexy about the dominant male-weak female dynamic. But I am also married to a woman who was raped and I would kill the bastard except he's already dead. I applaud you and thank you for your reminding us of the reality behind the fantasy. I will pray for your healing. It can happen.


2008-02-26 20:44:29
I have a question. Why post something so horrible that happened to you on a site that so many people come to to get off?
Not trying to be mean, but...

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