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A true story. A mistake takes a good turn.
Introduction: For a bit of background on my wife, Lisa, and me please read 20 Questions (posted in three parts). During many years of marriage, there will be a few times when something spectacular happens. This is one of those times and is one of the reasons I will never step out on my wife. The first part just sets the scene so please keep that in mind when rating it and judge it in the context of what it promises.

I had just walked in the door after work when Lisa confronted me, mad as hell.

“You lied to me”, she said as she hit my chest with her fist with enough force that I knew I was in trouble, even though I had no idea what she was talking about. “You told me you had deleted those pictures.”

Lisa went on to tell me that she was showing her friend Jill some of our recent vacation pictures on our computer that afternoon, during their weekly coffee klatch.

Jill, (her real name is Gillian and only her family and closest friends get away calling her Jill) and Lisa get together about once a week for shopping or lunch or just coffee and a chat. Jill, who has been divorced for about three years now, is a little shorter than Lisa and Jill says she is about 10lbs heavier than when she was in college. She is a brunette with above average looks. While you’d think she would have guys buzzing around her like bees to honey, she hasn’t had a steady boyfriend since the divorce and, according to Lisa, has been between guys for about five months.

So Lisa and Jill were looking at the pictures when a picture I took during a night of sex popped up on the computer screen unexpectedly.

Lisa asked me to delete them after I took the pictures, but I kept them and stiched four together so I could see them all on one screen – one picture in each quarter of the screen. I did this on our home computer because of the picture software it has. I then copied the combined image to my laptop so I had material for my times alone when I am on the road. I had forgotten to delete the image from the home computer.

The picture that came up on the computer screen in front of Lisa and Jill showed four very revealing pictures of Lisa. The first was Lisa standing nude in our bedroom tied up in a form of Japanese rope bondage called Karada. Essentially, Karada is a rope ‘suit’ or harness that bounds and confines the body. The second image showed Lisa, still standing but from the back, showing the rear view of the Karada. The third image was taken from above of Lisa, blind folded and tied spread eagle to our bed still wearing the rope bondage. The fourth, which Lisa found most embarrassing, was taken from the foot of the bed and was a close up of Lisa’s bound and shaved crotch with vibrators secured in her pussy and ass by the crotch rope of the Karada.

It took Lisa a few seconds after the picture came up on the computer screen for it to sink in, particularly because she didn’t know I took the fourth picture, and was a little stunned. As soon as Lisa realized what she and Jill were looking at Lisa advanced the screen to show another non-de picture.

“Not so fast, Lisa” Jill said according to Lisa, “Go back one.”

“Ohhh, NO!”

Jill, being the good friend she is, dropped the subject and the two continued looking at other pictures until Jill had to leave about 45 minutes before I came home, although there were a few uncomfortable moments.

“I’m so embarrassed because of you” Lisa said to me with tears welling up, “How can I face Jill now and what do I say?”

“Just acknowledge the elephant in the room,” I said as I pulled Lisa into my chest to comfort her and to avoid another of her chest thumps. “The next time you see her, just tell you are embarrassed and don’t know what to say. She may even tell you it wasn’t a big deal and that will be that. You two have been the best of friends for years. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

I was still in the doghouse a few minutes later as Lisa looked over my shoulder while I deleted the offending photo from the home computer.

Sure enough, a week later Jill was at our house again. That night Lisa related the day’s events. According to Lisa, she told Jill she was sorry for the picture, explained that she had no idea it was on the computer because I was suppose to remove it. She said she was embarrassed and hoped the image didn’t offend Jill.

Jill said that not only was she not offended but she had been thinking about the picture all week. Lisa told me that Jill even confessed that she got turned on thinking about how kinky it must have been to be tied up, tied down and helpless. For the next hour, while sipping Sauvignon Blanc, the two discussed the art of Japanese rope bondage (called Shibari), the Karada shown in the pictures and how we discovered it (I discovered it by accident on the web while searching massage techniques).

Lisa told me that before she left Jill had said she always wanted to try some light bondage but her Ex was only interested in “roll on roll off” missionary style and while he expected her to go down on him, he would never think of doing anything “like that” (Lisa made quotation marks with her fingers in the air as she told me this). Jill also lamented that it wasn’t something she could bring up on a first date, a thought that caused both gals to laugh at, and anyway Jill hadn’t been with anyone for five months.

Then, and perhaps because of the wine, Jill asked Lisa if she would tie her up in the Karada, over her clothes, just to see what it was like. Lisa said she told Jill that rather than her do it, I would be the better one since I always tied up Lisa and would probably be better at it. The two agreed that Jill should come over the next day and both Lisa and I would show Jill the Karada.

I was stunned. I stammered out my agreement telling Lisa that I’d be happy to help her friend. Then attempting to sound nonchalant I added, “Tell Jill to bring her bathing suit and come early. We can first hang out poolside together in case she wants to change her mind.” And with that Lisa was off to the phone with a light skip in her step.

The next day Jill arrived on our doorstep around 2 pm wearing a loose sundress, sunglasses and a large floppy hat to keep the sun off. She was also carrying her beach bag, which I knew from previous times at our pool, contained a barely there bikini, sunscreen, and a trashy summertime-type novel. She also held a bottle of chilled champagne until she presented it to me with a friendly hug and a typical L.A. air kiss past the cheek.

For the next two hours the three of us enjoyed the sun, chatting and occasional dips in the pool together with a bottle of Chablis and then Jill’s bottle of champagne. We talked about everything but what was about to come.

I was really enjoying myself eyeing my beautiful wife in her green bikini and Jill in her tiger print bikini. I swear she bought it a size too small because she seemed to overflow her top even though I’ll guess both she and Lisa are about the same 36C cup. Jill’s bikini bottom also seemed too small but I wasn’t complaining as it left a beautiful expanse of bum cheek visible and barely covered her mound. It was obvious that Jill kept things well trimmed or like Lisa, completely shaved. I also couldn’t resist copping a feel of her body as we splashed in the pool.

All this gave me a hard-on my trunks couldn’t hide so I spent a lot of time on the chaise face down when I wasn’t in the water. I was lying like that when the girls got out of the pool for the last time and sprayed water on me. I jumped, rolling over. The tent in my trunks was obvious.

“I think Paul is anxious to tie me up”, Jill giggled as she and Lisa each patted down their bodies with their towels.

“I think so”, Lisa grinned. “So let’s go inside. Are you ready Jill?”

“Ohh yeah, I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

We went into our bedroom and I produced two lengths of rope each about 10 feet long and a smaller 3 foot rope. I explained to Jill that Lisa and I discussed this the night before and I would demonstrate two different Karada ties. One would be a traditional Karada with the rope going under the crotch and up the back and the other type where the crotch rope was tied as a separate piece allowing it to be removed but the rest of the Karada can remain, unlike the first one in which the entire Karada would need to be untied.

I also said that I would demonstrate the first Karada on Lisa and the second on Jill. Jill smiled in anticipation and somewhat breathlessly said she thought this was going to be fun. I certainly thought it would and judging from the mischievous smile on Lisa I think she agreed with the two of us.

What I didn’t tell Jill was the great sex Lisa and I enjoyed after planning all this out.

As I was about to start tying Lisa I noticed something I hadn’t anticipated. Her wet bathing suit would quickly become uncomfortable and cold once she was restrained in the Karada. Lisa and I anticipated that their bathing suits would be dry under the ropes. Seemingly reading my mind Lisa shrugged her shoulders and deftly untied the ties that held her bikini in place.

“There, problem solved” she announced.

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