This is the story of the first time my sister in law and I made love.
Tabitha’s Visit (part 1)
     My sister in law, Tabitha, is so hot. She is the kind of hot that does not realize she is hot, which is the best kind. She stands about 5’ 1”, has medium length, dark black hair, pretty light blue eyes, and is pleasantly plump (135-140lbs). Tabitha has full, beautifully shaped 34C breasts. I saw them one time when she bent over to pick something up. Her shirt was a little loose around the collar and I got a great look at them, something I think about occasionally. Her skin would not be considered pale as she has some color and it is so soft. The kind I could caress all night if given the opportunity. She thinks she’s fat, and in some people’s eyes she might be. She has had five kids, so some weight gain is natural. Plump girls are sexy and I think she looks great.
  Tabitha and her oldest daughter, 16 year old Emma, came to visit us last year for two weeks. It was a visit I will never forget. I came home for lunch one Friday afternoon and the house was quiet except the sound of the shower running. Naturally I thought my wife was taking a shower, so I thought I might join her. I went ahead and stripped down before going into the bathroom. When I opened the door, it was pretty steamy. I opened the shower curtain and to my surprise, I found Tabitha in the shower and she was doing more than washing herself. Outside of porn, I have never seen a woman pleasuring herself. She was lying down in the tub with water spraying on her pussy as she gently rubbed her clit. She opened her eyes to find me staring at her.
    “Well, hi there, I was just thinking about you” she said in a soft, coy sort of way. There was no hiding the fact my cock was rock hard. “I’m sorry Tabitha, I didn’t know it was you.” I said as I tried to back out. She sat up and said, “Where are you going? Won’t you join me?” I nervously asked where her sister (my wife, Morgan) and Emma had gone. “Oh, they wanted to go to lunch and a movie. Maybe do some shopping this afternoon. They’re going to pick up some stuff for dinner on the way home.” She said I just missed them by 15 minutes. “Why didn’t you go along?” I asked. “I was feeling a bit tired and thought I might feel better with a hot shower and an afternoon nap” she replied. I asked where my kids were and she said they were at a play date and would not be back until that evening with Morgan and Emma.
    She looked so good lying there as the water splashed off her sexy body. “I’m serious,” she said, “Get in here with me”. I could not believe what I was hearing. We have one of those garden style tubs that are large enough for two people to be in comfortably. Before I knew it, I was in the tub with her, our naked bodies touching as the hot water ran over us. “So what were you doing?” I asked as I lightly ran my fingers up and down her legs. “Well, it’s been about six months since I’ve had sex, and even then, it wasn’t great. I just felt the need to release some tension. I hope you don’t think I’m a bad girl for masturbating.” My wife told me once before that Tabitha said her husband, Jim, was lukewarm at best in bed. Poor girl was a virgin when she got married at age 18, been married almost 18 years and has never had an orgasm.
    “I know I’m supposed to be a good Christian girl, but my body has needs that sometimes I can’t help. I think Jim is a closet homosexual. He never wants to have sex with me. I think the only reason he stays with me is the fact he would owe so much in monthly support if he left. I have tried so many ways of seducing him, but it always falls flat.” Tabitha lamented. I have never heard her talk like this. Just hearing her say “masturbation” and “sex” while she gently fingered herself was too much. My dick was in serious overdrive. So much so, I thought it might burst from the blood racing to it. This was the best hard-on I’ve had in years.
   I was still lightly running my fingers over her sexy legs as she spoke. Since she’s short, I could reach down and massage her feet. I’ve seen her barefoot on numerous occasions and always wanted to touch and massage her feet. Her feet felt so good. As I firmly massaged her and played with her toes, she let out a slight moan, “Oh wow, that feels so good.” “Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked. “Very much” I replied. “Tabitha, I truly find you to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.” “Really? You think that?” she asked. “YES! I’ve had a crush on you ever since we met all those years ago” I told her. “You are so beautiful, you have a great personality, and you are fun to be with. I love hanging out with you when we come to visit.”
   She just looked at me. “I never thought you, or any guy for that matter, would find me attractive.” “Are you kidding?” I replied, “I’m not just saying these things because I’m lying naked in a bathtub with you. You truly are gorgeous.” With that, she leaned into me and we started kissing. Her lips were so soft. The feel of our tongues touching was so erotic and she smelled so good. I exercised restraint while running my fingers up and down her legs and massaging her feet, I could not restrain myself any longer. I’ve wanted to touch her boobs for years. Finally, I reached over and gently massaged her right breast. Instantly her nipples grew to the size of pencil erasers. She moaned with pleasure as I kept squeezing. I ran my tongue over her erect nipple and began to suck. She gasped, “It’s been years since anyone other than one of the kids sucked my breasts! That feels so good!”  Obviously, Jim was not a breast man. I switched breasts and got the same reaction. Tabitha was starting to breathe hard. I noticed she had her eyes closed and was furiously stroking her clit. I reached down and said, “Let me do that for you.” I cannot describe the squeal of pleasure she let out as I started rubbing her pussy. It was a mix of pleasure and surprise. After a minute of rubbing her clit, I slowly stuck two fingers in her pussy. By now she was moaning loudly and her body was gyrating to my slow finger fuck. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. I quickly shifted positions and had my mouth between her legs with my tongue going in and out of her. The shriek of surprise she emitted startled me and I stopped. “Oh God, Jim has never done that.” she panted. “I’ve heard of oral sex, but never experienced it.” I asked her if I should stop and she told me to keep going. Her pussy tasted so good. It was nice to be wet as it kept her pubic hair down.
     While I ate her pussy, she groaned and moaned in pleasure. I would occasionally reach up and squeeze her ample breasts. Suddenly, she was breathing very hard, quick breaths, “Oh my…….I..feel………I hafta…….peeeeeee”. “Sweetheart” I replied, “it’s ok. You’re about to have an orgasm. Just let it go” “But I don’t want to pee on you.” she protested. “Trust me, it will feel incredible” I said as I started fingering her again. About 30 seconds later she started to writhe in pleasure, “oh my God…… oh my Goooood……….. oh Goooooooood …I’mmmm……..cuummmming !!!!!!”. With that, she squirted hard and her pussy lips contracted a lot. I’ve never seen a girl squirt like that before.
   “Omigosh, THAT was incredible. I hope you don’t think I’m gross for squirting like that.” she said. “You are not gross at all” I said,” I think a woman having an orgasm is sexy” Not wanting to lose momentum, I started fingering her again. By this time, I knew I was going to make love to her. “Let’s move to the bed where we can stretch out” I told her.
   We quickly dried off and fell into my king sized bed together. She felt so soft after being in the warm water for so long. I spent 20 minutes kissing her beautifully plump body all over. I ate her pussy again and she had another orgasm. All the while she was panting and moaning for more. Soon, my face was buried between her tits with my cock slowly teasing her pussy. Finally, she uttered the words I had been dying to hear all these years, “I want you inside me. Please, please make love to me.”  My heart was racing a mile a second. My cock was larger and fuller than it had been in years. She had her sexy, creamy white legs spread and was ready for me to enter her.
     I teased her for another minute, all along she was begging, “Please stick it in me, I want it so bad”. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. With one quick thrust I was inside her, the head of my penis was poking her womb. She let out a sound that I will never forget, what sexy sweet music to my ears. It was the sound of pleasure and surprise together. “aaahhhh…..oohhh……yyeeessss…….more……..more…… moooorrrre……..” I thought her initial cries of ecstasy might shatter the window. I always wondered if she was a screamer or a moaner. She is most definitely a screamer.
   I was past the point of no return. With each thrust, she screamed with sweet pleasure. I loved the way she sounded. I pounded into her with more fury than I have in years with my wife. The fact I was making love to a woman I have secretly lusted after for 12 years and the fact it had been over a month since I had sex made it feel better than I have ever had it. “Oh my God Tabitha, you are so incredible” I moaned as I kept up the rhythmic thrusting. “Your pussy is so warm and wet. I can feel your girl cum squirting all over me”
   Between the sexy sounds she was making as I pounded in her, her soft breasts against my chest, and her warm pussy squeezing my cock, I wasn’t going to last long. I looked over to the mirror we had on the wall and I could see myself between Tabitha’s plump legs as they were wrapped around me. Her toes and feet were curled tight. I could tell she was enjoying herself.
   I felt my own orgasm building quickly. I could feel and hear her cumming again, “ooohhh Thom, harder……, harder……, I’ve never had it this good.” By this time she was shaking her head from side to side as she made noises in quick gasps, ”aaaahhhh….aaahhhh…..yessss……more…..aaaaahhh……” The headboard was slamming against the wall as the bedsprings softly squeaked.
    Finally I shouted as I increased my thrusts to a point I had never been, “oooohhhh Tabithaaaaaaa……I’mmmm…..gonnaaaaa……cummmm!!!!!”. “Please cum in me” she wailed. “I want to feel you squirt in me….fill me up. I wanna to feel your sperm swimming in my womb.” That was it, I gave one more hard thrust, she screamed loudly, as I poured what felt like a gallon of cum in her. I can’t remember cumming that hard or for that long. It must have been 30 seconds or more. I kissed her passionately as I rolled off her.
   We were both breathing heavily when she said, “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had. It was so good, I want more, now.” With that said, she slid down and started sucking on and teasing my cock. “Mmmmmm, we taste good together” she said lustfully. I couldn’t believe what a little sex kitten my sweet sister-in-law was turning out to be.
   I recovered quickly. My God Tabitha is sexy. I felt like a teenager after school with her. The next thing I knew, she was getting on top of me. “Jim is a missionary position kinda guy. Only 20 or 30 thrusts and he’s done. I’ve never had sex on top and want to try it so bad.” “Well, by all means” I replied, “Do with me as you want. I’m all yours.” She quickly impaled herself on my dick and started to slowly grind her pelvis against me.
  It felt great, but I was already pretty spent from earlier. So I laid there and enjoyed the ride and the view. As she was riding me, I would reach up to squeeze and shake her tits while pulling on her nipples. This brought soft moans of pleasure from her. I would run my hands up and down her sides, over her legs and down to her feet.
   I started talking to her as she ground her pussy on me. “Oh Tabby, you are so fuckin’ good”, “Rub that pretty pussy on my dick”, “Ride me baby, ride me hard”, “I love your sexy body”, “Give me more”. She worked herself up to a healthy orgasm as she arched her back and screamed and grunted with pleasure, “oh my…. oh my…. oh my…. oh my…yesssssss…….. Uuuuhhhhggggg……..I’m cuuuummmminggggg!!!!!!” I could feel her pussy squirting all over me again. The sight of this and the warm wetness of female cum squirting out of her sent me over the edge and I shot another hot load of sperm into her.
   After I came in her again, she got light-headed and fell down on the bed next to me. She was breathing so hard, it sounded like she had just run five miles. “Oh……. God” she said between breaths. “That……was…..soooooo……..good. You gave me something I’ve never had in my life. I finally orgasmed !!!!. If I come to visit next year, will you do me again?” “Oh Honey, I’ll make love to you anytime. Next time we visit you, I want to do this in your bed.” “You have a deal and I will hold you to it” she said dreamily as she lay in my arms. On that note, we both drifted off to sleep for that afternoon nap she said she needed.

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