Best friends spend lustful summer together...
Once upon a time there was a girl named Brook. She was 16yrs old 110 lbs, 5'6, 32b cup. She had long dark curly hair, dark eyes, and a cute plum shaped butt. Her best friend was named Ryan, he was two years older than her. He was 190lbs, 5'10, dark hair, dark eyes,and strong with a husky build. Brook and Ryan lived kind of far from eachother so they never really saw eachother. They decided that for the summer Brook should visit and stay with Ryan at his home.

When Brook arrived, Ryan took her to his house to settle in. Soon after, Ryan took her over to a friends house. They all drank a strange blue liquor and talked about their common interests. Ryan noticed that Brook had drank too much, he decided to take her home before his friends realized this also. He layed her on his bed to sleep and he went off to prepare a shower for himself. To much of Ryans surprise his drunken friend had arose from her sleep and joined him in his shower. Brook just giggled and held on tightly to her friend's neck, to keep herself from falling over in a drunken daze. Not sure of what to do, Ryan washed himself and his friend's body and then helped her back into his bed. He gazed at Brook's sweet naked body, examining her small firm nipples and bald sweet pink pussy. He pulled out his hard throbbing cock. Kneeling inches over her petitie firm body, he stroked himself to the thought of his sexy young friend spreading her legs for only him. He finished himself off, kissed her on the lips, and left the room.

Brook awoke the next day in Ryan's bed naked and alone. She dressed herself and Ryan arrived shortly with breakfast. She explained she had no recollection of the night. He claimed he didn't either and told her that he slept on the couch so she would be more comfortable. They went outside to explore in the woods and returned later that night. They both took seperate showers and got ready for bed. Ryan turned his head so Brook could dress. He could see her reflection in a mirror and as he watched her clothe her naked body, he desperatly tried to hide his hardening cock.

She nervously layed next to him in his bed and pretended to focus her attention on the tv. Her heart raced furiously as she felt his body move closer to hers. Her face turned red as she felt his soft anxious breath against her neck. She let out a slight gasp as he slowly moved his hand across her bare stomache and up her shirt to her small firm nipples. She gave him a cautious look which was met by his sweet gentle smile. He started to kiss her and before they knew it, he was laying on top of her kissing and feeling her body uncontrollably. When he realized what he was doing, he started to apologize and went to remove himself from a top her. To his surprise she sweetly asked him to continue and firmly pushed her tounge into his mouth.

His cock was now fully erect and desperately trying to push itself past his boxers and between her legs. As he lost himself in the satisfaction of being able to kiss her and feel her body, he didn't notice that she was slowly moving underneath him. To his amazement she took off her panties and removed his throbbing cock from his boxers, in what seemed to be a single motion. She proceeded to spread her legs and started to rub his cock head up and down against her wet hot pussy. His breathing increased with his excitement as he sucked her neck and grabbed tightly onto her butt cheeks.

She started to moan a little as she rocked her hips against his hard throbbing cock. A look of disbelief crossed Ryan's face as Brook positioned his dick to her soaking wet hole and thrust her hips forward into him. He couldn't believe that his best friend of 6 years was not only letting him kiss her, but was practically forcing his eager cock inside of herself. He teased her a little, pulling his dick away so she couldnt get it into herself. Her face turned red as she pulled back from him a little bit, giving him a shy and embarrassed look.

He couldn't take it anymore, he had to have her. His heart was throbbing harder than his dick and the sweet look on his best friends face was the last straw. He softly thrust his hips into her. She looked at him in excitement and slight shock. Brook wrapped her arms and legs around him and prepared herself for his second thrust, which was more firm and came with much more force. She let out sweet little moans as his third and fourth thrust came into her. She softly sucked his neck as he steadily built a rhythm to fuck her to.

His hard breath and steady grunts met her loud quivery moans as they vigorously fucked at eachother for what seemed to be for hours. She whispered in his ear "I'm going to cum". She bit his neck, gently scratched his back, and released a moan so loud that it echoed through the house. He tried to hold himself back but it was no use. Ryan's cock exploded roughly into Brook's pussy, both their juices mixing together, releasing a sweet intoxicating smell into the air.

They lay together still entangled desperately trying to catch their breath. Ryan removes himself from inside her. Brook playfully starts to suck Ryan clean of the juices dripping off his softening cock. Amazingly his cock gathers up it's last few sperts of cum and squirts them firmly down Brook's eager throat. She moans a little as she sucks down his sweet cum, her tounge vibrating around his cock. As he finishes cumming he pulls her up onto him so their hips meet again and shoves his softening cock into her. She rests her head against his chest as he slowly and very softly plays with her asshole.

They both fall asleep for the night. The next day.... Well that's a different story.

To be Continued....
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