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This is my first go. Please go eay on me!
I work in a small shop doing computer maintenance, upgrades and the like. Thankfully I don’t have to work Saturdays anymore, as about a year ago Claire joined us and took over the Saturday shift. She does not seem to mind the fact that it is normally dead quiet. On this particular Saturday however I had to pop in to work to pick up a DVD I had forgotten on Friday.

I stayed and chatted with Claire for a while, pleasantly passing the time, enjoying her company. It was cold out and nearly closing time, so I offered her a lift home after work, instead of her having to catch the train. She seemed surprised, but obviously did not fancy hanging around at the station, so accepted. We had a sandwich and a cup of Tea at work after closing and then left.

We talked further on the 40 minute drive back to hers, mainly about the state of the country, how crap the Government is and how much better we could do!

When we got there she said I should come and have a look at what she had done with the place. As soon as we entered I could see her personality coming through. Everything was immaculately tidy, but the lounge and kitchen were full of all sorts of unusual little nick-knacks and ornaments. I complimented her on what she had done, to which she replied “it is much cosier than when I moved in, but I still have a lot of decorating to do”.

She then clicked on the radio and asked if I would like a cup of Tea before my drive home. I kind of fancy Claire (in fact she has been the object of desire in several of my wank sessions), so I happily accepted the offer, as it would mean I could stay a little longer. To me she is very sexy, about 5’ 6”, around 26 years of age, slim built, smallish breasts and brunette hair, currently with pink hi-lights. Although rather sensitive, she is also smart with a good sense of humour. A bit of and Emo, but not too Goth; oh, and presently single!

Standing in her kitchen as she made us Tea, I looked at her tattoos and piercings, in her lip and nose. She had several small tats I could see, and my mind was whirling, thinking of possible ones I could not see. Watching her busying herself, I began mentally to picture her naked and where else she might have been inked and pierced

Suddenly she turned and saw me gazing at her arse. I averted my eye but felt myself blush; busted. She coughed and I looked back to her. She looked me straight in the eye, but did not say anything other than to ask me if I would like some sugar. “Yes I would love some”, I thought inwardly, “Yes please, two thanks”, I said.

We retired to the lounge and sat opposite each other, me in an arm chair, and her on a two-seater couch. She kicked of her shoes, put her feet up next to her on the couch and wiggled her toes. As she did, her thigh length black skirt rose up slightly and I realized how long, slim and sexy her legs are. I felt a familiar twinge in my groin and shifted position, just in case.

There was a short, silent pause, and then she excitedly started to tell me what else she wanted to do around the house. She wanted to completely re-decorate the lounge first. The carpet was OK, but she did not like the colour of the walls and ceiling. This she explained would mean taking out all of the furniture and covering the carpet as she went. She said she should have gotten to it sooner, but that some of the stuff is too big and heavy to do on her own. I saw my chance and offered to give any assistance I could. She showed a beautiful smile and said that any help with the couch and wall cupboards she would be most appreciative. My dirty mind tried to imagine how ‘appreciative’ she meant.

The Saturday shift ends at 1:30pm, so I said “perhaps I could give you a lift home again next weekend and we could spend the afternoon moving the lounge furniture, then I could perhaps help you to redecorate on Sunday”. She beamed at me again and I felt myself melt.

Saturday eventually came around and I dutifully arrived at the shop around closing and gave her a lift home again. She seemed quiet during the journey; I just assumed she was planning in her mind what was to be done. When we arrived at hers she abruptly announced that she needed to get changed out of her work clothes before we started. On the way up the stairs she shouted down to “put on the kettle and make us both a cuppa”. I remembered where things were from last time and got on with it.

When she came down I nearly dropped my cup. She was wearing a very sexy red & white checked plaid skirt, which ended mid-way up her thigh and a tight white vest top. Her long hair was pulled up out of the way and held in place with grips. She looked a picture. I gulped. I did not think these seemed like very suitable decorating clothes, but I was not going to say a word!

Between us we easily moved the armchairs and couch out and into the dining room. As she bent over to lift, I several times got a good long look down her cleavage. She was obviously not wearing a bra and I could make out the outline of her breasts pressed against the material of her top. Although it was not cold, her nipples seemed to be hard and straining against the fabric. I should have then that realized then she was up to something.

After the suite, the wall cupboards were next. They first needed to be emptied into boxes before they could be unscrewed from the wall and removed. I thought to myself that perhaps she could have emptied them during the week to save time. But when she went and got a set of step ladders and said she would pass the things down to me I was suddenly glad she had not!

As she climbed the step ladder I admired her legs again and took a sneaky look up her skirt. Her long, slender legs led up to a tiny black thong which had buried itself between her gorgeous cheeks with a small amount of puffy pussy lip also peeking out on either side. As the skirt was quite flared I got a great view of her lovely arse and revelled in how the smooth white skin of her thighs met the darker pink flesh of her pussy lips. The steps were of a height that she stood only a couple of feet above me and I had a great desire to reach out both hands to embrace and squeeze her softness. I was nearly close enough to kiss her on that, her most private of places. I held the steps…

Alas all too soon she turned around to pass me various china and ornaments for boxing. Each time she stretched back up to the cupboards, I could not help but take another look. It was not long before I felt myself starting to grow hard. Rather than my normal jeans, I had only worn a pair of loose-fit jogging trousers and as things continued these did little to hide my appreciation of the view.

Finally she caught me. Busted again! She turned around before I expected and saw me gazing up her skirt. She looked from by face down to the obvious bulge in my trousers and then back to my face. Again I felt myself blush and tried to mutter something. She just continued to watch my face. Then smiling she turned back and bent over to get something from a lower shelf. This action caused her skirt to rise right up and so really showed me her cute arse with her panties cutting right in to her cunt. I swallowed hard, panicked, and was not quite sure where to look. My dick was now really tenting in my trousers and I thought I would be shot down any second.

Once again she said nothing but shot me a coy smile and said I could take them down now. I stammered “wha…t”. She said “The cupboards, they are empty and can come down now”. I regained my composure and asked if she had the tools. She said that there is an electric screwdriver in the garage that should do the trick.

I found my way to the garage and located the drill. It needed a charge, so I plugged it into the wall socket. I could not take it anymore, and as I was alone for the moment I decided to take out my dick for a stroke or two. I had just gotten into a rhythm when I noticed the security camera. “Oh Shit, oh crap, I hope that’s turned off. Bollocks!” I quickly tucked myself back in and hoped for the best. This latest possible ‘busted’ moment could well spell disaster!

I waited a few minutes for things to go down, then returned to the house and explained that the drill needed a charge. Everything seemed fine. We decided to have a break, a cuppa and a bite to eat while we waited for the drill to charge. After about an hour we decided the drill should be ready and carried on.

This time I climbed the steps and had the job of unscrewing the wall cupboards. The first came off easy. I removed three of the four screws, then held the cupboard up with Claire and removed the last screw. To cut a long, painful story short, it went down-hill from there. The remaining three cupboards took an hour a piece to unscrew. We were both beat and sweaty from the excursion. The drill could not cope and needed recharging twice more and I think the cupboard fitter was a share-holder in lock-tight!

It was now coming up for midnight and Claire said she felt guilty and that I should take a shower and crash here, not to take the journey home in my tired state. I thought that I was sure I would be fine, but the offer seemed too good to pass up. I went for a shower while she was going to get some food together. I felt much better when I came back down. I was about to say that I could take over with the food when I found her in the dining room watching the security camera of me earlier. I nearly died, expecting a lot of shouting and fuss, but when I got closer I realized she was breathing rather fast. From where I stood I could see her in the wall mirror. I could see she had her hand in her panties and they were soaking wet.
I coughed and now it was her turn to freak. “I.., urm.., you’re done in the shower then?” she stammered. “Yes” I smiled, “and it looks like you’re nearly done too!”

She blushed deeply. “Well your staring at me all day got me rather hot you know” she said. “I am sorry”, I feinted “But you already looked hot to me”. At this she blushed further and removed her hand and slowly licked her fingers. “Looks like you got pretty hot too, out in the garage”, she whispered. I then crossed the room to her and somehow got lost in her eyes. “I could not help it. You just dress too sexy when you decorate!” I said. She just smiled back and retorted “I thought you deserved a treat for all your help”.

I gently put my hand behind her neck and brought her close. She reciprocated and we both kissed deeply. “You should know you got me hot a long while ago” she told me. “And you me”, I admitted. We kissed again and began to caress. She stood up and backed off slowly and started to undress. “I think it’s time I took my shower”, she grinned “I hope you can help me with those hard to reach places!”

As she slowly stripped out of her clothes, I got a long look at her delicious body. First she slowly and gradually wiggled out of her top. Her breasts jumped and undulated when released; they came to a stop, with stiff nipples pointing skywards. She had small but lovely, firm, cup-cake sized tits. The ‘ski-jump’ type that curve down on the top and up underneath. I saw that I was correct in my dirty thoughts. It was not just her face that was pierced. Both breasts were pierced through the nipple with a little metal bar with a jewel on each end. When she finally removed her skirt and panties her pussy also was a beautiful sight. She was shaved completely smooth and had a small gold ring piercing through her clit and one in each of her labia. She seemed to me to be perfection made flesh.

As we continued to kiss, one of her hair grips fell to the ground. She turned around looking back at me and smiled, keeping her legs straight and about 2’ apart she bent over and picked it up. With her arse sticking out and her perfect pink pussy lips displayed, she looked so sexy I thought I would cum there and then. She then proceeded to stand up, open the hair grip and put it gently on her right nipple and let go. I could see it grip tight and pitch her nipple hard making her moan softly. She licked her lips and rubbed and tweaked her left nipple roughly, making herself moan again.

I have to have her now; the shower will just have to wait. I bent her over the arm chair and slowly pressed against her pussy with my rigid dick. She was so tight I could not believe it. I could tell I was going to have to take it slow to start with. I slid my dick up and down against her slit and she started to get very moist. This was all I needed and began to steadily push my swollen head gently against her opening. Gradually I managed to slide my head into her and she let out a little whimpering moan. I pulled almost right back out and repeated the pressure, this time getting more in. With this she took in her breath sharply and moaned again.

This gradual penetration continued for a while, but finally I was in this beautiful woman, up to my balls. I stopped for a moment and savoured the feeling of her tight cunt squeezing me. I licked my thumb and massaged her anal opening. This caused her pussy to pulse on my dick like it was trying to swallow me. I started to massage and gently squeeze her clit and began to thrust hard in and out of her at a slow rhythmic pace. She was now very juicy and after a while it began to run down her legs.

I could not resist and pulled my dick out of her in order to lick her dry again. By this time her wetness had dribbled down to behind her knees. I held both her calves in my hands and purposefully licked up her legs, lapping and sucking up her sweet nectar. As I reached her pussy I fully opened my mouth and gently gave suction to her pussy and clit. All the while circling my tong and flicking her clit. She went wild; the first time ever I have heard her curse. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, please, please, fuck, please don’t stop, keep going, oh that, that so good, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Then she stopped and went completely rigid. I must admit I felt like a king. I ruled the world, and for this minute I ruled pussy too! Before she could come back down I stood back up and slipped my dick back into her. Her pussy muscles were still quivering and it felt so good that I could only take a few minutes before I came.

At last we took a shower together and fucked hard again amongst the soap and lather. I never realized the amazing thing two fingers, a thumb and a powerful shower can do to a woman. Claire’s eyes rolled in ecstasy and her speech reduced to a low guttural sound. Her legs were shaking hard; I did not realize how far she had gone and had to grab her when they gave way. I carried her to the bed, gently dried and covered her. She did not become coherent again for at least 15 minutes. It probably did not help that kept sucking her clit and piercings whilst she recovered. She was just too beautiful to leave alone.

Looking back now, I realize she had this all planned. She did want to decorate, but wanted to have some fun first! We did get the lounge decorated eventually, but not that Sunday, or the next!
Later she admitted that she had partially unscrewed the wall cupboards and re-glued the screws herself in the hope it would keep me here longer. I told her she was very naughty and should be punished.
She then said she now also wanted to redecorate her bedroom and would make it up to me. But that is another story…
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