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Cheri looked at herself
Cheri looked at herself in the mirror and ran a brush through her dishwater blonde hair,
Here they were having a cookout and her husband Doug wanted a quickie. She had
sure shut him up in a hurry. She had almost raised her voice loud enough for their guests
to hear, and they did not need that. Cheri thought back over the twenty plus years she
and Doug had been married. She had been young and wild back then. She had had a 44D
chest and a flat stomach with a tight ass and firm legs. Today she had some
lines in her face, a permanent but slight mid-drift bulge and her tits had started to sag,
though her large nipples still pointed up and her ass was still tight.

She wanted to get back to the cookout before she was missed. She looked at her red-faced
husband before her and told him to get outside and mind the guests. She then went to the
bottom level of her house. The cookout was on the upper deck with some games being played
in the back yard and she wanted to calm herself before anyone saw her. When she reached
the bottom of the stairs she was confronted by her brother Jim. "That was not a nice way to
treat your old man," he stated. Her two other brothers walked up behind Jim. "We think that it is
time for you to get a little lesson in humility Sis," Jim continued. "Now I have company, so don't
think that you can do anything," Cheri responded. "We just think that Doug deserves to be
treated a little better by his wife," Cheri's 2nd brother Phil chimed in.

Cheri tried to push past but her third brother Phil grabbed her and pulled both her arms behind
her back. Immediately recognizing a scene from her teenage years, Cheri gave in. "OK,OK,
just give me sec and I will suck you all off!" Cheri spurted. Gary and Phil pulled Cheri between them. She was only wearing a sports bra top and cut-off sweats for shorts with no underwear.
Her sports bra came up and off and her cutt-offs went down and off.

Cheri found herself kneeling in front of one of her brother's exposed dicks. She opened her
mouth and the nine inch cock was shoved into her mouth. Cheri initially gagged on
having the full length jammed into her. She closed her jaw and lips around the dick as it started moving in and out of her lips. She lightly started to scrape its head with her teeth every time the
it pulled back. Gary, whose dick was being sucked, could not hold back and dumped a load of cum which Cheri promptly swallowed.

Cheri was pulled into the spare room that was off of her lower level family room. It had a
fold-out couch that could be used if there was too much company. Her brothers folded out the couch and laid her face down on it. They pulled her legs apart and started to tie her feet to two corners. Cheri started to scream when Jim spoke in her ear. "Go ahead and scream, we are not going to stop. Do you want to your guests to see you pulling a train made up of your brothers? How many of your friends do you think would like to hook up their car to your engine?" Cheri clamped her mouth shut. Her brothers finished with her feet and then spread her arms out and tied them to the last two corners. Gary pushed his soft dick up to Cheri's lips and said, "Sis, make me hard again." Cheri took his soft member into her mouth and started to lick and suck on it. In
just a few moments Gary was rock hard again. She heard him make a sound like he was
spitting. She then felt a weight settle onto her back and after some maneuvering, She felt a
dick's head push into her asshole. Cheri started to say that She needed to get a little wetter so she could easily manage here brother's massive cock. Her ass burned with Gary's nine inches being shoved repeatedly in her butt. She felt someoneleaning over her and hand turning her face to the side. Opening her eyes she saw Jim pushing his10 inch dick into her face. Cheri opened wide and choked his mass into her mouth. Once its head reached her throat, jim began energenically fucking her face.. She knew that she would remain tied to the couch until her brothers were satisfied, so she set about making them cum as fast as she could. Cheri had had an incestuous relationship with her five brothers and her dad for over seven years. She had learned during those years how to make her brothers cum. She put those learnings to use and within five minutes Cheri was swallowing Jim's huge glob of sperm that he deposited in her throat.
Also She tightened up her ass and had Gary crying out with his orgasm. Jim had her suck him hard again and then he moved to her butt and rammed it up her hole with no delay. Phil took over Cheri's mouth and was plunging his dick down her throat.

Gary went out into the yard to find Doug. Several people asked where Cheri was and he explained that she was straightening out some things and as soon as she was done,
she would be out. Finding Doug, Gary brought him back into the house. Taking him to the
room off of the family room Doug stopped as soon as he opened the door. There before
him was his wife tied spread eagled to the couch. Her brother Jim was ramming his dick
up her ass so fast and hard that her butt cheeks were quivering. Her brother Phil was
ramming his dick into her mouth. As the two brothers cried out and dumped their loads of
cum into each end of her, Gary asked Doug if he would like to take a shot at his wife's ass.
Doug was confused by what he saw but with his dick as straight and hard as he could ever remember it being, he knew he was going to knock off a piece of Cheri's ass for the first time
in over twenty years of marriage. He dropped his pants and climed onto his wife's beautiful
cum covered ass. Since Cheri was well lubricated now by the cum left in her ass She did
not feel any pain when Doug rammed his eight inch long three inch around cock into her ass
until his balls beat against her cheeks. Doug thought that Cheri's ass felt just perfect for his
prick and he creamed in her after only a few minutes. When he pulled out Phil immediately took
his place and had his monster cock buried in her. Doug moved up to Cheri's mouth and she opened up as soon as she felt pressure on her lips. She was now used to the urine, fecal and cum taste of the dick that she was now sucking. When Cheri felt the cum explode in her mouth she opened her eyes and choked a bit when she saw Doug pulling away from her mouth. At the urging of Gary he put it back in and had her suck it until it was hard. Doug then pulled it out and went back for seconds on her ass.

After Doug was done, the brothers untied Cheri and she stood up rubbing her wrists and
bending over and rubbing her ankles where she had been tied. Cheri was handed a white terry cloth robe with a waist tie. She at first said "NO!" but with her brothers staring at her she put it on. "It is dark enough that nobody will see anything on your legs, grab a beer and start urging them towards the door," Jim said. "We want to talk when they are gone."

When the guests had gone and only the brothers remained, they met in the family room. Jim started off, "Is your son asleep upstairs?" and he was told yes by both Doug and Cheri. Jim continued, "OK, Sis, you can start." Cheri stood up and dropped her robe to the floor. She then knelt down in from of Gary who kicked his shorts off and was sitting there naked. She took his entire length in her mouth and started sucking and tonguing his dick. "What we propose, Doug,
is that you let us three move in here with you. You have four bedrooms upstairs. We could
each have one, and your son could be given the room down here. That way he would not be awakened by any chance noises up here," Jim stated. "We will pay you rent for our rooms,
also we will each get one night a week with Cheri," He continued. Cheri almost said something
but concentrated on her blowjob. "Cheri's house uniform will be the white robe with no underware. As soon as she gets home she will strip and put the robe on before she does
anything else. You decide whether she has a job or not." Doug then replied, "What happens
if she complains to someone?" Phil answered, "We have enough pornographic pictures and undated signed releases that She will stay in line." Cheri gulped Gary's cum down and moved over and started on Phil. "Also," Jim added, "Cheri will fuck anyone who wants to unless your son is present. She can leave that section of the house to fuck though. Your son being present
is not a denial of sex but only a delay." Cheri finished swallowing the sperm that Phil blew into
her mouth and knelt before Doug. Doug sat there and let the bliss brought on by his wifes
mouth engulf him. After he came, and Cheri moved on to Jim, Doug looked at the brothers and said, "I let you three move in here, you pay me rent, you get a guaranteed fuck from my wife at least once a week, and maybe more. I get to fuck my wife three nights less that I used to. However, it appears that she is going to be more sexually willing than she is. Do I have this right?" "Yes you do," the brothers replied, with Jim removing his now soft member from
Cheri's mouth. "Ok, lets do it!" Doug stated with Cheri feeling her life had crashed around her.

Later on that night Doug walked out on the deck and Cheri was there drinking a cup of coffee. "Well I hope you are happy," She bitterly chided him. "It is no one's fault but your
own," he replied. "If you had been honest and unselfish, your brothers would be gone." he finished. He walked over to Cheri and she stood up and faced him. He reached out and
untied her robe and pulled it so it dropped at her bare feet. She bent over the railing and presented her ass to him. "It is still dilated, so I won't be very tight," She stated. "I don't want
your ass," Doug responded and then continued, "I just realized that nothing has been in your pussy today." He then pulled the cushion off of the chaise lounge and had Cheri lay down on
her back. He then sucked at her large nipples which quickly became erect and Cheri started to feel a response from her body to Doug's ministrations. Doug kissed her navel and then kissed
her vagina, running his tongue over her clit until she cried out and wrapped her thighs
around his head and climaxed. Doug then raised himself up and plunged his dick into her
pussy up to its hilt. He kept on ramming it in and Cheri began a string of unexpected climaxes. Doug finally he cried out and shot his wad into Cheri's now soaking vagina. Doug got up and
Cheri started to get up also when her three brother came out onto the deck.

"We thought we heard someting and look at this!" Phil exclaimed. "Wr couldn't wear her out
when she was a teenager and she hasn't changed over the years," he finished.Cheri felt someone pushing her back down on the cushion. Cheri saw that it was her brother Jim and that the other two were behind him. She figured that she would probably be on this deck until at least morning. And that this was her future.

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2008-12-12 22:57:33
they start bring all their friends around to use her and take her to bars and she lets complete strangers from bars gangbang her in backalleys or whereever


2005-06-22 23:18:08
thats kind of a lame story...short and i couldnt even finish it... so just wondering but. phil is her second and third brothers? hmm thats gotta get confusing. lame . couldnt even make me hard


2005-06-09 17:31:54
Why should she work, when her ass is in such demand? Has she got a girl friend or ywo who can give her a night off?

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