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17 year old Brian McKee was definitely not 'jailhouse' material.
Jail Force

Parts 1-6

By: Jimmy T Seay ( -

(m+/t oral forced jail)


17 year old Brian McKee was definitely not 'jailhouse' material. The five
foot six inch youth was extremely handsome. He was a cross between a young
Brad Pitt and a young Tom Cruise. Brian was blonde with melting ice blue
eyes. He had been blessed with high cheek bones, clear skin, long dark
eyelashes, and thick, dark red lips. His body was thick and well built. His
broad shoulders tapered in a 'V' to his 29 inched waist. His buttock was
high and full, blending down to strong thighs and sturdy legs. Brian was
more then the 'boy next door', he was the American ideal of virile male

Brian had always, always been good looking. Puberty had just increased that
fact. Where some boys get akward as they change from boys to budding men,
Brian had not. Puberty had been a very short time factor in Brian's life, he
had grown his first pubic hair at 12. He never endured the voice changing
process, his voice had seemed to change overnight, from boyness to maleness.

Genetics had been extremely good to Brian. His well shaped pecs had quarter
sized, pencil eraser sized nipples. His entire torso had remained smooth, no
hair hid the golden skin, except the light blonde dusting some call a
treasure trail. With Brian, the term 'treasure trail' was justified. The
blonde hair lead to his light brown bush. The pubic bush seemed to serve as
a frame for Brian's manhood.

Brian had been blessed well in that department. In it's natural state, his
cock jutted forward, it was thick, and prominate. When he was excited, it
firmed up into a eight inch rod, and resembled a 16 ounce can of beer. His
male package didn't stop there, he had oversized testes, also. The testes
were very large, about the size of lemons, and they hung low. Even clothed,
his maleness was extremely noticeable.

Brian knew all of this, he thought of himself as a 'total stud'. When he was
13, he discovered that girls and women found him to be extremely attractive.
Brian had used this to his advantage. He had left many broken hearts behind
him. He had also left angry, revengeful people.

In short, Brian had 'fucked up'. And, Brian was about to learn what hurting
people is all about.

Brian had broken one heart to many, he had broken the heart of Maria Ortez.
As he was being booked, Brian had no idea that the jailer booking him was
one of Maria's brothers. In all reality, Maria had just been another
conquest for Brian. Brian actually believed that females were lucky to be
able to enjoy a few couplings with him. Brian had no time in his life to
fall in love, his greatest love was his reflection in a mirror.

Brian knew his arrest was wrong, he did not know it was a set up. A drug
sniffing dog had found 'weed' in Brian's school locker. Brian did not engage
in drugs of any kind. Brian liked himself too much to defile his body.

As he followed Officer Ortez down the gray hallway, Brian's main thoughts
were that in Texas, he could not play lottery at his age, yet he could be
placed in jail. Brian assumed his parents would arrive shortly to take him

Part 2 - The Tank

Brian had been fingerprinted, photographed, and strip searched. His clothes
had been taken except for the blue boxers. He had been given a orange
coverall. The orange uniform had been too long, Brian rolled up the legs,
then placed the plastic sandals on his feet.

Officer Ortez led Brian down the corridor. He was leading him to one of
large tanks, it was intended for felons. Normally, someone of Brian's age
would be placed in a single cell. The younger inmates didn't fare well,
especially when they looked like Brian.

Ortez looked at Brian. Even the orange jumpsuit looked good on the kid. The
thin material covered Brian's thick nipples, yet also seem to display them.
The elastic waist band emphasized the thick hams of the bubble butt, the
material hugged and flattered Brian's shapely ass. The uniform's loose
crotch made Brian's big package appear stand out even more.

Ortez stopped Brian in front of a tank. The tank had steel bars separating
it from the corridor. Brian looked into the tank, one wall held six bunks,
bolted to a cement block wall. The opposite wall held a long metal table and
a long bench. The table was bolted to another cement wall, the benches legs
were bolted to the floor. The back wall contained a metal shower stall, two
stainless steel toilets, and two stainless steel sinks. Above each sink, was
a small stainless steel mirror.

Brian looked to the middle of the tank. Four men sat around on a green army
blanket, playing some type of card game. As Ortez fumbled with a very large
key, the men turned towards the sound. Ortez unlocked a framed barred door
in the middle of the barred wall. He swung it open and nodded at Brian.

As Brian walked into the tank, all four men stared. Brian suddenly felt
very, very uncomfortable. Brian had felt stares of this type before. His
good looks had gotten the attention of other males many times in the past.
Brian knew these stares for exactly what they were.

Ortez closed the tank door. He stood for just a second, looking in. He
smiled, thinking of the weed he had gotten planted in Brian's school locker.
Ortez turned and headed back towards the booking area. He would return
later, and see what vengeance he had caused for his sisters honor.

The four men looked at the golden boy who had just entered their space.
Three of the men were simply waiting for the next chain bus to prison, they
had already been sentenced. The fourth man was being held for a parole
violation hearing, then he would also be heading towards Huntsville, Texas.

All four of the men had spent years of their life's incarcerated. This was a
way of life to them. The oldest of the four was Don Taylor. Don had just
received a 20 year sentence for armed robbery. He had turned 38 years old in
this very tank. Many of his birthdays had been spent behind bars. He was
slightly over six foot, years of labor in prison had his 200 pound frame in
excellent shape.

The next, was Keith Woods. Keith was 35, he had a 12 year hitch for drugs.
Keith was a compact man, he was five foot eight, and weighed 150. He did
constant sit ups, push ups, and pull ups to keep his body lean and firm.

Then we have Bruno Rivera. Bruno was five ten, and 168 pounds. This was
Bruno's sixth felony sentence. Bruno actually preferred prison life to
living in the free world. It was his lust for boys that made him constantly
return to life behind bars. Bruno was 31 years old. He was the parole

Last but not least, was Ricky Smith. Ricky was six foot three. This was his
second time to be convicted. Ricky was 25. His 225 pound body was strong. He
was a petty car thief, his mind had no where near the strength of his
muscular body.

All of these men had forgotten their card game. They stared at the young
blonde boy like he was a vision.

Indeed, to these men who had known no sexual relief for days, but for their
own hands, Brian was a vision, almost like a gift.

Brian could no longer stand the staring men. He thought of the expression,
'a deer caught in headlights'. Brian walked to an empty bunk. He begin to
make it with the coarse sheets and army blanket Ortez had given him.

The men continued to stare, as Brian bent to make his bunk, he presented a
rare treat. His butt flexed as he moved, and the orange jumpsuit tightened
over the strong muscled ass cheeks.

Bruno's large cock began to wake up, to him, it was as if Brian was
purposely teasing. As Bruno watched Brian making the bunk, a wet spot formed
on his own jumpsuit. A tubular shape begin to cause a bulge under the orange

The other men began to have the same reactions. Not a word was said. As
Brian begin putting the plastic covered pillow in a case, together, all four
men rose, and walked towards him.

Brian heard and felt the movement, he quickly turned around. The four men
were on him, there was nothing the golden boy could do except scream. And
scream for help he did, at the top of his deep voice.

Ortez heard the yells faintly. He smiled.

Part 3 - The Lusting

None of the men concerned themselves with Brian's screams. They knew that
Brian had been placed in their tank for a reason. The Hispanic jailer had
intended this boy to be their play toy. They weren't sure how long they
would be able to enjoy the pretty toy the jailer had gifted them with, so
they had moved fast.

Convicts are like wild dogs, they run in a pack. Just like dogs, there is a
leader. In this tank, the leader was Don Taylor. Don did not need words or
actions to control his pack. His very presence put him in charge.

As the men had charged Brian, they moved in union, almost as if they had a
. Bruno grabbed the boy's arms, pinning them behind Brian's strong
back. Keith and Ricky each held one of Brian's beefy legs.

Brian tensed every muscle in his body, calling on all of his strength. The
three holding him felt his effort and did not let him budge. Brian was held
fast, unable to move. The athletic boy was no match for these seasoned

Don stood in front of Brian. He reached out, touching the golden boys smooth
face. As Don's fingers trailed across Brian's face, Brian made an attempt to
move back.

Brian managed to thrust his body backwards an inch or so, the boy found his
butt pressed directly against Bruno's crotch. As the big butt pressed
against Bruno, he instinctively hunched it. Brian felt the hard rod pressing
into him, he knew what it was.

Don's fingers brushed Brian's beautiful lips. Don let out a sigh, the boy
was more then perfect. Don hoped he didn't have to be too rough, he didn't
want the boy's masculine beauty marred.

Brian was repulsed, he had one pervert hunching against his butt, another
touching his face. Brian was very aware of his sexuality, he was aware that
homosexuals desired him. He had always been disgusted by the very idea of
same sex. He had once broke a boy's nose for staring at him in the wrong

Brian knew that these men were aware that he was not gay. Brian had a slight
understanding of what the men intended. Brian hid his fear, and looked at
Don with pure hatred. Brian said, "Let me the fuck go!" Brian then made his
first mistake, he spit directly into Don's face.

Don didn't flinch as the boy's spit landed right below his eyes. Don
understood Brian's need to strike out. Don would do the same thing if he
found himself in Brian's position.

However, the boy had to learn his place. Don calmly reached out, he begin to
unsnap Brian's uniform. Don undid the top four snaps, exposing the boy's
smooth chest. Don ran a hand over the skin, causing Brian to cringe.

Don groped the boy's pecs, feeling the muscle, He found Brian's left nipple.
He grasp the large nub, twisting it to the side while stretching it outward.

Brian let out a scream of pain and rage as Don molested his nipple. Don's
fingers pinched into the boy nubbin as he used it to feel Brian with pain.
Don was fascinated with the size of the rubbery flesh.

Don let go of the nipple, he forced the jumpsuit further open. Both Brian's
nipples were now totally exposed. Brian watched in disbelief and shock as
Don lowered his mouth to the very nipple he had just bruised.

Brian attempted to squirm as Don licked him. Don's lips were around the
nipple, he licked and sucked it. He broke his mouth away, and looked Brian
directly in the eyes. Brian eyed him back with loathing.

Don spoke, "Boy, what you did was a mistake, you disrespected me. Your
mistakes will cause you pain. I suggest there are no more mistakes. Do you
understand me?"

Brian continued to eye Don with hatred. Don grabbed Brian's chin, he grasped
it and applied pressure. "When you are questioned, you will answer. Not
answering is another mistake."

Don released Brian's chin, and again took the left nipple in his fingers. He
pinched it hard, stretching it. Brian felt like it was being torn off.

Brian yelled, "I understand!"

Don nodded and let the nub loose. "In the future, you will address any of us
as sir. Now say it, let me know you understand!"

Brian glared but saw Don reaching towards his chest again. Brian made
himself say, "Yes, sir! I understand."

Don smiled, "We're going to be very close, very close, boy. Now what's your
name? "

Brian mumbled, "Brian."

Don said, "Brian what?" Don looked at Brian very patiently.

Brian was about to answer with his last name, then he remembered. "Brian,

"You're a fast learner, Brian. I like that." Don said with approval. "Now,
what made the jailer place a pretty thing like you in with us? Did you
fight? Maybe you spit on one of them? Why did Ortez put you in this tank?"

Brian heard the name Ortez. It registered with him. He saw Maria's face in
his mind, he compared it to the jailer's face. Brian's heart sped up as he
made the connection.

Don said, "I'm waiting for an answer, Brian."

Brian felt all hope leave as he provided the answer. "I believe I dumped his
sister, sir."

It made sense, Don thought. He laughed, "I presume you fucked her?"

Brian nodded. Don's hand grabbed the boy's nipple again. As he twisted it,
he said, "Remember the proper way to address me, Brian."

"Yes, sir, yes sir!" Brian yelled. Tears had formed in Brian's eyes.

Don continued. "Now, Brian, you know your screams for help are useless.
However, if you feel the need to scream, it's fine. Screaming boys excite
me. There are some things you need to fully understand." Don made a gesture
towards the cell's back wall. "Out there, you were the stud, you were a man.
In here, you are a punk. A very fine punk, I don't mind saying. Behind bars,
men change. Men are driven by cocks. Do you understand me so far?"

Brian's eyes held desperation but his voice said, "Yes, sir."

"Good, Brian, good." Don said. " In here, always remember you are no longer
a man. You are not allowed to have a man's needs, your here to please us.
You seem to be a very athletic boy, you have a man's body. Only now, you're
a punk, a fuck boy, a dick sucker. It's not your fault, really. It's a way
of life. Only difference is, now it's your way of life. Do you understand?"

Brian could no longer look at Don. His voice came out in a husky whisper,
"Yes, sir."

Don gently pulled the boy's face back up to eye contact level. " What's
about to happen to you can be called rape. You will feel disgust, hate, and
some pain. You will live through it. We will tell you what we want, what we
expect. Your job is to meet our needs and wants. Any attempt to not obey
will result in pain for you. When you get out of here, you can even pretend
this never happened. Or, you could choose to tell what took place. If you
tell, people will look at you forever as 'that boy that was raped in jail'.
If you tell, we will deny it, the jail staff will deny it. These things
don't happen. If we need to, we will say you sold yourself to us for
commissary. In the end, it doesn't matter. Do you understand?"

Brian's voice broke into a sob. "Yes, sir."

"Great, now we are letting you loose. You will strip naked in front of us."
Don finished.

Brian almost fell as the men released him. He gave Don one last look, hoping
that this was a bad joke, a prank, some form of initiation. He looked around
at the men. Their eyes told him there was no joke. Brian's fingers shook as
he unsnapped the remaining snaps of the jumpsuit.

Brian trembled as he dropped the jumpsuit to the floor. He stepped out of
the sandals and then the jumpsuit. Only the blue boxers protected him now.
The men were standing around, staring at him. The lust filled men looked at
him as if he was some hot looking bitch.

Brian felt total humiliation as he dropped his boxers. As he stepped out of
them, the men stared at his totally nude body.

Don reached out, taking Brian's dick in his hand. "You're well hung, Brian."
Don's other hand grasp Brian's nut sack. "I like fucking a boy that is hung.
It adds a little something knowing a big dicked stud is being punked. Now,
stand on the table and dance!"

Brian said, "Huh? I mean, do what sir?"

Don said, "Have you gone deaf? You heard me, get on the fucking table, shake
your ass, dance around, show us your stuff!"

Brian looked over at the table. He walked over to it. The men made cat calls
as they watched Brian's fine ass quiver as he moved. Tears ran down Brian's
face as he climbed onto the table.

Bruno yelled, "Shake it baby, shake yo money maker!"

Brian's hands instinctively covered his privates as he begin a slow step on
the table. Brian's tears splashed down as he moved. The men yelled out

Ortez watched the video monitor, laughing at Brian's McKee's destruction
from manhood.

Part 4

The men watched each of Brian's feeble dance steps. He purposely kept his
back to the wall, trying to avoid letting the men view his ass.

Ricky yelled, "Turn around, show is your ass! Let us see that pussy!"

Brian's face and neck flushed red as he slowly turned around. More cat calls
sounded out as the men looked at the boy's butt. Brian's ass was truly a
piece of art. Unblemished skin covered the muscular globes. There was no
gap, no hairs to cause flaw to Brian's beautiful butt.

Don said, "Bend over, we want to see your hole."

Brian looked over his shoulder. He wanted to plead, he wanted to beg. Don's
facial expression told Brian to comply. Brian felt almost dizzy as he bent
over. He reached back and separated his bum cheeks.

As he pulled his butt open, the men were greeted by a pinkish pucker. A few
dark blonde hairs surrounded it. All of the men had erections as they gazed
at the tiny hole. Ricky had never butt fucked a punk. He looked at the small
spot and wondered how he was going to get his dick in there.

Keith was normally a very quiet man. The boy's body had him stimulated. He
spoke, "Stick a finger in it, bitch. Wet your finger, then stick it in your
cunt, you fine, sexy, punk!"

Keith's voice carried power and authority. Brian closed his eyes as he lubed
his index finger with spit. He sobbed in humiliation as he forced his own
finger inside his ass hole. The men laughed and cheered as they watched the
boy's finger disappear inside his own body.

"Wiggle it," Keith ordered.

The men made Brian dance, they made him stroke his own body. Over and over,
Brian was ordered to finger fuck his own ass, he was made to lewdly stick
his tongue out. He had to play with his own nipples, including the more
swollen, bruised one.

Brian's face glistened with tears as the men made him perform. Not only did
they make him do disgusting things, they called him cunt, bitch, whore,
slut, and names intended to knock his masculinity.

As Brian continued to dance, Don begin to strip. Don's jumpsuit hit the
floor. His broad shoulders framed large, hairy pecs. His stomach was flat,
hard, and defined. His prick tented in white cotton boxers. As Don shucked
off the boxers, the hard cock sprang up, slapping his stomach.

The 38 year old man was a hunk. Most gay men and straight women would find
him extremely attractive. His face was chiseled, a small scar made one
eyebrow higher then the other. His body was fine, light dustings of hair
sprang from the tough male skin. Unlike, Brian, Don was not beautiful. He
was sensual, virile, and potent. He was the rough, tough man that dreams are
made of. Don was very comfortable with his body. He stood with his arms
crossed watching the boy's dance. His powerful tool stretched over seven
inches from the thick nest of hair. His nuts hung high in their hairy sack.
A light masculine aroma came off of him.

Don watched Brian's teasing smooth body move. He smiled at Ortez's gift.
"Come on down, Brian, it's time to get a taste of your first man."

Brian was so nervous, as he stepped from the table to the bench, he slipped.
He fell hard on the textured cement floor. The men laughed as Brian pulled
himself up.

Time stopped for Brian as he walked towards the much larger man. He choked
on his own tears, wondering what the man was about to force him to do. He
faced Don, a foot between the two naked male bodies.

Don unfolded his arms, and pulled the smooth, golden boy against his hairy
body. The shorter, Brian found a hard male cock pressed into his ab's and
lower chest. He held his breath, the man scent disgusted him.

Don held the boy close, hunching gently into the soft skin. He stroked the
boy's broad back, slowly moving downwards to the bubbled butt. He sighed as
he felt the velvety skin that covered the boy's firm ass. He stroked it in
soft, twirling strokes.

The boy's eyes were closed tight, Don bent his head down, and muzzled
Brian's eyelids. His mouth swept the boy's hairless face with tiny kisses.
He pressed his firm masculine lips against Brian's full soft ones.

Brian's stomach churned at the man's kiss. Don's tongue was parting his lips
now. The wet tongue penetrated Brian's mouth. Brian sobbed as the man's
tongue explored, Brian recognized the style of the kissing, it was the same
as he had done to girls over his short life as a man.

Brian wanted to drop dead as he was bitch kissed by a more manly stud.

Don broke the kiss, and begin to lick at the boy's salty tears. He tongue
washed Brian's face. He guided the boy over to a bunk. Don laid on the thin
mattress. "Lick my body, Brian. Kick my hairy body. Taste me!"

Brian shuddered as he looked down at the hunk. He lowered himself down, not
knowing where to start. The other three men watched and waited for their
turn with the golden boy.

Brian's tongue stuck out, he made contact with Don's neck. Brian's mouth was
consumed by the first taste of his conquerer. Brian was being destroyed.

Don said, "Yeah, baby, put that sweet tongue on my neck. You fucking
beautiful bitch!"

Part 5 - The Sexing

Brian fought from gagging as he licked Don's neck. Don grunted and flexed
his cock. Don knew how bad Brian was hating the taste of his skin. Don had
lost count of the many men he had punked over time. He knew none of them
compared to this kid.

Don's experience with turning men out was vast. He considered himself an
expert. Every once in a while, a man actually enjoyed being used. This boy
would not. Don understood Brian very well. Brian had used females much in
the same way he was about to be used. The boy was extremely handsome, well
built, an obvious lady's man. His big cock had probably excited and fucked
many females. Don correctly guessed that the boy spent a lot of time
admiring his own face and body. Don figured homosexuals had cruised the
straight boy, hoping for a chance to see or suck the boy's dick. He rightly
figured the boy had been repulsed by the gay men lusting after him. When Don
finished breaking this boy, Brian would be a lot less sure of himself, he
would be in doubt of his own masculinity, he would have nightmares.

Don could have easily started by making the boy suck cock or give up some
ass. With some men, that was the best way. Not with this boy, though, this
boy needed to be broken. Don pulled Brian's mouth back to his own, he
frenched the boy deeply. The boy's mouth was unresponsive. Don rubbed his
tongue against the boy's tongue, demonstrating his control.

Don grabbed the boy by his blonde hair and guided Brian's face to a hairy
arm pit. "Clean it, Brian, lick it, kiss it, tongue it!"

Brian looked at the mass of hair. His tears blended into the hairy pit as he
stuck the tip of his tongue to the skin. The pit tasted the way Don smelled,
only stronger, more male. Brian's stomach rolled and churned as he licked

Don stroked Brian's hair, and body as he kept the boy's face buried in his
pit. Don was very content, he was really getting off on humiliating this
kid. "Do the other one, baby," Don murmured.

Keith, Ricky, and Bruno talked as they watched. Brian could hear every word
they said. They were discussing making him suck dick, fucking him, even
making him lick their ass holes. He could hear them discuss his ass, his
body, even the size of his cock. Bruno was bragging about how much larger
his dick was then Brian's. Brian had never pictured himself in jail, much
less with his mouth buried in another man's arm pit. At the moment, Brian
wished he wasn't so handsome.

Don moved Brian's face, Brian now was licking the man's chest. Brian hoped
that no one ever found out about this. He could never face people if they
knew what he was being made to do.

Don said, "Suck my nipples, Brian. Suck 'em real nice like, no teeth, but
suck them good, make them get as hard as you got my dick!"

Brian sucked the man's nipples. Don's nipples were smaller, but they
responded to Brian's mouth. As Brian nursed from the man's nipples, the man
rolled Brian's nipples. Shots of sharp pain would come as Don got too rough.

"You got some nice tit's boy, nice and big. I like boy tits, like them a
lot, only one thing better then juicy boy tits and that's a big butt fuck
boy. You got it all, baby, all. Tits made for torturing and an ass made for
dicking. Fuck, you couldn't be any more perfect." Don stated.

Every word Brian heard was a direct blow to his ego. The words stayed in
Brian's mind, each word hurt and embarrassed him. These men discussed him
like men discuss a woman.

Don pushed Brian's head lower. "Lick my belly, kid, then we'll see about
giving you a taste of dick, I wanna shove my cock down your throat, but I
can wait."

Brian's face was dangerously close to Don's manhood as he tongue bathed the
man's stomach. The scent was even stronger down here. Brian cringed as he
saw a drop of liquid appear in Don's piss slit. He dreaded the taste,
knowing it would come soon.

Brian tried to stall for time, he carefully licked Don's stomach, not
missing anything. Don knew what the boy was up too, but didn't care. Let the
boy hope, Don thought. Everyone in the tank, including Brian knew it was
going to happen.

Bruno stared at the straight boy, he couldn't wait to see him take cock in
the mouth. Bruno wouldn't have waited this long, Bruno would already be
fucking the boy's ass hole. A kid like that needed taken down, he needed a
good, rough fucking. Bruno watched the beautiful kid. Yeah, Bruno thought,
I'm gonna dick this boy right!

Don said, "Get between my legs, Brian, lick my balls, lick 'em real good,
then suck on them, roll them around in that pretty mouth of yours."

Brian said "Please, don't make me, please, sir?"

Don looked Brian in the eyes. " I'm gonna pretend you didn't say nothing,
cause you begged real nice, boy. Now do what you were told."

Don spread his legs wider to give Brian better access. He felt a tear fall
from Brian's eye to his nuts. He sighed as the boy got into position.

Brian gagged as he was face deep in Don's crotch. He placed his tongue on
the wrinkled sack, and gave his first lick. A loose hair stuck on Brian's
tongue. Brian heaved, his stomach let loose, Brian knew better then throwing
up on the man. The boy swallowed it back down.

His mouth was filled with the taste of his own vomit and the stronger taste
of Don's nut skin. Brian cried silently as he licked and sucked the hunks

Brian heard the men laughing as he alternated from one ball to the other.
Brian had finally ran out of tears. He now had three loose hairs in his

"Suck 'em both at the same time, baby, get 'em both in your hot little sexy
mouth!" Don demanded.

Brian opened his jaws as wide as he could. He finally had to use his fingers
to get both of the man's balls inside his mouth at the same time. The nuts
were warm, they filled Brian's mouth. Don moaned and stroked the boy's back.

"Good job, baby, good fucking job. Now kiss my dick head!" Don said.

Brian didn't beg this time. He looked at the spongy tip of the man's dick. A
string of stickiness ran from it. Brian steeled himself and forced his
tongue out. He licked at the spooge trail, his taste buds coated with

The taste was nothing like Brian had ever experienced before. The goo was
thick, sticky, and salty. There was a subtle briny taste, like a dill
pickle, there was a stronger male taste, similar to the taste of Don's nuts.

"Put those pretty lips around my cock, Brian. Place your mouth over my
dick!" Don guided Brian's head. Brian stiffened his neck for a brief second,
then allowed the stronger man to force his mouth down.

Brian had about two inches of a dick in his mouth. Brian closed his eyes as
Don said, "More baby, more, wrap your tongue around my log, go down on it,
suck it! Suck my dick good, your pretty punk!"

Brian's cheeks bulged as Don hump upwards. Brian had lost all will now, he
didn't resist. He ran his tongue around the hard tube, and attempted to

Don rewarded Brian's efforts with moans and grunts. He let the boy get used
to cock sucking, then he grabbed Brian's ears. Don used Brian's ears as
handles. He pumped Brian's head up and down, each time lowering Brian down
further. Brian's gag reflex was the stopping point.

"Yeah, baby, your a cock sucker, now, a real cock sucker. And see, sweet
cheeks, you had thought you were some kind of stud. You ain't much of a man,
now, are you? Dick in your mouth, you're a ball sucking, dick licking punk
now! And I'm the one making you, you're my bitch boy! Suck my dick, you
slut!" Don moaned.

Brian found more and more cock entering his mouth on each stroke. He timed
his breathing, he was learning. Then Don changed the rules, Don pushed
Brian's head deeper down, Don's cock head penetrated Brian's throat.

As Brian fought for a breath, Don yelled out, "You deep throating punk,
you're making me blow!"

Don pulled out of Brian's throat, and begin to shoot. Don's sperm filled
Brian's mouth, his cheeks puffed out further. Brian didn't know what to do
with the cum. Don's 38 year old nuts pumped 6 big wads into the 17 year old

Don smiled and said, "Swallow, Brian. Swallow your daddies juice!"

Brian gulped, the thick liquid went down this throat. Brian felt like the
lowest form of life on the planet. Brian had been made into a cock sucker.

Don said, "Okay, boy, you got more dicks to suck. You wore me out for the
time being. Keith is next, kiddo. Get to work!"

Ortez has gotten a slight rise to his own cock watching Brian McKee being
reduced to a dick sucker. He shook his head, laughing, the white stud muffin
was now a cum swallower! He wanted to call one of his friends, he had to
tell someone. An idea came to Ortez, why tell them, he could get a buddy
over to watch!

Part 6 - Look Out Tummy, Here it Cums

Brian's mouth still tasted of Don's seed. His jaws were sore, his mouth
tired, even his tongue felt raw. Don had just ordered him to suck Keith's
dick. After Keith, there were two more cocks to service.

Keith was just slightly taller then the golden boy, somehow this made it
seem worse to Brian. In a fair fight, Brian would have stood a chance
against Keith. Nothing in this jail tank was about fairness.

Keith glared at the straight boy standing in front of him. "What are you
waiting for, bitch! Undo my fucking jumpsuit, get me naked! You gotta work
for this dick! "

Keith had no feelings about punks, punks were simply a thing for cons to use
and abuse. They were a substitute for women. In all reality, Keith had very
little feelings, other then sexual, about women. Keith would never kiss a
punk, he seldom kissed women. Keith was a man who didn't care if his partner
enjoyed sex, it was about Keith's needs only. The punk would suck his dick,
and that's all that mattered.

Keith did enjoy humiliating punks. He enjoyed showing his dominance. That's
why he was making the kid undress him. It was control to Keith, and it was

He watched the punk's hands shake as the fumbled at the jumpsuits snaps. He
coldly thought about how the kid had grown up, he knew the kid was an
arrogant brat. Just a few hours before, the kid had been a stud, now he was
being studded.

Keith stared at the punks face, he was one good looking kid. Those fucking
lips were too pretty to be on a man's mouth, they sure were gonna look good
wrapped around Keith's pecker. The kid slid the jumpsuit off Keith's body.
Keith didn't even bother to step out of it.

Keith pointed to his rod, "Get to work, faggot, it ain't gonna bloom for

Brian looked around in deep shame, no one felt sorry for him. He knelt down,
the next dick he had to suck inches from his mouth. It was about 6 to maybe
6 1/2 inches long. It was slender, and had a big circumcision scar. It was
about 90% erect. Brian could see the veins pulsing in it. He could see the
tube that would eventually shoot cum into his mouth.

Brian leaned forward, and opened his mouth. Keith let out a hiss as his dick
disappeared inside the punk's mouth. "Yeah, faggot, take my cock, suck my
load out of it."

Keith made Brian do all the work. Brian's jaws ached as he bobbed his head
up and down on Keith's prick. Brian remembered what Don had told him to do.
Brian just wanted the rapist to cum and be done with it.

Keith felt the tricks Brian was doing. The punk was a fast learner, only his
second dick, and he was showing real promise. Keith knew that Brian was
trying to get him off quickly, Keith didn't care. Keith just wanted to nut
in the pretty boy's mouth, he let the punk's mouth work magic.

"You damn cock sucking fag, work my cock! Aaaa, your doing fine, faggot,
real fine. I'll give you a treat real soon, suck it, you fucking sick punk!"
Keith was loud as he praised the new dick sucker.

Keith felt his balls drawing up, the punk had talent, he would be a great
cock sucker by the time he got the tank off. The kid's mouth was slick, the
tongue warm, it was all good. Keith had dealt with lots of punks. Some of
them were all faggoty, tried to act lovey dovey.This one was a straight boy,
a jail made faggot. Sometimes, when cons created a faggot, the punk would
turn out all the way. He knew this one wouldn't. Brian could be made to
suck, lick, Brian could be forced into being a punk, but Keith knew this kid
would never like it.

As Keith's nuts started pumping jism into Brian's mouth, Keith yelled,
"Swallow it, you fucking dick loving fag!"

Keith spent his load into the punk's mouth, he pulled out his prick, walking
away bored. The fag had two more dicks to suck, before the real breaking in

Keith stretched out on his bunk, he wanted to relax while his nuts charged
back up. Besides, Bruno was up next. The kid was gonna learn more about dick
then he would ever need to know. Keith grinned thinking about the size of
the Latino's cock, that fuck boy would be choking big time on Bruno's
monster dick!

Before Keith had even hit his bunk, Bruno had stripped. The Italian Mexican
man held his impressive cock in both hands. "Come here, little white
faggot!" Bruno called out.

Brian stared, "Oh, fuck no," Brian thought as he saw something that looked

Officer Ortez had called Will Bates. Will and him had been best bud's in
high school. They had both been on the football team. Ortez told his friend
what was up, the two laughed. Bates was going to round up his little
brother, Steve. Steve and Brian were in the same grade.

As Bates hung up, he had told Ortez he'd see him in a few. Ortez went to the
lobby, to explain to the duty officer that he had guest arriving.

Ortez made it back to the monitor to see Bruno approaching Brian. Ortez saw
the piece of meat swinging from Bruno. Ortez spoke out load to himself,
"What the fuck?"

I've written over 1000 stories and you can find them all at . I tend to write about gay non-consenual sex and male jail and prison rapes though I have other themes.

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5 years in prison during the late 80's early 90's and never was raped i did have a cellmate suck my for smokes a few times .point being im 50 this year am married happy with 5 grown children and a strong desire to suck a cock

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