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(my first story so please vote up and comment hard or good please and thanks, its a slow builder) An unfortunate but fortunate boy is caught watching some girls and is treated like never before
Dab was your average nerd that always does well. He did well in basic school and also in high school, now he was in his third year in college and was as most people thought still doing amazingly well. Dab parents were happy when he got a scholarship to one of the best college in the state for two reasons the got to spend less money and they could have their 'fun', Dab on the other hand couldn't wait to go, but i doubt he was ready for the experience that was waiting
It all started from his dorm room, where his roommate, for the third year now, use to go out and come back in and tease Dab about not getting any. It's not that Dab was not interested in the opposite sex but whenever he tries to talk to a girl he likes, he fails to find words or make complete sentences even though he's a straight A English person, thus Dab had not even had a girlfriend. Dab stood at 5 8' and had dark hair to complement his brown complexion right throughout. He was not a knock out at first glance but he was cute. Although being extremely bright, dab was dunce, he knew nothing when it came unto sex, except that he got hard down there when he saw a girl and that they had a vagina that got wet; he learnt it in science class. Other than that he was clueless but that was all about to change.
It was Thursday night, games night at all dorms and the executives for the dorms provided the since they weren't allowed to have none in the dorms. It was a pack of playing cards that was given to them on this night. Who knew that these cards would change Dab's life
He and his roommate looked at them and an idea flashed into Trae's mind instantly, he remembered when he was at home he used to play cards with his with his older brothers but they both would dare the loser which was always him to do stuff like throw water on his mother, flash his dick to the neighbours, doing their chores and stuff like that, stuff that would get him in trouble, amuse them or give them time to spare. now looking at these cards he felt the urge to play like that and turn the tables on to someone else so after the game was decided he told Dab about the twist. Listening to the rules Dab quickly liked it and started thinking waht he would make his roommate do so he agreed. The game was go fish so it was decided that whosoever won the best out of five games would be the one to give the dare. Trae thought it would be a blw out since he had more experience at cards and that was shown as he quickly wrapped up the first two games, he only needed one more game to win and kinda got restless thus Dab won the other two back. Seeing this Trae got serious but his roommate had gotten the knack of the game so it was mighty close but Trae got the better of Dab. He had already formed his dare so after he won he told him that he dared him to sneak into the track and fields girls locker room after the girls went for practice and stay there untill they all came back and left from a locker he would place him in. Now Dab was wishing that he never accepted the request at the beginning and just played normal cards but he could not back down now and slept little thinking about what he had gotten himself into.
That was how he got himself into this locker in the first place. it had been a while since he was in the small space and knew that the girls would be pilling back in soon. As he stood in the locker he noticed that he could see all of the showers and almost half of the entrance door, here was were he was looking when the silence was assassinated by the chattering and footsteps of the athletes coming into the room.
As they entered he could hear them talk about their practice and who was well from who was not and he watched them until they started to strip and get in the showers and from his angle was treated to a great deal of pussies, breasts and nipples. he felt himself getting hard at his first sight at not one but a lot pussies and their talk quickly changed from to sex to who was fucking whom, and who was going to get fucked after leaving. Dab couldn't believe his luck but just as soon as it started it was over as the girls came out dressed and left with their asses teasing him. as the last girl left he thought it was over his dare passed and was about to get out when, the twins he admired so much but couldn't talk to them entered and closed the door behind them with a key. Seem that the coach trusted his star girls that much. as soon as the door was closed something Dab never expected happened, they were kissing and striping each other as they got in the shower and started soaping each other up only stopping their kiss to catch their breath and reach other places that couldn't be reached in an embrace.
Then they rinsed and came out and one bent over and Dab got a clear side view of her fat pussy before her sister pushed a finger in her, He felt his dick throb and he moaned but luckily it was soft so they never heard but when she her mouth on it and started sucking Dab moaned again, hearing himself he recognized how loud he was and wondered if the girls had heard, his question was answered when he saw the girls look quizzically at each other then get up and started opening the lockers.............

To be continued

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ilike the vere vere sexy gerl korean

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